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Who is the true culprit of the outbreak of the Second World War


It is generally accepted that the initiators of the Second World War are Berlin and Tokyo. But, in the light of the mass of new facts and logical reflection, it becomes clear that Germany and Japan are more likely “instruments” in capable hands than “initiators and instigators”.

It is impossible to call the machine gun in the hands of the fighter the culprit for the death of a man, so the Germans and the Japanese were made “scapegoats”. Although it is clear that no one takes the blame from war criminals in the top leadership of Germany and Japan, and ordinary executioners, they are guilty and for the most part answered for their crimes.

But the true instigators and instigators of the Second World War and the First World War did not answer for the crimes of world scale.

Particularly cynical look modern attempts to classify Russia-USSR as the “instigators” of the war to the losing camp. They say that Stalin and Hitler are “two boots of a pair”, both are equally guilty of stirring up the world war and massacres. With this, the USSR and the Russian people are being turned into "criminals" who have not yet been answered for their "atrocities."

Various "facts" are invented in order to "cover up" the USSR. Here are some of them:

- Stalin banned the German Communist Party’s 1932, the German Communist Party, during the election campaign in Germany, and therefore, they say, the Nazis were able to win. Hermann Goering (the second person of the Nazi Party after Hitler, his official receiver) became the speaker of the Reichstag, and soon Hitler became the Reich Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany.

But this is not true - Moscow did not have complete control over the German Communists: some of them headed by Ernst Telman submitted to the USSR, but other groups did not. Almost a third of the German communists were guided by Trotsky, and Moscow was an enemy for them. Yes, and to support the entire communist movement in Germany did not make sense for Moscow, Stalin withdrew from Lenin's policy of internationalism and openly defended the interests of Russia, that is, the Russian people. He proceeded from pragmatism and the interests of Russia-USSR exclusively, the revolutionary romanticism and ideals of the world revolution were alien to him and even hostile.

Telman was not a figure supported by the whole of Germany; this was confirmed by the presidential election of 1932 of the year - Hitler received more than 13 million votes, Hindenburg almost 20 million, and Telman only 3,7 million. Even when they tried to create a bloc of Communists Telman and the Social Democrats, they lost. In the 1933 elections of the year, they only scored 30,6% of votes, and the Nazis more than 50%.

In addition, no one (except for a few “initiates”) knew what the victory of the National Socialist German Workers' Party would lead to, there were quite strong “left-wing” sentiments. So, even Hitler in the 1919 year, in the time of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, was an activist and agitator of the BSR, in fact, a “Red Guard”. In the book “My Struggle,” Hitler wrote: “Socialism is a doctrine on how to take care of the common good ... Marxism is not socialism. Marxists stole this concept and distorted its meaning. I will tear socialism out of the hands of the "socialists." Socialism is an ancient Aryan, German tradition. ” There were chances that as a result Germany would begin to build a “German model of socialism,” and Berlin would be our ally in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

Only in 1937, the “night of long knives” happened, and supporters of “leftism” were cut, but it could have been the other way around when supporters of the “left-handed way” would have prevailed over the racist-Nazi wing of the party.

At the beginning of 1933, President Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor. The NSDAP had only a relative majority in the Reichstag - about 37%, but to this still the support of the president of the industrial oligarchy, the most powerful military party organization. Hitler dismissed and appointed new elections; at the same time, the fighters of the “assault detachments” (SA) joined the ranks of the police and received the right to control the life of cities and working quarters. With this “administrative resource”, the Nazi Party received more than 50% of votes. The mandates of the Communists (89) Hitler immediately repealed.

Who is the true culprit of the outbreak of the Second World War

Shot from the movie. Hitler heads a high-ranking Nazi delegation entering the Assembly Hall.

- On the beginning of the war, supposedly, it is necessary to keep a record of the beginning of the war not from 1 September 1939 of the year (as is customary at the present time) when Reich attacked Poland, but from 23 August 1939 of the year when the treaty between Germany and the USSR was signed. Like, it was then that Hitler finally "untied his hands." It turns out that the USSR, together with the Reich, unleashed a world massacre! Accordingly, the USSR-Russia is guilty of unleashing a world war, These are the prospects for the internal and external enemies of Russia and the Russian people.

