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Globalization in Russian

Globalization in RussianMoscow, and the city of Petrov, and Konstantinov's city - / Here are the Russian kingdoms of the cherished capital ... / But where is the limit for him? and where are its borders - / North, east, south and sunset? / They will be exposed to the future times ... / Seven inland seas and seven great rivers ... / From the Nile to the Neva, from the Elbe to China, / From the Volga to the Euphrates, from the Ganges to the Danube ... / Here is the Russian kingdom .. and will not pass forever, / As the Spirit foresaw and Daniel foretold.
Tyutchev F. I. “Russian Geography” (1848 or 1849).

Globalization is the process of uniting the productive forces of humanity. The main purpose of this act, the survival of the human race. The earth is the cradle of the people, but you cannot always remain a baby. For growth, it is necessary to master the Solar System, and then move into the Far Cosmos. Staying within the limits of one planet, people are exposed to the danger of a Shock Outside, which according to scientific data has happened more than once in the past.

For the rapid development of space just need the unity of humanity. Too many resources, forces, energy goes to numerous quarrels, wars, competition, idleness. On the planet, approximately 200 states, each containing a government, army, official corps, spend money on foreign policy. Only the strongest and richest states, such as the USA, Russia, China, the European Union, and India, can make small steps in the exploration of space. Thus, the need to restrain the onslaught of the West, stopped the program of exploration of the Moon and Mars, which were in the Soviet Union. After the death of the Union, all the programs were almost curtailed. The western civilization, being initially a parasitic entity (without an internal stimulus for Creation), not having such a competitor as the Union, also curtailed large programs, like very expensive and technologically complex, retaining, basically, only military and commercial projects.

The union will release a huge amount of resources and energy, a unified government, a unified armed forces, a common education system will be created (based on the Soviet 30-50-s of the 20 century); there will be no wars and unnecessary competition. Competition will replace the cooperation. Let's say it is clear that agriculture will be more profitable to develop in the warm regions of the planet, there will be no need to keep secrets of new products, because they will benefit all.

Attempts to Globalize in the Past

Unite humanity, at least most of it, began from ancient times - Ancient Babylon, Assyria, the Persian kingdom, Alexander's power, Rome, Genghis Khan - these are the most famous empires of the past. But all attempts, despite their progressiveness, were doomed to failure.

Main reasons:

1. the lack of effective communication systems at vast distances;
2. aggressiveness and often parasitism (high level of quality of life of the center due to the conquered peoples), causing resistance;
3. the lack of a unified system of upbringing and education that would reproduce the elite aimed at the Future.
Therefore, almost immediately after formation, or even in the process, the empire began to decompose.

Modern projects


Sometimes, it is also called "American", but this is fundamentally not true. It originated long before the discovery of the American continents; its authors were the priestly castes of Ancient Egypt and Babylon. It was preserved in Greece (for example, Alexander, was a tool in their hands), flourished in Rome. Then the infection was brought out, but not completely, the Vatican became a new center, and later a new monster head, London (City), grew. And only in the 20 century the third center was formed - Washington. This hydra controls the three main levers - religion, finance and brute force.

Distinctive features of the project are aggressiveness, parasitism and hedonism. This monster devoured dozens of tribes and peoples of Europe, almost destroyed the original cultures of North America, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand. He inflicted heavy wounds and continues to drink the "blood" of the Black Continent, Asian civilizations. A particular hatred of Moloch is caused by Light Russia (Russian civilization).

The main reasons for this are:

1. Russia, in potential, can lead the globalization process itself (after destroying the Beast), but on a different basis, therefore, representatives of the Western project simply instinctively hate everything Russian;
2. Russian, despite all the tricks, until recently, managed to preserve the originality, the possibility of autocracy;
3. The impossibility of recoding, zombie Russian kind, It can only shake for a while, but sooner or later Bogatyr wakes up.

Therefore, the Russian Rod decided to destroy completely, killing, first of all, Memory, then Language.

The essence of the Western project can be expressed in one word - VampirismPeople are cattle, biomass, with which they do whatever they want, shear, lead, if necessary, will be slaughtered. It is schematically expressed by a pyramid on a one-dollar bill, where the base is the peoples of the planet, the top is “elite” (presidents, monarchs, governments), the all-seeing eye is the secret bosses of the project.

