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Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable

The industry development strategy is a set of appeals and slogans without specifying the performers and specific deadlines

Since the creation of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) in 2007, the controversy over the effectiveness of the funds spent has been around. Certain hopes to change the situation for the better are laid on the creation of public councils for countering corruption and taking full account of the opinions of specialists, as was mentioned in the Address of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. A former member of the board of the Chief Planning and Production Department of the USSR Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry, Felix Ostashevich, in an interview with the military industrial complex, shared his reasoned opinion on how to save the shipbuilding industry in Russia.

- How do you rate the development of USC to 2030 year?

- The development of any strategy or program should be based on an analysis of the results. In the USC Strategy, this analysis is practically absent. It is noted that in 2012, the revenue from sales of enterprises of the corporation increased by almost 10 percent, while it accounted for more than 64 percent of the industry-wide. But there is no analysis of the revenue structure. I believe that revenue growth is largely associated with an increase in the volume of state defense orders.

One more example. In the 1.1.1 section. The strategy states: "The volume of production of shipboard machinery by USC enterprises is more than 80 percent of industry-wide." But nothing says that the share of deliveries of imported component equipment in civil shipbuilding is at least 80 percent. Thus, the imported equipment in the price of the vessel is more than 50 percent of the value of the vessel.

- The strategy correctly pointed out such problems as low quality of the products being produced, its high cost (in some cases 1,2 – 1,5 times higher than similar foreign ones), a long period of construction (one and a half to two times longer than foreign ones). Also named personnel complexity and the need for technical re-equipment.

- Everything is noted correctly, in other branches of the defense industrial complex there is a similar situation. However, problems have been noted for a decade and I would like to understand the reasons why they are not only not being solved, but, on the contrary, are becoming more and more acute, despite the increasing number of measures taken. I believe that the matter is not in the number of measures, but in quality. Without analyzing the causes of failures in the development of new documents, including the USC Strategy, you can again step on the old rake. The USC Strategy sets tasks, but this is not enough. It is necessary to prepare levers, a mechanism for their solution, as well as measures for implementation. There is an action plan for the implementation of the USC Strategy and a roadmap. But they, like the strategy itself, are prepared in overdraft.

“What's wrong with the roadmap?”

- Together with the plan of measures for the implementation of the USC Strategy, it is a limited set of correct appeals and slogans without specifying the performers and specific deadlines. The action plan does not indicate specific dates, but three stages - 2013 – 2015, 2016 – 2020 and 2021 – 2030. In order to increase the level of reasonableness of prices and cost, only one measure is envisaged - the creation of a corporate cost management system and pricing in 2013 – 2015.

Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable

Measures to reduce the time of construction are not planned. I believe that more serious attention should be paid to the work of the USC parent company. As part of improving the activities of the corporation's apparatus, four activities are envisaged: the formation of the staff structure in 2013 – 2015, the beginning of the formation of divisions in the main business areas, the organization of the matrix management system in 2016 – 2020 and the completion of the formation of the functional structure by product in 2021 – 2030. .

The roadmap in 2013 provided for three activities, including the formation of a staffing structure, and in 2014, seven activities, including the creation of a cost and pricing management system. There is nothing bad in the fact that the development of a new staffing structure is related to issues of strategic development. Moreover, at this stage it reflects the internal struggle of the old and the new compositions of the USC apparatus. The bad news is that this is the only concrete measure in the improvement of corporate governance.

I can hardly imagine why there are eight vice-presidents in its structure, that is, more than at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the United Aircraft Building Corporation, where there are seven deputies each. What are the questions who decides who is responsible, for example, for work to reduce costs and labor intensity, for the growth of labor productivity? Excessive powers and functions in management lead to a delay in decision making. Compare with the Soviet period. The number of workers in the entire shipbuilding industry of the USSR was more than a million people. The Minsudprom consisted of more than 250 associations, enterprises and organizations. The minister had nine deputies. The number of staff then - less than 0,12 percent of the total number of employees in the industry. In the USC, this ratio is almost five times higher, and unlike the USSR Ministry of Industry Administration, not all managers are professional shipbuilders with work experience in factories.

I suppose, in the form in which the USC Strategy is posted on the website, it has no practical significance, but is a formal document approved by the USC Board of Directors. Nothing new is seen in it, the strategic image of the corporation is not visible, there is little concreteity, and what has been said long ago is repeated. The bell chimes monotonously and the song USK sadly spreads.

- What can replenish the strategy?

- Its authors repeat the same thing: give us orders and good prices and then we will ensure the development of the industry. But if the shipbuilders had the first and second, then the creation of a corporation would not be necessary. She, after all, was created to compete with government support, and the strategy seems to forget about it. It does not contain a critical assessment of its own role, or recognition of the fact that the parent company has become a bureaucratic office.

Failures in the construction of ships are largely due to the awkwardness of the apparatus. It was he who disrupted the construction of an ice-resistant stationary offshore platform - LSP-1 in the Caspian Sea, being built on the order of LUKOIL. Now the term of commissioning of a large deposit named Filanovsky can be postponed to a year later than the planned one, that is, to 2016. The oil company placed an order for the platform not just anywhere, but at USC Astrakhan enterprises on the orders of Vladimir Putin, who participated in the ceremony of starting the exploitation of another Caspian field - Korchaginsky.

Then LUKOIL signed a contract with the Astrakhan group "Caspian energy", after joining the USC renamed to "Rosshelf", and USC acted as the general contractor. However, Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association (AFS) failed to deliver the upper part of LSP-1 in time due to the fact that USC did not provide banks with timely security for financing equipment purchases from its suppliers. Now the debt of the AFS to the suppliers is about two billion rubles. But for the implementation of this kind of security work, the head company USC receives its share of the proceeds. It is interesting to whom penalties will be imposed if they are presented by LUKOIL and who from the management of USC will be responsible.

As already mentioned, the strategy is aimed at receiving orders at good prices. High hopes are associated not with their own actions, but with the help of the state in the manual control mode. But the high prices and labor-intensiveness of Russian shipbuilding in the future may lead to manual control and the financial condition of shipowners.

The USC requires after the conclusion of contracts to increase prices for the construction of ships. So it was in the case of LSP-1, so it was repeated when fulfilling the contract with Rosneft for the construction of the White Bear platform offshore drilling platform. The initial contract value in the 2010 year is defined in 710 million US dollars. Then the USC parent company constantly offered to increase the amount to almost two billion dollars at once, and Rosneft refused. Similarly, the corporation behaved during the modernization of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, which became the Indian Vikramaditya.

Apparently, this behavior of the management of the corporation has led to the fact that in recent years, more than 90 percent of new ships, Russian shipowners have ordered and built in foreign shipyards. The amount of orders each year reaches a billion dollars.

- What else prevents to return the customer to domestic shipyards?

- The construction time of ships at our enterprises due to their technological backwardness in 2 – 2,5 is more times, therefore, costs increase, the complexity of construction increases by three to five times. So that the cost of work is much higher.

Sovcomflot places almost all main orders abroad. Due to the high prices of USC, the SVL group of companies (Malta) has signed contracts for the construction of three Volga-Don Max class tankers with the Kherson Shipyard in Ukraine with a total value of more than 50 million dollars. Kherson shipbuilders fulfilled their obligations under contracts concluded at the end of 2011 in 2013, although tankers were not built from 1992.

