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Air terror


The United States uses unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct undeclared wars: in addition to Afghanistan, where the armed conflict lasts for many years, the States bombed Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan. Moreover, civilians mainly suffer from drones attacks: now and then it is reported that participants of wedding processions, festive processions and other peaceful gatherings are killed by air strikes. The true number of victims remains unknown. Even if accurate data is available, US intelligence agencies will do everything possible to keep them hidden from the eyes of the international community.

Unpunished massacres

Barack Obama, during his election campaign, argued that the States would no longer send their soldiers to the war overseas. Many observers thought that he was abandoning coercive pressure in favor of coercive methods, but no matter how. Obama has kept his word: since the day of his inauguration, the foot of the American soldier did not really set foot on foreign land. Libya was fired from the sea and bombed from the air - the role of the occupying army was performed by the Wahhabis and local rebel tribes.

In addition, the number of drone attacks has increased tenfold. No one knows exactly how many strikes were made, however, according to expert estimates, from 2004, American drones in different parts of the world carried out bombardments from 450 to 600. For comparison: under Bush Jr. unmanned aerial vehicles were used less than 80 times.

The death toll from air attacks is at least 3 thousands of people. According to the estimates of the British organization “Bureau of Investigative Journalism”, from civilians were killed from 550 to 1200 killed during the rule of Barack Obama.

According to eyewitnesses from Pakistan, drones never fly alone. An attack on each village is a mass action: before the bombardment begins, 10-12 machines circle in the sky over the village. Their operators, while at the base in Langley, meanwhile, are choosing targets. After the command to the volley will be given, the devices produce an attack, and the villagers themselves do not know which of them will be under attack.

Driving for UAVs - not the people themselves, but their SIM cards. A phone with a card inserted in it will not necessarily be in the pocket of a suspect in terrorism: perhaps now it is on the table or in the hands of a random person. It is not surprising that after the bombing many "targets" survive, and the innocent suffer.

According to the American reporter Jeremy Scahill, the author of the book “Dirty Wars” and the documentary of the same name, in preparing for the next attack, the military does not always know who they are going to kill. Often act at random: a lot of innate errors prevent the system from operating correctly. In fact, whether a stranger will live depends on the case.

Interestingly, the main “targets” of strikes at the official level are not always considered to be terrorists. That is, the United States acts on the basis of suspicion only: if we consider you a criminal, it means that it is so, you do not need to prove anything. Such measures are taken only in wartime, but the States did not formally declare war on anyone. The United States is in a state of peace with those countries whose citizens are under attack from the air.

Lawsuit against the CIA

The scale of the use of UAVs drew the attention of British and Dutch human rights organizations. They offered to hold a hearing about the "remote murder", but their initiative was almost thwarted by unknown. The fact is that the main witness of one of the bombings, Karim Khan, was abducted. This resident of Pakistan after raiding American drones in Rawalpindi in 2009, lost his home. The wreckage of the home killed three people - a son, brother and friend Karim Khan. None of these people had anything to do with terrorist groups.

Karim Khan appealed to human rights activists who helped him prepare a lawsuit for the CIA. In compensation, the Pakistani is demanding that the special services pay an amount of 500 million dollars.

The plaintiff was abducted by 5 in February of the current year in his city: he was detained by about twenty armed men in police and military uniform. Lawyers Karim Khan argue that this is what ISI is doing - Pakistan Inter-Agency Intelligence. This service operates in conjunction with the CIA, including providing the United States with information about possible targets for air attack in Pakistan.

However, Karim Khan was soon released at the request of European deputies. The Pakistani survived only because his kidnapping was made public and caused an international scandal: Karim Khan was expected at hearings in Europe.

Traces of disappearances are commonplace in modern Pakistan. Recently, in Balochistan, several nameless graves were found, each containing dozens of bodies.

