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Yevgeny Fyodorov proposes “domesticating” officials and members of their families

The legislative initiative of the member of the State Duma of United Russia Yevgeny Fyodorov, aimed at taking into account the presence of foreign real estate from close family members of a candidate for a government post or from the candidate, is being actively discussed. This initiative, according to Fedorov himself, is aimed at increasing efficiency in the fight against corruption.

The essence of the deputy’s proposal is as follows: if a person who is going to take one or another post in the civil service has foreign housing, or his close relatives have such housing (as an example, wife (husband) and children), then the door to the said public service for it will turn out to be closed. Yevgeny Fedorov is sure that if a person is going to work in the Russian state apparatus, then he and his family members should use the property exclusively Russian. In addition, the deputy represents the initiative, according to which the children of Russian officials will be prohibited from receiving education outside the Russian Federation. The main argument of the deputy: any official real estate abroad (real estate listed as an official’s family members), as well as education of official children outside Russia - a kind of “alternate aerodrome” (the term of Yevgeny Fedorov himself), which (“aerodrome”) “ "Will allow the official to calmly settle outside of Russia. It is possible to settle, together with the stolen as a result of corrupt activity.

Such a parliamentary initiative, which, in principle, is already working to a certain extent (talking about a ban on political activity in Russia of a person who has foreign real estate or / and accounts in foreign banks) has been identified as supporters and opponents (if not opponents, then at least skeptics).

If you try to heed the arguments of one and the other (as far as possible, of course), this is what comes out.

On the one hand, any initiative that aims to limit the corruption component in relation to the activities of Russian officials is, a priori, worthy of support. After all, if the official himself is listed as a member of any Russian political platform (and even more so than the party), then it is not worthy for such an official to earn money for his “honest people and his beloved wife” somewhere on the Cote d'Azur or send one of their beloved children to study in the US, the UK or elsewhere.

Indeed, if a person decided to get into the public service, then by definition (well, it is, of course, purely hypothetical) he should think not only about personal benefits, but also about the benefits of the people - the servant of the people, after all ... But the question is: who Well we go to the public service to serve the people, stepping over their own interests? If those altruistic unmercenaries go to the bureaucratic “guard”, then after a short period of time they get sucked in by the excitement of enrichment and preparation of those very “spare airfields”.

In this regard, the barrier must be clear: if you are going "to the officials", then be kind - at least you will get real estate in Russia (if you really buy something), and teach your children in Russia. And abroad, no, no! ..

But on the other hand, it doesn’t look that simple. Firstly, any “advanced” servant of the people from the bureaucratic army can always be able to register a mansion in London or a villa in Greece for some great-nephew (if it is impossible for close relatives). When checking, of course, it turns out that the grand-nephew solely with his personal titanic work, being the head of the “super successful” Horn & Co company, a month or two, earned during this time for a villa worth 3 million euros, and his great-uncle - the deputy (deputy minister, governor - underline the necessary) just comes to visit the villa, but to eat stuffed grouse - naturally, not for budget money ...

And there is another option: what if it turns out that a mansion in London is generally the patrimonial nest of the wife of some vice-mayor, who in girlhood, for example, Tudor herself ... She has documents on it for sealing wax, and some Tmutarakan district registry office ... Selling such a mansion would be an extremely serious psychological trauma for Tudor, Claudia Stepanovna. But our fantasies are fading in comparison with the “backed up documents” by the fantasies of our officials ... As an example, Father Evgenia Vasilyeva, who turned out to be an “ordinary” millionaire ...

Secondly, is it really hard for Russian corrupt officials to have if they are barred from buying property for their wives or children abroad? They are at home on the Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway with two or three Moscow or St. Petersburg apartments, with a “dacha” in Adler and a “loped little shed” for half a square somewhere on Seliger will be enough ... After all, how is it here? - if after it became known about the corruption acts of a civil servant, the judicial system would have the opportunity (both under the law and because of its real, rather than ascribed independence) to confiscate property, then the official would be afraid for their “houses”, “ cottages "and" sheds ". And if the confiscation of property for embezzlers cannot in any way prove to be a legislatively fixed norm, then there is nothing to be afraid of this embezzler (both real and potential).

How to deal with the residence of the family official abroad, the ban of which (residence says deputy Fedorov)? Exactly for the reason mentioned above, the absence of the concept of “confiscation of property acquired through corruption” clearly stated in the Criminal Code, as well as the lack of an adequate definition of corruption itself (after all, it’s not only money in envelopes), an official can almost safely transfer his relatives to Russia. Will it be better for Russia and directly for the country's budget? Well, if only from the point of view that official relatives will spend money in Russia, then yes.

