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Thirst for repression. About "not fit into the trend"

Thirst for repression. About "not fit into the trend"... In social networks of Russia there is a continuous howl. That rising in pitch to an absolutely indecent squeal, then lowering to hoarse, deaf howls.

Plentifully quote, sorry, I will not (although it, of course, delivers, but a lot of honor), but the general sense is clear and so: our liberoid and other hand-shaking audience that joined it (including creative nationaldems and creative leftists) have no hope nor, it seems, the desire to "win."

Now they are waiting, no, I would even say they crave - repression.

And it is no longer so important from which side. If the “bloody regime” is lazy, then some “Orthodox activists” will get away with it (which is the funny thing, arranging their performances exactly according to their “scandalous creative technologies”). Or “Cossacks”, or “Russian nationalists”, for the most part, unfortunately (especially in capitals), are just as charged as the “Cossack-Nazi” subspecies, waving at their events with their terrible flags next to LGBT rainbow rags.

Or “the wrong Russian fans” who do not want to “take an example from the real ultras in Ukraine” (oh my gods, where did the “real ultras” come from, if both we and the Poles have been chasing them all their lives with pissing rags. Well, not in Ukraine as a class, one sheer misunderstanding) and go "meat" in the front ranks of the "revolution", paving the way for a bright post-revolutionary future.

Why, there: at the very least, as a respressor, the “bydlovaty and boorish” Russian people, who do not understand who should rule and rule, will fit in as well.

That is, if you noticed: the tasks “to attract the majority to one’s own side,” even “on the Internet,” are no longer necessary for these people. There is a desire to insult, humiliate, spit in the face of the majority, and the more painful the better. Here all means are good, as in that joke about the matinee in kindergarten: “dress me with a poop and put me in a corner, I will stink from there”. The last more or less sane people in this fun movement, like - no, not even condemning the survey “Rain”, and “gently suggesting“ thinking ”Andrei Norkin - immediately credited to“ traitors ”, after which the flow of shit in their address becomes where even higher than that of the “blood tyrants”, going over the boiling point and turning into gas.

I am a person who has lived more or less and knows the editorial kitchen very well (professionals prefer the word “trash”) from the inside - and I didn’t expect to admit that this kind of passion.

I had to think.

So: there is an opinion that the trend has simply “changed,” and a whole variety of contemporaries fell out of it. The country and the people have changed, and these guys in their "Jean-Jacques" for some reason did not notice. Remember still quite recent, 90-ies of the publication, the liberal mantra about the "pensioners who did not fit into the market"?

So. History - the girl is ironic. And this is a bunch of neumyhs (it’s characteristic that the Dozhd poll that angered the country came out in the “Dilettantes” program), the only virtue of which was “fashion” and “the right human ideology” - turned out to be on the sidelines just as they were thrown out in 90, "engineers, doctors, and teachers." And, what is most offensive, these very “doctors and teachers”, on the contrary, become “in new discourse” more in demand (which the hysterical creators themselves hysterically deny by yelling about the “still beggarly state employees”).

And something else.

... It became suddenly clear that "in this country" you cannot again become an "outstanding journalist" if you write with ridiculous grammatical errors.

That it is impossible to "lead the production" only because you "have an MBA."

That it is impossible to be a “successful TV channel” if your “guys” simply do not know how to set light in a studio.

What does not work “to work as a fashion photographer” just because you found money for a “SLR”, and even this fashionable craft, it turns out, you need to study hard and long: for one self-declared “talent” is not enough even here.

That even in advertising it is impossible to “trade in the air” anymore, because even “ideologically close” people from Western corporations for some reason do not see what you are all right and beautiful from you, and some “ratings” and “indices” require and "product".

That's basically it.

And those who did not want to change, learn and work long and hard, quickly began to turn from the sublime and sought-after "inspired amateurs" into ordinary losers. Or, as they rudely and ruthlessly say in their favorite "citadel of democracy", - "pissy losers".

And now they really, really need "repression and revolution." Just because it is, in fact, their last chance for consistency.

Politics they just turned up.

