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YankeesLifeNews somewhere got a record of telephone conversations Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine.

It’s not a surprise for me that they are cattle, these Yankees. During the time of my life in America I had the opportunity to communicate with a couple of congressmen and one governor. These misters made a disgusting impression on me, and the general portrait of an American politician for me was already formed at the end of 70: deceitful, hypocrite, vicious, brute, in one word.

Why is it preferable to have a personal experience - you are not mistaken or very little mistaken afterwards.

Look, they are dragging Ukraine out of our sphere of influence, not disdaining to deal with the most alien elements - the Western Natsik. In Libya and Syria, they blew up the statehood of these countries, relying on the most gangster and, in the end, hostile elements of the Islamist radicals.

Americans are irresponsible, immoral, they arrange a brothel wherever they go. And then they do not care, they leave a bloody brothel and, sitting on their continent, rather observe how people and countries wriggle in a bloody brothel.

The Russian liberal, applauding the Kiev Maidan, arranged by the Americans, for me is a balding child, an inexperienced fool, in general an extremely frivolous person. I am just surprised at how quickly these lice started in our nation-state; in twenty-plus years we have a whole class of talkative, slobbering, but in ties and suits of strangers. Aliens!

As for the Americans, I believe they are incorrigible. Having experienced the hatred of the 11 world of September 2001, they did not want to be different. They only brutalized even more, became more irresponsible and more immoral.

In fact, today being an American is a crime. Even being a professor at an American university is a crime.

As they famously, in a businesslike manner, are dealing with Ukraine, this Nuland and the skinny ambassador decide that the main one should be bespectacled Yatsenyuk, that Klitschko should be removed, but not removed. As they mobilize their McCains and Vice President Biden, they can easily be extraordinary, like aggressive Europeans are kicking under the table.

Imagine if Russia would get up in Mexico now what they did in Ukraine! They would have exploded with indignation. And the American army would have already taken Mexico City.

And our statesmen, Vanya and Vova, good-naturedly itch only.

It is about the land where Gogol was born, where the philosopher Skovoroda and Tatlin were born, where our father Makhno was born and historical Leo Bronstein, where the little girl flew in the coffin and seethed Zaporizhzhya Sich, we are talking about the land of our dreams, about our pain and joy, about Crimea and Odessa, about the steppe near Kherson, where Zheleznyak died, about our myths, legends, gentlemen statesmen!

Vulgar Yankees in checkered trousers, Nulandy, Bideny, McCains, and Russia allow them to climb into the sacred land of our ancestors ?! In our national dreams, in our collective abyss of memory?

Well, we have come to what!

It was an outraged sermon on the Yankees.
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  1. kind
    kind 8 February 2014 07: 22
    Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?
    1. ele1285
      ele1285 8 February 2014 07: 24
      Quote: Good
      Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

      Probably he is for the amers of Eddie the Baskervilles.
      1. sledgehammer102
        sledgehammer102 8 February 2014 08: 04
        Quote: Good
        Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

        After the clear work of our and Ukrainian special services and competent stuffing in the media, a lot of people began to see, especially the peaceful Maydanuty people, because only the most stubborn of them may not notice that they are being bred en masse.

        In particular, it’s a pity the boxer, who was planned to be merged according to the plans ... And their Fuhrer Tyagnibok was supposed to become president, and the choice of Natsik in the current political situation in the world is very beneficial for the West, since this Natsik will never conduct a dialogue with the Russian Federation, even to my own detriment, as they say, I’ll eat everything, and that I can’t, I bite.

        But there was a bummer ..... and now in Ukraine, the Opps drink vodka, eat bacon and cry, cry, cry.
        1. 222222
          222222 8 February 2014 11: 19
          sledgehammer102 (1) SU Today, 08:04 AM
          “After the clear work of our and Ukrainian special services and competent injection into the media, a lot of people saw their light.
          THREE yellow cards EU and USA ..
          -first, at the 32nd Russia-EU summit 27 g Europe simply turned away .. According to Bjorn von Sidow (member of the European Parliament, former Minister of Defense of Sweden)
          - "I am afraid that at the moment relations between Brussels and Moscow are at an impasse. There are no noticeable initiatives from either side."
          Secondly, at the 50th Security Conference in Munich, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the West of double-standard politics and imposing a choice on Ukraine, while US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the US and the EU support the Ukrainian people in the struggle for a democratic, European ....
          .. did not understand ... neither the United States nor Europe .. Further openly violate all the rules and regulations unscrupulously .. Get a third ,,, last ???
          -Third-negotiations of State Department officials ... EU .. for the general public ...
          By the way, Nuland apologized to the EU, and to Ukraine .. probably did not consider it necessary ..
          .. it's time to remove the hooligans from the field ..
          1. CALL.
            CALL. 8 February 2014 14: 37
            Quote: 222222
            By the way, Nuland apologized to the EU, and to Ukraine .. probably did not consider it necessary ..

