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The Germans were surprised. Unknown History Facts

Presentation of the Germans about Russia

Meldungen aus dem Reich No.376, 15.04.1943

Chief of Security Police and SD, Directorate III
Berlin, 15 April 1943
SV II, Prince Albrechtstraße, 8.
Ex. N 74
Personally - Report immediately!

Messages from the empire N 376
Iii. Public perceptions of Russia: the results of the use of Soviet prisoners of war and Ostarbeiters in the empire.

Before the start of open hostile actions against the Soviet Union 22 June 1941, the German people, with very few exceptions, knew about the Soviet Union, its social and economic structure, and cultural life only from the press, films, propagandists and biased literature.

The overwhelming majority of the German people therefore saw in the Soviet Union an anti-humane and inanimate system of violence and imagined the Soviet people as a doomed, half-starved, stupid mass.

The Germans viewed hundreds of thousands of Ostarbeiters and prisoners of war sent here as living witnesses of the Bolshevik system, as a result of which the old image of Russia and propaganda created ideas about the Soviet people could be revised. According to numerous reports from the field, differences in the opinions of Germans of all strata widened and deepened. The population, still under the influence of the leading media, is convinced of the need for war against the Soviet regime and is in no way inclined to put themselves, when compared with Soviet Russians, on the same level as these representatives of Eastern peoples. During all the recurring, sometimes very lively discussions, opinions are often expressed that people from the Soviet Union are better, at least not as bad as they thought, conclusions are drawn about life in the Soviet Union, and there are also certain objections to German propaganda created submissions. So, already on the arrival of the first echelons with Ostarbeiters, many Germans were surprised by the good condition of their fatness (especially among civilian workers). Often you could hear such statements:
“They don't look starving at all. On the contrary, they still have fat cheeks and they must have lived well. ”

By the way, the head of a public health authority, after examining the Ostarbeiters, said: “I was actually amazed by the good appearance of the workers from the east. The workers' teeth caused the greatest surprise, since so far I have not yet found a single case in which a Russian woman has bad teeth. Unlike us Germans, they must pay a lot of attention to keeping their teeth in order. In many respects, perhaps, we were not informed exactly or we were not informed about the situation on the part of higher instances ”(Dortmund).

Doubts about previous ideas about Russia caused the following observations among the Germans.

1. Bolshevik godlessness and religiosity of Ostarbeiters

We have always pointed out that Bolshevism exterminated religion, showed intolerance towards the church, and religious beliefs. At the same time, countless people arrived to the empire during the recruitment of Ostarbeiters from the territories that were previously under the authority of the Soviets, who, what catches the eye, carry small crucifixes, portraits of Our Lady or icons. This is especially seen in the Catholic areas of the empire. In addition, these Ostarbeiters, especially women, often show deep, innate religiosity. From this, the German population concludes that under the Soviet system, which was struggling with religion, people were quite able to exercise their faith. Here is what is said about this in one of the reports received from peasant districts adjacent to Lignitsa: “The general opinion has changed a lot compared to the previous one. All that was said to us about Bolshevism and godlessness is claimed. exaggerated. All this is just propaganda. According to the stories of Soviet civilian workers who are here, there are still many churches in Russia where you can pray freely. ”

One worker from the same district said: “I thought that Russians have no religion, but they even pray.”

From Breslau, one head of the accounting department reported: “Ostarbeiters should register with me in order to place cards on them. At the same time, they almost always declare their belonging to the Orthodox Church. When pointing out that godlessness prevails in the Soviet Union and atheism is promoted, they explain that this is the case in Moscow, Kharkov, Stalingrad, Rostov and other large industrial centers, to a lesser extent in Leningrad. In the countryside, Soviet Russians are very religious. Almost every Russian questioned proved his Christian faith by having a small chain with a small cross with him. In addition, they said that probably young Ostarbeiters were partly involved in the atheistic movement, but in general there can be no talk of godlessness in Soviet Russia. It was just propaganda. ”

One illustrative example was reported from Frankfurt an der Oder. Here they could observe that when young Ostarbeiters used foul language, the elders reproached them for their sin, and this did not cause anger. In connection with the Orthodox Christmas, many Germans also became convinced that religious holidays are still celebrated in the Soviet Union. Christmas trees are decorated with religious pictures with crosses, while Christmas songs are sung. A report from Reichenberg cites German statements on this subject: “Everything possible is being done to hold these holidays. Even the German workers could not have done better. ”