So it goes.
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  1. makst83
    makst83 5 February 2014 08: 36
    Repressions of these "young ladies" of both sexes need some kind of fake, like ala sado-maso or BDSM: "well, spank me, the praative - prepraativny". laughing
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 5 February 2014 18: 33
      They purely provoke the "bloody regime" into repression. Do they want them? They will receive them. The time will come.
      1. sledgehammer102
        sledgehammer102 5 February 2014 20: 31
        And the article is sincere, it’s immediately obvious that a person wrote on emotions and boiled up)))) An undoubted plus. Well done.

        And the fact that most of the "reinforced concrete" memes of the 90s and early 2000s have already sunk into oblivion is a fact, but there are still a large number of people who believe them, because fear of becoming aware of one's error (I'm not talking about confessing) - there is a psychological diagnosis.

        For the same emiratchiki in the Caucasus, only the stupefied and brainless murmur remained stupefied with pseudo-religious ether, which is suitable only as cannon fodder.
        1. Salamander
          Salamander 5 February 2014 22: 16
          Yes, the author wrote in one breath! "+"! There would be more such articles (in this spirit), fewer reasons for them!
      2. Val_y
        Val_y 6 February 2014 11: 58
        Duc, we already got 85% of the audience bye-bye, in February all advertisers, wryly smiling, said, "well, they say, solve your problems, that tada, we'll see." I’ll add on my own - they are LGBD bastards, trends, creatives ugh, and it all looks like the hero of the movie "What Men Talk About" - "if the toilet is closed, it is a work of art, if the toilet is really closed" hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. domokl
      domokl 5 February 2014 18: 36
      Quote: makst83
      Repressions these "young ladies" of both sexes need some kind of fake

      Why ... Real and as bloody as possible ... But only civilized .. When the police kill a person or vice versa, it seems like people kill a police officer and a correspondent runs around in a vest and takes off a fried topic to become famous and rich.
      Profession, damn it, the second ... Well, the essence is the same as the first. Only the body is sold, but the soul ... fellow
      1. CALL.
        CALL. 6 February 2014 07: 43
        a bunch of unhappily (it’s characteristic that the Rain poll that angered the country came out precisely in the “Dilettants” program), the only advantages of which were “fashion” and “the right universal human ideology”,

        Feces of Liberal Verbiage
  2. Kite
    Kite 5 February 2014 15: 57
    Angry author! I didn’t choose words, and it wasn’t necessary, the objects of criticism are dull, they won’t understand hints.
  3. zzz
    zzz 5 February 2014 15: 59
    Soooo ,,,, 3 times started to read, lost the thread ... I misunderstood something? - the author justifies the Dozhd channel, or scolds Internet users?
    1. PPL
      PPL 5 February 2014 16: 21
      As I understand it, the author is for professionalism in any field of activity ... wink
      1. seller trucks
        seller trucks 5 February 2014 17: 50
        Quote: PPZ
        As I understand it, the author is for professionalism in any field of activity ...

        Please excuse me, but what kind of professionalism can there be in social networks? Perhaps I missed something, but when they managed to become "mass media", the author does not write about it, but nevertheless compares them with "journalists". I don’t know how anyone, but I’m not in one of the social sectors, without flattery, I have a forum in the back of my eyes, with the last (forum) year as I tied it up.
        1. Nick
          Nick 5 February 2014 19: 46
          Quote: seller trucks
          I have a VO forum for my eyes, with the last (forum) year I tied it up.

          Well, okay ...
        2. domokl
          domokl 5 February 2014 21: 46
          Quote: seller trucks
          but when they managed to become "media", the author does not write about it

          Why write .. Have you been in public transport for a long time? In Soviet times, people read newspapers there ... Almost everything ... And now these are all on the Internet. It’s good that you don’t even need a computer for this .. They just communicated Smartphone. Now social networks provide much more objective information. Than traditional media. Just because not professionals give info.
          Yes, and engagement, or rather its absence makes itself felt ...
          1. Walk
            Walk 7 February 2014 11: 52
            Since when have social networks begun to provide objective information and ceased to be biased? You are in Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and other countries, where you gathered creaks through social networks for protests, tell us.
      2. siberalt
        siberalt 5 February 2014 18: 41

