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If Day

If Day

At dawn 19 February 1942, 5000 of the Nazis seized the Canadian city of Winnipeg and declared martial law. Fascist officers arrest Mayor Quinn, Prime Minister Bracken and the entire cabinet. Teachers and politicians are also enclosed in the cramped Fort Harry, who suddenly became a concentration camp with a swastika flowing. By morning, Portage Avenue has been renamed Hitler Strasse. Winnipeg itself has been renamed to Himmlerstadt. Citizens are intimidated, exhausted and powerless. What if? What if? What if? What if this is a terrifying time loop? For residents of Winnipeg, where time makes all sorts of things, such a loop is terribly likely. Nazis' 5000 is, in fact, Rotary Club volunteers in costumes rented in Hollywood. Day If is a great success to intimidate Winnipegians with enormous spending on war. Since then, in the Winnipegians the word "if" strikes terror. In Winnipeg every day - Day If.

What is Day If?

What-If-Day or Just If Day - is the day of a training alert, rehearsals for the Nazi invasion of the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the surrounding areas of February 19 and 1942, during World War II. The invasion was organized by a committee of local credit organizations, led by a prominent businessman from Winnipeg, Mr. Perrin. In fact, the event was the largest military exercises in Winnipeg, but with only one big “but” - the locals did not know about it.

How did it happen?

5000 armed soldiers of the local garrison participated in the exercise. Colonel E. A. Pridham and D. S. McKay commanded the defense forces. The "Nazi" troops were volunteers, the Nazi uniform was rented from Hollywood. The faces of some young people even made up with saber scars. About 60 million dollars was secretly spent on the strangest event in Winnipeg.

Fascist patrols appeared on the streets in the cities as early as 5: 30 in the morning on February 19. The radio host was detained and his microphone was requisitioned for a radio broadcast starting from 5: 45 in the morning. On the morning of 7, an anti-air siren sounded over the city, followed by bombing.

In 7: 03, the fascist German troops began to imitate an attack on a city that was defended by a small group of reserve troops. After 45 minutes, the Nazis were already a mile from the city center. Winnipegians resisted as best they could, but they had to retreat, after themselves they blew up the bridges, the Nazis did not stop anything.

On 9: 30 in the morning, the city surrendered, Brandon, Fin Flon, Selkirk and other small towns capitulated around the same time. Manitoba has become a German province. On the Port Avenue, one of the main streets of the city center, drove a tank. The Canadian flag over Fort Harry has been replaced with a swastika. The city itself was renamed "Himmlerstadt", the main street was named "Hitlerstrasse". All the top officials of the city were arrested (Mayor John Queen, Prime Minister Bracken, was a Norwegian minister, McWilliams is on a visit).

Books related to the symbol of freedom, democracy were thrown out of libraries, burned by the Nazis on the streets of the city. Robbed restaurants, shops, doors of churches slammed with boards. School directors were arrested and schools were disbanded, and one Nazi Truth curriculum was broadcast on the radio. Notifications were placed on the walls of churches prohibiting worship, and priests who objected were arrested. Buses were stopped, and the armed forces searched the passengers. The soldiers even entered the cafeteria of the local insurance company and took the lunch from the workers. Some shops and houses were looted by "Nazi" troops. The Canadian currency has been replaced by fake German Reichsmarks.

The day ended on 5: 30 evenings with the ceremonial release of prisoners, a parade and speeches of released officials with loud slogans "It should not happen here!", "Buy bonds for victory!". All this was organized artificially, to create an atmosphere close in Europe of those days, to make people feel what Nazism is. Canadians did not really understand and feel what is happening now on another continent and didn’t really want to help. After the operation, the number of bonds sold to win rose sharply. Vancouver became interested in the fascist show in Manitoba, but he never organized for his citizens, although there were attempts. The neighboring country was very excited when she heard Nazi appeals on Manitoba Radio.


And the action was crowned with success. The next morning, the Winnipeg people bought bonds of a military loan, the funds from which were used by the army, with 3.200.000 dollars. Winnipeg collected a total of 24 million, mainly thanks to Day If. The expenditure of the entire campaign was 60 million, which is significantly higher than the quota in 45 million dollars. The campaign attracted about $ 2 billion throughout the country, and if Day was considered during the war one of the most successful events to raise funds for the needs of the war.

PS: There was a city legend in the Soviet Union at the time:

Three friends found a caches in the forest, in which there was a German military uniform and weapon. For fun, they dressed in “Germans” and entered the village as such. And in front of the village council building they shout in broken Russian: "Russian pigs, show me where the Jew is, the commissar, the communist ...", and so on. And at the same time the rifles were aimed at the chairman of the collective farm, the shutters juggle (and the village people see all this). The chairman turned green with horror, he knocked on his knees and shouted: “I’ll say everything, we’ll give out everything - just don’t kill ...”

In general, the police arrived, took all the boys 15 day for hooliganism. And to the chairman - 25 years for treason!
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  1. a52333
    a52333 18 February 2014 11: 08
    The oldest Russian human rights organization, the Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG), was forced to reduce the number of employees several times, as well as to cut the salary of the rest.