Halle also reports: “The religious views of Ostarbeiters were best manifested at the time when they were being investigated for their culpability in the commission of petty crimes and misdemeanors, such as theft of potatoes, etc. Deep religious feelings broke through in fear of the corresponding severe punishment, when almost without exception, the punished Ostarbeiters turned to God with assurances, gave a promise on his behalf never to allow anything like that again. Indeed, it can be argued that Ostarbeiters, who gave assurances with references to God, in all cases kept their promises and did not commit more punishable actions. ”

The same message says: “In addition, religiosity can be judged by the fact that in their free time, men and women from the number of Ostarbeiters did not at all strive to visit cafes or restaurants, but went to church or were located near them.”

Another example, which is confirmed by reports from all parts of the empire, was communicated from the Ostarbeiters camp in Verdun County, where joint prayers are held every evening under the guidance of one pilgrim. Among our believers, it is noted that at different times in Germany the state and the party were not very friendly towards the church, and that the attitude of the Soviet system to the problems of religion was certainly similar to that adopted by our party and the state.

2. Intellect - Technical Awareness

The extermination of the Russian intelligentsia and the intoxication of the masses was also an important topic in the interpretation of Bolshevism. In German propaganda, the Soviet people acted as a stupid exploited creature, as the so-called "working robot". A German employee, on the basis of the work done by Ostarbeiters and their skills on a daily basis, often became convinced of the exact opposite. Numerous reports indicate that Ostarbeiters directing their technical knowledge to military enterprises directly perplexed German workers (Bremen, Reichenberg, Stettin, Frankfurt an der Oder, Berlin, Halle, Dortmund, Kiel and Beyrout). One worker from Beyreut in this regard said: “Our propaganda always presents Russians as stupid and stupid. But I found the opposite here. While working, Russians think and don’t look so stupid at all. It’s better for me to have 2 Russians at work than 5 Italians ... ”

Many reports indicate that a worker from the former Soviet regions is particularly aware of all technical devices. So, a German on his own experience more than once made sure that an Ostarbeiter, who by doing the most primitive means when doing work, can eliminate any kind of damage in motors, etc. Various examples of this kind are cited in a report from Frankfurt-on-Oder: “At one estate, the Soviet military prisoner figured out the engine with which the German experts did not know what to do: in a short time he launched it and discovered it in the box transmission gear damage that has not yet been noticed by the Germans serving the tractor. "

In Landsberg-on-Warta, the German brigade leaders instructed Soviet prisoners of war, most of whom came from the countryside, on the procedure for unloading machine parts. But this instruction was perceived by the Russians shaking their heads, and they did not follow him. They performed the unloading much faster and technically more practical, so their ingenuity greatly amazed the German employees.

The director of a Silesian flax spinner (the city of Glogau), regarding the use of Ostarbeiters, stated the following: “Ostarbeiters sent here immediately demonstrate technical awareness and do not need more training than the Germans.”

Ostarbeiters can still make something worthwhile from “all sorts of rubbish”, for example, from old hoops to make spoons, knives, etc. From one workshop, the matting reports that braiding machines, which have long been in need of repair, were brought to primitive means by ostarbeiters again. And it was done as well as if it was a specialist.

From the conspicuous large number of students among the Ostarbeiters, the German population concludes that the level of education in the Soviet Union is not as low as we have often depicted. German workers, who had the opportunity to observe the technical skills of Ostarbeiters at work, believe that in all likelihood not the best of Russians get to Germany, since the Bolsheviks sent their most qualified workers from large enterprises to the Urals. In all this, many Germans find a definite explanation for the unprecedented amount of weapons from the enemy, which we were told during the war in the east. Already the largest number of good and difficult weapons testifies to the presence of qualified engineers and specialists. The people who led the Soviet Union to such achievements in military production should have undoubted technical skills.

3. Illiteracy and observable education

Previously, the wider German population held the opinion that in the Soviet Union, people are marked by illiteracy and a low level of education. The use of Ostarbeiters now gave rise to contradictions, which often led the Germans to confusion. Thus, in all reports from the field it is stated that illiterate people make up a very small percentage. In a letter from a certified engineer who ran a factory in Ukraine, for example, it was reported that at his enterprise of 1800 only three employees were illiterate (Mr. Reichenberg). Similar conclusions follow from the examples below.

