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About Seryozha

About Seryozha

I noticed a lot of people long ago. And they are all different. This is probably because everyone is meant for something specific. If a pianist is given a sledgehammer in his hands, then we will get a pianist with a hernia and a bruised foot. Having forced the hammerman to play the piano, we will replenish stocks of polished wood chips. I do not know who established such a division, but he didn’t think of one thing: it’s necessary for a person to at least somehow explain what he can do in life, and what is by no means impossible. For security. Not yours. Surrounding.

It was from such a category of those uninformed about their own purpose that a freshly baked, tasty-smelling lieutenant of the technical service of the USSR Air Forces Seryozha came out.

The time was hard. Five aviation technical schools of the Soviet Union produced thousands of aviation specialists each year, and they still lacked. Five thousand people seemed to dissolve in the grandiose air armies of the grandiose armed forces of a grandiose country. Therefore, in technical schools people were accepted, sometimes turning a blind eye to the inconsistency of the candidate of the chosen profession. The training system in these schools made any discrepancy correspond.

But only in Seryozha there was such a primordial, deep and even mystical discrepancy that the Soviet system of personnel training issued Seryozha a blue diploma "mechanical technician for the operation of aircraft and aviation engines "only shyly turning away. The system, probably, in the depths of its soul, understood that it was impossible for Seryozha to be allowed near the aircraft. Then it turned out that it was impossible to use any technique either. But it was too late. It is done. The regiment received a replenishment in the person of Lieutenant Seryozha.

Why just Sergei? Yes, because his name was constantly forgotten. Well, how was it possible to remember the name of a person resembling a cheerful, kind, awkwardly jumping puppy with dangling ears and spreading thick legs? A kind of universal friend: from a Kirgiz fueling tanker to a regiment commander. He was so called down: “Lieutenant Seryozha, take two steps.”

Oddities began immediately, as soon as the ritual of awarding the lieutenants of the aircraft. The entire engineering staff was solemnly built. Before the formation there were four fast-moving handsome MiG-21 SMTs. Presentation of forms, heart-felt words, clumsy parting words from behind-the-way, old-fashioned, tongue-tied old techies with pauses instead of mate, a fiery speech of the political officer: “By fulfilling solutions! Let's translate into life! Following the precepts! The imperialists are outraged, and yet not all have notes from primary sources! We continue! Stop stealing alcohol! NATO aggressive block! Komsomol members drink vodka in jeans! ”The glow of an ideologically correct, but illiterate speech by a political worker was shot down by a perplexing cry of Lieutenant Seryozha:“ And I have a flat tire from the bottom ”. Zapolit choked and fell silent. Everyone looked at Seryozha. He had no wheels below. The most shrewd turned their heads to the aircraft. Three lighthouses as proudly strove into the sky and only the plane, just attached to Serezha, stood with a lowered right pneumatics, like a black crow: sad and dull. Everybody was struck by the accuracy of Seryozhiny description. Indeed, the tire of the right main rack was lying flat on the concrete with its lower part. And on top, nothing else. Round and completely inflated.

And they say that the piece of iron does not feel anything. These people are rude and heartless, but the creation of a human genius immediately realized that he was threatened in the future and had been exhausted in advance.

Airplane as the water looked. Sergei broke everything that could. What could not break in principle, spit on the principles and also broke. At the same time, Seryozha did not even need to put his hand. There was enough of one of his eyes and thoughts in his head: "We need to repair it." The victim of a potential repair immediately capitulated and self-destructed.

People in aviation think quickly. Everyone instantly realized that an eminent person modestly walking among them, who was worthy of acknowledging his originality, began to blame all the faults and personal shoals. A month later, even the commander of the airfield-technical support battalion quite seriously argued that the I-beam in the hangar was bent, because Sergei passed by. Therefore, BATO is not guilty and will not be engaged in repairs. Better Sergei goes back and forth, the beam of fear and straightens up.