He became especially dangerous now, when it was decided that the “Herd” multiplied too much, there was a loss of control, and the threat of uncontrolled nuclear (biological, chemical ...) war was growing. Moreover, it seems that they want to reduce the “livestock” radically, perhaps practically to “Adam and Eve”, while the “owners” prepared “caches” - “Reloading the Matrix” in advance.

Project weaknesses:

1. Causes the hatred of most nations of the world (including ordinary North Americans, Europeans, who retain the ability to argue), with its inhuman essence;
2. It is not supported by the Hierarchically Higher Administration (God), which is confirmed by the example of the death of the mythical Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah, historical Ancient Rome and the 3rd Reich;
3. The growth of the human population, scientific and technical progress, the information "explosion" leads to a loss of controllability by society; religions are losing their meaning, more and more people realize that the dollar system, like the euro snag, paper, the “golden calf” system is bursting at the seams; Therefore, the aggressiveness of the Beast is growing, Washington is increasing its power, more and more wars are on the planet - the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, Venezuela, Russia are on the way ... multipolarity ".


Associated with the name of the Prophet Muhammad (571-632). Basically, acting in the course of the Providence of God, Mohammed proved the possibility of building the Kingdom of God on Earth. Basics of "Islam" - Justice, the absence of parasitism, usury, living with honest work, helping the weak and poor members of society, preventing evil. After the departure of the prophet, the Islamic project was gradually, partially put under the control of the West, the Arab elite underwent decomposition, plunged into internecine quarrels. The project is split into two main streams (Shiites and Sunnis), and many small groups.

Project weaknesses:

1. The lack of unity, both religiously and nationally, and politically; there is no single center, Tehran (Persians) has its own policy, the Arabs have no main center of power, there are several of them - Saud, Damascus, Cairo; plus the Ottoman heiress - Turkey;
2. Scientific and technical backwardness, low level of the education system, respectively, and military weakness;
3. Islam is "demonized" by the Western media - it is associated with poverty, aggressiveness, illiteracy.

Dangerous to the West, the possibility of the appearance of a person equal to Mohammed, or Salah hell Dinu, which will restore the purity of Islam, unite most of the Islamic world and in union with Russia will crush the West.


Amorphous, not clearly expressed. The bottom line is Survival. It was born surrounded by strong powers - the Union, the States, Japan. Using temporary alliances, first with the USSR, then the States strengthened. Initially controlled by the West, as a testing ground for the control of huge masses of people, the “factory”. But the dragon has grown and after the death of the Union, using its scientific and technical developments, has grown to a superpower and gradually begins to try "harness" for strength.
After the death of the States, there will be either one of the Beast's new bases, or will try to independently take control of the planet, using huge military, economic power, endless human reserves.

Project weaknesses:

1. No clear pivot, Ideas;
2. Weak connection with a hierarchically superior government;
3. Strong opponents, even within the East - India, Japan, Vietnam, the Islamic world;
4. Inner looseness, great danger of collapse, the separation of the Muslim northwest, Tibet, the rich cities of the coast; civil war, confrontation "city-village".


It exists in the bud from the beginning of human history (Yu. D. Petukhov, By the Roads of the Gods; History of the Rus). But due to self-sufficiency, the Russian Rhode did not lay claim to world domination. Only from time to time did he put in place the pretenders who invaded the native lands of the Rus - they beat the Persians (Tsar Cyrus), pinched Alexander, destroyed the army of his commander - Zopirion, beat the Romans, then crushed Rome, beat the Ottomans, Swedes, French, Germans, the Japanese. In general, all who openly declared claims for the place of "king of the hill." That is, in the military aspect of the Russian Family there are no equal opponents on the planet, nor did Russia claim to be the Master of the Earth. This greatly annoyed the Western elite - “they can, but they don’t take it”, for their predatory psychology it was an insoluble task.

