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Steel arms. Knife slang dictionary

Steel arms. Knife slang dictionary

Alles (from him. "Alles fur Deutschland" - "Everything for Germany") - dagger of the assault detachments of fascist Germany

Assist (from the English. Assist - help, support) - spring device to facilitate opening of the blade in semi-automatic knives

Outdoor (from the English. Outdoor - off-road) - intended for use outside urban conditions

Batoning (from English batoning - strike with a baton) - splitting a log with a knife, by striking its butt with another object (log, stone, etc.).

Benladenka - household knife-cutter with interchangeable blades.

Bench / Benya - knife company «Benchmade» (USA).

BW / action movies are knives designed to destroy enemy personnel.

Bock / Becker - the knife and the company «Boker» (Germany).

Wallets - parts of the frame of a folding knife in the form of an hourglass or small cylinders

Businka / Busya - knives and a group of knife companies Busse Knife Group (Busse Combat Knife Co; SRKW - Swamp Rat Knife Works; SCRAP Yard Knife Co)

Butcher (from ang. Butcher knife) - a butcher knife for cutting animal carcasses

Wave / Wave (from the English. Wave Emmerson Opener) - a device in the form of a protrusion - a hook on the blade butt for automatic opening of a folding knife when taking out a pocket

Wenger / Ven - knives or the company "Wenger S / A." (Switzerland)

Vicks - knives or the company "Victorinox AG"

Vintage (from French. Vintage) - an old knife or a knife in the old style

Wish list (from the English wish-list) - a list of knives that you really want to buy

Vodnik - abrasive stone for sharpening, which requires prior soaking in water

The Survivor is a survival knife.

Abortion - a folding knife, the blade of which automatically opens ("throws out") after removing it from the retainer.

Ven - knives and the manufacturer "Xing Wen Knives" (China).

Poured out / sprinkled RK - the appearance of chips on the cutting edge

Hansa (on Hansa) - Russian knife portal

Grip - a knife "Griptilian" company "Benchmade" (USA).

Grandfather - Sal Glesser (Sal Glesser), the founder of the company "Spyderco"

Gentleman - Classic Pocket Pocket Knife with Exquisite Trim

Dalya - down

Dulka - a small semicircular notch at the base of the blade between the blade and the fifth blade

Hole - round or oval cut in the blade for the thumb, used to open the knife with one hand

Leaky - Spyderco folding knives with a hole in the blade to open it

EDC (from the English. EDC - Every Day Carring) - a knife everyday wear

Zhabokol - handicraft roughly executed knife

Gutters - down

Painting - a large knife of an aggressive, frightening look

Zina, Zina tank, Zakhar Tarasovich - knives of the ZT brand (Zero Tolerance Knives) of the Kai USA Ltd. company

Icon - an expensive welcome knife

A kabaroid is a large knife that resembles the appearance of Ka-Bar company knives (USA)

Squid - model of the folding knife “Speed ​​/ Spec Bump”, produced under the trademark “Kershaw”

Stone louse / stone / stone / stone (from the English. Stonewash finish) - technology matting the surface of the blade

Carbon steel - (from English carbon steel) carbon steel

Custom (from the English. Custom) author's knives, knives made to order in a single copy or in small batches

Customized - modified serial knife to improve its characteristics or to give individuality (blade engraving, curly notches on the butt, new linings or handles, etc.)

Castration - change the design of the knife to turn it from cold weapons in utility knife

Kersh / Kershaw / Kershaw are the knives of the Kershaw trademark of Kai USA Ltd.

The Chinese are low-quality Chinese knives.

The Chinese are good-quality knives made in China.

Kishkoder - knife with shock teeth on the blade

Clipit - folding knife with clip-clip

Knotter - semi-automatic folding knife with a button to open it

Kovanina - traces of forging on the blade or their imitation

Crutches / Tools - tools for making or maintaining a knife

Kotska - traces of intensive use of a knife (scratches, dents, nicks, chips, etc.).

Credit card / card knife (from the English. Credit card knife) - a knife in the form of a credit plastic card to carry in your wallet

Krovostok - dol

Curly - author's knives of the American master Matt Cicewor (Matt Cucchiara)

Rat - Knives series "Rat" (rat) of the American company "OKC" (Ontario Knife Co) or the knife Ken Onion (Ken Onion) "Pack Rat", manufactured under the brand name "Kershaw"

Kryakozyabra - a fancy-shaped knife, of dubious purpose

The laser is a very sharp knife with a thin butt.

LBA - Russian knife master Leonid Borisovich Arkhangelsky

Lens - convex shaped slopes

Lomik / scrap - a knife with a thick butt

Burdock - plastic sheath without fasteners (the knife is fixed on the body or clothing with a cord, threaded through the holes in the sheath)

Losha - Lochsa knife manufactured by SCK (Scott Cook Knives)

Lyonka - linseed oil used to impregnate the handle of the knife

Play, play - blade reel

Maniclip (from the English. Money clip) - a small pocket with a clip, used as a clip for paper bills

Manual (from the English. Manual - manual) folding non-automatic knife

Mast hev (from English must have) - a knife that every knife-lover who respects himself must have

MG / WG (offensive language) - very poor quality knives

Jedi Sword / Jydai Sword - very sharp knife

Mikov - Czech company "Mikov"

Mikrotyk - knives and the company "Microtech Knives, Inc." (USA)

Military / Military - Spyderco Military Knife

Mint - a knife in excellent condition with no traces of use

Mora is the common name for inexpensive Mora of Sweden knives produced in the city of Mora (Sweden)

Carrots / carrots - a knife with an orange handle

Cartoon / cartoon (from multitool) - a multifunctional knife, which includes in addition to the blade various tools and accessories