        Quote: "As I understand it, the author is for professionalism in any field of activity"

        The author is about a yapping brand on the media with liberal mongrels for gostepovskie cookies.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Internet fighter
      Internet fighter 5 February 2014 16: 23
      The author trolls liberal media that at least somehow want to justify their existence.
      Lekuh says that they are like that elusive Joe from a joke that essentially no one needs.
      1. Cherdak
        Cherdak 5 February 2014 18: 40
        Quote: Internet fighter
        The author is trolling liberal media,

        Mitya does not troll, but always burns with napalm. Since the beginning of the 1980s, he has been an active participant in the radical wing of the fan movement of fans of Moscow Spartak. Researcher of the East European fan movement. And for him, talkative liberals are acne on the body of the business people.
    3. aviamed90
      aviamed90 5 February 2014 16: 23
      Well no.

      The author condemns a "bunch of inept" in their professional fields.

      We’ve gotten the dropouts!

      And if you are recognized as a non-professional, then you need to somehow rehabilitate yourself !? So all sorts of sensations (such as the scandal with the Dozhd shopping center) are being used.
    4. Nick
      Nick 5 February 2014 19: 44
      Quote: zzz
      the author justifies the Dozhd channel, or scolds Internet users?

      The author does not justify the Dozhd channel and scolds amateurs from liberalism and other isms ... The author is for professionalism and human decency.
      Sincerely ...
  4. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 5 February 2014 16: 05
    too many mosque became ... the competition is high. you need to work, but do not want to. The story is really ironic girl)
  5. Shurale
    Shurale 5 February 2014 16: 26
    Nice to read this here .....
    Aftaru plus.
  6. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 5 February 2014 16: 43
    It is necessary to direct all optimism and malice into the right direction, that is, for the good of the country and not to the detriment of it, namely: to transport grown creakles to foreign networks, give them a huge shovel (for shit) and welcome dear comrade !!!
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 6 February 2014 13: 10
      A plus. Just how. Their hands are already bent in this direction.
  7. Altona
    Altona 5 February 2014 16: 46
    When "writers" do not only grammatical ones (God is with them, sometimes they are made for fun and deliberately), but they make actual mistakes, confuse place and action, play with chronology, suppress obvious facts, write off cruel measures on the leader's pathological paranoia (as if all the country sat and was afraid? Khrushchev was thrown off and the hand did not flinch, and neither did Gorbachev), then of course with such professional skills they will leave the stage ... Their whole culture, or rather counterculture, has degenerated into such ugly glamor, on the verge of trash, as they say. When it was necessary to dilute the modestly dressed masses of Soviet people and violently shock against the background of an almost puritanical morality, they were in demand ... And now you will not surprise anyone with this ... Now we are in the same boat with the whole world, which is also dressed and also thinks how pay growing bills ...
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 6 February 2014 13: 12
      Quote: Altona
      degenerated into such an ugly glamor, on the verge of trash, which is called.

      Yeah. Already not on the brink. Creator shit Marikgelman (in one word with a small letter) exactly as bequeathed the deceased
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 5 February 2014 17: 00
    So: there is an opinion that the trend has simply “changed,” and a whole variety of contemporaries fell out of it. The country and the people have changed, and these guys in their "Jean-Jacques" for some reason did not notice. Remember still quite recent, 90-ies of the publication, the liberal mantra about the "pensioners who did not fit into the market"?
    Yeah, the Chukchi is not a reader, the Chukchi writer ...