The conclusion is this: the idea of ​​Yevgeny Fyodorov is good if it does not close on itself, if it becomes a link in the chain, which in fact will block oxygen for the corrupt. But what link of this chain will be the main one? Perhaps the one described in the two previous paragraphs.
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  1. RUSSIA 2013
    RUSSIA 2013 22 January 2014 08: 46
    so yes, that's right, but they’re unlikely to accept it, they’re going to power so as not to serve the people and strip the people, and the most interesting thing is that they won’t be for that.
    1. Canep
      Canep 22 January 2014 09: 21
      If the authorities wanted to fight corruption, they would adopt laws that do not allow freedom of formulation, and would unambiguously determine the actions of an official. A simple example of new amendments to the law on citizenship: - "outstanding conviction, violation of the migration legislation of Russia, service in the army of a foreign state CAN be the reason for the refusal to grant Russian citizenship (retold in his own words). "That is, they may or may not be, paid a bribe and there is no reason for refusal, did not pay - you will not receive citizenship. I think there are many such examples. Freedom the choice of an official is the basis of corruption I do not see anything wrong with the fact that the children of officials will study abroad, but only on state grants won in an FAIR struggle (MGIMO is not rubber).
      1. ele1285
        ele1285 22 January 2014 10: 46
        Quote: Canep
        If the authorities wanted to fight corruption, they would pass laws that did not allow freedom of wording, and would uniquely determine the actions of an official.

        If this legislative power is put on a salary slightly higher than the national average, immunity is only in the building of the State Duma, there are no official cars and housing (for non-resident deputies a hotel or a rental), then it will either scatter itself or people who suffer for Russia will work there.
      2. A.YARY
        A.YARY 22 January 2014 11: 06
        I fully support the initiative of the deputy-and have many additions to the law in the same direction.
        1. smel
          smel 22 January 2014 11: 34
          And I support. And there are enough thoughts for the development of this topic. And there’s nothing to moan that power will scatter. Such a runaway and tries not needed. There will be no sense from her, nor positive changes for people.
        2. St Petrov
          St Petrov 22 January 2014 11: 34
          Deputy Fedorov in Afghanistan still served as an officer. World uncle. He talks about the Cold War very interestingly. Look at his interview, there are a lot on YouTube.
        3. The comment was deleted.
        4. APASUS
          APASUS 22 January 2014 21: 10
          Quote: A.YARY
          I fully support the initiative of the deputy, and I have many additions to the law in the same direction.

          You don’t have enough mind to arrange your cottage for an uncle or put money into a numbered account, transfer the business to a trust fund, and there are hundreds of tricks for an official, you can’t describe everything by law!
          One amendment would be enough - a person who has not passed the "lie detector" cannot be a deputy, an official, cannot be admitted to state information of any rank !!
          The press should print the results of each year, for the entire deputy and bureaucracy!
      3. silver_roman
        silver_roman 22 January 2014 17: 53
        In addition to this article, have you heard or read somewhere else Fedorov? if not, I will say this: in our country laws are not adopted of their own free will. only some minor corrections. change the constitution, it will be possible to adopt the right laws.
      4. APASUS
        APASUS 22 January 2014 20: 59
        Quote: Canep
        violation of the migration legislation of Russia, service in the army of a foreign state MAY be the reason for the refusal to grant Russian citizenship (retold in his own words). "That is, they may or may not be, paid a bribe and there is no reason for refusal, did not pay - you will not receive citizenship

        I know a family of Russians who moved (rather fled) to Ulyanovsk from Uzbekistan. NOTHINGjust like that and live in Russia with a passport of Uzbekistan for almost 11 years !!!
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 January 2014 09: 31
      Quote: RUSSIA 2013
      so yes, that’s right, but they’re unlikely to accept

      If Putin voices this, they will accept it. Our thought is like a herd, where the shepherd led them and go.
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 22 January 2014 09: 46
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        If Putin voices this, they will accept it. Our thought is like a herd, where the shepherd led them and go.

        But it is unlikely that anything will change. The article is needed in the Criminal Code approximately as follows: "a bribe and embezzlement of state property in the amount of 50 thousand rubles and more execution with confiscation of property, up to 50 thousand can be 20 years with confiscation without the right to exit on parole."
        1. Canep
          Canep 22 January 2014 09: 52
          Quote: baltika-18
          bribe and theft of state property in the amount of 50 thousand rubles and more execution with confiscation of property, up to 50 thousand can be 20 years with confiscation without the right to exit on parole "

          Then they would have to send everyone to the zone for 20 years, I doubt that at least someone did not give a bribe to the traffic policeman.
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 22 January 2014 10: 17
            Quote: Canep
            I doubt that at least someone did not give a bribe to the GAI officer.