    15 days, the period is short, but the traitor appeared.
  2. vorobey
    vorobey 18 February 2014 11: 08
    Your math. If such theme nights are held in present-day Russia, then half of Moscow and the regions will go to Siberia and the Far East to master Siberia and the Far East according to the development program for treason. And the migrants will not need to allocate money.
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 18 February 2014 11: 21
    In general, the police arrived, took all the boys 15 day for hooliganism. And to the chairman - 25 years for treason!
    It is interesting how many such chairmen we have in power right now, can conduct exercises (behind the scenes) on the capture of cities by the military of one of the countries of our sworn partners winked
    1. a52333
      a52333 18 February 2014 11: 30
      for treason, half of Moscow and the regions will go to Siberia and the Far East to master according to the development program. And the migrants will not need to allocate money.
      Well, well, you can build a new BAM for free.
    2. Rus2012
      Rus2012 18 February 2014 13: 01
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      can conduct exercises (behind the scenes) on the capture of cities by the military of one of the countries of our sworn partners

      ... I fully admit that along with the identification of the fifth column, the troops involved for the exercises will also suffer, because part of the people will definitely go to the anarchist guerrillas: to the detachments named "Che" and "Colonel Gaddafi"
      1. Salamander
        18 February 2014 20: 51
        Yes, and then you can't explain to them that everything was "pretend" laughing They will burn columns of armored vehicles, undermine trains ...
  4. Ivan Petrovich
    Ivan Petrovich 18 February 2014 11: 21
    by the way, and who, the poet Pushkin A.S. , associated with the letter "b"?
    1. Dangerous
      Dangerous 18 February 2014 11: 26
      Well, what do you stick to this firm sign ?? It is clear that due to the language difference between Russian and English, as well as due to the different number of letters in the alphabet, there will be such incidents.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Salamander
      19 February 2014 22: 02
      Why should Pushkin be associated with her?
  5. major071
    major071 18 February 2014 11: 31
    At the beginning of the 90, we got a crowd in our military commissar to shoot a film about the war, I don’t remember the name, because I myself did not participate. Well, on the set, they were divided equally and changed into the Red Army, the Nazis, and the shooting was in the Urals. Well, our guys pinned, during the weekend, sat on a German armored personnel carrier, went to the village (Ural!), To scare the locals. Bottom line: I do not want to pile on all the Nazis at all, and the war veterans distinguished themselves, they’re nothing, our lips for three days. laughing
  6. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 18 February 2014 12: 04
    from the first paragraph oh .... stunned ...! I thought I had glitches ...! well packed up and read ... uh !!! wow ... yeah! but about: PS: The Soviet legend used to go around the Soviet Union: laughing I already heard it in any interpretations! laughing huh .. oh, sorry, I worked together with the Ukrainian for several years, and he told (and it was back in the year 85) that the lads found the cache and dressed (supposedly in their village) and the electrician repaired the wires on the "claws" ... they barked at him "henda hoh" he was off the post and yeah .... sya ... laughing and they were imprisoned for hooliganism ... and then I heard in a different way ... probably these are "urban legends" laughing
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 14 March 2014 13: 43
      as far as I remember in childhood
      in addition to cats, electricians also have a tricky belt around a pillar
      just so as not to nae..tstsa from the pillar during the unexpected and vile attack of the Akupanov
      although, according to the idea, the "jokers" should, logically, clean their helmets from separating bricks from the unexpectedness of that electrician
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. PValery53
    PValery53 18 February 2014 12: 32
    Yes, jokes on a fascist theme with war veterans are inappropriate. It’s good that they didn’t start shooting back ...
  8. Salamander
    18 February 2014 17: 29
    Well done Canadians! A good way to spot traitors and "collaborators". But in our country, I think, such "invaders" would be driven out in an hour by local old men with checkers and berdanks laughing
  9. RoTTor
    RoTTor 18 February 2014 19: 45
    Those who were not put in time climbed right into the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee and surrendered the whole country.
    The method of checking "for lice" is a standard one, repeatedly shown in the cinema.
    Weed weeds in a country garden?
    And why regular purges in power and in the party were declared evil. It was a normal prevention - detection of rubbish and cleaning it.
  10. inkass_98
    inkass_98 19 February 2014 15: 12
    Interestingly, and in the "occupied territory" did not "Kondrat" embrace anyone with fright? In an amicable way, after the end of the holiday at 5.30 pm, one of the organizers and participants had to snatch some very decent people from the local population.
  11. Duke
    Duke 25 February 2014 16: 22
    Thanks for the article, very timely.
  12. Arbatov
    Arbatov 26 February 2014 16: 45
    It was in Canada that it was possible to conduct a costume performance where the real threat of a fascist landing was negligible.
  13. Makarych
    Makarych 4 May 2014 13: 49
    Yes, now this humor would not work. The batch would be cool, and hardly anyone would want to joke with it.