According to the independent journalist and director of documentary films Madihi Tahir, special services have long been practicing kidnapping of ordinary citizens. Especially often people disappear in Balochistan - in a region where most people support the idea of ​​creating an independent Baloch state. Madih Tahir claims: Karim Khan was kidnapped to intimidate opponents of the use of drones, because he is the first Pakistani who initiated the lawsuit against the CIA. With that, even the citizens of the United States do not risk filing claims against their special services.

Will terror stop?

Now the film “Dirty Wars” reporter Jeremy Skehill nominated for an Oscar. This is due to the increased interest in the secrets of American intelligence after Edward Snowden released a series of sensational documents. Scahill, in collaboration with Glenn Greenwald, a journalist for The Times, created The Intercept website, which publishes debunking articles about the activities of the CIA, the NSA and other US law enforcement agencies. In fact, reporters joined the army of the followers of the Snowden affair, and made their little contribution to the fight against the system.

Human rights activists condemn the terror organized by the United States against foreigners. In their opinion, the use of drones is a violation of basic human rights. But the countries where these human rights defenders live and work oppose the introduction of a moratorium on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Britain, France and other states of Western Europe are allies of the United States, and are not going to hinder Washington in its excesses, as long as they are directed against the third world countries.

Thus, even if the British and the Dutch hold hearings on the death of civilians, the outcome of these meetings will not affect the US military strategy. The kidnapping of witnesses for the bombings is a clear confirmation of this: it is obvious that the killing of the activists by the Pakistani special services is being carried out with the support from abroad. Such large-scale work is clearly coordinated from one center.

At the same time, even if the truth about mass “air executions” falls into the media, ordinary Americans and Europeans will remain indifferent. With the question “where is Pakistan?” They will look at the world map in bewilderment. And in a few hours they will forget about what they saw on television, and go to their home, which is guaranteed not to be bombed, to their relatives, who are guaranteed not to be killed.

And only politicians in the framework of election campaigns will try to play on the feelings of voters. The situation with the global terror of the United States will not change as long as someone influential in the States themselves will not be interested in this.
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  1. surveyor
    surveyor 20 February 2014 08: 10
    Damn no one amer punishment planted. am
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 20 February 2014 10: 00
      Americans, of course, are scum, but they cherish their soldiers and solve assigned tasks. Spirits scream that Americans are cowards and kill them with drones. According to this logic, the British, when building an empire, had to drop their guns and cannons and fight with savage spears and arrows.
      UAVs are extremely effective. Check out the video in a recent article about Afghanistan. We need to catch up with the amers and create our own so as not to expose our soldiers and policemen to the bullets. And get the terrorig anywhere, even in the Caucasus, even in Saudi Arabia. Well, the means of dealing with their drones is natural.
      1. Walking
        Walking 20 February 2014 13: 14
        Using drones, they certainly protect the soldiers, this is so, but the army and soldiers lose their melee skills and what will happen in the event of a conflict with a more or less equal enemy.
      2. Luzhichanin
        Luzhichanin 20 February 2014 17: 42
        not effective, but the most cost-effective !!!
        Compare the loss of an entire plane with the pilots and the loss of a dozen robots.

        and enough borrowing - Englishisms, he’s a robot in Africa and a robot as Capek would say!
      3. rumpeljschtizhen
        rumpeljschtizhen 21 February 2014 00: 34
        Totally agree sergey32 at the time, at first the church declared crossbows the invention of the devil ... and the Doge’s guns were not in favor ... we must not allow the situation with the Krumsk war where technical and backwardness and lack of initiative played a disastrous role
    2. Sunjar
      Sunjar 20 February 2014 16: 11
      Something is somehow casually indicated that people still control drones, and people decide to shoot or not. And that these people get paid for this and possibly bonus.

      By the way, there is such a film: "5 Days in August" about how the military niches on the planes arrange a Georgian wedding. apparently decided to take off the responsibility from themselves (at least through the film), and slander us.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 February 2014 17: 35
      I once threw off statistics on UAV losses in various countries. There are losses in difficult weather conditions, losses from operator errors and losses for technical reasons.

