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Is free will?

The media are increasingly writing about separatism that has engulfed some EU countries. The aspirations for “integration”, which emerged from the 20th century and then served as the reason for the rapid spread of the global crisis of 2008, now turned out to be a catalyst for the decay reaction. In parallel with the separatists, the movements against the EU itself are gaining momentum: against the notorious “tolerance”, against ridiculous sexual laws, against the re-education of children in the spirit of “full sexual equality”, as well as against migrants, often (and often fairly) identified with social parasites, idlers and criminals.

Is free will?

I. Against migrants and against the EU

A referendum called “Against Mass Immigration”, initiated by Schweizerische Volkspartei (Swiss People’s Party), was recently held in Switzerland. After counting the votes, it turned out that 50,4% of Swiss people want to return to the quota system for migrants. The constitution will now be amended. Restrictions primarily affect the workforce from the EU, against which the SNP. The party believes that the country cannot host 80 thousands of foreigners a year, who take jobs from the Swiss.

The SNP cites data showing that the number of migrants makes up almost one fifth of the total population of Switzerland (that is, combined with migrants). There are almost two million foreigners in the country, plus eight million inhabitants. Party members do not want unemployment to increase in their home country. Well, and something else they don’t want: half of the crimes committed in the country fall on just 20% of migrants.

In 2009, the same Swiss People’s Party initiated a referendum on a ban on the construction of minarets in the country. 59% voted in favor.

The Swiss are well aware: the annual influx of migrants into the country will inevitably lead not only to an increase in unemployment (today it is low - only 3,2%), but also to social instability. Here you and guest workers, and criminals, and excessive pressure on the entire infrastructure, not designed for so many people.

But news from France. A real blow to the free movement of the labor force to and fro in the EU will soon be delivered by Marine Le Pen - the very one that opposes the existence of the European Union, but goes with this slogan ... to the European Parliament.

Her parties - the “National Front” - are predicting a victory in the elections to the European Parliament this year. The rating of nationalists is higher than that of the French socialists. Against the background of the low rating of Hollande and his unpopular decisions, as well as against the background of the economic crisis, the National Front Party is confidently moving towards a political victory. For it stands Alain Delon, at the same time not endorsing homosexual marriage.

"National Front" - the ultra-right party. She opposes the dominance of migrants, for national identity and against the authorities of European institutions. The values ​​of the traditional family are another “fad” of the party. In contrast to the destructive activity of F. Hollande, who split the country in half due to the laws of the "blue" and because of following in the wake of the EU, the policy of Marin Le Pen seems to many French unifying.

As Switzerland (having relations with the EU through special treaties, but not in the Union), so also France (the EU member) clearly demonstrates to supranational rulers that their time may soon be at the dump stories.

Ii. For independence

The other day, Mr. Cameron once again explained to the Scots that Britain should be united and indivisible. Moreover, he found an original idea for the performance: it turns out that Britain is united by nothing else than the national Scottish product - whiskey.

Cameron put forward a weighty (or rather heavy) economic argument: London is promoting Scotch whiskey around the world. “Together we are stronger and, among other things, we can successfully sell our products around the world. Such as Scotch whiskey. No matter where I was - in India or China - there is not a single meeting at which I would not talk about the merits of our whiskey. Of course, the first minister of Scotland is doing everything to achieve this (obtaining sovereignty), but as part of the United Kingdom together we have the best chances at the negotiating table, in overcoming trade barriers and making deals. As a result, Scotch whiskey brings in every second 135 pounds of profit to the total British budget, ”the prime minister quoted as saying correspondent RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

David Cameron said this at the Olympic Stadium in London. He stated: "We want you to stay." According to him, "the whole of Great Britain will be greatly weakened," if Scotland decides to secede, the correspondent writes "BBC".

“This decision is the prerogative of those who live in Scotland. I am convinced that it is in their interests to remain in the United Kingdom, ”said the prime minister.

Judging by a recent poll, the BBC notes that the number of Scots who want to vote for independence has reached 29%. However, 41% of respondents favor an alliance with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The frequent speeches of Cameron and his associates on Scotland are understandable. In the case of popping economic English sticks into the financial Scottish wheels Edinburgh will easily forgive the British part of the joint public debt. Edinburgh will also abandon the Trident nuclear submarine base. In the event of a victory in the referendum, Salmond intends to remove nuclear weapons from an independent territory and prohibit them constitutionally. Scotland will be declared a nuclear-free zone.

