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Geopolitics around China. Xinjiang

In my book “Geopolitics. How it is done ”a lot of space is given to events in Asia. Japan, England, USA, China, Russia. All this is not just the names of countries - all are PLAYERS. One of the most interesting point of the “Big Game” is Xinjiang. Today it is Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China.

About this is the article by Elena Fedotova, the regular observer of the resource

Geopolitics around China. Xinjiang

“The plague germ, as Alber Camus said, never dies. He can sleep and hide in secluded corners for a long time, but one day he will certainly wake up and awaken hordes of rats. So the epidemic of separatism sooner or later affects any strong state. In this, China understands Russia well, because the explosive Xinjiang is called nothing but “Chinese Chechnya.”

October 31 The 2013 of the year in the heart of Beijing has been a blast. The suicide bomber jeep flew into the long-suffering Tiananmen Square. He rammed the crowd at full speed and almost ran into the wall of the former imperial residence. On this day, the Xinjiang Uighurs made their first stories terrorist attack. The event literally had the effect of a bombshell. The Uigur riots became already a regular practice, during its history the separatists rebelled hundreds of times. But only now they were officially declared militants.

This could be called the third bell for the play. There were “swallows” from Syria before him - the last one “flew in” in July 2013. It was at this time in Xinjiang the situation escalated sharply. The unrest became the biggest since 2009, when hundreds of people died in the city of Urumqi. This time, the Uighurs attacked police stations and smashed ethnic Chinese shops. A few days later, Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Mustafa said that 30 militants from the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement are fighting in Syria. The only separatist organization in Xinjiang, which has been recognized as terrorist even in the United States. True, it happened right after 9 / 11, when the Americans were building themselves a victim of world terrorism. What can't you do for the sake of a convincing image?

Official Beijing has repeatedly stated that Uygur separatists are fighting the same front with the Syrian "rebels". Moreover, between them there is an active exchange of experience and education of new generations of “freedom-fighters” for introduction into China. Our democratic does not get tired of supplying these messages with an ironic prefix "supposedly," although there is no doubt about their authenticity. Something clearly confuses them either in the Uighurs or in the Syrian “rebels”. The only question is “what” - after all, both of them, in their opinion, are fighting for human rights and democracy. And, logically, should help each other. Like a true democratic international.

Of course, the number of "30 militants" - utterly retouched, and the actual number of Uighurs in the ranks of the Syrian militants exceeds it at times. The “Syrian pot”, if it falls over, will flood not only Russia, but also China with red-hot lava. After all, militants of all nationalities, including Chechens, are already taking part in it. For the first time, the Uighurs were spotted in Syria exactly one year before the Tiananmen terrorist attack - October 30 2012. And now it is time to apply the skills.

Drug trafficking, human trafficking and smuggling weapons - this is an incomplete list of what members of the Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan are doing in their free time from terrorist attacks. In fact, this is one of those gangster groups that, in large numbers, trade in the Middle East under the guise of religious slogans, and in fact in the interests of their Western patrons. “Manual Islamists,” as you can call them, deliberately incite inter-ethnic and inter-religious strife on their territory. In our case, they are striving for the separation of Xinjiang and the creation in its place of a new Afghanistan or Pakistan. Here there is no talk of any “cultural autonomy” within the united China. These people declare their goals quite loudly. Nationalism, the rule of Sharia, the destruction of infidels. Ruin, death, permanent chaos. The US military contingent plans to leave the AfPack region in 2014. It must be assumed that the most interesting things will begin here. Numerous facts speak of strong ties between the IDT and the Taliban and al Qaeda, but this is so logical that it does not even need to be confirmed. At one time, the United States made a concession to China - they recognized the group as terrorist. True, this diplomatic curtsy served, rather, as a diversionary maneuver. The Chinese government counted as many as eight terrorist associations in the country. But the Americans have their own scores in this game. And a very warm, even reverent attitude to the topic of “national self-determination”.

