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Mountain Special Forces

“The situation in the Caucasus, alas, is not the most calm, sometimes explosive,” said Valery Kishukov, commander of the Vulkan Special Purpose Department of the UFSIN of Russia in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. - Yes, and the symbol of the North Caucasus, our famous Mount Elbrus - the highest peak of Europe, as you know, is a volcano. Therefore, with the choice of the name of the department and a sketch of the emblem on the chevron, there were no problems, they were accepted unanimously.

Mountain Special Forces

Low, dry, springy. Intelligent and modest, he graduated from Tomsk State Pedagogical University, served urgent in the internal troops, later came to the police, but fate decreed that he now commands the special forces of the FPS.

“We live in a highland republic,” Kysukov reads my thoughts. - And tasks are often performed in a mountainous wooded area. Vaughn rebuilt and equipped their own fire assault strip, simulating the conditions in which we work under extraordinary circumstances. We are training. We all have to be ready for action in rough terrain. So we are picking up in the department guys wiry and hardy, not broad-shouldered giants, so that in the mountains they could not just run, but “fly”. For example, recently, in honor of the 90 anniversary of the Dynamo Society, the management team, which included our employees, climbed the western peak of Elbrus and hoisted the flag of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

Special Forces "Vulkan" was created on the basis of the order of the Minister of the Interior of February 26 of the year 1993. First, 28 employees were assigned to the staff, after some time the number grew to 48, then to 70. Today there are even more employees in the squadron.

When entering the service, as in any special purpose unit, the candidate undergoes a rigorous selection for all parameters, especially for physical fitness and psychological stability. The experience of hostilities suggests that to avoid losses in the performance of assigned tasks is possible only with full confidence in your comrade.

Valery Kishukov has commanded the department since 2007. But the first serious situation in which he fell was the suppression of riots in the Nalchik detention center, which erupted under the influence of the politicized crime of 1992 in October.

“When I ran to the SIZO,” Valery recalls, “the convicts ran across the rooftops and burned mattresses. At the gates were the new Minister of the Republican Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor and a tall man in a black uniform that I had never seen before. “Okay,” said the big man to the prosecutor, “the detainees do not want to calm down in an amicable way, we will calm them down.” A special operation to suppress rebellion and curb riots, using special tools and methods of hand-to-hand combat, was conducted by members of the special forces from the Vityaz. We worked as a “second number”, resolved issues of a general and supporting nature. Neutrals were quickly bred into the cells, and the crowd of instigators in four jam-packed paddy wagons was taken to Pyatigorsk. The professional skills of the “knights”, their endurance, moral and volitional qualities caused sincere respect and genuine interest. It was then that I wanted to get into this fraternity and "try the special forces to taste."

A month later, he participated in the search for seventeen prisoners who had escaped from prison. Interestingly, the last of the group CSKA detained during the fighting in Chechnya in the 2000 year. During the interrogation, he stated that 8 had fought for years on the side of the militants, became an “amir”, behaved arrogantly and self-confidently, had been arrogant, threatened and boasted of illegal actions that had been committed against soldiers who were captured by the militants. Nothing, soon the villain in full received what he deserved.

“I’ve been in the department for 15 for years, and before that I served in the frontier troops and I know for sure: it takes at least five years to educate and train a person and make him a real fighter,” adds a major internal service D. The department now serves employees with an average experience of about ten years. These people have a strong character, are fluent weapons and special means, hardy and patient, clearly oriented in a complex operational environment. And in sorrow and in joy - we are all close by, we are friends of families.

Today, our special forces are considered as a reserve of personnel for promotion to higher positions. This is the trend of recent years. At the same time on the "bench" for enrollment in the department waiting in the wings to fifteen candidates for the place.
Basic disciplines are standard for special forces. This is a tactical, mountaineering, fire, medical, psychological, engineering, legal, topographic training. Depending on the specialization, we are engaged in sniper and tactical shooting, we study bombing techniques, cynology, battle tactics in various conditions, we master psychology and philosophy.

