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Stop "sailed". To US cartel collusion with drug lords

Stop "sailed". To US cartel collusion with drug lords

As is known, the United States has a simple and cheap way to help close its eyes to its own problems with crime. It is called the Mexican drug cartels. Compared to them, even Detroit doesn’t look like a criminal trash. In criminal Mexico, someone is regularly sewn into a bag, thrown into a river from a cliff, parts of the body are cut or sawed with a hacksaw, they simply hunt with a gun in the mountains, and so on. Methods - whether the Middle Ages, or the most pitch nineties in Russia. The attitude of ordinary people is appropriate. But the media has a constant and reliable source of dill, if you suddenly need to give it to the air. For example, to show that somewhere is much worse.

Cartels have long become part of the local landscape, and hunting for their couriers with drugs, the flow of climbing into the States, has become a traditional occupation of border guards and parts of the US Coast Guard. Part of the couriers were caught, some still transported the potion across the border, but the money there was huge and they could not see the end, so the whole process was perceived as an inevitable and habitual evil.

And then the bomb exploded.

Who is to blame

The newspaper El Universal published an investigation that irrefutably proved that the US government concluded an agreement with 2000 to 2012 the year with the infamous drug cartel Sinaloa, allowing Mexicans to bring drugs worth billions of dollars through customs in exchange for agreeing to knock on competing cartels. It's not anyhow who, the leader of Sinaloa, Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed El Chapo, is recognized as the most influential drug dealer in the world. Rumors about connections in the highest circles of the United States have long been circulating about him, but no one could have imagined that this was not at all about bribing, but about a conscious union.

The investigation of El Universal is the first, supported by reinforced concrete evidence, there is an official document for every word, including the testimony of former agents under oath. The journalists interviewed more than 100 interviews of current and retired police officers, drug couriers and other direct participants in the events.

It turned out that the officers of the Drug Enforcement Agency had only personally met with the leaders of Sinaloa more than fifty times. It all began with the arrests of a number of major functionaries of the cartel, who were released in exchange for an ardent desire to cooperate. Friendship went so well that UBN organized for them a corridor at the border and legal immunity inside the country.

It is noteworthy that before 2006, other people reigned in the drug market, however, by a strange coincidence, it was at this time that contacts of the security police and the cartel became most active, and a wave of violence and redistribution of power swept through Mexico. Sinaloa entered the narrow circle of the most influential gangs precisely after this small war. Now it became known that even weapon Sinaloa was supplied by the United States. To this end, from 2006 to 2011, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Weapons Control conducted a surprisingly innovative operation. FBCO agents threw huge batches into the arms market and loosened control, “in order to trace the illegal supply of weapons to Mexican drug cartels and plant their leaders”. The operation was a complete success - if a batch was thrown at 2000 trunks, 710 was able to collect small buyers from the detainees afterwards. Of course, not a single leader was even arrested. The operation became public only in December 2010, when one such machine gun was shot by border guard Brian Terry.

I bought weapons for those super profits that Sinaloa got from unhindered business in the USA. In exchange, UBN received full information about the rivals of the cartel and built a wide network of informants who signed written cooperation agreements in exchange for the removal of possible accusations in the US courts. Good thing after all bureaucracy.

One of the leaders of Sinaloa detained during the scandal by the name of Zambad-Niebla openly confirmed the existence of an agreement between themselves and the federal prosecutor's office, together with representatives of the highest echelons of power, and also told how he bought weapons during the FBCO operation. The Mexican authorities, by the way, as early as April 2010 reported to Stratfor analysts that, according to their data, the US had entered into an alliance with Sinaloa "in an attempt to reduce the level of violence in Mexico."

Thus, the year in America begins with the largest public scandal.

And what to do

I must say that for the "cattle on pickups" from the southern states all these revelations about surveillance and Internet-facebook are a distant matter. The Internet, of course, is used there, but not really immersed, and no one will worry about the opening of the correspondence of any New Yorkers at all. The South of the United States lives closer to the earth than the North, and it is his personal concerns that concern him first, and only then abstract matters. Even if it is freedom, the constitution, the rights of an American, and so on. Still in second place.

