Military Review

Protect yourself with a stun gun

Tasks related to improving human security should be addressed both at the legislative and at the household level. The system of individual protection today can be built through not only legal norms and regulations, but also on the basis of completely “tangible” methods. One of these techniques is the use of special protection tools, which, if you have the desire and certain documents, can be purchased at any specialized store. We are talking about such tools as electric shockers.
Today, one of the most effective models for hooligans or stray dogs can be an electric wasp "Osa". Can be ordered electric shock wasp in SPb at an affordable price. The advantages of this particular model are that it is able to accumulate a substantial electrical charge with very compact dimensions. The total weight of this device is only 115 gr. But he has enough efficacy.
If several stray dogs are approaching you or a fighting dog of a person living next door that has escaped from a collar, then the main thing is not to give in to panic and not to run. If you turn your back on the dogs, this will obviously worsen your chances of salvation. You should, if possible, calmly assess the situation, get the Osa shocker out of the feed and, during the approach of the dog, direct the shocker at it and press a button. The discharge that escaped from the stun gun will cool the pitch of any dog, even if it is large enough in its dimensions.
It is convenient to carry a stun gun in a regular pocket or in a special purse. At the same time to handle this "toy", which is actually far from a toy, you must be very careful. Indeed, in the case of involuntary activation of the device, you can experience a current shock on yourself. Extremely careful to be with a stun gun in wet weather. Moisture droplets scattered in the air are an excellent conductor of electric current, and therefore, if you have to apply shock exactly in such weather, then take it away from you to the maximum possible distance for your own safety.
The acquisition of stun guns is carried out not only through regular outlets, but also through online stores. In any case, you must require from the seller a certificate for the proposed product in order to know that you are dealing with high-quality technical means.