The flagship of the Uygur separatism bears the name of the "World Uygur Congress" with headquarters in Munich, offices throughout the world and solid funding from the US Congress. Chinese Muslims enjoy great sympathy overseas. This was officially announced in 2009 year after mass riots in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. State Department employee Ian Kelly was struck with candor: the US Congress assists the Uyghur Congress through the Donors Foundation. Brotherly. The last organization had already become famous by that time. She made a “giving hand” to all the “orange revolutions” - from Ukraine, Georgia and Serbia to unrest in Tibet 2008 of the year. The events in Urumqi became the most massive and bloody over the past decades of Xinjiang and claimed two hundred lives. Apparently, the Foundation donated more than usual.

The WUK, speaking "the mouthpiece of the oppressed Uighurs," still does not tire of recalling this day "as an example of the repressive policies of the CCP." Forgetting, however, who became the instigator of those cases. Shortly before the massacre in Urumqi, the call of the leader of the Uygur Congress, Rabiya Kadir, was heard through all possible channels - “we must be bolder” and “arrange serious incidents”. And Xinjiang was boiling. After all, the best slave is the one who considers himself free.

Something unkind has always lurked in women with braids. We will not remember the heroine of one "Orange Revolution", let's talk about the symbol of another people - the Uigur. Mrs. Kadyr has been living in the USA for a long time and enjoys their political patronage. But she can hardly be envied. Having lost her citizenship in her native country, she never received an American passport. They try not to raise this topic, and Kadir herself claims that she is supposedly so good. I do not need US citizenship, I want to remain part of the hated China. Green grapes. In fact, we are dealing with a terrible human tragedy. After all, "the heroine of the Uyghur people" was on the hook of the American special services with no chance to break away from him. She will never be given US citizenship, because this eternal lever of pressure is necessary, she must always dance to someone else's tune. And if it does not, it will fly into the abyss. After all, there is no going back. The United States is making too big bets on Uygur separatism.
The story of her life littered to holes by "independent media." She for 60, she is a faithful Muslim woman and the mother of eleven children! Thin, with hollow cheeks and bitter irony in his eyes, two long braids descend along his shoulders. He speaks with aspiration and loud intonations characteristic of the languages ​​of the Turkic group. Skullcap never takes off. Such Rabiya Kadyr appears in numerous interviews for American and European channels. Here it is - a living example of an unequal, but selfless struggle with the bestial essence of communist China.

The official version sounds like this. The honorable lady had every chance to stay in her homeland. One of the five richest people in the PRC, a high-ranking member of the Chinese government, she sacrificed her social position for the good of her people. This happened in 1999 year. Mrs. Kadir carelessly gathered for a meeting with a delegation of the US Congress in Urumqi. What he forgot there is, of course, a separate story. But on the way she was captured by the Chinese government and thrown behind jail. The transfer of several newspapers to Sidik Ruzi, who lives in the United States, is an employee of Radio Free Asia (also funded by the US Department of State) and part-time husband Kadir, the CCP dubbed "divulging state secrets." The official lost all her posts and sat behind bars for several years. In the 2005 year, before the visit to China, Condoleezza Rice was released “for health reasons” and sent to the USA - out of harm's way. It was here that she unfolded in all her freedom to fight.

At this point it is necessary to include common sense. The 90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union became the most favorable time for separatists of all stripes. It was China's turn to be chopped into pieces. And the Uigur card, to be honest, was and remains the trump ace of this deck. Mrs. Kadır reached a peak in both wealth and political influence, and became the indisputable authority among the Uighurs. She rose from hopeless poverty in the most magical way. From laundries turned into a millionaire. "Contrary to" - she says, "thanks" - we say. After all, if you take a sober look at the situation, it becomes obvious that Kadyr, an influential Chinese official, was recruited by the American special services. The question is when it happened. Did the CIA help enrich it, or just take advantage of the fruits? And the talk, of course, was not about “several newspapers” of Sidik Ruzi. It was treason. Today, having no citizenship, she can only behave as she is told. And say only what is written in the script.