As part of the combined special forces groups, we have repeatedly participated in counterterrorism operations to restore constitutional order in the North Caucasus: in 1995 – 1996, we carried out access control at checkpoints with Ingushetia; in September, the villages of Karamakhi and Chabanmakhi in Dagestan stormed 1999-th; In the winter of 1999 – 2000, they actively worked in the village of Goragorskoe, Nadterechny district of Chechnya, and in the summer they cleaned Gudermes from bandits. Provided with ammunition and food reconnaissance paratroopers in the mountains around the villages of Khatuni, Selmentauzen, Agishty, Tevzana, Makhkety. We left Chechnya for three years only in 2005, now our armored personnel carrier with the crew is involved in ensuring the security of the buildings of state institutions in Grozny and the facilities of the penal system in Chernokozovo. In September, 2002, together with units of the 19 Motorized Rifle Division, fought in the Ingush village of Galashki with the Gelayev gang. Since the autumn of 2004, we have been performing various combat missions in our own republic.

For the courage and heroism of 97, the employees of the department were awarded state and departmental awards. We are lucky that Vasily Fedorov, head of the UFSIN for the CBD, Colonel of Internal Service, is a good athlete himself, besides, he is a war veteran, a gentleman of the Medal for Military Merit medal, so he always delves deeply into the problems of the department and helps to find a solution. His predecessor, Ahmed Abidov, was also a military officer, a knight of two Orders of Courage, he very professionally showed himself during the attack of militants on Nalchik in October 2005.
The department remembers all his comrades who gave their lives in the fight against criminal unclean. These are Vladislav Bartosek, Jumageldi Nursakhatov, Beslan Shibzukhov, Elina Kashezheva, Sergey Khlopov, Ivan Korchagin, Vitaly Bogatyrev, Zareta Khandokhova, Dusen Zhangeriev, Khasen Sabanchiev, Albert Altuev.

Vladislav Bartosek, senior instructor of the assault department, is the first loss in the department. He died during a combat mission to block militants in the mountains of Chechnya on September 12 2000. Awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously).

October 13 2005 militants almost simultaneously attacked most of the objects of power structures of Nalchik: ATS buildings No. 1, ATS No. 2, ATS No. 3, PPS regiment, Center T, attacked the frontier detachment, military enlistment office, UFSB. They attacked the local UFSIN.

Knowing that many women and employees who do not have special training work in the administration, they hoped to take hostages and seize an arsenal of weapons. The bandits did not expect the special forces to provide fierce resistance. Soon the whole bandit group will be blocked on the territory of the facility, where it will then be destroyed.

On that day, in the early morning, the head of the department went to the subdivisions to check out in the city, and his deputy for security Muhamed Kokov conducted the morning divorce. For the majority, the task was set: to go to institutions to check the activities of subordinates in their areas of activity.

People went to the cars. The first car already arrived at the gate. Steel gates began to open. And suddenly, some “devils” in camouflage and sportswear, with black caps stretched over their heads with eye slits, ran into the control yard through the gap and, randomly firing at employees, equipment, windows, hurling grenades, rushed forward. He shouted "Allah akbar!" And "Surrender!". Following, ramming the gate, a foreign car drove into the yard.

The first killed was Dzhumegeldi Nursakhatov. Bleeding out, he managed to block the half-open gate. Sergey Khlopov and Ivan Korchagin took refuge behind an armored personnel carrier, which was almost opposite the gate, and opened fire on pistol fire on uninvited guests. Without letting the militants who remained outside into the courtyard and giving their colleagues shelter in the control building, they won precious minutes for their comrades. Khlopov and Korchagin died from multiple wounds, and the shift officer, firing from the windows of the main building, stopped the bandits one step away from the target, the weapons repository. Counting on his capture, the militants came with a shortage of weapons and ammunition, later it played into the hands of the special forces of the department.

All civilian employees and women special forces were transferred to the third floor in a safe place. There they sat until the evening, then they were evacuated from the building through a window on the first floor.

Around noon, from the side of the Shalushka River, a reinforcement of two bandit groups of up to 15 people each attempted to break through to the terrorists. They were met by a consolidated detachment of the staff of the administration and special forces. UFSIN employees did not let the three groups of “jackals” reunite. Further they kept the defense according to the “Fortress” plan, which was clearly worked out in training events. Brothers from the Shark main (Krasnodar), Rubezh (the Stavropol) and the Mongoose (Rostov-on-Don), blocked the militants from the street with armored vehicles, taking the yard into the ring. Snipers have taken positions on the roofs of neighboring houses.