The first minister had previously lucidly explained to the Scots, British and the whole world community that when independence was achieved his country would devour 95% from the oil and gas reserves of the UK - while observing the currently practiced principle of equidistance from the middle line (talking about the North Sea shelves).

Salmond's arguments are very sensitive, and Cameron is afraid of them.

And after Scotland, independence will be talked about in Northern Ireland and in Wales. However, they have been talking about this for a long time. London, as they say, "in shock." No wonder the same Salmond discovered in Cameron’s recent speech nothing but panic ...

They look at the Scots from warm Catalonia ... no, not the Spaniards, but the Catalans. They have autonomy, but this is not enough for them. On November 2014, a referendum on the independence of Catalonia is scheduled. Two questions will be put on the plebiscite: “Do you want Catalonia to become a state?” And “If you want, do you want Catalonia to become an independent state?”

The authorities in Madrid do not want this referendum and, of course, do not recognize its results - the constitution, they say, does not allow. Back in September last year, Madrid refused Barcelona to hold a referendum aimed at "self-determination". The government of M. Rahoy is also scared of the Scots: an independent Scotland will not join the EU, because Spain will veto it. And with the economy outside the EU there will be problems. He does not want Raha to give his Catalan Scottish example! But whose cow would moo ... In Spain, the crisis will soon lead to a complete bankruptcy of the state. Because the Catalans and advocate secession from Spain. Catalonia accounts for about a fifth (19%) of Spain’s GDP. At the same time 7,2 million people live in Catalonia, i.e. 16% of the population of Spain.

Spain is shaking and because of the Basque Country.

In Bilbao - the administrative center of the province of Biscay - in January, the one hundred thousandth march of the Basque separatist organization ETA (ETA, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Country and Freedom) took place. The marchers demanded a mitigation of the prison regime for their activists on camera. More than two years ago, ETA ceased the deadly tactics of explosions and murders of officials and policemen, which lasted for forty years (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna was created in 1959-1962). This organization, which seeks the separation of the Basque Country from Spain and the creation of the state of Euskadi, is responsible for the death of more than eight hundred people, not to mention material damage.

Despite the fact that since the time of Franco, who banned the Basque language, the latter received the status of the state, and the province - the status of autonomy, local radicals demand secession from Spain.

Economists have already counted everything: if the Basque Country and Catalonia are separated from Spain, Spanish GDP will shrink by at least 25%.

At VO, we already wrote about separatism in Belgium. Briefly recall the main "centrifugal trends."

Flemish nationalists, after winning local elections in Flanders (autumn 2012), put forward an ultimatum to the government: they demanded that the country be turned into a confederation. The leader of the New Flemish Alliance party, Bart de Wever, who received an 38% vote in Antwerp, said that the party "became the largest party in Flanders after the Second World War" and "received a vote of confidence from the Flemish to overcome the economic and political crisis." The Flemish politician stressed that with French-speaking Wallonia as part of Belgium, he was not on the path: "We have two cultures and two democracies ... Our nationalism is not a goal, but a means of moving towards our own democracy in Flanders."

The theme of South Tyrol, which does not wish to consider itself part of sunny Italy, periodically rises in the press. About two years ago it came to the point that the authorities of Bolzano made an offer to Rome, which he would never “refuse”. It is clear that the time of crisis for such proposals is the most suitable.

The head of the economic council of South Tyrol, Bolzano administration adviser Thomas Widman, in 2012, applied to Rome with a proposal for fifteen billion euros. It was this amount that the official estimated the independence of the region. Argument for "redemption" served the fact that for the Italian authorities “autonomous status is an empty sound”. Italy's debt is measured by an insane number of 1,9 trillion. euro, but of this amount, the province’s debt is just 15 billion. And Widman offered Rome for the money “to guarantee full autonomy to Bolzano”.

Yes, this time is not about independence. And yet the separatist tendency, which only intensified with the crisis, is obvious. Moreover, in addition to the Italian crisis, South Tyrol does not like corruption, which has enmeshed the entire Italian south. And what are the Italians from the Tyroleans? .. At the same time, the region's economy is stable: there are power stations, there is tourism, unemployment there is extremely low compared to other Italy. In the South Tyrol parliament, nationalists have considerable weight.