“According to many Germans, the current Soviet school education is much better than it was in the days of tsarism. Comparison of the skills of Russian and German agricultural workers is often in favor of the Soviet ”(Stettin).

“Special amazement has caused widespread knowledge of German, which is studied even in rural junior high schools” (Frankfurt an der Oder).

“A student from Leningrad studied Russian and German literature, she can play the piano and speaks many languages, including fluent German ...” (Breslau).

“I almost disgraced myself,” said one apprentice, “when I asked the Russian a small arithmetic task. I had to strain all my knowledge in order to keep up with it ... ”(Bremen).

"Many believe that Bolshevism brought the Russians out of limitation" (Berlin).

“Their interest in education is average. First of all, young Russians are well acquainted with printed materials, they even speak German and ask them to give them brochures and books on which they could further learn German. They clearly write their names not only in Cyrillic, but also in Latin script. They seek to get any piece of paper and use every opportunity to get information. I found that Russians in their places of residence make various games, including even chess, from cardboard and other materials for entertainment (Frankfurt / Oder).

4. Family feelings and morality

In German propaganda, much was said that the Bolshevik system liquidated the family, this germinal cell of the state. Reports from various parts of the empire unanimously state that it is precisely among Ostarbeiters that clearly expressed family feelings are preserved and good morality is observed. Only among Soviet prisoners of war this is less pronounced, which may be explained by the fact that during their long military service they were separated from their families. The report from Lignitsa says: “Ostarbeiters write a lot and receive a lot of letters. They show a lot of care for their relatives, especially during periods of German retreat. They buy a lot of writing paper and various items for gifts. A sales representative of a factory said: I thought the Russians had no family, but one girl always asked if her brother could work with us. He is now working next door. One father constantly inquires about his daughter, who must also be in Germany. One woman wants to erect a monument to her dead husband. Russians often take pictures to send pictures to their families. One Russian cried a lot because of how he said that he and his wife were sent here, and their four children were forced to stay at home ... ”

The ideas of our population about the family feelings of the Bolsheviks are directly opposed to what our propaganda said. Russians take great care of their loved ones, and they have orderly family relationships there. At any opportunity they communicate with each other. There are close ties between parents, children, their grandparents.

In Berlin, two Russian domestic servants fled home, leaving the mistress with the following letter: “We are children and with all our heart we want to be with our mothers. And if you have a mother's heart (and you also have it), then, thinking about your own children, you can imagine our state, you should have compassion for us and you will understand that we have parted from a relatively prosperous life, since Russians cannot rely on the best here, and decided to go to torment, hunger, cold and, perhaps, death only to be in their own home ... We owed you some of the things you gave us. We chose to keep them. Without them, it would be easier and better for us, but we do not have a single piece of bread, and we could exchange things for food. When we arrive home, our relatives will express threefold gratitude to you not only for your belongings, but also for your kind attitude ... No, we will not be better, and we would never leave you, but our goal is to get home. ”

In this regard, a case was reported from Berlin, which German employees cite as an example of the fact that a sense of camaraderie is also characteristic of Ostarbeiters:
“The head of the camp at the plant“ Doychen Asbest-Cement AG ”, speaking to the Ostarbeiters, said that they should work with even greater diligence. One of the ostarbeiters shouted: "Then we should get more food." The camp commander demanded that the shouted stand up. At first, no one reacted to this, but then about 80 men and 50 women rose. ”

Many Germans are often surprised by Russian workers with their personal cleanliness and the love with which they decorate their homes. The Germans did not expect this from them.

Sexually, Ostarbeiters, especially women, display healthy restraint. For example, at the Lauta-Verk plant (Zentenberg) newborn 9 appeared and another 50 is expected. All but two are children of married couples. And although 6 to 8 families sleep in the same room, there is no total licentiousness.

