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AK74MB: 2 to 1


Who served in the Trans-Baikal IN, do not forget this harsh land with summer sizzling heat and winter, penetrating to the bone, cold and omnipresent, snow replacing, sand. It is under these conditions that the familiarization tests of the AK74MB Kalashnikov assault rifle (patent No. RU2485429) developed by Vitaly BOYARKIN in Medium Scientific and Technical University LLC and the Laboratory of Dynamic Systems and Instrument Engineering NIIRGTU undergo familiarization tests. At the former army shooting range with a prototype, officers of the Transbaikalian transport riot police are working.

Pectoral and growth targets, car bodies, various obstacles that imitate destroyed buildings are placed on the slope of the hill.

A fighter leads a quick fire in single and short bursts at targets with the transfer of fire on the front and depth, first on 50, then on 100, 300 m from the positions "lying", "from the knee", "standing" and "zigzag runs." The bullets gently hit the target, punching them tightly in the center part.

“So what?” A sophisticated reader will ask.

The fact is that the shooting is conducted from a machine gun with the butt folded in the transport position. A severe demob will doubt that with a folded butt of AK74M into the target on 100 m you can get only by accident - and it will be deeply right.

But not from AK74MB.

Rumors about this development have been circulating on the Internet for about a year, but you see the photos of AK74MB first!

Meanwhile, AK74MB is an upgraded AK74М, which has additional features: the trigger mechanism (located in the butt), a folding diopter sight and a front sight on the pivot posts; modified store latch and emphasis for shooting from the left shoulder.

It is these additions that allow us to conduct aimed fire from a machine gun with a folded butt according to the bullpup scheme, this is when the machine gun trigger is in front of the store, and the butt is the butt plate of the receiver.

A total of 10 with and AK74MB is transferred from the “classical” open-butt scheme to the bullpup scheme.

We press on the latch of the additional trigger mechanism - and on the butt an additional trigger and stop are pulled out, which, when the butt is closed, are placed in front of the store and the standard trigger of the machine gun. Then we raise the stand of the dioptric sight and the additional front sight to the vertical position. This completes the transfer of the machine to the bullpup system. And where is the second fire control knob? Its function is performed by the store.

The modified store latch has a turntable that serves as a support for the hand holding the store when firing using the second trigger.

The use of the store as an additional handle for controlling the fire was solved by several long-standing bullpap problems. In the vast majority of bullpaps, built according to the schemes of the Kalashnikov assault rifle (“Thunderstorm”, “ADS”, “Vepr”), an additional fire control handle is mounted on the forearm. This creates several problems — a shift in the center of gravity. weapons back, inconvenience in the management of the fuse, cocking the gate, changing the store. To shift the center of gravity of such bullpaps forward, weighting equipment is installed on the machines - built-in rifle grenade launchers, silencers, additional shanks. This partially solves problems, but does not experience any special “love” for bullpaps based on AK in special units.

Nevertheless, bullpaps have a number of advantages over the classical open-butt design: increased maneuverability and accuracy of hits, looseness, less retention efforts on the target, reduced dimensions.

In general, I would like to have a machine gun with a butt, which, at the same time, is a bullpa-pom.

AK74MB has such a combined application scheme. From traditional bullpap AK74MB differs by the presence of a folding butt and the absence of an additional fire control handle. In the bullpup position, the machine is held by one hand behind the store, the other - by the regular forearm. Instead of the butt, in the shoulder, through the rubber shock absorber, rests against the back plate of the receiver.

Swivel pad for hands on the latch of the store

With such a scheme of holding the machine, the center of gravity remains in the area of ​​the store and the forearm, so when firing and other actions the weapon does not roll over the receiver.

Magazine change, fuse management, cocking, shooting are done with one hand - conveniently and quickly.

An additional trigger from accidentally pressing AK74MB is protected by an easily detachable bracket that is installed on the machine in front of the magazine in two seconds and is also quickly removed if you need to install a rifle-mounted grenade launcher on the machine.

