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The US Navy ship arrived in Spain as part of the creation of EuroMD

The US Navy ship arrived in Spain as part of the creation of EuroMD

The first of the US warships that are to make up the naval component of the US missile defense system (PRO), the destroyer URO (guided missile weaponDonald Cook arrived at the Roth Spanish naval base on Tuesday, foreign media reported on Tuesday.

Donald Cook is fitted with weapons control Aegis, which in conjunction with other land, air or space systems designed to detect and destroy ballistic missiles.

A statement on the arrival of the destroyer was made by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He noted that this is the first warship with the Aegis system in Europe, reports RIA "News"With reference to Agence France-Presse.

In addition to the destroyer Donald Cook, the base in Spain for two years will receive three more ships of the US Navy. In addition, the Spanish authorities gave permission for the deployment of US troops and their families in the territory of the Spanish base - a total of 1,4 thousands of people. On sending the destroyer to Spain at the end of January this year, said US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

It should be noted that the issue of creating US missile defense systems in Europe is one of the most acute in relations between Moscow and Washington.

At the end of October in Romania began construction of the European missile defense base (ABM) United States and the North Atlantic Alliance.

A month later, before the “six” of international intermediaries on the Iranian nuclear program and Iranian diplomats reached a historic agreement in Geneva, Russian politicians claimed that the agreement would remove the reason for creating a missile defense system, since NATO will have nothing to explain the need for an European missile defense system if the Iranian problem is solved.

However, a source in NATO has denied these claims, stating that the North Atlantic alliance saw no reason to revise the plans for a European missile defense system.

In January of this year, NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow has invited Russia to join the construction of NATO missile defense system in Europe, thus improving the overall safety.

At the same time, Vershbow particularly noted that "if this opportunity is missed, NATO will continue to develop the capabilities that it considers necessary to counter the growing missile threat."
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 12 February 2014 12: 41
    The Spaniards are probably very pleased that now North Korean missiles will not reach them. The owner must protect his property.
  2. Georgic
    Georgic 12 February 2014 12: 42
    To be the first and last
  3. 222222
    222222 12 February 2014 12: 46
    ... "Demons surround"
    "Destroyer Ross will join it this year, and destroyers Karni and Porter, which are also equipped with Aegis missile defense systems, will join it in 2015. These ships will soon be combined with the early warning radar in Turkey and the Aegis ground-based missile launcher under construction in Romania and Poland "In the future, it is planned to locate US destroyers at the KONSTANZA naval base, Romania.
    "" - It is important to understand that it is not NATO that makes the decision to deploy the European missile defense system. These decisions are made in Washington. Because European missile defense is an element of the global American missile defense, which is being created today not only in Europe, but also in the Asia-Pacific region. And we have heard about US plans to deploy anti-missile capabilities in the Arctic. In particular, on the basis of warships, which may begin to be based in the northern seas. And thus represent, again, a danger to our strategic nuclear forces .. ""
    1. Luzhichanin
      Luzhichanin 12 February 2014 19: 58
      Quote: 222222
      This year the destroyer Ross will join it, and in 2015 the destroyers Karni and Porter, which are also equipped with Aegis missile defense systems.

      20 years are nearing, the year of completion of the preparation of all systems of a quick global strike against Russia.
  4. Leshka
    Leshka 12 February 2014 12: 47
    let's send our battle swimmers there for advanced training laughing
  5. Duke
    Duke 12 February 2014 12: 52
    Destroyers Arly Burke
    Main characteristics
    Displacement destroyers series I
    6630 metric tons (standard)
    8448 tons (full)
    Series II destroyers
    6907 metric tons (standard)
    9073 tons (full)
    IIA series destroyers
    7061 metric tons (standard)
    9648 tons (full)
    Length Destroyers Series I and II
    153,92 m the largest
    (142,3 m water line)
    IIA series destroyers
    155,29 m the largest
    (143,8 m water line)
    Width 20,4 m (largest)
    18,3 m (waterline)
    Height 45,7 m (from waterline to mast top)
    Draft Destroyers Series I
    6,3 m (without gas),
    9,3 m (with gas)
    Series II and IIA destroyers
    6,57 m (without gas),
    9,9 m (with gas)
    Reservation Kevlar protection of main battle stations, engines and weapons systems
    Engines 4 gas turbine units General Electric LM2500-30
    Power 105 000 l. with.
    Propeller 2 screws
    Speed ​​32 knots (maximum), 20 knots (cruising)
    Cruising range 4400 - 4890 nautical miles at 20 knots [1]
    6000 nautical miles at 18 knots
    Crew Destroyers Series I
    337 people (including 23 officers)
    IIA series destroyers
    380 people (including 32 officers)
    Tactical strike weapons 2 PU Mark 41 system "Aegis"
    on 32 (bow) and 64 (stern) cells, from 8 to 56 Tomahawk missiles.
    Artillery 1 * 1 127-mm AU Mark 45. Mod. 2/54 klb (on destroyers of the IIA series - 1 * 1 127 mm AU Mark 45. Mod. 4/62 klb), ammunition - 680 shells
    Anti-aircraft artillery 2 6-barrel 20 mm ZAK Mark 15 Phalanx CIWS
    (not installed on ships starting with DDG-85),
    2 25-mm ZAU Bushmaster (on some ships),
    4 12,7 mm M2HB machine guns
    Missile weapons 2 * 4 anti-ship missiles Harpoon (8 missiles)
    (not available on IIA series destroyers)
    up to 74 SM-2 or SM-3 missiles in the Mark 41 Aegis launcher,
    24 RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missiles (IIA series ships only)
    Anti-submarine weapons PLUR RUM-139 ASROC
    Mine-torpedo armament 2 * 3 324-mm torpedo tubes Mark 32
    (6 torpedoes Mark 46 or Mark 50)
    Destroyer Aviation Group I and II
    1 helicopter SH-60 LAMPS, no hangar
    IIA series destroyers
    2 helicopters SH-60 LAMPS III, helicopter hangar
    1. alex-s
      alex-s 12 February 2014 13: 37
      Do we have something to answer? belay
  6. Svist
    Svist 12 February 2014 13: 27
    "In January this year, NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow invited Russia to join the construction of a NATO missile defense system in Europe."
    I goof ...
  7. kelevra
    kelevra 12 February 2014 17: 19
    Who wants, like me, for this ship to sink, put "+" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. alone
      alone 12 February 2014 20: 44
      Quote: kelevra
      Who wants, like me, for this ship to sink, put "+" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      laughing Do you think he’s self-destructing from this? A new way to earn a rating?))