- How do you rate the personnel policy in the industry?

- Since the establishment of the USC, the sixth manager has been appointed. In my opinion, this indicates the need to establish work in the parent company. Personnel Leapfrog - this is the worst that can be.

Today, in the shops there are not enough workers in unique professions that cannot be borrowed from other industries. It is primarily about ship fitters, electricians, installers. In some cases, to prepare workers of such specialties is even more difficult than the engineer. It is advisable to attract specialists from factory universities to the corporate management staff. This is not a relic of the planning system, it is a normal policy of advanced public and private enterprises. I would like to know the share of USC personnel who have passed shipyards or at least have an appropriate education.

And how the corporation attracts out-of-town specialists can be seen on the example of one top manager from the Ryabinsk NPO Saturn. He was transferred to Moscow to the position of head of personnel management, gave six million rubles of lifting, and a year later he left the corporation. Very valuable frame, apparently. Despite the fact that it is still not possible to fully implement the program for providing housing for specialists in enterprises.

- How do you feel about the position of the state in relation to enterprises in the industry that are in a pre-bankrupt state?

- Many shipbuilding enterprises are not just unprofitable, but bankrupt. Of particular concern is the bankruptcy of the Amur Shipyard. And the excitement of new bankruptcies in the 2013 year continued. So, in January, 2013 introduced the procedure of external observation at the Sretensky Shipbuilding Plant in the Chita Region. At a number of enterprises bankruptcy entered the final stage (competitive management). We can recall KB "Horizon", Volgograd Shipbuilding Plant, "Amur ERA".

The worry is that bankruptcy is often associated with abuse. For example, in the fourth quarter of 2012, external surveillance was introduced in relation to the Petrovsky Electrotechnical Plant “Molot”, and in February of the 2013-th Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the former director, who forwarded orders from counterparties, was responsible for the PEMZ “Molot” problems. to another enterprise.

They are concerned about the bankruptcies of related enterprises. For example, the plant "Reid", where once collected control systems for the protection of nuclear reactors of naval vessels.

Bankruptcies of enterprises located in the regions of Siberia and the Far East are of concern, while they are recognized at the very top of our national priority for the entire XXI century. USC actions there are non-standard. After all, the St. Petersburg CB "Rubin" filed a lawsuit against the bankruptcy of the Amur shipbuilding enterprise, which followed the instructions of the USC. The further fate of the Amur and Khabarovsk shipyards has not been determined. Their loading orders is 12 – 15 percent, and the state defense order is not confirmed. 2014 started the year, and the corporation has still not decided what to occupy. What to say about the internal plans. There are problems of Cupid, but how they are overcome, showed last year's flood.

The USC Strategy outlined activities for working with assets, and I fear that they might be reduced to bankruptcy and the sale of factories. There are no measures to restore the solvency of enterprises. There is a lack of actions aimed at the efficient use of the budget funds submitted, as well as at accomplishing the tasks set in the May decrees of the President of the Russian Federation 2012.

According to the results of 2012, the loss on the corporation is about six billion rubles. For the six months 2013 of the year, a cumulative loss was also received. USC was not able to realize its own plans for the development of capacities, including the Far Eastern factory "Zvezda", the Admiralty shipyards. This year, at a number of enterprises, the vessels will be in the initial stage, individual enterprises may remain without orders. That is, the risks remain.

- How do you assess the state of the project for the construction of a new shipyard at JSC DVZ Zvezda?

- USC for the construction of new ships initially set out to create new production facilities. The shipyard on Zvezda was planned specifically for tankers, and at its laying in 2009, the then Vice-Premier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of USC, Igor Sechin, was present. However, the corporation was not able to cope with its own plans for four years. Sechin came to the rescue, together with Gazprombank in 2013, they agreed to create a joint venture - Modern Shipbuilding Technologies CJSC. This joint venture should receive 75 percent minus two shares of the Far Eastern Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, and then it may buy the remaining share from the Federal Property Management Agency.

A corresponding draft presidential decree “On the Formation of a Shipbuilding Industrial Cluster in the Far East” has been prepared. In this cluster there will be almost all the Far Eastern companies of USC, which are now included in the Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. The transaction will take place in several stages. The construction of the Zvezda plant will require investments, the amount of which, up to 2018, is estimated by experts at about 111 billion rubles.

It is planned to build platforms, gas carriers, supply vessels and other equipment for the shelf at the plant. The main customer will be Rosneft, which intends to order 2030 platforms and more 106 support vessels before 200. Perhaps, Sovcomflot will later join the consortium.

President Putin indicated that USC should remain in the consortium (gold share or blocking stake). All this means, in my opinion, that the corporation was not able to independently implement plans for the construction of new shipyards in the Far East. In addition, it is losing a potentially profitable sector. Indeed, the enterprises of the Southern Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, first of all the Lotos plant, as well as the Astrakhan Red Barricades plant (not part of the USC) can be transferred to the joint venture being created. I believe that as a consolation prize, USC will receive the right to create a repair base for the Black Sea fleet RF on the basis of the Novorossiysk Shipyard, which is part of the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP). Now, USC owns a 30% stake in NCSP. Another package, which is managed by Transneft, may be transferred to the USC by order of the Federal Property Management Agency, and the third - by the Summa group - with the help of the same Rosneft, to redeem.

Rosneft, in turn, intended to acquire a part of the shares of the South Korean shipbuilding concern DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering) for the consortium being created, but was refused by the country's government because of the Koreans' fears of leakage of defense technologies and information abroad.

The deal with DSME would formally announce the early commencement of work by the Russian consortium, placing orders in South Korea. But it’s not up to international business when, due to lack of organization, as of the end of 2013, not a single organizational and regulatory document regulating the organization of work to create a shipbuilding technology cluster in the Far East has been adopted.

Another unrealized plan of USC is the relocation of the Admiralty shipyards from St. Petersburg to Kotlin Island. Because of this, the modernization of the plant was suspended, but now the move has been canceled, as there is no agreement of the city administration. The only result of the plans is to increase the cadastral value of the land plot on Fontanka with an area of ​​76 thousand square meters, occupied by Admiralty shipyards, to 315 million rubles.

Apparently, USC is used to someone to rearrange her legs. Previously, Sechin did it, now they expect the same from Rogozin.

- How do you assess the cooperation of USC with other domestic companies?

- Oilers need to enter international markets. This requires tankers to transport not only crude oil, but also refined petroleum products, liquefied gas. And most importantly - need a fleet for the development of the shelf. There will be a product (Rosneft, LUKOIL, Gazprom and others) - carriers will be required (Sovkomflot). This means that shipbuilders will also be loaded. Orientation to foreign technology is attractive only in the initial period, in general, it threatens with bondage.

Some oil companies are investing in shipbuilding, and this is a very positive moment. It is understood, looking at the situation, for example, with the White Bear platform and the Far Eastern shipyards, that it is not necessary to expect results from the USC in the near future. But, again, this can turn into subsistence farming and self-sufficiency, and by no means modern cooperation.