The AK74MB diopter sight is mounted on the standard aiming bar of the machine at the swivel stand. Correction of the firing range is carried out by movement of the standard clamp sight. The additional front sight is also located on the swiveling stand fixed on the modified polo of the base of the standard front sight of the machine gun.

Shooting AK74MB from the right shoulder in the bullpup position. Sights raised

The extra fly itself also has an original design. It is made of non-hardened steel, which allows for multiple deformations, and the shape of its bracket allows it to be deformed within 6 mm in any direction. For this purpose, the end of the punch from the accessory of the machine gun is inserted into the special hole of the front sight and the position of the front sight is set to the required to ensure normal combat. For fixing the position in space on it and the surrounding protective plate

scales are applied, which are read offsets. The absence of any screws for adjusting the front sight greatly simplified its design and increased the resistance to stresses arising from firing.

Weight AK74MB compared with the weight AK74M increased slightly - by 98 g, the dimensions have not changed.

AK74MB retains all the performance characteristics of AK74М, including the possibility of conducting hand-to-hand combat with the use of a bayonet and butt, installing sights on the side bar and installing sub-barrel rocket launchers.

Shooting AK74MB with an open butt. Sights stacked

Shooting from the left shoulder. The stop limiter fixes the position of the chin. The shutter does not interfere

Fuse Translator Control


Change shop

A typical result of shooting while standing from a bullpup position. 50, fast paced single-shot 30, short bursts of 15

At the same time, the possibility of an equivalent aimed fire with a folded butt was added; installation of collimator and optical sights without the use of a side bracket; quick-mount muffler installation; store with a counter-equipment cartridges; bipods, pens, LCU, lanterns - as in the position with the folded, and with an open butt.

Unfortunately, we can not reveal the details of the design of brackets for mounting on AK74MB sights, as they are patented. But we can tell that they can be reproducibly installed on any Kalashnikov assault rifle in a time not exceeding the 1 minutes, they are lightweight and do not interfere with the use of standard sighting devices. AK74MB is completed with an easily removable tactical silencer AKB11 (AKB13), mounted on a standard DTK machine gun in one or two seconds. Tactical silencers AKB11 (vortex filtering type) have a relatively small weight - 600 g, reduce the sound on 10 - 14 dB (to 118 dB in the room - below the pain threshold), reduce recoil, remove the flame and allow firing a single and automatic fire.

With bipod on quick-release bracket

But back to the Chita shooting range. We shoot at 300 m with an optical sight with 9-fold increase. A growth target from such a distance looks like a small elongated green spot. Shooting from the "lying down" with a folded butt.

Despite the strong headwind - 17-20 m / s, the target is hit by all 10 shots! After that, the bracket with an optical sight was removed, and then installed back on the machine. After that, ten more shots were fired.

... Always striking at shooting ranges is the serenity of nature when you go to inspect targets. A few seconds ago, the air was ripped off by shock waves from bullets, and here in silence - Trans-Baikal snowballs “Urguyki” serenely flaunt, peacefully bees are buzzing, Manchurian voles chirp around the burrows, and all this is accompanied by the invisible lark.

Inspect the target. The result is satisfactory. Offset STP when changing the optical sight - 14 cm to the right. But all ten shots at the target. We remove the telescopic sight and shoot at the same target with an open butt on the standard sight ten shots. The result is eight hits with a large spread.

We shoot with a folded butt at a diopter sight - nine hits with the same spread as with an open butt.

The conclusion — at increased ranges — with the AK74MB folded and unfolded butt — is equivalent, and the telescopic bracket is mounted on the machine reproducibly.

The AK74MB examination tests were carried out not only in Chita, but also in the Irkutsk Territorial and Krasnoyarsk Transport OMON, as well as at the Barnaul Cartridge Plant. The results were about the same - no delays when shooting, high accuracy of hits with the use of any sights, increased accuracy when shooting with a silencer.

