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Two al-Qaeda. Who owns the worst brand in the world?

Gone are the days when Al-Qaida addressed the world from the first person — Osama bin Laden or his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri. Three years later, after the elimination of the main villain, it is no longer believed that he was. In proof of the death of Che Guevara, the CIA left at least the severed hands. After the elimination of Bin Laden, no photographs of the corpse or captured documents appeared. No one even published tests for the DNA of his remains. Who was killed in that special operation? And was anyone killed at all? Maybe bin Laden died much earlier, or maybe the former CIA agent lives somewhere in retirement while al-Qaeda is run by other people? Ayman al-Zavahiri’s last audio message with threats against Barack Obama was posted on the Internet in 2008, which, by the way, raised the rating of a black senator. However, even then, many considered this appeal a fake fabricated by the CIA.

“All video messages and other messages by Bin Laden do not belong,” said Heydar Jemal, Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia. - This is a theatrical production. Anyone who knows what hand a faithful Muslim can take with him will immediately suspect a trick. ”

"The totality of lies"

The last, so to speak, living testimony of the existence of Al-Qaida, tragicomic, was the 2012 process of the year, which took place in New York over bin Laden’s son-in-law who was unknown from now on and part-time his former press secretary. The question is whether people who the United States now ranks as Al-Qaeda — in Mali, then in Iraq, or in Morocco — are they related to an organization created by bin Laden?

“If you and a couple of your friends are sitting somewhere at the table,” writes the Asia Times newspaper, “if you are angry and unhappy with America or your government, you can simply declare that you are a supporter of the ideas of Osama bin Laden and declare yourself" Qaeda "in _____ (fill in the blank)."

Recently, the Italian newspaper La Republica devoted a large article describing the geography of distribution of Al-Qaida. Its cells have already declared themselves in 34 countries of the world.

Vladimir Sotnikov, a senior fellow at the Center for International Security at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that “Al-Qaida” presented to the world is moving further and further away from the main body of the organization. Mali has its own group, while Jabhatt en Nusra is operating in Syria, allegedly budding from bin Laden’s al-Qaida. Who can check? I very much doubt that our western partners have informants there who can provide reliable intelligence data. ”

How not to remember the Hollywood film "The whole lie"! In it, CIA agent Roger Ferris, played by DiCaprio, creates his al-Qaida cell. Religious architect Omar Sadika he introduces the minor jihadist henchman, transfers money to his accounts, and gives this whole circle to a terrorist sect. CIA dramatizes the attack on the American base in Turkey. And Ferris, on behalf of the al-Qaeda's newly-baked cell, announces the attack. You say: this is a movie. But after 11 September, Hollywood screenplays no longer seem fiction.

“Western intelligence agencies are creating dummy cells, with the help of which they turn staged terrorist attacks,” said Geidar Jemal. “With their help, they increase their budgets, knock out new allocations for the antiterrorist struggle from congresses and parliaments.” What they are doing leads to a loosening of the world order: the secret services are always interested in chaos. ”

What do we hear about al-Qaeda now? Reuters, CNN or Al-Jazeera show bearded guys with weapons against the background of the black flag, which declare themselves a new unit of this organization, threaten America and its allies. Then the world is shown something that has been torn apart by an explosion, to prove that the new cell has committed a terrorist act. CIA officials report that they have intercepted a telephone conversation or an electronic correspondence of villains from al-Qaeda. And finally, the villains are eliminated, as evidenced by the picture from the drone camera.

But who, in fact, rocket blown into pieces? Who are these people? And did they blow up anything at all? The world receives all the information through the global media from the American intelligence services or their colleagues in Iraq and Pakistan, who thank the Americans for their help in uncovering the latest al-Qaida cell. For example, this summer, the Iraqi security services thanked the United States for the capture of terrorists. On television, chemical flasks and a few people with their hands tied up from head to toe in latex were shown, as well as models of toy helicopters, with the help of which the villains were going to spray poisons over ... apparently, over the Americans.

