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Plug-in Shooting - 1

Plug-in Shooting - 1


In the military schools of the Armed Forces of the USSR, the shtatku was rarely fired, state money needed to be saved, and even now the shtatku is not often made (a couple of times a year) ... and with practical shells, not combat ones.
A practical projectile is a blank in the exact size of a cumulative or high-explosive fragmentation projectile. Do not shoot shtatku fighting for several reasons:
- cost savings;
- safety of the educational process;
- technical impossibility, which is, in principle, the most important reason.
I paraphrase:
... the target team will suffocate to align the huge pits with infantry shovels after the "combat" ones, and a complete hopeless kirdyk will come to the target field if it is constantly shown on it tank regiment in the RPM ...
Even after firing by “practical” shells, long and deep trenches are formed behind the targets, which are often buried by a sapper BAT or a pair of some “random” bulldozers.
But what about the daily combat training ??
No way - as scheduled, it will go. Well this is the Army, everything is thought out.
What is it like?
It's simple.
The insert barrel 14,5X114mm, the index GRAU: 2X15, 2X30 or 2X35 is inserted and fixed into the gun. These "trunks" with the help of a regular charge simulator pallet are fixed in the charging chamber and the breech of the tank gun 2А46М. The locking of the barrel is carried out by a wedge gate. The ballistics of 14,5mm BZT bullets are the same up to 1400м as the 125mm BCS, and the barrel bore wear is zero, and the practice skills are almost close to combat shooting.
We often shot with such a macar ... we just lived on the tank director with this, damn ... supplemental barrel.
Brief features:
2X15 - death to the flies. The bushings of the obturation of the revolving shop burned through and threatened the crew with gas pollution from the gas and with burns to the face of the tank commander.
2X30 - when fired, a cartridge from a revolving six-drum was sent to the chamber, after which a shot occurred, which improved the safety of firing for the crew. Feature: in the production of the "seventh shot" (sleeve) weapon jammed (rammer in the drum) and had to remove and disassemble almost all the built-in gun to remove the liner.
2X35 - the pinnacle of evolution, heh. The longitudinally sliding gate and vertical store saved our Nature from a variety of mothers and made life easier for tankers.
The story turned out ahem ... a little long. There is a theory, a technique and ... just memories. Such a specific story, for "their" ahem ... for tankers, and for those who are "in the headset."
Put on your helmet and go down to the tank
And you will find yourself in your aura.
Tankman you by vocation and spirit
And you feel the tank by the sound

Part I
Frost and Sun, a wonderful day ...

