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Fight on the outskirts of Mozdok

Fight on the outskirts of Mozdok

Any soldier who participated in counterterrorism operations in the North Caucasus knows about Mozdok. Military stories associated with the city, whose name derives from the Circassian "maz degu", which means "dark forest", a great many. Sad and funny, touching and instructive, tragic and heroic.

History few know about captain Sergey Astanin, operational officer of the Russian FSB Directorate for the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, who was killed on February 9, 13, during the detention of armed bandits. This misunderstanding will help to correct the “Hun” - one of the comrades of the deceased.

- Sergey was born here in Mozdok, October 21 1981. He studied first at the local secondary school number 2, then at the school of the village of Lukovskaya (a suburb of Mozdok), from which he graduated in 1998 year.

Higher education in the Rostov State University of Communications. After that he worked in his native Lukovsk school as a teacher, teaching the children the subject of “Basics of life safety”.

In 2005, he entered the service in the state security organs, graduated from special courses.

The first time, when I ran into him in the corridor and the smoking room, I thought that the guy was too careless, kind and unorganized for our work. Where Sergey appeared, the atmosphere immediately became more joyful and funnier from his humor and smile. But the very first serious case showed that, despite the cheerful nature and mischievous appearance, Astanin is a very capable, astute and competent employee. He quickly grabbed information, did not hesitate to learn from the experience of the old-timers of the department and soon earned him respect. Believe me, to do this in a team of experienced operatives is very difficult!

Together we unraveled a tangle of crimes, through several links leading to the participants of the gang, created by some Shikhayev. Criminals owning a large number of firearms weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices and elements to them, operated on the territory of the entire Mozdok district.

As a result of joint operational search activities with colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in August 2007, Shikhayev was tracked down in Lukovskaya. After passing a two-month "training" in one of the camps of militants in the mountain-wooded area of ​​the Main Caucasian Range, he intended to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in North Ossetia.

The leadership planned to keep Shihaev alive by catching at the exit from the house.

It turns out. We drive up in two cars from different sides closely, shouting: “Give up! On the ground, face down. ” And he pulls out a pistol, shoots recklessly, point-blank, wounds one officer in the stomach at a tangent, tumbles like a hare, jumps - and away to the nearest cottage! Run after him. Well, scum, I think, once I put up armed resistance, now you will receive the full program, call on the radio "heavy" and the army on armored vehicles!

Having blocked together with the arrived reinforcements a plot with a dozen of rural dachas, we began a sweep and, naturally, figured out the terrorist. He again arranged the shooting, wounded an army officer. He responded fire bandit "reassured."

During the inspection of the fighting site, we found in the Shikhayev’s F-1, 10 detonators, components for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices, and when inspecting the gangster’s home, we found a series of photos from the militants ’camp, including one of the leaders of the underground sub-underground, forbidden literature and videos.

Shihayev’s accomplices — Kashashov, Malikhonov and Alashev hid for a while, lay low, but in the winter they grew bolder and again took up their dirty business.

On the morning of February 13 2008, we left the office of the head, the daily planning was over. They were already going to disperse, as they saw that a policeman had come to the department. The man was alarmed, he found a letter from one of the militants, which he hurried to bring to us.

From the clumsily written note it followed that one of the members of the gang of the destroyed Shikhayev said goodbye to his relatives and asked them to hand out his debts. He himself allegedly cannot do this, because "he received an instruction from above and sets out to administer jihad over the infidels." It turned out that the gangster decided to attack the authorities, and then intended to go into the woods.

We immediately began to break through the situation: where did the policeman find the letter and how, to whom exactly was it intended and for what, when was it hidden and by whom?
Comparing the information already available with the incoming information, we understood approximately where the militants might be located, and drove there in several cars.
At this time, the operational duty officer sent a message with orientation to the criminals to all law enforcement units. And they drove into a small field, spread out from the outskirts of Lukovskaya to the bank of the Terek, began to dig the ground, unfold the polyethylene and unpack the weapons laid in the caches.

Armed, the gangsters in anticipation of future victories flopped into a warm car and gave off gas. Not here it was! The foreign car, pushing through the rut, got stuck in thick mud and sat on the bridges. Having tried to latch the car and having understood that they couldn’t push the vehicle out before the road, they didn’t think of anything more clever than calling a taxi.

We found out these details later, and then I received a call from a private security officer from the Department of Internal Affairs. Choking with excitement, the policeman said that while he was on a detour of a protected object, a branch of the pipeline, he and his partner noticed a taxi pulling a dirty foreign car on the asphalt on a cable. Having stopped the car, he approached the taxi driver and asked for documents: driver's license and technical passport of the car. For check. A partner, moving in the direction of a foreign car, took a walkie-talkie - I wanted to report suspicious people who looked like wanted ones. The gangsters, sensing something was wrong, grabbed their weapons and, with shouts about universal jihad, opened fire on the policemen.

