MBT "Altai" - the hope of Turkish tank building


Tank Turkish troops have a very remarkable history. For the time of their existence, French, German, British, and, of course, Soviet and US tanks managed to visit the ranks of the tank forces of this country.

The first Turkish tanks were the French Renault FT light tanks, and Turkey acquired several such tanks for the Istanbul Infantry School in 1928. Once again, this country bought French tanks in the 1940 year, they also became the Renault light tanks of the R-35 series.

Later, starting with 1930, the Turks began to buy combat vehicles in the UK, according to reports from the 1930 to 1934 years, the country received: British Vickers Carden Loyd tankettes (at least 30), amphibious Vickers Carden Loyd M1931 tanks, light tanks Vickers 6ton Mk E (at least 10), Vickers Mk VI b (13 pieces).

In 1935, Turkey purchased from the USSR 67 light tanks T-26 and 60 of medium-sized armored vehicles of the BA series, and it was then that the first combat-ready armored formation of the Turkish army was formed. The tanks purchased from the Soviet Union went to form the 1 tank battalion in Lüleburgaz. These combat vehicles made in the USSR remained in service with the Turkish army until 1942.

At the beginning of the 40's XX century, the main Turkish procurement of weapons, including tanks, were focused on the Third Reich. For example, in 1943, the Turkish army received the German combat vehicles Pz. III (53 units) and Pz. IV G (15 units).

In the future, up to the present day, the Turks preferred to buy German tanks, a little later American ones were added to them. Leopards were bought from the Germans mainly, from the USA, first the medium tank М48, then М60 in various versions of modifications and upgrades.

MBT "Altai" - the hope of Turkish tank building

М60-Т Sabra Turkish army at the parade in Ankara

М60А3 TTS Turkish army on exercises

Turkish army 1 leopard on exercises

As it is easy to see, the main part of the tank forces of Turkey is represented mainly by foreign combat vehicles. All of these vehicles are modernized versions of fairly old models of tanks, and the M48 is currently derived from linear connections (with the exception of the 287 units of the M48 and X5Т1 / Т2 in Cyprus).

Recently, Turkey has been taking quite practical measures: it is actively pursuing the modernization of existing tanks Leopard 1 and М60 and the disposal of outdated models of tanks. On their territory, the Turks tested several models of tanks, among which was the Ukrainian tank "Yatagan", created on the basis of the diesel version of the T-80 (the main difference is the gun of NATO caliber and zabarenny automatic loader guns.). In general, the "Yatagan" showed itself well, but the Turks preferred the German "Leopard-2", which they later bought. In addition, the Turks are developing a widely publicized, ambitious project to create their own MBT of a new generation - the Altay tank.

Leopard 2А4 Turkish army on the street in Ankara

"Yatagan" on trial in Turkey

Back in 1996, the Turkish leadership decided to adopt a new generation of tanks. The initial plans included the purchase of a license to manufacture one of the foreign tanks, but a little later, in 2004, the Turkish military concluded that developing their own tank would cost the country much cheaper. In 2005, a tender was announced for the creation of a new, Turkish tank. In 2007, the winner was determined, the company became Otokar.

And at the end of July 2008, the Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat signed a contract with Otokar worth 400 million dollars. The contract signing ceremony was held in the presence of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Kudrete Onen, President of Koc Holding Defense Industry and Other Automotive Group, as well as the management of Otokar and Sangha Lee, Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Korea - the country that will provide technical support for the project. In addition, the signatories were attended by representatives of subcontracting companies in the main areas: Turkish Aselsan, MKEK, Roketsan and Korean main contractor Hyundai-Rotem.

Otokar company will conduct all research and development work, as well as be responsible for the manufacture and testing of the prototype and further serial production and maintenance of the Turkish Altay MBT. The presence of Koreans is explained by the fact that the South Korean tank of the new generation XK-2 Black Panther, which in turn was created on the basis of another Korean tank K-1 (Type 88 ROKIT), became the basic basis for the creation of the Altay tank, which, in turn, was the prototype for served as American M1 Abrams.

XK-2 Black Panther

K-1 (Type 88 ROKIT)

The company Otokar 45 years engaged in the production of automotive products. Over the past 25, the company has also been fairly successful in the field of light armored vehicles.

