No tanks - no victory

No tanks - no victoryAfter the start of US aggression against Iraq, the attitude towards tanks has changed.

According to the Washington Post, the US Department of Defense decided to send M1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan. Earlier in the war with the Taliban, they were not used. To begin with, it is planned to transfer such vehicles to 16, which will support the actions of the units of the marines deployed in the provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. This decision of the Pentagon was approved by the commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus. His predecessor, General David McKiernan, was against the use of tanks, since they would remind Afghans of Soviet troops, who used heavy armored vehicles in the fight against the Mujahideen. Now, apparently, psychological motives are thrown away. Moreover, in the near future, according to Washington Post, the "tank presence" of the United States in Afghanistan may be increased.

If after the end of the "cold war" it was customary to speak of tanks in the West as "relics of the past", then after the start of the US aggression against Iraq, the attitude towards them changed. Yes, US armored units suffered serious losses there. As of February 2005, 70% damage from 1135 of M1 Abrams machines deployed in Iraq was damaged in various degrees of severity. 80 of them had to be sent to the factory for overhaul. And about 20 tanks were lost forever. But it was the tanks, not the high-precision cruise missiles, that made it possible to end the regime of Saddam Hussein and to occupy a rather rather big Middle Eastern country. American Abrams literally squeezed the whole of Iraq and rolled insurgents with asphalt and dust with their tracks. Despite the high vulnerability of tanks in the cities, they actually took them. Fire 120-mm guns with high efficiency supported the infantry, and the armor and maneuver introduced the enemy into a state of shock and awe.

By the way, even now tanks have an important role to play in “pacifying” the situation in Iraq. At the beginning of this year, the United States supplied the Armed Forces of that country with the 63 Abrams tank. And just planned to transfer 140 machines, which will complete four armored battalions, designed to maintain order in the territories where the Americans leave.

US losses in tanks during the Iraq war were high

According to American military experts, tank guns fire more accurately than field artillery. Tanks more quickly cope with the task of fire suppression of enemy foci of resistance than aviation, which must first be called, and then also wait, while trying not to become a victim of its “friendly fire”.

In Afghanistan, the Danish and Canadian contingents already use a certain number of tanks. The successful experience of their application and attracted the attention of Americans.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of the Washington Post, an annual analysis of the market for tanks by the American consulting firm Forecast International Weapons Group was released. It shows that before 2020, more than 5900 main battle tanks worth over $ 25 billion will be produced on the international market. And it’s not the United States and their NATO partners that will dominate this market, but Russia with T-90, Pakistan with tank Al-Khalid and China with MBT "type 98".

For T-90 has long been entrenched the glory of the "tank king", which leads the international market for ground forces equipment. And who are its competitors?

M1 Abrams tanks have become an indispensable tool in the assault of cities in Iraq

There should be a remark. Forecast International should be treated with caution. This well-known consulting firm primarily reflects the interests of American manufacturers. weaponstherefore, it does not miss the opportunity to influence the market in order to damage the US competitors. But in this case, the forecast of Forecast International is fairly objective, only, in our opinion, corrected in the direction of some decrease in numbers and does not take into account the factor of the appearance of new types of armored vehicles.

In our opinion, the Pakistani Al-Khalid tank, of course, has some market prospects, primarily in Muslim countries, but they are not obvious. This machine was created by Pakistani and Chinese designers on the basis of the Soviet T-80UD tank with the active participation of Ukrainian specialists.

T-80UD became the progenitor not only of Al-Khalid, but also of the Chinese tank "type 90-II", it is also in export performance - MVT-2000, and a whole family of other more advanced models of Chinese tanks. Today, Al-Khalid cannot be put on a par with Russian and Chinese tanks. This is more a car of yesterday, not the future.

Much more serious competition to manufacturers from Russia and China can make the Ukrainian T-84 family tanks. In Ukraine, they are mass-produced under the brands Oplot and Oplot M (the first 24 machines of this model are ordered). They are a further development of T-XNUMHUD “Bulat” tanks, but equipped with more powerful diesel engines (80 hp), Ukrainian-made 1200-mm cannon, built-in dynamic protection of the new generation “Knife-125”, Warta system for fighting with controlled enemy anti-tank weapons, a commander’s combined panoramic sight with independent day and thermal imaging channels, a separate commander (gunner-independent) thermal imager and a laser rangefinder, new radio communications and other modern Orochi ".