            Before Ukraine, and who is considered to be confused. For them, Ukraine is like an indecent girl. Used and thrown away. Really do not understand standing on the Maidan.
            1. 222222
              222222 8 February 2014 15: 03
              CALL. RU Today, 14: 37 ↑
              Really, those on the Maidan do not understand this. "... it turns out there is ...
              In classmates there is a forum "Antimaydan" There are so many things !!!
            2. CALL.
              CALL. 8 February 2014 15: 03
              During the Great Patriotic War, Ukraine lost 8 million people. 3 million died at the front, and 5 million were destroyed by policemen, Bandera, the OUN-UPA, Melnikov and other traitors, bourgeois nationalists. It took Soviet Ukraine 14 years to restore the population to 42 million people (1953 census). Ukraine and Russia share a common destiny.
              1. Nick
                Nick 8 February 2014 19: 52
                Quote: Z.O.V.
                Ukraine and Russia share a common destiny.

                AND ONE COUNTRY.
          2. Semen Semyonitch
            Semen Semyonitch 8 February 2014 20: 16
            Quote: 222222
            -Third-negotiations of State Department officials ... EU .. for the general public ...
            By the way, Nuland apologized to the EU, and to Ukraine .. probably did not consider it necessary ..
            .. it's time to remove the hooligans from the field ..

            How many yellow cards do you need there to remove? All two have enough hi
        2. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 8 February 2014 12: 00
          Quote: sledgehammer102
          After the clear work of our and Ukrainian special services and competent stuffing in the media, a lot of people have seen
          This is true, but "hunger and cold" sober up faster than political agitation. The Americans must lose the battle for Ukraine. They bet on the minority, the aggressive, loud-spirited nationalist minority. Ukrainians are not fools; their instinct for self-preservation has not been lost. The Yankees brazenly got into the internal affairs of Ukraine. They dictate where to go and what to do, but they don't give money to prevent default. Russia, on the other hand, says that it will respect any choice of the Ukrainian people, help the country, regardless of who will be in power, and to begin with it has lent 15 lard. For the sane, the choice is obvious. And if all this is correctly explained ... Then you can win the majority. And this is just not enough. The authorities, in the best traditions of socialist realism, pissed away the INFORMATION WAR. Politically and agitationally, they are insignificant, organizationally - powerless. In any case, the jacek needs to be changed: a politician who tries to sit on three chairs at once can bring nothing good (a priori) to the people and allies.
          1. 222222
            222222 8 February 2014 14: 04
            Boa KAA (1) RU Today, 12: 00 ↑
            and yesterday, at the opening of the US Winter Olympic Games, a Red Card was shown .. The red fifth ring, symbolizing the continent of America (read the USA), was not a ring, but a "red dwarf" (red circle) and stood apart from all continents, apart .. .USA knocked down ..
          2. Associate Professor
            Associate Professor 8 February 2014 22: 33
            Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
            The authorities, in the best traditions of socialist realism, dragged through the INFORMATION WAR

            Was there a war? War is when at least two sides clash. And in Ukraine, the monopoly of the media that belong to the oligarchs (i.e. the West). Yanukovych didn’t even try to bring at least some order to the media, as Putin did in the early 2000s.
        3. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker 8 February 2014 13: 24
          Quote: sledgehammer102
          In particular, it is a pity for the boxer, who was planned to merge according to the plans ...

          Vital, mabut, to Westwell went to console? wassat
        4. alexdol
          alexdol 8 February 2014 13: 44
          sledgehammer102 (1) SU "Especially sorry for the boxer ..."
          -------------------------------------------------- ------------
          I really didn't understand at all why it would be pity for this PRI-DURK! He is the same bastard as everyone else, no better, and maybe even worse! Trying to play on popularity among all sports fans, especially among young people! But young people are not all "crazy", thank God! So don't count on it! And all of them, together with "madam" is high time to ISOLATE from society! And if we talk about Limonov, then he did not "see the light" in relation to the "amerikosov", as someone here deigned to express, he always believed so!
    2. vladsolo56
      vladsolo56 8 February 2014 08: 41
      Yes, surprising, because he was an ardent opponent of socialism, a dissident, what is he missing now? Well, I do not believe those who, today for some, then suddenly for others, tomorrow will be for third. He just needs to raise at least some political rating, so he is trying to get on the wave. However, I doubt that he will succeed.
      1. SPLV
        SPLV 8 February 2014 10: 22
        The enemy ... is not enough ... I do not believe ...
        Once, in one of my posts, I suggested that those wishing to read Limonov's articles 20-30 years ago. Today's article carries the same ideas as in the 80s and 90s. Do not be lazy, read a couple of pages of LJ Limonov, then check out the old articles. Perhaps you will find something new for yourself, at least interesting. After all, it is always better to see (read) once than hear a hundred times. I would be glad to know your opinion after reading, for example, "The Disappearance of the Barbarians".
      2. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 8 February 2014 11: 13
        I'm sorry, you do not live in the cartoon? Only in the cartoon, Mickey Mouse is unchanged, no matter how many years you go and how much he hurt yourself. Man is changing, and that’s good. Yes, it’s not the thing to be a weather vane. But profound changes are possible, necessary - this is part of growing up in the end!
        A little tip. See what the person says. And only then - who is he. So easier and so, I apologize, smarter.
        1. SPLV
          SPLV 8 February 2014 12: 45
          Quote: Mikhail3
          A little tip. See what the person says. And only then - who is he. So easier and so, I apologize, smarter.