Among the shortcomings of the development were noted: increased gas concentration in the area of ​​the shooter’s eyes when shooting in the bullpup position with a silencer in the premises; somewhat unusual stand when shooting from the left shoulder (which, however, does not affect the accuracy of shooting).

In addition to introductory trials in regional riot police, research trials were conducted

AK74MB at FSUE “TsNIITOCHMASH” (first stage) and introductory shooting at PKU “NPO STiS” of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation.

The AK74MB kit is planned to be released as a set of additional parts ready for installation on the AK74М and instructions on which you can install the kit yourself on the machine.

A kit of parts is installed for transferring AK74М to AK74MB using a special mounting kit included in the retrofit kit, including a clamp and a set of press tools. At the same time, the butt, sighting bar, the front sight track, the magazine latch, the butt latch, the butt lock axis, the fuse - the translator of fire are replaced on the machine. No additional modifications of the main parts of the machine is not made.

The installation time for the retrofit kit is 30-40 min. Modernization can be carried out in the field.

At the moment AK74MB is the only automaton with a combined application pattern. If you want to - shoot with an open butt, if you want to shoot from a bullpap.

Although it is easier to shoot from a bulpapa.

In the Krasnoyarsk transport riot police, the influence of a fighter’s fatigue on firing results from an unstable situation was specially investigated. At first, the machine gun with an open butt and a silencer mounted on a DTC stood up at the target for 2,5 mines while standing and then fired single-handed. Then, after a half-hour rest, the shooter moved the machine to the bullpup position and also kept the min. On the 2,5 target. Then fired.

As a result - with an open butt, the vertical spread at a distance of 50 m was 80 cm, and with a folded butt — 12 see. At the same time, the fighter in the first case was very tired, and in the second fatigue he almost did not feel.

The same applies to turnaround - the rapid transfer of the direction of fire.

When turning on 180 °, the turning time of the submachine gun with the butt unfolded and the silencer is on average 1,1 s with a large inertia of the turn stopping, and in the bullpup position - 0,56 s with a much lower stopping inertia.

In combat, these tenths of a second can cost the life of a fighter.

AK74MB in the position of bullpup greatly simplify the conduct of hostilities in cramped conditions - in buildings, armored vehicles, in car interiors. When unblocking the premises using armor, the position of the machine with the butt laid out and the barrel lowered requires its lifting for firing, and in the bullpup position the machine can be held horizontally, which reduces the time for aiming and shooting. Convenient bullpup when shooting in body armor and in winter clothes.

Except on AK74M, the retrofit kit can be installed on other models of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which have a folding butt. For example, AKS74, AKS74U, automatic machines hundredth series.

Despite the obvious advantages of the combined application scheme, the new development met the cautious attitude of a part of the units of the RF power structures.

For the continuation of work, the organization of production and further testing of the kit requires a state customer interested in applying this unplanned development, which the developer is trying to find, including among the readers of this article.

In the meantime, it is quite likely that a strike-sick simplified version will be released, and I would not be surprised if it will be produced in China.

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  2. Tatarus
    Tatarus 5 February 2014 07: 28
    An interesting hybrid. Universal can be said. In a limited space is very useful.
    1. Siberia 9444
      Siberia 9444 5 February 2014 07: 38
      Hunchback was blinded! Why are pizzas so limited! We have a lot of small arms that solve such problems. Or a new brainchild of Krivoruchko? request
      1. Tatarus
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        Quote: Siberia 9444
        Or a new kid Krivoruchko?
        Yes, he did not have time to kind of give birth. Or in time? recourse
      2. And Us Rat
        And Us Rat 5 February 2014 11: 59
        Quote: Siberia 9444
        Hunchback was blinded! Why are pizzas so limited! We have a lot of small arms that solve such problems. Or a new brainchild of Krivoruchko? request
        1. xan
          xan 5 February 2014 15: 05
          Jew! Instead of hanging on Russian websites and promoting Jewish military thought, you would have taken your own people from Echo Maskva and Dozhd, who else would have picked up. I would organize a grandiose gesheft with the presentation of the medal "For the Liberation of Russia".
          1. mark7
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            Quote: xan
            You would instead of hanging on Russian sites and Jewish propaganda