            I just didn't give it. Violated - there is an account in the bank to pay the fine, and not the pocket of the "wizard" with a striped wand.
          2. baltika-18
            baltika-18 22 January 2014 13: 09
            Quote: Canep
            Then all the drove have to send to the zone for 20 years

            I have been driving a car since 1998; I have never given bribes to traffic cops.
        2. HollyGremlin
          HollyGremlin 22 January 2014 10: 01
          We now have fines and landings prescribed by law, only they apply to a doctor who took 500 rubles for the medicine because they did not deliver drugs to this institution. And the official who stole a couple of billion for drugs was transferred to another position. Because he didn’t stole at all, but spent it not in a targeted way and not by malicious intent at all, but by the errors that arose as a result of the negligence of his subordinates, who did not discern the corruption of that very evil doctor.
    3. demel2
      demel2 22 January 2014 09: 36
      They also go to power because there would be nothing for them to steal from them for this. IMHO.
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 22 January 2014 09: 50
        Yes, damn it, again 25, you make a list of Fedorov who is forbidden to buy, hi
        My wife is also a government official with a salary of 18 tr., Do I have real estate in Belarus from my father ?! It turns out his wife will have to look for work ???

        How you zadolbali with your "measures" which are only good for the Internet and your personal rating!
        1. St Petrov
          St Petrov 22 January 2014 10: 27
          Fedorov says the matter, and he introduces the most relevant and necessary bills. At first he looked at him with suspicion, but the uncle works and makes the correct laws. For Belarus no one will show you. Do not go to extremes.

          Here it is more likely in Courchevel da Cote d'Azur, with real estate in Los Angeles and so on

          Because of Belarus, nobody will fuck you (s)
          1. a52333
            a52333 22 January 2014 10: 54
            I like Fedorov’s suggestions, but with the education of children the question is debatable.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Serg 122
          Serg 122 22 January 2014 10: 28
          If Putin voices it, they will accept
          Vaughn Zhirinovsky voiced the idea - to drive deputies heavier than 80 kilograms in the neck! Such an "idea" will definitely not be accepted ... laughing
          1. Canep
            Canep 22 January 2014 17: 07
            And how much does he weigh?
            Judging by the size of the belly more than 80, or is it a hint of Valuev.
    4. alone
      alone 22 January 2014 21: 33
      The essence of the deputy’s proposal is as follows: if a person who is going to take a particular post in the civil service has foreign housing, or his close relatives have such housing (for example, his wife (husband) and children), then the doors to the mentioned civil service it will be closed

      It’s interesting that he himself believes in what he says? Deputies, the poorest of whom has a villa in France (the other day in discussions there was a photo of a villa, (I also want to be so poor)) laughing will adopt such a law.
      Remember Stanislavsky: I do not Believe !! am
    5. AVV
      AVV 23 January 2014 00: 30
      To bring to clean water both close and distant relatives and demand from them confirmation of the legal ownership of the funds for which real estate and movable property were acquired !!! And to drive officials from power if their relatives do not provide evidence of the legal origin of the money! !!
  2. frame5
    frame5 22 January 2014 08: 55
    Edward himself already showed in all its glory, we will remember the century.
    Perhaps he is an honest man and does not have an initiative of hidden subtext. And it is also possible (and much more realistic) that when taking the initiative, ways of circumvention are thought out in advance, and the initiative is. so that people do not make noise.
    1. Orik
      Orik 22 January 2014 09: 33
      Honest ... The liberal and friend of the dvorkovich
      1. frame5
        frame5 22 January 2014 09: 40
        Liberal yes in edra? It is doubtful that in the edra canned meat is being cooked. However, such trifles as political orientation matter for this pack of thieves. Yesterday, the Communists, today the Conservatives, the Anarchists.
    2. Normal
      Normal 22 January 2014 12: 25
      Quote: frame5
      And it is also possible (and much more realistic) that when taking the initiative, ways of circumvention are thought out in advance, and the initiative is. so that people do not make noise.