“Americans have always worked with everyone: with terrorists, extremists, fascists,” said Leonid Reshetnikov, director of the Institute for Strategic Studies. - They were members of various organizations, recruited people to work inside, created parallel organizations, pushed them together. All this is presented to the presidents as a technical work for the main purpose: the destruction of the US enemy. And the fact that next to one "Al-Qaeda" gradually appears another, no one cares. "

The most convenient ally

Now we turn to the facts. In the United States, it is generally accepted that the CIA’s cooperation with Al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden ceased after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. However, this is not the case. A statement by a member of the House of Representatives, John Kezich, in the United States Committee on Armed Forces is known: “During 1998 – 1999, we established contact with the Kosovo Liberation Army. Then for the militants of bin Laden, this organization served as a rallying point ... ". That is, the CIA helped the Kosovo Albanians, who, together with bin Laden, fought Milosevic’s army.

After 11 September 2001, the geopolitical term "terrorist threat" appeared in the United States. As it is now well known, for the first time to attack Iraq, the United States needed a whole diplomatic special operation. Bush Sr. lured Saddam to Kuwait, promising that they would close their eyes to Washington. As a result, Hussein was only half defeated. But after the year 2001 cost nothing to completely remove it. After the start of the bombing of Afghanistan, a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, Joe Lieberman, called for an end to Iraq: "We are waging a war against terrorism and cannot be limited to bin Laden and the Taliban."

Next, remember Libya and Syria. Here, al-Qaeda also appeared very handy. It is hard to imagine that the opposition, which arose in the wake of civil protests, would have demolished the Gaddafi regime even after the American aviation began to bomb the position of the Libyan lion. The shock force was other people. They are the ones who shout “Allahu akbar!” Every five seconds on any video from Syria posted on Yotube. And they are not at all like students and teachers.

When the head of the US Department of State, John Kerry, was asked in the Senate, “are there any al-Qaeda members among them?”, He, of course, answered “no!” He could not, in fact, say that in this case America was acting in close conjunction with a terrorist organization.

The United States can work with everyone. In Afghanistan, they fought for thirteen years with the Taliban, without separating them from al-Qaeda, and then suddenly declared them sane and began negotiations through Pakistani intelligence. Sergey Kamenev, Ph.D. in Economics, head of the Pakistan Sector at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the United States changed its attitude towards the Taliban when they realized that only an agreement with them could prolong the life of the Karzai regime. “The United States,” he says, “is trying to, if not control, is extremely difficult, then at least build bridges with the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” With the consent of the Americans, the headquarters of this movement appeared in Qatar, where negotiations are being held through the mediation of Pakistani special services. The United States explains that there are bad Taliban and not so bad - radical and moderate.

According to Leonid Reshetnikov, this is a simple trick: “The division is very conditional. Who is who in fact, you will not understand. All radical! But the Americans report to their leadership: there is a moderate wing, which also arranges terrorist attacks, but as a result of these terrorist attacks, 20 per cent less than the population dies. It is with these “moderate” Taliban that we work. ”

Surprisingly, al-Qaeda has emerged in relations with the main geopolitical rival of the United States - China. The Uigur Freedom Movement and the Central Asian Uyghur Jihad Party are funded by al-Qaeda and trained in its camps. The declared goal of Islamic rebels in China is the creation of an Islamic caliphate in this region, which includes Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Uygur Autonomous Region of China. Thus, it turns out that the tasks of Al-Qaida coincide with the plans for the dismemberment of China according to the scenario of the collapse of the USSR.

Well, the last. Everything Edward Snowden told the world about: the extraordinary powers of the National Security Agency, the Patriot Act that limited the rights of Americans - all this was made possible by the terrorist threat and the endless war on terrorism. Al Qaeda has become a brand that is already half owned by the United States. The United States decides where al-Qaida is, and where it is not, when it strikes and by whom. In fact, there are two al-Qaeda. One that exists somewhere deep in the underground, like a legend, and the other about which America informs the world and on whose behalf it can act.
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  1. Horst78
    Horst78 1 February 2014 15: 59
    You say: this is a movie. But after September 11, Hollywood scripts no longer seem fiction.
    I noticed for a long time that Hollywood releases a series of films about "something", and then it is this "something" that the Americans realize. It turns out that Hollywood is a special project for the introduction of "necessary information" into the consciousness so that during the implementation of a certain "project" it is already taken for granted. So we all watch Hollywood movies and analyze. "He who is warned is armed."
    1. Canep
      Canep 1 February 2014 19: 41
      or maybe a former CIA agent lives somewhere in retirement while other people are running Al Qaeda?
      It never occurred to me! And this is quite possible, Osama bin Laden was definitely connected with the CIA during the Afghan war, he is a Saudi, and the CA is the best friend of the United States. Who knows, maybe this is true.

