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Pacific Fleet will strengthen the cruiser "Marshal Ustinov"

According to Interfax, the Navy command decided to strengthen the Pacific Fleet with the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser Project 1164 Atlant from the Northern fleet. Apparently, this decision is connected with a set of measures aimed at strengthening our Armed forces in the Far Eastern direction.

More recently, there was a big hype about the Kuril problem. Only because of the disaster in Japan and the war in Libya, this topic has faded. According to a source from the headquarters of the Navy, the cruiser Marshal Ustinov "is more necessary in such a large-scale and complex theater of military operations as the Pacific."

In 2011, the cruiser will undergo medium repairs, and in 2012, it will go to a new home database.

Help: 1164 project cruisers Atlant code (NATO code - English Slava class) - a type of Soviet missile cruisers that occupies an intermediate position between ships of the Ushakov type (1144 Orlan, formerly Kirov) and destroyers of the Modern type (956 project). Glory-class rocket cruisers with powerful ship-to-surface missile weapons became an important part of the Russian Navy after the division of the USSR fleet. The main tasks of the ship, formulated in the technical design of 1972, were: to impart combat stability to the forces of the fleet in remote areas of the seas and oceans; destruction of enemy surface ships, including aircraft carriers; solving tasks of collective air defense, formations and convoys in remote areas of the seas and oceans, fighting against submarines, supporting landings and shelling the coast occupied by the enemy. Currently, three cruisers of this project are part of the Russian Navy. “Moscow” (formerly known as “Glory”) is the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, “Marshal Ustinov” is part of the Northern Fleet, “Varyag” is the flagship of the Pacific Fleet. The displacement of cruisers is 11,3 thousand tons, length - 187 meters, and width - 20 meters. 1164 project ships are capable of speeds up to 32 nodes, and their range is 7,5 thousands of miles. The cruisers are armed with cruise missiles of the Basalt type, the Fort anti-aircraft missile system, AK-130 artillery mounts and have torpedo tubes of a millimeter 533. The air group of the Atlant project ships includes Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopters.

Recently, information has emerged that another cruiser of this project, the Admiral Lobov (Ukraine), will be bought out, or simply transferred to Russia by Kiev. Construction of this giant was begun at the Nikolaev shipyard in 1984, currently its readiness is estimated at 50-95%.

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  1. Drcoks
    Drcoks 28 March 2011 20: 23
    If I am not mistaken, the cruiser Admiral Lobov of the same type is based on the Pacific Fleet?
    1. Ramses_IV
      Ramses_IV 16 September 2011 17: 01
      No. The Pacific Fleet has only "Varyag"
  2. Skills
    28 March 2011 21: 58
    The article also says - "Admiral Lobov" ("Ukraine") has not been completed in Ukraine, in Nikolaev, it may be bought out, or transferred to the Russian Federation, or it may simply be cut into scrap metal.

    The Pacific Fleet has a cruiser of this project - the flagship "Varyag" project 1164 "Atlant" ("Glory")
  3. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 29 March 2011 00: 04
    If in Vladik, or else where the pier for Ustinov is not built, with the supply of e-mail. energy, steam and water - then in a couple of years he will kill himself - having exhausted the motor resource in the raid.
  4. Drcoks
    Drcoks 29 March 2011 06: 10
    Sorry, mixed up. =)
  5. Mista_dj
    Mista_dj April 27 2011 02: 11
    "Admiral Lobov" is unlikely to be completed.
    Missiles "Basalt", you can't even destroy the destroyer with Aejis.
    The project is long outdated, its modernization (during completion) will result in such money that it will be much easier and cheaper to build a new cruiser, and with its own docks, a plant named after them. 61st Communard, such a cruiser (on a new project) simply will not pull.
    Dragging the hull to the Baltic Sea, or to Sevmash for completion - it’s cheaper to buy an aircraft carrier.
    1. guessed
      guessed 21 January 2012 21: 06
      Atlanta "Basalt" is no longer carried. they are armed with the Vulcan anti-ship missile ...
      "Moscow" can shut up the Bosphorus from the Sevastopol raid ...
      And Aegis will not even help against mosquitoes .., not to mention the "Basalt" and even more so the "volcano" ... for Aegis is an EXCLUSIVE information system for controlling weapons as part of a group of ships ... Will anti-ship missiles shoot down with bytes?
  6. PSih2097
    PSih2097 6 May 2011 17: 18
    Yeah, the American and the Navy will not be at all.
  7. Vasek
    Vasek 2 June 2011 18: 14
    In Tikhas (near Vladivostok) is the same type of Lazarev. though his metalworkers almost dismantled the metal.
    There is a pier there, but the infrastructure has already died.
    1. Ramses_IV
      Ramses_IV 16 September 2011 17: 03
      Lazarev - another project. The same as "Petrusha". There are also "Horns" and "Ural" rusting nearby.
  8. DEfindER
    DEfindER 17 October 2011 11: 45
    That would not rust it is necessary to float on them, and our generals prefer to spend money on something else rather than on naval exercises .. The Amer ships are even older than ours, because we were usually catching up, and at the same time they float on them and even fight very actively wherever possible .. the throat would be bitten by those who sold our Soviet aircraft carriers .. and even at the price of black scrap ..
  9. 13017
    13017 12 February 2012 16: 53
    and what will remain on the Northern Fleet can Ukraine be bought and sent to the Northern Fleet The Northern Fleet will not let you down