    1. Nick
      Nick 5 February 2014 19: 49
      Quote: Novel 1977

      A very true logical chain is built on comics ...
  10. generalissimo
    generalissimo 5 February 2014 17: 15
    And what is the matter? If the question is worth it, it must be resolved, namely: since there are applications, there must be a concert! As the saying goes: Did you order the fight for the whole liberal party? GET IT! Only quite seriously! Stalin's way! With the construction of canals, logging (with a hatchet and a two-handed saw Druzhba-2)! And so that in winter frosts in summer mosquitoes and gnats (with only repellent, fire smoke) and barracks and six cubes for a ration! Yes, I forgot, all the charm of the preliminary investigation must still take place, so that for everything that they have done to the country they answered in full, so that the pants get dirty in all seriousness! And those who particularly distinguished themselves in the collapse of what they did not build, are not worthy of the high rank of the Kolyma lumberjack, these, if one may say so, "people", well, humanoid, should contribute to the disposal of ammunition, for example 7,62 * 54 or 9 * 18, they are dreamed of surrendering Russia to the NATO bloc! So we need to give them the opportunity to realize it, a dream! And the trial is open, so that no one has any doubts that the verdict is just, and no idealization, heroes, they say, fighters! They are, of course, fighters and, moreover, ideological, but for banknotes, and green, and at the expense of, I do not even know how to describe all the grief that these creatures brought to the Russian land!
    1. jjj
      jjj 5 February 2014 21: 28
      By the way, the Druzhba saw is a chainsaw, and a two-handed saw is a so-called transverse saw. It's hard to cut down the forest with it. Since the 30s of the last century, cross-cut saws in logging in the USSR, including "compis" and "cross-cat", were replaced by bow saws. Luchkovka is a song. The saws "Friendship", which were upgraded to the 4th model, were replaced by the heavy saw "Ural" and the light "Taiga"
      1. generalissimo
        generalissimo 6 February 2014 00: 04
        Commander! Sorry if I offended your professional feelings! Logging is not my profile. The fact that "Friendship is a chainsaw I am aware of, but I did not mean that at all, I give an example: two friends (unless of course they do not take part in the disposal of ammunition) Chubais and Nemtsov have one pine tree and with one cross saw, each has a handle ! Anological pair Udaltsov and Navalny! Abramovich and Lisin! And the whole point is that neither Luchkovka nor the heavy Ural saw and the light Taiga are needed! Gentlemen should feel on their own skin how they earn what they shamelessly, thieves ! Well, you dear, with your experience and knowledge, could take a worthy place, which is currently occupied by an "Effective manager" who received a higher education in the underground passages of the Kazan railway station and for whom it is high time to take up a cross-saw!
  11. Sour
    Sour 5 February 2014 17: 37
    And now they really, really need "repression and revolution." Just because it is, in fact, their last chance for consistency.

    This applies not only to liberalists.
    This also applies to such as Kvachkov and Khabarov.
    Normal people need to work and earn money, raise children and grandchildren, build their own lives and enjoy it. And rabid dogs of all stripes and shades, from Novodvorskaya to Kvachkov, need "revolutions".
    1. generalissimo
      generalissimo 5 February 2014 17: 48
      Sour! You do not touch Colonel L. Khabarov! My company officer sample! Hero! Honest man! Patriot! Citizen of Russia, Russian officer!
      DO NOT DARE! Mix with the liberal de @@@@ mom who shed blood for their homeland! You are therefore only sour! And L. Khabarov-landing of the highest standard! And you do not stand sour sand from under his boots!
      1. Sour
        Sour 5 February 2014 18: 19
        What are you worth, hreneralissimus?
        Look at yourself.
        And I don’t have to pray at your company. I had my own company.
        shedding blood for the motherland!

