BTR-4, Iraq accepted the first batch


BTR-4 is designed to transport personnel of motorized rifle units and their fire support in combat. The BTR is used to equip units capable of conducting combat operations in various conditions, including in conditions of use by the enemy weapons mass destruction. BTR can be a base vehicle for equipping special rapid reaction forces and marines. The armored personnel carrier can carry out assigned tasks both in the afternoon, and at night, in various climatic conditions, on roads with various covering and in the conditions of full impassability. The range of operating ambient temperatures is from -40 to + 55 ° С.

BTR-4 has three offices:

Front - Department of Management
Average - engine compartment
Rear - combat and amphibious offices
This arrangement allows you to quickly transform the combat and amphibious units without changing the layout decisions on the power plant and transmission to create a wide family of machines.
The capacity of the chassis of the armored personnel carrier allows you to create not only variants of versions and a family of vehicles, but also to install additional armor protection against automatic small-caliber guns.

On the basis of the BTR-4 can be created:

commander machine BTR-4K
combat reconnaissance vehicle BRM-4K
repair and recovery vehicle (BREM)
MOP-4K fire support machine
command and control vehicle BTR-4KSH
armored sanitary evacuation vehicle BSEM-4K, etc.

The Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrspetsexport handed over the first batch of armored personnel carriers BTR-4 to Iraq, the organization’s press release says.

"The Iraqi side meticulously approached the acceptance of this technique. In particular, every second received vehicle passed the shooting test. The Ukrainian armored vehicles received high marks from the Iraqi side with a minimum number of comments," Ukroboronexport said. The acceptance vehicle is expected to be shipped to Iraq in April 2011.

“Acts are being drawn up now, and this will enable us to get 250 million hryvnias for the first batch of machines, including the 4 training stand for driving and driving, two special maintenance vehicles, as well as 26 new engines made in a very short time”, - said the first deputy chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Vladimir Babayev.
According to the first vice-governor, the second batch of vehicles - the 62 BTR - should be delivered to customers by July 1, and by the end of the year it will be necessary to make more 148 machines.

Earlier it became known that under the terms of the contract, Iraq has the right to impose penalties on Ukraine in the amount of one percent of the transaction amount per month, starting from the second month of delay. For delays in the contract for the supply of aircraft in mid-January 2011, Iraq demanded a fine of 165 thousand dollars from Ukraine, but later the parties agreed to lift the sanctions.

In addition to money for the Iraqi contract, the plant them. Malysheva should receive public funds: 100 million hryvnia - money for production tanks “Bulat” and “Oplot”, which the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine ordered the “Malyshevtsy”.

“This is an additional burden on the company, but with such a load, the plant no longer simply lives, it will actively work, and I believe that by the end of the year we will get away from the problem of debt for all types of payments: both wages and Pension Foundation, ”said Vladimir Babayev.
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  1. turnip
    April 1 2011 13: 01
    similar to the Czech-Polish OT-64 / skot. the weapons complex has a "scrap" design, but it seems like nothing, but this only war will tell what is good and what is bad
  2. +1
    April 1 2011 18: 26
    It's nice to see ... in Iraq ... and here ...

    in turnips war - we will be at 60, 70 and 80 at best - therefore, this BTR-4, of course, is more suitable for 21st century vehicles.
  3. -1
    April 2 2011 22: 55
    well done Ukrainians keep it up while in Russia stools finish off the army and the military-industrial complex, you will break ahead.
  4. Sashko
    April 3 2011 18: 24
    Turnip, the tower is square for a reason - all the equipment is located there. The "Sail" module, which is in the photo, does not take up space inside the hull and has a remote control (as I understand it, the vehicle commander controls it, next to the driver).
  5. +2
    30 July 2011 11: 36
    Wonder Yudo, Whale Fish turkish hohlyatsky speaks Arabic
    But seriously, this is not a combat, but rather a police car, albeit with blackjack rockets!
    On the other hand, this unit will be driven by the Iraqis, so time will tell ...
  6. kov
    6 July 2012 23: 05
    About btr-4
  7. TeR
    17 January 2015 14: 20
    Yes, yes: "Iraq returned to Ukraine the defective Kharkov armored personnel carriers-4".
    "... On February 28, 2013, Shivan Mohammed Taha, a representative of the Security and Defense Commission of the Iraqi Parliament, accused the Ukrainian side of delays in delivery times and poor product quality: since the ratification of the contract, about 100 vehicles have been delivered instead of 420, and the armored personnel carriers themselves are" very old, the hulls are rusty, the machines are unusable. "[50]"

    So it goes.