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Tula KBP completed deliveries ZRPK "shell" in the UAE and Algeria

OJSC Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) from Tula completed deliveries of the Pantsir anti-aircraft missile-gun complex (ZRPK) to the United Arab Emirates. KBP together with Rosoboronexport signed another contract and is negotiating with Brazil. This was announced at the “DEFEXPO-2014” exhibition by ITAR-TASS Deputy Managing Director of PCU Yuri Khozyainov.

“We have fulfilled the contract with the UAE and Algeria, the last deliveries were made in the autumn of 2013. And through Rosoboronexport, we signed another contract last year for about 2,5 billion dollars, in the middle of the year deliveries will take place, ”said Khozyainov, without naming the customer.

As for Brazil, negotiations on the supply of “Pantrias” are continuing with this country, the deputy head of PCU said. “For now, Brazil is planning three batteries, or 18 combat vehicles, with an offset program. Of course, for KBP it is a small amount, but from a political point of view, an important one is the opening of a new market, ”he added.

According to Khozyainov, requests for ZRPK “Pantsir” are received by “Rosoboronexport”. Among potential customers appear countries in the African region, in particular, Cameroon.

ZRPK "Pantsir-С1" on the MAN chassis in the version supplied to the United Arab Emirates (c) Rustam Bogaudins
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  1. sapran
    sapran 10 February 2014 08: 46
    Well done! An example when "price-quality" is out of competition and "do not care" for political preferences.
  2. sds555
    sds555 10 February 2014 08: 47
    There are not enough armor in our army. We need to quickly bring their number to an acceptable level, otherwise the situation in the world today is not calm.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 February 2014 22: 26
      Russia has recently been active in the international arms market ((((
      to Egypt, for the first time since 70 = years Russian arms have been delivered !!!! (((((
      worth $ 2 billion military equipment (((
      but the most intriguing thing is that Saudi Arabia and the UAE agreed to pay Russia for the contracts (((((
      not Egypt, namely the Saudis and the UAE >>>>> strange and ALARM ((((
      the deal is not to the detriment of Syria? ((((
      the first batch of Russian weapons will be delivered in the middle of the 2014 of the year (((((HOW ??? what

      according to: http: //
  3. sapran
    sapran 10 February 2014 08: 51
    This version is for export, a new version has been prepared for its armed forces. So, most likely, there is no harmful deterrence to the increase in production.
    1. sds555
      sds555 10 February 2014 09: 24
      Now in the army, if I’m not mistaken, there are a little more than 50 pieces, and my opinion is that export will still affect domestic production (if there were 500 of them, then another thing)
      1. afire
        afire 10 February 2014 09: 40
        The new one is called Shell-SM?
      2. sapran
        sapran 10 February 2014 09: 42
        In order not to produce a variety of types, you need to be 100% sure that the complex will serve by faith and the right for several 10 years, therefore, the 50 pieces declared by you are a search for "bugs" in various climatic points of your homeland and actions of "playful hands" of various levels of preparation of calculations that is, military trial operation.
        We looked, assessed, corrected the requirements according to our capabilities and made decisions that for export this is what you need, but for yourself a "beloved" you need something better ...
        Well at least I look at it as an "optimist"
        1. sds555
          sds555 10 February 2014 10: 19
          I am also an "optimist", so I want the Russian army to bring the Pantsiri to the number of at least a couple of hundred pieces as soon as possible
          1. muhomor
            muhomor 10 February 2014 17: 30
            And at what level the land. at. include them? The brigade is too bulky. To the Army, too small.
      3. Mizhgan
        Mizhgan 11 February 2014 03: 00
        Quote: sds555
        Now in the army, if I’m not mistaken, there are a little more than 50 pieces, and my opinion is that export will still affect domestic production (if there were 500 of them, then another thing)

        In order not to sell oil for the "shell" it is necessary to sell the "shell" and put into service the "shell - more effective" or even higher. IMHO.
  4. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 10 February 2014 08: 58
    As the saying goes: "there are more good and different goods" Let them take our Russian, sell, teach, serve.
  5. major071
    major071 10 February 2014 09: 02
    A special model is made for export, a slightly different model, "more abrupt", is supplied to the Russian troops. And the markets must be conquered. good
  6. Duke
    Duke 10 February 2014 09: 02
    Main characteristics of the Pantsir-C1 air defense missile system with a 57E6E SAM