And then suddenly it turns out that the guy who pushes drugs in your child’s school is actually working for the government! And in the next school too. And those guys who sawed off the leg of the brother of that Mexican's wife, they then went to drink the viskar with all the same feds. Which, it turns out, they do not catch these clowns, but make sure that they are not accidentally seated, otherwise they will stop knocking on the others who are dragging drugs here. It's a good thing, they are given the right only as a reward for it ... right, to bring more drugs here, and then what is the point ?!

And this is personal and universal, so the reaction of the local to news difficult to overestimate. 750 has thousands of views in a couple of days with just one note on The Business Insider, not to mention how the bones of the feds that have finally lost their shores are now being washed up in all kinds of eateries, where e-mail is worried much less than about the dope flow from Mexico.

It happened unprecedented. The Americans, after all, very often in the comments are divided by party affiliation, and those from whose party the president is now elected protect his administration from the attacks of the losers in the elections. However, in this case, neither Obama can be defended, nor driven on him - because there was still no Obama in 2000, and Bill Clinton collected things in the White House, intending to give way to Republican George W. Bush. Whose administration and supervised the project the first years of its existence, just at the time when Sinaloa rose on the wing. So the main argument of all disputes "Republicans / Democrats are to blame" suddenly dropped out of the discussion, because everything was to blame.

In the ensuing silence (it should be understood literally, 110 comments under the editorial, which was read by a quarter of a million people - this does not happen) suddenly became tirelessly audible American paranoid and marginalized. And that's symptomatic. If people who write about the guilt of someone's particular administration, get equal to several dozen pros and cons, then the absolute champions are those who write the following:

“(Answering) you started with the right thought (that all federal agencies are ready to sell their own mother), and then moved on to party accusations. This is not a problem of any one party. Understand, pointing the finger at half the country, you already assume that we are divided and rule over us. Tip: the same people who spend millions of dollars on both parties and buy influence in them. ”

“When the US government participates in what it considers to be a crime, and at the same time some unreal number of people sit in jails - it loses its legitimacy.

It is either criminal or not.

If the state rises above its own laws, the integrity of the entire system is violated. ”

“When I read this, I begin to think, or even hope, that all this is part of a big performance. Maybe it’s just the price of the lives of those who died in this war on drugs less than the lives of people who will be saved after winning this war? Maybe the point is that the US uses this information to crush the rest of the cartels, and then they will have everything at hand to wipe out this one too? May be.

But the fact that not a single large gang was destroyed, that not a single large victory was won, at least I have never heard of it, or it says that journalists are hiding it from us ... but already enough optimism, it seems around just one solid crooks. We will soon have to be friends with this village in Mexico, where people are so fed up with so much that they rebelled against the government and against their cartels. ”

Notice, even steadfast patriots can't stand it. And they are not alone - judging by the unanimous favor of these commentators, it seems that they are no longer marginal.
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  1. My address
    My address 22 January 2014 08: 45
    Really "sailed"! As it says:
    - And they still teach us not to pick just simply a finger in the nose! angry
    1. Romn
      Romn 22 January 2014 09: 29
      They will soon talk about equality, infringement of the rights of drug addicts, legalize drugs (marijuana has already been legalized in some states, the start has been given) and will promote this topic throughout the world, and of course they will be the main supplier, officially. And then in Agan all are roofing, but so far they are embarrassed to announce this openly ...
      1. avg
        avg 22 January 2014 10: 59
        Quote: Romn
        And then in Agan all are roofing, but so far they are embarrassed to announce this openly ...

        It is they, like, spreading their best practices to the rest of the backward world. Stsuki exclusive.
        1. tnship2
          tnship2 22 January 2014 14: 10
          What a best practice there! That they learned from the British this vile business. Remember the opium wars in China.
          1. Arhj
            Arhj 22 January 2014 19: 32
            Quote: tnship2
            What a best practice there! That they learned from the British this vile business. Remember the opium wars in China.

