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Armalayt AR 10 rifle, mm caliber 7,62

Armalayt AR 10 rifle, mm caliber 7,62

After World War II, the American firm Armalite Inc., Costa Mesa, California, produced hunting, sporting and military rifles that were marked with a special AR badge. This model designation was retained later, after the company was joined to the large enterprise Armalite Division of Fairchild Engine & Airplane.

To produced in a small amount arms This includes, for example, the AR 11947 multiply-charged sniper rifle of the year with a Mauser bolt and an AR 5 collapsible pistol-carbine with a unscrewing barrel and fiberglass butt. In larger quantities produced model AR 7, similar in design to the pistol-carbine. This weapon weighs 1,3 kg, its total length - 820 mm, when disassembled - 400 mm.

In 1954, the development of a new weapon was started, which later became a regular rifle of the American army. When the AR 1956 automatic rifle, developed by a group of designers, including Richard S. Buttel, Charles G. Dorchester, Eugene M. Stoner and Sullivan, was introduced in 10, hardly anyone expected such a success. The US military did not show any interest in such weapons under the NATO patron 7,62x51.

The new development was a system, when changing units and parts of which it was possible to produce automatic rifles, self-loading sniper rifles, as well as automatic rifles. A special supply of ammunition from ribbons was developed, which made it possible to create a light machine gun. Before launching the system into mass production, tests of prototypes with various components were carried out. The main role in this work was played by Stoner, who later became the chief designer of the company.

Tested rifles, equipped with standard cartridges At that time, 7.62x63 Springfield M2, prototypes with an aluminum barrel, reinforced titanium, and a plastic shop shaft; models with a new recharge device using the energy of powder gases; samples with different flame arresters. adapted for firing rifle grenades. Later a special version was released, which was loaded with .308 cartridges. Winchester 7,62x63. under the name AR 10 model. It had a larger head diameter, a more powerful cartridge ejector, the store shaft was located at a different angle.

As already mentioned, the military showed no interest in the new weapon. Some models have been tested, to which the American firm Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg. Co., Hartford, Connecticut, also manufactured a small number of AR 10 rifles, but did not achieve much success. In the end, the Californian company sold the license to the Dutch company Artillerie Inrichtingen. There from 1957 to 1960 year produced 5000 automatic rifles of this type and sold them to the armed forces of Burma, Nicaragua, Portugal and Sudan.

The action of the Armalight AR10 automatic rifle is based on the use of the energy of powder gases. The bolt is swivel, the barrel is locked with eight trunnions. The weapon is not equipped with either a gas piston or a gas cylinder. Through a tube of small diameter, the powder gases are sent directly to the rotary cylindrical gate.

Ammunition is fed from a direct long magazine on 20 cartridges. Shooting can be carried out by single shots and bursts. The optimal firing range is 400 m. The shop is made of aluminum and reinforced with steel plates on the sides. The rate of fire ranges from 40 to 60 shots / min. Sighting line length - 527 mm, pitch length of rifling barrel - 254 mm, length of the weapon with a bayonet - 1169 mm. Rifle grenades can be fired without special tools.

Butt, pistol grip, transfer handle and barrel cover are made of plastic, so that the weapon does not sink in water. A diopter sight is located in the carrying handle above the body, which can be adjusted using the clamping screw. Fly fixed on the casing. The barrel, unlike some prototypes of weapons, is not made of aluminum alloy, but of steel.

