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As the divers kidnapped the super secret of the US Navy

Remembers the former commander of the "K-324" Vadim Terekhin (Vladivostok)

It is customary for submariners to believe that there are lucky submarines, and there are unlucky and simply poor ones. Such can be considered the K-324 multipurpose nuclear submarine (according to NATO classification - Viktor 3, in our country this type of submarine appears under the code "Pike"), which was pursued by misfortunes throughout the entire service in combat fleet.

So, even during the factory tests in the summer of 1981 at about. Askold "Pike" rammed an unknown nuclear submarine into the 4 th reactor compartment (according to some sources, the Chinese Han-type submarine, which Japan claims to have sank. The Chinese themselves keep death silence on this score). Then there was a battery explosion and a voluminous fire in the 1 torpedo compartment, where the full ammunition was located — the 24 conventional torpedoes and the 2 with a nuclear warhead. And only some incredible miracle saved the K-324 and its crew from destruction and nuclear catastrophe: the compartment was completely destroyed, but the torpedoes did not detonate. It used to be that the nuclear-powered icebreaker suddenly plummeted to a depth to that fateful point from which the boats no longer emerge - they, like a shell, were crushed by the wild pressure of water. Moreover, the state of emergency was being pursued by the “Pike” even after putting it to sludge. It all started, they say, from the fact that during the descent from the stocks at a shipbuilding plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a bottle of traditional champagne did not break about the PLA keel. Four times in a row (!), Which is considered an unkind omen ...

Describing all the misadventures of K-324 over 20's years of service as part of the Pacific and then the Northern Fleet is not enough for an entire newspaper. And therefore we will focus only on one stories from the life of this submarine. Stories exciting, just incredible, worthy adventure story.

Emergency ascent

The campaign "K-324" to the shores of America in the fall of 1983 made a stir throughout the Atlantic. At the end of October, the American media rumbled to the whole world with a sensation, publishing pictures of the K-324, a Soviet multi-purpose submarine, which had emerged abnormally in the Sargasso Sea off the US coast. The boat lay in drift, giving a trim to the bow and exposing partially to the stern with a propeller.

I must say that at that time the Cold War was in full swing, and the attacks of the Americans, incl. and about the USSR’s nuclear submarines with the nuclear weapons aboard and representing a mortal threat to America "and the whole free world", the military-political leadership of the USSR did not react. And what could have been said, if in Moscow they didn’t really know what had happened in the Sargasso Sea with K-324 in military service?

In fact, Americans were not worried about the fact of the ascent of our submarine. The reason for such a nervous reaction was completely different. In that it turned out that it was wound on the screw "K-324". The situation was very serious. And on the edge of this confrontation, by chance, were the commander of K-324, captain of 2 rank Vadim Terekhin and his crew, in whose hands in those days was the fate of the whole world.
So what happened to the Soviet submarine at the end of October 1983 in the Sargasso Sea?

Unexpected catch in $ 500 thousands

It was the first military service in the Atlantic "K-324", which shortly before it was transferred from Kamchatka under the ice of the Arctic to the Northern Fleet and was included in its composition. Two lines of the NATO’s rather complex antisubmarine defense of NATO were passed covertly. In any case, no surveillance of themselves was found. However, five days later, they heard the work of sonar buoys. This indicated that they were spotted. Reporting to the fleet's CP did not. Because it is a minus to the commander for the loss of secrecy. The captain of the 2 rank Terekhin hoped that he would be able to break away from the adversary. And the case turned up. In the right direction went some big ship. K-324 successfully settled under its bottom and followed four days to its position in the Sargasso Sea. As a result of this maneuver, the enemy lost contact with our boat.

