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10000 shells a minute. Ship gun "Duet"

10000 shells a minute. Ship gun "Duet"

Russian scientists have invented a new naval gun, which is able to knock down any enemy missile, it creates a cloud of shells, destroys everything that moves.

Tulamashzavod prepared a new artillery for the Navy, the Duet or AK630-М2, for serial production. The rate of fire and the effectiveness of hitting targets doubled by firing two machine guns. The use of new technologies allowed to reduce the radio-visibility of this gun on the ship by an order of magnitude.

GSH-6-30 - Gryazev-Shipunov, six-barreled, caliber 30 millimeters. This anti-aircraft gun is the basis of the famous rocket and artillery complex "Chestnut" and the AK 630-M naval installation. The design is made as multi-barreled weapon with a rotating block of trunks.

“A six-barrel cannon, all the time one barrel shoots from one position. Due to this, a high rate of fire is achieved. Due to the smooth filling of cartridges,” says Evgeny Makaryev, deputy chief designer of AK Tulamashzavod.

The installation, equipped with such an anti-aircraft machine, gives a record rate of fire - 5 thousand rounds per minute. According to the military, a high density of fire is necessary to protect the near lines from aviationanti-ship missiles and mines.

Developed this weapon in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. Produce nearby, at Tulamashzavod. It also engaged in the modernization of AK-630M artillery systems. And it turned out two-automatic artillery installation "Duet". At the plant it is affectionately called "Sweet couple."

According to Yevgeny Makariev, the AK-630M can shoot at a speed of 10 thousands of shots per minute, when a high density of fire is needed to quickly hit the target.

Two barrels - not the only difference "Duet", in it new forms of fairing and casing. For the first time in the production of naval artillery installations used "STELS-technology." The visible part of the gun is made of modern radio-absorbing materials.

“We have both reflection and absorption of radio waves here, so we have very good performance,” says Evgeny Makariev.

In the radio frequency range, now every military ship should be a stealth ship. The reduction in radio-visibility allows you to enter a new gun in the contours of modern ships.

Now "Duet" has passed all kinds of tests and is ready for serial production.

According to Director General of the Tulamashzavod Production Association Yevgeny Dronov, the Russian Navy has already become interested in Duet. On some ships this complex is already registered. In the near future, the creators of weapons hope, foreign firms will also show interest.

The development of super-efficient weapons by a serial plant is a common situation in recent years for the Russian defense industry. In the turbulent post-perestroika years, everyone survived alone. The design bureaus were taken for production, the factories for design. Hope could only be on their personnel and internal reserves. Therefore, in 1991, the first information technology department in the country appeared at Tulamashzavod. It is based on very young students from universities in Tula.

Information technologies on three-dimensional mathematical modeling allowed to develop the Duet project in five months, and not in a year and a half, as usual. Simultaneously, calculations were checked, details were worked out. Drawings on the local network came immediately to the machines.

Of the ten own developments of Tulamashzavod, four have entered the world market.

"From the point of view of both economic and costly, this is the wrong decision ... everyone should mind their own business. The creation of the Russian Technologies State Corporation and on the basis of this group of holdings, in my opinion, should resolve these contradictions," Evgeny is sure Drones.

Today, together with Rosoboronexport, Tula people are preparing their “sweet couple” for promotion to the international market. There is no doubt about success. "Duet" makes virtually invulnerable any warship.

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    APASUS April 22 2011 18: 31
    The article is written correctly!
    All for export, we will deliver slingshots to our ships!
    1. KASKAD
      KASKAD 6 November 2011 00: 43
      Look about the American installation "Galkiper" 12000 in the rate of fire + fully automated, it will destroy a missile on the approach without commands or an enemy aircraft that will not recognize its own enemy.
      1. Roman 75
        Roman 75 28 February 2012 14: 56
        Quote: KASKAD
        Look at the American installation "Galkiper"

        Sorry, why did "Goalkeeper" become an American system ?! belay
        And, excuse me, where does the infa come from about 12 rds / min ?! belay
        EMNIP, everywhere and everywhere the rate of fire is indicated at 4 rounds / min.
        With regard to the rate of fire, the "Miriad" ZAK, which gave 11 rpm, could be considered an approximate analogue of our complex. True, it has a smaller caliber, 000 mm.
  2. His
    His April 22 2011 20: 29
    And at night how to fight, with such a complex? Wait until dawn?
  3. grshnsh
    grshnsh April 22 2011 22: 45
    there is a thermal imager and other systems
  4. Joker
    Joker April 23 2011 10: 52
    guidance is made by radar
  5. Sergh
    Sergh 21 September 2011 20: 48
    A good toy, I need to put one on the balcony, you see, everything will be calm in a kilometer radius!
  6. L. konstantin
    L. konstantin 6 November 2011 00: 20
    with such a toy within a radius of a kilometer there will be a desert) I saw live how, in the exercises, the silk shot at a brick house! just horror in 5 seconds. scattered.
  7. zavesa01
    zavesa01 29 November 2011 10: 54
    ak "Duet" is a twin of AK-630. There are analogues abroad, for example, if I am not mistaken, the American system "goalkeeper". Although the AU GSh itself certainly has many advantages. However, as a system, the goalkeeper is perhaps better than the duo.
  8. bereg
    bereg 18 January 2012 14: 06
    slingshots are better than pr
  9. cerber
    cerber 6 March 2012 12: 22
    Amers electric drive. The gas duo