            Yes, but the British fought for the right to push nonsense to China, paying for the goods they needed with opium, and not with silver, which the Chinese government demanded.
            Clippers loaded with drugs did not go to Britain. And here ... There are no words: "The country of unafraid idiots."
      2. AVV
        AVV 22 January 2014 13: 42
        Yes, and in Agan they want to stay in order to control the flow of drugs around the world !!! Although Karzai is resisting, well, and that it’s not a problem for them to put another protege !!! After all, drugs are at stake !!!
    2. seller trucks
      seller trucks 22 January 2014 10: 00
      I recommend for acquaintance with the theory of the issue, the book "Confessions of an Economic Killer" by John Perkins, the book is true, not exactly about this, but a lot of where it sheds light on the problem. And the fact that the CIA and other special services, at the highest level, are mired in drug trafficking, in my opinion, is not a secret for anyone. And even if they are already talking about it openly, it’s pointless, the costs of democracy. I would also recall, from history, the Opium Wars in China, when the question arose of the survival of an entire nation, but somehow it is not customary to talk about it.
      1. My address
        My address 22 January 2014 10: 46
        Vitaly, let me continue.

        In the 70s, he subscribed to the weekly "Za rubezhom".
        Combat edition good . They periodically poked muzzle shtatovskogo person in the CIA excrement am ... I remember mentioning the opium triangle near Thailand or Cambodia. How the CIA covered the narcotics both there and in Latin America, and with their money they paid for purely criminal operations against legitimate governments around the world. And I have been doing this since the 50s! This is not fiction, "Abroad" simply reprinted a foreign one, incl. amerovskaya, press.
        So for sixty years, nothing has changed in the behavior of American intelligence services.
  2. Hs487
    Hs487 22 January 2014 08: 56
    As required.
    The USA is the main drug dealer and, by the way, the terrorist in the world.
    1. Deniska
      Deniska 22 January 2014 10: 22
      ... and we are still surprised about Afghanistan ... they say how the volume of drugs so increased .....
    2. asadov
      asadov 22 January 2014 15: 57
      I agree. And I will add - the main "shit cracker" and financial swindler in the world.
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 22 January 2014 09: 21
    No wonder Obama favors the use of weed. It is in words. Well, seeing the US policy in practice, it becomes obvious that they have long been specifically targeted there, and without exception.
  4. Volkhov
    Volkhov 22 January 2014 09: 22
    Millions of doses of keptagon in Syria (and other military drugs and anesthetics) require precisely centralized supplies. This is just a world war.
  5. Poppy
    Poppy 22 January 2014 09: 29
    well, so they cover the drug trade in Afghanistan
  6. Tatarus
    Tatarus 22 January 2014 09: 45
    A meteorite would have collapsed between Canada and Mexico. No, you can’t feel sorry for people. Can a virus be invented that selectively cleans all LGBT people and all tolerance? Something to do love is necessary.
  7. From
    From 22 January 2014 09: 54
    Is Mexico a rebellious town a Cheran from a previous article? Is he?
  8. kotvov
    kotvov 22 January 2014 10: 14
    this is interesting, but Obama allows his daughters to play lesbians and smoke weed, or is it just for whites.
  9. Altona
    Altona 22 January 2014 10: 19
    Directly "Return to Los Santos" for some ... I have long suspected that the GTA III game was created according to real scenarios, and if in the local area you move away from the monitor with the game, take a real gun and go out into the street, then you will just go to another level - real and hardcore, and everything else will be exactly the same ...
  10. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 22 January 2014 10: 39
    I don’t know about you, but nothing surprised me)
    The US government has only rotted that it doesn’t see a difference with whom to cooperate for the sake of profit and profit, whether it be al-Qaeda, Syrian fighters, Chechen Wahhabis, Afghan mujahideen or Mexican drug cartels. In the last two cases, the song is so final that the first (mujahideen) that the second (meks) are tied to drugs. In the first case, it came to the point that, attention, the dose of heroin in the United States fell. There were more than once scandals involving military transport aircraft stuffed with heroin to the eyeballs flying through the balkans. Honor gerych to Europe (otherwise their brains didn’t completely refuse), part of them. So why not with mexes it would have rolled, besides Mexico nearby, now, this is not a distant Afghanistan. In extreme cases, you can soak the whole cartel and make a deal with another if this one is greyhound.
    All this is simply the result of the fact that the omnipotent dollar rules the world. Thirst for profit ... actually I don’t feel sorry for the American people. But it’s funny that some of them begin to see clearly. Let's see what it will result in)
  11. Stinger
    Stinger 22 January 2014 10: 46
    Maybe it's the same with Afghanistan, only the delivery address is different. With these "democrats" will become.
  12. negeroi
    negeroi 22 January 2014 11: 02
    When I read such articles, the feeling that the mafia directly addresses me does not leave me. The drug mafia writes about the American special services and drug cartels, oh, oh, they sailed, reached the pen, they survived from the mind, they have no conscience and they’re all bad. Are such articles written? What would those who already hate America and even swear at the saliva? I think this drug mafia for some reason declares itself. Not a word is said that it is not American but our mafia from Afghanistan carries and sells tons of drugs. Not a word is said that we have 20 million drug addicts. What is it that they put us operas that attacked the trail of large dealers.