      I think so.
      There is no confiscation of stolen goods. Therefore, this is just another lever that allows senior officials to keep subordinates on a short leash; the snout is not only in down, but already in fur, mink and sable. High officials will not be touched by anyone, even if they have children abroad and real estate in whole neighborhoods and estates. Power does not surrender its own. But the middle link will know; if you come out against the great "leader of the liberation movement" - they will drive you away.
      Everything else creates the appearance of a fight against corruption and money-grubbing, they say you see how we are pleased for the purity of the ranks. But as long as the Higher are not under jurisdiction and are not touched, all the lower ones will drag and poke, only they will have to unfasten them to the top more, reverence and lisochny to show more actively and intensively.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. ZU-23
    ZU-23 22 January 2014 08: 56
    Yes, Fedorov thinks correctly, officials should be an example of patriotism and not an example of idiocy. And the family must work and study in their own state, so this is an old topic and old reasoning.
  4. polly
    polly 22 January 2014 08: 58
    Indeed, without confiscation of property, there will be evasions for all laws. To be smart, if they have not yet entered confiscation, then they don’t want to punish themselves: on the tenth episode of theft, they’ll catch you - but your pocket is already full, live and enjoy it later!
    1. Romch
      Romch 22 January 2014 09: 05
      Quote: polly
      Indeed, without confiscation of property, there will be evasions for all laws. To be smart, if they have not yet entered confiscation, then they don’t want to punish themselves: on the tenth episode of theft, they’ll catch you - but your pocket is already full, live and enjoy it later!

      In this regard, it would be good to adopt the experience of Singapore and everything would be fine then, but for this the president should be clean himself, then the scheme will start working and such persons as Zurabov, Serdyukov and the like will not be able to appear in the system at all.
  5. Romch
    Romch 22 January 2014 09: 00
    But then there is a chance that they will at least begin to pay attention to education and return to the system that they completely dumped, Fursenko and the like. We also thought up well with housing, there is nothing to buy it abroad, otherwise our governor Kuznetsov dumped him in France at the end of the year, when a huge region (Krasnoyarsk) should close financially and other for a year, as a result his wife got him into a melon during a robbery and he wounded. And so they will buy a house in Kolyma and let them rest.
    1. demel2
      demel2 22 January 2014 09: 45
      I believe that such characters in Kolyma will regularly receive turnips in the pool and therefore have a villa with them from the paddles.
  6. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 22 January 2014 09: 03
    As the saying goes, the strength of the whole chain is determined by the strength of its weakest link, and Russian bureaucracy is the weakest link in the Russian state, immensely hyped, clumsy and clumsy bureaucratic machine, it is possible to dismiss 50-60 percent of all officials and nothing bad will happen. And something I doubt that the officials will offend their loved ones, all this rubbish is like the State Duma, the government is only doing that constantly stealing, blocking each other. Anyway, everyone has relatives or property abroad, so by.
  7. an_pearl
    an_pearl 22 January 2014 09: 12
    It’s time for these bureaucrats to press their tails. And those who received all kinds of foreign grants to take into development, as agents
  8. Asgard
    Asgard 22 January 2014 09: 14
    They will make noise and everything will remain as it is ...
    The President has both daughters living abroad, one in South Korea. Second in Europe. Both addresses are known.
    One deputy has a son studying at a US military college ...
    MALKIN, pehtin deputies from United Russia live in the USA without hiding ...
    and so on and so forth.....
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 January 2014 09: 34
      Quote: Asgard
      e. Both addresses are known.

      Vladimir, write the addresses, let the men with the FSO laugh on the site wink
      Quote: Asgard
      MALKIN, pehtin, deputies from United Russia live in the USA without hiding.

      Sorry, and who voted for them?
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 22 January 2014 11: 28
        Health Alexander ....
        You deleted the address in Vorhosten, I read all the branches, so I’m in the know and, strangely, I got the impression that at least two people are writing under your nickname ????
        the semantics and the method of constructing sentences are DIFFERENT, so it is not surprising that you do not remember))))))

        what about deputies? so everyone who voted for Putin, for his party, United Russia, who actually went to the polls .... thereby giving legitimacy to the "power" and thus the LAW LAW is being abused)))
        You are to blame, in the power of Wait, "smerds", low-spirit people are not People, they seem to look "expensive", build palaces, buy yachts, sports cars, Swiss watches))) sleep with Olympic champions, with a living wife))) )))
        in general, they show their "inferiority", in sociology this is called the stratification of citizens by income, and it does not matter what position you occupy .... the wretched ones always strive for 'brilliant'))))
      2. Puffed up
        Puffed up 22 January 2014 22: 20
        A man named Romanov then. It's very strange that you have a nice picture. The dollar, burning then, a cigar lit, the guise of Nepman from the city. You are a nice man an hour is not a Freemason then? Explain this, otherwise people are interested in this. am
        1. Apollo
          Apollo 22 January 2014 22: 28
          Quote: Puffed
          A man named Romanov then. Very strange that unpleasant picture you have a nice man. Dollar burning then a cigar lit The guise of Nepman from the city. You are a lovely man for an hour not a freemason then? Explain this, otherwise people are interested in this.

