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Interrupted terrorist attack

In the autumn of this year, one of the special units of the Russian police, the OMON of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Bashkortostan, celebrated its 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, his fighters had the opportunity to perform responsible tasks not only in Bashkiria, but also far beyond its borders.

Interrupted terrorist attack

In the now distant 1988, the first commander of the squadron was an officer with extensive operational experience of police colonel Farit Martazovich Shaikhilislamov. In the period of formation in the selection of personnel in the new unit, preference was given to police officers, former military personnel of the airborne troops, marines and special forces of internal troops.

As soon as the detachment was staffed and equipped with everything necessary for service, as he had to take part in the aftermath of the consequences of the largest railway disaster of the late XX century.

3 July 1989 of the year near the railway station Ulu-Telyak there was a rupture of the main pipeline. A huge territory was covered by a cloud of colorless combustible gas that could explode from the slightest spark. And this spark jumped out from under the wheels of a passenger train, as luck would have it, at the very moment when it was approaching the station. But another composition with people was moving towards him ...

Ufa riot police was immediately alerted and quickly rushed to the site of the tragedy. As you know, special forces are not completed with Kisa young ladies, but with fighters who have seen a lot of things and are accustomed to many things. But even they had shortly cropped hair stood on end from everything he had seen under the black berets.

In the epicenter of the explosion, everything burned down: trees, grass, even earth. The remains of burned-out wagons smoked smoky - and those that were thrown by the blast wave to the slope from the railway embankment, and those that remained on the rails. Some were not just burnt - melted, the temperature of the exploded gas was so high. And in the midst of all this, there were bodies of dead and wounded people, groans, shouts, moans, supplications for help were heard.

There was no time to indulge in emotions, and the rescue teams of the detachment immediately joined the work: they rendered first aid to burned, wounded and injured, helped medical teams to evacuate the injured to the republican burn center. Then they collected the bodies of the dead for a long time. And then they cordoned off the area and ensured the work of the investigation teams ...

Experts have established that the power of the explosion was equivalent to the simultaneous blasting of three hundred tons of TNT, and the fire that occurred caused the destruction of all life on an area of ​​more than 250 hectares. The disaster claimed 575 human lives. And if it were not for the speed, composure and endurance of the fighters of the Ufa riot police, the number of victims could have increased significantly.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, due to the weakening of the central and local authorities, torn by political passions, the criminogenic situation sharply worsened in many regions. Crimes committed by organized criminal groups and lonely gangsters became more impudent and dangerous for society. Bashkiria was no exception.

At that time, the militia special forces had to perform tasks unusual for them: by decision of the leadership of the Ufa city police department, riot policemen began serving daily in areas with the most difficult operational situation, reinforcing with their groups control police posts located around the city. The service load has increased several times, but no one has grumbled.

One day, an alarming message came to the detachment headquarters: two young masked men who were not installed at one of the stops broke into the cabin of a public bus coming from Ufa to Pribelsky village, declared the passengers hostage and, threatening to activate an improvised explosive device driver follow the airport. So far, the terrorists have not put forward any demands, but judging by the route they chose, it was not difficult to guess that their immediate goal would be to seize the aircraft. So what is next? With hostages in 40’s hands, scumbags could dictate terms ...

It is now on any terrorist attack with the seizure of hostages instantly disrupted by special forces of the FSB - the famous "Alpha" and "Vympel", which today have regional offices and therefore are able to quickly appear in any place where the trouble happens. But at that time everything was different: the taking of hostages was only “in vogue” in our country, and the Ufa police special forces were the only special forces in Bashkiria. But he also needed time to get together and begin to act. And it just wasn’t - according to reports of DPS officers, the bus was already approaching the airport.

At one of the traffic police posts on his tail, a passenger car, no different from other cars, scurrying around the highway. Behind the wheel of the car was police inspector Rifat Khusnutdinov, a police officer of the road patrol service, next to him was the whole spring-like commander-in-chief, a riot policeman Gerasim Salyaev.

As soon as the Ikarus stopped in front of the airport, the bus door opened, and one of the terrorists, swearing dirty, began to push the bus out of the cabin. The bastard was so excited that he didn’t even look around. The police officers immediately took advantage of this: the foreman immediately jumped to the bus and with a strong blow to the head “turned off” the gangster. He had not yet managed to fall on the asphalt, and Salyaev was already inside the bus. The second terrorist was so frightened by the sudden appearance of an OMON fighter that ... hid behind the back of the passenger seat! To snap the handcuffs on his wrists was a matter of a few seconds.

Later it turned out that the terrorists, who turned out to be students of the local oil technical school, actually managed to install an improvised explosive device inside the bus. Of course, the purpose of the criminals was to obtain a large amount in foreign currency and to fly freely to one of the countries of the Middle East ...