Arriving at the Sargasso Sea, K-324 took up a position in 38 miles from the United States Navy base Jacksonville. Here was the shipyard where the Yankees built the Ohio-type SSBNs. Just at that time, according to our intelligence, the 5 th ship of this type of Florida was to be tested. At the edge of the US territorial waters, its output was controlled by the NFM (reconnaissance ship) of the Nakhodka Northern Fleet. The plan of our command was this: as soon as the scouts find the “Florida” leaving the base, they must immediately transfer contact with it to the crew of the K-324, so that the submariners can already work with the American submarine - write its characteristics, elements of maneuverability, etc. In addition, K-324 was supposed to carry out reconnaissance of American systems for long-range acoustic detection of our ships. After a while, the Terekhi residents received a ciproradiogram: the output of the “Florida” is delayed by several days, change the area of ​​duty, follow in such a square. Submariners moved to the specified area. Hydroacoustic found some kind of vessel. On our submarine they decided that it was a fishing trawler. Then the crew of Vadim Terekhin was again ordered to change the area. Together with this “fisherman”, having ducked under him, our guys changed their position.

As it turned out later, the Terekhi people “adjoined” under the bottom of the US Navy frigate McCloy (McCloy), who was looking for K-324 using the latest super secret towed sonar (this is a few hundred meters of special cable at the end of which is in the capsule smart sonar filling). Soviet intelligence was hunting for this new American early warning system for foreign submarines, but so far it has not been able to get it.

Then the boat and frigate courses diverged. The McCloy, never having discovered the Russian submarine (hiding beneath it), returned to base. And then the Yankees were horrified: it turned out that in some strange way they had lost their top-secret, expensive towed antenna. The commander of the frigate, the superior officers "fought" so that he cursed the day and hour when he decided to go to serve in the US Navy. In the end, a conclusion was made: the antenna came off as a result of a severe storm. Although it was still hard to believe in it: it was painfully securely fixed, a tank don't tear off! It might not really be possible to tear off a tank, but a submarine, and even a Soviet one ...

“From 00 to 8 in the morning of October 25, I was keeping watch at the central post,” recalls the former commander of K-324, Captain 1 of reserve rank Vadim Terekhin. - Speed ​​12 nodes, go at a depth of about 100 meters. In 3 hours decided to drink tea. Just sat down, vibrated the case and an alarm signal rang out. The emergency protection of the turbine worked. We lost the move. We have a single-shaft boat, so the situation is very serious! Under the keel is more than 4 thousands of meters. We keep the depth on thrusters on a quiet course under the node electric motors 3-4. About two o'clock they tried to figure out: what happened? Tried to start the turbine, but it failed. The mechanic captain of the 2 rank, Anatoly Sedakov, understood that something had happened to the screw, but what? If the fishing net were wound, nothing like this would have happened, the screw would have broken it. So it was something else. In the meantime, the time had come for the communication session with the Northern Fleet command post. At about 5 in the morning I gave the order to ascend under the periscope. However, at the periscope depth, the boat could not resist, we were thrown to the surface. We blew through all of the KGB (tanks of the main ballast. - Comm. Aut.) And surfaced in a cruising position. It is clear that thus violated secrecy. A violent storm raged. To get to the bridge was not possible. In the periscope I managed to see some kind of loop on the feed stabilizers centimeters 10 in diameter. Apparently, this out of nowhere came from the cable and wound on the screw. Supposed that this is some kind of military cable. When they managed to establish a connection, they gave a radio to the fleet's control unit, reported on an emergency ascent, a situation. Then twice tried to go under the water. In vain.

And the second time they began to fall so rapidly into the depths that the thought flashed: that's all, the end! After all, on 140 meters, on which we have already been, it is hard to blow tanks. With difficulty, but managed to prevent the fall of the boat to the beyond depth. Surfaced. The storm does not stop. The 7,5 displacement boat threw thousands of tons on the waves like an empty can. In the compartments, everything that was not secured and even that attached was torn from the ground and scattered around the deck. Got a radio. The command of the Northern Fleet brought us into contact with the NKT TsPP. The situation is very serious. Moscow has long thought what to do. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Andropov was ill, and no one wanted to take responsibility for possible consequences due to our abnormal ascent. ”

In late October - early November 1983, the world once again stood on the brink of nuclear war. The crew of the Soviet K-324 PLA in the Sargasso Sea accidentally took possession of one of the most important secrets of the US Navy — a super modern antenna for detecting submarines. The Americans were furious and took such actions to discourage their secret that it almost came to an armed clash that could escalate into a war between two superpowers ... This is how the former K-324 commander, captain 1- retired rank Vadim Terekhin, now living in Vladivostok.

