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Dil Difens conducted tests of IRIS-T SLM SAM

Dil Difens conducted tests of IRIS-T SLM SAM

The Diehl Defense company announced the holding in January of this year of successful tests of the prototype IRIS-T SLM medium-range air defense missile system at Overberg in South Africa.

The demonstration shooting, which was attended by international experts and military representatives of 16 countries, was conducted with the support of the German and Australian defense ministries.

IRIS-T SLM is an anti-aircraft missile system of modular design, built on the principles of open architecture.

The demonstration model of the IRIS-T SLM SAM system includes: a new radar with an active phased antenna array CEAFAR of the Australian company CEA Technologies; tactical control center (TOC) using the combat management and communications system of the Danish company Terma and the Orlikon Skymaster combat management system from Rheinmetall Air Defense, as well as the Dil Difens development launcher . All these elements were combined into a single fire detection and control system.

During the tests, the DO DT-25 target, flying at low altitude, was detected using IRIS-T SLM hardware, captured and classified as an "enemy". The rocket hit the target at a distance of about 20 km with a direct hit. Throughout the entire flight path using a communication channel, the missile received correction commands from the radar, which allowed the target to capture the infrared radar target. All the hardware and software of the complex functioned normally.

In the course of these tests, Dil Difenz for the first time demonstrated in real conditions the full functionality of the IRIS-T SLM system, including radar, a control center and a launcher. This demonstration of the capabilities of the air defense system followed two successful test launches performed in November last year. The tests took place within the framework of the contract for the development of a missile and launcher signed with the German Federal Office for Armaments, Information Technology and Maintenance (BAAINBw).

The IRIS-T SL (Surface Launched) is based on the concept of an air-to-air IRIS-T guided missile. It should be one of the means of defeating air targets as part of a prospective ground-based air defense system of the German Armed Forces. For use as part of the air defense missile system, the missile is equipped with an improved power plant, communication channel, GPS navigation equipment, and a new nose fairing that reduces drag. The version of the ground-to-air missile is planned to be produced in two versions - the short-range IRIS-T SLS (effective range to 10 km) and the medium range IRIS-T SLM (firing range to 30 km).

The vertical launcher IRIS-T SL is mounted on the chassis of a light truck and provides the possibility of hitting targets in the 360 sector hail. A missile equipped with an IK GOS receives target designation from a circular review radar.
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  1. Mails
    Mails 31 January 2014 09: 28
    I still don’t understand which country is the main producer?
    Judging by rheinmetal - is Germany?
  2. alex-kon
    alex-kon 31 January 2014 10: 17
    And the radar, judging by the photo, stupidly removed from a ship, not even repainted. laughing
    1. And Us Rat
      And Us Rat 1 February 2014 17: 10
      Quote: alex-kon
      And the radar, judging by the photo, stupidly removed from a ship, not even repainted. laughing

      From a submarine laughing
  3. Don
    Don 31 January 2014 15: 25
    Again they talk about the new air defense system and again they say nothing about the performance characteristics. Well, if you have already decided to post information, then at least plainly post it. And I agree with Miles, it’s really not clear who the country is. There are many developers, and who will produce it will not be clear.
    APASUS 31 January 2014 20: 04
    It is not very clear with the performance characteristics, the three cars are all separate, but according to the info from the article it turns out
    short-range IRIS-T SLS (effective firing range up to 10 km) and medium-range IRIS-T SLM (firing range up to 30 km).

    Weak or merit Diehl Defense in the articulation of all of the different systems that are not suitable for the profile? The locator seems to be marine - they forgot to paint, correctly said alex-kon (1)  Today, 10:17
  5. Aljavad
    Aljavad 31 January 2014 22: 49
    "who is the country - who is the country"! The West has been working in cooperation for a long time. Or - globalization. The country produces what works well. The rest - buys. Individual firms - often also transnational - link everything into a system. The same Rheinmetall is the owner of Oerlikon. So which country is Germany or Switzerland? The answer is Europe and the annexed former colonies. The customer is the Germans, and the production will be cheaper where - even in Malaysia, even in Taiwan. (Not here - we are not Europe and not a colony)
  6. alone
    alone 31 January 2014 23: 10
    SAM IRIS-T SLM production of Germany. but they can collect at least in Papua Guinea.