Russia - the Russian Empire - the Soviet Union, were the prototypes of Globalization in Russian. The main reason for the collapse of these empires is not the fulfillment of their mission, the unification of Mankind. So the understanding of his role was with the first princes of Russia (Rurik-Oleg-Svyatoslav), after a crash, immersion in civil strife, unrest; then the unions were the Moscow princes, somehow fulfilling this role, Ivan IV is the apogee of Russia, then a sharp decline, as a result, Smoot.

Slow recovery, Peter I towards the end of his life began to realize the role of Russia (the Persian campaign, the project of joining Madagascar to Russia, the exit to India), for which apparently it was eliminated. Catherine II had an understanding partly - access to the Black Sea, the “Dacian project” (restoration of the Byzantine empire, with the Russian emperor on the throne, plus the unification of the southern Slavs under the scepter of Russia), but was not implemented due to an eye on “enlightened” Europe. Paul I showed a high understanding of his mission - by concluding an alliance with France against England, starting preparations for the campaign in India and Persia, in alliance with France (along the way, the Cossacks received an order to join Central Asia), but was killed. In the future, the emperors were not at the height of understanding the secret mechanisms of human history, although the movement continued by inertia - the Caucasus, Central Asia. As a result, the decomposition and Distemper.

The case was continued by the Red Emperor - Stalin I. V., the world's best system of education and upbringing of the youth, science, army, industry was created. The Union received the sympathy of all the progressive forces of the planet, crushed the instrument of evil - the Third Reich (breakthrough in inferno). The West was on the verge of destruction, the colonial system collapsed, the national liberation struggle against the imperialists flared up. But after the departure of the titan, his case was not continued. As a result of the decomposition and collapse.

The essence of the Russian project - Life according to the Truth of God, according to the Co-News, the eradication of evil and parasitism, the Creation, the Brotherhood of the People of Labor. Happy (meaningful) life of all, not just the "elect". People are children of gods, creations of the Higher Mind of the Universe, babies placed in a cradle created by caring Parents. But it is time to grow up and take part of the Responsibility for the Universe, to help the Higher Reason in its Cause. But for this you need to grow, stand up, take the First Step ...

A direct adversary of Bright Russia is - the West, or rather its “elite” structures. But, it must be remembered that only Tests, hard work makes a person and people stronger. Russian Sword is hardened in the name of the Future.

The Islamic world (with the exception of the degenerated, parasitic "elite") is our direct ally. It is especially important to establish friendly relations with Iran. Indian civilization is also a direct ally of Bright Russia, the caste of Brahmins and Kshatriyas preserve the memory of the common origin and their Ancestral Homeland - Russia.

China is not an enemy, but not a friend, but it is possible to build constructive relations. By a strong Russia (USSR-2), China will be treated with respect, as the older brother, an example: the Union under Stalin. The current economic expansion of China, to the Far East and Siberia, is our fault: China survives, and, as is known, the strongest survives.

It is very important to tear Germany away from the West, to prove to the German elite that in 1 and 2 world war, Russians and Germans were strained, made by blockheads, confused. The German Union (scientific and technical potential, modern industry, workers) and Russia (vast resources, spaces, remnants of the Union’s high technologies) will be a big blow to Globoparasite.

Interestingly, Israel can become an ally of Russia, we have a common Enemy, Globoparasit has written off the state of the Jews, preparations are under way for its liquidation, by the hands of the Islamic world (Iran, Turkey). Russia needs Israel, in the case of Globalization in Russian, we need Russian Jews, their qualifications, education, industrial potential, abilities in the field of media and cinema. Russia can influence the Islamic world, give security guarantees to Israel, solve the Palestinian issue.

The core of the Union, 2, will be the unification of all comers around the Russian Federation, Transnistria, Ossetia, Abkhazia, White Russia. Then, after refusing to finance the existence of Little Russia, the Little Russians will have to decide whether to live under the yoke of “ukroparazit”, in poverty, or return to the Union, the choice is obvious (although it is possible that Little Russia will be returned in parts — first Crimea, Eastern Ukraine).