The management of Otokar emphasizes that the Altay MBT is an exclusively Turkish project. A fairly large number of new systems and components will be developed for it, as well as a new design of the third generation tank. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey declare the same, adding also that all rights to the new tank will belong to Turkey.

The name “Altay” (“Altai”) of a new Turkish tank was by no means received as a sign of cooperation between Russia and NATO, and not because Altai is considered to be the ancestral home of the Turks, as some Internet publications say. The name of the Turkish MBT on behalf of General Fakhrettin Altai, parts of which liberated the city of Izmir (the third largest city in Turkey and the country's second largest port after Istanbul) during the war of independence from the Greek aggressors.

In the first phase of the project, it is planned to build and test four prototypes over seven years, the first of which is supposed to begin testing in the 2015 year. After testing, it is expected to receive an order for serial production of the first batch in the number of 250 units, in the future their number will be increased to a thousand, replacing the outdated American and German cars.

Since the tank "Altay" will be created on the basis of the Korean XK-2 Black Panther, it will, accordingly, inherit all the technical innovations and "bells and whistles" of its Korean "parent".

XK-2 Black Panther is equipped with 120-mm smooth-bore gun with automatic loader. The main feature of this gun is its high rate of fire -15 rounds per minute, which is an absolute record for tank guns. XK-2 Black Panther can fire on the move, including guided projectiles. The tank is equipped with an active protection complex, the basis of which was the Russian Arena complex. This complex allows you to hit anti-tank missiles, shells, shots from grenade launchers even on approach.

All this, with the exception of the automatic loader, will be present on the Turkish car. Also, apparently, the Turkish MBT will inherit one more feature of the XK-2 - an exceptional high cost: one copy of the XK-2 Black Panther costs 8 500 000 dollars and is the most expensive tank in the world.

Preliminary performance characteristics of the Turkish Altay MBT:

Diesel engine - 1 500 hp
Weight 55 - 65 tons
Length - 7735 mm
Width - 3972 mm
Height - 2640 mm
Smoothbore Gun - 120-mm
Paired 12,7-mm machine gun
Ammunition - 57 + 10 units
Speed ​​- 70 km / h road
Reserve walking - 500 km

However, it is worth noting that Turkish tank builders, working on the creation of the Altay MBT, may face quite difficult problems. Not so long ago, in some foreign media there were reports that South Korean designers during the tests of XK-2 faced serious structural defects. The details are unknown, it was only reported that, if these problems were not resolved, next year the funding for this program may stop altogether. That, accordingly, can most negatively affect the Turkish plans. Turkey's dream of a national MBT may be a fiasco.

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  1. turnip
    31 March 2011 16: 12
    The Turks decided to seriously fight with someone. By the way, this "hero" General Altai during the "liberation" of Izmir staged a massacre to all Christians so that no one was left.
  2. Enemigo
    31 March 2011 20: 43
    Otokar emphasizes that Altay MBT is an exclusively Turkish project.

    oga-oga. cannon "Reinmetall" (Germans), composite armor "Chobham" (British), automatic loader (it is not clear who - for the Americans, the task was not trivial), fire control system and thermal imagers (who are most likely French), diviglo (xs, whose, apparently, German), based on a crude Korean tank, the designers of which have already faced almost insurmountable difficulties associated with the lack of experience in tank building. and all this is called "an exclusively Turkish project".

    here's what is interesting: the leaders of tank building are engaged in deep modernization of their tanks. the information is such that for another 30 years they will modernize existing tanks and create new ones on their basis. modernize electronics, protection systems, shells, all sorts of tank survivability systems. and only some peripheral collective farmers, who saw tanks only in someone else's performance, and watched about tank battles on TV, mold their "unique" and "nobody has ever seen" combat vehicles. you always want to let the madman go ahead and see how he will writhe in convulsions. fpyred, dragons!
    1. 0
      April 6 2016 14: 12
      This is an old trough, there is no armor under the American name "stinger", in fact, LT, even if they collect it from the world on a string, a trough! Armata from a completely different category is not even worth comparing!
    2. 0
      23 May 2017 22: 28
      Ba alshoy respect! Koreans and Turks are leaders in tank building. (Japanese ischo). And only stupid Russians with stupid Germans cannot understand this, more than XNUMX years ago they build tanks. (Although there are exceptions - the British build tanks the longest, but still do not know how)
  3. 0
    31 March 2011 22: 37
    Well, let it be, maybe at least part of the money they spend on fomenting the Kvakaz conflicts will fly into the pipe =).
    But modernization, after all, all the leading construction companies did not start from a good life. It’s expensive to create a new one, but as with airplanes, put in new electronics and a couple of lotions and we will have the 3 ++ generation. Yes, and tanks are really slowly eliminating themselves, thanks to the appearance of good anti-tank weapons. Indeed, without sensible aviation, tanks are an easy target for the enemy air force.
    1. 0
      23 May 2017 22: 33
      Did not play civilization in childhood? "Air units can not capture the city" They do not get rid of anything - they are improved and modified. Armor on the battlefield has proven its worth since the invention of the shield
  4. Enemigo
    31 March 2011 23: 48
    But modernization, after all, all the leading construction companies did not start from a good life.