The heaviest share fell to the head of the TEC, Semyonych. Semyonych still hooked the edge of the war. He Yak-3 samurai ammunition ammunition. He is 30 years in aviation. He could not part with her. He loved her. Until Seryozha came to his link. And seasoned by all that is possible, the experienced Semenych only at the end of the service realized that the war with the samurai was one of the most cloudless periods of his life, because there the enemy could be defeated, and Seryozh could not be defeated. Samurai compared with Seryozha - appendix slack. A samurai cannot bend with I-beams. Wimp he samurai this. And the seasoned Semenych broke. He lebezil before Seryozha, asking him not to approach the plane, and personally, with his hardened hands, prepared his airplane for departure.

It seemed that in this way, Seryozhin managed to counterbalance the irrepressible energy. It turned out that it seemed. He had this energy bubbling, gurgling and looking for a way out. And the way out was found. Once pushed away from the iron components of the aircraft, the blow fell on the electronic equipment. Gradually. That is, not immediately. In a sense, indirectly. Okolno. By washing the aircraft when transferring to winter operation. The knowledgeable people will grin knowingly: clearly, they poured everything with water, and that is what they short-circuited. Right now! Seryozha not the caliber. Such a person will not wash the plane. He will paint it. Together with rust and dirt. Especially carefully dirt. The painted mud is very aesthetic. Here are just a cone, under which the sighting system was hidden and other antennas scattered here and there on the glider with a weathered radio-transparent coating, violated artistic harmony. I had to paint them too. Well, that green paint on the airfield is full. She painted the wheels of tankers. Beautifully turned out! For some reason, only the plane was plaintively mowing down with a landing light and sobbing softly.

Then came the radio operators. Sergei was treated with a cigarette (he never had one) and climbed to check his electronics. Serozha smoked and proudly admired the fresh paint cast in a metallic sheen. Radio operators checked everything. Nothing works. They were surprised. Once again checked. Once again, surprised. Got out, lit a cigarette and began to curse. Crazy and started changing blocks. Cursing, of course. On the second day, the blocks ran out, and swear words began to repeat. On the third day, the most important radio operator came, looked at the battle panorama and tenderly asked: “Seryozha, you have a hard rope in your ass, have you painted what antenna paint?”. Sergey honestly replied: "Green." And just in case, he shoved the rope away with his foot, which was beside the way. They didn’t beat him with the equipment. Penalds and cuffs are not considered. Just in the form of punishment, they told me to drag a mobile test complex out of TECH, showed where to connect the plug connector and, tiredly swearing, went to flip through clever circuits, simultaneously inventing fresh abusive epithets for Seryozha. They thought that nothing more could happen. And what can happen? After all, on the SR there is an anti-duct device in the form of two pins of different diameter. And in the mate two holes are also different, but the diameter corresponding to the pins. It is impossible to connect it wrong, naive radio operators thought.

But against a real fool, any anti-cracking device is like a carpenter against a carpenter. When Seryozha discovered that SR did not fit into place, he made eight control stickings with a gradual increase in effort, then, raising from the depths of his memory all the knowledge gained in the school, he added to them poor analytical skills and found that (quotation) “the pin is thick and the hole is thin. " "So that's why it does not climb!" - It dawned on a certified technician. Turning SRs to 180 degrees is a boring decision. And Seryozha, cheerfully unscrewing the guide pin, which is thicker, joyfully jumps, rushed to grind it to the desired diameter, grabbing a pin of smaller diameter for the sample.

I will not describe further, because here talent is needed. Of course, I could enumerate verbal revolutions, zoophilic analogies, tips on the unconventional use of various subjects, a description of erotic routes and final destinations, but this is prohibited by law. The main thing, Seryozha remained alive. Although not quite understood, because of what was all this fuss. True, it stopped bubbling and gurgling for a while.

Trouble came from no waiting. In my opinion, not quite the right expression. In the army, trouble always awaits from one place. From the superior headquarters. This time, the trouble took the form of an Air Force inspector for flight training. The trouble had a rank of the general and corresponding corporal proportions. She was terrified. And this is logical. If you do not terrify, what kind of general are you? All Soviet generals were terrified. Everybody. Adversary, of course, this effect paralyzes, and our military nothing. They are familiar. They are subjected to such exposure monthly for psychological stability. They have an on-site application of the corn armor five-centimeter. And the generals have a nose. He's the scent. The general sniffed, smelled and ordered to prepare him for the flight "this is the board." Here even our armored military paralyzed. The plane was Seryozhin.

