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American expert community does not exclude the possibility of armed intervention in the Russian Federation

A few days ago, one of the most famous human rights organizations in the world, Freedom House, headquartered in Washington, issued a warning that could be associated with prophecy: Russia soon has every chance of becoming an autocracy similar to that in the Middle East. Director of the Freedom House Research Center, Christopher Walker, said: “Another six or a few more years of Putinism, beyond the elections, and Russia will be on the verge of falling into the same category as almost all the states of the Middle East. In these countries, presidential terms are not measured in years, but rather in decades. ” Walker also points out that if Vladimir Putin takes part in the next presidential election, which will be held in 2012 year, then in accordance with the current new presidential mandate, his reign may last for a quarter of a century.

American expert community does not exclude the possibility of armed intervention in the Russian Federation

According to the authors of the published cautionary report, the main negative factor in Russia is corruption. David Kramer, executive director of Freedom House, said: “Corruption is not only a source, but also a symptom of a serious lack of democracy built in Russia. The upcoming election of the president could be evaluated as a real chance for new and significant changes. But every day there are more and more doubts that in the coming years the Russian system can be successfully reformed directly from the inside, ”thereby making a hint, and worth noting, rather transparent, of the possibility of“ reforms from the outside, ”like the Libyan ones.

Walker did not stop at this and continued to express his nasty hints: “While in the Middle East the corrupt rulers are inferior to the pressure of the masses, which require democratic changes, systemic and powerful corruption in Russia is becoming more and more manifest”. However, Freedom House doesn’t rule out another development scenario, when rising oil prices start to bring super profits, this may push the “Kremlin rulers” to follow the path of the rulers of Saudi Arabia. Not so long ago, it became known that in order to prevent mass demonstrations in support of the reforms that have now spread throughout almost the entire Arab world, Riyadh distributed billions of dollars in state social benefits. But, taking into account the experience of other states of the Middle East, this is just a postponement of urgent real transformations and its introduction in the future will only aggravate the situation.

Freedom House is an organization whose main budget consists of government revenues - about 80%. Previously, at the helm of the organization was James Woolsey, who at one time headed the CIA. The organization was also sponsored by the Soros Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Government of the Netherlands. William G. Taft IV, great-grandson of William Howard Taft, President of the United States, is the chairman of the board of trustees of Freedom House for many years. Previously, he worked in a number of US Republican administrations. David Kramer - the current head of Freedom House - was US Assistant Secretary of State in 2008 – 2009. Given such a rich "pedigree," you should not completely trust domesticated American experts, but still, from materials spread by Freedom House, you can make a fairly accurate conclusion - in the near future, the American "humanitarian aid" can arrive in Russia to support democracy.
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  1. 1
    1 31 March 2011 08: 26
    prepare weapons and supplies)))
  2. bujhm
    bujhm 31 March 2011 08: 31
    then Pindos will receive an adequate answer, and Washington itself!
  3. Sasha
    Sasha 31 March 2011 09: 14
    Well, yes, they will, schazzz .... for so many years they have been disarming Russia with all sorts of "reduction agreements" and reforms ... it looks like now our military potential is so small that you can simply invade ... of course under the guise of the idea of ​​saving the civilian population ... [ censorship]
  4. Tracey
    Tracey 31 March 2011 10: 20
    After Libya and Syria, there will be Iran! And after Iran, Russia! Then Kalash in the teeth and run forward under the drones and shoot their planes from a slingshot, because there will be little to shoot them.
  5. dick
    dick 31 March 2011 10: 55
    by then, Medvedev and Co. would peacefully sell everything the Russians had ... no need to fight ...
  6. Alexander
    Alexander 31 March 2011 12: 14
    Well, if they don’t like Putin like that, then you definitely have to vote for him. Well, what are they getting to us, so it was clear before
  7. Farvil
    Farvil 31 March 2011 12: 33
    All politicians and officials on our planet are thinking how to fill their own pocket with values ​​and other benefits, they have another planet in reserve or they will live forever, there is neither one nor the other. It's time to think about the future of civilization and not live one day .
  8. Alexander
    Alexander 31 March 2011 13: 08
    The Americans want war, they will get it, even if they occupy Russia there will be a guerrilla war where they are not ready to fight. Our people have nothing to lose for a long time, they will fight for their existence. Well, our "elite" who imagined that the rulers recognized it the world, is waiting for the confiscation of capital by the victors with the tribunal in The Hague.
  9. datur
    datur 31 March 2011 13: 22
    Let them go. They will run back quickly and quickly to Washington.
  10. Я
    Я 31 March 2011 13: 43
    While the Americans will not bomb us. So for now, cover your slingshots.
    The West will continue to further exploit Russia as a crypto-colony (an "energy superpower" - in putinoid terminology). The West will patiently await the final decay and degradation of Russia. When the Russians die out to 50-60% of the total population, Russia will disintegrate "by itself." These are the fragments, if something happens, they will bomb.
  11. Nik
    Nik 31 March 2011 13: 54
    AlexanderWell, if they don’t like Putin like that, then you definitely have to vote for him. Well, what are they getting to us, so it was clear before