      In fact, there are two Al Qaeda.
      very similar to the truth, but most likely Al Qaeda alone and entirely under the control of the United States.
    2. major071
      major071 1 February 2014 22: 05
      I will say this: the United States, in its hysteria over the alleged action carried out by al-Qaeda on September 11.09.2001, 100, is ready to imprison everyone who utters Allahu Akbar. All this is done to cover up their "dirty" deals, and I am XNUMX% sure that the same Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are the brainchild of the CIA, which they created to destabilize the situation in the Middle East, in order to then bring "crap" oppressed countries. It doesn't matter whether it was bin Laden or Zawahiri, what matters is that they are CIA puppets receiving money from the United States and wreaking havoc with the same money. It's just that sometimes the puppets break the threads and get out of the influence of the "masters", and then these "masters" begin to hysteria all over the world. How I wish that all the evil that the Anglo-Saxons did to the world would return to them a hundredfold. am
  2. askort154
    askort154 1 February 2014 16: 12
    Bastard, but mine! Comprehensive Anglo-Saxon foreign policy logic.
    1. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson 1 February 2014 16: 37
      Bastard, but mine!

      Ours also use this logic in every way.
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 1 February 2014 19: 47
      Quote: askort154
      Bastard, but mine! Comprehensive Anglo-Saxon foreign policy logic.

      It's not even a matter of a bastard, but of the ability to control the masses, to achieve results by stamping threats from al-Qaeda. In fact, America is governed under a flurry of threats from an almighty terrorist organization, and the authorities themselves carry out this policy, where they suggest, and where they simply instilling with a bayonet new "democratic" rules for everyone and the world too !!!
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 1 February 2014 16: 20
    To be honest, BEN-LADEN and al-Qaida are a great invention of the United States, because using this dummy brand

    you can organize an invasion of any banana republic.

    Well, judge for yourself - for example, in my kitchen in my two-room apartment I put on a wig and, against the backdrop of a crescent and a green banner, I make a fiery speech in defense of jihad and other rubbish of crazy fanatics, and through the computer and IP connection, I throw you a reason for the Internet conducting a special operation in my country - how does the United States make it clear to everyone.

    In general, a competent person (or group of people) with good money to arrange a provocation will not be difficult. Such are the costs of total informatization of the population.
    Further, it is difficult for me to judge how ready our specialists are for such things - but it seems that according to reports on the organization of units for the fight in cyberspace, there is work with a creak.
    1. Asgard
      Asgard 1 February 2014 18: 20
      that's exactly what happens ...

      According to the same scenario, they operate in Russia, blow up a bookmark, KILL people without any evidence, declaring them "militants" reward police officers who were accidentally injured in the explosion of "bookmarks" ...
      Bullshit, according to the evidence base, but among the illiterate office hamsters who bought their 'diplomas', they can read, but they never learned to UNDERSTAND ...

      the organization of a terrorist attack is a mixture of special knowledge, TECHNICAL, the organization of interactions of special services, the psychology of people and their organization ....
      Moreover, what is interesting, when committing a terrorist attack, the media immediately becomes who and how, their travel routes, when capturing the alleged "fighters" - KILLING occurs, as if the state is not interested in the activities of the underground ......
      This is possible only if the state is the organizer ......
      For example, the case in Ryazan, where FSB officers were caught, while mining a house similar to the explosions on the Kashirskoye highway, Volgodonsk, Buinaksk ..., they did not punish anyone and tried to "forget" .....
      1. Onizuka teacher
        Onizuka teacher 1 February 2014 19: 00
        Asgard here agrees with you, chess where the figures are people.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. shelva
    shelva 1 February 2014 16: 51
    And if in Washington to gather all the ragamuffins near the Capitol and chant: "BEN LADEN IS ALIVE" - the Americans will like it.
    The Stars and Stripes secret services will indeed have to share the "glory" with al-Qaeda, because all the things they have done are common.
  5. konvalval
    konvalval 1 February 2014 17: 35
    "Al-Qaeda" and "Bin Laden" are inguldencies and a pass for achieving their economic, political and other selfish goals.
  6. alone
    alone 1 February 2014 17: 41
    The shock force was other people. They are the ones who shout “Allahu akbar!” Every five seconds on any video from Syria posted on Yotube. And they are not at all like students and teachers.

