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West has prepared another draft resolution on Syria

West has prepared another draft resolution on Syria

For a long time the United States did not threaten Syria with a military strike. Many even thought that the West had abandoned the idea of ​​unleashing a new war in the Middle East, but no: the other day, Barack Obama, after a long break, spoke again about the benefits of democratic bombardment. This led to the beginning of a new crisis in the UN Security Council. The West wants to push the resolution-ultimatum in order to once again accuse Bashar al-Assad of “disrupting” the peace talks, introduce new sanctions against him, and in the future even start open aggression against Syria. Fortunately, Russia has prepared its own draft resolution, which takes into account the interests of not the militants, but the Syrians.

Humanitarian crisis as a reason for war

In accordance with the resolution prepared in the West, Syrian troops must cease hostilities within 15 days and allow international humanitarian aid workers to go to Homs and other cities. Damascus would be glad to help the UN to ease the Syrians, but the trouble is: the blockade of cities is the work of jihadists.

If the army retreats, the situation with the provision of civilians with food and medicine will only worsen. Extremists do not recognize either the UN or its resolutions, and there is no way to influence them - except to cut off the funding channels. But the West will not do this: the attack of militants with the support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is quite satisfied with it.

The resolution is also false because a temporary truce regime is already in effect in the area of ​​Homs. The Syrian authorities and the opposition agreed on a cease-fire, but the militants still attack civilians and bombard the positions of the military. Because of this, it is difficult to evacuate the inhabitants of Homs, and there are also problems with sending food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies to the city. This is reported by the UN staff in Syria, but it seems they are not heard by any of the higher-ranking officials.

Interestingly, this time the desire of the West was voiced by Luxembourg, Australia and Jordan - the closest US ally in the Middle East. It is these countries that brought to the Security Council's consideration a scandalous anti-Syrian resolution. Obviously, its authors are not Australian diplomats: the big players just do not want to be substituted, so they asked their friends to become whipping boys for a while. After all, even in the West, they understand that this resolution is false, and a squall of fair criticism will fall in its address.

Russian representatives at the UN have already made the first statement: the West is cunning when it says that cities are blocked by Syrian troops. Based on this, it can be concluded that the resolution prepared by the United States and its allies is aimed at helping Islamic militants, and if adopted, the humanitarian disaster will only worsen.

According to the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the West is now promoting the topic of a humanitarian catastrophe as a reason to intervene in the Syrian war. Chemical situation weapons failed to use to attack Syria, and now NATO is looking for other plausible excuses.

Grigory Kosach, a professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the Russian State Humanitarian University, believes that the “humanitarian bombardment” scenario can be implemented in Syria. Almost all military interventions in the nineties and zero years were carried out under the slogan “We will defend our fellow believers!”, “Support the oppressed!”, “Stop the genocide!” And so on. Bombing was presented as a boon to the peoples who suffer from them.

Now the West is trying to use the same rhetoric, insisting that Bashar Assad cannot ensure the safety of his own compatriots. It is said that not all people to be evacuated were taken out of Homs, and those who were able to leave the city did not find themselves in places where they should be.

Russia will protect Syria. So far by diplomatic methods

Against the background of a worsening humanitarian crisis, Barack Obama said that the “sufferings of the Syrian people” must end. Of course, the politician has in mind those Syrians who live in the territories controlled by the legitimate leadership of the country. The president added that Syria’s neighbors, namely Lebanon and Jordan, are suffering because of the war. In order to stop the fire of war, Obama proposes a military strike on Syria. Such statements are more than proof that the United States initially counted on the implementation of the military scenario, and a peaceful settlement is just a cover behind which the true intentions of Washington are hidden.

The West and the jihadists use negotiations exclusively to build up their military power. Despite the fact that the dialogue in Geneva lasts for years, it did not have any positive effects. Bashar Asad understands that negotiations are meaningless, and he is also preparing for a fight with the enemy - no longer with the militants, but with their sponsors.

Interestingly, Obama promised to protect Jordan and Lebanon, and even wrote them down as an ally of the United States, but he did not say a word about Israel. This is due to the cooling of relations between the States and Israel: the United States in recent years has taken steps towards the Palestinian Authority, and Tel Aviv is unhappy about this. However, Israel doesn’t need the help of the USA - in Washington they think that it can stand up for itself. Temporary differences do not matter.