          You see the freedom of choice.
          How do you want him to fill out the questionnaire for you personally, and just in case, also ask you permission?! So before whom, to answer Romanov in front of the forum visitors or personally in front of you ?!
          1. Puffed up
            Puffed up 23 January 2014 19: 30
            Apollo. The big man answered me that. I did not expect that. But Romanov himself was called a freemason. The site is either military or service. And the pictures are incomprehensible. Yes, and then you have a picture that is foreign. I saw this somewhere, I just can’t remember where. It seems that the pope has such a popsicle.
        2. Tersky
          Tersky 22 January 2014 23: 25
          Quote: Puffed
          Explain this, otherwise people are interested in this.

          What kind of people? More specifically, if it is more accurate if there are any, do not list by name?
          Quote: Puffed
          You are a nice man an hour is not a Freemason then?

          And you are a nice person an hour is not a troll then?
        3. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 23 January 2014 08: 42
          Quote: Puffed
          . You are a nice man an hour is not a Freemason then?

          Yes, a Mason, a sectarian, a Troll and Jews in one bottle. Still have questions?
  9. Orakyl
    Orakyl 22 January 2014 09: 23
    The most valuable thing that a person has in life is his family, his homeland and the fact that he earned for his life. It is absolutely obvious that if the most valuable thing is to be abroad, the homeland of this person is of little interest. It is also clear that from the side of the Western state (where relatives and assets are located), they can always be manipulated at their own discretion, blackmailing with the fact that in case of refusal to obey, he will be deprived of his relatives and everything else, they have more than enough ways.
    Based on the foregoing, those who are already in power - to take pictures, who to take a look at — in the garden, who change their minds and choose their homeland — to give time to move. Everything else oligarchy solder taxes on the most indulge and it is advisable to make travel abroad. This is what came to mind on the go, if you think about it, you can expand the list of measures of necessity to introduce, as one of the amendments, into the constitution.
    1. Suhov
      Suhov 22 January 2014 12: 17
      Quote: Orakyl
      The most valuable thing a person has in life is his family, Homeland and what he earned in his life.

      but you have to communicate with the state ... wassat
      Quote: Orakyl
      It is absolutely obvious that if the most valuable is located abroad, then ... it ... can be manipulated ...

      It seems that our state has decided to become independent, and sequentially, step by step, limits the capabilities of the "partners" in terms of manipulating the "consciousness" of our officials ... sad
      Do not ask what your Homeland can do for you,
      here is a list of what you should do for your State!
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy's famous statement in a new interpretation ... hi
  10. pahom54
    pahom54 22 January 2014 09: 29
    Not everything is so simple ... If you strictly approach the meaning of the article, then it voiced the complete futility of the fight against corruption by such methods. However, it is necessary after all when to start when, and not just verbiage ??? Yes, the issue of confiscation is the cornerstone in the fight against corruption, but everything seems to be clear here: if such a law is adopted now, then at least 70% of officials will be forced to sit on the bunk. Who will allow this? But if you start at least as suggested by Fedorov, then there will be at least two benefits. The first - there will be difficulties and problems with hiding by all means of their property officials-embezzlers, and not always and not all will succeed. The second is a ban on studying (and therefore - raising in a spirit alien to us, Russians) their children abroad.
    So the benefits of advancing this law are not very small. A little chicken pecking, you look, we’ll get to the time when it will not be embezzled by embezzlers, but simply in place, and confiscation will appear ... Comrade, believe it, a star of captivating happiness will come up ... Something like this.
    1. tolan_petrovich
      tolan_petrovich 22 January 2014 10: 14
      That is why they will not accept!
    2. godun
      godun 22 January 2014 13: 36
      I agree with you, but ... We have already adopted many laws to combat corruption and the adoption of new ones, unfortunately, will not change the situation, because. there is simply no one to comply with these laws, all the wrestlers themselves, excuse me, that ... they live there. This is a system, and all similar offers, this is the appearance of activity, dust in the eye, no more.
  11. Altona
    Altona 22 January 2014 09: 35
    Article 20 of the UN Convention against Corruption must be ratified and checked that income is consistent with expenses, all gifts should be prohibited, regular rotation and certification of officials ... It would be nice to revive the OBHSS, and also pay attention to media publications as before ... In ourselves agencies to audit, find out to whom and why they bring walnut furniture into the office, acquire gold handles, marble bathtubs and sculptures, premium cars, what kind of business people go out and nature trips with a helicopter rental ... If you wish, you can drive the appetites of the servants of the people in normal scope ...
    1. godun
      godun 22 January 2014 13: 46
      That's right, it’s a pity that ... well, there is no one to drive their appetite into the framework, and it is not foreseen in the coming years, people still believe in words and not in deeds, and everything is protected so that not a single honest person gets there.
  12. Pohmelniy
    Pohmelniy 22 January 2014 09: 39
    Quote: ZU-23
    Yes, Fedorov thinks correctly, officials should be an example of patriotism and not an example of idiocy.

