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In Russia, it is possible to create a concern “Strategic Systems of the East Kazakhstan Region”

In Russia, it is possible to create a concern “Strategic Systems of the East Kazakhstan Region”

Within a few weeks, specific proposals will be prepared on how to create the “Strategic Aerospace Defense Systems” concern, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told reporters.

“The President ordered to work on this topic, there are relevant proposals and the head of the Federal Space Agency, there is the initiative of the Minister of Defense, there is an order of the government and the Military-Industrial Commission under the government. Within a few weeks, we will present the president with several options for resolving this issue, ”said the deputy chairman of the government.

Rogozin explained that the aerospace defense system consists of two platforms: on the one hand, these are information systems, and on the other, fire systems. Information systems should detect the fact of a launch, a rocket attack against our country, and give the necessary coordinates of this attack. In turn, the fire system should work so as to hit the rocket weaponwhich is coming to Russia. Information systems are also divided into ground grouping and space.

“At today's moment, we have different organizations involved in all the components of the aerospace defense,” explained the Deputy Prime Minister. - Let's say the ground information group is organized by the organization “RTI Systems”, this is a private company, part of the “ASK System”. The space group in our country is the Berg Institute and the Comet Corporation. The fire systems of the East Kazakhstan Oblast are primarily engaged in Almaz-Antey, in terms of long-range interception. All this needs to be organized into a single algorithm, into a single complex. ”

According to Rogozin, the difficulty lies in the fact that there are both state corporations and private ones. Therefore, it is necessary to find a difficult compromise between owners and managers. Moreover, this must be done within a single technical solution. ”
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  1. StrateG
    StrateG 21 January 2014 11: 51
    Something strange activity at these concerns. The desire to combine everything and everything? Or to improve the management of enterprises within this concern? First Kalashnikov, now here’s East Kazakhstan region ... can anyone explain?
    1. Salamander
      Salamander 21 January 2014 12: 28
      Well, doesn't that sound like hidden nationalization? All private enterprises are combined into a large concern under state administration ... At least, this industry is easier to control ...
      1. AVV
        AVV 21 January 2014 21: 02
        And tearing is not possible, as was done in the 90s !!! Raider captures, and bankruptcy !!! With state corporation it is not possible !!!
    2. Nickanor
      Nickanor 21 January 2014 12: 51
      They are trying to unite what, fortunately, they did not have time to completely end ....
      Good job!
    3. Ascetic
      Ascetic 21 January 2014 20: 01
      Quote: StrateG
      First Kalashnikov, now here’s East Kazakhstan region ... can anyone explain?

      The fact is that the main shareholder of RTI is Mr. Yevtushenkov and its AFK Sistema (84,6%) and the Bank of Moscow (15,4%). And through OJSC RTI is the main shareholder of the RTI Sistema concern, which, in addition to the main developer of the radar station for East Kazakhstan, includes OJSC NPK NIIDAR, OJSC Academician A. Mints Radio Engineering Institute. CJSC ROSSPETSTEHMONTAZH is also co-executors in defense contracts. Therefore, we must, let's say, combine private corporate interests with state ones.
      1. kirieeleyson
        kirieeleyson 22 January 2014 08: 32
        and then who will guard the watchmen? wink
    4. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 21 January 2014 20: 58
      Rogozin’s activity is generally strange. Will it be, we will create it in the future, perhaps.
      1. wasilyek
        wasilyek 22 January 2014 00: 36
        So far, active chatter. Like Putin himself.
        Only general vague phrases and nothing more.
    5. alone
      alone 21 January 2014 22: 55
      Quote: StrateG
      Something strange activity at these concerns. The desire to combine everything and everything?

      the desire to concentrate all industries in the hands of one concern, in short monopolization. On the one hand, it’s kind of good, easier to manage, but about competition it’s bad. The development of an industry depends on competition, where several design bureaus or research centers deal with one problem for different methods and find the optimal solution.
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    6. wasilyek
      wasilyek 22 January 2014 00: 35
      The desire to just saw more.
  2. Andronic
    Andronic 21 January 2014 11: 52
    How did private traders turn out to be a defense link? Entrusting life with a merchant is like giving a wallet to a thief.
  3. moremansf
    moremansf 21 January 2014 11: 59
    Correct and timely decision, "time to collect stones", they have been pulled away for so many years ...
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Mviktor
    Mviktor 21 January 2014 12: 08
    "The President instructed to create a concern" Strategic aerospace defense systems

