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Engineering technology developed KBTM adopted for the supply of armed forces

In the past 2013, the domestic defense industry continued to fulfill the tasks assigned to it by the State Arms Program. Various enterprises continued to develop new weapons and equipment, and also carried out a state defense order for the production of existing models. In addition, several types of new equipment were adopted. So, Omsk OJSC Design Bureau of Transport Engineering, part of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation, created four types of engineering equipment accepted for supply last year. According to the press service of Uralvagonzavod, in the near future, the PTS-4 floating conveyor, the MMK mechanized bridge complex, the PDP and tank MTU-90M bridges.

Since 2002, KBTM has been the leading enterprise for the development of engineering equipment for the armed forces. This enterprise is responsible for the formation of the concept of the corresponding machines and the further creation of new projects. According to this system, several engineering engineering projects were created. A number of developed machines designed for engineering units, has been successfully tested and is being built in series. Last year, the list of developments of KBTM, adopted for the supply of the armed forces, was replenished with four new machines.

The floating tracked carrier PTS-4 "Duplo" continues the line of domestic transport vehicles. The development of this transporter began in the middle of the last decade, and the prototype was shown to the general public already in 2007 year. In 2011, a new transport vehicle passed state tests and preparations began for the start of its serial construction and acceptance for supply. The floating conveyor PTS-4, as well as the previous equipment of the family, is intended for transportation of various equipment, people and goods. The machine can perform various transport tasks, but the main one is the transportation of goods through water barriers.

Engineering technology developed KBTM adopted for the supply of armed forces
PTS-4 floating tracked carrier

PTS-4 transporter was designed with extensive use of the design elements of the previous PTS-3 machine. In addition, its design uses some units borrowed from the T-80 and T-72 tanks. A conveyor weighing more than 33 tons is equipped with a multi-fuel hp 840 diesel engine. On a cargo platform with a length of 8,2 meters and a width of 3,3 m, you can place up to 18 tons of cargo. This allows you to transport people, cars, artillery or light armored vehicles. Maximum carrying capacity is achieved when driving through water. When transporting cargo by land, the payload is reduced to 12 tons. On the highway, the PTS-4 transporter can accelerate to 60 km / h. The maximum speed on the water, thanks to the use of two jet propulsion, reaches 15 km / h. The fuel range on land exceeds 580 kilometers, on water - up to 10,6 hours. The crew of two people for self-defense can use a heavy machine gun mounted on a closed installation.

Bridge mechanized complex (MMK)

The MMK mechanized bridge complex was designed to improve the capabilities of the engineering troops. Previous constructions of mechanized bridges (ТММ-3 or ТММ-6) make it possible to quickly build a crossing up to several tens of meters in length, but need additional supports, which imposes restrictions on the depth of the obstacle to be overcome. The goal of the MMK project was to create a single-span bridge that allows you to create crossings up to 40 meters in any place. As shown by the calculations of Omsk designers, such a length of the bridge is sufficient to overcome 87-97% of obstacles encountered on the way of the troops.

The MMK complex consists of several machines with special equipment. The complex consists of two bridge assemblies and six transport vehicles made on the basis of the four-axle chassis “Ural 532361-1012”, as well as the bridge itself of modular design. The bridge is assembled from nine sections of the beam and nine bridge blocks. After the complex arrives at the point of crossing, calculations for bridge assembling machines equipped with cranes and winches unload the elements of the bridge from transport vehicles. Next is the assembly of the main element of the bridge - inductance beam. The beam is installed on the barrier, after which bridge blocks are mounted on it. For 70-90 minutes, the complex can build a bridge up to 40 meters long and at least 4 meters wide. Depending on the width of the barrier, the calculation can assemble a bridge with a length from 16 to 40 meters. A tracked vehicle weighing up to 15 tons or a wheeled vehicle with a pressure of no more than 20 tons per axle can move along the bridge of the MMK complex at a speed of no more than 60-15 km / h. When driving speed is limited to 5 km / h, vehicles weighing up to 80 tons can use the bridge. Bridge capacity is up to 400 machines per hour.

Forwarding ferry

Forwarding ferry PDP is designed to provide ferry crossings of various vehicles. The PDP complex consists of two parts: a low-power caterpillar conveyor created using tank assemblies and aggregates, as well as the ferry itself. The steam PDP is a three-section design that unfolds before launching into the water. When folded, the steam with a total weight of 29,5 tons fits into the transverse dimensions of the conveyor. In unfolded steam has a length of 16,5 meter and a width of 10,3 m.