And we must clearly understand the two worldviews on the planet there is no place, the Beast must be destroyed mercilessly, this is the First Step ...
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  1. qwibeck
    qwibeck 28 March 2011 11: 51
    yeah .. this comrade observes a terrible communal disgrace, if earlier he somehow restrained himself, the saddle broke through :) It so happened that he began to contradict himself. It is necessary to decide with whom to be friends with Iran or Israel, it will not work with both ... As for Ukraine, it is already too late, the country has gone its own way. This is precisely the state in whose territory two cultures are assimilated: west and east. And Euro 2012 and Sochi 2014 will only accelerate this process by opening visa-free travel regimes for EU citizens and thereby accelerate the rate of foaming of all of uraine and the European part of Russia.
  2. Kudrev
    Kudrev 28 March 2011 14: 26
    Comrade Samsonov has a spring exacerbation of head mosquito phimosis. Not only the cortex is terminally affected, but also the wood of the interaural nerve node. I laugh, by golly. Against the background of creepy and REAL news, this article is a cheerful bright spot. Thanks author.
  3. turnip
    turnip 28 March 2011 14: 51
    commentators are psychiatrists. they probably have only two opinions of their own and the wrong one. The article is not without overlaps (possibly from incomplete information), the author tries to systematize global processes, he sees it like that. And then you don’t know what will happen to you in an hour, may die from a heart attack, but you know what will happen in the world for 50 years in advance.
  4. Skif
    Skif 28 March 2011 15: 26
    Well, comrade Samsonov is haunted by the laurels of a competitor who also built the world, only German. He would have a video message, how to write Zhirik to Bush, would have become a YouTube star)
  5. Jury
    Jury 28 March 2011 15: 34
    All the roots of Russia in Kiev
  6. Skif
    Skif 28 March 2011 15: 41
    Good afternoon, troll Yuri! Your evidence? And what remains of the Russian in Kiev after its destruction by Batu, and also after its submission to the Poles ???
  7. Я
    Я 28 March 2011 15: 42
    Well, you attacked a young man. The comrade retold the BER, added for the severity of the neopagan pathos. The result was a hodgepodge. Only the kshatriyev with the brahmanas skewered - if they would give us an untouchable caste in Russia, then it would not be better.
    A real life case. India. 80s. Our specialists-metallurgists go by bus to the object. The road is long - we stopped to dine. Our people have spread out a self-assembled tablecloth - they are having dinner. The local driver sat aside and eats up something there. They tell him - "go eat with us, we have bacon, cucumbers and so on." And he answered - "I do not eat with people from the lower caste." "What caste? We are foreigners!" "And foreigners are below our lowest caste!"
  8. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 28 March 2011 16: 03
    Strange article. We have the whole elite holding money in the west. In all with the West agrees.
    The army is being killed.
    They do not invest in their industry sold to the same temporary workers. Domestic machine-tool industry is dead. C / X - what is this? How many products from Zabugr are on the shelves? Both tasteless and expensive. GOSTs and the USSR and the Russian Federation - are ignored - some technical specifications are introduced everywhere - ... The result - there is no meat in the sausage - a continuous harmful biomass based on soy, skins and intestines from animals and chemical additives - for "meat taste, color and unmeasured preservation."


    Only there is no one to change from above. Everyone is warm there.

    Apparently uncontrollable rebellion is shining for us.

    There are some smart people in the country, but they just can't find each other. Personal aplomb?
  9. Skills
    28 March 2011 16: 20
    For future "Red Guards" (if there are any), it is not enough to put things in order in their house, it needs to be brought to the whole planet ...
  10. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 28 March 2011 16: 29
    Well, how are we and ourselves - none, and to the planet?
  11. Victor
    Victor 28 March 2011 19: 27
    You can mock a person in different ways for trying, for himself, first of all, to understand the place and task of LIGHT RUSSIA on the planet. That's just spitting on caring people RUSSIA does not help. RUS should be able to love. The author loves RUS. This is evident immediately. And apparently he is ready to fight for her, in contrast to the too clever and advanced "theoreticians". The author is right about RUSSIA. But are the Russians ready for such accomplishments? After all, we always need a fuse to get off the ground. Unfortunately.
  12. Skills
    28 March 2011 19: 46
    Imagine for a moment that on the trail. the election of the PM tandem, the Hitler-Stalin tandem came out (to correct for the adventurism of Germany) - for whom would the majority vote?