Winter. Evening. It's getting dark ... But still not very ... So we are shooting from TPD-1K (just in the Curriculum there are “daytime shooting” ..., it means we will still shoot from TPD-1К).
Tank director of the training center ... Well, not a damn thing is visible, only a couple of old lamps, with reflectors "like a pancake", look and illuminate the small area we cleaned with our own hands between the "tower" and the point of ammunition.
It's cold, biah ... Snowflakes, like frisky pieces of sandpaper, dance tango on the cheeks, nose and freeze on the eyebrows ... How is there an excellent exercise to shoot? But it is necessary to close the session: a short, sighing, winter vacation, you still have to earn ... and the experience in the troops loomed so much that he pinned himself on his cheeky inevitability.
C'mon, not in the first ...
Before the shooting, we cleared the target field with snow shovels ... the runners of the trolleys of plywood tank shields and the metal "grid" of BSO shields. Warmed up a little ...
We are extinguishing a little: we have a “Stolichnaya” bubble and a bank of cucumbers in the package ... fucking “they” have taken it with us ... They have shot at “vkadyshkom” and “staff” for years ... We had during this time from all poses the most hidden and unknown we are the places of these teachers of the Department of Fire Training ... But, they say, this is ... "necessary" ... we are without future 5 minutes the future ovchitsery ... "experience" in the troops is still ahead ...
- Duck for what we "put down? For the session? For the "experience"? ...
- Come on, if you haven’t understood something, ... why you’re shaking a blizzard ... we didn’t understand anything ... We know how to shoot, "they" taught us this ..., "sniveled" in winter and summer ... they say (in the battalion), that such a tradition ... be placed before the "experience" ...
- Ah ... tradition ... tady is understandable.
“Tradition is Holy ...”
It's cold, b.i ...
Stereopipes, in order to observe the results of the shooting, stand like “in the digs”, probably froze, hearty ... And they themselves were buried in the snow, green and disobedient in the cold ...
- So. Who will carry the package with “stopudovo papadalovo” to the Tankodrom HSE ???
Silence ... In the country of frozen lambs with lowered ears of winter hats, there are no blockheads, they have already been frozen for a long time, only the cleverest have remained - this is us, and no one has a desire to substitute, even theoretically, no one.
- The castle, you and “go, stol”, the road is for you: “dirty epaulets” are there ... or an unenviable position ... it doesn't matter that you choose their two evils ... just go, you are appointed to be a hero.
The “castle” was scooped up with one “coat” of the whole package with “compromising material” and ... vulgar, raking in fresh snow with kirzacs ...
- you all ...
- Yes, we know!
- Sorry!
- We love you too, Castle!
The door to the tank tank tower opened, releasing a beam of light, and closed, letting in a clumsy lock with the package "popadalova" ...
We stand, we look at the tower without light ... It's cold, b.i., bullfinchs do not reach the eyelashes, freeze in flight, poor fellows.
It's dark, cold ... Ural. The supporting edge of the state, b.I ... Freeze like a cloth under a horse.
From far away frost there was a sound of an opening door, with a sheaf of bright light a door opened on the tower of the tank director and from there ... flew head over heels our official lock-in ...
A wild scream, with a flickering chrome boot in the opening of the door, yelled:
- Fuck you and not Tankist !!! Even in Winter ... you can’t Pour !!!
The door closed, swallowing the light.
The castle continued to tumble along the iron steps in a winter cotton jumpsuit ...
A crowd of humanlike people stood at the "tower" of a tank deiktrissa, on the heel of the snow-cleared foot for "their own kind."
Everyone understood that the theatrical production did not go according to our script. The people, sensing that the uterus had fallen below the soles of their boots, ran and started bustling ... I want to live ... and more than life interest was only adyn - how would UKS surrender now ???
- Alive, B. I ... Even hoofs moving ...
- Dy Kuda he get to - in a winter overalls because ...
- Ida will help the bomber ...
The tank people began to frantically help the SCW.