In response to the provocative draft resolution prepared by the West, Russia plans to turn to the UN Security Council with an alternative proposal that takes into account the interests of the people of Syria. This was announced by Alexei Zaitsev, head of the press service of the Russian office at the UN.

According to Gennady Gatilov, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Russian draft resolution contains a call to unite the efforts of the international community in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism. The cornerstone of the resolution is the threat of terror from the jihadists who flooded Syria. After all, the militants, so adored by the West, represent a real threat to the security of peaceful Syrians, and impede the work of international humanitarian organizations.

On the sidelines of the UN, both Russian and Western projects are now being discussed. Most likely, voting on both resolutions will be postponed until next week: it will take a long time to arrive at an agreed decision.

For now opposition under Homs proceeds. Due to the fault of Western sponsors and monarchies of the Persian Gulf, peaceful Syrians are dying. The UN ignores this fact: according to the organization, Bashar Asad is to blame for everything. And although the absurdity of this statement is obvious, it is impossible to convey it to foreign diplomats: they categorically refuse to consider alternative points of view. Most likely, because of this, the Russian resolution will be vetoed. The same Russian representation at the UN will respond to the West, depriving it of a pretext for a military invasion of Syria.

However, the current negotiations in the Security Council are just a small diplomatic battle. In the future, the West will find a thousand other reasons for organizing the next “humanitarian” bombardment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop every provocation in the bud, and, sooner or later, the question of intervention will openly become the order of the day. Then Russia will have to say the final word: it’s necessary to stop the aggressors at any cost.
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 14 February 2014 07: 23
    The fetid western swamp stirred up. Impudent Saxons once again want to unleash a massacre. One pleases while our fleet is standing near Syria, the western jackal will only miasma through the shitty and genuinely homosexual mouthpieces pouring out.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. invisibility
      invisibility 14 February 2014 07: 43
      You can talk about the diplomatic victory of Russia for as long as you want, but the war will break out.
      This lousy flock will not back down from Syria. I hope that during this time ours have found the opportunity to help not only ordinary citizens of Syria, but also, in truth, a heroic army.
      1. Sakhalininsk
        Sakhalininsk 14 February 2014 10: 00
        Not a fact. If the support from Russia and China does not stop, as well as the joint finding of naval formations in the Syrian region, then brazenly Saxons, cockerel and their faithful Er-Riyadh monkeys, in addition to emitting stench and supporting unshaven banderlogs reaching the cracks, will not go further. They are pretentious at getting lyuli, and yet getting into a fight with Russia and China is not at all a risk for them to get the said lyuli.
        1. 31231
          31231 14 February 2014 14: 07
          And the spread of radicals in Iraq can strain them. Complete chaos in Iraq will please only the monarchy of the Gulf, but not the Europeans, who will have to buy oil even more expensive.
      2. Sirocco
        Sirocco 14 February 2014 14: 59
        Quote: invisible
        This lousy flock will not back down from Syria.

        I wouldn’t be worried about Syria now, but for Ukraine and Russia, and I didn’t take these verbal diarrhea marches from Obama from Barak seriously, they are trying to distract from what the United States is doing under our nose. So if the war is coming, then it will be with us, by the side and not only, and this is just a matter of time. Mark my words.
      3. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 14 February 2014 17: 12
        Quote: invisible
        You can talk about the diplomatic victory of Russia for as long as you want, but the war will break out.

        At one time, some said that the Chechens will win the war against the Russian Federation. There were even ideas for a UN contingent in the network in Chechnya. And where is all this now ??? The same thing is with the war, which will break out in the future, there is no doubt about it. It remains to guess who will first clash with whom, but the fact that the next war will be with stones and sticks is unconditional.
    3. Sirocco
      Sirocco 14 February 2014 14: 51
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      pour out through shitty and genuinely homosexual horns.

      According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the West is now promoting the humanitarian catastrophe as an excuse for interfering in the Syrian war.
      In Syria, a humanitarian catastrophe, and EU end partners are going to help, by introducing armed forces, and bombing, and if so, I believe that in the EU there is not only a humanitarian catastrophe, but also morally ethical, transmission, homosexuality, problems with religion, in US bestiality, (a law was passed in the US Army that allows bestiality). It follows that we Russia and the BRICS countries can apply the same measures with respect to the EU that they apply against Syria. Otherwise kerdyk to all mankind. So what will we do in relation to this rotting swamp in the form of the EU-USA ????
    4. AVV
      AVV 14 February 2014 20: 11
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      The fetid western swamp stirred up. Impudent Saxons once again want to unleash a massacre. One pleases while our fleet is standing near Syria, the western jackal will only miasma through the shitty and genuinely homosexual mouthpieces pouring out.