Something similar happens with the atomic icebreaking fleet. The active role here is played by the Rosatom Corporation, which includes Atomflot. He orders new nuclear-powered icebreakers, thereby loading not only shipbuilders, but also nuclear engineers. But at the end of 2013, Rosatom has not yet decided on a contractor for the construction of two production nuclear icebreakers of the 22220 project (LC-60) - the largest and most powerful in the world. The only domestic bidder for the execution of these works, that is, USC, cannot agree on a price with the customer. Rosatom held a tender with an initial price of 77,5 billion rubles, and the only bidder - “Baltic Plant - Shipbuilding”, included in USC, is not admitted to trading, as its application amounts to 86,1 billion rubles. Now a multi-billion dollar contract can go to foreign shipbuilders. But at the same time, the power plant will be supplied by Atomenergomash.

Unfortunately, the USC Strategy does not have a section on cooperation with related industries, although it has been noted that the supply of component equipment is not satisfactory.

- How to comment on military shipbuilding?

- Some improvement in the industry is associated with an increase in the volume of the state defense order. The credit for this regulatory legislation is minimal, and the USC apparatus is generally close to zero. I still hope that the corporation will finally complete the Igor Belousov GVK-450 deep-sea diving complex.

Since the crash of "Kursk" it took about 15 years. 118 his sailors died, not because there were no lifeguards, but because there was no equipment. Over the years, Moscow has overtaken other capitals by the number of billionaires, the Olympics in Sochi has been prepared, a draft World Cup project has been launched, a Universiade in Kazan, an ATS summit in Vladivostok, an increase in the salaries of officials of the presidential administration, government, deputies and senators. And the rescue complex is sinking in the bureaucratic sea.

The results of the creation of the Vulkan satellite, designed to prevent earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, are also unknown. Roscosmos started the program back in 1996, a year after the terrible earthquake on Sakhalin, when the whole city of Neftegorsk disappeared from the face of the earth and 1841 died. According to my information, somewhere in 2009, the work on Vulcan, together with the volume of unfinished R & D, was transferred to another company, and the satellite was given a new name. Most likely, the project is terminated, the costs are written off.

Former Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov was unable to organize the effective work of the customer of the GVK-450 Igor Belousov, but he showed his managerial abilities when purchasing Mistral. Then they said a lot that these ships would receive Russian helicopters, weapons, landing gear. But today it turns out that such equipment could take place only when ordering the third and fourth helicopter carriers. Since Russia acquires only two, they will have to put French landing craft, and possibly other means.

It is still not clear what kind of technology we will get along with the ships, where to use them and for what. In my opinion, the most unpleasant thing is that in the American directory “World Military Fleets” the cost of “Mistral” for the French Navy contains 236 million dollars, and Russia bought everyone for 600 million euros. I believe that someone's effective lobbying for a deal that has disgraced us to the whole world should receive a legal assessment.

On the website of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation it was reported that the ZVEZD DVZ, as of 14 in July, 2013 did not fulfill any of the 10 government contracts for which the deadlines had expired. Other tasks of the state defense order are also not performed. For example, from November 2013 on the 2014, the deadlines for the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which is being built at the Northern Shipyard from 2006, are postponed, the delay with the large landing ship Ivan Gren, which cannot complete the Baltic plant “ Amber".

Russia is now unable to create aircraft carriers, but China is embarking on this. Today, he has one aircraft carrier, created on the basis of the TAKR Kiev, which, I recall, began to be built in the Black Sea Shipyard in 80, and then abandoned. PLA operates the Chengdu J-10, Shenyang J-11, Xian JH-7, Shenyang J-8 and Russian Su-30МК2 airplanes. It is not known which vehicles Beijing will select for new aircraft carriers, maybe not ours.

The new long-term shipbuilding program, which should be prepared in 2014, may include the construction of aircraft carriers and other marine equipment. For example, unmanned underwater vehicles, tests of which have already begun in the world. Thus, the Turkish company GATE Elektronik in the near future will hold in Baku testing and presentation of unmanned underwater vehicles manufactured by the order of Azerbaijan, including those intended for mine clearance. For us, this technique has significant potential on the sea shelf and during rescue operations in the Arctic.

- What are the prospects for cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian shipbuilders?

- At the Ukrainian plant named after 61 of the Communard in Nikolaev there is an unfinished 1164 missile cruiser of the project, until 1998 of the year - “Admiral of the Lobov fleet”. It was laid in 1984 and was to become the fourth ship of the 1164 Atlant project. In 1990, it was launched, and in 1996, the construction was suspended due to lack of funding. According to the plant, the ship’s readiness rate is 95 percent.

Ukraine cannot finish its construction, since it is necessary to acquire models of armaments for which Kiev has accepted international obligations on limitation. The country spends a lot of money for the maintenance of this unfinished cruiser. Russia needs to decide on its acquisition. True, the experience of upgrading the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov for India showed how the price increases in this case. The first vice-president of the Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine (Ukrsudprom), Viktor Lissitzky, still in 2010, offered to rename the cruiser “St. Petersburg” and simply donate to Russia. He believes that Ukraine does not lose anything, but only gains in strengthening the ties of the shipbuilders of two fraternal countries.

It is a pity, but the USC Strategy does not pay any attention to cooperation with Ukraine. In the media it was reported that in January 2014, simultaneously with the provision of a loan in the amount of 15 billions of dollars to Kiev, a document on cooperation in the field of shipbuilding was signed. I hope the 1164 cruiser is not forgotten in it. You can also consider our acquisition of shares of Ukrainian enterprises that were engaged in the construction of large tankers. For example, in the “Ocean” and “Zaliv” factories, in this case, Russian orders can be placed, and at the Black Sea shipbuilding plant - to build a new Russian aircraft carrier at all. After all, domestic enterprises need to create new capacities, which is extremely expensive, and it is advisable only if there is a serial construction program.

But the most obvious cooperation with Ukraine is the involvement of its skilled workers: welders, ship assemblers, electricians.

- How do you assess the measures of state support of shipbuilding?

- In 2011, the corresponding federal law 305-ФЗ was passed. However, I believe that its regulatory influence is practically absent. The ideologists of the law said that after its entry into force, Russian shipbuilding enterprises would work in equal economic conditions with foreign companies and compete in the world market. The law provides that they will receive tax benefits if they enter a special economic zone. The cost of building ships, according to USC leaders, will decrease by 15 – 25 percent. But when some plants made a calculation of the economic efficiency of entering the SEZ, they shed a tear. It turned out that 305-FZ does not provide any economic support. One factory director told me that he did not see the point of working in the SEZ, since the costs incurred did not pay off. Look: now not a single shipbuilding plant of Russia has entered the economic zone and, accordingly, has not used state support. It says something about something.

Unfortunately, in the USC Strategy there is no analysis of the results of the use of 305-FZ by shipbuilding enterprises. The same Ukraine in 2000 passed the law “On measures for state support of the shipbuilding industry in Ukraine”. According to Viktor Lissitzky, its implementation contributed to the fact that from 2000 to 2004, the volume of sales increased by 3,5 by a factor of almost two times, and the number of contracts for the construction of ships increased. Ukraine is among the top ten countries in terms of tonnage of built ships. But in 2005, the law was suspended, which led to a collapse in the industry. Even threw her in the development of a dozen years.