            I join +
          2. And Us Rat
            And Us Rat 5 February 2014 21: 34
            Quote: xan
            Jew! Instead of hanging on Russian websites and promoting Jewish military thought, you would have taken your own people from Echo Maskva and Dozhd, who else would have picked up. I would organize a grandiose gesheft with the presentation of the medal "For the Liberation of Russia".

            In 1941-1945 my grandfathers ...

            ... fought to defend Russia from people like you!

            I am glad that they do not see this.
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              C.A.M. Good evening! I can’t and can’t ignore it, c han and mark7 disagree ... no words (here, in my opinion, Anti-Semitism is clearly manifested)! You are only a plus, good luck, health and peaceful sky above your head!
              1. And Us Rat
                And Us Rat 5 February 2014 22: 09
                Quote: Nikoha.2010
                C.A.M. Good evening! I can’t and can’t ignore it, c han and mark7 disagree ... no words (here, in my opinion, Anti-Semitism is clearly manifested)! You are only a plus, good luck, health and peaceful sky above your head!

                Thank you good You too. drinks
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            Sorry I'm not a Jew, but there will never be a personal meeting, I would answer you. RUSSIA do not disgrace!
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    3. PSih2097
      PSih2097 5 February 2014 08: 53
      Quote: Tatarus
      In a limited space is very useful.

      for limited space there is a bunch of Submachine Guns under 9mm Luger, Kalashi 100 series, the same Thunderstorm finally.
      1. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 5 February 2014 22: 25
        Quote: PSih2097
        Quote: Tatarus
        In a limited space is very useful.

        for limited space there is a bunch of Submachine Guns under 9mm Luger, Kalashi 100 series, the same Thunderstorm finally.

        1. PP under 9mm Luger is understandable
        2. "Kalash" 100 series because of the shortened trunks is clear
        3. But what about the traumatic pistols "Groza" based on the Ukrainian traumatic pistol Fort-12R? what .
        1. KORESH80
          KORESH80 5 February 2014 23: 49
          Quote: Nikoha.2010
          But what about traumatic pistols "Groza" based on the Ukrainian traumatic pistol Fort-12R? what .

          Maybe OTs-14 "Thunderstorm" ???!
        2. smirnov
          smirnov 6 February 2014 00: 23
          And here the trauma, I mean OTs-14 "Thunderstorm" as I understood?
          1. Nikoha.2010
            Nikoha.2010 6 February 2014 00: 58
            Quote: smirnov
            And here the trauma, I mean OTs-14 "Thunderstorm" as I understood?

            I already apologized, you understood correctly!
      2. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 6 February 2014 00: 55
        Quote: PSih2097
        Quote: Tatarus
        In a limited space is very useful.

        for limited space there is a bunch of Submachine Guns under 9mm Luger, Kalashi 100 series, the same Thunderstorm finally.

        Alexander apologize! Not that I thought Thunderstorm in a comment! fool
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  3. Doznanied
    Doznanied 5 February 2014 07: 38
    In general, the idea is very interesting, the author is well done, he tried. Here are just changes in the trigger will not affect the reliability of its work.
    Yes, and a full-fledged Bullpup, if necessary, allows shooting with one hand, and with such an inferior grip on the store when the hand is at an angle, and even from the “from the hip” position, as the author says when working with the shield, it is somehow doubtful . But as they say, to find fault is easier than to do something, put the article +.
  4. Sanamana
    Sanamana 5 February 2014 07: 59
    Is it original but practical in battle?
  5. makarov
    makarov 5 February 2014 08: 10
    It is not clear why from the classics to make some kind of "muda" ???
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 5 February 2014 08: 58
      quote-It’s these additions that allow aimed fire from an assault rifle with a folded butt according to the bullpup scheme — this is when the trigger of the assault rifle is in front of the store and the butt of the receiver is the butt