For the flight the plane was preparing everything. Those who were not involved in the preparation, they drove away Seryozh, who beat the hoof, whined and also wanted to participate. The commander recalled ways to survive in the distant garrisons, and, just in case, he learned to work with a hair dryer. Zampolit frantically flipped through the decisions of the party congresses in search of guidance. Not finding those, I went to the plane and, looking around fearfully, finely baptized the smoked nozzle. Semyonych with samurai serenity sharpened the rasp for hara-kiri.

Flying. General in the air. At the airfield from the impending voltage some kind of strange suffocated silence. Everything seems to sound like a gas mask on the soundmaker pulled. Rattling and whistling engines usually now emit some kind of buzz. Paints faded. MiGs on taxiing make their way sideways, carefully picking up the landing gear. On the pig concrete is the command of the regiment. (This is such a construction method, not an appearance.) Everyone is looking at the end of the strip. The commander has a courage on his face to accept the inevitable. Deputy on ias smiles calmly. He took the inevitable in the morning.

Landing. Voltage thickened, condensed and began to drip. Sat down! The parachute came out !! Rulit !!!

Everything immediately came to life and sounded. Colors and smells exploded, even the equipment became more cheerful or, as the correspondent of one garrison newspaper wrote, “the airplanes, rattling and bouncing, rolled along the runway”. Zapolit, in joy, kissed the whole country of Brezhnev's book, Tselina, and, like an honest communist, promised to marry her. Semyonych threw away the rasp hoisted over his belly, grabbed the folding ladder in good style and quickly drove it to the cabin. The general climbed out and stopped at the top of the stairs. His face was contented. He smiled favorably and looked in a fatherly way at everyone from above. Downstairs, glee reigned. Smiles, pats, wiping sweaty bald spots. In this euphoria, no one noticed how Seryozha found himself near the stepladder with an aircraft training magazine in his hands. Seryozha happily smiled and barked in all his might: “Comrade general !!! Allow me to receive comments !!!!!

The inspector shuddered, overwhelmed by a sudden acoustic shock. The ladder startled, stunned by the startled general, dropped the stopper fixing its half, and broke up into two parts. The general hung slightly in the air, offended and reproachfully staring at the standstill crowd, and with all his bodily proportions, with a chomp, fell onto the concrete.

Now it has finally become clear that it is impossible to cope with this dark force. It was rumored that the deputy. the commander of the regiment on the IAS tried to sell Seryozha to the political officer for a canister of alcohol on the subject to drive Komsomol, or anything else he needed, but even the fearless commissar shoved his legs and spit saliva, just to prevent Serezha from seeing the saint. He could not risk ideology and worldview. Although, he would have been a political commander, he would have taken Seryozha for party work. Now there would be no doubt who was to blame for the fact that the state suddenly collapsed, and communism was never built. True, I later lost traces of Sergei. Maybe fate threw him into the leadership of the country, and he reached the heights of his talent there? Isn’t he leading the country in the middle of the glorious 80's? Painfully handwriting similar. Although unlikely. Seryozha could go bald over the past years, but he definitely had no blemishes on his head. He was not. Exactly the same, but not him. That kind of Mishan was. But the same.
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  1. Asgard
    Asgard 17 February 2014 11: 16
    I sat at the meeting and yelled ... Asked to leave))) FIRE article ....
    And freed early (author respect))))
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 17 February 2014 12: 20
      Quote: Asgard
      Sat at a meeting and yelled.

      I sit at home and cry with laughter too! So I stop sobbing and in the grip of inspiration I give out enti lines!

      Everything in the Soviet Air Force was fine!
      Airplanes flew, techies drank!
      Until the troops received SEREZHA
      Here came the "golden" days!

      Oh technician stupid-genius of destruction
      You completely ruin everything in your hands!
      Collapsed on the regiment of loss and deprivation
      "Elemental reign", as in nightmares!

      Knocking a hoof and whining with impatience
      Trying to repair your plane!
      And curses are heard on the head
      And juicy pendol-acceleration betrays !!!

      That turn came to the general!
      Sorry for the old man, the flight was great
      How vigorously he kicked from the stepladder
      When SEREZHA barked - id-off!

      Could you read some more verses?
      But I risk getting very tired!
      They will send me, how will I BECOME this?
      I’ll go to the kitchen to eat fat with onions!