    Where can I get so many patriots to replace at least 50% of the composition of officials.
  13. shelva
    shelva 22 January 2014 09: 51
    The law is very necessary, but for its effective implementation it is necessary to revise a lot in existing laws that allow you to hide already stolen pockets and steal further.
    But teaching children abroad - this certainly needs to be strictly prohibited. Learned, anti-Russian "zombies" come from there and are immediately admitted to the control levers, not without the support of the same "managers".
    In pre-revolutionary Russia there were good laws in this regard.
  14. demel2
    demel2 22 January 2014 09: 54
    Well, they themselves will never adopt laws on confiscation and the like, not for this they went to power but quite the contrary, but we should help them pass such laws that we all need.
  15. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 22 January 2014 09: 54
    Jabber no more. It is clear that the corruption authorities, logically, cannot fight corruption. All the examples that are in the media are just a struggle between power clans among themselves. And then note that the punishment for corruption to senior officials is more like a mockery. For a bribe of five thousand rubles, a teacher, doctor or other small official will receive seven years. For stealing millions or even billions from the state, just a conditional sentence or a tiny (compared to stolen) fine. The power in the foundation of which corruption is the basis, who believes that such power will fight corruption?
  16. SlavaS
    SlavaS 22 January 2014 09: 55
    Then it will be necessary to dismiss half the bureaucrats, who will remain then to work?
    1. SFIR
      SFIR 22 January 2014 10: 08
      still dial ....
    2. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 22 January 2014 13: 38
      The number of officials per capita is EXCEEDED, compared with the USSR, by industry, in 5-10 and more than once.
      And then it was not computer technology.
      The goal is to REDUCE the prolific bureaucrats by 10 times during the five-year period.
  17. JonnyT
    JonnyT 22 January 2014 09: 59
    Edrody in an attempt to raise ratings depict violent activity ...... let's talk, talk and forget .... anyway, none of them will refuse from abroad ..... moreover, recently I read on the mail that they want to push the law on the possibility studying abroad at the expense of the state .... we all perfectly understand whose children these students will be ....

    P.S. the dude in the photo there is doing))))
  18. askort154
    askort154 22 January 2014 10: 05
    Where will globalization lead? In sports, the lion's share of foreign coaches and players.
    And how is it different from a foreign agent whose Russian official has: real estate abroad, there
    their contributions, "earned" in Russia, where they receive treatment and rest, where their children receive education. What is the point for them to kick their ass for improving the living standards of the Russian population. The difference between
    foreign trainers and Russian officials only in the fact that the actions of the former are transparent and legally formalized, and the actions of the latter are in the shade. Such an official should be called a foreign agent.
    Or to amend the Constitution of the Russian Federation - to allow the hiring of persons without Russian citizenship to work in the higher authorities of the Russian Federation. It would be more honest. And then - to abolish the borders of the Russian Federation, disband the army, and so on. It is interesting if you come up with such a proposal to the Duma and secretly vote (well, very secretly), I think there will be at least 50 percent of votes "FOR". maybe I'm a dreamer ?!).

  19. Mails
    Mails 22 January 2014 10: 06

    Also include in the circle of close relatives - mother-in-law, father-in-law, father-in-law, and mother-in-law. IT'S MINIMUM.