I note this detail. In Ukraine, shipbuilding regulation was based on a liberal approach and world management experience. Russia should also create a competitive shipbuilding regulatory system against South Korea, Japan or China, which will serve as a signal to foreign customers. Russia joined the WTO, however, the positive consequences of this step are not visible as a whole for the country's economy, and for shipbuilding. Moreover, there was a fall in growth rates in 2013.

There are a number of documents providing for shipbuilding support and state control. Among the well-known presidential decrees of May 2012, there is also an instruction to the government to ensure, by March 1, 2013, the analysis of the effectiveness of the work of state-consolidated companies, including UAC, USC and Russian Technologies, in order to prepare proposals for improving their management, ensuring consistency of development strategies with state programs development of relevant sectors of the economy, gaining leading positions in certain segments of world markets aviation, shipbuilding, information and communication and space technology.

I do not know how this assignment ended. Apparently, nothing. In May, 2013, President Vladimir Putin held a meeting, giving USC a number of instructions, including one — to conduct an audit of technical re-equipment programs for key enterprises of the corporation by the autumn of the same year and approve the USC Development Strategy. Then, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved an action plan aimed at increasing the growth rate of the Russian economy. The 22 paragraph of the plan is once again instructed to prepare proposals for creating conditions for ensuring successful growth of the KLA and the USC. The results of the assignment are again unknown. From year to year they talk about the same thing, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the USC are reporting something, but there are no results.

- How can we correct the policy of good intentions and achieve the implementation of specific results?

- It is advisable to rework the USC Strategy. Again, it is necessary to present the results of the analysis of what the USC has achieved and where it is located. It is important to critically analyze the work of the parent company, including the synergistic effect of the merger of shipbuilding enterprises under the roof of USC. Take into account that the effect is not only positive, but also negative, which are associated with the sluggishness of the apparatus and slowness in decision-making. Formally, the activities carried out do not give the expected result, so it is required to evaluate the effectiveness of management decisions. I would also recommend analyzing the impact of the 305-FZ law on the work of shipbuilding enterprises and, maybe, even creating an anti-crisis committee.

It is necessary to critically examine the causes of failures and the lack of a proper synergistic effect from creating a USC, not to create a sea of ​​papers. After all, it is possible to increase the volume of state orders and finance at the expense of the budget technical re-equipment without a corporation.

The management structure of the USC is advisable to supplement, for example, with a permanent meeting of the heads of organizations. It is not necessary to include everyone at once, it is enough for 15 – 20 people in case of turnover of staff, including to include the chairman of the branch council of trade unions.

It is necessary to make a transparent source of financing the costs of maintaining the apparatus. This should not be the provision of any nominal services to enterprises, the receipt of trade allowances for the supply of equipment to customers. The budget of the staff of the corporation should be considered at such a permanent meeting. It is important that the USC does not turn into a leech on the body of the industry.

The strategy should be supplemented with a clear plan of measures for its implementation and a “road map”. That road, which is planned by the existing document, refers to the second Russian disaster. As for the first misfortune, it is necessary to analyze the suitability of all heads of USC units in education and work experience in the shipbuilding industry. Approve a cost reduction program, including in terms of energy efficiency, appoint a vice president responsible for this section. Create a budget and cost reduction committee with the board of directors.

To supplement the Strategy with sections on the implementation of the May 2012 of the presidential decrees, including the creation of high-performance jobs and productivity growth. I want to note that in shipbuilding, the proportion of manual labor is high and it is desirable to analyze this during the certification of workplaces.

To inscribe into the strategy sections on reaching the break-even level, preventing bankruptcy, strengthening interaction with related industries and Ukrainian shipbuilders. Explore best practices and distribute it. For example, the Serpukhov Instrument-Making Plant (part of the RATEP company) from the 2009 year of the re-equipment and modernization program starts with the indicators of productivity growth.

All of this is the main state documents. 29 September 2013, the Russian president gave a number of instructions to the government to ensure the achievement of the target indicators of the country's socio-economic development. There is such a task - to approve a plan of measures to ensure the increase in labor productivity, the creation and modernization of high-performance jobs in the parameters defined by the May presidential decree "On long-term state economic policy." Pay special attention to the need for state corporations, companies with state participation in which the Russian Federation owns more than 50 percent of shares, organizations controlled by these companies, productivity growth indicators and modernized jobs, as well as taking into account the achievement of these targets when evaluating the performance of their managers. .

The USC can now start developing a system of remuneration for work in conjunction with key performance indicators (KPI) set for each top manager, including the growth of labor productivity and the creation of high-performance jobs.

On the websites of all large corporations and development institutions there must be data not only on the growth of labor productivity in percent, but also on the volume of national and sectoral GDP produced by them. The calculation of labor productivity growth is based on GDP. In matters of training, whenever possible, encourage the creation of young technicians' stations, ship-model circles, sections of radio amateurs and other forms of organizing children's creativity related to equipment at enterprises.

Unfortunately, in Russia there is no responsibility for the fulfillment of forecasts, there is not even published an analysis of the causes of failures. For example, in 2013, the GDP growth forecast was revised downwards several times. During the planning period of economic development, the rule “plan - law” was in force. Also in the USC it is desirable to establish this kind of order. Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin said in an interview: “I understood what the Russian industry needs. Not investment, not money. The organization of the case is necessary. You just need to organize all the people, systematically set a task for them, distribute the powers, delegate them, and you will see how suddenly, it would seem, the dead situation becomes livelier. ” I agree with Rogozin and I want to emphasize that, if necessary, veterans of the USSR Ministry of Industry and Industry are ready to make proposals for optimizing the work of the industry.

Help "MIC"

Ostashevich Felix Ivanovich was born on January 24 1928 of the year in the city of Barnaul. In 1951, he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute with a degree in Engineering and Economist. From 1951 to 1965, he worked at the Baltic Shipbuilding Plant (Leningrad) as the head of the planning and distribution bureau of the building berth, deputy head of the building berth for production, and the head of the planning and economic department of the plant. In 1965, he was transferred to the central office of the USSR Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry. From 1976 to 1992 year - Head of the Main Planning and Production Directorate, member of the board of the USSR Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry. At the same time he was the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Economics of the Shipbuilding Industry”. After the reorganization of the USSR Ministry of Industry and Industry worked in various organizations of the shipbuilding industry. He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, the Red Banner of Labor, the "Badge of Honor" and medals.
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      Rogozin said in an interview: “I realized what Russian industry needed. Not investment, not money. Organization of business is necessary. You just need to organize all the people, systematically set a task for them, distribute the powers, delegate them, and you will see how suddenly, it would seem, the dead situation is being revived. ”

      In steers! No investment needed! am
      Let me ask you how to build ships without capital investments.
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        He said that the organization of production is important first, and only then everything else, including investment.
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          Quote: sledgehammer102
          and only then everything else, including investment.