        Vlasov also fought for his homeland, and then betrayed her. Your company is the same.
        1. generalissimo
          generalissimo 5 February 2014 18: 35
          Sour! And you would try to tell me this in person! Gentlemen moderators why insults of honored people are not removed! What right does anyone have to blame for the betrayal of Colonel L. Khabarov! I beg you to publish the coordinates of the sour, I really want to visit him, otherwise many jackals have barked from the gateway?
          GW. Corporal
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. generalissimo
              generalissimo 5 February 2014 18: 55
              Bad scared! If you had the letter H! Well, you know how in the army such as you called. I would try to pour out D @@@@ Mo, which is now pouring out of you in the presence of soldiers of the 105th Guards Airborne Division, many of whom owe their lives to Colonel L. Khabarov, then at least you would be guaranteed disability! I believe that it is impossible to mess with the HONOR of Colonel L. Khabarov! But butt with any rear Ch @@@ collar through correspondence on the Internet I consider below my dignity!
              Guards Corporal, Russian soldier
    2. lukewarm
      lukewarm 6 February 2014 14: 43
      It’s a pity you can’t minus it. Consider done. I join the Generalissimo, although not the Airborne Forces. angry
  12. Averias
    Averias 5 February 2014 17: 38
    Competently, succinctly, without "poking your finger", with a fair amount of subtle mockery. God damn well written. And most importantly, only he will understand:
    Who in cognitive programs says not "ANDROYD collider" but "ADRONIC".
    The one who is reporting from the scene, says not - "MAGNITSKY MK", but "MAGNITOGORSK MK".
    Anyone who is talking about the weather forecast does not say that the thermometer column will go down from -35 to -25.
    Anyone who enthusiastically climbed onto the Pantsir complex does not claim that it has 30mm SUBMACHINE GUNS.
    The literacy level of the journalistic fraternity touches surprisingly at times.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 6 February 2014 06: 17
      That's it ... And through the word they insert "AS WOULD"
  13. Genur
    Genur 5 February 2014 17: 40
    ...if you write with funny grammar mistakes...
    I always believed that journalists can have their own points of view in various situations. But ... illiterate journalist, sorry ...
  14. crasever
    crasever 5 February 2014 17: 51
    And what, the "accusers of the terrible USSR", over twenty years of unrighteous life, have given up pretty much, got fed up, "sagged" with the same propaganda propaganda campaigns, and the "change" cannot be brought up - the people in Russia are not blind and not deaf, and the word he can and does say ... There would be more people with a state outlook and approach, but closer to the army, to industry, to ordinary people, and not to pop drones ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 5 February 2014 18: 55
      Hmm! A country of solid journalists and political scientists. Just to not work.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  15. mountain
    mountain 5 February 2014 17: 51
    This is for sure today, as never before, not professionalism began to stand out not only on radio, but also on television screens in culture, and most importantly in politics. These politicians, so to speak, support their own non-professional, "comrades". And the author is right talking about replacing the qualities of a professional with expensive paraphernalia. Certainly with the advent of "rain", I wanted censorship. Thanks for the article, put a plus.
  16. Stinger
    Stinger 5 February 2014 17: 57
    Yes, that's right. One touch, persistently repeated by the Eurovision, that some Russian-speaking freedom fighter was filled with physiognomy by people speaking Russian without an accent makes one wonder: is this not the hand of the Russian bloody regime? And all progressive humanity shudders from the perfidy of the Kremlin.
  17. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 5 February 2014 18: 28
    I completely agree with the author that any production should be managed by professionals, and not "effective managers", 99% of whom are long overdue, as for treason, to send to the regions that are not so close to an eternal settlement (not in Bali and Miami, but in the Turukhansk region, for example , let yourself and your relatives earn bonuses by "selfless" work)!
  18. moremansf
    moremansf 5 February 2014 20: 11
    Professionalism has always, everywhere and at all times been highly valued ... a professional in their field, so-called extra-class specialists ... unfortunately in our time this concept has become fading into the background, especially in the field of media ... announcers and correspondents of reputable television channels from the screen sometimes they carry utter nonsense in the pursuit of rating, clogging the brain of a simple layman with complete foolishness ...
    The reliability of the information must be confirmed from three different sources ... this is how they demanded from us during the service ... it would be nice for the "second power" to take this into service, otherwise sometimes you don't even want to watch and listen to the news !!!
  19. shelva
    shelva 5 February 2014 21: 38
    Testing, questioning, ratings and similar husks cannot replace the usual quality control department, which really reflected the professional abilities of the manufacturer. Such "technical control" can, if desired, be carried out in any area of ​​human activity, but very many do not want this.
  20. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 5 February 2014 23: 10
    And now they really, really need "repression and revolution." Just because it is, in fact, their last chance for consistency.

    Politics they just turned up.

    So it goes.