The police, well done, were on the alert and reacted before they saw the muzzle of machine guns on their faces, pulled them down from the curb. Saved your life.

Having figured out where the militants could taxi, in order to cut off the exit road towards Chechnya, I ordered the driver to turn right into the courtyards. Not having driven hundreds of meters, we stumbled into a taxi, to which our colleagues from the second car, which followed another route, ran up. And then around the corner shows a foreign car militants! We run strictly, as in the workouts worked out: we block trips. Considering that on the one hand there is a concrete fence, and on the other - a residential building, so the militants have nowhere to go. But they were not going to give up. Having jumped out of the car and firing pistols on the move, Alashev, Kasheshov and Malikhonov rushed to the house. First we were shot to death, two others ran into the house, took a hostage.

In the bustle of shooting, Astanin decided to change his position, run about twenty meters ahead and attempt to quietly walk around the house, free the hostage. Kesheshov, having climbed to the second floor, knocked out a small dormer window of the attic and, noticing Seregu from there, released a sighting line into it from the machine gun. Top down. One of the bullets hit our comrade in the chest, punched a lung, knocked off her feet.

We could not crawl and evacuate Sergey: the fighter did not even let him lean out of the shelters, blasting the concrete in front of our heads in short bursts.

Twenty minutes later, a machine gun was brought up at the UAZ. The machine gunner got down to business, in long bursts forced the murderer to hide in the depths of the building. Sergey was immediately taken out of the battlefield and put in a car for urgent transportation to the hospital. It is terrible, but Astanin was no longer among the living.

Fifteen minutes later, special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the army team arrived at the armored personnel carriers and began to storm the house. As a result of the operation, Malikhonov was killed, Kesheshov was wounded, and the person captured by them was released.

Later, the court sentenced Kasheshov to 20 years of imprisonment with a sentence being served in a high-security penal colony.

For courage and dedication in the performance of military duty, Captain Astanin Sergey Grigoryevich was awarded the Order of Courage by post of the President of Russia (posthumously). Also, in accordance with the order of the Director of the FSB of Russia, Astana was forever enlisted in the lists of employees of the FSB Office for the RNO-Alania, and all materials about Sergey’s life, in order to perpetuate his memory, are housed in the Museum of the History of the FSB of Russia.

In the 2011 year, on the 30-th birthday of the hero, in the place of his death, a new park was born around a memorable granite stone set earlier. After the grand opening, flowers were laid and a meeting was held at which the director of the Lukovo School, Klara Bigaeva, announced that by the decision of the Assembly of Mozdok District representatives, the school was named after captain Sergei Astanin.

In addition, pupils with their teachers opened a corner of Sergey’s memory in the school’s museum, and an annual futsal tournament named after a brave officer was organized on the sports ground.

I am proud to have served with Sergey Astanin. Eternal memory to him.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 31 January 2014 08: 42
    "Later, the court sentenced Kasheshov to 20 years of imprisonment in a maximum security penal colony."

    What the hell !! ?? How can such a reptile be released from prison in the future! 7 Chekists, men, thank you.
  2. ed65b
    ed65b 31 January 2014 09: 11
    I’m just wagging from such ships, a scanty face killed ours and got 20. Where is justice in this world? Nah it just was a prisoner to take. this pido.r in 10 years will be released by udo, and who will return our family ??
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 31 January 2014 09: 25
    "Later, the court sentenced Kasheshov to 20 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony."

    Eh guys, how so? Defect left request It was necessary to crush this reptile - "while trying to escape." And so in ten years he will recline on parole, if not earlier.
    Well, in general - the article is a plus, and to you - thanks for the men's work.
  4. svskor80
    svskor80 31 January 2014 09: 26
    I’m just wagging from such ships, a scanty face killed ours and got 20. Where is justice in this world? Nah it just was a prisoner to take. this pido.r in 10 years will be released by udo, and who will return our family ??