"Boat not to risk"

"... The headquarters of the Navy finally gave an encryption, in which he asked to determine: what kind of cable did the boat wind on the propeller?" And then he ordered not to risk the ship and people. And what can we do if the ship without a course and a storm rages? By the evening of October 26, the element subsided a bit, I took the machine gun, caught the safety end and began to wade to the stern. It was impossible to get close to the stabilizers and the screw. Meters with 6-7 began to shoot on the cable. Sparks fly, bullets do not take it. So armored. The second attempt made midshipman. With an ax he made his way to the stern, sat astride a skein of cable and how he would cut! The ax flew in one direction, the midshipman in the other. What to do? We decided to wait for the storm to completely subside. While waiting, a Canadian airliner appeared. We immediately understood: now they will inform the Americans and we will have a headache. And for sure, two minutes later, through 40, two anti-submarine "Orions" of the US Navy were right there. We were thrown with hydroacoustic buoys, overlapping with red flags from all sides like wolf hunters. When this couple flew to the base, they were immediately replaced by another. And so more 10 day. Moreover, helicopters were constantly hanging over us.

On the night of October 27, we receive radio from Moscow: the Nakhodka reconnaissance ship and the Aldan rescue ship from Cuba are sent to assist you. They figured: "Find" - a small boat, a little good with him. A "Aldan" to us slap no less than 10-11 day ...

The OSNAZ group commander, Senior Lieutenant Sergey Arbuzov, seconded to K-324, learned from radio interception that the Americans had stormed Grenada, and now two Nicholson and Peterson destroyers of the US Navy are heading to our boat at full speed. I declared a battle alert. We are without a move, helpless, what to expect from the Yankees is unknown. Especially since Arbuzov was able to find out that the K-324 had hooked and cut off the top-secret supermodern towed cable antenna of the TASS GAS system, which the American destroyer McCloy was experiencing. So unwittingly, we stole a big secret of the US Navy. It became clear that the Americans would try to repel this cable. ”

Standoff on the verge of foul

Approaching the helpless Russian submarine, the Americans began to clamp it into ticks: they were dangerously maneuvering from two sides at a distance of 30 meters. At the same time, they mockingly and politely offered help. The commander of the "K-324" Terekhin ordered to post a signal on the periscope: "Thank you, do not need!" Stop dangerous maneuvering! I have a dangerous cargo on board! ” And the cargo was really dangerous: torpedoes and missiles with nuclear warheads with a range of 3 thousand km, which easily reach Washington. Meanwhile, their ships could, if not specifically, then because of the wave, hit an icebreaker and seriously damage it, or even sink it. Destroyers, having come from the stern of "K-324", tried to hook the cable antenna with hooks. The same operation was carried out and hanging over the boat helicopters. But it could not be done. There was a real struggle of nerves, threatening to turn into fighting.
Especially critical is the situation of November 5. The Yankees raised the signal: we are preparing to descend assault assault vehicles! Fighters appeared on board the destroyers, defiantly dressing in scuba diving suits.
Nuclear-powered ship "K-324" - the territory of a sovereign state. It is located in neutral waters. If the Americans really decide to seize the boat - this is war! The captain of the 2 rank Terekhin invited to the council the first mate, the political officer, the osobist and the miner. It was clear: if the assault begins, submariners do not fight back. In any case, the commander of the "K-324" ordered the miner to prepare the nuclear-powered icebreaker for undermining and flooding. The crew was planned to be transplanted into rafts, and then on the approaching Nakhodka reconnaissance ship.