          To this I urge. In order not to be like in an ancient joke: I don’t like Caruso, I can’t sing at all. --And where did you hear him? - And Petya sang to me.
          I am simply against statements based on the opinions of others. By no means being an absolute supporter of Limonov, I am against a sweeping absentee conviction. I do not closely monitor his career, but this does not prevent me from respecting people whose views I do not always share. At least just for your own! beliefs, not imposed by the press and the Internet. Thank.
      3. smile
        smile 8 February 2014 13: 39
        I agree. He is a professional dissident. Approached the destruction of the Union as he could. Mnchta came true. And what? Eddie is again unhappy. Eddie is dissident.
        Here, colleagues say that you need to look not at the person, but at the words. Maybe. But maybe you should look at words, but at deeds?
        Okay, we will not look at the fact that he is an old bugger. Let's look at the fact that he made his contribution to the destruction of the USSR, to the creation of a semi-fascist organization of the National Bolsheviks by him, and let's look at their flag. Colleagues, do you like the fact that he is trying to combine Nazism and communism in one bottle? But everyone knows the forces that are trying to equalize these antagonistic concepts, to equate the Communists with the Nazis. Remind who does this? So who benefits from Edichkin’s initiative?
        Especially touching is the participation of Eddie in the swamp movement. :))) He swears at the Americans here. But this does not prevent him from speaking in the swamp with American puppets, tweets, Germans and other bulk, who hang around the American embassies, go to the Senate with reports and demand that the Americans apply harsh sanctions against Russia - so that the bloody Putin regime becomes unwell. No one finds that such actions of Eddie are slightly at odds with his statements and a little unnatural? :))) Actually, like Eddie’s himself is unnatural ... and no longer slightly, but completely ... completely. :)))
        1. Semen Semyonitch
          Semen Semyonitch 8 February 2014 20: 24
          Nose down the wind-whist grab?
      4. matross
        matross 8 February 2014 13: 52
        Quote: vladsolo56
        I don’t believe those who, today for some, then suddenly for others, tomorrow will be for third.

        And let's remember ourselves at the end of 80's. And someone at the beginning of 90's! Say there were few mistaken ones? Yes, most of the country! Errare humanum est.
        Quote: vladsolo56
        He just needs to raise at least some political rating

        I agree with that. Like any politician. But not every politician since the beginning of the 90’s has consistently and personally participated in the White House defense, the wars in Yugoslavia, Abkhazia and Transnistria. And his support from the respected by me A. Prokhanov and Z. Prilepin, for me personally means a lot. hi
      5. alexdol
        alexdol 8 February 2014 13: 54
        vladsolo56 (1) RU "after all, he was an ardent opponent of socialism, a dissident,"
        -------------------------------------------------- -----------------
        I don't agree with you here! Everything that you have listed above cannot always be associated with LOVE to the west! Even on this site there was recently an article about a "dissident" I forgot his last name, who was a stranger here and remained just as stranger to the WEST! And when I returned to RUSSIA, I again became not quite "my own" here ... I think that it is not always true to glue all kinds of "labels" like "dissident". Well, the person sees the DISADVANTAGES and cannot accept it, so he immediately became a "dissident"? For example, in Soviet times, I also did not like much, to put it mildly, but because of this, the WEST, together with SyShyA, never became a friend for me and never will!
      6. garlik
        garlik 8 February 2014 17: 47
        No lemons are dissident!
    3. Fin
      Fin 8 February 2014 08: 58
      Quote: Good
      Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

      Something like that. On Politicus, Denis Korablev posted articles 10 of LJ Limonov’s articles. And all the right ones !?
    4. Alez
      Alez 8 February 2014 09: 46
      American grants ceased to flow, and that's offended by Uncle Sam. He acted liberal, bit the hand that fed him.
    5. avt
      avt 8 February 2014 10: 59
      Quote: Good
      Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

      No, I sensed the "trend" and was roused. Well, since I didn’t dabble in writing either, I began to burn with the verb in the trend.
    6. siberalt
      siberalt 8 February 2014 11: 42
      Why would he receive his sight? A subtle provocateur. This is how he is arranged, even though he sincerely wishes happiness and prosperity to Ukraine. Does he not know the position of Putin, which he announced on TV. - "We will not interfere. There will be a sane government, all requests will be considered. The fate of Ukraine should be decided by its people." Or is it no longer enough? Do we need an international massacre with the participation of the Russian Federation? The SGA and the West are just waiting for this, slipping Ukrainka as bait. Or does he not understand that the goal is not Ukraine, but Russia?
      1. Aleksandr65
        Aleksandr65 8 February 2014 13: 21
        That is, Nuland and Biden can somersault in Kiev, thousands of kilometers from the SGA like a fish in water, and ours in the "mother of Russian cities" cannot act there at least as well? Just look from the side? Then we will wait for the insane government with tyagnibok and NATO near Kursk.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Corsair
      Corsair 8 February 2014 11: 49
      Quote: Good
      Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

      Do not expect a sequence from Limonov, he sometimes "bites" or "bites" ...

      Writer Eduard Limonov, writer, implacable opposition
    9. 222222
      222222 8 February 2014 12: 31
      ..but said strongly, figuratively and beautifully ..
      1. Corsair
        Corsair 8 February 2014 14: 00
        Quote: 222222
        ..but said strongly, figuratively and beautifully ..