      We need to supply more weapons to Syria, so that there would be nothing to bring down the Anglo-Saxons !!! And mercenaries than to crush !!! And Iran still ship air defense systems !!!
  2. bear
    bear 14 February 2014 07: 38
    In accordance with a resolution prepared in the West, Syrian troops must cease hostilities within 15 days and allow international humanitarian organizations to enter Homs and other cities.

    Yeah, so that the bearded have time to heal the wounds, regroup. And the staff of international humanitarian organizations will give the hotel guests asshole
  3. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 14 February 2014 07: 53
    After all, even a fool understands that the West will not give up Syria. P ... am Russia has inserted such a stake in the ass that now it is a matter of principle to bring its advancement of "democracy" to the end. And people laugh.
    And a lie is the most important quality of the Anglo-Saxons and others like them.
    My opinion. If Russia gives in, then everyone will see that it is really weak and all the successes were temporary. Therefore, the planetary terror will spread far without any cover. Rubicon of the XXI century. If you have already said "a", you must say "b", even if you need military assistance, despite all sorts of international laws. P ... ry they have not been observed for a long time. They recognize only the right to force. soldier
  4. Luga
    Luga 14 February 2014 07: 59
    Still, the industry-financial lobby is strong in mattresses. These will not calm down until they achieve their goal. I’m sure that drums simply don’t have a choice - no one has asked him for a long time on this issue, it’s necessary to bomb, then it is necessary, and your business, Mr. President, is to ensure this process. They will not calm down until they dig a certain number of gigabytes in Syria, in order to later return them from the budget. Only now it turned out to be troublesome in fact - the process is ensured. Mr. Prechident is not coping (typo according to Freud wink).
  5. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 14 February 2014 08: 05
    The West, as always, does not propose a resolution to solve the problem, but an ultimatum to solve its ambitious tasks.
  6. demon184
    demon184 14 February 2014 08: 07
    America lives too quietly on its mainland, it is necessary for them to organize the uprising of the oppressed indigenous population and Hispanic minority, which would be something to do at home and not poke their nose on other continents.
  7. La-5
    La-5 14 February 2014 08: 26
    The US economy rests on the military-industrial complex and all sorts of wars are vital for it.
    1. lukke
      lukke 14 February 2014 09: 47
      and the beginning of the slightest internal crisis will serve as the beginning of the operation to "democratize" Syria. If we strengthen the Syrian army as soon as possible (which I deeply doubt - it is now very exhausted), then the United States will choose another "beloved wife." Iran is too tough, it was not possible to shake Ukraine - who is next?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. VadimSt
    VadimSt 14 February 2014 08: 34
    West has prepared another draft resolution on Syria

    You, that bastard at the door, she’s at the window ... and most importantly, you don’t look back.
    It would seem that after the "destruction" of Ben Laden, sooner or later, the Pendos should have problems, given their "devastating action" on 11.09.01/XNUMX/XNUMX. But, no threats, let alone revenge, came from the ramified terrorist organization! And today, the Americans are taking all measures to ensure that the terrorists are not only defeated, but also provided. It seems that the world, at the very beginning of the XXI century, is a spectator of a theatrical performance performed by the State Department and the CIA! And it doesn't matter if there is no Syria, there will be someone else!
  9. samoletil18
    samoletil18 14 February 2014 08: 48