When the Americans began to prepare the amphibious-boarding group, the commander sent eight officers with assault rifles and grenades to the aft superstructure. Ordered: shoot, if the Yankees decide on the assault. For the sake of peace, the submariners defiantly blew the fodder ballast tanks with pressure in 200 atmospheres. Bubbles with noise up to the sky! To combat the landing in the current conditions, it is also a weapon!

Here Moscow has just sent an encryption: do not succumb to provocations, the situation is extremely dangerous! At the time, Terekhin did not yet know that all NATO forces were on high alert and were just waiting for an order to begin hostilities. The world was on the verge of war. In another encryption signed by Glavshkov, Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Navy, it was ordered to save the trophy antenna by any means and send it to Moscow with opportunity. The tough standoff between the two superpowers continued until November 7. But the Americans did not dare to take the Russian submarine to the boarding.

Yankee left with a nose

8 November came the rescue ship "Aldan". Lowered divers. On the hub of the screw "K-324" found a powerful tangle of torn metal and two cable ends, stretching far across the stern. It was not possible to loosen the screw in field conditions. As for the cable of length 420 m, then the whole day our guys picked it out of the water with an electric chute and placed it in the 1 compartment. After that, the TsKP Navy instructed: to follow in tow to Cuba.

Easy to say - follow! Start the tug was not so simple: until recently, the Yankees did not want to let the Soviet submarine with "prey". "Aldan" stood up in the wind, "K-324" - under the wind. With the help of rubber rafts, our sailors began to tow a dredge, which took about 10 hours. And when almost everything was ready, an American officer from the board of the destroyer Peterson shot rafts from a carbine. Began to do everything again. And the Yankees again shot, sank our rafts with a tug. On the "Aldan" was the last set of rafts. What to do? This time they decided to cover the operation of loading the tug with the Nakhodka reconnaissance ship. Happened! And the emergency "K-324" led to the shores of Cuba. The destroyers of the US Navy escorted the boat to the territorial waters of Liberty Island.

Cubans met Soviet submariners cordially. They singled out a platoon of combat swimmers to guard the boat, and at the entrance to the bay they set up two small anti-submarine ships. On the very first day, the secret cable was sent by plane to Moscow. But two Cuban brothers, gas cutters, had to smelt metal from the K-324 screw hub for four days. After 11 days, the Soviet submariners left Cuba and headed for the Sargasso Sea, where they were in military service for two weeks. And only then received an order to return home. Came to the database a week before the new, 1984 year. At the command of the boat, the Special Forces took away the logbook and all other documents. They say that all official documents on the epic "K-324" in the Sargasso Sea are classified to this day. And from our, and from the American side.

- Vadim Alexandrovich, you were rewarded for the fact that, although unintentionally, by chance, you did, in fact, do the work of the scouts, having obtained the super secret of the US Navy?
- Thank God, not punished! In our case it was the best reward!
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  1. albert
    albert April 6 2013 08: 52 New
    It’s ridiculous honestly! They dragged away a secret American locator which should search for our boat on business. And they also say that our submarines are noisy.
    1. eretik
      eretik April 6 2013 10: 12 New
      And the Yankees worked with the antenna, they worked, and they returned to the base, they told them that there was no antenna. Cool specialists.
      1. KamikadZzzE1959
        KamikadZzzE1959 April 7 2013 08: 49 New
        she drowned
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic April 6 2013 10: 12 New
      Quote: albert
      It’s ridiculous honestly! They dragged away a secret American locator which should search for our boat on business. And they also say that our submarines are noisy.

      American taxpayers should know that the money that the US Congress allocates for defense "works" efficiently and all the best and most American best in the world are unique .. and the rest of the world should be penetrated and afraid of the invincible power of the USA .. All the best and best is done in the USA and Israel by "free creative people." Is not it? lol
      Where is there a miserable totalitarian Soviet of Deputies with its rusty noisy boats ..
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa April 6 2013 20: 24 New
        Quote: Ascetic
        Where there is a wretched totalitarian Sovdepiia with its rusty noisy boats.