        1. 222222
          222222 8 February 2014 15: 06
          Corsair (2) RU Today, 14:00 p.m. ↑
          Writer ... "Him and Prokhanov in one program on the topic" What is the United States? "and even Kurginyan .. Starikov .. I wish we had a rest !!!
    10. aepocmam
      aepocmam 8 February 2014 18: 40
      Quote: Good
      Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

      Nothing like this. Limonov has always been a decent person, and he remains.
    11. velikoros-xnumx
      velikoros-xnumx 8 February 2014 23: 40
      Quote: Good
      Is something that Lemonov received his sight or what?

      I myself am amazed at such an article authored by Limonov. With all the hostility to him, the article is definitely a plus.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 8 February 2014 07: 26
    from the Don.
    Well, if Limonov got it, what to talk about others. No words, some mothers!
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 8 February 2014 12: 15
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      No words, some mothers!

      This is Limonov's "literary" language. As soon as Eddie stopped swearing, there immediately came a "clearing in the mind." Seeing the surroundings, I was horrified. It was from this horror that he burst into a maxim. We knew this for a long time, but he believed that "they" are better. And on you! Bummer! Apparently, in fact, they stopped feeding and he realized that his time had passed. And in the shadows and oblivion it is cold and hungry. So I decided to remind myself. Shocking, but on the other side of the barricade.
  4. horoh
    horoh 8 February 2014 07: 37
    Normon Limonov stuck, if it even came to him, then this is a complete n .... !!!!
  5. Samson911
    Samson911 8 February 2014 07: 50
    "The United States of America is an unnatural" state ", moreover, the USA is an unnatural" state ". This unnatural state was created by groups, families, clans, groups and gangs of migrants - profit seekers, fugitive criminals, adventurers who, seizing foreign lands, barbarously and mercilessly exterminated the indigenous population on its land.The entire subsequent history of this unnatural "state" (or rather, a monstrously aggressive formation) is a chain of predatory and predatory wars, bloody atrocities, monstrous degradation and the constant infusion of more and more fresh blood (new migrants ) into a decrepit, degenerating organism. "
    We know how it turned out for other peoples. Global bloody tragedy, total robbery and robbery. Oceans of shed blood, mountains of exported gold, destruction of entire peoples, not to mention thousands and thousands of individual tribes and clans. And this tragedy continues to this day and will continue as long as this country will exist. No sympathy for this country - only hatred and I hope I'm not alone in this. Somehow I recently used K. Simonov's poem "Kill a German" and again want to change a little and repeat - "Kill an American", "Kill an American" Kill an American "... And the more such opinions, the sooner we will destroy them.
    "We see the differences between the Western beast-man, the cannibal" hunter "and the Russian man-creator in the example of the Russian-" Spanish "California, say, the XNUMXth century. Two genetic types. Two approaches. The Spanish colonizer, slave trader and slave owner seized the Indians by force, while killing right and left, especially old people and children unnecessary to him, he drove the slaves into corrals, tortured, forced to work until death or illness, then threw them out of the gates of the fortress.
    The Russian people did not build fortresses, he hired Indians, baptized them, taught them to read and, most importantly, taught to plow, sow, and harvest. The Russian lived freely in California, the Indians loved him, brought gifts, they themselves brought their daughters to wives ... "

    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 8 February 2014 10: 01
      Thank you dear, saved me from the need to write a long comment, I subscribe to every word you wrote, with pleasure. good drinks
    2. zzz
      zzz 8 February 2014 19: 04
      Quote: Samson911
      This unnatural state was created by groups, families, clans, gangs and gangs of migrants - seekers of profit, runaway criminals, adventurers who, capturing foreign lands, barbarously and mercilessly exterminated the indigenous population on its land

      Great to write. That's such a shameful story.

      And our story was shown yesterday to the whole world !!!
  6. makarov
    makarov 8 February 2014 07: 57
    "Eduard Limonov, writer, irreconcilable oppositionist" and All-Russian homosexual
    1. SHILO
      8 February 2014 08: 25
      Quote: makarov
      "Eduard Limonov, writer, irreconcilable oppositionist" and All-Russian homosexual

      I honestly say! Long! what I thought for a long time! And it’s worth posting articles of personality so odious. But it painfully cool put it. yes
    2. I do not care
      I do not care 8 February 2014 10: 11
      1 Times Not Honduras laughing
  7. Arhj
    Arhj 8 February 2014 08: 10
    American people, sorry for the tautology, the concept is incomprehensible. A nation with brainwashed for the past 150 years, absorbing false values ​​and openly imposing them on others.
    Remember in the USSR there was a children's film "Moscow-Cassiopeia". The heroes arrive on the planet, where the central computer rebelled and its task is to make people happy. Happiness in his opinion is to stop thinking, to be interested in something, to turn into a vegetable. Here robots catch people on the planet and send them to the procedure of happiness.
    The American government and the oligarchy are the same computer that makes people happy, depriving them of the ability to think independently.
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 8 February 2014 10: 12
      [quote = Arhj] The American government and the oligarchy is the same computer that makes people happy, depriving them of the ability to think for themselves. [/ quot yes And what is interesting, "people" do not rest against making happy, even those who left there in the mid-90s. A month ago I talked to such a man over a glass of tea. So he, who graduated from high school back in the USSR, told me that the Second World War was won by the Ndostans. For some 18 years, they reforged the fuck completely, I didn't stuff his face with a small one, mutual friends delayed him. sad
    2. Semen Semyonitch
      Semen Semyonitch 8 February 2014 20: 33
      You are not far from the truth. From the point of view of world capital, a person should be driven by the idea of ​​filling the belly and material well-being. A dumb consumer ...
  8. Papania
    Papania 8 February 2014 08: 18
    What just woke up or what? This was clear from the day the ASP was formed.
  9. Same lech
    Same lech 8 February 2014 08: 29
    where our father Makhno and historical Lev Bronstein were born, where a little panel flew in a coffin and the Zaporizhzhya Sich seethed,