    yes the reason is simple. while the USSR was alive, the main theater of operations for the use of tanks was considered the European one. superpowers with powerful armies, modern technology and advanced staff thought were supposed to fight. Now the big war in Europe has sailed into oblivion and the acuteness in the development and production of new generations of MBT for EuroTVD has been removed from the agenda. and for local conflicts and the beating of the Papuans, it is necessary that the tanks of the white people surpass the tanks of the Papuans in early detection and defeat from a long range and the very first shot. tanks of at least 50 years ago, brought to mind, are suitable for this. in Ukraine, for example, Kharkiv residents make a very good candy from old T-54/55. the Americans are also taking up the upgrade of these tanks. it turns out to be practically a modern combat vehicle at a reasonable cost. in Peru, won, refused to buy their new tanks from China - they bought modernized Ukrainian tanks capable of withstanding the modernized "leopard-1" neighbors.

    Yes, and tanks are really slowly eliminating themselves, thanks to the appearance of good anti-tank weapons.

    wrong opinion. tanks were and remain the main striking force of the ground forces. and the competition between the tank and the anti-tank war is ongoing.
  5. +1
    April 1 2011 16: 19
    But I'm not saying that there is an alternative to tanks. The cost of one such machine is just too painfully high.
    And come up with something new? While cardinal ideas I have not met anywhere else.
    April 1 2011 22: 58
    I read an interesting article on how Turkish military engineers rearranged a turret from an infantry fighting vehicle on their own trough.
    The article is big, but the result - the tower died, an attempt to play a new brain on it, sentenced the tower!
  7. Altay
    April 2 2011 15: 59
    Why is it interesting that the Turks did not take Leopard, which became the progenitor of the same Abrams, as the basis? Or did the Germans turn down the price or are they, the Turks are not Russian.
  8. -5
    April 10 2011 19: 53
    need to buy urgently. Or Turkey is no longer interesting for our chiefs? For sure, they were there many times. Oh, no luck to the Turks.
  9. Sokol (Falcon)
    16 May 2012 14: 11
    normal tank to replace obsolete
  10. the gray wolf
    4 June 2012 21: 05
    In fact, the technology is Korean, which is bad.
  11. Kamilla
    16 June 2012 10: 31
    I like its name "Altai" ...!
  12. General
    23 November 2012 12: 55
    I did not understand the article is untrue, taken from Wikipedia 100%.
    I provide you with the correct data on the performance characteristics of the Turkish tank

    Diesel engine - 1 800 h.p. (1500 but upgraded to 1800
    Weight 61 - 65 tons
    Length - 7735 mm
    Width - 3972 mm
    Height - 2640 mm
    Smoothbore Gun - 120-mm
    Paired 12,7-mm machine gun
    Ammunition - 67 units
    Speed ​​- 90 km / h of road
    Stock walking - 450-480 km
  13. 0
    6 December 2015 23: 41
    It is a very decent tank of the European level, economy class.
  14. 0
    3 February 2016 14: 28
    It is a very decent tank of the European level, economy class.
    It is an economy class. Fighting the Kurds is enough. If our Kurds do not deliver the T-90 ...
  15. 0
    23 May 2017 22: 23
    I liked about the "Greek aggressors" We must come up with this. Bloodthirsty Greece encroached five hundred years on the territory where the Greeks lived before Homer and Odysseus, and the peace-loving Turks simply fought with aggression!