- I went to the bathhouse, this is not his leg and not my leg ... you just prevent me from reaching the radiant light of the ceiling shining on the platform in front of the stereo tubes ...
They carried the "castle", considered ...
- Alive ? If not, say so.
- Yes, I’m kind of “somewhere here,” spat out the “castle” from the snow, which we friendly shoved at us with all the claws of our coats, while we were saved from this very snow ...
“What is it there and how is our“ package ”? ... the training platoon was talking, huddled around the snow that was sticking up the snow in a snowdrift on the very shoulders of the“ castle ”...
ZKV for some reason was offended, jumped up, straightened the strings of the lowered ears and said ...
- To be built !!!, and-and-and ... flopped again with the ass of the combo into a white sukhrob.
Yes, you hrendel in the hollows with all the shag in the brain, making fun is good, people rustled,
- Come on, tell me what was there, Seryoga?
- Yes, I did not understand what was, guys ...
- Well?
- Well ... I went up to the "tower", I stand, I am silent, with this your evil sb pack ... And they have warmth ...
- Well?
- Yes, come on you, with your "well" ...
- Sorry, "Gray" ... well, then what?
- They asked me:
- A platoon for battle ready?
- And you ?
- And what am I ?, answered - Ready, dragging the colonel.
- And they ?
- What are they? They ... the castle spat the remnants of snow from the teeth, they ... - Che pinned to the HSE?
- Ahiret ...
- Well, what about you?
- Yes, no what, let your eyes wipe from the snow, right now I will say what happened next ...
Serdobolny platoon immediately filed several handfuls of soft, prickly and fresh (just from the sky) snowflakes in canvas fur coats to Sergey, so that he would rub out the glazy and ... told,
- He said that the platoon was ready for battle, echoed the castle like an echo ...
“The approving nickname of the flock of heads of winter hats ... you have already spoken about this ...”
- He said that ... in the package ... tank "prize" ... from the tank crew ...
The caps froze for a moment ... and breathed freezing air at the Castle from all sides ...
“And Shaw ...?”
- Yes, no "Sho"!
... The factory manager tried all this time to get up, slipping his boots in the snow, fumbling, and clutching at our winter overalls with his fur coats ...
- Yes, no "Sho" ..., the Castle repeated, having found the frozen firmament under the frozen feet in the boots, and shaking off the frost from the eyelashes with the mat ...
- They said that “schA”, i.e. before "experience", we have this ... alcohol ... we can deliver ...
- Abaldet ... Well ... It's fucking !!! Rejoiced slightly, until blue in the face, a frozen tank training platoon, jumping on one boot to keep warm.
- So what is next ?!
“Next? ... the castle was embarrassed, - everything was fast ...”
- Tell me, Gray ...
The circle of winter army hats, with “ears” tied under the throat, was trying desperately to protect the castle from the oncoming winter wind “with evil, thorny snowflakes” ...
The castle finally coped with the “snowy futoy” on his eyelashes, looked at us and tragically spoke: yes, I did not understand anything ...
"We will hang ourselves ... on the barrel of a tank gun" - it was all in their heads, just in case - flashed for a moment in the frozen brains of the tank crews .... And the cases in the Army ... are different, and all.
- Tell me, but quickly, it's cold because the winter from nature blows into the hollow of the soul ...
- Yes, there is nothing to tell ... they screamed, the teachers of the Fire Training, as awesome GTE and asked: do you know how to pour something?
- Well, sho ...? Sorry for the "sho"
- Well, I said that I had already “poured” ... And I will pour you all ...
- So what is next ?
- And “further” to me with humor, explained ... what to pour, tankman, but 3 mm from the edge of the glasses, as expected ...
- Well, "sho"?
- Well, I poured, each ... 3 mm from the edge of the glasses ...
- Well, "sho"?
- Yes, no "sho" ... wiped with snow The castle suddenly sweaty face of the face ... and looked at the target field ... They said that 3 mm should be poured by tank crews "above the edge" and not "below" ...
- So I flew a kick in the ass from the Tankodromnoy Tower ...
- Evil you, radishes, sent me to the mazut wolves in my mouth, mate is not for you ...
In, the pump for thought ... whether they did the right thing, or not ...