Fighters for independence are found even in Greenland.

Who lives there, in this snowy desert, once called the “Green Country”? Nine-tenths of the population of Greenland consists of Eskimos. The rest, whose opinion can be ignored, are called Danes. The oil of the Arctic Ocean today does not give rest to many, including the indigenous Greenlanders.

Greenland was included in the borders of Denmark in 1953, following the abolition of the last colonial status of the island. In 1979, Greenland gained autonomy within Denmark, and in 1985, it even withdrew from the EEC, creating a very special precedent. In the crisis 2008, after the expression of the Eskimos, the autonomy was expanded (the new “Island Management Act” entered into force in the 2009 year). Extended autonomy has its own government, parliament, flag, police, courts. But there is no army on the island. But all the money from the sale of mined minerals (from gold and diamonds to uranium) do not go to Denmark, but remain on the island. Well, the projected oil deposits in the ocean - the last reason to get independence. Or, at least, even wider autonomy - although it is not clear where it is wider.

True, the other day, scientists explained that Greenland would not be economically independent of Denmark.

As Andrei Evplanov writes ("Russian newspaper"), Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Mink Rosing, who led a group of Scandinavian research scientists, explained that the exploitation of natural resources is important for Greenland, but this is not enough. According to him, several large mines will operate in full only by 2040 year: the island does not have the infrastructure necessary for the exploitation of deposits. The mineral resources of southern Greenland are not enough to be the only source of income. Cairn Energy, which has been drilling offshore in recent years, has not discovered commercial reserves of gas and oil.

However, Greenland’s Prime Minister Aleka Hammond (the first woman to take the post of Greenland’s Prime Minister and the leader of the Forward Party) said that Greenland could declare full independence in the coming years.

By the way, the central thesis of the election campaign of the “Forward” party in 2013 was the development of mineral resources. The ruling socialist party in the country spoke in favor of allowing foreign companies, mainly Chinese, to work in the mining industry, and “Forward” did not approve of this. This suggests a parallel with the Swiss, who are actively opposing the migrant labor force ... In addition, the previous government suffered a fiasco because of the veil of secrecy that is being thrown on industry projects for the extraction of mineral resources. People do not like secrets.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 15 February 2014 06: 44
    Who will tell me exactly?

    Which is better - a single country or a conglomerate of regions and republics seeking to leave this country?

    This is a double-edged sword - supporting separatism in other countries, we lose the moral right to crush our separatists (except in cases of genocide and military disasters)
    1. My address
      My address 15 February 2014 07: 17
      Dear Alexey!
      I believe that if the state has an internal paternalistic policy (somehow wrote this word), i.e. if the authorities take care of the country, but not about themselves, beloved, then the separatists will be less and it will be easier to crush them.

      And Chuvakin hi again on horseback!
      1. demel2
        demel2 15 February 2014 07: 46
        Quote: My address
        domestic paternalistic policy