But at the sight of the bandits remained part of the main building, the checkpoint, the adjacent corps and canopies, where the official and personal vehicles and armored personnel carriers stood. The vehicles and the armored personnel carrier were burning, the chadil tires. On the night from 13 to 14 in October, the bandits were actively shooting back, and by four o'clock in the morning, hiding in a thick predawn fog, made an attempt to escape through the checkpoint to the city, but were stopped by solid fire.

After aiming a grenade from a grenade launcher in the trunk of the raiders' car, the ammunition that was there was detonated, and the bandits were virtually left without ammunition. Then it was decided to storm the object seized by terrorists. While some special forces were preparing for an assault, others were simultaneously negotiating, offering the bandits to surrender. At about ten in the morning, one of the militants allegedly succumbed to persuasion, but he played a double game, went out armed. I had to open fire.

Having coordinated all the actions, they began the assault. In total, the joint efforts of the special units of various departments of the Federal Penitentiary Service destroyed twelve gangsters, one was detained alive.

October 13 killed Elina Kashezheva in the morning. She served in inter-district inspection number 1. Her office was located on the first floor of the ATS No. 3. When huge men with machine guns rushed into the office, the tiny girl did not lose her head, did not fall into a panic, behaved boldly. The terrorists killed her immediately, as they saw, one of the first.

22 in May 2010 in the village of Sovetsky of the Prokhladnensky district four employees of the women's correctional colony No. 4 were fired upon. They were unarmed, having passed the shift, came to the bus stop. The car, in which the murderers were, first drove past people, then abruptly turned around, stopped, and an automatic burst rang out from the salon. Khasen Sabanchiev, Dusen Zhangeriyev and Zareta Khandokhova died on the spot. Mariana Margusheva was lucky, she was seriously wounded, but survived. Within six months as a result of operational and investigative measures, the attackers, one by one, were eliminated in the course of providing armed resistance.

Deputy Head of the SIZO No. 1, which, along with other prisoners, contains more than fifty accused in the case of the attack on Nalchik, Vitaly Bogatyrev died in Nalchik on the evening of 14 on May 2009. The lieutenant colonel returned from work on foot. On the Kommunisticheskaya street, a dark-colored Lada caught up with him, from which fire was fired from a submachine gun on the move.

A born operative, demanding and corrosive, Vitali with his confidence could suppress any aggression, emerge from any clash as a winner. So, just vile in the back the militants managed to shoot Bogatyrev.

By killing Bogatyrev, the militants tried to intimidate the entire team of the FPS.

In the evening of November 28 2010, the senior inspector of the inter-district inspection No. 1, Albert Altuev, died in Volny Aul. The gunmen fired at the car of the major with a machine gun and a pistol and fled. Altuev died before the arrival of the doctors.

Shortly before his death, Albert was questioned as a witness at the trial of the October 13 2005 events of the year. During the interrogation, he had a verbal conflict with several accused, they shouted insults and threats against him. The bandits brought their threats to life.
“In the case of the attack on Nalchik,” says D., the investigation sent to the court about five hundred volumes of the indictment. First, the case was tried by a jury, now judges. Various offices that call themselves human rights are trying to give a political tint to the case.

When the issue of keeping militants in the SIZO was being resolved, much changed in the institution. And a new fence was built, and armored doors were installed, and additional cameras were installed. From the detention center to the courtroom of the Republican Supreme Court, a covered corridor was held. Before the entrance of the blocks lay down protective walls. All possible scenarios in the courtroom tried to provide.

Those who were taken alive, now have finished eating in the SIZO and are behaving provocatively at the trial. Lulled by a fearful, loyal and liberal attitude on the part of human rights defenders, they are trying to resist the administration, not to fulfill its legal requirements, to file charges and provoke the use of force on any occasion.