Part II
And then where do not take ...

The door to the tankodrome director opened wider than we saw the light, from the opening of that door ...
The leader of the shooting came down to us on the iron steps: a senior teacher, a colonel, a gray-haired participant in hostilities in all sorts of obscure points there (two orders of the Red Star on the "slats" of the daily tunic and a yellow "strip" for a severe wound).
- Castle platoon, command!
- Platoon, Attention!
- At ease!
It was interesting, terrifying to look at this whole circus:
We are bricked up with clothes of tank winter overalls for the most “nehochu”, with raised collars, tied up “ears” of hats under the chin (yes, yes ... cold, B.) and rolled up “Kashne” on all crevices of the neck (the cadets' privilege is to roll in Kashne) ...
He - Old and laughing at us Tank Wolf ... a tie on his uniform shirt was sticking out over the ironed iron ..., baring his throat, where all the snowflakes, without exception, were melting ...
He was dressed in the same winter tank overalls as we were, only dirtier than ours, but on him this tank "murk" looked better than the hussar's uniform on a brilliant commander Rzhevsky, dancing to the Emperor's reception ...
- So, comrades, cadets, today we have a shooting test for the first half of the year for the Fire Training, inserted barrel!
- Let's imagine that you are: those who understand nothing are cranes that try to flap their wings, but don’t understand how to “do it”: flap your wings and fly away ... and stay alive ...
- Not understood?
- No, no, pulling the floor! - we all croaked in chorus.
That's right, this is the army, you need to understand what and when to bark.
- It's good that they did not understand, because you are Tankers !!! You neher understand and live, you must be able to fight and die. But you have to die only where the Motherland has ordered!
- It's clear ?!
- Yes sir ! - Frozen platoon snapped in husky voices.
- Yes, you do not understand nifiga ...
- The fact that you, untrained posts, are “dead” is “flying”! Do you understand this ?!
- Yes sir ! - brighter and understanding barked a platoon.
“It’s good that you understand that you are just mere suicide bombers ... BUT (the lieutenant colonel raised the index finger of his right hand up) ... real tankers !!!
The platoon scored cold frosty air in the lungs to bark another "so sure" ...
... The head of shooting lowered his right hand and put it in the pocket of the tank overalls ...
- Stop screaming at Nature! She is your mother !!!
To set aside, to set aside ... the warm air from the lungs exhaled slowly into icy snowflakes flickering before my eyes ...
The Colonel squinted and looked at us all, frozen idols in two lines ... Straightened his shoulders, looked at the target field, where the assault shaft aviation icy snow flew, turned back to us and said:
- For the “tank treat”: thank you. BUT:
- We, the teachers of Fire Training, accept "this" as a gift to your future !!! Those. that EVER in a very distant future ... ANYTHING ... you will finally become REAL TANKISTS !!!, and not something that a political working mom prescribed you at the CPD lectures ...
- Yes, and hell, we would have taken this "tank" treat, if we had not fought the fuyev cloud of years with your civilian soul, shoveling it (the soul) into Tankovaya!
- Are you tankers? ... Not sure ... Here today and see !!! All clear ?!?!?!...
- Yes sir !!! - the frozen platoon barked at the end of the snipe.
A colonel in a black Soviet (with a yellow diamond) winter combination, spat on the snow and looked up:
- And now let's talk like Tankers, I'm tired of warming you up ... I'm not zappolit.
- We will disassemble all your actions according to the "bones" ... is it Repeated? Who does not like, then ..., the same ..., repeat!
The shoulders under the tank overalls were straightened, exposing the neck even more, spitting on the frost ...
And further, in the speeches of the shooting director, 1000 woke up once the algorithm of our actions passed ...
100 maxims and one thing:
- Pylyukhnulsya in the tank - "mom in dad turn on", stupid!
100 maxims and one thing:
- “The Seventh Shot” who will make - I will personally tear off the eggs and make them gobble up!
100 maxims and one thing:
- If someone lights the “Tankodromnaya Tower” confused with the lights of the “shooting direction” - they will clean the ALL target field with a snow shovel ... from today to spring until the rails of the targets turn green !!! Is it clear?!?!?! ...
- Yes sir !!!
- You are tankers, after all, but not cotton wool ... in some women's places ... What year are you shooting here? And how many "staff" was? ... Here, here ... here, remember this, because you still need to train green fighters like tops for carrots ... you can't be fooled, freaking future officers, but they are not yet ...
- Castle platoon, command !!!
- Attention!
- B.Ia ... Yes, it is also clear to the taiga hedgehog that "Attention!" At ease! Command the "Shooting"!
- Crews of the first arrival: get ammunition! Crews of the second arrival: take the observation places at the stereo-pipe!
Fuh, finally went Work ... exhaled freezing training platoon, running up to training points. Only it was necessary to send the rest of the crews to hell in the point of ammunition, so as not to freeze beforehand, what is necessary. Cannon fodder doesn't think well when it's frozen.
Kolya and I got into the second race ...
While the gray geldings of the “free” from shooting and observation, smiling happily, tried to settle down “to lie down on the ground” at the Point of Emergency, and the first “entry” was formed by the six of us (mekhan-soldiers already in the body of the armor), they slobber over the unmelted snowflakes sticking to the language to “scratch” the report on the “first approach” ... through observation in the “stereo tube” ...
To each his own.
Passed "Work" throughout the cycle.
Matahulnik on the tower shouted a command and the armor moved forward.
The stern of combat vehicles was already weakly visible in the approaching dusk, but three marker lights with a dotted “triangle” painted the silhouette of each tank.
Trying not to breathe on the eyepieces of the stereo-tube, we look at the results of the fire and mercilessly we paint the tablets with our scribbles.
Red side lights blinked ... it means the platoon reached the cease-fire line ...
The armor lined up in one column and went along the side road to the “Departure” ...
This is one of the best art paintings that can be in the world:
... Three tanks going in a column along the muddy snow "side track" of the tank director ...
... Three silhouettes of huge turtles dissolving in the twilight coming from all directions ...
... Three pairs of green eyes marker lights diving on the ruts of the track track and inevitably approaching predatory ...
... How are these beautiful animals with green eyes BEAUTIFUL ... The most magnificent PICTURE OF BEAUTY OF POWER, moving in a harmonious grace with Nature ...
Pise ..., ugh, damn ... The end of the "lyrics".
Tanks rumbled on the ear, bzdanuli diesel exhaust in the nose and lined up on the "original".
They shot out, we reported on the tablets on the results of observations.
The crew has changed in pairs.
Again the same song.
"They shot out, we reported" ...
We were built and ... we tore off everyone with a "whimper": and who shot (there are more of them), and who watched ... Well, it’s just that - Army.
Changing places ...
FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. sergey32
    sergey32 6 February 2014 10: 43
    Author, great write! It’s as if I’ve been there with you. Continue, always with great interest read your articles and comments. Thank.
    1. Aleks tv
      6 February 2014 11: 50
      Quote: sergey32
      It’s as if I’ve been there with you.