Features: Armalight AR 10 automatic rifle
Caliber mm ............................................... ....................... 7,62
starting speed
bullets (v0), m / s .......................................... ........................ 845
Weapon length, mm .............................................. ............ 1029 *
Rate of fire,
shots / min .............................................. ......................... 700
Ammunition supply ....................... straight long magazine
on xnumx ammo
Weight without magazine, kg ............................................. ...... 3,25
Cartridge................................................. ..................... 7,62x51
Barrel length, mm .............................................. ............... 559
Rifling / direction ............................................... ........ 4 / n
Sighting range, m .............................................. ..915
Range of effective action, m .............................. 460

* With mounted bayonet - 1169 mm.
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  1. alex-cn
    alex-cn 30 January 2014 09: 33
    Thank you, it was interesting to read about the progenitors of the M-16.
    1. Crang
      Crang 30 January 2014 11: 44
      This is not a progenitor, this is a parallel branch, so to speak. Have you watched The Terminator? How Schwartz smashed the police station trying to find Sarah Connor. So in one hand he had an AR-18 machine gun that looked almost indistinguishable from the M16.
      1. Mister X
        Mister X 30 January 2014 14: 00
        Quote: Krang
        Have you watched The Terminator?

        Have you watched The Professional?

        Shot from the movie "Professional"
        Josslen Beaumont (Jean-Paul Belmondo) with a sniper version of the AR-10 rifle

        The prototype AR-10 fully disassembled

        ArmaLite Inc still produces rifles and carbines of the AR-10 series.
        On the manufacturer's website, these wonderful rifles are offered at prices ranging from 1,500 to 3,100 USD.

        The modern version of the AR-10 sniper rifle: AR-10 (T)
        caliber .308 / 7.62 X 51mm NATO with 20 "barrel
        AR-10 Super SASS for $ 3,100.00

        1. vkrav
          vkrav 30 January 2014 16: 27
          There are still blacks with stg44 running ...
  2. GRusl
    GRusl 30 January 2014 09: 56
    Only one thing is alarming ... Doesn’t it sink in the water ...
    1. Peacemaker
      Peacemaker 30 January 2014 11: 25
      Well, it characterizes the system quite accurately smile
      It is known that it does not sink.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vadim dok
      vadim dok 30 January 2014 21: 42
      A very "intelligent" comment!
    4. vadim dok
      vadim dok 30 January 2014 21: 42
      A very "intelligent" comment!
  3. shelva
    shelva 30 January 2014 10: 57
    Quote: GRusl
    Only one thing is alarming ... Doesn’t it sink in the water ...

    Our army does not need to drown in water. We have KALASH.
  4. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 30 January 2014 13: 27
    Error in the text:
    "The stock, pistol grip, carry handle and barrel shroud are made of plastic, so the weapon does not sink in water. A diopter sight is located in the carry handle above the body, which can be adjusted using a clamping screw. The front sight is attached to the shroud." Look closely at the photos, colleagues. The handle for carrying a rifle with an integrated adjustable one cannot be made of light plastic in any way, because it is made of metal and forms a single, monoblock part with the body (cover) of the bolt group and the front part of the return mechanism, which is almost entirely located in the butt.
    Passage that the barrel is still made of steel, and not of aluminum alloy - for me, beyond good and evil. Fair...
    What resource is the material from? ..
    1. uzer 13
      uzer 13 30 January 2014 20: 55
      Aluminum trunks were made for some hunting rifles, but there were no specific materials on the resource of such a barrel. There are no more information about rifled trunks in which the pressure, speed and hardness of the bullet material are not available.
  5. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 30 January 2014 13: 39
  6. _KM_
    _KM_ 30 January 2014 18: 06
    I have doubts that the rifle is floating. I will explain. The weight of the weapon is 3,25 kg, which means the butt and forend must have a volume of at least 3,5 liters. And this is very doubtful - judging by the photo and description there is no such volume. In addition, it is hardly possible to make a fore-end in the form of a single float.
  7. tracer
    tracer 30 January 2014 20: 59
    Pay attention to the number of small parts in the rifle mechanism. It is just a matter of time before they are lost during cleaning. One friend (a nice kid from Kiev) served in the Israeli army and still spits at the sight of this miracle weapon. Dropping such one piece in the sand ... a disaster, and scattering everything ... just a cataclysm. Last weekend I saw how at -24 degrees A good and expensive "trunk" of this model wedged exactly every other time. All "ours" laughed and sometimes laughed at their collars. "A light blizzard covered the mechanism with ice and powder soot (the picture is still) .. And this does not depend at all on the" fame "of the manufacturer. Klinit and" Colt "and" Sieg "and" Bushmaster "and" Rem "and a bunch of little-known companies. Everything that is produced in this model is wedge. It does not wedge only in perfectly clean and not dusty conditions, after incredible cleanings and even then ... not always. Yes, it is more accurate, but in terms of reliability Below the plinth, we ourselves, having shot at content with a small SCS without a single delay.
  8. uzer 13
    uzer 13 30 January 2014 21: 11
    Here in hunting stores for sale something similar at a price of 72600r.