  6. Bongo
    Bongo 5 February 2014 09: 19
    I especially "liked" the photos with the "silencer", given the impossibility of firing 5,45 mm subsonic cartridges from a 410 mm barrel, the long cylinder at the end of the barrel looks very appropriate.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 5 February 2014 11: 15
      This is a tactical silencer, it reduces the sound level to acceptable values ​​of about 86 decibels, and does not jam it, it does not affect the operation of the automatics since conventional ammunition is used. Clings directly to the DTK.
      1. Bongo
        Bongo 6 February 2014 02: 36
        It was possible to create a "silent" version in the 5,45 mm caliber only on the basis of the AKS-74U (Canaryka complex).
  7. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 5 February 2014 10: 38
    "Collective farm" of dubious utility ... as it seems to me. Specialists, as far as I remember, spoke out against bullpup. (If I am mistaken, correct.) Offhand - 1. = twisted brush, when gripping the magazine, 2 = Ejection of hot powder gases into the shooter's eyes from the receiver. 3 = left-handed - completely unsuitable. and 4 = Will the grenade mount on the forend? Or is it also "collective farm" through a spacer? On the top photo, it is somehow incomprehensible 5 = very high sighting. (to stick your head higher under enemy fire?) Comrades, creativity is certainly a good thing, but maybe you should first theoretically substantiate the need for such a creation?
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 5 February 2014 12: 38
      Quote: fennekRUS
      Offhand - 1. = inverted brush,

      I agree. add here the "convenience" of reloading and working with a safety catch - the bolt handle in the rearmost position at cheek level. the same with the fuse.
  8. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 5 February 2014 11: 07
    From a purely technical point of view, the development of such a kit is of interest.
    But in order to find out the real effectiveness of working with him, military trials are needed, preferably in combat conditions.
    Another option is to conduct field tests in conditions close to combat, that is, to check weapons equipped with such a set in battle conditions (you can train, in the form of practical shooting) in a building, firing from transport vehicles on the go and in similar conditions, with test shooters of different sizes and physiques.
    Then the appropriateness of such an additional kit will be fully manifested. Or it will disappear as unnecessary.
    Something like that (IMHO).
  9. RPG_
    RPG_ 5 February 2014 11: 24
    Nonsense. Normal AK with an additional trigger. Who needs one?
  10. Owl
    Owl 5 February 2014 11: 41
    Doubtful. Or all this was done in the glove 90s, when there was nothing at all. Now the improvements necessary for weapons (mounting straps, tactical silencers, bullpup) are already being used in various designs.
    1. major1976
      major1976 5 February 2014 14: 51
      The first question is, why is this necessary? The second question is how to shoot from this miracle without a gas mask? On reliability, the question disappears by itself !!!
  11. avt
    avt 5 February 2014 14: 30
    wassat Since the morning and still can't understand how ---- ,, Then, after half an hour's rest, the shooter put the machine in the bullpup position "------ well, I don't have enough intelligence to understand how simple" Kalash ", even after half an hour's rest, the shooter in the field, well, let him at the equipped shooting range, translated into the bullpup position. laughing I don’t understand yet - I won’t take the rest into the brain, since the article is similar to recording the diagnosis in the medical record. Like the article about Travis Haley and his system, posted on the site earlier, I liked it more in terms of practical application ..
  12. alex-cn
    alex-cn 5 February 2014 15: 21
    Amov's modular systems keep you awake?
  13. ko88
    ko88 5 February 2014 15: 55
    interesting of course, let them experiment, do no harm. yes
    1. avt
      avt 5 February 2014 18: 35
      Quote: ko88
      interesting of course, let them experiment, do no harm.

