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Msta-S is being tested in India

Msta-S is being tested in India

The Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport seeks to expand cooperation with India and create joint production on its territory. The company offers self-propelled artillery systems 2C19 "Msta-S" in the Indian tender, reports

Currently, the Russian Msta-S is undergoing trial tests in India. The gun mount chassis has a high level of unification of elements and components with the chassis tank T-90S, which is manufactured under license at the Indian heavy machinery plant in Avadi.

The 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2C19 Msta-S was developed and manufactured by Urapltransmash in Yekaterinburg. In the Russian army, it was put into service in 1989 year.

The main armament of the 2C19 is the long-barreled 152-mm howitzer 2А64, equipped with an ejector for removing powder gases and a muzzle brake. The 2А64 cannon is produced by the Barricades factory.

Representatives of Rosoboronexport are also negotiating with Indian partners on current and future projects, including for upgrading previously supplied equipment - BMP-2, T-72 and T-90С.

According to a high-ranking representative, last year Russia exported $ 10 billion worth of weapons and military equipment to India.

Sales grew by more than 50% compared to 2012 in the year when Russian arms exports to India amounted to about 3 billion dollars.
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  1. olegff68
    olegff68 12 February 2014 13: 23
    Increasing the share of Russian weapons in a given country is a correct policy with far-reaching prospects for our military-industrial complex .... but will the Indians, who seek to get all the best, be interested in this "middle-aged" project? Maybe it was worth teasing the Coalition - there is something to think about After all, they pay regularly and do not copy-paste!
  2. ed65b
    ed65b 12 February 2014 14: 09
    Quote: olegff68
    Maybe you should tease the Coalition

    Yeah, just thinking about it. But I think so far we ourselves will not accept it.
  3. ramin_serg
    ramin_serg 12 February 2014 14: 10
    Msta-S is one of the best if not the best
    1. olegff68
      olegff68 12 February 2014 15: 19
      Quote: ramin_serg
      Msta-S is one of the best if not the best

      It makes no sense to argue Msta-s is good ... but there is still much room for the development of artillery and unfortunately there are those who need to be caught up already - for example, the Germans with their PzH 2000, Donar and others like them.
      That's why our designers do not lie on the stove reveling in praises, but work, preparing something new and more perfect (Coalition, etc.)
    2. alone
      alone 12 February 2014 20: 42
      Quote: ramin_serg
      Msta-S is one of the best if not the best

      one of the best in the world. there are a dozen self-propelled guns like the MSTA-S.
  4. Duke
    Duke 12 February 2014 14: 18
    "Msta-S", 152-mm self-propelled artillery unit 2S19
    gun, caliber, mm howitzer, 152
    machine gun, caliber, mm NSVT, 12,7
    OFS projectile 24,7
    OFS projectile with a gas generator 29,06
    UAS "Krasnopol" 20,0
    Minimum firing range, km 6,5
    from ammunition up to 8
    from the ground 5-6
    50 shells
    rounds of 300
    BM weight, kg 42000
    Power Supply, V 5-7
    Speed, km \ h 60
    Cruising on highway, km 500
    length x height x width, mm 11917х3380х2985
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 12 February 2014 14: 40
      Here is such a schematic will be better.

      RMB in the picture and open the image.

  5. Oleg_Merser
    Oleg_Merser 12 February 2014 14: 19
    when ours will be delivered to the army in the same volumes as for export .__.
  6. predator.3
    predator.3 12 February 2014 14: 24
    In the 80s, M-hundreds were produced at the Sterlitamak Machine-Building Plant, now this monument has only remained! sad
    1. 3935333
      3935333 12 February 2014 15: 54
      yeah ... and the "Barricades" plant in Volgograd has been bankrupt for 4 years ... but the plant continues to operate despite decrees and bankruptcies. In general, when the "bear", being the supreme, signed the liquidation of this defense enterprise, I was very disappointed, because not only 2A64 guns were spanked at the factory ... and they continue to spank
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 12 February 2014 18: 37
        In Soviet times, just over 110 self-propelled guns Msta-S were made. Soviet (Russian) artillery barrels were forged, and western cast. Therefore, our wear is 3 times better. In my opinion, only the Swedes approached such technology, but they still cannot do it. They can’t do something there.
        But even Westerners praise this car. She would still have high-precision ammunition in droves. There is such a designer in Russia Vishnevsky (Smelchak, Centimeter, etc.) - a direct competitor to another brilliant designer Shipunov. . Correction of the projectile occurred due to powder engines - impulse correction (within 1 sec. A miss of 300 meters was eliminated). This is also a unique technology of the USSR. The United States was ready to shell out 200 mil dollars. and recognized the superiority of this technology. But reason prevailed, showed stop . Vishnevsky said in an interview that he was able to save the technology. THERE WOULD BE MSTA-S WAS A SIMPLE TALE. good
        1. Zymran
          Zymran 12 February 2014 20: 23
          Quote: Kasym

          In Soviet times, a little more than 110 pieces of self-propelled guns Msta-S were made. Soviet (Russian) artillery barrels were forged, and western cast. Therefore, our wear is better in 3 times

          I don’t know what about artillery, but with tank barrels the situation was the opposite.
  7. ed65b
    ed65b 12 February 2014 16: 04
    and Koreans and the USA have someone to compete with.