    In accordance with a resolution prepared in the West, Syrian forces must cease hostilities within 15 days and allow international humanitarian workers
    Yeah, we already went to the first Chechen
  10. ZU-23
    ZU-23 14 February 2014 08: 51
    Sodomites do not calm down, each time more and more perverse resolutions are invented, cannibals sleep and dream of how they bomb small children and women.
  11. kind
    kind 14 February 2014 09: 56
    Jackals from the states cannot be persuaded, they do not understand the words - they need to be destroyed. am
  12. Berimor 2
    Berimor 2 14 February 2014 10: 03
    Every time the so-called. The "Syrian opposition" is beginning to take shape unsuccessfully, their patrons from the cordon rush to their aid ("cover-makers" - "cover-makers"). The best thing in this situation will be to continue the work of finishing off the militants in Syria and blocking all such initiatives in the UN. Joint military and diplomatic efforts can significantly reduce the degree of tension in Syria.
  13. Duke
    Duke 14 February 2014 10: 32
    Again, double standards, and interestingly, it is worth the United States to finance the opposition as it later
    becomes a terrorist group.
  14. 222222
    222222 14 February 2014 10: 43
    Quote: invisible
    Invisible SU Today, 07:43 ↑ New
    You can talk about the diplomatic victory of Russia for as long as you want, but the war will break out.
    This lousy flock will not back down from Syria.

    Scheduled February 13 Hearings in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress on the topic: "Syria Spillover: The Growing Threat of Terrorism and Sectarianism in the Middle East"
    planned to muffle:
    1. Assistant Secretary of State US Department of State William J. Burns
    2 Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security
    US Department of Defense. Derek Scholl
    3. Deputy Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center Nicholas Rasmussen
    4. Senior Fellow at the Daveed Gartenstein-Ross Democracy Fund
    5. Stein counterterrorism and intelligence directors
    Washington Institute for Middle Eastern Policy Matthew Levitt
    It should be noted that on February 11, the US Congress Armed Forces Committee held a hearing on the topic: "
    United States Security Policy and Military Structure in the Middle East "
    made by:
    1. Director for Strategic Planning and Policy (J-5), KNS Vice Admiral Frank Pandolfe
    2. Ambassador Anne Patterson
    Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, Department of State
    3.Ms. Elissa Slotkin
    US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security, Department of Defense
    The admiral ended his speech with the words: "Ladies and gentlemen, our military men and women are deployed daily on the front lines in the Middle East in support of our national defense. We are proud of their efforts and their sacrifices."
    1. 222222
      222222 14 February 2014 11: 17
      Ambassador Patterson 11 02 2014 An assessment of the situation in the BV countries is given in the following sequence: 1. IRAN
      2 IRAQ 3 SYRIA ... and the rest ..
      In Iran:
      1. Iran’s nuclear program
      "I want to assure you that the United States Government is firmly committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons." .. "We are currently focused on implementing a comprehensive solution - discussions will begin in Vienna on February 18. We plan to build our initial steps to obtain
      verifiable guarantees that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and that Iran will not receive nuclear weapons. During this period, we will continue to enforce vigorously existing sanctions imposed by the United States and many of our partners in the international community. ”
      2 ... ..creation of instability in the region by Iran
      “We well know that Iran continues to promote regional instability and uses both Iranian and proxy (?) Fighters ... Iranian money, training and equipment play an important role in maintaining Assad’s regime in power, exacerbating the conflict, which has widespread regional security implications . And, of course, Iran’s support for Hezbollah in Lebanon did a lot to destabilize the country and continued to provide tension along its UN-recognized border with Israel. Iran’s efforts to undermine Yemen’s stability and peaceful political transition were revealed when Yemeni forces seized a contraband batch of Iranian weapons in Yemen last year. Iran has provided assistance to extremist elements seeking to undermine the stability and security of Bahrain. "Our efforts to achieve a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue will not stop us from taking decisive steps with our partners to prevent this interference."
      3. And the hobby of American diplomacy is the RIGHTS of a person in Iran.
      “The US government continues to be concerned about violations of the Iranian government in the area of ​​human rights of its citizens. “We will continue to advocate for more Iranian government accountability in international forums and the imposition of sanctions on Iranian officials and institutions that violate Iranian human rights.”
      1. 222222
        222222 14 February 2014 11: 40