Many of those involved in the case of the attack on Nalchik committed serious crimes that not only fall under criminal prosecution, are contrary to any generally accepted human norms, but also contradict the Islamic faith allegedly professed by them. We appear in the courtroom when all other arguments of the state machine are exhausted, and notorious and unprincipled villains openly mock at witnesses, prosecutors or relatives of deceased law enforcement officers. We are putting things in order, and the so-called “mujahideen” immediately complain about us, they write to all instances of the world, they say, special forces are unreasonably cruel. The bandits themselves are duplicitous. But each of them, I am deeply convinced that, awaits a deserved severe punishment.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 26 February 2014 08: 33
    Good luck, thank you and eternal memory to the fallen.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 26 February 2014 08: 36
    The bandits themselves are two-faced. But each of them, I am deeply convinced, is waiting for a deserved severe punishment

    Unfortunately, the gangster rabble gets too short terms from the courts — I would suggest that for incorrigible scumbags only the highest measure should be applied today — life imprisonment is desirable with hard labor.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 26 February 2014 11: 04
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      You gangster rabble gets too soft terms from the courts - I

      therefore they are preferred, shoot and extremely rarely taken prisoner !!!
      and this is the correct approach ((((

      and mountain training is simply necessary not only for special forces, but also for the airborne forces, marines !!!
      if a war begins in the S. Caucasus, these units will be in the forefront !!!
      and the main striking force, GRU special forces !!!
      special forces of the BB MV in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria (((
      Mi-8 from the Ministry of Emergencies, oddly enough (((
  3. Gray 43
    Gray 43 26 February 2014 09: 22
    Is it time to punish those who whitewash terrorists? I think it would be nice for such people to be taken hostage by their clients, and then how lucky
  4. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 26 February 2014 10: 15
    We put things in order, and the so-called "Mujahideen" immediately complain about us, they write to all instances of the world, saying that the special forces are unjustifiably cruel.
    It is necessary to use the staff of all human rights organizations defending the interests of bandits and terrorists as a living count during the storming of objects captured by their wards. We will save the security forces and human rights defenders will be at work. hi
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 26 February 2014 10: 17
    Correctable, incorrigible - there is nothing to stand on ceremony with them. "We are nursing them, bailing them ... But it should be like in Turkey, in the old days" (C). There are wonderful recipes for fighting Muslim terrorism from our sworn British friends: they banged them, wrapped them in a pig's skin - that's it, the whole paradise with the gurias nafig.
    You can’t give them deadlines for release, in extreme cases 20-25 years without the right to parole.
    Yes, we need to work with youth, we need normal employment of people, but if you embarked on the path of terror, there is no turning back. Relatives should know that if they could not deter a family member from a crime, then they will face punishment. Only in this way, through existing tribal relations, can any changes be achieved.
  6. Dendi
    Dendi 26 February 2014 14: 24
    you need to do more with your own propaganda for sports and study! and actively plant thieves who sponsor terrorists. In general, Medvedev, when he promised to create the Russian TEAM, even under Syrdyukov’s kind
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 26 February 2014 17: 58
    The article is good, the bandits only need to be eliminated and wrapped in pork skins, but you just need to agree somewhere with the slaughterhouse for the supply of meat to the special forces and hides for the bandits. Musbat special forces at will mutton, and for other bandits sheep skin, especially for Bandera.
  8. chinararem
    chinararem 26 February 2014 21: 53
    We have a road through Kislovodsk to the main unofficial national resort - the "Dzhily-Su" tract (the Foot of Elbrus in Kabarda). In the summer - a pilgrimage of tourists (i.e. all of Dagestan, other Caucasian republics, residents of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, foreigners in abundance). We made a cool road, the prospects are huge. But when you arrive, you are your own warrior among the mountains. In the summer, in the fall, the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations works harmoniously, but they are not law enforcement officers, only rescuers. In winter, if the weather permits, you come - one highlander watchman (though a good man). And UAZs with obviously not unarmed people drive up. But the place is almost cult, many take risks and go. This is where I would like to see a clear presence of the military just for peace of mind, of course not mining specialists (they are the elite, they can be used only in extreme cases). When they carried out an operation on Elbrus to remove the fallen helicopter, it was so nice to see the guys with a bat on their chevrons. And to the mountain special forces - Honor and Glory! The mountains are not an obstacle for you - only the stars are higher than you!