      By the way, there was a good article in the summer.

      In the US, drone operators have ended
    5. Leshka
      Leshka 20 February 2014 19: 49
      China will rise and will have someone to answer and we will support
  2. calocha
    calocha 20 February 2014 08: 38
    Terrorist N1- USA!
  3. mountain
    mountain 20 February 2014 08: 45
    Is there really no force in the world that could stop the unlimited behavior of the United States. The whole World stands on "cyrlahs" and watches how they deal with everyone separately. Judge not only the CIA, but the entire government of this unprincipled country.
  4. Meijin
    Meijin 20 February 2014 09: 07
    Somehow this whole situation reminded of Susan Collins' novel "The Hunger Games". As players here are the so-called countries of the 3rd world ... The most disgusting thing is that the United States is so easy to deal with countries that cannot defend themselves with anything. It looks more like the behavior of a bully teenager towards the younger ones, but when a stronger player appears in the arena, he sets his tail between his legs. I hope that Russia will be such a "stronger" player!
    1. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 21 February 2014 00: 35
      The world is cruel ruled by the strong ... so weight is the lyrics
  5. ZU-23
    ZU-23 20 February 2014 09: 16
    What a hell out of human life for Americans, well, what’s worth going to the commander and telling a stupid computer soldier that he shoots a terrorist, he naturally shoots him like in all computer toys and he will never ask if this is really a terrorist or how.
  6. Vadim12
    Vadim12 20 February 2014 09: 50
    Buy air defense systems made in Russia! May your sky be cleansed! wink
    1. 0255
      0255 20 February 2014 18: 29
      And complexes of electronic warfare "Avtobaza"
      1. zaazua
        zaazua 20 February 2014 20: 07
        are these ????
        1. 0255
          0255 20 February 2014 21: 15
          Yes. Perhaps the Iranians planted an American drone with her help
          1. zaazua
            zaazua 20 February 2014 21: 31
            Yes, they did not plant him, he himself was robbed!
            1. 0255
              0255 20 February 2014 23: 15
              maybe he robbed himself, or maybe he was put in "Avtobaza". Anything could be
      2. rumpeljschtizhen
        rumpeljschtizhen 21 February 2014 00: 36
        in with atobazy waved .. this is nonsense
  7. Barrcode
    Barrcode 20 February 2014 09: 53
    We urgently need interceptor drones to shoot down American drones under the slogan "We are fighting terror in the sky". In general, we need to help the countries that the United States is visiting. Otherwise, wherever Russian soldiers appear, or even Russia's interests, Americans immediately climb in and interfere as much as they can, including by arming terrorists, etc. Why shouldn't we arm those who suffer from the Americans? To drag the S-300 to them, of course, is a pale ... But the "Needle" is just right. Otherwise, they will kill hundreds of people out of a whim.
    1. zaazua
      zaazua 20 February 2014 18: 12
      But "Needle" is just right

      laughing "Needle" ??? Drone ???
  8. Mikhail Topor
    Mikhail Topor 20 February 2014 10: 49
    Quote: BarrCode
    But "Needle" is just right

    add shells, portable radars, a word to fully engage in air defense issues. Three hundred is superfluous, as well as BUK. Torah is just that. Three hundred and Buki for manned aircraft, high-speed targets. And there is, if you remember, a kind of child prodigy with which the Iranians were able to land an ovsk UAV (roofing felts takeover control, roofing felts a certain jammer)
  9. Altona
    Altona 20 February 2014 12: 44
    The most interesting thing is that no one is going to create any kind of legal basis for this case ... A sort of "supreme" lynching by soulless technique over a person, meanly, from above, like a defenseless animal ...
  10. shurup
    shurup 20 February 2014 14: 15
    Do not la la la drones. The same thing happened when using helicopters with real pilots.
    A drone is just a way to secure its expensive manpower.
    There is no morality here. Nothing personal - just money.
    For Russia, the more all kinds of reconnaissance drones are, the better.
  11. Professor
    Professor 20 February 2014 17: 13
    Moreover, mainly civilians suffer from drones' attacks: every now and then it is reported that participants from wedding processions, holiday processions and other peaceful gatherings die from air strikes.