      Kind of like Vysotsky - “It’s true that he’s like a goat of milk, but there’s no harm either.” Well, this is while he frolics himself, on his own for the soul. However, here is ---- ,, further testing of the kit is required by a state customer interested in the use of this unplanned development, "---- yes, he got so excited that it already threatens -------- ,, I will not be surprised if it will be produced in China. "The loss of a congenial invention. How do I remember the PMC -" Are your hands itching? Scratch elsewhere. " Let the Chinese, having rested for half an hour, fuss and toil.
  14. Ilya Mikhalych
    Ilya Mikhalych 5 February 2014 16: 25
    Interesting mod. Reveals the new features of the old machine. And what is not convenient to keep is a matter of habit. In the end, direct shops can be made for convenience.
  15. kafa
    kafa 5 February 2014 18: 57
    screw the optics to the Makar and screw the bulletproof shield to say that it’s cool and wait for money and fame winked
  16. RAA
    RAA 5 February 2014 19: 36
    And what prompted this sophistication? There were complaints about the presence of the butt?
    1. dustycat
      dustycat 5 February 2014 22: 11
      The desire to create something super universal from ... already universal.
      No more.
      Now, if instead of the whole crap that is applied to the set of gadgets for remaking, something is applied that eliminates gas contamination in the face area and an uncomfortable grip - one would think something.
      For example, replace the standard folding stock with something from which all these "convenience in your pocket" can be depicted.
      And so the next child prodigy.
  17. DesToeR
    DesToeR 5 February 2014 21: 26
    If the butt is made not folding, but movable, as on individual versions of the German G3 and MP5, then the shooter will receive not a surrogate, but a normal butt plate in the bulpap weapon mode. Instead of complicating the sights, it is better to replace the lining on the vent pipe with a weaver rail. The shooter will be able to set the collimator sight himself in an average vertical position for firing in both modes. The length of the lower forend should be increased - in the bulpap mode, the hand of the arrow practically touches the barrel. As an option, develop an integrated grenade launcher of the type at Thunderstorm so that its barrel is the forend for holding weapons.
  18. allexx83
    allexx83 6 February 2014 00: 25
    "required ... a customer interested in using this unplanned development, which the developer is trying to find, including among the readers of this article." Well, okay, send it, we will apply it, we will test it)))))))). In general, it is original. The collective farm gives it back, of course, but our man's "kulibinism" is indestructible. And it pleases.
  19. georg737577
    georg737577 6 February 2014 02: 54
    Yes, everyone has invented for a long time ... And use it! The picture is clickable.
  20. Freemason
    Freemason 6 February 2014 17: 20
    Poor dear Kalash ... as they don’t torment you ... Author, create something new. Why make a square bike?
  21. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 6 February 2014 20: 20
    it's just such a magazine - "weapon". there they like to publish about such "delights" and "investigations", made as if in a circle "Skillful hands" by schoolchildren of younger age. somehow this magazine came across with a muffler design using a metal ball and the author reasoned what a cool thing it turns out, because the gases are locked without any drive. Rave. it would be better to develop the idea of ​​a normal bullpup,
    PRESSX NUMX 16 February 2014 10: 20
    In Russia, the primary obstacle to using bullpup is the very low quality of gunpowder in ammunition, which results in unacceptable gas contamination in the area of ​​the shooter's eyes and respiratory tract. From personal experience, when shooting from an IED with sniper cartridges (that is, of better quality than a gross submachine gun), after 2-3 shots, the breath starts to "clog", and the eyes are so simply "eaten away". All these notions for the machine are absolutely useless. A bunch of additional small details that will only cling to the form. During a fight in cramped conditions (if the cramped conditions are such that the butt interferes), then the sighting devices are generally worthless - and I will hit the hip.
  23. gross kaput
    gross kaput 29 June 2014 13: 28
    This boyarkin got here too. In the Hansa, in two topics, on 100 pages, they described in detail what his out-of-the-box is good for, but there is still no Siberian "nugget" that will calm down.