    Fell from the moon:
    where such pessimism comes from, our direct ancestors beat everyone, Russians have no equal in military aspect, that's why we are being dragged into NATO so that we can fight for them with Muslims and China.
    The Russian people need a big thing, they are bored with life, consumption, life of the belly is not life.
    To raise the Martial (Russian) Spirit, I advise Suvorov's "Science to Conquer".
  13. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 28 March 2011 20: 13

    Pessimism - and as I understand it, there is no need to convince me - I gave the Navy for 28 years and I know a lot of that - which can only be illuminated allegorically.
    How can we - so we say.

    Yes, SKILL! Come on, add optimism - in fact, not propaganda! We will all be only happy.

    And the truth, we are all the same from ours - some from children, some from colleagues know.

    Good luck!

  14. Michael
    Michael 28 March 2011 20: 20
    For some commentators - there is no question - YOU take and publish HERE your vision of this issue - and your mind and competence will be immediately visible.
  15. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 28 March 2011 20: 37
    Editorial staff

    Once a military site, then you at least announce to us - who you are!

    For example - Skil - administrator - Colonel reserve- Strategic Missile Forces, commander ....
    etc. the principle is clear.
    Then the mutual respect of all will be better.

  16. Skif
    Skif 28 March 2011 21: 00
    Skill. I don’t know, I can’t speak for everyone. I would vote for MP. The question is not a bit of that. Pay attention to Samsonov’s articles and compare them with the articles of Ukrainian authors who write about Great Ukraine, Great Ukraine and other rubbish (as an example, look for Crimean Svetlitsa. A regional newspaper is published in Crimea, I don’t remember others, but if you really need to I think you’ll find it without difficulty). Replace the words Rus with Ukraine and there will be no differences. Look at Hitler’s speeches and the same words are said, again we replace Russia with the Great Reich, the result is the same.
    In my opinion, a person who wants to is looking for opportunities, and if not, then the reasons. Unfortunately, most people are just looking for a reason - power is not like that, people are not like that.
    Because it is much easier than starting with yourself - leading a healthy lifestyle and raising your children as worthy people. It is at least. Do not consider this criticism. Speaking of Stalin. I consider him an outstanding figure, a great destroyer and creator, this is probably the most outstanding person in the history of the 20th century.
  17. Tankograd
    Tankograd 28 March 2011 21: 05
    I agree with the author of the article, Victor and Scythian!
    If in our country there are such people and the Skiv-Slavic spirit is alive, then Dawn for Russia will come after 2012!
    It’s really boring for Russia to live without a great idea!
    The only pity is that there is no worthy person in the Kremlin who could formulate this Over idea in the spirit of Prince Svyatoslav the Brave after the defeat of the Judean Khazaria, Peter Alekseevich after the Swedish War, Alexander the 3rd after the annexation of Khiva, Bukhara and Turkmenistan, Joseph Vissarionovich after the victorious 1945 of the year! All these leaders of the nation in their historical time correctly assessed the situation of their country and precisely found ways to destroy the worst enemies of both Russia and all Slavs!
    Great Russia has always been an example for the entire Slavic world, and the rest of the world - except for the Anglo-Saxons and Zionists. This is a clear confirmation - the arrival of Putin in Belgrade to the football match "Zenith". Ordinary Serbs, like all Slavs, remember how much Russian blood was shed for their freedom! As well as freedom of Bulgarians from the Ottomans, Ukrainians and Belarusians from Polish Catholicization! And I don’t think it was a statement from the authorities! Ordinary people of the Slavic civilization and the Turkic too (after all, they are also descendants of the Scythians) at the genetic level are laid to stretch out their hands to each other in difficult times! They proved this more than once in battle! Just remember the Battle of Grunwald in 1410 - the 600th anniversary of which was last year! The united army of Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Tatars broke the neck of the Teutonic Order and stuck an aspen stake for 6 centuries into the German idea - a March to the East!
    At that time, the leaders who lived in the open space of the former USSR were able to agree, which speaks of their dignity as leaders and the wisdom of the leader. I believe that the modern elite of Russia thinks more about their beloved now, but with whom to negotiate now in Ukraine and Belarus? I think that people themselves see it all.
    And those who criticize the author are people without their national pride, honor and conscience. A sort of modern Poles with Russian passports. At first, the West took away Slavic speech and alphabet, Slavic roots in religion and attitude. Therefore, they live like the fifth column to cheat everyone and I would be fine leash and my hut from the edge. Do not love the homeland and bring down Brighton Beach in line for Pindos handouts!
  18. Tankograd
    Tankograd 28 March 2011 21: 41
    My answer is to comrade Colonel who - Fell from the moon. Tankograd is a pensioner, veteran, reserve captain, tank troops, commander ... we are peaceful people, but our armored train ...
  19. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 28 March 2011 21: 58
    Tankograd - express yourself more clearly, peaceful people and about the armored train.
    And read all the topics, I'm the Navy. And, as a normal officer - albeit retired - but normal - there are no former ones who are interested in related military, especially the technical types of aircraft.
    I'm sorry for you. The officer didn’t say anything bad about me.
    Or would say, on the topic. What I personally am wrong.