        Ambassador Patterson 11 02 2014 An assessment of the situation in the BV countries is given in the following sequence: 1. IRAN
        2 IRAQ 3 SYRIA ... and the rest ..
        In Syria
        1. Negotiations in Geneva ..
        "The main focus in the US during this round will be to provide humanitarian access to the civilian population in Syria in the middle of the conflict."
        2. Assessment of a humanitarian catastrophe ..
        “The volume of the disaster in Syria is huge - it is estimated that more than 136 people were killed, more than 000 million people affected by the conflict fled to neighboring countries at that time, inside Syria, an additional 2,4 million people displaced inside and 6,5 people desperately need humanitarian assistance. The United States responded to this crisis by providing over $ 9300000 billion in humanitarian assistance, the largest of any nation ....
        ...., The Syrian regime has responded to international humanitarian efforts with an apparent policy of obstructing or delaying access at every point, without giving
        . assist over 250 civilians in the besieged areas, including the cities of East Ghouta and the cities of Mouadhamiyah and Homs
        3. Accusation of the Syrian authorities in inciting a civil war ..
        “For almost three years, the Syrian regime has decided to tighten its leverage, equating all opposition as“ terrorists ”and dipping Syria into a civil war, rather than join the will and aspirations of its people.”
        4. not like the Yankees, but about the terrorists in Syria ..
        “The fighting dragged on, the conflict attracted extremists seeking to take advantage of the loss of state power. This includes terrorist groups such as the Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which do not openly compete for territory with moderate Syrian opposition, with the regime and, until recently, with each other. ISIL used its position in Syria as a base for extended attacks in Iraq. Extremists have played into the hands of the Assad regime, trying to force the Syrian people and the world into a false choice between continuing Assad’s oppression or a new form of oppression under extremists.
        The expanded presence of these extremist elements in Syria has weakened the ability of moderate Syrian opposition to unite the Syrians for its leadership role in the civil war .. "
        1. 222222
          222222 14 February 2014 11: 51
          Ambassador Patterson 11 02 2014 An assessment of the situation in the BV countries is given in the following sequence: 1. IRAN
          2 IRAQ 3 SYRIA ... and the rest ..
          In Syria, the continuation ..
          5. SSHA recognize the impossibility of solving the Syrian problem by military means ..
          “We do not see a military solution for this terrible conflict -“ .. only a more humanitarian catastrophe and an increase in the number of extremists ..
          6. On the chemical disarmament of Syria .. Approved .. but .. ”delivery of these materials to the port of Latakia for disposal and destruction slowed down, with reference to the reasons for the safety of citizens., Logistical and security problems. We are concerned about the slow pace ......., and is very closely monitoring the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2118 ... "
          1. 222222
            222222 14 February 2014 12: 31
            .Ms. Elissa Slotkin 11 02 14
            1. On the grouping of the US Armed Forces in BV ...
            The objectives of her presence in the area:
            “First, grouping., The most tangible evidence of what we can do for the security of the region is the presence in it of our men and women in military uniforms, as well as advanced military equipment. The second is our own or someone else's. Who looks at our presence on the BV does one conclusion — our commitment to the BV does not weaken "
            To the composition of the group:
            = in the bay or in the immediate vicinity of 35 group of air forces, air force, navy
            = "We deployed our most advanced fighters in the entire region,
            including the F-22, to ensure that we can respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances ”
            = “We have deployed our most advanced intelligence, surveillance and
            (ISR), which provide a continuous picture of activities in and
            around the bay. ”
            = "We have deployed anti-ballistic missile defense systems, including missile defense ships, Patriot batteries, and radars throughout the region."
            = "We regularly maintain the naval presence of more than 40 ships in the region
            including aircraft carrier strike groups "...
            2. On bilateral relations with the countries of the region ..
            “These bilateral partnerships are a critical link in the system to ensure the advancement of our interests under US leadership ..”
            = US-Israel bilateral military relations remain stronger than ever "(the delivery of advanced technologies to Israel, joint exercises and exercises, joint missile defense work and funding of the Iron Dome missile defense program. Planned delivery of F-35 and Osprey aircraft)
            1. 222222
              222222 14 February 2014 12: 43
              .Ms. Elissa Slotkin 11 02 14