    Oh, how I "love" the heartbreaking stories about civilians - gorgeous uncles in full bloom and a characteristic bruise on the right shoulder. Moreover, they become "peaceful" after they cease to be "residents" or, better to say, "residents". Well, of course, a pack of "civilians" scorching from all trunks (the trunks of civilians, of course, are also peaceful) in all directions is nothing more than a "wedding procession" or "festive procession" or "another peaceful assembly" with RPGs, Kalash and others attributes of "peaceful assemblies".
    1. Altona
      Altona 20 February 2014 18: 30
      Quote: Professor
      Oh, how I "love" the heartbreaking stories about civilians, gorgeous uncles in full bloom and a characteristic bruise on the right shoulder. Moreover, they become "peaceful" after they cease to be "residents" or, better to say, "residents".

      Professor, my question is purely technical - how is the identification of the "guilty" in the crosshair carried out and what legal document regulates this? Just knowing the American tactics in Iraq, when a laundry cord is scattered on the road and the farmer who lifts it is destroyed as a terrorist, planting a land mine ... The command receives a report with a tick about the killed terrorist and statistics improve ...
      1. Professor
        Professor 20 February 2014 21: 41
        Quote: Altona
        Professor, my question is purely technical - how is the identification of the "guilty" in the crosshair carried out and what legal document regulates this?

        Technically, I can tell you about Tsakhal, let others tell about America. Identification is either by aiming "from the ground by agents of Shabak,

        or when the intentions of the applicant are not in doubt.

        Legal norms are a long conversation, but they are taken into account.
  12. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 20 February 2014 18: 38
    Shooting computer games: this is preparation for robotic wars. It’s bad that a player in his virtual world does not feel remorse for someone’s taken life! And if such a gamer is transplanted to the drone's console ...
  13. Black
    Black 20 February 2014 18: 41
    Quote: Professor
    Oh how I "love" heartbreaking stories about civilians

    You will love them until such time flies over the heads of your compatriots.
  14. Tyundey
    Tyundey 20 February 2014 19: 38
    Drones are controlled via satellite channels. Intelligence is overwhelmingly from satellites. In the event of a full-scale war, it is difficult to imagine a situation where we monitor enemies from our satellites, and they from ours. All space groups will be immediately destroyed. There will be only one satellite. And they will not be able to decide anything. Drones raptor navigation - will become just pieces of metal and plastic. Aviation, artillery, tanks and infantry will remain. The territory is not considered occupied until a simple infantryman passes through it. And he needs the support of aviation, artillery and tanks. We have them.
    ... No need to attack us in the winter - we just turn off the gas ...
    1. max702
      max702 20 February 2014 23: 45
      Again, a full-scale war ... HOW do you represent it? Nuclear weapons will not be applied? and if it does, then no other aircraft will be of any importance, everyone will die. But drones, satellites, UAVs are needed precisely in the wars of today with the enemy that is not capable of repelling these types of weapons, and they are used very successfully. The strategy is simple, at first the country is falling apart economically. Politically, military and industrial power are being destroyed at the same time, and then the next Papuan will be ironed by all of the above. We all see it now in Ukraine ..
  15. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 21 February 2014 00: 39
    I am amazed by such "snot" ... they say the Americans are bad .. and others use drones .. but our miracle heroes will tear them ........... already prohodtli.without reliable technology, now the war cannot be won ..
  16. Democrat
    Democrat 23 February 2014 18: 56
    America is struggling with real threats to humanity, and Russia does not only support dictators and others
    like them, and it interferes with the states.