Pakistani Al-Khalid Tank

And although the export version of the T-84 - “Yatagan” with a NATO 120-mm gun and optical-electronic means of Western production - lost in the Turkish tank tender to German “leopards”, this does not mean that Oplot has no prospects in the international market. And, obviously, in the next decade, this machine and its modifications will be a serious competition to domestic developments.

The same applies to modern Chinese tanks. They, as already noted, were created under the influence of the Soviet school, and in recent years, with the direct participation of Ukrainian specialists. Of course, the Chinese designers could not pass by the experience of Western colleagues, from whom they, with their characteristic persistence, borrowed a lot.

The tank "type 98" (ZTZ-98), which is mentioned in the analytical report of Forecast International, was a further development of the "type 90-II", that is, the Ukrainian T-80UD "Bulat". He produced a small party. Now he was replaced by a tank "type 99" (ZTZ-99). Its chief designer, Zhu Yusheng, claims that according to the three most important indicators of combat potential - mobility, firepower and security - the “99 type” tank is the best in the world. Like all Chinese, and not only Chinese, the creators of weapons, Mr. Yusheng, of course, inclined to exaggerate the merits of his brainchild. But it requires attention, since it is extraordinary in the tank fleet of the PRC. Chassis, weapons, automatic loader almost completely borrowed from the tank "type 90-II." However, this machine has a new welded tower, more reliably protecting the crew. The thickness of the armor of the turret of the tank "type 99" in the frontal projection reaches 700 mm, hull - 500-600 mm. Combined armor protection of the frontal projection is enhanced by the installation of built-in dynamic protection (DZ), located on top of the main booking. The stern niche of the tower is additionally protected, where the DZ closes the trellised basket.

The fire is Ukrainian "Oplot"

The tank is equipped with a turbocharged diesel power 1200 hp, allowing you to accelerate to 32 km / h in 12 seconds. In the future, ZTZ-99 should get 1500-strong diesel, which is now being developed in the PRC.

The traditional 125-mm smoothbore gun, characteristic of late Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian tanks, according to Chinese designers, is much more powerful than the NATO-made 120-mm gun. The ZTZ-99 shots range includes shells with a tungsten core and a tail stabilizer capable of piercing 850-mm homogeneous armor. There are also penetrator shells consisting of several penetrating elements from special alloys. They punch 960-mm armor. The tank uses a hunter-killer type fire control system, that is, a “hunter-killer”. Thanks to her, not only the gunner, but the tank commander can accompany the target and fire at it.

The indisputable highlight of the ZTZ-99 is the JD-3 integrated active laser complex. It consists of a built-in laser range finder, an LRW laser irradiation warning sensor and an LSDW combat quantum generator. When receiving a signal about the irradiation of an enemy's laser beam, the system rotates the turret towards the detected source, then a weak power laser beam turns on, which determines the exact location of the target, after which the beam power sharply increases to a critical level and disables the optical means or organs of vision of the enemy operator. Such weapons are prohibited by the UN Convention on Specific Conventional Weapons. But it does not bother the Chinese.

For the Russian T-90 glorified "tank king"

Finally, the defensive potential of the “99 type” tanks is complemented by an active defense system, which automatically detects the incoming projectile or rocket, determines the trajectory of the flight using a high-speed computer and fires an “interceptor charge”. The radius of deviation from the target, according to the designers of ZTZ-99, does not exceed one meter, which allows you to destroy attacking objects with a high degree of guarantee.

The tank "type 99" refers to the same category of sensational Chinese military developments as the fifth-generation fighter J-20 Black Eagle, which made the first flight of 11 in January of this year. Only the tank appeared much earlier.

Serial production of the tank "type 99", of course, alarming. And not only in connection with its possible appearance on the international market. After all, ZTZ-99 is primarily rearming Chinese armored units stationed at the borders of Russia. And where else can they be? After all, do not storm Taiwan and the Himalayas with these armored vehicles.

How will Russia respond? “And in response to silence,” as the song says. Anyway, bye. But the answer is what.