The spring of 1995 for the Bashkir police was incredibly complex and tragic: six great guys from the town of Gudermes were ambushed and killed in battle: Dmitry Dementov, Anatoly Sokolov, Robert Sitdikov, Sergey Churin, Alexey Shchekaturov and Stanislav Veredenko. As soon as the farewell salutes died down on the Alley of Heroes of the Southern Cemetery of the Bashkir capital, they received an order from Moscow: send a detachment of riot police numbers 65 people to the North Caucasus.

Already on May 13, special forces soldiers led by their commander, police colonel Farit Martazovich Shaykhilislamov flew to Grozny. They were supposed to replace their colleagues from the Altai riot police, to take under guard twice the previously blown up and partially restored bridge across the Neftyanka river, and also to control movement along it.

The site was restless. At two checkpoints, Ufa residents detained suspicious individuals, repeatedly seized weapon, knives, explosives, ensured the unimpeded transportation of not only military cargo, but also essential goods for the needs of the civilian population across the bridge. During the night, militants fired at their positions with enviable regularity, to which they had to respond with fire.

The commander of the detachment as best he could of his fighters. In addition to high professional training and organizational skills, he also possessed remarkable diplomatic abilities. At every opportunity, Farit Martazovich tried to communicate with local residents, helped them to solve everyday problems, explained that riot police had arrived in Chechnya not to fight, but to help build a peaceful life. Such explanatory work had a positive effect - for some time the shelling of the checkpoint stopped. It can be said that thanks to the authority of Shaykhilislamov and his truly paternal care for his subordinates, all the fighters of the detachment returned from that trip alive and healthy.

By the way, in more than forty Caucasian missions, the Bashkir riot police did not lose any of their fighters. His first commander, holder of many awards, retired militia colonel veteran F. M. Shaikhilislamov today leads the veteran organization of the detachment, continues to educate young special forces personnel and does a lot to develop civil sense of justice among Bashkir youth.

After Grozny, the path of the riot police from Ufa ran through many settlements of Chechnya. They were involved in special operations in Urus-Martan and in Roshni-Chu, in Goyty and Gordaly. Often they had to risk their lives. And these are not just beautiful words.

19 August 2002, the next shift of the Ufa riot police returned after the combat mission to the temporary deployment point of the detachment. At the entrance to the village Girzel they were waited by a carefully prepared ambush. One thing was not taken into account by the bandits: this time the militia special forces fighters did not move on the usual "UAZ", but on the special vehicle "Bars", which had a hidden reservation.

Having let the police car closer, the militants blew up the landfills. Red-hot splinters thoroughly crumpled the right side of the Barça, but the armor withstood a terrible blow. Following the car hit sighting automatic and machine-gun bursts. The gangsters beat almost point-blank, but the car, as if bewitched, continued to slowly move forward - police driver sergeant Oleg Belozerov, despite the broken slopes, did not remove his foot from the gas and, while the engine was running, did not leave attempts to take friends out of the shelling. However, those who were inside the wounded “Leopard” also soon came to their senses after the received contusions and, opening the loopholes, began to snap at fire. And then the help arrived.

Already on the basis of the special forces carefully examined the armored vehicle and counted in it more than 150 bullet marks. But Barsed was not in a hurry to get rid of the badly battered - it was a pity, after all, he saved the lives of the guys. The armored car was sent to the factory, where it was thoroughly repaired, and soon he again drove into the detachment with his own power. Until now, the armored car has been serving, still regularly traveling with the Bashkir riot police to dangerous North Caucasian missions.

Alas, danger lurks riot police not only in Chechnya. Did they ever risk their lives in their native land. So, in September 2007, Bashkortostan literally shuddered at the monstrous crime committed in the Sterlitamak region of the republic. Some scumbags from machine guns shot the district policeman with an assistant and a local resident who accidentally witnessed a crime.

As soon as it became known about the massacre in the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the riot police were immediately alerted. Immediately detect the bandits failed because they moved on horseback. Moved, as a rule, with the onset of twilight and in the dark, so as not to come across the eyes of residents of villages and towns. For days we stayed in the woods and groves, skillfully camouflaged. And yet, after many days of persecution, the militia special forces fighters managed to find their lair.

When the riot police approached the edge of the forest, where the gangsters were hiding, a loud warning cry was heard from the bushes, and then the sighting rifles hit the policemen. In the ensuing firefight, police lieutenant Sergei Gudkov was wounded three times, his comrades had to be evacuated directly under fire.

In the end, the gangsters, realizing that they could not break free of the ring, entered into negotiations and agreed to surrender. Later, the investigation found out that both of the detained men had more than one year been active members of the underground Islamic extremist organization Islamic Jamaat, which has its own armed units, in other words, gangs. In 1999, one of them studied in the Kavkaz Center militant training camp, equipped with mercenaries and terrorists in Chechnya. They arrived in Bashkiria from Tatarstan, where a long train of crimes was already dragging behind them. Both were involved in the preparation of a series of explosions in crowded places during the celebration of Kazan's 1000 anniversary, which were prevented by the FSB. Then almost all the terrorists were detained, but the two managed to escape from law enforcement and intelligence agencies. But, as you know, no matter how long the string hangs, the end will be the same: the final point in the criminal activities of the terrorists was to put the Ufa riot policemen ...