Trash Dog - a line of knives "Junkyard Dog", produced under the brand name "Kershaw"

Naifmeyker (from knifemaker) - knife master

Nyfovka - meeting like-minded people to talk about knife topics

Nayfoman (from English. Knifeman) - knife lover

Napiling - completion of the new knife

NB - knife fight

Oversized / oversized - a knife of complex shape and large size

Stainless steel - stainless steel

The knife bit - easy cut with a knife

Nudist - all-metal knife

Abrasion - technological operation to give the blade its original shape

Opinok - traditional folding French knife "Opinel"

Galvanized bucket - technology matting the surface of the blade (Stonenwash or Tumble Finish)

Palma - a knife on a long handle

Spider / spider - knives of the American company "Spyderco" (by the company logo in the form of a spider)

Fin / Flipper - the protrusion on the blade for easy opening of the folding knife with your finger

Plasticine - very soft metal blade or knife fasteners

Die - plates that form the frame of a folding knife, usually made of metal

WWI - First World War.

Float - a knife with a hollow handle or a handle of balsa wood, foamed plastic that does not sink in water

Powders - steel, made by powder technology.

Birdhouse - a model of the knife "Catbyrd", produced under the brand "Byrd" by the company "Spyderco"

Pribluda - additional accessories complete with a knife

Pushkat (from the English. Push cut) - cut without moving the blade - only due to the pressure on the knife

Pyrylniki - military and combat knives

Rarik - rare, rare knife

Roundhall (from the English. Round Hole) - a round hole in the blade of a folding knife for opening it with a thumb (patented by the American
by Spyderco)

Ramboid / Remba's knife / uzhosnakh / survivalist's knife - a little practical knife of a large size and aggressive look

RK - the cutting edge of the blade

RRZh (various rusty iron) - knives with a blade from damask of low quality.

Remba is an incompetent participant of knife forums with great conceit, a lover of large knives of aggressive design.

You know who / who you can't call - Russian designer Igor Aleksandrovich Skrylev

Sanremki - folding knives of the Chinese company "Sanrenmu Knives"

Satin / satin finish - matting the surface of the blade

Pig / Pig / Pig - Testing a knife on a mannequin with a piece of pork that fits in old clothes

SGSH - Russian master Sergey G. Shirogorov

Sert - information sheet of the certification test report ("certificate")

Gray Brothers / CM - Police Officers

Seba - the line of knives "Sebenza" by American knife maker Chris Reeve (Chris Reeve)

Scandi / Scandinavian - Scandinavian Knife

Skeleton / Skeleton - Skeletal Knife

Skulkracer (from the English. Skullcrasher - destructive skull) - shock protrusion in the top of the knife

Doggy - a trainer training strikes knife (stick, wrapped with rags or cardboard)

Folding - folding knife

Slip-on / Slip-joint (from the English. Slip-joint) - a folding knife without rigid fixation of the blade (spring-loaded blade heel), typical pocket knives of the Soviet period

Shirt - shank

Spay / Spaydyrka - knives and the Spyderco company (USA)

Chisel - a variant of the cross section of the blade in the form of a chisel (sharpening on one side of the blade)

Suvel - growth on the trunk of a tree, used to make the arms of knives

Went to dinner - bought a new knife

Sandwich / sandwich / cake - steel package for making a blade

Tablet - a round plate on the butt of a folding knife for opening it with one hand

Tantik - a knife with a blade in the form of a Japanese knife tanto or its American modification

Ten - a model of a knife "Tenacious" of the Spyderco company

TMO - thermomechanical treatment

TO - heat treatment

Triangle - a device for sharpening "TriAngle", manufactured by "Spyderco"

Blunt - the heel of the blade

Tyts-tyts - folding automatic knife

The pin is a knife with a handle located perpendicular to the blade, a knife of a knuckle grip

Carbon - Carbon Steel

Coal - Carbon Fiber

Horror / Uzhosna - a knife of aggressive look and huge size

Falk / Falk - knife company “Fallkniven” (Sweden)

Fighter (from the English. Fighter) - combat knife

Fixed - (from the English. Fixed blade knives - a knife with a fixed blade) - awkward knife

Date - Finnish knife or Russian Finnish (Finnish-type knife with limiter)

Feature (from the English. Feature) - a characteristic property of a knife

Folder (from ang. Folding knife) - folding knife

Frontal - automatic or semi-automatic folding knife with a front blade stroke

Freehand (from the English. Free hand) - sharpening the knife by hand without the use of additional tools

Hala / Halo - a line of semi-automatic knives with frontal blade “HALO” (High altitude low opening) by Microtech Knives, Inc

HB / household goods - utility knife

CW / Cold / Jelly - Cold Steel

Cold piece of iron - knives and the company "Cold Steel" (USA)

Hamster - a small knife with a clip manufactured by the company "Boker"

Hotelka - an unstoppable force to acquire knives from the Nyfoman

Khokhloma - drawing, applied to the blade by engraving

Hult / Hultafors - Hultafors Group AB (Sweden)

Che - Russian master Alexander Ivanovich Cheburkov ("Cheburkov Workshop")

Chisel - see chisel

Swedes / Swedes - cheap ungainly knives of Swedish manufacturers

The neck is a small knife for carrying around the neck.

Shkryabat / Elozit - sharpen / edit knife

Shock - Russian master Alexey Shokurov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Spinek / shpinek - a small pin at the base of the blade of a folding knife for opening it with one hand

Pike - blade with a concave descent of the blade

Yuzat (from anlg. Using) - use a knife for work

En / Ann / Lady Ann - Spyderco's Endura Knife Model

Apple - pommel in the form of a ball

Scimitar - wavy (S-shaped) shape of the cutting edge.
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