    It’s not only al-Qaeda’s shouting to Allah Akbar)) That’s why some write something they don’t understand?
    That it was difficult to study the problem in more detail before writing an article? Any Muslim can speak to Allahu Akbar, the literal translation of which means "Allah (God) is Great." Even adhan (call to prayer)
    starts with this one.

    Yes, I completely forgot. After bin Laden, Ayman az Zawahiri led the organization, his usual Arabic name was nothing interesting, but it turned out that on December 1, 1996, Ahmad Salama Mabruk and Mahmoud Nisham al-Hennavi went to Chechnya with fake passports. Al-Zawahiri introduced himself as a doctor under the name "Abdullah Imam Mohammed Amin." After entering Russian territory, they were arrested and spent five months in a prison in the city of Makhachkala awaiting trial. Three of those arrested were perplexed, other members of the ad-Jihad organization were called to their aid, who began to work on the release of their fellow "merchants." Member of Parliament Nadir Khachilaev stood up for the prisoners. In April 1997 they were sentenced to six months in prison, and a month later they were released. Some sources however doubt the inability of the Russian authorities to recognize the terrorists. Records of al-Zawahiri about his trip to Russia were published.
    Zavahiri was still a well-known terrorist. How was he released? As always, there are a lot of questions and zero answers.
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 1 February 2014 18: 00
    Alkaida is a brilliant sinister invention of the Americans. It was created by the CIA to carry out its plans. The Americans seem to be unacceptable, but it is clearly visible with the naked eye that this American organization is carrying out their tasks, sponsored by the Saudis. They kind of disown her, but help her. And Ben Laden is probably Ben Linden, an American agent that no one killed. It seems to me that it was the CIA with the help of Al Qaeda that the twin towers tumbled down in order to get the opportunity to intervene in the affairs of Afghanistan and Pakistan. You can not believe in anything to our Western partners. All their activities are directed against our country.
  8. kind
    kind 1 February 2014 19: 49
    It is interesting, and if they arrange a tragedy in America that is not provided for by their scenario, and so that their power will be compromised - how will they behave then ???
  9. VikVik741
    VikVik741 1 February 2014 20: 33
    Actually, what's new in this article?
  10. 1304
    1304 1 February 2014 22: 23
    Horst78  Today, 15:59 PM

    You say: this is a movie. But after September 11, Hollywood scripts no longer seem fiction.
    I noticed for a long time that Hollywood releases a series of films about "something", and then it is this "something" that the Americans realize. It turns out that Hollywood is a special project for the introduction of "necessary information" into the consciousness so that during the implementation of a certain "project" it is already taken for granted. So we all watch Hollywood movies and analyze. "He who is warned is armed."

    And the white house in the states will storm
    no matter how two films were shot laughing
  11. vo.dum
    vo.dum 2 February 2014 05: 26
    The whole American leadership is our enemies ... there is nothing more to say. Al Qaeda and other things are their instrument ... so you have to admit it yourself and say honestly ... you all went to catch a butterfly farm and do everything for the good of Russia. ..No bombing means bombing ... it is necessary to create a terrorist organization against gays, please catch ... then they will be considered ... more independence and less oligarchic interests, that’s the whole recipe ...
  12. Vital 33
    Vital 33 2 February 2014 14: 59
    "Set of Lies" is a damn good movie by the way (in my humble opinion). Shows all the true ins and outs of the secret services, without romance, and "snot" ... Recently, a film like, I don't remember the name, starring Matt Damon was released. They filmed well too ...