Taking into account the operation in the troops, Uralvagonzavod conducted a major modernization of the T-90. But the T-90M version, which is superior in many respects to foreign models, was not interested in the military leadership. Why? It is not clear.

In the summer of last year at the exhibition "Defense and Defense-2010" in Nizhny Tagil, a promising tank T-95 was demonstrated for a narrow circle of people, which has no analogues in the world at all. But its funding through the Ministry of Defense has ceased. In a proactive manner, the development continues Uralvagonzavod. However, even this large enterprise is difficult to pull out. After all, it requires the involvement of subcontractors from various branches of science and industry.

Chinese tank "type 99"

International cooperation remains. A Russian-Indian agreement was recently reached to jointly create a fifth-generation multi-role fighter based on the T-50 prototype Sukhoi design bureau. For several years, negotiations have been under way on the joint development of a promising tank. The requirements of the Land Forces of India to the future battle tank of the future (Future Main Battle Tank - FMBT) largely coincide with the characteristics laid down in the Russian T-95. And such vehicles, which in Delhi consider “the second deterrent after nuclear weapons,” if efforts are added up can be obtained much earlier than the currently planned 2020. And there, you see, they will come to their senses in Moscow. Indeed, without tanks, there is no victory.
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  1. -2
    31 March 2011 13: 06
    we will build glamorous-wooden tanks. bully
  2. Alexander
    31 March 2011 13: 28
    Is it possible that the Indian and other military and experts - removed - that they are buying T-90s and not Leopards. They know very well the capabilities of these machines and what they are capable of, what modernization possibilities are inherent in them. For example, China, Ukraine, etc. etc.
  3. turnip
    31 March 2011 16: 28
    And there, you look, they will come to their senses in Moscow - they will come to their senses when they give
  4. Fell from the moon
    31 March 2011 16: 57
    As long as the carrots-perdyukovs are, they will never show the tank - T-95

    See other electronic media sites for today.
    There are other opinions from dismissed generals.
  5. -2
    31 March 2011 17: 14
    datur, no, we will inflate glamorous inflatable tanks with "capes" from Yudashkin + with Sperdyukov's tabloid in the entire body. And what is active-passive protection based on nanotechnology?
    Zlitsa is tired, so laugh over the freaks from the clan of the soldiers.
  6. Fell from the moon
    31 March 2011 17: 21
    I found out a couple of days ago on one of the sites - our nanochubais - categorically does not want to invest in SCIENCE!

    Type he is brewed in nanocompletements ALREADY made.

    Can Nanoskolkovo collapse, KAYA SAYANO-SHUSHENSKAYA HPS?

    Question to the chief editor.
    Personally, everything suits me, but people already wrote - after all, system administrators can easily put down the time of each message against each comment - this is common and exists on many sites. Think! After all, the message in lack of time is not clear. You are all easy to do!
    Good luck!

    31 March 2011 21: 57
    Well, the analysis of tank building is one-sided enough, Pindos generals do not make statements that the M1 Abrams is an outdated modernized shit. They tear their asses pushing it to the foreign market !!!
    The tank is quite old and has a number of serious drawbacks, before the same T-90.
  8. Escander
    31 March 2011 22: 54
    There are also many questions on Chinese tank building. If the quality is at the level of Chinese AKs, then they will not go far.
  9. Igor
    April 5 2011 11: 31
    The Chinese are not confused by the fact that their toys have built-in harmful LEDs (the glow of these diodes is very similar to the glow of a laser diode) .Why is this done? Due to the negligence of their Ministry of Health, or a hidden attempt to spoil the eyesight of future potential opponents - this is a special question.
  10. Motherland
    3 October 2011 09: 58
    The "queen of the troops" is still infantry.
  11. Alexandr_K
    30 November 2011 18: 21
    For the Russian T-90 glorified "tank king"

    Who is assigned? Who appointed him the "tank king"? Carbon monoxide power?
    1. yur20100
      30 July 2013 16: 13
      T-84U Oplot only 10 units in the Ukrainian army, t-90 500 units in the Russian, + export to India 700 units. Count yourself
  12. dmitri077
    26 January 2012 21: 52
    and who exactly secured the title of "king" for the t-90? what the ? superiority is achieved by a complex of forces and means, but not by tanks alone!