    I agree, it was possible then to bang while trying to escape. This person will not be a normal member of society.
  5. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 31 January 2014 09: 37
    Eternal memory to the Chekists! .. The kindest, most honest and funniest are the first to leave, I am convinced once again. Very sorry.
    There was not enough experience for the guy to look in detail before running across the possible dangerous directions of enemy fire.
  6. Black
    Black 31 January 2014 09: 40
    Peace, peace and memory in the hearts of the living, to you, boy.
  7. Rinat 1
    Rinat 1 31 January 2014 09: 46
    Earth you rest in peace!
  8. Leshka
    Leshka 31 January 2014 10: 14
    real hero
  9. Owl
    Owl 31 January 2014 10: 43
    This is "just work" for the departed - Good Memory ...
  10. gennadi
    gennadi 31 January 2014 10: 45
    Such publications at least give an idea of ​​the daily difficulties of our defenders in the North Caucasus. It is necessary to remember and talk about the victims brought to the altar of our common security. Sergei Astanin blocked us from the plague of terrorism and his life and death were not in vain.
    There must be an ideological counter-Wahhabi war so that we can avoid human casualties.
  11. ed65b
    ed65b 31 January 2014 11: 09
    How many of them are nameless, risking their lives, work every day, and we learn about them only after death. in general, the whole composition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB must be taken as the root, the specialists of all departments need to erect monuments during their life, regardless of nationality and religion. but it’s better not to bring the creatures of the court.
  12. PDM80
    PDM80 31 January 2014 13: 01
    Eternal memory to the hero soldier
  13. ZSP
    ZSP 31 January 2014 14: 20
    An interesting article, but we really don’t think about such things, we just scold, they say they didn’t look at it, they didn’t stop there .... But the guy is sorry !!! And it is a pity that the death penalty was abolished, there would be an order of magnitude fewer freaks if they knew that they could execute him legally.
    SMUTIAN 31 January 2014 14: 44
    An example for future men ...

    He died for good reason, the Kingdom of Heaven ...
  15. Same lech
    Same lech 31 January 2014 14: 53
    Kasheshova to 20 years of imprisonment - THAT'S WHAT TO HARRY.

    The capture of the HOSTAGE, the murder of an operative, weapons, resistance is all together with the lifelong pull, and he has 20 years of imprisonment am
  16. Slavs
    Slavs 31 January 2014 17: 13
    For the Tukhcharskaya massacre, to the one who cut it - 18 years .... Here - 20 years ... For the severed head of a Russian soldier they give 18 years ... For the murder of the opera - 20 years. For a drunken brawl on board an 12 plane, years can be soldered ... Strange terms in our country ... Oh yes, I almost forgot ... Please return the death penalty (execution) as the highest measure. The blessed memory of Seryozha ...
  17. crasever
    crasever 31 January 2014 17: 32
    Russia was to whom, to whom, and to whom it will be protected !!! The blessed memory of the fallen ... We will live !!!
  18. Yurgens
    Yurgens 31 January 2014 18: 43
    Quote: Slavs
    For the Tukhcharskaya massacre, to the one who cut it - 18 years .... Here - 20 years ... For the severed head of a Russian soldier they give 18 years ... For the murder of the opera - 20 years. For a drunken brawl on board an 12 plane, years can be soldered ... Strange terms in our country ... Oh yes, I almost forgot ... Please return the death penalty (execution) as the highest measure. The blessed memory of Seryozha ...
    won't let them go out, heart failure)
    1. Radoslav
      Radoslav 31 January 2014 21: 06
      What do you want, look at what kind of "lawyers" our commercial "universities" graduate, such would-be lawyers do not even know the first article of the RF Law, then by "pull" they become prosecutors, judges, and such mediocrities rule justice in our country, yes they also hear the crunch of big money well. It even becomes scary.
  19. mark7
    mark7 31 January 2014 22: 23
    Quote: Yurgens
    won't let them go out, heart failure

    your words yes god in ears
  20. d-shvets
    d-shvets 1 February 2014 01: 07
    Earth you rest in peace
  21. Olegmog
    Olegmog 1 February 2014 12: 48
    Eternal memory to the soldier! The forehead should be smeared with green
    this wah!
  22. Technologist
    Technologist 1 February 2014 13: 33
    I hope the convicts restore justice!
  23. PValery53
    PValery53 1 February 2014 17: 45
    Usually terrorists act unexpectedly, covertly, stealthily, that is - cowardly. Talk with them, play nobility - the last thing! Enrolled in terrorists - a penny of your life!
  24. blizart
    blizart 2 February 2014 13: 14
    In Kazakhstan, "Czechs" are naturally found. And they behaved as understandably as they used to. Work for the rest, for us "Russian sawing". After the first Chechen war, under the strict guidance of the "heroes" who had come in large numbers, they tried to "excite" seriously. After they completely massacred the Russian family (!), By the way, the Kazakhs lynched them right near the courthouse, after the verdict (acquittal). Directly in front of the watching police. All! Now it is not visible, it is not audible, but no lie heard from one Chechen woman, my son lost his eyesight and lost his legs from the "crocodile".
    1. Slavs
      Slavs 2 February 2014 21: 16
      They don’t want to understand in any other way ... They paid them justice ... Oh, they will bring the people and there will be little space in Russia ...
  25. Qinhuangdao
    Qinhuangdao 3 February 2014 17: 52
    The terrorist put up armed resistance, killed a man and took another hostage. Why wasn’t he eliminated while trying to escape, and for 20 years they were put on the neck of taxpayers in gratitude for not blowing up a bus with children? In the report, it could be written that the patient died from an overdose of lead in the body.