After leaving China in 2005, Kadir did not look back at the abandoned family. Survived, and thank God! After all, puppets in such cases are usually abandoned, as Tibetans were once thrown to die. But Rabiya Kadyr has not played her role yet. The children are still writing letters to her, accusing her of betraying the Motherland and the government, which has done a lot of good things for her. A dissident calls it just a provocation by the CCP. What else can she do? Now the traitor is trying to whitewash himself and denigrate the one he betrayed.
But what a honor in a foreign land! In 2007, President George Bush, who paid much attention to the Uyghur issue, honored her with a personal audience. The result of this meeting was a resolution forcing the Chinese government to release the "innocently convicted" Uygurs (it was about all the prisoners of Uyghur nationality, including the terrorists). And, of course, the CCP’s policy towards the Uyghur people was no good - it should be reconsidered immediately! Ideally, letting Xinjiang go in peace.

The World Uygur Congress is the main factory of anti-Chinese myths. From which ceiling they come, probably, Allah alone knows. Well, still, perhaps, a sponsor in the person of the US Congress. “We cannot talk about our culture, education, language. Beijing is pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing and forced assimilation, ”Ms. Kadır says and does not blush. Meanwhile, in Xinjiang, new schools are constantly being opened, and teaching is conducted mainly in Uighur language. Population growth in XUAR is the highest in China, excluding emigrants. The number of people - faithful, Muslim - has grown several times since the middle of the last century. After all, this is not the Han Chinese, who have "one family, one child." Religious Harassment? Money for the reconstruction of mosques from Beijing flow like water, as well as funds to the state budget of Xinjiang. By the way, the governor there Nur Bekri is Uygur by nationality. Skyscrapers, cars and factories flooded Urumqi over the past twenty years, turning it from a backward province into a major industrial center. In the Chinese army, there are even special kitchens for Muslim soldiers - but no matter how much a wolf you feed ...

With Kadyr, it began - and it ended: after the riots in Urumqi, she poured her personal bile on the Chinese government. And not in any blog, but in The Wall Street Journal - the messenger of the financial elite of the USA. Our heroine, - we recall, one of the richest people in China, "who became naked with a miracle," simply had to have connections in certain circles. Confirmation was not long in coming. Instead of spitting at herself in the mirror, Kadir, in the pages of the publication, openly proclaimed the Chinese government to be nationalistic and encouraging nationalism among the Han Chinese. So, in her opinion, it compensated for the failed communist policy. Her repressions were “bloody”, and the situation was “hopeless”. And only the United States could save the situation. Toward the close, she pleaded with the White House to condemn the PRC for suppressing the uprising and to open a consulate in Urumqi, which would become a “beacon of freedom”. But the reaction was not followed, because China is still too strong. The United States is only waving a red rag in front of his face and immediately hiding in the bushes, avoiding open picks. And waiting for the right moment.

Now about Rabiye Kadyr they make films - tearful stories about selfless love for their people. A month after the massacre in Urumqi, which was provoked by Kadyr, the premiere of the tape, shown exactly to the Melbourne Film Festival, took place in Australia. Directed by Jeff Daniels shot “Ten Conditions of Love” ten years after the arrest of Kadir. Then, we recall, her meeting with the delegation of the US Congress did not take place! How to forget this? This is undoubtedly an international event, and the problems of the Uigurs concern everyone on planet Earth. But there are many oppressed nations. Why shouldn't an Australian director make a film, for example, about Scots who also want to secede from Britain, which forbids them to wear skirts and red hair? After all, this struggle is rooted in the century! Walter Scott also wrote about the valiant Rob Roy. Oh yeah, because Australia, in fact, is still an English colony ruled by Her Majesty. The film masterpiece was presented to the public by two Australian politicians - Senator Bob Brown and MP Michael Danby, fierce fighters for the freedom of human rights in China. And the truth is, what else should Australian officials fight for? God save the queen!

The problems of the Uigurs so agitated Australia that a rather ordinary film was shown in the main cultural center of Melbourne - the huge hall of The Melbourne Town Hall, where thousands of spectators witnessed unprecedented atrocities of the Chinese government. About which "truthfully" told Rabiya Kadir and her relatives. As a matter of fact, the whole film is a forty-minute video of monologues, where only faces and landscapes change - from an American clothing store to a cozy office. And of all the testimonies - the assurances of the heart, tears, oaths and fierce cries of Kadir in a strange language. But this did not prevent Senator Bob Brown to speak out decisively after the film: “I look forward to meeting with the President of China. I am waiting for the moment when he arrives in Canberra, so that we can present all these facts to him, and that the time has come when your family and people of Eastern Turkestan should be free. ” And there are only two facts in general. Australia is a process of Britain, and after the Second World War it is also a formal military ally of the United States. The enemies of China are not just waving a red rag - they do it with someone else's hands.