    [Vepr-15 (VPO-140) - self-loading hunting carbine of the VEPR-15 model .223Rem caliber for hunting cartridges .223Rem (5,56х45) based on the AR-15 rifle, designed for the extraction of objects of wildlife related to hunting objects , in areas with temperate and cold climates at ambient temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 ºС.
    Automatic reloading of the carbine is carried out by using the energy of powder gases discharged from the barrel to the gas chamber during firing and the energy of the return spring. The bolt is locked to the combat stops by turning the bolt around its axis by a longitudinally sliding bolt frame.
    The trigger type trigger mechanism provides for the production of a single shot and firing.]
  9. Jager
    Jager 30 January 2014 22: 54
    It seems to me alone that on the frame from the movie at Belmondo on the AR-10, instead of the store, the usual grater ??
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 30 January 2014 23: 10
      Quote: Jager
      It seems to me alone that on the frame from the movie at Belmondo on the AR-10, instead of the store, the usual grater ??

      This is not a grater, but a chocolate bar No.
  10. Doznanied
    Doznanied 3 February 2014 14: 31
    In case of intensive automatic shooting (2 or more stores in a row), the gas exhaust pipe of the AR-10 rifles glows like an incandescent element in the Ilyich’s bulb. I don’t know how permissible this is, but it looks somehow alarming.
    1. vanaheym
      vanaheym 3 February 2014 15: 51
      Quote: Doznanied
      With intensive automatic shooting (2 or more stores in a row), the gas exhaust pipe of the AR-10 family rifles glows like an incandescent element in the Ilyich’s bulb.

      Most likely you mean rifles of the AR-15 family, since those AR-10s that are now being produced are all semi-automatic, and for them, even with intense shooting, the heating is not very significant. If we take the AR-15 / M4, then, according to the investigation of the "Battle of Vanat", problems with the gas outlet pipe (namely, its burning out) began to arise after the continuous shooting of about 20 magazines in automatic mode.

      According to surveys of marines by the NY Times' At War blog, they were in some of the hardest-to-gun parts of Afghanistan (Helmand province), where weapons are often covered with small flesh and combat ends with soldiers repeatedly jumping into irrigation canals, and Fighting continues for several hours, only one report of firing delays was seen - a dusty M16 refused to fire after a sergeant jumped into the canal. After cleaning the rifle from dust and loading a new cartridge, the rifle continued firing.
      At least I can say that a modern rifle, and what was in Vietnam, are somewhat different things.
      1. Doznanied
        Doznanied 4 February 2014 10: 35
        Thanks for clarifying.
        I looked at Discovery channel, where craftsmen from the United States remake standard weapons into something exclusive to order. So, a certain customer turned to them with a request to make a spark on the basis of M-16 (or M-4) for installation on a boat as a machine gun turret. Specialists-gunsmiths installed two assault rifles on a common frame, made an installation with a pump for water cooling of trunks, attached newfangled shops to each assault rifle (in my opinion, 100 rounds each) and conducted tests. After several protracted bursts until the stores were completely empty, the gas exhaust pipe became white-hot, and the testers noted the smell of burning (roofing felts from plastic forearm, roofing felts from snapped metal). As you know, 100 rounds per barrel, this is not 20 stores.