      The author is a huge plus for his positive and wonderful sense of army humor! good drinks
      1. Pinochet000
        Pinochet000 17 February 2014 13: 51
        Quote: Asgard
        I sat at the meeting and yelled ... Asked to leave))) FIRE article ....

        The style is similar to Alexander Pokrovsky))
    2. Sosland
      Sosland 17 February 2014 19: 35
      Many thanks to the author!
  2. M72
    M72 17 February 2014 11: 34
    Very funny laughing
  3. Bort radist
    Bort radist 17 February 2014 11: 39
    We had one in training. They called themselves Zyozya, oddly enough derived from Seryozha. Everything happened to him that shouldn't have happened. I remember the first jump. The instructor said, joked, with a fatal phrase - "Just don't pull the ring on the ground" and Zyoza's dome fell out. Prapor shoved him back. Said "Everything will be okay." Seryoga jumped. Everything worked properly.
    There was a starley in the regiment. They said that according to the plan, he needed an independent flight in the left seat, he promised that he would jump (AN-12). Before the flight, after he was seated in a chair, in front of his eyes, the emergency hatch was closed with a chain with a barn lock. When he "landed" the plane and asked "Where to steer" he was told "Stay put." On such flights, the crew is experienced, without children and not married. The technician told me - I go out into the hold, the first thought is what ..... I got the spare wheels on the right! ”It turned out that the landing gear turned around and pierced the hull ....... It was written off from the flight deck. When he was on duty in the unit, it was a circus.
  4. shibi
    shibi 17 February 2014 11: 41
    Respect aftaru!
    There are enough such "Seryozha" everywhere yes
  5. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 17 February 2014 11: 44
    Thank you for the excellent feuilleton at the beginning of the working week! Smiled not childishly. laughing
  6. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 17 February 2014 11: 48
    There are people who can’t be allowed into a grenade launcher. laughing
    I don’t know any peculiarity of the organism or biofield, but everything that is possible breaks down. They break the crowbar into hammers and smash the hammers into smithereens laughing
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 18 February 2014 03: 49
      Quote: Landwarrior
      There are people who can’t be allowed into a grenade launcher.
      They are also called "Man - an accident" ...
  7. Normal
    Normal 17 February 2014 11: 50
    And in our country, almost such a sergeant was a gunner-operator of BMD. I almost shot my head off the castle platoon ... from the gun.
  8. shuhartred
    shuhartred 17 February 2014 11: 50
    This Seryozha to the Americans would be abandoned and see what happens. Another one is not lying around accidentally? Worse than an atomic bomb damn it. Thanks to the author, neighing like a horse. laughing
  9. Berserker
    Berserker 17 February 2014 11: 51
    From the heart !!! 100000+
  10. erased
    erased 17 February 2014 11: 58
    I'm crying! 100% annealing!
  11. Teamon
    Teamon 17 February 2014 11: 58
    Of course, I am far from aviation, but even without it it’s ridiculous to colic laughing Probably in every part there is such Seryozha, but this article is truly unique good
  12. duchy
    duchy 17 February 2014 12: 00
    Thank You !!! laughing I remembered the service and such "Seryozha". I rested. good
  13. Kuvabatake
    Kuvabatake 17 February 2014 12: 04
    Positive !!! laughing
  14. Vadim12
    Vadim12 17 February 2014 12: 08
    Fine! I thought, only I know such Seryozha!
  15. Arbatov
    Arbatov 17 February 2014 12: 10
    It’s funny and sad at the same time.
    1. Shurale
      Shurale 17 February 2014 13: 45
      As the saying goes:

      Who served in the army does not laugh at the circus.
  16. aviator_IAS
    aviator_IAS 17 February 2014 12: 23
    And I knew that. Accident man. A few years ago I read stories at aviation forums. I just found a storehouse of humor and military aviation folklore. I even printed it. I have almost read this folio to the holes. There are talents writing no worse than A. Pokrovsky. Well, or just I’m more familiar with the aviation theme, and this also happened.
    If anyone is interested:

    Take carefully to avoid overdose. And then you can tear your stomach in places.
  17. Poruchik 90
    Poruchik 90 17 February 2014 13: 03
    We had such a course in our school. We practiced in the pool (50 m.) Crossing in uniforms with weapons. The teacher asks, everyone can swim, EVERYTHING. Start, one to the bottom under the bedside table. We got, we ask, what are you doing? I was ashamed to admit that I do not know how. He was rated 3 only for what the subject could correctly name. I finished my studies right up to the 3rd year, then they expelled.
  18. Celmz
    Celmz 17 February 2014 13: 09
    Thank. grumbled))
  19. Day 11
    Day 11 17 February 2014 13: 12
    Okay, there’s about Seryozha, there’s everywhere like that. I, as a follower of the events in Syria, will show this photo --- who will say what? This is OPPOSITION (not ISIS)
    1. aviator_IAS
      aviator_IAS 17 February 2014 15: 03
      Quote: Den 11
      Okay, there’s about Seryozha, there’s everywhere like that. I, as a follower of the events in Syria, will show this photo --- who will say what? This is OPPOSITION (not ISIS)

      It can be infallibly asserted that the photo shows a mercenary from a geyropa.
    2. PION1192
      PION1192 17 February 2014 20: 13
      Earlier my mother-in-law had cowards! I could wash and dry the car with them. And now you’ll not rub your glasses with your cowards ...
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 17 February 2014 20: 21
        Quote: PION1192
        There used to be cowards

        Quote: PION1192
        And now cowards

        The topic of the thread is about Seryozha and not about the briefs of your relatives. I will see this again get a warning for the flood.
  20. Ivan Petrovich
    Ivan Petrovich 17 February 2014 14: 01
    we have such and the government is full ...
    1. aviator_IAS
      aviator_IAS 17 February 2014 15: 06
      Quote: Ivan Petrovich
      we have such and the government is full ...

      Are you talking about a character in a story or about a previous photo? smile
  21. sergey32
    sergey32 17 February 2014 15: 02
    I realized that it was his offspring that connected the sensor connectors in that rocket that fell in the summer.
  22. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 17 February 2014 15: 11
    Just neighing while reading.))))))))))))))))
    And for a long time and seriously.

    Army humor is the most sophisticated humor. It is necessary to BE ABLE to write like that.
    Many thanks to the Author !!!
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 17 February 2014 15: 28
      Lesh, hello! I swear we also had such a shot. Only the name is Victor! Well, rzhaka! laughing good
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 17 February 2014 15: 55
        Quote: Alex 241
        I swear we also had such a shot. Only the name is Victor! Well, rzhaka!

        Hi Sanya!
        Already opened a PM so that you can drop the link to this article, and you are already here ...
        Yes, we, too, were in every part, it happened that in two ... full Ales.
        Just a fan of army humor.
        But not everyone understands it.
        Even in the bursa, KVN was once conducted between the companies.
        The guys in the club just gurgled with laughter, wallowing on the floor between the seats.
        And the invited civilians smiled poorly and did not understand anything.
        Thanks to the author again!
  23. polkownik1
    polkownik1 17 February 2014 16: 25
    Someone is funny here, but I recalled with horror several "Seryozha" from my aviation experience. They were transferred to political agencies. One of them, a retired general, a "political worker", hung with order pads from his shoulder to "these" ones (when he left the army, there were only two rows of jubilee pads), you have all seen on TV many times. At ceremonial events, he always casually appears in the frame next to the great. Like a veteran. And many who remember him are not funny ...
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 17 February 2014 16: 31
      Did he gobble up vodka? The woman trampled? --- So his man! Or am I wrong?
  24. drop
    drop 17 February 2014 16: 42
    I read and laughed. I remembered my youth, when I, as Chief Designer, understood the MiG-25 with AFS. There was no signal from the rear hemisphere survey antennas. After 4 hours of work, it was established that the technician was able to connect the two cables through the female-to-female connectors, and not through the male-to-female connectors. What does not happen in military units. The main thing is that there are no losses in manpower. I have the honor
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 17 February 2014 16: 50
      I wish you good health! I’m reading the Quran, it’s not clear much (I’m making extracts), I have someone to ask here. Questions will accumulate, I’ll ask Omar (lonely)
    2. DMB-78
      DMB-78 2 March 2014 08: 18
      Quote: Drop
      that the technician was able to connect the two cables through the female-to-female connectors rather than the male-to-female connectors.