          I don’t understand at all - what are such investments? Shipbuilding is a strategic industry, and the State should allocate money for it, and not foreign capital and local hucksters !!! Of course, if you give the resources of the people to Obramovich, and to everyone Deripaska (the Olympics and the football championship, again), then there will not be any shipbuilding left and then you will have to come up with all kinds of investments!
          What is happening in the country is no longer UNDERSTANDING, it is the coven of the insane, led by hucksters.
          You just need to organize all people, systematically set a task for them, distribute powers, delegate them, and you will see how suddenly a seemingly dead situation revives. " I agree with Rogozin "
          Now to the author: If he agrees with Rogoin, then let him answer - SO WHAT CANNOT RAGOZIN "You just need to organize all the people"?
          And if this is not his business, then what does he not say who specifically cannot organize people? And what he says is verbiage, without specificity. That means there is no faith in him.
          1. demon184
            demon184 30 January 2014 08: 16
            As long as people like Medvedev are in the government, we won’t live normally
        2. zart_arn
          zart_arn 30 January 2014 00: 04
          Nobody pulled out the words, the phrase is taken literally. And this phrase is understandable even for a child, not for the sovereign's servant, to trend about this, it is necessary to work. He said briefly and simply, “I understood what the Russian industry needs. Not investment, not money.“I mean, it’s not necessary, but he is a journalist, a humanist, and even if he can’t speak plainly, then how can he manage the organization of production.
      2. Starina_hank
        Starina_hank 29 January 2014 18: 04
        Punctuation marks are incorrectly placed in the quote, therefore the meaning is lost! Translated into Russian, Rogozin wanted to say that how much money did not make sense with such managers will not be, because They don’t know things and do not know how to work.
      3. kind
        kind 29 January 2014 20: 21
        He is in his place, and he says everything correctly!
      4. Nick
        Nick 29 January 2014 21: 45
        Quote: zart_arn
        In steers! No investment needed!
        Let me ask you how to build ships without capital investments.

        You are certainly right, but IMHO did not understand the context of the phrase uttered by Rogozin. He says that without the proper organization of business, a rational systematic approach to production, investments will help as a dead poultice, either they will not assimilate or plunder. And if goals are set correctly, tasks are set, sensible managers are set, then investments will go for the future ...
        1. zart_arn
          zart_arn 29 January 2014 23: 59
          This is clear to the child that without proper organization, money will not help. I wanted to say this, so I quoted the phrase verbatim, and judging by its meaning, the phrase of a child, not a statesman.
      5. Wellych
        Wellych 30 January 2014 00: 17
        And who will invest in a mess without a development strategy?
      6. The comment was deleted.
      7. dmitrich
        dmitrich 30 January 2014 06: 54
        read carefully.
    2. avg
      avg 29 January 2014 16: 34
      Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable

      And the Chinese and Koreans obviously don’t know about this ... request
    3. Civil
      Civil 29 January 2014 21: 05
      They destroyed it for 20 years, and now they suddenly remembered it? Who and why?
      1. alone
        alone 29 January 2014 21: 12
        As long as there are efficient managers, don’t be surprised. Where they are, ruin is everywhere
        1. not good
          not good 29 January 2014 22: 29
          Any effective manager can be motivated by the result, but not by a golden parachute, but by cruel control over what has been done and responsibility up to criminal responsibility. But it seems that nobody needs it, it’s people's money.
    4. jjj
      jjj 30 January 2014 03: 40
      And no one for us and except us, our fleet will not stand
    5. Combitor
      Combitor 30 January 2014 06: 40
      Quote: Sibiryak
      What can I say stupidity is utterly and all!

      Can anyone explain to me how shipbuilding can be "ineffective and unprofitable" in a maritime power with the longest maritime border?
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 30 January 2014 08: 35
        Much more interesting would be the question: "How did a great superpower with indisputable authority in several years slide down to the level of a third world country, about which everyone and everyone is not too lazy to wipe their feet ?!" The answer to this question will dot the i's.
      2. Nick
        Nick 31 January 2014 23: 55
        Quote: Kombitor
        How can shipbuilding be “ineffective and unprofitable” in a maritime power with the longest maritime border?

        Well, the land has not yet become scarce with "talents" ... wink
    6. dmitrich
      dmitrich 30 January 2014 06: 48
      how tired the pindo talkers of the Soviets.
  2. Mviktor
    Mviktor 29 January 2014 15: 44
    Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable

    We have heard this stupidity more than once from our liberals for them to dream that Russia didn’t have its own fleet at all, and the Mistrals were bought abroad. And how they tried to ruin the enterprises included in this corporation did not work. now mud is watered.
  3. kimanas
    kimanas 29 January 2014 15: 46
    If you don’t go anywhere, don’t catch fish, you don’t observe the interests of the frontiers.
  4. Salamander
    Salamander 29 January 2014 15: 48
    The article is neither "+" nor "-". Yes, there are problems, but even looking at the news, one can understand that shipbuilding in Russia is growing. And to say "ineffective and unprofitable" is not worth it. Almost every day there are tankers, dry cargo ships, tugs ... And before that there was no such thing. As if in the 90s and 00s everything was "efficient and unprofitable" ...

  5. Stiletto
    Stiletto 29 January 2014 15: 51
    No, stealing and speculating, of course, is more effective, no doubt. As well as reducing, closing and doing everything that is shyly veiled by the term "optimization". However, dear friends-reformers, you have never thought about a simple everyday question: "What are we going to eat in the end?"
    Is agriculture unprofitable?
    Is the army unprofitable?
    List to continue?
    1. Pablo_K
      Pablo_K 29 January 2014 17: 28
      Quote: Stiletto

      You're right!
      why there are eight vice presidents in its composition, that is more than in the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the United Aircraft Corporation, where there are seven deputies. What questions does anyone decide who answers?
  6. ilya_oz
    ilya_oz 29 January 2014 15: 52
    After this article, you need to read an article about the fact that the Chinese took the tenth corvette in two years.
  7. Arhj
    Arhj 29 January 2014 15: 55
    Typically, the inefficiency and loss-making of the industry is declared either when they want to justify themselves for the results of work, or when they ask the state for money. An example of energy and other monopolists in the approval of tariffs. What is this interview preparing for?
  8. Lyapis
    Lyapis 29 January 2014 15: 58
    Voennoye Obozreniye pleases with a variety of opinions ... wassat
  9. JonnyT
    JonnyT 29 January 2014 16: 06
    The title of the article speaks of a clear provocation ..... Any production of a finished product is a benefit !!!
    The thought of the worthlessness and ineffectiveness of everything Russian is being actively hammered into the heads of a common man in the street ... they say Russians are barbarians who can only destroy ..... The West really wants to see Russians as traders in the wealth of their country ... and is very actively trying to nurture people with such a "worthless and costly" self-awareness. We urgently need a filter of power and management structures, so that pests and enemies of the people do not end up at the top of the "helm" .......
    They want to destroy our shipbuilding
    1. polkownik1
      polkownik1 29 January 2014 16: 38
      "The idea of ​​the worthlessness and ineffectiveness of everything Russian is being actively hammered into the heads of a common man in the street ... they say Russians are barbarians who can only destroy ..."
      I do not quite agree. The main idea that a "common man" should make from the article: Any state corporation in any industry is an intermediary between state finances and enterprises. And he acts precisely as a mediator, trying in every possible way to pinch off more and delay longer in his own (the management of the corporation) interests. The question is, why should the heads of a state corporation fight for profit when money is already in their pockets? Why organize your own production of components when you can wonderfully cash in on foreign purchases? Why create conditions for competition between enterprises, if you can resolve the issue with who agrees to a larger rollback? Minister Manturov has just appeared on TV, who railed about the need for "strict" checks. He, the trader, is sad to deal with the strategy and organization of production, personnel policy, technologies ... My conviction: the external enemy, of course, does not sleep. But the internal enemy is much more dangerous.
    2. Sour
      Sour 29 January 2014 20: 08
      Quote: JonnyT
      Any production of a finished product is a benefit !!!