    If Maidan wins, GOMIKI will be born in UKRAINE, fly into the coffin of FEMINISTS and LESBIANS and rage the motley community of LGBT people led by the UPA, OUN and other ghouls.
  10. My address
    My address 8 February 2014 08: 36
    But Limonov, perhaps, in fact, a greater Communist and patriot than Zyuganov.
    1. SPLV
      SPLV 8 February 2014 10: 26
      No wonder the Bolshevik party
      1. smile
        smile 8 February 2014 13: 48
        Well, yes ... Bolshevik ... half Nazi. Personally, I do not like this combination of incongruous. Looking at the National Bolsheviks, it’s very convenient for some to bawl that Nazism and Communism are one and the same.
        No matter how weak-willed Zyuga was, but he only made a toothless party out of the Communist Party, he did not pervert ideas ... almost ... but he did not have fascist suitors, unlike Edichka.
        1. cherkas.oe
          cherkas.oe 8 February 2014 20: 40
          Quote: smile
          unlike Eddie, he didn’t.

          Yeah .. on "edichka" any psychiatrist will go crazy, his diagnosis is impossible to describe, he is so mobile in the desire to make money on anything, even on his own, that mercury in comparison with him seems like a turtle.
    2. Power
      Power 8 February 2014 21: 00
      On the 31st day you go to Triumfalnaya Square. You get to the car GB, where you are accepted under the white handles. That's all the love, the work is finished.
  11. AlexxxNik
    AlexxxNik 8 February 2014 08: 49
    I didn’t think that I would ever have to take Limonov for quotes, Eddie burns
  12. oracul
    oracul 8 February 2014 08: 55
    Why not place it if the "bast is in a line"? The fact that there are brute force, then it is so and it can no longer be corrected.
  13. aviamed90
    aviamed90 8 February 2014 09: 01
    I don't like Limonov.

    But here, we must give him his due, he is right.
  14. shurup
    shurup 8 February 2014 09: 28
    Gogol remembered the lemon? But Buckwheat and Bulgarin does not want to remember?
    Chichikov is already buying up the dead souls of Limonov and his followers in order to lay in the board of trustees. The Chichikovs are Yankees, good-natured in Russian.
    Would be silent, Prince Lemonchik, in a rag.
  15. awg75
    awg75 8 February 2014 10: 01
    the pindooos became insolent just nowhere else - you see the navels of the world ... but I think that reckoning will come soon and the vast majority of countries will be happy to sign the White House in Washington
  16. Frate
    Frate 8 February 2014 10: 02
    Who, if not Limonov, knows what kind of Americans are cattle! Believe him, people! The guy is telling the truth. Who does not believe, read about his bestial adventures in America. Why, but this one is special! But it wasn’t worth putting it on the pages of VO.
  17. PValery53
    PValery53 8 February 2014 10: 07
    Whoever E. Limonov is in the gender sense, his political assessment of America (USA) is accurate and invulnerable!
  18. The comment was deleted.
    1. smile
      smile 8 February 2014 13: 55
      He says a lot and different. And whose mill pours water? Well, look, on the swamp, he stood shoulder to shoulder with Ksyusha, Chirikov, Bulk, Germans - with those who are financed and supervised by the Americans so scolded here by Eddie. So whose mill? :)))
      And in general, I can’t imagine what people think about when joining a party led by this character. Leader, old bugger - it sounds ... somehow not proud. :))) Where can it lead the people under its semi-fascist banners?
  19. Frate
    Frate 8 February 2014 10: 48
    Quote: Prop
    But in general, it does not matter, pid ... not pid ... oh, if it pours water on the right mill, that's good. Moreover, he does not propagandize or advertise his "weaknesses". And these will come in handy later - like bloodhounds, to sniff out blue and pink.