    The drug mafia writes articles about the American drug mafia? Why? For what? I think it’s just a manipulator from the special services, suddenly doubting his ability to manipulate the crowd, he decided to stretch and practice. He threw a bone to the crowd, and she was glad and in response a joyful-pap-pap "Pap-pap! America is bad! Pap-pap-puff!"

    In order to assert itself, adolescents and undeveloped personalities need to pour mud on someone. But in this case, dousing America with mud on its ears in shit causes contempt. It is stinky and primitive.
  13. baku1999
    baku1999 22 January 2014 12: 07
  14. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 22 January 2014 12: 24
    As I already wrote, for the United States it is pure eugenics, an attempt to improve the quality of the population. The approach is as merciless as it is unmistakable. The country does not need, moreover, a person who uses drugs is extremely harmful. First of all, he is stupid like a navel. Whoever he works, no matter what education he has, is a complete donkey, dangerous for the country by its very existence. In the world of high technology, the stupidity of one always turns into a loss for millions.
    Grass? A great way to control proles. Brains from it become very susceptible to any suggestion, the quality of thinking falls irreversibly, while a person (although the smoker of cannabis is not quite a person anymore) remains optimistic and in a good mood ... well, as long as there is grass. And if he jumped on the heavy ones, they expel him. So I am convinced that there is intensive work in government laboratories for drug cartels. We need substances that kill faster. To reduce the gap in which a straight-up drug can mess up in production, mess things up in management ...
    Children? And why does the state need children, whom their parents treat like grass? Sowed and thrown, will she grow? Well, don't be surprised. A chance is needed for those whom parents value and educate, whom they pay attention to, whom they develop. Such children are protected - will and intellect are inherited by no one, absolutely no one. "Mowgli", raised by animals, are animals themselves and only, despite the completely human set of genes. So relatives do not work on children - into the furnace of children!
    But the Americans only realized what kind of state they had? Cool ...
  15. machete
    machete 22 January 2014 12: 42
    Like comrade. Ivanov, head of the UFSKN, said on TV that during the presence of the Americans in Afghanistan, drug trafficking has increased significantly. All means are good to achieve the goal. Here the fact that at that time this cartel was weaker probably played a role in the choice of the agent. This "draft" is then easier to rewrite in the desired color. Justify their actions by national interests, preventing a worse situation.
  16. machete
    machete 22 January 2014 12: 43
    Like comrade. Ivanov, head of the UFSKN, said on TV that during the presence of the Americans in Afghanistan, drug trafficking has increased significantly. All means are good to achieve the goal. Here the fact that at that time this cartel was weaker probably played a role in the choice of the agent. This "draft" is then easier to rewrite in the desired color. Justify their actions by national interests, preventing a worse situation.
  17. demon184
    demon184 22 January 2014 12: 54
    As if before it was not known that the US intelligence agencies receive huge profits from the sale of drugs. In Afghanistan, just like that, the volume of production has grown many times during their presence.
    1. Nick
      Nick 22 January 2014 22: 37
      Quote: demon184
      As if before it was not known that the US intelligence agencies receive huge profits from the sale of drugs.