    Troll! Good to push your pet in preses.
  12. turnip
    turnip 31 March 2011 15: 51
    Citizens of Russia are approached by the Highest Reason: calm down in 5 years, the amers will not be up to you, however this does not mean that you won’t have to fight. wink
  13. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 31 March 2011 16: 31
    Well, I and I have a ridiculous nickname.

    Only, I’m not sure that we have 5 years, we have time until the presidential election, and for the period of elections and the announcement of the results, the country - perdyukov and carrot - needs to be provided with BGN1,
    not for them - but for the population.
    And later, for another six months - until the new (I do not want old) power is not mastered.
  14. Judas
    Judas 31 March 2011 16: 32
    We dig caches in the forest with grub and essentials.
  15. Ctepan
    Ctepan 31 March 2011 16: 47
    Another reassessment of their strength. Naoleon, Hitler, etc. -removed- just did not understand who they were dealing with. Russians are the most cruel, to themselves and enemies, people. Otherwise, the Russians would not have owned such a large territory. Read the story, the cruelty of the Russians is unlimited. Washington, New York will not be taken. They will be cut out.
  16. Smoking
    Smoking 31 March 2011 17: 36
    Yes, we do not regret ourselves, we temper character.
  17. Grey
    Grey 31 March 2011 18: 30
    We read the book "Marader", most likely this is our future ...
  18. Fedor
    Fedor 31 March 2011 18: 36
    A soldier thumped, a tear rolled
    The trophy saxophone roared.
    And shone on his chest
    Medal for the city of Washington!
  19. Eric
    Eric 31 March 2011 18: 55
    We have long had no one who was left alone to cover the withdrawal of his unit, sitting behind a tank anti-aircraft machine gun, cut off and surrounded. There are no people who crossed the bridge under hurricane fire so that they could not blow it up, having previously knocked out ours. There are no those who hungry climbed mountains, freezing and looking for caravans. As for the CO, do not be afraid they will run away. They are waiting.
  20. xz
    xz 31 March 2011 20: 32
    we read the marauder of Berkem and quietly piss aside or we become a PEOPLE
  21. Anatoly
    Anatoly 31 March 2011 20: 41
    Yes -removed- let them attack. How many attacks on Great Russia have been in history and how they ended, everyone knows. I’m only afraid if there is enough land in Russia to bury and bury all the invaders. It is also outrageous that some kind of pederast tells us who we need to choose and who we don’t need. Apparently the Americans have lost their sense of reality and become impudent. Putin correctly says that America should be rearmament faster and all Europe again cancer.
  22. Last russian
    Last russian 31 March 2011 20: 55
    Finally! But I really thought I couldn’t wait during my lifetime!

    Finally! And I really thought I could not wait during my lifetime? and have to die with putinoids!
  23. Light guide
    Light guide 31 March 2011 21: 40
    BerkemAA correctly described the situation itself, but it was described a variant of rednecks in the occupation (redneck he is always about himself).
    The war has been going on a long time, and not war, but a quiet slaughter that has penetrated OUR LAND through goons (both above and below) ..
    Victory is in love with the SLAVES, but it rests only on PEOPLE, not goons !!
    "they invade - they will not invade" - they will attack someone they love. WE are the answer to their question "how to raise the dollar?" rats are not only on the doorstep - they are among US ..
    Look for PEOPLE around You and at the right time we act as we should and come what may. Let's make BerkemuAA a return gift - HE gave us a warning, WE will give HIM a trench to write another book "RUSSIAN OTVETKA" ..

    To ALL PEOPLE OF SUCCESS, to all rednecks - to die ..
  24. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo 31 March 2011 22: 27
    No matter how troops are brought into us because of the threat of the destruction of nuclear reactors, which are already quite worn out. They will scare everyone with Japan, then they will say, look, even the Japanese cannot cope with nuclear stations, to say nothing of the drunken and ragged Ivans ...
    Then they will show a video about Chernobyl and that’s all, all of Europe and the States are trembling - send troops to eliminate the danger of nuclear contamination.
    This scenario is very likely if you do not change anything in our country.