    This phrase contains the meaning of everything and everything!
    Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Yushchenko, Saakashvili and many others lived by this phrase!
    And I will add more about them: "after us, even a flood"!
  21. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 5 February 2014 23: 16
    Quote: zzz
    Soooo ,,,, 3 times started to read, lost the thread ... I misunderstood something? - the author justifies the Dozhd channel, or scolds Internet users?

    After reading such an article, I no longer understand myself, or am I being exposed like that? Sorry, but if you write articles this way and at the same time condemn others? There is no logic in the article and everything is confused. And football fans and journalists and the TV channel "rain", etc. If you criticize others, then lay out your thoughts more specifically. negative
  22. vkrav
    vkrav 6 February 2014 02: 37
    Well, there is no “near-football” in Ukraine as a class, one complete misunderstanding)

    Not quite so ... Not that not at all ... There are carefully fed mongrels, proudly called "fan clubs." When tyagnivrak came to Sevastopol in 2010, a lot of people gathered - they wanted to beat him, and his "supporters" --the militia then very diligently defended them. Well, the only ones who came to his "performance" turned out to be the "fan club of fc sevastopol" - completely moody youngsters, bought for beer, and some from Simferopol ... they were brought in a bus in "balaclavas", under the protection of the same police, and they were taken away by bus ... Briefly in pictures - see for yourself
    And on the topic and other "trends" - the Internet is infected with kraakakals, like a tattered cat with worms. Any mediocre window dressing is encouraged in every possible way. And the Internet is a moderately distorted mirror into which society looks.
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 6 February 2014 14: 49
      About kreakaklov - to the point. And the mirror is crooked. But NOT in moderation. While Uralvagonzavod is working, Kreakakl sells something in the office, consults, advises, and makes web pages dirty. Essno with such work with .. there are more opportunities on the Internet than the healthy part of society.
  23. Sars
    Sars 6 February 2014 06: 58
    The author competently exposed the fools to all those who were dissatisfied.
    But the mass of dissatisfied is heterogeneous.
    It is clear that someone wants to be at the trough (our opposition).
    But here I am personally tired of the fact that in the government, the Duma, on the stage, in the media, almost 100% of representatives of one phenotype (like the author of the article, by the way). What country do we live in? In multinational Russia, where the majority of the population are Slavs, or in Israel?
    1. generalissimo
      generalissimo 6 February 2014 11: 07
      I agree with you 100%! Playing on the base feelings of declassed elements and those tired of the war (which by the way they provoked) Slavs, representatives of this, as you correctly noticed the phenotype, dragged the Slavs into harlots in 1917! I will not know the composition of the first Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. Then the salvation for Russia was the coming to power of I.V. Stalin! He took the country with a plow and in ruin, surrendered the Great Power with an atomic bomb! And this phenotype, under the tsar, was against the tsar, during the USSR against the communists, the Union collapsed, like their victory again, but again against! Here the fun thing is that all representatives of this nation want only one thing (regardless of the political system) Put your pork stigma in the state feeder and eat, eat, eat! Well, they are parasites! Like mosquitoes of bloodsuckers or worms, it’s in their genotype! And there isn’t enough space for all the self-appointed god-assailants, so they are fighting for this place, but since by their nature and vile cowardice nature they themselves can’t do this (they are only specialists from under the silence), and they are forcing these harlots into these Slavs and other nations! From the ancient world they crap people, on this they grow fat and live!
  24. JonnyT
    JonnyT 6 February 2014 10: 16
    Yes, everything is exactly that. Faced with these liberoids .... Most of them are an empty place that does not like to work. All their failures in life are associated with the "regime" and the "cattle" around them .... But in fact they do not work, do not study, do nothing useful for society!
    I remember how their agitators came to our meeting of classmates. They started their record about the fact that Putin is to blame for everything, how everything in our "RASHKA" is bad, how good it is in the West that you have to sell your soul for candy wrappers and other liberal shit ... we endured, but when one of them blurted out that only stupid, stupid people and degenerates go to the army, patience is over ..... he did not know that in my group almost all the boys served .... I remember we beat them with great pleasure.
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 6 February 2014 14: 51
      +100500. I read with great pleasure.