        Well said! What are the praised Amerovo forces PLO, showed 2 operations of the Federation Council to covertly force the lines. 1985g - "Aport", and 1987 g - "Atrina". Moreover, if 85g. Our boats left at the end of May on 30 days and made contact with one from 5 boats. Although it was forbidden to use self-propelled imitators, after analyzing the results of the march and learning lessons, 87 went on a campaign of one modification (5 rtm), which was allowed to use all the onboard GPA tools, including PM and self-propelled PL simulators. About that it was possible in the internet. What do not write. On the search for the 667 Dipl, the entire ATL anti-submarine aviation was raised. striped fleet that burned all the aviation kerosene, released on the BP for a year! The head of the PLB (vice-admiral) was removed from office. Nor did the Anglo-SECS brothers, who sent their KPUG, led by Invusible, to search for submarines. Rogue and 33 ship distant g / a surveillance, which was positioned as all the ears of the Atlantic heard ..
        Problems had to be reported to the President himself. I do not know the reaction of Reagan, but I can assume ...
        The veil of the PLA was found through 48 days after leaving the base! Moreover, on returning home, after receiving the order, nuclear-powered ships, using the active devices of the GPA, broke away from the PLO forces and returned home, bringing invaluable information about the tactics of the actions of the SLB striped forces.
        1. sscha
          sscha April 12 2013 23: 29 New
          Boa! You yourself are not from submariners? (Andreevsky) hi
      2. datur
        datur April 9 2013 00: 06 New
        Where there is a wretched totalitarian Sovdepiia with its rusty noisy boats. belay
        with Kalash stolen from ,, great ,, Germans wink
        and tanks-100 modification T34 !!!! laughing
    3. opkozak
      opkozak April 6 2013 10: 33 New
      This was even filmed a movie
    4. opkozak
      opkozak April 6 2013 10: 35 New

      "Red stump
      in a cast-iron version to you on a collar from the Soviet Power ... "
      1. Eugene
        Eugene April 6 2013 18: 54 New
        But in this, my favorite movie, this is no scene. Thank you.
      2. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx April 9 2013 21: 28 New
      3. amber-50
        amber-50 April 11 2013 13: 25 New
        Yes, the Russian language is great and powerful in the mouth of naval officers. The article is certainly +++++.
      4. sscha
        sscha April 12 2013 23: 33 New
        Thank! Laughed! Paint, as always - "in a rage" entered ... good
    5. KoRSaR1
      KoRSaR1 April 11 2013 14: 43 New
      It’s so funny for me that the submarine was hiding under the ship, which should look for it laughing
  2. erased
    erased April 6 2013 10: 12 New
    Scientific military thought in the USSR worked efficiently. And the commanders of the army and navy for the most part were at their best. And the political elite was already rotting. Which led to the collapse of a great country.
    Now amers are buying up the secrets of the USSR and the Russian Federation for a penny. And before that they got it on the nose.
      DAEDALUS April 6 2013 16: 53 New
      Quote: erased
      And before that they got it on the nose.

      Kick to the most interesting place they got! wink
  3. Mother russia
    Mother russia April 6 2013 10: 15 New
    Quote: albert
    And they say that our submarines are noisy.

    There is an interesting story about this, by the way, of the same project 671, only modifications not of RTM, but of RTMK.
    On February 29, 1996, during a NATO fleet exercise, after successfully completing a mission to locate a conditional enemy submarine, an undetected Russian submarine contacted the ships asking for help. Soon, in the middle of the NATO warrant order, a submarine surfaced that was recognized by British sailors as Project 971 Schuka-B. One of the crew members of the boat needed urgent medical attention due to peritonitis that developed after the operation to remove the appendix, the sources often indicate the cause of the disease - an acute attack of appendicitis. The sick submariner was delivered to the British Glasgow destroyer, and from there he was sent to the hospital by a Link type helicopter. The British press covered the incident, and the Times noted that it was a demonstration of the invisibility of Russian submarines. The British sailors were mistaken then: in front of them was the K-448 Tambov nuclear submarine of Project 671RTMK, and not the Pike-B.