      I believe. but no one believes me, but half of the unit came running to see how one soldier managed to connect "papa-papa".
  25. Malayan
    Malayan 17 February 2014 17: 05
    To tears. He broke away from reading three times, neighing, but read it!
  26. oblako
    oblako 17 February 2014 17: 30
    Absolute come true. Respect to the author. Not only would the event happen, we must also be able to submit it with such humor. This is a short script ...))) Although sometimes funny, and sometimes sad ... it's like in real life)))
  27. Black
    Black 17 February 2014 18: 29
    Thanks for the positive!!!! It is valuable nowadays !! good
    the analogies begged from memory immediately, our "Seryozha" was called Vasya Bychkov .. Extremely proactive comrade !!!
    Somehow, having met with the "polchaks" in '94, I ask, have you heard anything about Vasya? It turned out that he was tonsured a monk !!!! and with success for 5 years he was not even the fifth but the 15th column in the Diocese, until he was cut off! fellow
  28. serezhafili
    serezhafili 17 February 2014 19: 07
    Many thanks to the author! I recommend everyone to read before going to bed after a very hard day!
  29. PION1192
    PION1192 17 February 2014 19: 52
    Well done Sanya! A fun piece of work! One became a composer and sings songs (became an Honored Artist), the other is a film director on Mosfilm, makes films (and still quite interesting)., And you have discovered a writing talent. Here are my colleagues.
  30. vlad0
    vlad0 17 February 2014 20: 09
    Thanks to the author! To tears laughing !!!
    He remembered his youth in aviation. My flight school friend is something similar. Now, it seems, he was ill. In the east of the castle mask, in good standing.
    To the author, as well as to all who wear and wear birds in their buttonholes, a huge respect !!!!
  31. PION1192
    PION1192 17 February 2014 20: 19
    There were specialists both in joining ball joints and in painting radiolucent surfaces, and there was one who, in the air intake channel on Mig-21, riveted the holes of the -2M air-traffic control system (supposedly the rivets fell out). A week later, he broke his nose stand when rolling the 21st to the parking lot. The plane called 1 landing after a flight from the manufacturer. And how much more can you recall .....
  32. Duke
    Duke 17 February 2014 20: 44
    Great! Thank you.
  33. RoTTor
    RoTTor 18 February 2014 03: 31
    Bullshit. Crap is complete!
    The author probably studied in the ill-fated Lviv politukha, where they planted a useless lime tree from ideologically reliable oaks _ "military" "zhurnalizdov" - in every cadre division there was - in case of war, a major editorial position. The political dealers used these mediocrities as lackeys for errand boys - to drive for vodka, to heat a bathhouse ...
    Having gone to the reserve, these scum of the XXX professions dream of the same stupid positions in the mediocre newspaper rails, which, as before, are forcibly subscribed.
    1. mimicrodon
      18 February 2014 10: 35
      Quote: RoTTor
      Bullshit. Crap is complete!
      The author probably studied in the unfortunate Lviv politukh, where from ideologically reliable oaks planed useless linden

      Oh, and you are angry today, Okaky Onisimovich. Does Gastritis Swell? Ali insect gnaws his head? Ali croissant in the morning turned out to be stale? Refrain from dumping undigested emotions on public display. There are specially designated places for this. The author of 20 years technicalized in six garrisons on seven types of aircraft and helicopters. Do not flood and will not flood.
    2. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 18 February 2014 11: 05
      Quote: RoTTor
      Bullshit. Crap is complete!

      But then, from nowhere, appeared ... Dartanyan.