A similar situation is reported from Kiel: “In general, a Russian woman in sexual terms does not at all correspond to the ideas of German propaganda. Sexual debauchery is completely unknown to her. In various districts, the population says that during the general medical examination of the eastern female workers, all the girls had established virginity that remained. ”

This data is confirmed by a report from Breslau: “The Wolfen film factory reports that during the medical examination at the enterprise, it was found that 90% of Eastern workers aged from 17 to 29 were chaste. According to various German representatives, the impression is that the Russian man pays due attention to the Russian woman, which ultimately is also reflected in the moral aspects of life. ”

5. Soviet methods of domination and punishment

An exceptionally large role in propaganda is assigned to the GPU. Especially strongly influenced by the representations of the German population influenced links to Siberia and executions. German businessmen and workers were very surprised when the German labor front re-pointed out that among the Ostarbeiters there are no people who would be punished in their own country. With regard to the violent methods of the GPU, which our propaganda hoped to confirm in many respects, then, to everyone’s amazement, no large cases were found in the large camps for forcing Ostarbeiters to be forcibly exiled, arrested or shot. Part of the population shows skepticism about this and believes that the Soviet Union is not so bad with forced labor and terror, as has always been said, that the actions of the GPU do not define the main part of life in the Soviet Union, as was thought earlier.

Thanks to these kinds of observations, which are reported in the reports from the field, the ideas about the Soviet Union and its people have changed a lot. All these individual observations, which are perceived as contradicting the previous propaganda, give rise to much thought. Where anti-Bolshevik propaganda continued to operate with the help of old and well-known arguments, it no longer aroused interest and faith, as it was before and in the first period of the German-Soviet war. Wishes are expressed that, if possible, a real picture of everyday Russian life, its people, etc. be given. Some calmly reflecting Germans believe that it is not necessary to judge the Soviet Union as a whole for Ostarbeiters, since, for example, they act here more religiously more freely than in the Soviet Union, where they were under pressure. However, the changes that have already taken place in connection with the people who arrived in the empire are not enough to eliminate all doubts that have arisen in former ideas about Russia, not to mention the fact that very often such reflections do not occur.

Bundesarchiv Koblenz. Reichssicherheitshauptamt. R 58 / 182. Meldungen aus dem Reich Nr. Xnumx
Translation and first publication of the candidate historical Sciences Anatoly Yakushevsky, "Source", N3, 1995
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    BARKAS April 6 2013 09: 24 New
    And now Dr. Goebbels lives in many Western and some Russian politicians.
    1. Owl
      Owl April 6 2013 09: 37 New
      Instead of being proud of our victories and soberly refers to the past, now in Russia there is a blackening of the Soviet period of history, against the background of a landslide decline in the education of the younger generation, the removal of all social benefits from the bulk of the population of Russia, starting from the mid-80s (from the arrival of Humpbacked) and especially after the beginning of the 90s, there is (on command from the Kremlin) the distortion and denigration of History. Looking at "today's realities": at the interdependence of all levels and all representatives of this government, at their corruption, at their theft and their impunity, I would like to ask "Mr. VVP" if he knows that the "protection" of criminals is also A CRIME.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS April 6 2013 09: 52 New
        After the collapse of the 90s and the fall in the level of education, it is worth thinking very much about your history. Or rather, they want to re-write to keep the class in power to please the class.
        Will the PEOPLE'S ACTION IN WWII be in the new history ?? Will young people understand why 30 mil people died
      2. avt
        avt April 6 2013 09: 53 New
        Quote: Eagle Owl
        Instead of being proud of their victories and soberly referring to the past, now there is a blackening of the Soviet period of history in Russia, against the background of a landslide decline in the education of the younger generation, the removal of all social benefits from the bulk of the population of Russia, starting in the mid-80s (from the arrival of Gorbaty), and especially after the beginning of the 90s, a distortion and blackening of History takes place (at the command of the Kremlin).

        request Well, you really do not consider them fools there in the West. Draw conclusions from the Second World War and now bring to life. According to the commandments of Dulles, which, according to the liberals, has never been and never is.
        1. Owl
          Owl April 6 2013 10: 39 New
          I have never considered enemies and opponents as fools, considering an adversary a fool, a weak and uninitiated opponent is also a crime that leads to unjustified losses and to failure to complete a task.
        2. Yashka Gorobets
          Yashka Gorobets April 6 2013 13: 35 New
          Everyone had known this plan of Dappes for a long time, but most of them believed that this was so, nonsense. And now we have what we have.
      3. Skiff-2
        Skiff-2 April 6 2013 17: 04 New
        Mikhalkov would have read this article instead of those "mountains of archival data" and "kilometers of newsreels", but he has other informants. During the war, the Russian people cleansed themselves, became kinder, more honest, and righteous. I remember veterans in the 70s, 80s were still quite strong men - they were just holy people with a completely different mentality than they are now, and the old people in the 80s said "a new war is needed - the people are completely spoiled" and did not say from bloodlust or stupidity they just remembered that after the war people got better. I don't know what they would say now, but in the 90s they just died ... of despair.
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa April 6 2013 21: 31 New
          Quote: Skif-2
          and the old people said in the 80s "a new war is needed - the people have completely deteriorated"