    There is even a record of this event -
    Or here -

    So let them know ours, they can’t do that! :)
    1. washi
      washi April 9 2013 13: 58 New
      And this is Our jamb. Any doctor should be able to cut out the appendix and take birth. And even before the EXIT, ALL THE TEAM IS OBLIGED TO PASS THE MED.SPEED.
      1. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx April 9 2013 21: 35 New
        I can’t save enough for every appendix of medical examinations, and the fact that he is a great deceiver (appendicitis) he himself was convinced a couple of times. Okay, I’ve pierced the old medical service, but the colonels in the hospitals, too, went for a diagnostic laparotomy and did not know what awaited them there. And one nachmed of a boat will not operate much without an operating sister and anesthesiologist, in the conditions of a warship, and not a hospital ship!
  4. asbaev
    asbaev April 6 2013 10: 24 New
    Fort Captain;)
    1. sscha
      sscha April 12 2013 23: 37 New
      Fortovy from the word "Fart". hi
  5. vadson
    vadson April 6 2013 10: 27 New
    I read that we took away only a piece of the cable with us, but failed to take the antenna itself
    1. tforik
      tforik April 7 2013 17: 37 New
      That's right, the Americans themselves squeezed the antenna itself. And only after that they "released" ours.
      It has been a detailed article on topver since half a year ago. But she was not cheers-patriotic.
  6. Rusal
    Rusal April 6 2013 10: 39 New
    in fact, in other sources they wrote that the Americans themselves managed to unhook the locator by the diving American submarine and we only had the cable.
    1. Eugene
      Eugene April 6 2013 18: 52 New
      I think this is nonsense. I personally saw similar products, only Soviet ones. It is unrealistic. It, this product, hung at a depth of 300 meters. How to pull it out from there? What? Aluminaut?
    2. Alex Nick
      Alex Nick April 11 2013 18: 58 New
      Yes, the device itself was stitched by amers, we got only a piece of cable. Very sorry!
  7. Doctor Evil
    Doctor Evil April 6 2013 11: 08 New
    The article is funny, but it’s a hundred years old at dinner and a beard on the entire Internet. For the sake of curiosity, type a name in any search engine and be surprised. It is everywhere, including "".
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 April 7 2013 15: 13 New
      Maybe so, but personally, I did not know. And this case is interesting to me. What is your irony? And to dial on the Internet, you must at least know what to look for.
      1. Doctor Evil
        Doctor Evil April 9 2013 12: 49 New
        The case itself is interesting, I do not argue. Here is a question for the moderators. The article sprouted metastases on dozens of sites, including seven years ago. I didn’t dig further. Let it remain on the conscience of the “author.” I, too, without straining, can sprinkle such an article and publish it under my name without any links. and ok, know the bonuses scoop up!
  8. Ar4ii
    Ar4ii April 6 2013 12: 02 New
    who will tell the truth?
  9. omsbon
    omsbon April 6 2013 13: 00 New
    Read Alexander Pokrovsky. There is a lot of naval humor in his works.
    1. Doctor Evil
      Doctor Evil April 9 2013 12: 50 New
      Especially "Shoot!"
  10. savastyanov
    savastyanov April 6 2013 13: 48 New
    Our submariners have always been the best !!
  11. Makarov
    Makarov April 6 2013 13: 52 New
    The story of the bomb!))) In the days)))
  12. ibn117
    ibn117 April 6 2013 14: 36 New
    Yes, well done submariners)))
    1. savastyanov
      savastyanov April 6 2013 23: 39 New
      totally agree
  13. lazy
    lazy April 6 2013 16: 03 New
    the most important thing at the end of the article is "not punished!" and thanks for that, it’s still relevant from the time of the great Patriotic war, and the navy and army could have acted much more efficiently on the ground if it weren’t for the thought “and not what?”
  14. Alikovo
    Alikovo April 6 2013 16: 51 New
    I laughed
    1. Eugene
      Eugene April 6 2013 18: 49 New
      In the sense, go to bed?
      1. Alikovo
        Alikovo April 8 2013 09: 04 New
        lost a 145m cable worth several billion dollars