    Destruction zone of the missile defense / guns, km:
    in range
    in height
    0,005-15 / up to 3
    Probability of hitting the target
    Maximum target speed, m / s
    to 1000
    Number of Target Channels
    The number of missiles simultaneously aimed at the target, pcs
    Reaction time, s
    BM weight in a combat position, t
    about 20
    SAM weight / with container, kg
    71-74,5 / 85 *
    Warhead weight, kg
    Ammunition SAM / shells, pcs.
    Deployment / coagulation time, min
    Battle crew
  7. Arh
    Arh 10 February 2014 09: 12
    The Carapace Becomes a Hit! ! ! * * *
  8. alex-s
    alex-s 10 February 2014 09: 29
    The main thing is not to forget about yourself!
  9. mountain
    mountain 10 February 2014 10: 03
    The name itself emphasizes the status of the complex. Well done.
  10. Evkur
    Evkur 10 February 2014 10: 04
    Almost such people are in Sochi, the sky is being guarded =)
  11. ZSP
    ZSP 10 February 2014 10: 25
    Well done! Chicken on a little bite)))
    Good luck and success !!!
  12. konvalval
    konvalval 10 February 2014 10: 31
    Once in demand means good technology. And demand gives rise to prices, so you need to sell to friends more expensive, and cheaper to your Ministry of Defense.
  13. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson 10 February 2014 10: 38
    The profit and implementation of the Pantsir project at the expense of foreign customers is great. But if it comes to that - frankly speaking, it is not comme il faut for the Saudis to supply our weapons. CA - the closest vassals of the United States, have already dismantled this "Shell" and wrote off these capabilities to themselves. In addition, the SA is a stronghold of terrorism and the main sponsor of all current terrorist actions in the Russian Federation, not to mention Syria, where the Saudis are opening a united front with Qatar. To supply our weapons to a country - a potential enemy in a promising theater of operations - is somehow wrong, I think. Business is business, but still .. it smells like it all.
    1. Nasty pirate
      Nasty pirate 10 February 2014 11: 19
      Quote: kirieeleyson
      CA - the closest vassals of the United States, have already dismantled this "Shell" and wrote off these capabilities to themselves.

      And who is not a vassal of the United States, then who can supply arms to Iran and several South American countries? This is a very narrow market.
      1. kirieeleyson
        kirieeleyson 11 February 2014 11: 09
        Well, you can say so, if "money does not smell."
        Everything is polar here, you trade with one hand, and you choke with the other. Politics is a dirty business.
  14. Gronsky
    Gronsky 10 February 2014 13: 08
    And yet, most organically, this installation looks exactly in the emirate version, on the MAN chassis. It seems that both the combat module and the chassis were created by one enterprise and specially for each other. On the KAMAZ chassis, the installation is disproportionately high, narrow and long. On BAZovsky, it’s somehow smeared on the ground and has a low density of the layout, the combat module looks alien sticky. At MAN, everything is branded, not ashamed to show, but a person makes his first impression visually.
  15. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 10 February 2014 14: 57
    We helped them with "Armor", and they helped us with drones. If the UAE had not purchased our "Pantsir", then their presence in our Armed Forces would have been problematic.
  16. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 10 February 2014 16: 45
    The carapace is an amazing complex! Revised a bunch of materials about him. Efficiency and modularity just smoothly endure the brain. smile

    Very good news. Let them buy the export option. Money will not hinder the Tula.
    And of course, we ourselves need a lot of them. There are also modernized missiles on the way ...
    1. muhomor
      muhomor 10 February 2014 17: 34
      In addition, the installation may have a "button" that excludes firing at our LA.
  17. APASUS
    APASUS 10 February 2014 21: 33
    I wonder why on the MAN chassis in the variant supplied to the United Arab Emirates?
    Ours are trying so hard in Dakar, but the Arabs still give MAN?
    1. sapran
      sapran 11 February 2014 01: 14
      And they have this chassis and service centers across the country ... well, and the cars are still just lovely ....
    2. Mizhgan
      Mizhgan 11 February 2014 03: 17
      Quote: APASUS

      muhomor Yesterday, 17:34 ↑ New
      In addition, the installation may have a "button" that excludes firing at our LA.

      Ours make the installation, and it doesn’t matter on which platform ... Man, Kamaz, Scania ... Our installation will work even for Caterpillar, quite. Any whim for your money ... Holes in the frame must be drilled current in the right place. !!!!
  18. voliador
    voliador 10 February 2014 21: 58
    Missiles shot down, yes. Putting guns on a wheeled chassis won’t be effective, especially for small-sized targets. Even hanging on the hydraulic supports does not help. Not tight enough body.
    1. sapran
      sapran 11 February 2014 01: 17
      To be honest, these guns are more likely for other purposes ... there is Yemen nearby and someone before that did not scoop up childishly (and still there is a chance to beware)