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Another reason for striking Libya is the elimination of the Western Embryo project of an alternative project for Africa.

Another reason for striking Libya is the elimination of the Western Embryo project of an alternative project for Africa.Gaddafi, in spite of all his flaws, created a very interesting project, a synthesis of Islam and socialism, with the leader playing a huge role - the Jamahiriya.

Help: Jamahiriya - a form of social and state structure, different from the monarchy and the republic, based on the Third World Theory of Muammar Gaddafi. The word itself can be translated as “people’s rule”, a neologism formed by replacing the word “Jumhuria” (republic) with the singular “Jumhur” (people) with the plural “Jamahir” (mass). Libya is proclaimed Jamahiriya 2 March 1977 of the year. In the Jamahiriya, traditional institutions of power are abolished. Everywhere formed people's committees and national congresses. The state is divided into many communes, which are self-governing mini-states in the state, with full power in their district, including the allocation of budget funds. The commune is governed by a primary national congress. The people's congress includes all members of the commune (that is, residents of the commune). Every person has the right to express his proposal at a meeting of the people's committee. Everyone is involved in decision making and the realization of power. The state is a federation of communes. Each primary people's congress elects its representatives to the city people's committee and the General People's Congress. In the government of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the entire adult population of the country participates in primary (main) people's congresses. The people's congresses select their own executive bodies (people's committees), whose members automatically become delegates to the provincial people's congresses. The General People’s Congress, the highest legislative body of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, has the right to include on its agenda only the issues discussed at the primary national congresses. The “Charter of Revolutionary Law”, adopted by the General People’s Congress of Libya in 1990, granted broad foreign policy authority to the leader of the revolution, Muammar Gaddafi, who does not hold official posts in the state.

This project could become the basis of a united Africa, Gaddafi was one of the leaders who pursued a policy of uniting African countries into a single whole. This would have a tremendous effect, numerous corrupt pro-Western elites would be destroyed, which are oriented towards Paris (French Africa), Washington, London, some are already under the influence of the PRC. With this project, Gaddafi could "smash the soil" from the mass of transnational corporations and transnational banks that "feed" on Africa.

Indeed, in Libya, the Colonel was able to create a society with the highest standard of living in Africa: where young families were given more than 64 thousand dollars to buy housing (commissioning such a program in Russia could fundamentally change the deplorable situation with childbirth), besides, the state pays 1 thousand dollars a year to each family member. grants, for each newborn 7 thousand dollars are paid. Education and medicine are free (remembering the USSR), education and internship abroad - at the expense of the state, for opening an individual business one-time financial assistance - 20 thousand dollars. There is no payment for the apartment, for electricity. “Dry law” that would not hurt us, given the accelerated degradation of the nation. Zero loans for the purchase of an apartment and a car. When buying a car, the government pays half the amount and a lot of other similar facts.

I think that the Russian president-ruler, who would have carried out such reforms, would have loved him like a “native father”.

In addition, Gaddafi was able without the support of the West since 1983 of the year (when the project was created) deliver water from the southern part of Libya, where the underwater lakes are located, to the northern, industrial part of Libya. And the water in the desert, which is most of Libya, except the coast, that's all. In 1996, artesian water came to the houses of the capital Tripoli. This water project was called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by its scale - 4 is thousands of kilometers of pipes buried deep in the earth from the heat. With this project, Gaddafi made it possible to dramatically increase the capacity of local agriculture. Scientists estimate water reserves equivalent to two hundred years of the flow of the Nile River!

Colonel created and another threat to the Western project - he proposed to create his own monetary system in Africa, on gold collateral. In this way he dealt a terrible blow to the basis of the power of “Koshchei” - the financial network of the West, the dollar and the euro.

Gaddafi, as can be seen from the results of his activities, not only proposed, but also Delal. He could lead the process of true liberation of the Black Continent from the “web” of the West, this Western world could not allow. Therefore, Paris and London became the main instigators of a strike on it and their influence in Africa (especially France) could have been lost.

Honor and praise him now he is the personification of the Resistance to the Western project of parasitism. A rare example of personality.
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  1. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 28 March 2011 11: 31
    God grant the strength of Libya to withstand.
  2. Skills
    28 March 2011 11: 49
    "Jamahiriya" reminded me of the ancient Russian veche way of life, which on the basis of general informatization (Internet, mobile communications, etc.) would be very nice to revive in Russia.
  3. turnip
    turnip 28 March 2011 13: 43
    this of course is all true, only everything again depends on the "human factor". Well, some people like it to have chaos. As Nemtsov says: it's boring to live without a revolution. It's so great when you are on a white horse, and everything around is outside, when you are an oligarch, and around cattle-slaves "what you please any of your whims." And the first rebel and revolutionary was Lucifer thrown from heaven.
  4. Skills
    28 March 2011 13: 58
    methods of fighting "r-revolutionaries" ("demons" according to Dostoevsky) were well shown by Comrade Stalin
  5. turnip
    turnip 28 March 2011 15: 38
    only mass executions will save the homeland?
  6. Skills
    28 March 2011 15: 48
    more useful are "point hanging" and occupational therapy in the fresh air
  7. Stavr
    Stavr 3 June 2011 13: 33
    Sorry, but I think the Libyan Jamahiriya will fall under the onslaught of the aggressors. A very unequal balance of military forces. Justice is now in such a pen, in which it has not been since the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. But even then, many understood that fascism was evil. And today it is revived by those countries that in the past years fought against fascism. The world has once again moved to the line of the delegate of borders and territories. And this is the forerunner of a new World War. Small wars always turn into big ones. The World War for Resources, which many politicians and military analysts predicted, is released like a gin from a bottle. The next stage is natural disasters, which will lead to even greater bitterness of peoples and their struggle for survival, naturally, with the help of weapons accumulated by many powers.
  8. Mista_dj
    Mista_dj 22 October 2011 23: 52
    I am Gaddafi - sincerely sorry!
    I admit that I do not know everything about him, but I will remember the phrase about 64 kuy for a young family and other "tyranny difficulties" forever!
    And water for the whole country also means something.
    Death to world capital!
  9. Sandov
    Sandov 7 August 2012 22: 36
    I read the Green Book of Gaddafi. There is no forgiveness to the amers and their rats - they destroyed the state and the leader of a sovereign country. Bitch tribe, what to take from them?