Even the Dalai Lama, the longstanding leader of the Tibetan separatists, spoke in support of the film. He called Rabiyu Kadyr "the national leader that exists in the paradigm of non-use of violence." After the events in Urumqi, these words sounded as eloquently as possible. Recall that the sect "Aum Shinrike", arranged a gas attack in the Tokyo subway, the Dalai Lama considered "sowing good". And its leader and his ward Seko Asaharu is “a very capable student.” Here is a strange non-violence.

Rabiyu Kadir was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but he was never awarded - allegedly, China got up with one thought. The classic story of a series about the "red rag." We waved, forgot, but the sediment remained. However, while in prison, Kadyr nevertheless received the Rafto Award for her selfless struggle in the field of human rights. It happened in 2004 year, and a year later the award was presented to the representative of Russia - Lydia Yusupova. What for? A human rights activist from Chechnya bluntly told the whole World about the horrors of the Chechen campaign. "They kill, rape, destroy and terrorize the local population" - probably, it was about the militants? No, about the Russian military units. Which deprived terrorists of the right to "peaceful self-determination."

Another winner of the Rafto 1991 Prize of the Year is also from Russia, or rather from the USSR. The famous Elena Bonner is a dissident and second wife of the “father of Russian democracy” Andrei Sakharov. She happened to hold in her hands even the coveted Nobel Peace Prize, which, however, received for her husband. She spent a good part of her life in the United States, where she took her last breath. Several facts speak about the political views of this lady: during the two Chechen campaigns that cost the lives of thousands of our soldiers (including those of Caucasian nationality), she wholeheartedly supported the separatist gangs who had been lured from abroad. In the 2008 year, when Tskhinval was in ruins, and the Ossetians had not yet managed to bury their relatives, Bonner rejoiced at the “successes” of Saakashvili. This is her quote: “They fought not for their homeland and not for Stalin, there was simply no way out ...”. However, here you can argue with her. Many found a way out of this difficult situation. For example, they helped the fascists.

The term uighur case has long been ingrained in the English language, and the best minds of the United States began to wrestle with how to solve the "Uyghur question." This question came up sharply after the Communists came to power in China, and every year it became more acute. The first place in the production of oil and gas in China, more than a quarter of coal reserves, strategic oil and gas pipelines that feed the entire country — cutting off Xinjiang meant to shut off oxygen to the Chinese economy. It was worth working on this theorem. Decades later, the problem began to play with new colors. Xinjiang has become the main foreign trade gate of the country through which the goods “made in China” went out into the world. All thanks to a good location - on the border with Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Russia. And on the last paragraph it was worthwhile to dwell in more detail. After all, the best war is a war on two fronts. Purpose to China, the West inevitably targeted in Russia. The rate is high on the "Syrian cauldron", but in terms of "B" there is always a "Xinjiang bomb." Gangs of militants are moving according to the Brownian movement - in all directions. They will go to the East, and they will go to the West. One has only to open the wound.

This was once understood by Joseph Stalin, who ceded Xinjiang to Mao Zedong in the 1949 year. There was a short period in the history of East Turkestan (as it was then called), when the region indulged in independence. Exactly in recent years and a little after that “senseless war” when they fought “not for their homeland and not for Stalin”. From 1944 to 1949, the East Turkestan Republic maintained warm relations with the USSR. There were even voices of joining. But where have you seen the separatists trying to unite with someone? The secret was that the Uygur gangsters were then financed by the Kuomintang and British intelligence (hello to Australian officials!). And such a “gift” to the USSR was a simple Trojan horse. And let them not say today that the region could have become a Soviet one. Because greed for good does not bring. And if Stalin did not accept a wise decision, Uygur separatism would have torn to pieces both China and the Soviet Union. After all, the plague virus spreads quickly, and rats are everywhere everywhere at all times. ”
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  1. Zymran
    Zymran 12 February 2014 15: 35
    The secret was that the Uyghur bandits were then financed by the Kuomintang and British intelligence (hello to Australian officials!). And such a “gift” to the USSR was a simple Trojan horse. And let it not be said today that the region could have become Soviet. Because greed does not lead to good. And if Stalin didn’t take a wise decision, Uigur separatism would tear both China and the Soviet Union to shreds. After all, the plague virus is spreading rapidly, and there have been enough rats everywhere at all times. ”