        Well, I think our powers that be are unlikely to know such concepts as paternalistic politics, for them it is like death.
    2. My address
      My address 15 February 2014 07: 25
      Dear Alexey!
      And now a little humor about the ends of the stick.
      60-s of the last century. Technical College. KVN Your team is asked a question:
      - Why say that a double-edged sword?
      My friend Volodya immediately replied:
      - And show a stick about one end.
      In the hall laughter laughing , we were defeated defeat belay .
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 15 February 2014 14: 57
        ... "judge" on SOAP !!!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. siberalt
        siberalt 15 February 2014 21: 11
        Ask to show a stick about one end in public? laughing
    3. mirag2
      mirag2 15 February 2014 07: 41
      Support the partition of Britain, because it is to our advantage.
      And no.
      As they are with others, so with them.
      1. demel2
        demel2 15 February 2014 07: 49
        In no case do not officially support, only undercover, we have our own problems with these.
      2. officer29
        officer29 15 February 2014 16: 16
        Aha! To declare that there is "not enough democracy" in Scotland, to organize "Maidan" on the main square in Glasgow and distribute cookies and buns there! Chur !, I'll be the first! fellow
    4. Civil
      Civil 15 February 2014 07: 55
      Until we stop the wave of migration from Asia, we will not see normal salaries and quality of services for us.
      1. 120352
        120352 15 February 2014 11: 35
        And we will not have a quiet life, and we will not be able to feel at home - we are constantly "guests". There is no time to put things in order in the house.
    5. Normman
      Normman 15 February 2014 08: 04
      We have all the moral rights to respond to those who have supported destructive forces in Russia for centuries! Who came to us with a sword! We must do our best to support the just desire of the Scottish people to "stop feeding England!"
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 15 February 2014 09: 44
        Quote: Oleg Chuvakin
        Who lives there, in this snowy desert, once nicknamed the "Green Country"? Nine-tenths of the population of Greenland consists of Eskimos. The rest, whose opinion can be ignored, are called Danes. The oil of the Arctic Ocean today haunts many, including the indigenous Greenlanders <...> Well, the projected oil deposits in the ocean are the last reason to gain independence. Or, at least, even wider autonomy - although it is not clear where it is.
        Last year, the Wikileaks website published a secret correspondence between employees of the US State Department (in preparation for the meeting of the Arctic Council), according to which American diplomats believe that "the independence of Greenland will be beneficial for US oil companies." laughing ! Oleg, thanks for the review! good !
        1. 120352
          120352 15 February 2014 11: 43
          In fact, Scotland and Greenland do not coincide territorially and are even located in different hemispheres. Greenland, being the territory of Denmark, has long been striving for independence, but without a basis for economic independence, for a long time it will be a purely verbal desire. Maidan you will not wait there. And the Eskimos always lived there after the Zyryansky and Sartan glaciations, i.e. more than 10 thousand years. The nature of their economy does not coincide with the European or American. They live in balance, harmony with nature, and their accumulation is completely absent. However, this applies to the whole circumpolar civilization.
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 15 February 2014 12: 15
            Quote: 120352
            In fact, Scotland and Greenland do not coincide territorially and are even located in different hemispheres.

            The point is not in a single state of Europe, whether it be Scotland or Greenland, in which hemisphere it is located and who inhabits it. In the commentary, I have highlighted one nexus and main link - the USA. Those who are most interested in splitting up Europe are the states. They do not need a strong, let alone an independent Europe. The only question is in what scenario they will split it up, according to the German (Germany, as the "overseeing" EU, it will be easier to manage small vassal estates), or the Balkan (Yugoslavian).Europe - map of regions and possible separatism (clickable).
            What Scotland regains independence is, first of all, fraught with the UK relegation of her to the role of a secondary state, as the former NATO Secretary General George Robertson, incidentally, a Scot by nationality, warned 6 on January in The Washington Post. He is particularly worried that "Britain’s nuclear base is located in Scotland, and now supporters of the exit insist on its transfer outside the country."
    6. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 15 February 2014 11: 48
      Who are we ?
    7. sscha
      sscha 15 February 2014 22: 02
      And the other side of the coin - Ukraine in the EEC, the Baltic states - in the EEC! In Croatia, the EEC took a breath for the sake of it - actions of disobedience with the course of the government, in Bulgaria - meetings ... ... ...
      And against the backdrop of this - the collapse of the states that make up the core (except Germany, but this is a matter of time) of Europe !!!
      Destroyed the USSR? And why was he bad? Now it’s your turn, and we have already united since the times of Ivan the Terrible - RUSSIA! hi
  2. Name
    Name 15 February 2014 07: 05
    The EU began to cut off the EU from the north. But in one Burgundy one cannot survive ...
  3. zavesa01
    zavesa01 15 February 2014 07: 23
    A simple hard worker is faced with a choice. On the one hand, migrants (mainly from Islamic states and, as a result, Islamization), the destruction of family values, rampant sodomy. With a different nationalism. The choice is small and obvious.
    And again, remember the USSR. Religious freedom, internationalism, the institution of the family, fairly strict moral standards.
    Therefore, the Sodomite part of the European population, together with American residents, hates Russia, which still has some legacy from the USSR.
  4. makarov
    makarov 15 February 2014 07: 39
    And in Poland the situation with movements is not quite simple. Although the headlines have not yet been full of announcements, but the so-called. Shlenzaki and Kashubians have long been talking about the violation of their rights as small nations. Still ahead ..........
  5. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 15 February 2014 07: 42
    In Switzerland, the base of the World Government is, therefore, migrants are not allowed there and minarets are not built.
    At one time, even Hitler did not dare to touch Switzerland - he knew the dog where his masters were sitting ...
  6. taseka
    taseka 15 February 2014 08: 00
    An article on separatism in the world for our Russia is provocative! Russia is one and indivisible!
    1. Aleksey_K
      Aleksey_K 15 February 2014 21: 32
      Then Finland, Kurland, Poland, Alaska and all the former Soviet Republics must be recaptured. In addition, we conquered Austria and almost all of Germany, and half of China.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 15 February 2014 08: 52
    For a long time I want to shake hands and congratulate Sean Connery (the oldest, most ardent supporter of Scottish independence) as the first president of independent Scotland !!!
    1. Name
      Name 15 February 2014 10: 04
      For a long time I want to shake hands and congratulate Sean Connery (the oldest, most ardent supporter of Scottish independence) as the first president of independent Scotland !!!

