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The Air Force of Oman received the first F-16 fighter

The Air Force of Oman received the first F-16 fighter

On January 14, the first of the X-NUMX F-12 Block 16 fighters ordered by the Omani Air Force flew into the air, reports a February February 50.

On the same day, the plane made a second flight. The flights were performed 24 a month after signing the contract, which was a record-fast contract execution in stories F-16 programs.

Experts believe that the F-16 fighter for decades has been a benchmark, that is, the standard with which any other fighter in the world is compared, both in characteristics and in production and export success. In 1990, the possibility of licensed production of F-16 in Brazil, which was not implemented, was studied.
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  1. supertiger21
    supertiger21 17 February 2014 11: 40
    Although the news is not the best for us, I will still be the first to put "plus". But only one thing. Oman buys Block 50 fighters, but for some reason the picture shows F-16 of earlier modifications (Block 25-30).
  2. mirag2
    mirag2 17 February 2014 11: 42
    Well, that's what they found where to stick the F-16.
    Departing from BV, the states of all of them there were filled with technology: both the UAE, and Jordan 1bn, and Israel has 30% more money for weapons, etc. etc.
    Here is the supply of weapons to Egypt .... - our diplomat said, "that the order for weapons by the Egyptians was made in opposition to the United States and how they should not be considered."
    After all, those who are against radicals in Egypt are Americanophiles ...
    1. supertiger21
      supertiger21 17 February 2014 12: 44
      Quote: mirag2
      Well, that's what they found where to stick the F-16.

      At one time they seized the F-16 market in 25 countries, now the last additional batches of Fighting Falcons are being ordered. Lockheed Martin was lucky that in 1993 the General Dynamics company completely gave it the 16th, together with production. So "Lokhidovtsy" more F-35 are going to produce 3000 units.
    APASUS 17 February 2014 22: 00
    It seems that the mattress covers from Iran will not lag behind, since supplies so quickly went to Oman.
    1. alone
      alone 17 February 2014 22: 58
      Mattresses simply do not lag behind anyone. If they even lag behind, then it means they are profitable. They have their own interests and the interests of others are deeply indifferent to them.