    Bugaga three times. The East Turkestan Republic was proclaimed with the full military and political support of the USSR.
    1. alone
      alone 12 February 2014 19: 41
      And if Stalin didn’t take a wise decision, Uigur separatism would tear both China and the Soviet Union to shreds.

      Sheer nonsense. The Soviet Union and so broke up by heating up the separatism of some subjects of the USSR. And all this was done without the Uyghurs. Accepting the accession to the USSR, the Uyghurs would probably be one less hot spot in the world now.

      and there were enough rats everywhere at all times. ”

      And the rats haven’t gone anywhere. They still act and hinder the development of many regions.
      1. Ikbol Tajik
        Ikbol Tajik 12 February 2014 21: 33
        Chinese occupiers. so they need it!
  2. Duke
    Duke 12 February 2014 15: 37
    It is good that we have an exchange of information with China on the fight against terrorism and separatism.
  3. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 12 February 2014 15: 44
    The Uighurs today are the same Han Chinese, only Mohammedans.
    The Mohammedan fanaticism of these comrades is completely bribed by the monarchy of the "One-Famous-Caliphate". However, NOT ONE "Muslim", not a single "Mujahid" will declare jihad on China while it buys Saudi oil and gas.
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 12 February 2014 16: 03
      Hello hello I think not so. Rather, DUNGAN. Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking people, one of the first in the region to have written language. They were always considered as farmers and traders and were not particularly warlike.
      And according to the article, it turns out that the Uyghurs as shitty people. This does not happen.
      Maybe the policy of the PRC contributed to this? Our Uighurs are quite normal. Remember, probably, the singer was such Murat Nasyrov. And in the XUAR I have never met illiterate Uigurs, and even in Shanghai (in a Uigur cafe). hi
      1. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 12 February 2014 20: 04
        Hello, Kasym.
        I bet, however, about the Dungans, because there are almost no Dungans or Uighurs left - assimilation in chinese - merciless.
        And according to the article, it turns out that the Uyghurs as a shitty people

        According to the article, it appears that the Mohammedans - "supposedly Uighurs - Dungan - Tokhars" oppress everything for which they do not fair outraged, receiving allegedly fair lyuli.
        Murat Nasyrov

        Nuuuu, remembered No.
        Our Uighurs are quite normal

        We and koryo-saram have very nice and smart people, who know and know a lot of things.
        It's just an article - another seething, they say, "everyone who can offend everyone who is not lazy." True, the international community does not care what is happening from a high mountain, which is sad. They even hide about the explosions, but how many peaceful Chinese die every year from Islamic fanatics?
        Well so that's what I'm saying. All are good, everyone is sorry, but the Chinese, I’m sorry, I don’t want to accept it at all, for.
    2. vo.dum
      vo.dum 12 February 2014 19: 49
      China so far peacefully wants to agree and solve the problem — it won’t work out — he will solve this problem in 3 days — how Stalin solved these problems — deportation and resettlement in remote areas in small groups ... do not agree, the bullet is the most effective method against those who do not peacefully wants to live ...
  4. Arhj
    Arhj 12 February 2014 16: 53
    An interesting movie is planned if the states also get in here. The orange script is clearly not going to work here.
    This is not to mention the fact that in order to destroy the states, China will not even need nuclear weapons. It is enough just to put up an American debt belonging to China at once. In general, it is unreasonable to spoil someone who owes so much.
  5. Sultan
    Sultan 12 February 2014 16: 55
    Again, Americans climb where they should not even look ... The past has passed. Now there is the present. As in the Caucasus, in the XUAR they are trying to destabilize the region in order to warm up their bony American hands of death on a lighted bonfire ... It’s the same that a neighbor stipulates your children against you ... You should deal with such a neighbor with such a neighbor. To the paralyzed angry, but could not do anything. Angry Me? Yes! - I will not turn the other cheek when I have already been hit. Iskander, Armata, Pafami and Pakda to permanently repel the desire to even think about the bad uncle Sam - let him smoke nervously alone in the quiet, dark and damp corner of a deep basement
  6. Leshka
    Leshka 12 February 2014 17: 02
    new hot spot with pachin Chinese
  7. Humpty
    Humpty 12 February 2014 17: 29
    "On October 31, 2013, an explosion took place in the heart of Beijing. A suicide-driven jeep took off in the long-suffering Tiananmen Square. It rammed the crowd at full speed and nearly crashed into the wall of the former imperial residence. terrorist attack history. "