      Right! You can recall the sensational history of Iran in the 80s - a contra organized by the CIA ...
  18. knn54
    knn54 22 January 2014 12: 55
    -Who's guilty
    Sinaloa drug cartel, these are s.u.s.i.s. children, but these are OUR s.u.s.i.s children
    IMPORTANT - They share profits, knock on competitors. Reporting is in order.
    -And what to do
    If you can’t win something, try to lead it.
  19. negeroi
    negeroi 22 January 2014 16: 02
    Why write about narcotics in America, when we have a ten-fold, one-hundred-times worse drug situation? It's not just not noticing a log in your own eye, it's hard to even find a word or concept that characterizes this action. Advocacy of dislike for the United States? ? What kind of love for the enemy can be? A mockery? Over whom? And here I agree. There are special people in the CIA that write stories that create moods. For example, creating a dismissive attitude towards the enemy, a hatless mood. The same mood was created before the First World War, in front of Russian-Japanese. The results are known. I really do not like our enemies, but we have a monstrous drug situation, compared to the United States. And they have no drug addiction compared to us, and the criminal offense in drug control services, compared to ours -so, easy transgressions such as negligence. Why and what is this article about?
    1. pan_nor
      pan_nor 22 January 2014 18: 41
      but here is still exclusive! we don’t know how
      1. negeroi
        negeroi 22 January 2014 21: 15
        Come on! They don’t know how. When the Iran-Contras happened, Colombian drug lords studied at our universities and bases. Is it like to sell heroin all over Russia? Without special operations and special representatives of the drug control, and the police, you can only sell drugs in fairy tales. Such quantities of heroin as in Russia do not go anywhere. And consequently, negotiations of interested people take place regularly. Only intelligence agencies sell weapons and drugs all over the world. And they don’t let anyone into their business. I think that now we are fed up in Columbia and Panama, our sons of bitches that they send parties and drug parties to the United States. Venezuela conducts operations on the borders with Colombia, I’m sure that our security services consider the border of Venezuela and Colombia to be their gate, and they kick it. And there are weapons and drugs everywhere, one doesn’t exist without the other. Somali boys have plots, in exchange for weapons they supply cheap raw materials. It is also in Nigeria and in many other places. And everywhere there are special services, drugs and weapons. Only in Russia we have drug addicts longer than in the USA, and we don’t have to talk about how bad it is in this regard.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  20. sergey72
    sergey72 22 January 2014 19: 06
    I recall the story of the 80s when DEA agents tied two traffickers of cocaine and M-11 machine guns ... it seems their names were Terpel and Korkol, so these guys were from the CIA .... As they say nothing changing ...
  21. Diter
    Diter 22 January 2014 20: 02
    After the US entered Afghanistan, drug inflows increased in Western Europe. If earlier, before the arrival of the next batch of drugs, there were some movements - the police agents began to give information to their owners, and the agents of drug dealers in the police - to their own, now drugs began to appear in the very center of Europe unexpectedly. Moreover, at first, their appearance was recorded near airfields that received US aircraft from Afghanistan. You can also recall the long-standing scandal in Nicaragua, dubbed "Weapons in exchange for drugs." In the light of these events, the emergence of plans to provide the Americans with a transit airfield in the Ulyanovsk region is completely unclear. And the drug trade is quite consistent with the plans of the world government to reduce the world's population.
  22. q_556
    q_556 22 January 2014 22: 33
    Only in Breaking Bad cops from OBN are honest and incorruptible))
    Although, I think. in America, many guessed about such schemes of cooperation - in the same "Sons of Anarchy" there was a story about a drug cartel, which was "covered" by the federals.