The ferry PDP is delivered to the water barrier using a tracked carrier. Before launching the side pontoons are unfolded and fixed. While on the water, the DAP can take on cargo with a total weight of up to 60 tons. However, its sediment does not exceed 650 mm. For movement on water, the ferry has an 330 horsepower engine. and propeller. The power plant is located in the stern of the ferry, and on the nose there is a crew cabin consisting of two people. Without a load, the PDP steam can move at speeds up to 12 km / h. At full load, the maximum speed drops to 10 km / h. Fuel reserve allows you to work up to 10 hours without refueling. The PDP complex can perform its tasks at a flow rate up to 2,5 m / s and an excitement of up to two points. If necessary, the PDL ferry can be docked with links of pontoon punk PP-91.

Upgraded Tank Truck Mounted Multi-purpose MTU-90М

The bridge-laying tank universal MTU-90М, which appeared at the end of the two thousandth, is an option for the further development of the MTU-90 serial machine. The basis for the MTU-90М was the main tank T-90, from which, with some modifications, the chassis was borrowed. During the modernization, some elements of the bridge construction and the bridge were changed, but their principle of operation remained the same. As before, the bridge layer must go to the barrier, spread out the bridge, which consists of three sections, and lay it on top of the obstacle to be overcome.

The three-section bridge of the MTU-90М complex allows overcoming various obstacles with a width of up to 19 meters. It is noteworthy that the complex MTU-90 provided a crossing over obstacles up to 24 meters in width. A reduction in the width of the obstacle to be overcome was compensated for by an increase in the strength of the bridge. Thus, the improved design allows the passage of vehicles weighing up to 60 tons against 50 tons in MTU-90. An interesting feature of the bridge complex MTU-90М steel plates, covering the space between the beams. Thanks to this, not only tracked or wheeled combat vehicles can move along the bridge, but also vehicles of various classes. Such an innovation allows to significantly expand the scope of application of the MTU-90M bridge laying machine. For example, now he can fully participate in rescue operations.

The engineering vehicles described above, adopted for the supply of the armed forces last year, can perform tasks not only of a military nature. During last year’s flood in the Far East, PTS-3 floating conveyors were actively used for the transport of civilian cargo and the evacuation of the affected population. In addition to transporters, other types of engineering equipment was used in rescue operations. Thus, the new machines created by Omsk KBTM may be needed not only for military operations or exercises, but also for various rescue operations.

The press service of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" in the official press release on the adoption of the supply of new engineering equipment, quoted the general director of JSC "Design Bureau of Transport Engineering" I. Lobova. He believes that the adoption of new technology for the supply of the armed forces suggests that it is possible to deploy its mass production. This means that in the foreseeable future, the Ministry of Defense and the relevant defense enterprises may sign contracts for the supply of new equipment of all four types.

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  1. Horst78
    Horst78 5 February 2014 07: 22
    This technique will be widely used in civilian life, especially here in Siberia.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 5 February 2014 07: 35
      ha! yes her to the troops first.
      it can get to a citizen — or if it is created before hell — or during disasters — when the army takes part in rebuilding something.
      I think so, especially for a citizen, she’s not intended.
      1. Horst78
        Horst78 5 February 2014 08: 16
        So, since the times of the USSR, everything has been dual-purpose. Civil engineering for the army, army for the national economy. They don’t build roads laughing
        1. Canep
          Canep 5 February 2014 10: 20
          Quote: Horst78
          So, since the days of the USSR, everything is dual-use

          New engineering equipment will go to the troops, and the old one that has defended its storage period can be transferred to the Ministry of Emergencies and other structures, or sold to private owners.
    2. seller trucks
      seller trucks 5 February 2014 09: 19
      Quote: Horst78
      This technique will be widely used in civilian life, especially here in Siberia.

      yes And even a lot: Ministry of Emergencies, Gazprom, Transneft, Spetsstroy, Russian Railways.
    3. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 5 February 2014 12: 26
      Great technique!

      The Mongols with such technology would not only force the rivers of Russia in the winter, but also the Atlantic! laughing
      1. svp67
        svp67 5 February 2014 12: 30
        Quote: Max_Bauder
        The Mongols with such technology would not only force the rivers of Russia in the winter, but also the Atlantic!
        "Forcing" means OVERCOMING AN OBSTACLE UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF ACTIVE COUNTERACTION BY THE Enemy Troops ... I don’t remember something, when during the Horde invasion it was ... And overcoming water obstacles in WINTER is still much easier, taking into account the temperature of the then winters the fact that rivers were the main routes of movement in winter ...
  2. seller trucks
    seller trucks 5 February 2014 12: 29
    In the course of the play, a question arose: why MMK on the Belarusian MZKT 8x8 chassis, as far as I know KamAZ has the same single-slope chassis 63501/6560, I am not against cooperation and the car is quite good, but the very fact that the order was "leaked" how much has already been said about unification and those again.
    1. AGM-114
      AGM-114 5 February 2014 12: 56
      Quote: seller trucks