    Well, let's collect all evil spirits and unite against the enemy! Such unprincipled illegibility professed Comrade. Lenin - he just didn’t have a shit, from criminals and deserters to clinical patients and sadists - the main result of the victory. Only, here, it took a long time to clear the country of this ram, and, as it turned out, was not completely.
  20. Lukich
    Lukich 8 February 2014 11: 06
    ... well, first of all, Limonov was never a liberalist, do not confuse him with bulk and various other dogs ...
    ... and secondly - on the topic - Americans don’t care about us all, and what they buy for money becomes their thing, but they don’t consult with things, they are worn either carefully or not, but then they throw it out - like this, gentlemen! ... (and a dull Klyachko, a cunning zoo Yatsenyuk or an evil wolf Tyagnibok (as he probably thinks about himself) - what difference does it make (although the difference is of course in price and for amers it is important !!!) ...- I think so ...
  21. Zhylaw
    Zhylaw 8 February 2014 11: 54
    Overseas Carthage must be destroyed!
    And he really will be destroyed.
    All of us who can now only grit our teeth one day will see this. And this day is just around the corner. The rotten empire of the Yankees is practically bankrupt. We need to have a little patience.
    Rome was not built in one day. But Carthage will fall soon.
    Then Russia will receive the difficult task of disarming these thugs.
    It will be fun wassat
  22. alone
    alone 8 February 2014 12: 09
    Politics is really a disgusting thing. Yesterday he is for one, today he advocates for another, Tomorrow he will say what kind of Martian. They change their opinion as their own linen. They say that it brings income. If my freedom would have gathered all the politicians into a heap, and would have thrown them into lime pit.
    1. smile
      smile 8 February 2014 14: 03
      :))) Not. better on a desert rocky island - let them eat each other - cannibalism at the bottom works best. :))) So the trouble is - Onizh is reborn.
      I think politicians appeared when the peasants began to think that it was time to become human. So then the ancestors of modern politicians flourished before their fellow tribesmen that it was necessary to expand living space, eliminate humanitarian catastrophes, that neighboring peasants pray to some wrong totem - they should be forced to pray to the right ... :))) A the reason was about the same as that of their contemporaries - to have more grub, more subordinates, more monkey women and that everyone was afraid and respected. :)))
  23. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 8 February 2014 12: 12
    Lukich arranged everything correctly. And there is. I often communicate with various representatives of the nationalities living in the United States. Americans are a nation without any morality, they have only one morality - success in life at any cost. God they have one - money. The whole purpose of life is at any cost, to pile up nishtyaks for old age and then sit on your ass, spitting on everyone and everything. They completely lack such features and concepts as: friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, respect, compassion, etc. Why did it happen? Well, that's understandable - Americans are a nation of emigrants and their descendants. In order to emigrate to the United States, it was always necessary to go through many special "barriers" that were set up by the US State Department in such a way that only persons of a certain morality and structure of mind could overcome them. Therefore, people of different nations and nationalities have accumulated there, but of the same mindset - money-grubbing and success. Moreover, emigrants who have come back to the "homeland of democracy" are under the close control of special supervising bodies, vigilantly watching so that, God forbid, they do not violate the concepts, stereotypes, etc. of American society, follow the policy of "values" imposed by the state. Therefore, the newly arrived emigrants are constantly forced to "curry favor" and often surpass even the "native" inhabitants of this dump-emigrants of the early "waves" with their filth and moral deformity. And yes, in American companies, the main attitude towards employees is just this - "I bought you, you are mine, and at work I do whatever I want with you. I don't like it, go fuck ..." In all fairness, it should be noted that this attitude has already migrated to us, and is found everywhere in the workplace in Russian companies. This is because the American model of statehood has been taking root in our country for 20 years. Don't think that we have some kind of "immunity" against this. Look at the generation of "Russians" who have grown up over these 20-25 years - they, in fact, already differ little from the Americans in terms of moral values. The only limiting factor in our country is the older generation. But as soon as it disappears, our country and people will turn into a branch of the United States, because they will follow the same values ​​and morals as in the United States.
  24. 8 February 2014 12: 24
    Eddie plus, only now he didn’t completely pour out his party ideals. According to nationalism - yes, but according to Bolshevism? Next time you need to more fully cover the topic.
  25. supertiger21
    supertiger21 8 February 2014 12: 41
    The author is 100% right. Article "+", but if possible, I would put 100 "pluses".
  26. 31231
    31231 8 February 2014 13: 25
    Lemons, Khazin. Who is the next intellectual?
  27. Stinger
    Stinger 8 February 2014 13: 28
    Right Figuratively. Ready to subscribe to every word.
  28. wanderer
    wanderer 8 February 2014 13: 37
    Why not set up a small "brothel" somewhere in Scotland, Catalonia or Alaska?
    So for "see what happens".
    A bit of media, a bit of money (from the Ukrainian portsayki, still half the delay ... t).
    Tickle your ass with an awl, so to speak.
  29. dr.star75
    dr.star75 8 February 2014 13: 46
    Venediktov, Limonov .... Has the channel for the supply of dope been blocked? And before that, they did not know what was going on in the world? or was there no time to write? But I put the article "+".
  30. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 8 February 2014 13: 48
    It is high time to do it, to stop being constantly "justifying" side and throw the ball onto the enemy's field, sorry, "partners". We need them to deal with their "crap", so that they would not have time to climb up to us and "crap" in our pockets. You don't even need to be able to do this. For example, in all ways it is necessary to sponsor the departure, migration, emigration of Caucasian peoples to Europe. Thus, "we will kill a few birds with one stone": 1) we will send the most aggressive part of society away, 2) the radical young Caucasian lumpen will muddy the waters among the well-fed burghers, let them spin in a "frying pan", 2) young people who have left to study in Europe will weaken the villages will deprive recruits of all kinds of radicals. 3) even if they come back, they will not be those "animals" - the European "culture" will obsess them, maybe (I cherish the hope-ha-ha) someone will go under the "blue" banners ".... Well, in the same spirit. And all this can already be done right now, using the myths inflated by the European Union itself about the" freedom-loving ", small nations" oppressed "in Russia - that is," beat "our enemies, sorry - "partners" by their "weapons".
  31. avg
    avg 8 February 2014 14: 06
    What Limonov wrote we all know for a long time. The task is to convey this to the common man in the West, and still work and work on it. And the fact that there isn’t everything there, idiots show at least the latest protests in France.
  32. Max_Damage
    Max_Damage 8 February 2014 14: 14
    The funny thing is that this conversation discredits the UN, including as a US puppet. What a good dialogue. Such leaks form public opinion around the world. Public opinion is what the United States relies on when doing its job. The question here is whether the time has come when the United States, being completely discredited (although further than now is difficult), will drop all masks and spit on any public opinion. And can they give a damn about an opinion while completely relying on it in the past?
  33. archi.sailor
    archi.sailor 8 February 2014 14: 58
    something it seems to me that the article was not written by Limonov at all? didn’t it seem to anyone else? hi
  34. Black
    Black 8 February 2014 15: 01
    At the Olympics "You can't catch us !!!" ..., on a respected site, - Eddie the Dove ... What's this? Are we flexing, protolerant?
  35. vvp2412
    vvp2412 8 February 2014 15: 07
    "As for the Americans, I think they are incorrigible. Having experienced the hatred of the world on September 11, 2001, they did not want to become different. They only became even more brutal, became more irresponsible and more immoral."