      So that’s exactly what the calculation was ...
      Thank you, Sergei.
  2. sergey32
    sergey32 6 February 2014 12: 22
    In the distant days when I was a student, we had a teacher of old sourdough, a war invalid, wounded in Stalingrad, a lover of short skirts for students and I don’t have to ... about a drink. A year older course we passed his exam. As expected, they ordered him a taxi, put a bouquet on his desk, and decided to respect the old man, they poured vodka into the decanter. He started the exam. The audience is quiet, students are getting ready. Suddenly, the old man led his nose, sniffed the decanter, silently got up and went out.
    Everyone is in panic, one looked out into the corridor, said: "I went for the dean." We quickly realized, ran to the toilet, poured vodka, poured water.
    After a while, the teacher comes in ... with his measuring cup. The rout was complete.
    1. housekeeper
      housekeeper 6 February 2014 13: 45
      Quote: sergey32
      In the distant days when I was a student, we had a teacher of old sourdough, a war invalid, wounded in Stalingrad, a lover of short skirts for students and I don’t have to ... about a drink. A year older course we passed his exam. As expected, they ordered him a taxi, put a bouquet on his desk, and decided to respect the old man, they poured vodka into the decanter. He started the exam. The audience is quiet, students are getting ready. Suddenly, the old man led his nose, sniffed the decanter, silently got up and went out.
      Everyone is in panic, one looked out into the corridor, said: "I went for the dean." We quickly realized, ran to the toilet, poured vodka, poured water.
      After a while, the teacher comes in ... with his measuring cup. The rout was complete.

      This is an old student bike. smile At the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute, the hero of the story was a chemistry teacher. smile
      1. sergey32
        sergey32 6 February 2014 20: 32
        We had it professor Zakharov, and I don’t think it was a bike, I heard from an eyewitness.
        1. housekeeper
          housekeeper 7 February 2014 01: 11
          So I do not argue smile Perhaps in NKI it was a bike. Almost every university has legendary teachers whom grateful students make heroes of "folk tales" and "epics" about them are passed down from mouth to mouth by more than one generation of students. smile
  3. Kunar
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    Oh, fuel oil)))) Thank you ......
  4. Aleks tv
    8 February 2014 01: 35
    Quote: Kunar
    Oh, fuel oil))))

    But we only call ourselves "fuel oil", otherwise ... ahem, it is fraught.
    That I am friendly, Sergey.

    Yes, we are fuel oil. And proud of it!
    Nobody has canceled the armored fist yet (there are no other "idiots" except us).
    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Thank you very much, I look forward to continuing.
  6. SASA798
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    I am related to the Navy, and therefore I heard stories and stories mostly from my profile, but this short story is simply something with something. The atmosphere was conveyed so cool that it was as if he had seen everything and it happened to me ... very talented. Thank!