      Which is all ....
    2. 120352
      120352 15 February 2014 11: 50
      The actor, of course, is good, but a bit old for the presidency. (Here the photo is about 15 years ago). I am afraid and will not live to see this happy hour, although I wish him many happy years.
  8. SRC P-15
    SRC P-15 15 February 2014 09: 37
    Here he is, a true fighter for the independence of Greenland!
  9. predator.3
    predator.3 15 February 2014 10: 03
    After counting the votes, it turned out: 50,4% of Swiss want to return to the quota system for migrants. Now the constitution will be amended. The restrictions will primarily affect the labor force from the EU, which the SNP is against. The party believes that the country cannot host 80 thousand foreigners a year who take jobs from the Swiss

    And the remaining 49,6% are the same migrants?
  10. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 15 February 2014 10: 36
    Free will ... Saved paradise ... Whatever you want - choose ...
    However, not everything is all right in "civilized" Europe. Something was not finished. They didn't think of something ... Now they are trying to catch up and fix it. So far, without much success. Maybe because after a short period of time, positive results are still not visible ... Or maybe because all these problems are becoming chronic ...
    But I will say for myself - it’s completely parallel and indifferent to the problems that the gentlemen of Europeans have in everything. I don’t baptize children with them (as they say). The main thing is that we can avoid this, and they are there, on Montmartre or Piccadilly, even if they walk on their heads ...
    1. officer29
      officer29 15 February 2014 17: 19
      Quote: Chicot 1
      I don’t baptize children with them (as they say).

      This, of course, is gut! But it is necessary to carefully look at what is happening in the United States of Europe and make the right CONCLUSIONS! Since we are all on the verge of similar problems, although we have already raised our foot above this threshold! In our city, Russians prevailed, there is a large Armenian diaspora, from Catherine's times, Jewish and European - Germans, Italians, Greeks, a minor Turkic. If we practically did not notice the first ones, we considered them as our own, then with the Turkic begin already small, but problems! There are about ten Orthodox churches, Armenian churches, synagogues, churches and churches in the city, but the Muslim community demanded the allocation of a site for the construction of a mosque. There was a loud scandal in connection with the refusal. In summer you can already meet Muslim women in hijabs, in winter it is not so noticeable. The number of labor migrants from Central Asia is growing. While they work in closed areas and their presence is not so noticeable, but their number is growing every year! So far there is no social tension, but it will soon appear, in the city this year two large enterprises (bankrupts) are closed and somewhere about 10 thousand people will be on the street, and this is with a population of about 300 thousand! Here is the "protest electorate"!
  11. Leshka
    Leshka 15 February 2014 11: 07
    if I throw a match there, then all of Europe is burning for
  12. svp67
    svp67 15 February 2014 11: 10
    The other day, Mr. Cameron once again explained to the Scots that Britain should be united and indivisible.
    Scots - EVERYTHING ON MAIDAN !!!!!
    1. alone
      alone 15 February 2014 12: 56
      As for Scottish independence, I doubt that the British will give the opportunity to dismember the country. The British do not have the Gorbachevs.
  13. ReifA
    ReifA 15 February 2014 12: 58
    Fingers will break, and your fist can open your nose. Let them split up and split up, amer - take an example!
  14. domiemon
    domiemon 15 February 2014 13: 50
    Nothing is impossible. Moreover, there are already precedents with Ireland, which separated from Britain, and Iceland, separated from Denmark.
  15. Nevyatoy
    Nevyatoy 15 February 2014 14: 04
    It is time for Russia to already catalyze some processes in Europe, because social protests have ripened there no less than in Ukraine, it is simply forbidden to talk about this with the media. Grants through NGOs can be used as a catalyst, why reinvent the wheel, we use tactics that have been tested by the USA.
  16. individual
    individual 15 February 2014 14: 44
    I read the publication and conclude:
    "A mess in the" Danish kingdom ", and yet they climb on the Slavic Maidan!" hi
  17. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 15 February 2014 15: 01
    Party members do not want unemployment to increase in their home country. Well, and still do not want something: Half of the crimes committed in the country account for just 20% of migrants.