    The ban on ownership of legal entities abroad on the balance of which again these LOCKS and HOUSES can be located abroad.
  20. SFIR
    SFIR 22 January 2014 10: 06
    Not when it won't be
  21. hitech
    hitech 22 January 2014 10: 10
    Laws are good of course, but who will execute them? smile "familiar" judge Ivan Petrovich? Or do you think everyone in a row will be tried on the same law? Standard example of Serdyukov and Vasilieva. Emae, how much can you talk about "justice" if examples are available.
  22. pahom54
    pahom54 22 January 2014 10: 20
    I would like to add to the contradiction to myself (my statement above).
    If earlier politics was viewed as government (the art of government), now it must be viewed from the position of "manipulating the consciousness of the masses in the interests of a certain group of people", and not otherwise.
    In this case, even the statements (wishes) of Fedorov can be considered as "blurring" a generally normal idea, that is, "let's say, let's designate a fight in front of the electorate, he will remain satisfied for a while, that is, he will shut up at least for a while."
    As for the castles on the Cote d'Azur ... And what can you say that the speaker of the regional Duma has 8 (!!!) luxury houses and two apartments in Russia? Several questions immediately arise. First, are they lined up and purchased for the deputy’s salary? The second - and on kuya do you need them in so many quantities? The third - well, acquired, built on the salary of the people's deputy. But where do the pennies come from for the maintenance of these apartment buildings? Well and so on ...
    So, in general, all these ideas, thrown into the information space, are precisely an attempt to manipulate the consciousness of the masses ...
    SUMMARY: No methods other than logging with bunks, complete confiscation of property, and even executions in squares are unacceptable. So it turns out that the terror of white must be answered with terror of red, only how will it look and what will result in ??? It’s scary to think ...
  23. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 22 January 2014 10: 39
    The idea is correct, but not realizable. It is unlikely that this will come of it. It has long been developed and worked out a scheme to own "something" and not "shine" through trust funds and companies with "trust management".
  24. vedmeddd
    vedmeddd 22 January 2014 10: 59
    Oh, Russia! They always stole from us, they steal and will steal! In principle, I don’t even mind, BUT, steal, in a divine way, do not plunder 90%, but 10% and do not boast about it!
  25. Stinger
    Stinger 22 January 2014 11: 11
    The gesture in the photo apparently means that the Almighty sees everything. He sees, but let Fedorov answer why millions are posting for posts.
  26. crot
    crot 22 January 2014 11: 38
    In general, I think that any progress towards patriotism and the fight against corruption deserves to be embodied in firm laws and decrees. And thoughts such as - "to arrange a mansion in London or a villa in Greece for some grand-nephew" so as not to adopt such laws, can arise only from lured grant suckers or from someone who has already acquired real estate over the hill. Well, even if there are such cases, it will still create additional difficulties with the property over the hill. After all, a relative through the tenth knee is practically a stranger, and suddenly he will declare - but you would not go, beloved uncle n --- uh. The property is mine, and is framed for me, period. Yes, there may be loopholes in any law, but this does not mean that there should not be a law itself. And any laws are polished with time and competent amendments. I think there is a law, without making any liberal howl.
    Yes, by the way, I just remembered. But when Fedorov and Starikov put forward a law banning officials from having accounts and real estate abroad, there was already a ban on real estate. Only after the suction of this law in society and the statements of the PRESIDENT and the prime minister on this subject, a ban was only adopted on accounts abroad, i.e. a kind of consensus was found. Perhaps then the situation was not suitable for a radical breakdown of the elite. But the hint was made. And now, time itself requires radical measures. Especially looking at what is going on in my Ukraine, where Yanyk flirted on two sides, what is sitting now (c) with a broken trough and thinking - What to do ??????? (with)
  27. PValery53
    PValery53 22 January 2014 12: 17
    For all this to "come true", there must be POLITICAL WILL! And where is she?! .. - Her something, fu-it, and no !! - Because the stigma is in the gun! - So reason ...
  28. dmb
    dmb 22 January 2014 12: 42
    Mr. Fedorov's "ideas" are akin to those of Mr. Zhirinovsky about the number of "sexual days." Both know that no one really will establish such bans. But Zhirik is just having fun, his position is the Glavkloun of the State Duma, and Fedorov puffs up, trying to portray a "people's guardian". Volodin rightly pointed out dozens of "legal" ways to circumvent such a law that has nothing to do with the fight against corruption. Personally, I don’t quite understand the difference between officials who bought property with stolen money in Russia and abroad. They are both thieves. And thieves should be in jail.
  29. Normal
    Normal 22 January 2014 12: 53
    The next win-win and non-binding move of the pro-Kremlin man and fighter against the occupation (probably the Kremlin of the rest of the country) Fedorov.
    If the initiative passes, the Kremlin will get another whip for the obstinate like Gudkov. If the Presidential Administration (the Duma without the approval of the AP of the Russian Federation doesn’t move a finger) will receive a signal not to give initiative and the thought will reject the law, then Fedorov will get high again; you can vote that the President and the patriotic forces (with Fedorov at the head) are not allowed to restore order and the country in the occupation.
    The funny thing is if it happens that Fedorov himself (at the direction of the AP of the RF) will vote against his own initiative. laughing
  30. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 22 January 2014 13: 33
    The party of crooks and thieves gnaws its own tail.
  31. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 22 January 2014 14: 12
    The thought in itself is the most remarkable ... And let's hope that this is not just another populist miscarriage of the Duma members in general and the Edra faction in particular ...
    The main thing is that if this law is adopted, it does not stay on paper, but really works. Moreover, he worked for everyone - from top to bottom of the power hierarchy of the Nashen ...
    And last, but very important ... What will become of an official who, for one reason or another, does not want to be "domesticated"? .. Will they put him in a cage, confiscating "a burrow in a strange forest"? .. Or just poke a slegonets with a mangy nose and this will all end well? ..
    Personally, I would prefer to be euthanized. In the truest sense of the word. As a parasitic life form ...
  32. Gardamir
    Gardamir 22 January 2014 14: 16
    Not only real estate, but also treatment for their children should be taught in Russia. And let them fly airplanes, where they are planted by the law of blacks.
  33. serge
    serge 22 January 2014 14: 25
    It would also be nice to prohibit deputies of all levels and members of their families from resting abroad. There is no doubt that in this case the conditions for rest in Russia for all other citizens will improve.
  34. bubla5
    bubla5 22 January 2014 16: 39
    All this must be extended to the oligarchs, you live and work in Russia, get its benefits, and if citizenship is blue, then you can distribute or sell one nuclear-free Satan and into space, they previously tried to go there
  35. kvodrato
    kvodrato 22 January 2014 17: 36
    E. Fedorov Interview with the Eye of the Planet - Steps Toward Sovereignty
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 22 January 2014 18: 58
      calling Russia occupied, Fedorov does not name who is Gauleiter and somehow bypasses topics related to Chubais
      calling the ruble a tribute to the amers it is logical to assume that from his deputy salary he paid this tribute inordinately, voted for the WTO, in general gives the impression of an ineffective balabol, the main thing is to remind you that he is
  36. kvodrato
    kvodrato 22 January 2014 17: 38
    About what is happening. Without cuts.
  37. Puffed up
    Puffed up 22 January 2014 20: 12
    Putin is the main corrupt official. That is the main racket of corrupt officials. What time! good
  38. Puffed up
    Puffed up 22 January 2014 20: 22
    And the clouds are gathering. The dollar is climbing, the euro, too. Putin’s ruble is dying, the Olympics will be very bad. Maybe something comes to Putininoids. You look however. However, they will grow wiser. wink bully
  39. Karabin
    Karabin 22 January 2014 21: 40
    initiative of the deputy of the State Duma of United Russia Evgeny Fedorov