    So it was possible to think only on 11 of September of 2001 of the year, but not now. Anyone who thinks a little bit is clear that this was a provocation of the US special services, just like the explosion at the marathon a year ago. Well, just a theater of the absurd.

    And the rest, in principle, I agree.
    But I want to note that sometimes inaction is more useful than any action.
    It was a fantastic movie.
    There, the robot rebelled against people. Invented all sorts of dirty tricks, killed them. And the commander of the ship hesitated, not knowing what decision to make in a critical situation, brought the robot into a stupor. The robot calculated everything so that any action of the commander would end in tragedy. And he, the "scoundrel", did nothing. So the robot gave itself away by running to chicken the equipment.
    And the commander then said - the man’s weakness when he thought about the solution turned out to be - a force in relation to the robot.
    And now the timeout is taken.
    Firstly, the Olympiad, and secondly, all the shit elements will have time to prove themselves, as we have seen all the lousy and corrupt opposition, and there. To immediately see the traitors in person!
  36. dropout
    dropout 8 February 2014 15: 11
    the main thing should be bespectacled Yatsenyuk,

    Here is a picture from the site "Right sector"
  37. moskal68
    moskal68 8 February 2014 17: 14
    In the book "It's Me, Eddie," Limonov wrote how a Negro tore him in the anus. Since then, this cockerel does not listen to the words.
  38. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 8 February 2014 17: 42
    Everyone spoke out about the personality of Limonov?! .. I will add my two pennies:
    I recommend all colleagues present to read "We Had a Great Epoch", maybe a little wider eyes will open to this person. And Limonov was kicked out of the USSR for extreme radicalism and because he considered the leadership of the USSR (both party and Soviet) to be traitors to Lenin's cause and did not hesitate to propagate his views wherever he found free ears.
    As for homosexuality ... For them, for radicals this is often found (apparently such a special indicator of radical coolness) ...
  39. Zheleznyak
    Zheleznyak 8 February 2014 18: 04
    "As for the Americans, I believe they are incorrigible" - I will say more, they are, as part of the Anglo-Saxon subculture, our antagonist.
    Here is a comment that I left a couple of days ago on a similar topic. According to the totality of information, what is happening in Ukraine has signs of mass psychosis.
    Here's the idea - you should consider language as one of the aspects of competition.
    Knowledge of a foreign language makes life more interesting and richer, in terms of potential for development and results.
    But education in English-language educational institutions, reliance on their experience - can be dangerous for both the individual and the culture that he represents (a class of talkative, slobbery, but in ties and suits of strangers. Aliens!)
    It so happened that the world is trying to live (who voluntarily, who not) according to the patterns of Anglo-Saxon culture, English, as it were, the language of interethnic communication - which has serious negative consequences.
    Anglo-Saxons, most likely not even consciously, are trying to solve an unsolvable problem, to extend the influence of their culture to other cultures / ethnic groups.
    They do not know, or do not want to know, that there is an unambiguous relationship between the language, the formation and practice of the worldview, the syntax of the language is the syntax of the worldview.
    Moreover, the Anglo-Saxon subculture itself has all the signs of degeneration.
  40. Zheleznyak
    Zheleznyak 8 February 2014 18: 05
    Here are some arguments:
    inscriptions like "hot you can get burned", "sharp you can get hurt" ... this is just the tip of the iceberg of a degrading culture.
    Their propaganda is based on the thesis of the struggle for "freedom", but slaves, in this case the slaves of the English language, are fighting for freedom. Because here the spirit, squeezed into the framework of a too simple language, where the form determines the containing, is limited in the perception of the diversity of the world.
    For comparison, the reasonable raise the question of the availability of social justice in the framework of the competition inherent in man by nature.
    We are without a doubt one of the most intelligent (sensible in the sense of the way of acting in God's providence) nations on earth - our language has infinity. (there are arguments)
    When we formulate information, it conveys itself, the attitude towards it, which in turn is also ambiguous. The decision with us is always a matter of choice. Russian maybe. We do not make exclusive decisions.
    In Anglo-Saxons, when formulating information, the coverage of associative relations is difficult due to the rigid construction of the syntax. As a result, there is an almost complete absence of reflection.
    There are opinions in anthropology that reflection is one of the fundamental differences between man and animal.
    Superficiality is accepted / given off as the effectiveness of the Anglo-Saxon subculture.
  41. Zheleznyak
    Zheleznyak 8 February 2014 18: 06
    What to do how to develop the world further?