    In 2007 or 2008 in Xinjiang, near Kashgar, two suicide bombs rammed a gate on a tractor and exploded during construction in a military unit. Killed about 20 troops.
    In the same Kashgar, a group of Americans permanently lives, they run a cafe where you can buy a small piece of apple pie for a lot of money, or go to the Uighurs, where you can take two sticks of a rough barbecue for $ 1. These Americans are missionaries "God's people", such persons with deformed sex characteristics.
  8. siberalt
    siberalt 12 February 2014 17: 42
    Yes. Not everything is calm in the kingdom of tangerines. Iosif Vissarionovich slipped them the "land". Let them think they have lost.
    So little information about China.
    Thanks to the author for an interesting article!
  9. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 12 February 2014 18: 26
    That is why all armed conflicts, etc. the problems of the modern world are necessarily implicated in religion, and not in some abstract religion, but in the very concrete. Can’t the Muslims themselves deal with their nippers? Or do not want to? I just can’t imagine a situation in which I would cry, Jesus was resurrected (or Darwin rules) himself, blew up or killed another person.
    1. Zymran
      Zymran 12 February 2014 18: 30
      But the crusaders were also Muslims, or we can recall the wars of Protestants and Catholics.
      1. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 13 February 2014 09: 55
        You are absolutely right, only they have drawn conclusions and abandoned this wild practice.
        1. Zymran
          Zymran 13 February 2014 13: 33
          So estimate the age of Islam and Christianity as religions.
    2. alone
      alone 12 February 2014 19: 45
      Quote: Фкенщь13
      I just can’t imagine a situation in which I would cry, Jesus was resurrected (or Darwin rules) himself, blew up or killed another person.