              2 On bilateral relations with the countries of the region ..
              E G I P E T
              = “US-Egypt relations are one of the most significant and sustainable strategic defense relations in the Middle East. For over thirty years he has served in the further joint security interests of our countries. ”
              ... !!! You can’t remember yesterday’s visit of the main military Egypt to Moscow and a conversation with VV Putin ....
              = Egypt is an important regional actor and our security partner with the Egyptians facilitates cooperation on counter-terrorism efforts, facilitates US military access ..., helps improve Israeli security, and contributes to the security of our embassy and consulate. ”
              I R A K
              “Another important bilateral relationship is that we continue to work with the Iraqi government ....”
              3. Multilateral relations
              “As important as our bilateral relations may be, our Middle East policy also depends on multilateral ties.”
              1. 222222
                222222 14 February 2014 12: 57
                I’ve gotten into something today .. but okay
                On February 13, 02, a hearing of candidates (nominees) for the post of US Ambassadors to the countries took place in the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee:
                1.Mr. Joseph William Westphal
                Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
                2.Mr. Douglas Alan Silliman
                Ambassador to the State of Kuwait
                3. Matthew Tueller
                Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen

                USS George HW Bush (CVN 77),
                USS GEORGE HW BUSH STRIKE GROUP and USS ARLEIGH BURKE deployments on Saturday, February 15,
  15. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 14 February 2014 10: 53
    What however Barak Huseynovich restless kid. And itches it with his fists to wave.
  16. Hs487
    Hs487 14 February 2014 11: 56
    Quote: Galich Kos
    What however Barak Huseynovich restless kid. And itches it with his fists to wave.

    As our "Cicero" said - V.S. Chernomyrdin: "If your hands itch, scratch it elsewhere." Away from Syria.
  17. oscar
    oscar 14 February 2014 12: 54
    In order to stop the fire of war, Obama proposes a military strike against Syria.

    Crazy... wassat
  18. oscar
    oscar 14 February 2014 13: 01
    By the way, this is what the Western media write about it
    The foreign policy of President Putin in Syria is not in line with the Olympic ideals, says Mark Malloch-Brown, ex-deputy UN secretary general and former British government minister in his Foreign Policy article. A week ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry proposed to introduce a truce in Sochi during the Olympics. "But now the Putin government is the main obstacle in the UN Security Council - it is blocking a resolution that would translate these lofty ideals into reality," the author believes.
  19. scientist
    scientist 14 February 2014 13: 46
    In fact, to end the war we need innovative solutions. The United States has long been operating on proven technology and it is worth taking advantage of. Use exactly as West Churchill warned when he bequeathed to the World not to fight the Russians.
    One of such non-standard solutions can be a joint Russian-Chinese project for the construction, restoration, in principle, any project that requires significant areas for its implementation. To make peaceful investments in a belligerent country and unite with those who are used to scaring, in my opinion, a rather non-standard solution, i.e. precisely that "stupidity" according to Cherchel, which is capable of ruining the most cunning plans. It is obvious that within the framework of a joint economic project, an extensive security zone can be created, peacekeepers introduced, humanitarian corridors and refugee camps created. Further, the security zone can be gradually expanded to the possibility of holding normal elections for Assad's successor, which would finally knock out from the United States and the West the basis for military operations and anti-Syrian propaganda.
  20. Dreamer
    Dreamer 14 February 2014 14: 11
    How did these nonhumans get it, I don’t understand how their own people endure or did the TV finally debilitate them and do they really not know how it can all end !?
  21. kostya-petrov
    kostya-petrov 14 February 2014 21: 02
    From Russia it is necessary to send the guards cruiser Moskva with a full ammunition load of the Basalt missile system to the shores of Syria on a friendly visit, as well as send a couple of multipurpose nuclear submarines with Granit missiles !!! Let's see how the "Western democrats" will go to his trouble !!!
    1. alone
      alone 15 February 2014 00: 25
      what Do you think the Americans will go there themselves? Why climb there if you can arm the militants and send them to Syria in thousands of batches. (By the way, now this is being done very effectively, the borders are not guarded). Everything is on the drum. The longer the war lasts, the better for the USA.

      If they themselves strike, they will do it when there is a 100% guarantee of military and, most importantly, political success.

      Syria is not worth it to make kirdyk all over the world because of it.
  22. siberalt
    siberalt 15 February 2014 03: 21
    Syria needs more than the Saudis and France, the United States - Iran. Everyone knows that Iran will not leave Syria in case of an invasion attempt. The conflict will be very large-scale. China will harness for Iran. He has a big investment there. And here Ukraine jumped ahead of time. Contrary to the calculations, the EU did not fit. It stirs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EU decides to send troops there. And here in Romania, as luck would have it, the workers climbed out on the square, burn administrative buildings, require work and exit from the EU. The Gagauz people demand their autonomy and desire in the customs union. Here deal with Syria. And these are just flowers.
  23. Scherbakov Ilya
    Scherbakov Ilya 15 February 2014 11: 53
    when will Syria join the CSTO TS, or can this scenario not be realized? Or maybe it will enter Russia as a whole, then the strength is in unity.