    In connection with the foregoing, in view of the relative simplicity of the English language, the impact of the subculture, which is based on English, on cultures based on synthesizing the language, is very limited.
    The impact of the subculture, the basis of which is English, the necessary condition for the success of the implementation of its projects, ends and disappears - in the absence of native speakers of this language.
    For secondary carriers, it is enough to explain the pernicious use of English for personal life - this is simply degradation.
    It can reasonably be argued that we can never live according to the patterns of the Anglo-Saxon subculture - this is impossible.
    Let’s try to try - this will lead to mass psychosis, which we are now observing in part of the population in Ukraine, and in our country as well.
    Summarized - the use of the language of the Anglo-Saxon subculture as a secondary carrier for the development of any projects and movements will bring the same result - failure and degradation (see all the consequences in Africa).
    And so, knowledge is power - knowing the opponent’s weakness (lack of reflection), revealing the properties of his main weapon, one can act purposefully.
    It is human, to endow the same qualities with your own kind from other cultures that you know (they also do this in relation to us), but this is not always useful for a common cause.
    Victory will be ours, unless someone agrees deliberately to degrade.
    We need to unite, each in his place to work seriously.
    We have a lot of friends.
    P.S. And so, the slaves are trying to get freedom, but the reasonable, they want to achieve justice.
    Hence, our cultures have completely different driving forces, the dialectics of development.
    We must remember this and warn the Anglo-Saxons that we would not have to destroy them. Knowledge is power - knowing these contradictions, it will be possible to agree or it can be intimidating.
  42. moskal68
    moskal68 8 February 2014 18: 06
    Quote: Scary Warrant Officer
    Everyone spoke out about the personality of Limonov?! .. I will add my two pennies:
    I recommend all colleagues present to read "We Had a Great Epoch", maybe a little wider eyes will open to this person. And Limonov was kicked out of the USSR for extreme radicalism and because he considered the leadership of the USSR (both party and Soviet) to be traitors to Lenin's cause and did not hesitate to propagate his views wherever he found free ears.
    As for homosexuality ... For them, for radicals this is often found (apparently such a special indicator of radical coolness) ...
    Well, let him talk in his blue corner. And for normal people, he, as it were, remained a fag. And it doesn’t matter if he had it or several.
  43. loginovich
    loginovich 8 February 2014 18: 38
    Bravo Eddie
  44. Alexey Lobanov
    Alexey Lobanov 8 February 2014 18: 45
    A person who is absolutely devoid of morality and moral principles can in no way be a bearer of truth in Russia. As there was a corrupt fagot, he stayed, he didn’t care - who to sell ... Decided to tear his ass for Negroes a second time? :)))
  45. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 8 February 2014 19: 20
    Imagine if Russia would get up in Mexico now what they did in Ukraine! They would have exploded with indignation. And the American army would have already taken Mexico City.

    INCIDING, Mr. Llimonov ... that NatA, led by the Americans, would "explode with indignation" and were already in Moscow?
  46. homosum20
    homosum20 8 February 2014 19: 43
    "Eddie", didn't you kick our sovereignty and statehood in the swamp? Did you want to make money from McFall? Or did he receive his sight in old age? Have you been a fool all your life?
    Here, really, really "his example - other science ..."
    And to the Administrators: Lemons, znachitstsa, americos can call americos - and nothing. And to us, it means - a banner? I blame double standards, hypocrisy, and false political correctness.
  47. Power
    Power 8 February 2014 20: 41
    “Actually, today, being an American is a crime. Even being a professor at an American university is a crime.” - Classic! Lemons burns as always!
  48. family tree
    family tree 8 February 2014 21: 54
    It seems that he says everything correctly, although he did not say anything new request .
    Why do I want to kick him?what
    1. scientist
      scientist 9 February 2014 00: 06
      Because evil begets evil. This is the law of the universe. Intuitively, all intelligent beings understand this. But inciting hatred and hatred is the easiest way to disaster. Trying to understand, confront and change the mindset of an adversary for people like Limonov is an overwhelming moral and mental work.
  49. konvalval
    konvalval 8 February 2014 23: 49
    Whatever anyone says or thinks about Limonov and may be deserved, but in this article he intelligibly and concisely showed the essence of the Americans.
  50. Inok10
    Inok10 9 February 2014 00: 34
    Quote: konvalval
    Whatever anyone says or thinks about Limonov and may be deserved, but in this article he intelligibly and concisely showed the essence of the Americans.

    ... The ability to benefit from any scenario .. no more, Limonov is not "in trend" nowadays, as the "modern, calling itself progressive society" says, what is left for him ?! .. urgently to catch on for something that is close and understandable to many people, "Americans are two-faced, goat-goats" .. who would doubt it .. :) :) :) :)