At the same time, they somehow “forget” the fact that Hitler finally confirmed the date of the attack on Poland back in the spring of 1939. The presence of a pact with Moscow Hitler did not care.

“Forgotten” and other facts of all pre-war diplomacy, when Germany was consistently “led”, “honed” with a “crusade” against the East.

Versailles Treaty of 1919 of the Year

In fact, this is a turning point when the question was decided whether there should be a new world war. The main characters - Washington, London and Paris, all other countries are "extras", they did not decide anything. Germany was deprived of its territory from 5,5 million Germans, the lands were taken over by France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia. Deprived of all the colonies fleet, heavy weapons, the army was reduced to a ridiculous 100 thousand. They also “hung” a giant monetary compensation.

We must also remember that Russia was also “offended” - we were not supposed to receive compensation. Plus, for helping in the war, the "allies" not only did not give us the promise - the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, Istanbul, Western Armenia, etc., but also recognized all the "breakaway" parts of the empire as independent states - Poland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania They recognized the seizure by Romania of our Bessarabia.

London, Washington, Paris, “wasted” Germany and Russia, laying an excellent foundation for the new Great War. Germany after that (in the 20-s) very much resembles Russia of the 90-s - a surge in crime, the terrible poverty of ordinary people, a surge in social diseases - alcoholism, mass prostitution, etc.

In Leni Riefenstahl’s film “The Triumph of the Will” (about the NSDAP convention in 1934), the first credits: “20 years after the start of the World War ... 16 years after the start of the German sufferings ... 19 months after the start of the German Renaissance.”

German revanchism, the sufferings of the German people, the coming to power of Hitler (even without funding by US banks) - all the result of Versailles decisions.

Leni Riefenstahl with her team during the filming of "Triumph of the Will", Nuremberg, September 1934 year.

1936 year - the introduction of German troops in the Rhine demilitarized region

This territory, by decision of Versailles, was a buffer between France and Germany, and the Germans could not have armed forces there. Hitler violated this point, and London and Paris did not “punish” him, although the Wehrmacht was still so weak that the French armed forces, even without the help of the British, could simply “smudge” them without suffering serious losses. Only the League of Nations "scolded" Berlin, and that one came out of it.

War in spain

A revolt against the Republican government in mid-July 1936 was raised by General Francisco Franco in Spanish Morocco, the insurgency quickly spread to the territory of Spain proper, Franco was supported by Portugal, Fascist Italy and the Third Reich.

The “global community” actually surrendered Spain (the legal government). So, Paris, under pressure from London, declared "non-interference in Spanish affairs" and broke the supply agreement weapons to the republic. In late August, an agreement on "non-interference" was signed by all European countries, except Franco's accomplices. With this “non-intervention”, London and Paris actually surrendered Spain to Franco, an ally of the Third Reich and fascist Italy.

The demarcation of the territory in Spain for July 1936 (the republic is highlighted in pink, the regions that supported the Franco insurgency are highlighted in brown.

"Reunion" of Germany and Austria

In March, 1938, Hitler was allowed to commit "Anschluss" - "reunification" of Germany with Austria. Although Austria has never been part of Germany. Vienna has always been a competitor of Prussia in the struggle for control over other German lands.

London and Paris (and the USSR would support them) would easily have forced Berlin to return Austria’s sovereignty.

Hitler informs the deputies of the Reichstag on the accession of Austria.

Munich Treaty

In September 1938, London, Paris and Rome give the Berlin Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Berlin. The Sudetes possessed almost half of the industrial potential of Prague. In addition, Paris was an ally of Czechoslovakia and betrayed it, although it could provide not only diplomatic support, but also military, in the event of a German attack. Paris and London had every opportunity to stop the demands of Hitler, but did not.

At the time of the signing of the Munich Agreement. From left to right: Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini and Ciano.