    And you are just rude.
    Yes ... you judge.
  20. Я
    Я 28 March 2011 22: 16
    I’m a small rank, I won’t be able to hit anyone, but I knew Colonel Mazepa and his subordinate underground Kochubey, both served in the Strategic Rocket Forces in Glukhov :) (Literate will understand the humor of the personnel service).
    He knew all sorts of generals. So, I’ll tell you the news: the mind and quick wits, of course, depend on the rank - the larger the rank, the less the living mind. There are exceptions, but as a rule, Colonel Leonid Ilyich is preferable to Marshal Brezhnev.
    Spare Private Stalin first brought the country to the forefront in the world, and only then became a generalisimus. But the country was completely miscalculated by marshals and field marshals. The meritorious servants outplayed them.
    So it's silly to rattle regalia, it is better to hit us with intelligence.
  21. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 29 March 2011 07: 39
    Fell from the moon, but let's say if an ordinary reserve is not a commander at all? Is that mutual respect excluded? fellow Mutual respect is possible only with the colonels? wink

  22. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 29 March 2011 17: 20

    Yes, of course, only I did not write about all colonels, but gave an answer.
    And sergeant Kalashnikov, well, probably not without some help, the Design Bureau created an assault rifle that all sorts of advanced popovkins hack and ruin our small arms for the sake of import.
    I treat everyone normally, starting with privates.
  23. Victor
    Victor 30 March 2011 20: 07
    Everyone in this world has the right to vote. And those who served and those who did not serve. The difference in approaches is good, as it makes it possible to see problems from all sides, without blotting out. And that means more decisions will be added. Only one thing unites us all in true Russia! Bright and beloved as a real mother. Only LOVE for RUSSIA has measured your attitude to our country. Ask yourself, do you have this feeling? If so, what difference does it make who you are, officer, soldier, sailor, or just a non-serving manager. A heavy year does not ask for a title, she asks the Russian soul. I myself am a major reserve, Airborne. graduated from the commander of the self-propelled artillery division 2S9.
  24. Escander
    Escander 30 March 2011 20: 38
    There will be no "Western hydra" another will appear.
    It's not about countries and religions, but about people. What were born, such and die. Take a look at the jerks in the sandbox and immediately you will see the main thing, they are already fighting for a place. Man is a pretty warlike cattle. As before, with bulging eyes, they ran with a club, and now - with a nuclear one. And it’s not that “bad I am bad”. Simply the most powerful instinct is the self-preservation instinct. Life and progress go only through competition and war (this is the way it is in nature, we were not asked here). Man always attacked or defended. And therefore - first a tank, and only then - a tractor. Hence the progress. Nature does not suffer stagnation, a person will always look for enemies (starting from his neighbor who has a cool car, Reptile!).
  25. Tankograd
    Tankograd 30 March 2011 22: 04
    Fathers! Colonel fell from the moon! Did you really wake up to teach me a Russian man by the name of the pro-Orthodox - Alexy! -removed! I’m still trying to speak without my favorite Russian words! I’m bro - Fell from the moon - also not a kid! I, to you, deleted, would immediately answer if I saw your message to me that very day! I am writing for the whole of Russia! In Ural land, cowards and traitors to officer duty have never been born since the time of Ermak! I will answer you, remotely, by the sea! Olko Stay Connected!
  26. Tankograd
    Tankograd 30 March 2011 23: 11
    Fell from the moon, so sorry for you, “deleted”! I’m the Russian captain of the reserve of the Chelyabinsk Higher Tank Military School named after the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution! If you really exist, and not a setup on the part of the site’s editorial office, then I’m deleted, I’ll find it all the same! I, as a military man, introduced myself as captain of the reserve! who I am on a military card and am! But after my dismissal from the ranks at that moment, of Belarusian Belarusian forces, for me life did not stop! I already retired with the rank of police lieutenant colonel of the Department of Internal Affairs of Chelyabinsk - through the criminal investigation department! I feel sorry for you, because you damn marine, even on this site I will calculate - using the law on terrorism! You are a hodgepodge, a marine graduate of the St. Petersburg and Sevastopol Universities, who think that decent naval commanders are not being trained here in the Urals! In children's sea clubs, they are even better than in Primorye!
    And as for the land hunters I’ll say this!