      Sorry, but correct you.
      Not any.
      Production of a product is only beneficial when the product is sold and the proceeds from the sale have covered the costs and made a profit.
      It's elementary.
      If the product is manufactured, but nobody needs it, then this is not a benefit.
  10. Russ69
    Russ69 29 January 2014 16: 09
    A day, two articles about USC. In one, the "mustache was gone", in the other, this year USC for the first time finished the year with a profit ... request
    1. Lyapis
      Lyapis 29 January 2014 17: 18
      The difference is that one article is in the news section (which, as it were, speaks of its objectivity), and the second is in the "Opinion" section (that is, the subjective and biased judgments of the author of the article) ...
    2. BOB48
      BOB48 29 January 2014 20: 19
      profit and new vessels - 2 different things in our shipbuilding !!!
  11. zloi_dekabr
    zloi_dekabr 29 January 2014 16: 13
    As soon as someone with the prefix "former" takes up the pen - that's it, put out the light! All polymers are spent, etc. etc. After reading the article, one conclusion is that the person is offended that he is now a "former", so he is trying to attract attention to himself, one heading is worth it))) Minus the article.
    1. acute
      acute 29 January 2014 16: 40
      Do not extinguish the light. it has already been put out by our leaders. And you set your cons. Only the article is legal and good. And if the truth is bitter, then this does not mean that people need to be fed with fairy tales
    2. Fin
      Fin 29 January 2014 17: 04
      Quote: zloi_dekabr
      After reading the article, one conclusion is that the person is offended that he is now a "former", so he is trying to attract attention to himself, one headline is worth it)))

      Man is 86 years old! What insult are you talking about? He told what difficulties and difficulties the USC is facing, what kind of way out it is, and not to scream ahead of time.
  12. konvalval
    konvalval 29 January 2014 16: 13
    And what is effective now?
  13. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 29 January 2014 16: 19
    As a person who is most directly related to the financial and economic service of production enterprises, I declare responsibly - with a probability of 120%, Ostashevich is right at least 99,9%
    And it is not necessary to say that this is supposedly "stupidity" and "liberalism" - this is NOT stupidity. I have seen these management companies and corporations - I wouldn't have seen them for a century, and at least once there was some benefit from them. If there are normal people on the ground (at the level of enterprise directors, chief engineers, etc.) - then the corporation will live. Contrary to the efforts of highly paid managers of management companies, who are given 6 million in allowances.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 29 January 2014 19: 48
      Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
      I saw these management companies and corporations - I wouldn’t see them for a century
      It is difficult to disagree with this. Himself now in the United Engine Corporation (UEC). We merged our design bureau and a pilot plant with a serial plant, everything is reduced and compacted, moreover, it is mainly serial production that "rules", almost all of ours were filmed. There was a "Varangian" from "Fish Motors", as a managing director, fulfilled his "mission", now he has been transferred to sow "good and eternal" already on "Perm Motors", with pressure on the merger-merger of KB and the pilot plant of JSC "Aviadvigatel" ... I would like to be an optimist, but such effective managers are somehow uncomfortable. When the main thing is profit, and, according to the narrow-minded notions of traders, there is little good. With the development of production, such specialists are not very successful, but they know very well how and on whom to save money, closing and reducing. Naturally, they do not save on themselves, loved ones. The problem is common, this is not only the fleet and aviation, everything is here, all industry and agriculture, science, health care ... Of course, we will win, we must win and cope, we must raise the country, but, I think, not with these "menagerie" and not with this average capitalism.
      1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 29 January 2014 20: 42
        I subscribe to every word! drinks
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. old rocket man
      old rocket man 29 January 2014 22: 20
      Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
      I saw these management companies and corporations - I wouldn’t see them for a century, and at least once they would be of some use. If there are normal people in the field (at the level of enterprise directors, chief engineers, etc.), then the corporation will live. Contrary to the efforts of highly paid managers of management companies, which are given 6 million lifting.

      Absolutely, right, to the very top. And these 6 million, and not only them, laid the overhead costs on the products of enterprises belonging to the corporation.
      In short, "where is Zin's money?", Where did the "corporation" get it from? - she doesn't build anything herself, she only distributes orders (and money) negative
  14. Yaroslav
    Yaroslav 29 January 2014 16: 20
    Another bureaucratic arbitrariness. When will we have unprofitable and profitable officials ???
  15. lelikas
    lelikas 29 January 2014 16: 28
    Quote: konvalval
    And what is effective now?
  16. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 29 January 2014 16: 33
    Well, many people here have no idea what our modern shipbuilding companies really are. In fact, all these companies are some kind of associations of various types of companies and companies, joint-stock companies, closed joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, etc. related to each other or by contracts or some very "cunning" ties. For example, warehouses are owned not only by a company separate from the shipyard, but there are several of them (owner companies). The former transport area is also a separate enterprise. The roads at the shipyard itself also belong to a private owner, the berths have other owners. Do you understand what's going on there? Correctly all are busy with "pilezh" contract money - there is no time for work. For example, to bring, say, a pump from a warehouse - you need to fill in a bunch of papers in advance, a week in advance, coordinate them with a representative of the warehouse owner, he will issue an invoice, which is accepted for execution after payment. Then, again, in advance, you need to do the same actions in the transport company, to order transport for transporting the ill-fated pump. So think about the "agility" and "efficiency" of such a scheme. It is clear that often it is necessary to bring something today or at least in a day - for this there is a procedure for an "urgent" order and registration, of course, at a double "urgent" rate. And do you want some efficiency from such a process? During the reign of "effective" managers, we have an economy that is engaged in purely implementation of various cunning schemes of "pumping" money from the budget and pockets of customers instead of producing real products and services. We have learned to “cut” money deftly and with impunity, but have forgotten how to work. For honest work does not bring big profits and prosperity, on the contrary, it is associated with the expenditure of forces, resources and nerves, and "cutting" brings fabulous income at a minimum cost and in a short time.
    1. Ruslan
      Ruslan 29 January 2014 17: 44
      in Komsomolsk, when the asz got to a private trader, he immediately said that sleep ... a billion from the factory (he did it), while the seal was being built, several tons of precious metals disappeared, then the Osc appeared and the plant was given to her. but nifiga has not changed: wages are minuscule, there are no workers, they are dragging welders from Ukraine, the chemical tanker was laid, but backwards, now a corvette of 2000 tons is going to be soldered for four years. so that the work of "effective managers" is well represented and seen by local people. unfortunately you are right.
    2. BOB48
      BOB48 29 January 2014 20: 21
      I agree 100% I do not believe that they do not know about this in Moscow!
  17. acute
    acute 29 January 2014 16: 35
    In 1984, I graduated from the Gorky Polytechnic Institute Shipbuilding Department. He lived in Sormovo and went to work at the Krasnoye Sormovo factory. Of those guys (150 people) who studied with me, 2-3 people work in shipbuilding. The plant produces barges (and produced nuclear, diesel submarines, dry cargo ships, tankers.) The factory employed 25 thousand people and now 5 thousand are not. In the department of the chief builder, pensioners are 70-75 years old. There are simply no working specialists. He worked from the Italians in China, came to Russia, engineers are not needed. these are the things in Russia. very correct article
    1. BOB48
      BOB48 29 January 2014 20: 23
      The Supreme says in the letters that everything is getting better with us! negative
  18. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 29 January 2014 16: 36
    It’s somehow scary to live on ...
  19. shelva
    shelva 29 January 2014 16: 36
    Not a single positive feedback about this USC throughout the article. But there are many different "but if only ..." How long can you tolerate such sabotage tricks from such "corporations" ?, because their work affects the country's defense capability. And where the Supreme looks ...
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 30 January 2014 08: 50
      The Supreme, no matter how you defend and justify him here, such a thief and a grabber, only actively works on his image, posing as almost the leader of the fatherland.
  20. Fin
    Fin 29 January 2014 16: 39
    I would like to know the proportion of employees of the USC apparatus who have completed shipbuilding plants or at least have the appropriate education.