  15. ABV
    ABV April 6 2013 17: 41 New
    I tried to post an article on the site - the moderators killed, they said this topic was already discussed on the site ...
    The story about the antenna not only walks around the internet, I have a 1998 book on Russian submarines with this story, this info also slipped several times on the site!
    The article is excellent, plus I set it ... it’s not clear by what principle they (articles) are selected ... from which foot did you get up?
  16. Eugene
    Eugene April 6 2013 18: 48 New
    - Thank God, not punished! In our case, it was the best reward! Yes, that was happening that year! One South Korean Boeing was worth it! The topic is still muddy. It’s clear that there were no passengers on that plane. In general, the commander was “lucky.” Such an experience, take wild decisions.
  17. Kotleopold
    Kotleopold April 6 2013 19: 50 New
    Dumb, dumb Americans ... wassat
    HAIFISCH April 6 2013 21: 28 New
    These were people, no words hi
    1. savastyanov
      savastyanov April 6 2013 23: 38 New
      totally agree
  19. greenx
    greenx April 7 2013 00: 31 New
  20. greenx
    greenx April 7 2013 00: 34 New
  21. Fitter65
    Fitter65 April 7 2013 02: 50 New
    I heard about such a case, back in training, then I still remember in the district everything was brought to full BG, even we who did not take the oath, were taken to amplification. Later, there were conversations that our submarine, Americans, supercable, but everything was at the level of rumors. taking into account that in September the Boeing was caught off Sakhalin, then frankly the war didn’t blow, it deceived ...
  22. f0rest3r
    f0rest3r April 7 2013 06: 45 New
    Communism on the face)
  23. deman73
    deman73 April 7 2013 08: 20 New
    Heroes soldier no words
  24. Captain45
    Captain45 April 7 2013 10: 59 New
    After the article “The Fleet is not Chernomyrdin’s jokes to you”, which contains the statements of Vice Admiral Radzevsky Gennady Antonovich, I am not at all surprised that our submariners stole the latest Ameri antenna in such a somewhat original way, which was supposed to detect this boat. Because our military may not be so, especially if their affairs are supported by such juicy words and expressions. Glory to Russia!
  25. CrazyMishka
    CrazyMishka April 7 2013 22: 03 New
    It’s positive, they dragged the secret antenna out from under the nose, eh, “Here is the Russian spirit, it smells of Rus here” :)
  26. as3wresdf
    as3wresdf April 8 2013 10: 02 New
    The base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of all citizens of the Russian Federation on this site and most importantly did something like searching for lost relatives, but here is all the information about each of us: correspondence with friends, addresses, phone numbers, place of work, and what’s worst is even mine exposure of photos (I don’t know where from ...). In general, I was very scared - but there is such a function as “hide data”, of course I took advantage of it and I advise everyone not to hesitate,
  27. EXA-2
    EXA-2 April 8 2013 15: 04 New
    Glory to the submariners !!!
  28. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign April 8 2013 18: 29 New
    opkozak, thank you dear! ..
  29. Zlu
    Zlu April 8 2013 23: 53 New
    Glory to our sailors. how did they sail under the ship that was hunting them ??? Truly specialists.
  30. sven27
    sven27 April 9 2013 13: 51 New
    Millions of American taxpayers wound on a screw))))
  31. shinobi
    shinobi April 10 2013 10: 14 New
    The capabilities of the army, the air force and the navy of the usa are greatly exaggerated. The powers of Hollywood are mostly. In real situations, everything is far from so beautiful. Did you notice that the officer shot the rafts? It is clear that he was so responsible anyway. But still, our officers are also responsible, but it’s an ordinary squad that shoots. Or I don’t understand something. And in general, it’s not an ordinary end to the usual patrolling of the area of ​​responsibility.
  32. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola April 10 2013 16: 40 New
    Quote: eugene
    ... Thank God, not punished! In our case, it was the best reward!