    Well, then, everything will go according to the pattern worked out in the Middle East. Believe me, no one will use nuclear weapons, because in our country oligarchs rule, and their money and families are not in Russia ...
  25. alien
    alien 31 March 2011 22: 54
    getting ready for war
  26. Alexander
    Alexander 31 March 2011 23: 49
    Hey Nik, the mess starts - who will command? Aren't you? And without a team one at a time like catch bugs - they have a strong army, professional soldiers, the latest technology. Caps in the 41st throw? On foreign territory? Keep in mind not only Americans will climb - the whole world, even more than in the 41st in 1812m. Both West and East will come to the pie section. We are already sick tidbit - everything is there, we just don’t know how to use it (here it is and the moral base to blame us). It’s necessary to prepare, the slaughter will be cooler than the 41st. we must arm ourselves, which Putin does. And he will command well - not a coward
  27. 12
    12 April 1 2011 02: 48
    Why in caches, maybe right away in emigration?
    Or first of all local podpindosnikov "for soft support"?
    And it is necessary to begin already yesterday.
  28. Andris
    Andris April 1 2011 09: 18
    "BerkemAA correctly described the situation itself, but it was a variant of the goons in the occupation (he is always about himself)."

    Berkem called the book "the marauder", the redneck would call "a successful owner." YG there is a rat. Strong and cunning but a rat, and Berkem showed that even such a super-rat would not end well.

    There were also "warriors" with the opposite position, and GG repeatedly thinks that if only he and others helped them then.
  29. Orange
    Orange April 1 2011 11: 59
    Alexander, Well, if they don’t like Putin like that, it’s definitely necessary for him ...

    Leaked your Putin Russia. He bred oligarchs who keep loot in the west. Under specious pretexts sawing budgets. From the defense industry, from cosmos, from social networks, from autotasis, these olipiads are not necessary for anyone except for sawers. He ruined the army of Serdyukov. Education, medecine in the ass. Morale is in the ass. The extinction of the nation is no longer concealed even by the influx of migrants. The war is long gone. Since the restructuring started. Gorbachev celebrates his anniversary among his own, in London, and not with us. Because he knows that every sane person knows that he is a traitor. That no one here loves him. Therefore, he presses there, Judah.

    Everything goes according to plan. According to their plan.
    I don’t know what to do, comrades. But everything is very bad.
  30. Neologic
    Neologic April 1 2011 13: 57
    Americans are a serious adversary. But we will never give up, because this is our land! angry
  31. Russian Resistance of Donbass
    Russian Resistance of Donbass April 1 2011 16: 03
    It’s ALREADY Someone to fight, the people are already wrong!

    all hope for those who are firm in their beliefs is decisive, and there are VERY LITTLE EVEN AMOUNT OF FORMER AFGHANI AND CHECHNYA FORMER VETERANS! Afghans are entirely alcoholics Cossacks drunkards
  32. APASUS
    APASUS April 1 2011 23: 04
    The first thing that struck the German Wehrmacht after crossing the USSR border was the lack of infrastructure and roads.
    Times go by, but no roads are built !!!!!!!!
  33. hgfhgfh
    hgfhgfh April 2 2011 02: 56
    Donbass is Ukraine, so there will not be any Moscow resistance there. Ukraine will be aloof if it is not attacked. If they attack, Ukraine will fight with those who attack. And just so get us involved in the war do not expect.
  34. Relative
    Relative April 2 2011 03: 16
    Bravo Andris!
  35. Antenna
    Antenna April 2 2011 17: 45
    These goats have not yet settled for the past! So tell them that Russian lawyers are already equipping shops:

    And officers shoot weapons if they do not extradite criminals and start evading the lawsuit!