    It’s better not to find out; at the age of 86, it can also be fatal.
    Presidential Decree “On the Formation of a Shipbuilding Industrial Cluster in the Far East”.

    Even the decrees of the president with hearsay. "Cluster" really cannot be written: a complex, a center, a "road map" - a phased plan, or a "pilot project" - an experimental one. We got this crap already.
    “I realized what Russian industry needed. Not investment, not money. Organization of business is necessary. You just need to organize all the people, systematically set a task for them, distribute the powers, delegate them, and you will see how suddenly, it would seem, the dead situation is being revived. ”

    Quite right. Therefore, disperse the extra "effective" ones and invite competent ones with work experience.
  21. Castbox
    Castbox 29 January 2014 16: 50
    I apologize for the offtopic. When you try to open the news "Ship Renaissance of Russia", the browser displays this:

    "This page contains content from that has been seen spreading malware. Visiting it could potentially infect your computer."

    and blocks access.

    Is everything ok on the page?
  22. kaktus
    kaktus 29 January 2014 17: 22
    Everything is unprofitable for our managers negative
  23. yehat
    yehat 29 January 2014 17: 53
    The article liked pedantry in highlighting the main problems, however, it is already clearly pulling the emphasis that USC is the root of all problems.
  24. Altona
    Altona 29 January 2014 18: 08
    I didn't even read the article ... I ran my eyes ... While the "driving highly efficient" managers are at the helm, then everything will be so ... At the helm there should be a General Designer, he will assemble a working technical and economic group himself, without the help of anyone. or ... Accept his deeds should be a military acceptance ... And if you flirt with "money" managers, then everything will be so, that the collective farm, that the clinic, that the military plant ... The manager in these matters, which is called "not in the subject "... Yes, he will count the grandmas, he will organize marketing ... IT MAY BE ... BUT IN THE TOPIC HE IS A BAD! Sorry ...
  25. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 29 January 2014 18: 12
    Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin said in an interview: “I realized what the Russian industry needs. Not investment, not money. Organization of business is necessary. You just need to organize all the people, systematically set a task for them, distribute the powers, delegate them, and you will see how suddenly, it would seem, the dead situation is being revived. ”

    This is all of course, right and good. But he forgot about the important factor A RESPONSIBILITY. I didn’t manage, I went to sweep the streets without the right to occupy leadership positions. I missed the theft, the term for negligence. he stole, the term to the fullest with confiscation. And not like now. failed, thrown to another position not to cope
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 29 January 2014 18: 34
      No way to do it. Say: you are a "Stalinist". No way.
  26. polkownik1
    polkownik1 29 January 2014 18: 19
    A properly built, competent USC, acting according to the scheme of the former Ministry of the Sudprom, bearing full responsibility for the planning of work and their results, will not become the "root of the problem." What do we have? I am close to the aviation, in which the power was seized by the KLA headed by Mr. Poghosyan. The same Mr. simultaneously commands the Sukhovskoy firm, which is part of the UAC. The result? Three budgets are thrown into a very ordinary "Superjet", equipped with a raw French engine; at the same time, the long-standing Tupolevites (Tu-204, Tu-334) are actively stifling, the rest of the aircraft and engine developers are practically invisible on the horizon. Who creates such perverted state corporations ?! Given that the previously independent design bureaus had projects and samples of a completely world-class ...
  27. valokordin
    valokordin 29 January 2014 18: 41
    as can be called leadership by convulsion-pests and thieves. If the country needed to raise shipbuilding, or rather make a breakthrough, then comrade Stalin I.V. I would invite South Korean specialists, determine their location, i.e. I’ve financed the deployment within their own costs and I’m sure that in 5 years Russia would build all types of ships from aircraft carriers and submarines, to fishing and dry cargo ships. Perhaps yachts for sailors and their wives. But Poghosyan is a protege of the president and there is nothing to be done about it.
  28. generalissimo
    generalissimo 29 January 2014 18: 51
    Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable! And with what fright is this so? The thing is this:
    1. Shipbuilding, I will not open America if I say that it is not for you to open a shop or a supermarket, and omitting many branches of advanced methods of filling the budget and pockets of modern nouveau riches, such as trading in natural resources of Russia! Shipbuilding is a complex process that is understandable at least to a qualified locksmith ship assembler, boiler operator, welder (not to be confused with the proletariat, take more, throw on, rest while it flies), as well as mechanical technicians, mechanical engineers, shipbuilding engineers (not to be confused with effective managers , selected according to the principle Brother, matchmaker, your boyfriend! No education does not matter, we will go to three stations, go down to the underground passage and climb without any problems even as a candidate or doctor of sciences! profitability can be talked about, when many of the current hands of drivers have a level of knowledge that does not pull even a full course of high school! I will give an example from personal experience: the locomotive of our economy is O-GO-GO, another O-GO-GO GAZPROM, its structural unit, I work as a mechanic, higher education Gorky Institute of Water Transport Engineers, mechanical engineer, 44 years of experience, next to me a mechanic-engineer graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute is working as a mechanic, 36 years of experience! And we are led by the "director" of the upper education veterinarian, his deputy. brother is a geography teacher, well, these still studied somewhere, and the rest of the office, with rare exceptions, are graduates of the university Three stations! And what do you want from shipbuilding, there is generally a pipe! So, the financing of the industry alone will not fix the matter, the only thing in which effective managers are large specialists is in stealing funds! You have to start with people! As it was there: Cadres are everything!
    1. BOB48
      BOB48 29 January 2014 20: 25
      +500! Develop a theme !!!
    2. acute
      acute 29 January 2014 22: 27
      This is exactly what is happening. We are led not by experts, but by people "close" to the owners. This is everywhere. Ask the nuclear scientists who Kiriyenko is. But at least he speaks his own language, but he is still one as a specialist. So he is even the best of them
  29. moremansf
    moremansf 29 January 2014 19: 22
    I agree, there is enough chaos, there are no specialists, all shipbuilding was thrown to the "cut" for many years, now they woke up, they began to collect, except for problems and a lot of firms and offices, nothing remained of shipbuilding ... we did not agree with Ukraine, there are our own " tsars "there is nowhere to go, so there are empty slipways in Nikolaev ... we also need to deal with the personnel ... it is easy to destroy, but it is already more difficult to reassemble, thank God they realized in time ... a little more and there would be nothing to collect .. Serdyukov, as the head of the RF Ministry of Defense, also had no time for ships, amazons, dachas, roads, etc. here we stayed at the broken trough !!!
  30. Stinger
    Stinger 29 January 2014 19: 27
    The industry development strategy is a set of appeals and slogans without specifying the performers and specific deadlines