    It is high time for Putin to restore order not only in the defense industry, but throughout the economy, otherwise there will be no breakthrough in technology. The librarians at the Gaidar forum are already discussing, as it were, poorer to pass that the people did not notice Russia's natural resources to American companies
  6. Russ69
    Russ69 21 January 2014 12: 12
    It’s a good idea to combine. Nowadays, aerospace defense systems are very expensive and technically complex. And spraying means does not make sense.
  7. S-200
    S-200 21 January 2014 12: 17
    In the beginning they sold out "ineffective" defense state property their quietly ...
    Now they will contribute, at the beginning, to the market growth of the assets of this private property (consolidation), so that then - for our folk redeem their money! ...
    Well, what kind of "market" bl.di so impudently and impudently rule in Russia?!?! angry
    PS As always - on a plausible pretext ...
    1. S-200
      S-200 21 January 2014 15: 32
      I'm NOT AGAINST the enlargement ... BUT
      which of you will guarantee that you sold yesterday "ineffective" state property, tomorrow they will not announce the merger in the next national concern , and ...will redeem effective "offshore owners" her at exorbitant prices ??
      In what echelon of power do you warm your hands and fill your pockets?
      and to the people - another noodle on "progressive development" and "strengthening of the military-industrial complex of Russia" ...
    2. wasilyek
      wasilyek 22 January 2014 00: 38
      Nothing personal. Just a business!
      Once it was profitable to pull the defense and sell.
      Now it has become more profitable to "unite". Just a way of earning babos.
      The country and its defenses are, as usual, somewhere in place so on the last but one.
  8. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 21 January 2014 12: 41
    It is high time !
  9. Cormorants
    Cormorants 21 January 2014 12: 44
    The right decision, consolidation of enterprises into one large center.
  10. konvalval
    konvalval 21 January 2014 13: 31
    “Seven nannies have a child without an eye,” says the proverb. The chain of all possible approvals will disappear, decision-making will accelerate, and the corruption component will decrease. So everything is correct. D. Rogozin is great. With his arrival, the country's defense capability has increased.
    The military-industrial complex has revived significantly. Keep it up.
    REDBLUE 21 January 2014 13: 49
    Another office to wash state loot. But for a large concern. So the dough will be many times more.
    You can minus, but this is my opinion. I think the first stolen. Then they realized that they had to steal a lot. Create a concern. They also steal it. They will find an extreme one but will not put them in prison. Disassemble into small offices. The company cycle in nature
  12. Nitarius
    Nitarius 21 January 2014 13: 59
  13. Ustian
    Ustian 21 January 2014 15: 18
    China started to build second aircraft carrier
    NASSCO Company completed test the second mobile landing platform MLP
    Chinese have created analog UPAZ
    Singapore upgraded Victory class corvettes
    China completed the tests of its only aircraft carrier
    UAE Navy passed on third corvette type "Bainun"
    In Russia creation possible concern "strategic systems of East Kazakhstan region"
    Ground Forces to 2020 intend to update fleet of armored vehicles at 70%
    Around 70 weapons will experience at "Kapustin Yar" in 2014
    Russian Navy in 2014 year will take about 40 ships and ships
    Russian scientists ready create a robot fish for military purposes
    Naval Aviation SF will increase in 2014 year patrolling in the Arctic
    Of course, the look is a little one-sided, but words with a built-in sense of either uncertainty or deceit are distorted. It seems that they were informed and awaiting the reaction of those who were informed ... request
  14. D_L
    D_L 21 January 2014 17: 32
    That's right. The idea is good, if only in practice everything would work at least 75 percent.
  15. Leshka
    Leshka 21 January 2014 18: 10
    if they create the most important thing that the second skolkovo would not work
  16. Andrey Peter
    Andrey Peter 21 January 2014 19: 12
    Quote: Andronic
    How did private traders turn out to be a defense link?

    And it’s more convenient to steal money allocated for the defense industry, and the money is not small and poorly controlled.
    Quote: Mviktor
    It’s time for Putin to restore order not only in the defense industry, but throughout the economy

    For 14 years he has done nothing for the economy and do you believe that now he will quit and take care of everything?
  17. Stinger
    Stinger 21 January 2014 22: 15
    What are the difficulties? Everything has already been worked out. In order to create an integrated structure in accordance with our law, all state-owned enterprises that are part of it are corporatized and, thereby, are removed from the control of relevant ministries or agencies. After that, an effective manager is "selected" there, who knows little, but understands a lot. And then, as the head of OJSC "Control Systems", a great specialist in combat control systems, banker Alexei ANANYEV, said: "A significant amount of state investment in the defense industry must be strengthened by effective production management." And the path is open to success! Interested parties, of course. This is difficult to achieve in state-owned enterprises. There directors are appointed by competition. And the competition commission includes specialists from at least five ministries or agencies and local authorities. and give applicants a substantive examination. Saw, Shura, saw! The defense industry complex became gold.
  18. cease
    cease 22 January 2014 01: 20
    There is a danger of all kinds of tricks and omissions in any association. But the need for integration is long overdue by the most complex nature of aerospace defense. And individual unique solutions also require special attention to optimally pair them into a single whole. In addition, funding for common programs and projects will be more substantial. Such integration in the same USA has passed the stage, and we are still only discussing it, and with great suspicion. But it is precisely the whole system that serves as a guarantee of efficiency, and not at all its individual components. no matter how good and important they are.