      It’s necessary to drive these Tatar breeders from everywhere. For the entire post-scoop, only the MZKT and UralAZ are able to do something decent.
      1. Kuzkin Batyan
        Kuzkin Batyan 5 February 2014 20: 55
        From Tatar you minus.
        1. AGM-114
          AGM-114 6 February 2014 02: 48
          Chtd. At kamazobrakodelov only the lobby is good, the quality is g # obvious.
    2. DS22
      DS22 5 February 2014 17: 46
      Is this exactly the MZKT? And it seemed to me - URAL, I do not remember the model, unfortunately.
    3. Hauptmann emil
      Hauptmann emil 5 February 2014 20: 20
      This is Ural 5323. Moreover, the emblem of UralAZ is visible in the picture.
    4. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 5 February 2014 21: 18
      Quote: seller trucks
      why MMK on the Belarusian chassis MZKT 8x8,

      Damn, that's the Urals!
  3. svp67
    svp67 5 February 2014 12: 32
    In general, Omsk-FELLOWS, even in such difficult conditions, they survive and create and produce something ...
  4. M72
    M72 5 February 2014 13: 25
    Quote: seller trucks
    In the course of the play, a question arose: why the MMK on the Belarusian MZKT 8x8 chassis, as far as I know, the KamAZ has the same single-slope chassis 63501/6560

    The article states that the four-axle chassis "Ural 532361-1012" is used. Or does the picture not match the text?
    1. seller trucks
      seller trucks 5 February 2014 13: 41
      your truth overlooked
  5. Theophanes
    Theophanes 5 February 2014 16: 24
    If Omsk not only created, but also produced !!! And then the plant was completely gone in the past, strong and producing a lot of things. Have they stolen it completely?
  6. miihhan
    miihhan 5 February 2014 19: 56
    They would be happy to produce, but no one orders (((
  7. La-5
    La-5 5 February 2014 22: 22
    The names of our equipment sometimes enter into a stupor or cause a smile - PTS-4 "Duplo".
  8. wanderer
    wanderer 5 February 2014 22: 51
    That's right.
    "Hollow" - you had to think of it.
    1. Tron
      Tron 5 February 2014 23: 54
      Quote: wanderer
      "Hollow" - you had to think of it.

      Our military-industrial complex with a healthy sense of humor approaches the name of its products. Because of this, the Americans have a roof going and they rename everything in their own way.
      Here is a poetic presentation of the names of weapons, equipment, etc. Unfortunately I do not know the author, probably something from folk art:

      Do the Russians want war
      You ask "Silence",
      Over the breadth of arable lands and "Fields",
      And at "Birches" and "Poplar",
      Ask the soldiers again
      What a scapula "Option",
      What a "shoe" on your feet,
      How "Goat" catches up with fear.
      What does "Fly" and "Tulip" smell like,
      And what is our "Glass" filled with,
      In what places is our "Whirlwind" and "Shaft"
      What "Skit" rules the "Ball",
      What a "phantasmagoria"
      "Bassoon" plays and "Oboe".
      What our "Courier" delivers,
      And where is the "Barrier"
      Ask "Metis" with "Mulatto" how
      We got to the Russian "Zoo"
      What is connected with "Buratino" "Bumblebee",
      And what will "Svirel" save from
      Like from "Peonies" and "Carnations"
      Our flower garden is fragrant.
      What "Cacti" grow,
      What "Cornflowers" are blooming.
      What is the "Acacia" in the forest,
      And what will "Woodpeckers" bring to you.
      What "Flame" at the "Fire"
      As "Cranberry" is Russian red,
      Do Russians want problems?
      You ask "Chrysanthemums"
      At the "Forget-me-nots" and "Showcases"
      Ask, do Russians need peace?
      And "Bearded Man" will answer you
      And, along with him "Vampire" and "Rook",
      "Foundling", "Marya" and "Ivan",
      "Hairpin", "Goblin", "Guardian",
      And "Chipmunk" and "Cypress",
      And "Canary" and "Narcissus"
      And "Virgin" and "Hyacinth"
      And "Mummy" and "Gnome" and "Screw",
      And "Chernomorets" and "Volna"
      "Raccoon", "Squid" and "Flounder"
      And even "Amethyst" and "Tick"
      A simple thing will be explained to you.
      And you will understand my thought
      The war is us, Russian, ** yu.