    There were 3 military universities in Chelyabinsk! A tank school, a car and navigator on the Air Force! All veterans know who opened the parade on May 9! My native tank military school! And on this day, all the Veterans of the 30th Ural Volunteer Tank Corps that came from Kursk to Prague, who took up arms from the machine at the age of 17, who went into battle from the assembly plant of ChTZ, and survived in this military whirl pouring us the boys said: Ural without tankers did not Ural! And drinking with them 100 grams of front-line, we vowed to protect our land! Now oh bo me!
    I ____ Aleksey Yuryevich, was born in Tselin, in the city of Tselinograd, the Republic of Kazakhstan! My parents were not the first cynics, they were serving time there because they were Cossacks from the Don and fists from the Volga! If you apply for the official suite of the Republic of Kazakhstan, then there will be more than enough of such meth indicated to you! My city of Tselinograd before the war was Akmolinskoye. In it, in 1942, the 317th Infantry Division was formed (if I am not mistaken in number, although the name is similar to Panfilov’s!) By national composition, as in all USSR Armed Forces, 75% were Russian all the rest. The division was immediately thrown into battle and no one returned from my relatives! They entered the battle somewhere in the bend of the Don near Stalingrad! This is my answer to you, Colonel -Get off the moon! NOT I, not my relatives for Russia, did not stick together not to life not to death! And the fact that you see Mr. Colonel in my art
    make a mistake, it’s not my fault. That skill in the computer from excitement some letters sink! Continuation follows!
  27. Tankograd
    Tankograd 31 March 2011 00: 19
    Continuation - Fell from the Moon!
    If you were a sea anchor, Pacific tuna called in Russian, I’m called Andreyka, I live in the Don region, then you would be honored and respected.
    But you had to - was there a mate?
    For that fought for it and ran!
    I speak for myself - without unnecessary show-offs - in 1988, after the famous earthquake in Armenia when my beloved daughter was born on November 18, they did not let me go on vacation! I took the order of the motherland for granted!
    I went on family leave only in September 1989! But since I lived in the emergency zone, they collected a ticket for me from the entire division, but they found the money!
    All colleagues were collecting the last penny, regardless of nationality or rank! And I gave the liner pilots 2 bottles of cognac flew to Chelyabinsk! I am proud of my daughter, despite my constant business trips, she always says: who is your father! - she answers I am the daughter of the commander! Although she could have disrespect me!
    I served my captain’s stars in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the USSR and the CIS in full! And it’s not for you the colonel to pick all sorts of comparisons in people's memory!
    I remember November 1988 when I was with my crew in the zone of separation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in the area of ​​the village of Kursali about 10 km from the city of Spitak. Not me, not my crew did not have firearms. As we are explained here, drunken showdowns are going on and attacks should not be expected; the appearance of the T-55 tank and its crew will extinguish any ethnic hatred! But at night from November 12-13, Armenian police arrived at our post! Arrived in 2 UAZA 6-7 people armed with automatic AK-74U. They say this is what kind of monument there is a tank! I say this to me. Homeland ordered no one to be allowed into the Azerbaijani village! Although there was a decree of the Government of the USSR of October 1988 on the introduction of martial law on the territory of ZakVO, Khachiki gave me in the face, and at the same time to my crew, Babyuk Vaska-Ukraine, Raivo Imantovich Belerts, an Estonian, and Petka Kornesku, an Moldovan! They wanted all my crew to kneel down and they will shoot us. But fagots among us were not even the Baltic States and Moldova did not disown me. The Khachiks gave two lines above our heads and are waiting for us to start crying, but neither I nor my international crew in that distant 1988, the year the Soviet troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan, knelt before death! And you can’t wait for the colonel in the year 2011! Once again, I apologize for the failures in the text. It feels like someone on this site makes me crazy-deprived, and chop greenery under our revelations. I correct some letters 2 times, the text remains illiterate! Hello Slavs!
  28. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 31 March 2011 06: 45
    TankogradYou violate the rules of the site, allow yourself to insult your opponent, filter what you write, and then you will be surprised that you were banned.
  29. Tankograd
    Tankograd 31 March 2011 11: 16
    I apologize to all my relatives! I believe in Vedic Russia! I do not have to teach the colonels and they me! But they only carry these -removed mat- all nonsense! My brother. Fell from the moon. You’re not so much of a goddess! Anyway, if you are Russian, we are relatives! Anyway, for my children and grandchildren I will stand on the horns! And your children with green (blue, turquoise) eyes and will live forever! I’m writing the text again, and I’ll get letters by the decision of the site!
  30. Fell from the moon
    Fell from the moon 31 March 2011 17: 11