    Unfortunately, this is the main principle of strategic plans, regardless of industry profile. The same principles lie in the state development strategy. Huge salaries and complete impunity attract the best fund managers. It is possible and necessary to pay big money to managers, but only to those who a) find orders and b) ensure their execution on time. To pay talkers - theorists and writers - science fiction writers is pointless and criminal.
  31. tomich
    tomich 29 January 2014 19: 59
    the directors of the osk factories need to steal less and there will be profit, that’s the whole strategy
  32. voliador
    voliador 29 January 2014 20: 06
    Great article. It is high time to send these freaks from the USC to Kolyma, with complete confiscation! How many robberies and plundered! Hindus got rid of the full program! RTOs are building as much time as they rely on an aircraft carrier!
  33. pr 627
    pr 627 29 January 2014 20: 16
    At least someone more or less objectively described the situation in the industry. More often there are articles of rampant optimists and we’ll build it, aircraft carriers in batches, frigates and submarines in tons. It remains to do a little work for ten and fifteen years.
  34. Alexey M
    Alexey M 29 January 2014 20: 19
    Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable
    An industry development strategy is a set of appeals and slogans without specifying performers and specific deadlines.
    I completely agree to plant nada, so that they would be afraid and even better shoot as enemies of the people. Only then will there be order in the country.
  35. bubla5
    bubla5 29 January 2014 20: 21
    Well, yes, we are used to getting short-term profits efficiently from the fact that they freestandled our hands on gas and oil wells, railways and power plants that we didn’t build ourselves, but here we need to invest money, and even risk cutting
  36. felix34
    felix34 29 January 2014 20: 37
    "Any production is profitable!" Eh, young people! There was a long time, when they drove "products", which, for greater importance, having been lying for a month in open warehouses, was handed over in bulk to scrap metal. At the same time, they reported both on the fulfillment of the production plan and on the overfulfillment of the plan for the delivery of "scrap metal". But now our "any" is not needed by anyone. All you need is a "cool" one in all respects. But her something is not enough yet. Think!
  37. parus2nik
    parus2nik 29 January 2014 20: 42
    Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable ... and it sounds in the 21st century .. smile The first world civilizations arose precisely at the waterways and, moreover, the river ones .. Shipbuilding: inefficient and unprofitable, and this is in a country where there are many waterways .. True, many are launched, but nonetheless ..
  38. gridasov
    gridasov 29 January 2014 20: 47
    Effective shipbuilding is, above all, the creation of effective boats of any displacement. This is physics and science. The concepts of propulsors in front with the removal of the flow of water to the side surfaces of the ship's body are more energy efficient. Fundamentally new scientific approaches to the structure of the surfaces of the flow that do not form cavitation processes, and therefore inversion traces on the water. Fundamentally new energy-efficient propulsors instead of propellers that also do not form cavitation on their surface, which is especially important for submarines. Air-independent power plants providing not only the energy needs of propulsors, but also creating conditions for people's livelihood. [email protected]
  39. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 29 January 2014 21: 31
    Quote: felix34
    Any production is profitable! ". Eh, young people! There was a long time when they drove" products "that,

    Well, of course laughing then the USSR had few ships, ships, icebreakers and submarines? Something I don’t remember, that under the Soviet regime they would be written off as scrap metal. There was enough metal, and scrap alone pioneers across the country collected hundreds of tons and for free, not like the homeless now for a penny. Judging by your statement, you are young people hi
  40. skalozub
    skalozub 29 January 2014 22: 04
    Everyone remembers the USSR, only now you understand that that time cannot be returned ...
    I hate our officials, how much they do not grab a little, the country is great (they will soon be sold out), but they rule the country and us because it is beneficial to them, but not the country ... more than half of the officials need to be transplanted ...
    How many of these Serdyukovs have stolen otmazyvatsya and how many more will be disregarded from punishment ...
    Our people are not just patient, people do not understand what is happening, people do not survive before that ...
  41. acute
    acute 29 January 2014 22: 18
    Quote: BOB48
    The Supreme says in the letters that everything is getting better with us! negative

    Yes, nothing is visible so far, but shipbuilding swims to Asia
  42. acute
    acute 29 January 2014 22: 35
    Quote: felix34
    "Any production is profitable!" Eh, young people! There was a long time, when they drove "products", which, for greater importance, having been lying for a month in open warehouses, was handed over in bulk to scrap metal. At the same time, they reported both on the fulfillment of the production plan and on the overfulfillment of the plan for the delivery of "scrap metal". But now our "any" is not needed by anyone. All you need is a "cool" one in all respects. But her something is not enough yet. Think!

    ............ deleted by moderator Apollo.How do you know who drove. I’ll tell you something else, that ships built in Russia, according to the recall of sailors, are the most controllable, maintainable, well-controllable and most efficient. And the Russian crews are the most efficient
  43. sinukvl
    sinukvl 29 January 2014 22: 41
    An interesting logic of the author, if it is developed further, it may turn out that for the profitability of military shipbuilding, it is necessary for the Russian Navy to become a pirate fleet, you can look and earn money (in the sense of loot) and order new ships on them and there’s no cost.
  44. Power
    Power 29 January 2014 23: 07
    The Chubais will not calm down, for them not only shipbuilding, but the whole of Russia is unprofitable, they would gladly lease the whole country, but they are afraid to get it right away.
  45. DPN
    DPN 29 January 2014 23: 50
    Clever shipbuilders are in the past, now the managers are in Russian - they were speculators and in the Soviet era there was enough on a flea market. In our country, to the hell of unnecessary institutions, only presidents show the box by box, who basically row for themselves, you can’t spit it, and there’s no responsibility whatsoever in addition to gold parosheets instead of confiscation and places not so distant. And where are the PTEUSHNIKI from which the GOLDEN HANDS turned out to be turner and locksmith. It seems that they have died out like dinosaurs, and without them, just buy and sell, which is basically happening in our country. Therefore, the unas will not work, EVERYTHING will be LOSSY and will last a very long time.
  46. uestlend
    uestlend 30 January 2014 00: 07
    The management needs to pay less and the partners knowing about the contract dozens of times increase prices, it would be cheaper to use pure gold if they could fill their pockets with the Soviet Union and there would be no losses.
  47. rpek32
    rpek32 30 January 2014 05: 57
    by chance, weren't these people offering to export berry fur and cones?