      Now what you are saying is happening in the Central African Republic. Only there nobody blows themselves up. They just kill local Muslims in a crowd. So everyone has pimps. But what we need to eradicate, everyone fights as best as possible. Some people do well, but others are very mediocre. Third ones have no results at all.
      PS It’s difficult to fight terrorists in general. It’s not easy to guess what he thinks.
    3. Kasym
      Kasym 12 February 2014 20: 03
      Good evening, Artem. Because :
      1. Among Muslims there are Shiites and Sunnis, as well as all sorts of trends such as Wahhabism (among which there are radicals).
      2. Because of its natural resources (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc.) or geogr. locations (Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Central Asia) have always been in the focus of attention of world powers. Therefore, all methods are used to gain a foothold in the region and keep everything under their control. Carrots and sticks, driving wedges between neighbors, military interventions, color revolutions. Therefore, radicals and extremists are popular among the population.
      3. Compared with us and European countries, the states of the Middle East have a poorly literate population, which is successfully recruited by local radicals. hi
      1. SkiF_RnD
        SkiF_RnD 13 February 2014 00: 27
        As for the currents, of course, you got excited. The division into "Sunnis", "Shiites", "Alawites", "Wahhabis" and so on is inherent in absolutely every world religion of salvation. If you don't think so about any of them, then you simply do not know laughing And every such religion has extremist, fighting wings. That the Protestant totalitarian sects that sell drugs and weapons, the possessions of which with tanks and helicopters are stormed by the American police, that the "fighting" Buddhist monks in medieval Japan, well, in general, you understand. It's not about Islam, not even about religions in general. It's about people. Religion \ radical nationalism \ "whatever" are external "symptoms". The essence is within, in the people themselves.
      2. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 13 February 2014 11: 44
        Greetings. I’m actually an atheist and in principle I don’t understand such fanaticism. By the way, in Kazakhstan, too, some strange people appeared in trousers tucked into socks. There were no such people before; they are fluent in both the Kazakh and Russian languages, from which I conclude that they are not newcomers, but real local ones. Probably in Kazakhstan, the KNB is working better and you are calmer in this regard, I hope everything will be peaceful.
    4. Onizuka teacher
      Onizuka teacher 12 February 2014 21: 52
      Once Christians were terrorists, but their time has passed. Now Muslims. And Darwinists, if you delve deeper, they conducted such experiments on blacks to reveal that the Anglo-Saxon race is the highest stage of human development, the monkey and Negro are similar and all the rest are either slaves or are subject to genocide, that it’s not in vain that the skull of the northern peoples is correct and the rest it’s not, but their time has also passed. Now the time has come to make bad people of Muslims, and then they will make of Buddhists and so on. And the word killing the unfaithful is not killing; this way to heaven was the slogan of the crusaders. An amazing coincidence, because right now this phrase is spoken by pseudo-Muslims. There are always puppets, but the puppeteer acts by the same methods.
      1. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 13 February 2014 10: 07
        Once we all climbed trees, but for some reason some grow to humanism and nanotechnology, while others remain with their prejudices. Of course, it is clear that education and all that, but nevertheless, blacks are created not by abstract terrorists, but by completely specific people. Here's how you can rub your brains to such a bed ???
        1. Lindon
          Lindon 13 February 2014 14: 03
          Quote: Фкенщь13
          Once we all climbed trees, but for some reason some grow to humanism and nanotechnology, while others remain with their prejudices.