    Another bunch, nothing more. And such bunches from the "occupied deputy" are long trills. An initiative for the sake of initiative and a catchphrase. And it's easy to check the cases, just look at the roll-call vote in the Duma. There, this Patriot was marked "for" in full. And do not assume that insidious enemies used his card.
  40. Cpa
    Cpa 22 January 2014 21: 40
    Yes, half measures it negative , wrote already the supreme power in the country and at the local level should have a minimum of service. If you do not want to go to the national economy. The hungry have nothing to do, the hungry cannot think of anything but the belly. The laws on corruption will not work as long as there is an article- golden parachute "abuse of office".
  41. Leader
    Leader 22 January 2014 23: 45
    The scum-politicians have zadolbali with their clownish "fight against corruption".
    The first thing to do is introduce confiscation and execution! It will be easier next ...
  42. D_L
    D_L 23 January 2014 00: 08
    The idea is good, but it is only a theory. In fact, it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to implement.
    What Fedorov proposed is only part of the solution to the problem. The problem of corruption is much wider, but with what it is necessary to begin.
  43. Combitor
    Combitor 23 January 2014 04: 30
    Once such a "timely proposal" has been received, it means that in the Kremlin, the government, the Federation Council and the Duma, everyone who needs to get divorced and become bachelors (divorced women), "living on one salary." And the topic of "three cigarette cases, three suede jackets and three movie cameras" - about everything that is "acquired by overwork" no longer exists.
    And why didn’t such an initiative appear at least a year ago - was it early? Divorce proceedings were in full swing?