    Read the article: "Have you seen Lenin?"
  36. anonymus
    anonymus April 3 2011 10: 40
    Twenty years later, there will be little white in pendosy. Who will fight on their part? Blacks and Latinos? Maybe that's why they are in a hurry?
  37. @ADM
    @ADM April 8 2011 20: 21
    The hint is obvious: "Putin himself will not leave, we will help" ... And you and I, gentlemen, in this version as the Yugoslavs, under the "Tamagavki" ... We don't have an army anymore ...
    We are being pushed (if we want to live) to a civil war, because on his own, "for the good of the people," Putin will never give up power, because "the problems of the leader's blacks are not" this very thing ... "
    Even for the Pindos, it finally became apparent that Russia + Putin was a dead end. For all. Moreover, the intensity of anger among the people is already so great that it can lead to absolutely unpredictable consequences, so the enemy propaganda decided to turn this anger a little in the direction they needed.
    By the way, in these circumstances, contract No. 410940-4, i.e. so so so so ... Dead End, in a word ...
  38. yurtsen
    yurtsen April 11 2011 18: 44
    the only condition for the survival of peoples, civilizations: this is a movement towards the development of the spiritual principle in man, and his fall, rooting in the unreasonable: fate itself leads to its destruction, since the person himself coming into this world knows his own way and the fate of the peoples is chosen according to their deeds and place
  39. Victor
    Victor April 11 2011 19: 12
    Unlike America, in Russia more than a third of the adult male population has basic military training. About eight hundred thousand reserve officers who are at a suitable age for the war and are able to organize and train military units, including partisan ones. And with weapons, everything is not as bad as some are trying to prove. We are certainly losing something, especially in the quantitative sense of high-tech weapons, but who had a real relationship with the service and the system for mobilizing troops knows what and how much it costs at the storage bases. Get out. But most likely there will be no aggression. There will be attempts to push Russia with small Kakashvili to exhaust. In short, wait and see.
  40. His
    His April 12 2011 18: 07
    They have already attacked Belarus
  41. Andrei
    Andrei April 12 2011 22: 28
    There is no one to fight, the population is decreasing youth drug addicts and drunks and most importantly in the soul people do not have what those who stood to death in 1941, so what if only a miracle would save in kind
  42. Siberian
    Siberian April 13 2011 00: 46
    I read the comments. The question is not whether we will win or not. We will definitely win, but at what cost? The Russian people have a peculiarity when they are in real danger, they learn to fight very quickly. It always has been, look at our story.
  43. Menacant
    Menacant April 13 2011 13: 02
    You are so self-confident, I trudge straight! Do you even read what you write? Russia will NEVER be able to cope with the United States-remember! The United States and NATO are all of Europe in the west and a ogre country beyond the Bering Strait. I DO NOT want a war to begin. We are more likely to be thrown with hats, and not we! Don't you see and understand this? You compare only- we in Afghanistan 14t lost, and the Americans a few platoons! They will quickly break through the defense and cover us! We can’t hold them on our gigantic borders !!!!! And we see the partisans in Afghanistan now, do you think it’s easy for them to fight the United States? Do you also want ?? You will then speak out against the United States with a speech offensive to them right now, patriotic heroes! Just let me leave this ******* country! I am dying because of people like you are not going to!
  44. datur
    datur April 13 2011 13: 09
    Menacant, have time to eat.
  45. anonimous
    anonimous April 13 2011 19: 40
    They are simply afraid of Russia. Pendos will trample on us, we will lay our bones, but we will not let this rabble bend Russia under ourselves
  46. Menacant
    Menacant April 14 2011 13: 45
    datur, thanks for the advice, without you I would never have guessed!

    anonimous, I assume that you will lay the first bones? Only you know, even if we fight back, the memory of people like you will be short-lived, as was the case with those who defended the USSR !!! You are blind and do not see the obvious. In America, this is not. There is a healthier society in this sense. This will help them win. They are fighting for democracy, and we will fight for a bottle of vodka.
  47. Andrei
    Andrei April 16 2011 20: 55
    Americans don’t have enough money to snoop on us
    Bogged down like Germans, but not in the mud but in debt
  48. Wisdom
    Wisdom April 16 2011 23: 12
    People, the Russian people are in the * opera, big and shitty, to capture the Americans as nefig do, but they themselves will not turn up. First, they will give hamsters Russia a goof, and then they will only take away Moscow and St. Petersburg. And it will be if we do not lift assholes off the couch. Diby youth, solid gay and emo. There are few people left who are ready to die for the country. Remember the first and second world, without the help of the CIS can not win! we must unite, we must be friends, and not fight, as it is now! The Americans will not win if the same China is for Russia, but relations with them are strained. In general, the matter is bad and a couple of heroes will not be enough. Wait and see
  49. Siberian
    Siberian April 17 2011 01: 16
    In 1812 all of Europe was against Russia, 41 m all of Europe was against the USSR and what they achieved was a parade of Russian troops in their capitals. So it was, it is, and it will be so !!!
  50. grain
    grain April 20 2011 19: 39
    Redistribution of the World
    Putin does not like the West, and Medvedev is quite happy, he is reforming the law enforcement, defense, and educational sectors of the state at the same time, weakening them and leading to Western standards. The war is just around the corner, its active phase will begin with the collapse of the oil-dollar system, primarily with Saudi Arabia as the main oil supplier in the world. Then comes the economic crisis and finally the military conflict, the ground for which is being prepared now in the Middle East and North Africa. This has long been known to insiders, so prices for real assets — gold, oil — are rising. They withdraw their assets from the prophet market for securities and dollar assets. Therefore, it is clear who needs to be voted for in 2012, for who would ensure the country's defense capability, and this is only possible if the army is reequipped. But do we have time ...