From 2003 to the present day, police colonel Irek Sagitov is in command of the riot police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Bashkortostan. Once he began his service in the police special forces as an ordinary fighter, took part in many risky operations. As part of the detachment's units, he traveled to the North Caucasus during the first and second Chechen campaigns, and was awarded the medals "For Courage" and "For Difference in the Protection of Public Order".

Irek Khaririyevich always speaks about his colleagues and subordinates with undisguised warmth and pride. Of course, today the detachment is rightfully considered one of the best police special forces in Russia. For example, in September of this year, a team of Bashkir riot police became the winner of the All-Russian competition finals among groups of special forces of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia dedicated to the memory of an operative special forces detachment of the UBOP of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Orenburg region Hero of Russia police captain Dmitry Novoselov.

“In honor of the brave special forces for several years in a row in the Orenburg region held competitions functional groups - special units of the police special forces, capable of performing the most complex tasks. Before getting to the final stage in Orenburg, the team of the Bashkir riot police took the first place in similar competitions in the Volga Federal District, and then immediately began to strengthen training, - said Colonel Police Sagitov. - Conducted a thorough analysis of the results at all previous stages of the competition. The strength training of all OMON fighters is equally powerful, so we had to focus on something else. We decided to make a bet on fire training, began to train hard in this direction and did not lose: the team at the shooting range took 120 points from 120 possible! After that, our guys could only maintain their leading position. Although it was not easy. "

All stages of the competition were held in dynamics, the teams were constantly moving over rough terrain. And the total length of the route was more than ten kilometers, on which there were water obstacles, and the climb on a steep slope, and a specialized obstacle course, and a five-kilometer march in full combat gear, which is about twenty kilograms. But the team overcame everything, demonstrating not only high professional skills, but also cohesion. And now the name of our squad has been stamped on the goblet.

Today, the squad, whose 6 employees were awarded the Order of Courage, 28, the Order of Merit for the Fatherland Order 1 or 2, and 59 were awarded the Medal of Courage medal, which has everything necessary for a thorough professional selection of new fighters and their high-quality preparation for service. On the basis of the riot police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Bashkortostan, located in the forest-park zone of Ufa, a modern gym, a recreation and recreation complex, training classes, a shooting gallery and a hangar for equipment were built. Detachment units are provided with the most sophisticated weapons and equipment, communications equipment and special equipment. 25 December 2012 was the opening of a new apartment-type dormitory for the Bashkir riot police in the capital of the republic. A seventeen-story residential building on 75 apartments was built in just one year. In it, in addition to residential premises, taking into account the specifics of the tenants' work, a psychological unloading room and a first-aid post are equipped.

The detachment is proud of not only the fighting, but also the sporting achievements of their fighters. Here are those who defend the sporting honor of the country at the world championships and even the Olympic Games! Among the most honored athletes of world renown, master of sports in hand-to-hand combat, ensign Ruslan Yamaletdinov, master of sports of international class in boxing, Major Marcel Galimov, and, of course, member of the Russian Olympic team in bobsled, Major Alexei Seliverstov, who won the bronze and silver Olympic medals in the American Solt Lake City and Italian Turin.

The current employees of the Bashkir OMON are doing a lot of work on the patriotic education of young people, regularly meet with students from Ufa schools, colleges, students from Ufa universities, tell them about their difficult but necessary work, and invite them to visit the squad’s museum.

And this work is paying off: many young people want to join the squad. But not every candidate will be able to become a full member of this elite special forces unit. It is important, after all, not only to earn this honor, but also to meet the high requirements imposed on a law enforcement special forces soldier throughout the entire service.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 10 February 2014 09: 01
    By the way, in more than forty Caucasian business trips, the Bashkir OMON did not lose any of its fighters.

    There would have been more such commanders capable of fulfilling the combat mission and saving the fighters — not every officer has been given this.
    1. Turik
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      Bashkir riot police greetings from Ufa! Keep it up guys!
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    As our youth say respect and respect to you guys !!! May God grant you health, to you and your families !!!!
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    Our - GOOD !!! soldier
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    Thanks to them for their work.
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    The article also mentions the divisions "Alpha" and "Vympel". Actually, they are the brainchild of Andropov, whom the liberalists often compare with Judas Gorbachev.
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    Well, or at least like some here - "stupid Putin brags, here we are, before killing a militant, we always took him prisoner and interrogated him" - weakly to say to his face?!?!
    In the face of a real officer, on whose shoulders we hold our peace of mind, able to repulse both the bearded militant in the Caucasus and the British instructor of provocateurs in the swamp !!!
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