          Is humanism when people burned in the stoves and nanotechnologies when the United States shoots Tomahawks at peaceful Afghans?
          Here the West offers everyone to get rid of prejudice, advertises LGBT and other progressive views.
          Each civilization first reaches its development, and then degrades. Remember the Roman Empire.
          1. FunkschNNX
            FunkschNNX 13 February 2014 14: 59
            Humanism is when they do not kill for disbelief in mythical creatures such as gods, and nanotechnology and technology in general are when cancer and AIDS are treated and eye prostheses can be seen. I didn’t hear that someone would advertise LGBT people, they asked me not to offend homosexuals - yes, but I didn’t hear about advertising. When I was young, I worked in a gay club for a couple of years (by the way in Kazakhstan) and didn’t get anything blue. For the majority of homophobes, having never seen a live fagot, they are ready to dismember them all, or at least send them to Omerika.
            It seems to me that the Roman Empire collapsed for political / economic reasons and due to objective administrative difficulties, at least not because of point-and-shoot coders :-) By the way, Christians also contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.
    5. The comment was deleted.
  10. dobrik10
    dobrik10 12 February 2014 20: 01
    What is the use of fighting an already obvious tumor, only cutting it out.
    It is necessary to fight with the primary source, so to speak, the source of this infection, which is located overseas with a sea-rage under a star-striped mattress.
    No wonder amerskoy government buys a huge amount of zinc coffins and ammunition "for internal needs" they sense that the plague generated by them and will return.
  11. Alexandr0id
    Alexandr0id 12 February 2014 21: 56
    some Chinese propaganda, why not? than the Chinese are worse than the Americans or others, why not order such articles, so to speak, to form public opinion. that the article is custom-made - 100%, because nobody needs it, the Uyghur problem in Russia is of no interest to anyone, 99,9% of the Russian population does not even know who the Uyghurs are.
    and if in essence, then Islamic fundamentalism and Uyghur separatism have very little in common, but they are fighting for separation from the PRC, and it just so happened that they profess Islam.
    however, in a rather mild traditional form, with the exception of some Kashgars. but this can be silent.
    telling fables about the delights of the Chinese occupation is at least ridiculous, the notorious Chinese investments in the region are made exclusively for the employment of millions of Chinese resettled in eastern Turkestan in order to assimilate and extract natural resources for the needs of the PRC. no Uighurs and Kazakhs participate in this festival of Chinese industrialization, in many ways of course through their own fault, because they don’t want to integrate into Chinese communist society, they don’t want to work for the Chinese, they don’t even learn the language of the invaders.
    Manchu, and then the Chinese occupation turned one of the most literate medieval nations (engaged in book publishing on an industrial scale) into an illiterate mass. if in neighboring Kazakhstan Uyghurs are generally okay, because as a rule, with brains, they are engaged in entrepreneurial activity, show business, then they simply live in poverty in their homeland.
    so why not the Uyghurs rebel, do not carry out terrorist attacks? for reasons of the invariability of the borders of a member of the UN Security Council? Is there at least one reason to live together with the Chinese?
    1. Onizuka teacher
      Onizuka teacher 12 February 2014 22: 10
      Well, do not dance to the tune of someone else! If the Uyghurs rise, they will pay, the Chinese will crush it very cruelly. Meaning? Everything has its own time, but if there are no forces and means, why should they perish in vain?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. s1н7т
    s1н7т 12 February 2014 23: 04
    I do not envy the Chinese, but they still have a chance to save the country and then "run over" the American States. Unless they decide, of course, that we are "tastier".
  13. Aeneas
    Aeneas 12 February 2014 23: 24
    the Chinese were intensely helping the Mujahideen of Afghanistan in the fight against the Shuravi. Including used their Uyghurs. Only the Shuravi left Afghanistan, while Osama, Prrdon, the Uyghur militants remained. Now, China itself is disentangling itself.
  14. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 13 February 2014 00: 02
    Article minus, clearly custom-made, which leads to serious thoughts, Elena Fedotova, you need to remember this name. As far as I remember, China plans to invest 100-200 billion US dollars in East Turkestan in the next five years and plans to turn two Indian rivers in the Himalayas to the north with the construction of the highest dam in history. So it’s not for a handful of Uighurs, Kazakhs and Dungans, but for 100 million Han people whom it is planned to resettle there in these five years. Rather, in the short term, China will buy the Türks, giving jobs and salaries, and dissatisfied people will be quietly evicted to Taklamakan and strangled. So far, Russia is in China’s allies, and this will be an immense time, say 50 years. But the Chinese are making plans for 100 years too, so you have to keep an eye out and extrapolate their mover. hi
  15. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 13 February 2014 00: 10
    Quote: dobrik10
    It is necessary to fight the primary source, the source of this infection, so to speak

    With the original source we can no longer. Wars under the pretext of religious affiliation began many centuries ago. The USA is the biggest provocateur and its hypocrisy is already clear to the whole world, but ... capitalism fellow
  16. Evkur
    Evkur 13 February 2014 01: 41
    An article about how someone does not see a pillar in his eye and notices a mote from another!
  17. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 13 February 2014 05: 34
    Well ... Sooooo long text ....
    It seems to me that there is a certain topic of escalating the situation, though .. this topic is present. Yes.
    But again, it can be solved in a different plane.
    There (we have with China) there are many points of contact. Well, they are not fools, although they want to be / seem more than they are.
  18. Nomad
    Nomad 13 February 2014 06: 34
    It seems that the author is worried about the integrity of China and has a deep dislike of the Uyghur separatists. Why's that? Is China an Ally of Russia? Are Uigur separatists threatening Russia in some place?
  19. antibanukurayza
    antibanukurayza 13 February 2014 07: 16
    The Uyghurs are controversial people. Those who have lived in Kazakhstan for a long time are quite peaceful, harmless comrades. Without national slogans and "the exclusivity of the Uyghur people." Yes, they understand that they once had their own land (somewhere in China), they have their own culture, etc.
    But there is a type of Uyghur who are called "Haiduki". I don't know where they got this nickname, but these guys are very aggressive and have all the beginnings of separatism. There are many of them among the Uighurs who have migrated from China. They come with an ideology hammered into their heads about some mythical "original Uyghur lands", about some Uyghur state between China, Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Sometimes ours knock this arrogance out of their heads. Maybe these hayduks are Dungans?