    Something you left the topic and came to me!
    So I already said everything!
    But no, you need to attach 3-4 more angry comments!
    Yes, how much do you need?
    Sober up, clear your brain! I am not one of those who have become rich!
    Only I will treat you with leniency - in the head - you have cockroaches.
  31. Kuolematon
    Kuolematon April 5 2011 11: 45
    In fact, everything is very simple: the Earth is going to be seized by aliens. Their next step will be to rob all of humanity. (There is no typo in the word "to work": to work - from the word "robot", that is, they are going to turn people into robots).

    The Washington regional committee, ZOG and other similar groups are merely puppets of aliens.

    The projects described in the article were created by them for debugging and testing the "script" with which they are going to control the captured humanity. For example, the Soviet project was invented by them, as well as Hitler's, but the experiment got out of control and had to be closed. Another very similar project - the Soviet one - lasted longer, but also ended in failure and was also curtailed. Now the main models are Western, Chinese and Islamic. All indications are that they have already chosen the western one.

    Everyone knows that 2012 will come soon. In 2012, the planet Nibiru will approach the Earth. Nibiru is their base. When it approached the Earth last time, the first alien landing troops landed on Earth. Once on Earth, they immediately took the form of people and were lost among us. As Nibiru was moving away from the Earth, their transport communication with the Base became more and more complicated and in the end almost completely stopped, and only occasionally a ship flew in and they sent a report to the command and received further instructions. Aliens on Earth began to organize secret societies, some of which the majority knows - the Templars, Masons, Illuminati, Priory of Zion, Opus Dei, but most are not known to anyone. They consist mainly of humans, but aliens always lead. Their declared goals may be different, but the main goal, which neither ordinary members nor even members of their top management PEOPLE know, is one - to wait for the right moment, seize control of the entire Earth and open the way to the main forces of the invasion. When the planet Nibiru began to draw closer to the Earth, the communication between them began to improve and they began to actively influence the course of the history of Earth civilization. For example, it was they who organized both world wars. At the time of maximum rapprochement, they will land and take over the Earth.

    Aliens do not constitute a single group. Several civilizations (alien races) compete for control of our planet. Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were aliens, but from different races.
  32. Tankograd
    Tankograd April 16 2011 02: 33