    Where to find such a the party?
  18. Neophyte
    Neophyte 15 February 2014 15: 37
    Well, the Angles will have to change the anthem and so on, and Lizka will cut costs.
    If you dream: we will support the Greenlanders and we do not need to build aircraft carriers, we will turn Greenland into our military base, the Americans sucks!
    Itself ju, it's time to split into states: Texas, California, etc.
    1. v53993
      v53993 15 February 2014 15: 49
      individ (1) SU Today, 14:44 AM New

      I read the publication and conclude:
      "A mess in the" Danish kingdom ", and yet they climb on the Slavic Maidan!" hi

      Sadomasochists probably. want to get on the shameless red face.
  19. v53993
    v53993 15 February 2014 15: 57
    Is free will?

    And Ukrainians geyropa. And this is not treated, like a tripper from a prostitute.
  20. parus2nik
    parus2nik 15 February 2014 16: 33
    Separatism blooms in terry colors when the whole country is shitty ... My hut is on the edge .. Switzerland is the same .. Germans and Italians and French live there, but the country is good and the cantons do not think to scatter into separate apartments, together they solve common problems. .
  21. tundra
    tundra 15 February 2014 18: 24
    Yes bob they died
  22. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 February 2014 20: 11
    Apparently they began to live well. Therefore, they try to scatter. And how they scatter. understand that an independent life is not only good things, but also responsibilities. Look, the Tajik-Uzbeks were also in a hurry to escape and the "prisons of peoples". So what now? They again come to us and go to work.
  23. mountain
    mountain 15 February 2014 21: 08
    The weakest link in the US is Abama. To support a dark-skinned guy, to remind him of his roots, to help in the collapse of the host country, not to spare the oppressed blacks and indigenous people, Indians, and money, our corrupt people will get less. In case of failure, give allotment in Yakutia. To work with deprived countries in the EU and they will demolish Germany from the face of the earth. And leave the Netherlands and France and create all conditions for degradation.
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 16 February 2014 00: 00
      Quote: mountain
      The weakest link in the US is Abama. To support a dark-skinned guy, to remind him of his roots, to help in the collapse of the host country, of oppressed blacks and indigenous people,
  24. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 16 February 2014 12: 41
    Is it really not clear that the independence of Greenland from Denmark is achieved not by 40 thousand drunk Eskimos but
    USA? In connection with the huge reserves of minerals, corporations will be launched in Greenland, and the Eskimos (of which there are scanty numbers) will also receive their slice of bread and butter.
  25. Jager
    Jager 16 February 2014 12: 43
    Nationalism, separatism and other ... isms arise against the backdrop of economic and social problems. Did you notice that the Scandinavian countries are not on the list?
    1. EdwardTich68
      EdwardTich68 16 February 2014 13: 44
      There are only two countries on the Scandinavian peninsula: Norway which has everything and Sweden which has nothing.
  26. Uralets
    Uralets 16 February 2014 16: 25
    If Scotland gains independence, it will be difficult for both states. Scotland is tied to the domestic market of England, Great Britain will cease to be an influential country. And Russia, I think, is profitable. Great Britain is not the United States, so it will cause us severe damage.
  27. bandabas
    bandabas 16 February 2014 20: 20
    In Switzerland, every man has at home a couple of not traumatic, but war trunks. And until they let them go. But fees are periodically held.
  28. Normman
    Normman 17 February 2014 07: 26
    The closer the voting date, the more nervous and hysterical statements the English make. And do not give a pound to use and in the EU is not allowed. I think with such statements London only adds votes to the supporters of independence. Indeed, in fact, neither the EU-Titanic nor the debt-laden pound, the Scots do not need. And they have even more pride and ambition than the British.