      A bucket of cold water on his head - may feel better.
    3. mimicrodon
      18 February 2014 11: 23
      Quote: RoTTor
      Bullshit. Crap is complete!
      The author probably studied in the unfortunate Lviv politukh, where from ideologically reliable oaks planed useless linden

      Oh, and you are angry Okaki Onisimovich. Perhaps gastritis swells? Ali insect gnaws his head? Maybe the croissant in the morning turned out to be stale? Well, you, sickly, dump all your undigested emotions with everyone? And as for the author, for 20 years he had technically taken part in six garrisons on seven types of aircraft. Do not flood and flood flood.
    4. inkass_98
      inkass_98 19 February 2014 15: 34
      I don’t know how you do, but I had a fellow classmate, and I graduated from the Lviv Political School, went to the citizen after the collapse of the Union and became a completely normal and adequate person.
    5. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank 20 February 2014 18: 55
      The comrade is very wrong about the Lviv system.
  34. RoTTor
    RoTTor 18 February 2014 18: 59
    I just don’t know aviation by 3.14disky loser scribbles.
    Aircraft technicians are more unfortunate than slaves in galleys.
    The smart ones aspired to enter the Higher Educational Institutions and become engineers, the cunning - by any means to escape from the materiel - to the warehouses, to the security company, the cunning ... they fled to the regular Komsomol members, the sexot snitches to the special department, the scribes to the newspapers, writing such nonsense like " joyfully bouncing on the concrete and grunting with mighty turbines, the mighty missile carrier hurried into the arms of its owner - the aircraft technique. "
    Less proactive and less fortunate until retirement went the glorious, but joyless battle path from lieutenant t.s. to senior lieutenant t.s. and went to the civilian captains in reserve.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 18 February 2014 20: 53
      Quote: RoTTor
      Clever sought to enter the Higher School of Higher Education and become engineers

      And they started as IAS technicians, then a senior technician, NTZ or the head of a service group (RR), etc.
    2. iva12936
      iva12936 19 February 2014 13: 07
      Well, you don’t like the Specialists so much, or ... in the cannon. The profession is no worse and no better than others, and maybe it brings more problems.
  35. RoTTor
    RoTTor 18 February 2014 19: 19
    It is necessary to lie believable.
    And for this - flipping through at least the governing documents, such as NIAS and NPP.
    Or ask how and who should prepare an airplane for flights of a senior chief, who should be controlled, etc.
    Well, at worst, read, humorous stories of professionals, not ...............
  36. anton5051
    anton5051 18 February 2014 20: 33
    Quote: RoTTor
    It is necessary to lie believable.
    And for this - flipping through at least the governing documents, such as NIAS and NPP.
    Or ask how and who should prepare an airplane for flights of a senior chief, who should be controlled, etc.
    Well, at worst, read, humorous stories of professionals, not ...............

    Tell me where he served, by whom and why ... wise guy ... and then high no how much. Your humor is like a charter, right - wrong.
    1. anton5051
      anton5051 18 February 2014 20: 44
      I'm a newbie, I looked at your profile. This is you FLUDER !!!!
  37. iva12936
    iva12936 19 February 2014 13: 02
    Yes, I had to meet such people, but I could not talk about them !!!!!!!! +1000
  38. inkass_98
    inkass_98 19 February 2014 16: 11
    It is ridiculous to read, but actually one grief from such people has been repeatedly convinced. And if in his youth it was funny (he studied with such a comrade OTSH DOSAAF as an electrician after graduation), then in the future it was no laughing matter. Somehow I flew out on a business trip and at the gangway I saw one of my colleagues from my previous job. And he was retrained and again became a technician. So I specifically asked if he had prepared the board for departure. Thank God, he only stepped in for a shift, went on take-off for a walk. So I flew a calm soul.
  39. mimicrodon
    19 February 2014 21: 37
    Quote: RoTTor
    It is necessary to lie believable.
    And for this - flipping through at least the governing documents, such as NIAS and NPP.

    Friend, if you have completely freaked out without humor, then read NIAS and be happy. Just do not teach others how to live, otherwise your statements will contain only pessimism and dissatisfaction with life. And it’s contagious.
  40. tundra
    tundra 21 February 2014 15: 01
    And we had one, removed the factory grease with white alcohol, they tell him only their eyes look do not rub ...., they sent the remaining concrete from the builders to be beaten up, they just say do not pierce your foot with a crowbar ..... WHEN AFTER PRACTICE IT WAS DISTRIBUTED TO US Did not hang
  41. Zhenya 29
    Zhenya 29 31 March 2014 18: 14
    something looks like mccain when he was in vietnam
  42. Votyak
    Votyak 26 October 2015 16: 22
    There was a fighter from Moldova in part, at every firing from AK, the first bullet interrupted the stick to which the target was attached. IS ALWAYS.