German occupation of Czechoslovakia

In March, 1939, Berlin occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia, including it in Germany under the name “Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia”, part of the territory was ceded to Poland, Hungary. Only the USSR declared a protest and did not recognize the German occupation. Paris and London again did not “move a finger,” although their combined position, together with the support of Moscow, would have forced Berlin to restore Prague’s independence.

The dismemberment of Czechoslovakia.

"Strange War"

September 1 The Third Reich struck Poland, an ally of Britain and France, but they did not begin active hostilities against Berlin. Their troops on the Western Front were engaged in anything (played football, drank, gamblers, etc.), except for the war. Although a joint strike by the Anglo-French forces would have forced Berlin to transfer troops (not yet strong) to the West, Poland could continue to fight. Berlin would have been in a very difficult situation, they would have had to forget about world domination, but the Reich was given to grind up Polish troops and reach the border with the USSR.

A few words about japan (this topic deserves writing not one monograph)

Japan was “discovered” in 1854 by the American ships of Commodore Perry. Prior to that, Japan was in isolation, almost not communicating with the outside world. The Japanese elite realized that they would not be able to resist the well-advanced technically “white barbarians”, so they gave up. After that, Japan fell under the influence of the West (London and Washington), it begins militarization (reaction to the aggression of the West) and cherishes plans for its dominance in the Asia-Pacific region.

Under the influence of London and Washington, Japan fights with the Russian Empire. Then he finds a new ally - Berlin, but what is interesting is that the United States actually provoked it to attack them - cutting off the supply of petroleum products, which were of great importance for Tokyo. In addition, they destroyed the squadron at Pearl Harbor (although intelligence reported the threat, it was not “noticed”), causing an outburst of indignation in American society, which had not been going to fight before.

After the defeat, Japan was “finally“ knocked out ”and made its“ ally ”in the struggle against the USSR and China. Tokyo until today is not an independent state, without a national concept of development, and the blame lies on Washington, and partly on London.

If it were not for the “discovery” of Japan by the Americans, they most likely would not have got involved in foreign policy adventures, continuing “self-contemplation”. Neighbors would have avoided Japanese aggression (reactions to actual “rape”) - Korea, China and other countries of Southeast Asia, to a lesser extent Russia.

Summing up, you can make a clear conclusion - the true initiators of world wars (and masses of minor wars) both sat and sit (their heirs) in London and Washington, partly in Paris and Rome (the role of the Vatican). Berlin and Tokyo became "blockheads", which were used as a "tool" in the course of building the World Order.
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    for normal and thinking people, this is all clear. What to do with others? Strong video
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    So much for the national idea for Russia - to unite all the sensible and moral people of the Earth against global AIDS - the true Evil Empire - the United States.
  3. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 28 March 2011 14: 52
    History repeats itself. The global crisis, caused by the very nature of capitalism, is forcing the masters of the world order to seek an external enemy. The theory of controlled chaos works. And who is now undertaking to predict, today's events in northern Africa is the beginning of World War 3, which is provoked by all the same - the Anglo-Saxons.
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    Yeah, PPC, is it really not clear that here is Moscow, and London and Erlin, etc. in one game. Only someone had the smart mind to play cleanly, someone's dirty, and someone lost. But nationalists from Russia always need to blame the West. It is strange that Ukrainians or the Baltic states with the Poles are not the root of all evil ...
    1. Heir to the Traditions
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      So today it is the West that accuses the USSR of crimes. And the accusations are immaterial.
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    Studying the materials in this case, I can say that one should not speak of Ukraine as well as the Baltic states as instigators in view of their insolvency ...
    The true culprits are London and Paris, because it was they who signed a bunch of treaties that did nothing during the "OSI" aggression, in Germany the West saw a counterbalance to the USSR and lowered everything, hoping that the Reich would throw all its forces into the fight against Soviet Russia ... as a result, they surrendered the Rhine region, forgiven spain austria czechoslovakia ... not to mention africa ...
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