    Now, this is the most indignant! Well, tell me, for God's sake, until we have this terrible tradition - instead of honoring our heroes, just in case, punish them, no matter what happens! Indeed, as long as we have such an attitude towards our heroes, all this silence, the secret of everything and everyone, we will simply be doomed to swallow Hollywood "noodles", from time to time timidly trying to shake it off your ears! I understand that it’s not good to mention enemies, but to her, some things and traditions would not be a sin to take into arms. They say that back in Kaiser Germany, there was a tradition - when a submarine commander appeared in a public place, all those present stood up (even ladies!), Paying tribute to the professional and a priori to the hero! So isn’t our submariners worthy of such a thing! Tell me, for mercy, does anyone remember the unparalleled campaign of the 69th Northern Fleet Submarine Brigade at the height of the "Caribbean crisis" to the shores of Cuba! Let me remind you, all four boats B-4, B-36, B-59 and B-130 - DIESEL! So, willy-nilly, from time to time you need to pop up to charge the batteries! Sea water temperature - +27! You can figure it out, but what kind of temperature was in the diesel compartment! In the Saragass Sea, the water is very clear, and the Americans go upstairs, in considerable numbers, and the stealth regime has not been canceled! So fight as you want! Anyone who is interested, I can recommend the book of Nikolai Cherkashin - "The Everyday Life of Russian Submariners", publishing house "Young Guard" Moscow, chapter "History Two - 1962. Heroes of the Saragass Sea!
    In conclusion, I allow myself a quote from the book (about the "honor" of their heroes, on their return!):
    Marshals from the Ministry of Defense and party bonuses from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for a long time could not figure out why the submariners sooner or later had to surface. The ship commanders were called to answer in the Big House on the Arbat. The analysis was conducted by the First Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR Marshal of the Soviet Union Andrei Grechko.
    ... "one question was asked one more miraculously than the other. Kolya Shumkov, for example, reports that he had to come up to charge the batteries. And to him:" What kind of charging? What kind of batteries are there? "
    “How far were the American ships from you?”
    - Fifty meters.
    - What? And you did not throw them with grenades ?!
    “Why didn't you shoot at American ships?” - boiled Grechko
    - There was no order.
    “Why, you couldn’t figure it out yourself without an order?”
    Then one of the Tseskov’s uncles tapped softly on the glass. Marshal, no matter how shouted, but heard, immediately subsided. But for a long time I couldn’t understand why we had to come up. They explained again that we went to Cuba in diesel submarines, and not in nuclear ones. Got it!
    - How not on the atomic ?! roared the marshal.
    He pulled his glasses off his nose and grabbed them on the table. Only the glass flew with small splashes ...

    That's why for some reason in Russia we met HEROES! Has anything changed? ...
  33. user3970
    user3970 April 11 2013 19: 21 New
    I will join cool.ya-nikola. I recommend Nikolai Cherkashin's book "Everyday Life of Russian Submariners" It is very honestly entertaining.
  34. ken
    ken April 12 2013 17: 37 New
    Our guys Well done, but the Yankees, snickering dumb !!!!!!
  35. Barracuda
    Barracuda 17 June 2016 16: 20 New
    Good article. A lot of truth. It’s a pity that the general photo is not “Aldan”.
  36. Seaflame
    Seaflame 7 December 2017 11: 47 New
    It is strange that the destroyer was mistaken for a fisherman. It seems that by the noise of the screws they should classify what it is. Well, the mericos who shot from a carbine on the rafts can finally goooooo !!!