          Apparently you and I came across various old men. But how many I did not meet with the front-line soldiers, none of them said that a new war was needed. Always said that ready to work from morning until dawn, starve, give back the last shirt, but only so that "Red" (the old fashioned way!) Army has everything, and so that there is no war... And sometimes such things were said about the war that the hair stood on end. It was the bloody truth of the great war, not cinematic. Therefore, excuse me, I do not believe that the front-line soldiers fought for the war "like a cleansing wind over the swamp of life" (according to Malthus).
      4. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 April 6 2013 17: 48 New
        I am very disgusted to pick up a son’s textbook on history
        1. late
          late April 6 2013 21: 19 New
          Don't worry, a history textbook, uniform for the whole of Russia, will soon be released and you will see that everything will be our way! And he will come out precisely at the insistence of Vladimir Putin, some, without delving into the essence of things, call him "master". Especially for them, he is not a master, he is just a former counterintelligence agent and the tactics of his actions are appropriate. Not to tell the enemy what is in your mind and at the same time to be understood even by my grandmother from a village of twenty houses is a great art for a politician. ... Liberals will never master it, the brains are not the same!
      5. late
        late April 6 2013 21: 20 New
        Name specifically what criminals Putin protects and what you personally incriminate them.
        1. Owl
          Owl April 7 2013 09: 41 New
          For specifics, I give only one example: Serdyukov. The actions of this person involved are as follows: abuse of office, embezzlement on an especially large scale, failure to fulfill official and official duties at the proper level, squandering (theft and sale) of property of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, use of human and material resources of the Ministry of Defense (hence Russia) for other purposes , but for the purpose of personal enrichment. All this very closely borders on treason. But for the merchant (and put his GDP in the "first presidency"), a personal wallet is much more important than the Motherland.
          1. late
            late April 7 2013 20: 15 New
            So he will sit down and Putin himself will imprison him. I can’t, of course, judge why he was appointed to this post.
            1. Owl
              Owl April 7 2013 21: 10 New
              Your words, yes to God in the ears, for those who are not associated with Putin and Zubkov at least "house arrest" defined.
              1. washi
                washi April 9 2013 13: 03 New
                And under the constant guard of the FSO - this is what is called
    2. brelok
      brelok April 6 2013 11: 16 New
      Back in World War I, we were portrayed as cannibals for whom a German child is a delicacy !. And in the Second World War we saw exactly who the savage and the barbarian! And after 70 years, their attitude has not changed. Barbarians!
    3. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk April 6 2013 15: 48 New
      Quote: BARKAS
      And now Dr. Goebbels lives in many Western and some Russian politicians.

      Now it’s not Goebbels, now in this dirty trick lives servility to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Dupons and other abominations.
  2. shurup
    shurup April 6 2013 09: 46 New
    Modern osterbayters continue to amaze Germans with the knowledge of several languages, occupy highly qualified jobs and are not gay at the same time. The Germans only complain about a significant decrease in the percentage of virgins among the female part of the contingent, but with a practical lack of lesbianism amid remnants of religiosity.
    The Russians are still distinguished by moderate fatness, the capacity for work of five Italians each, but they are not yet fully oriented towards the aforementioned Western democratic values ​​..
    1. bask
      bask April 6 2013 10: 14 New
      The USSR was the largest state in the world in terms of area, second in terms of economic and military power, and third in terms of population. The USSR was created on December 30, 1922, when the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) merged with the Ukrainian and Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republics and the Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. All these achievements in the USSR were achieved in just 20 YEARS !!!!!!
      And what Russia has achieved ,,,, for 20 years, the rule of the liberals, the collapse in the economy and the spiritual degradation of society.
      NEEDED A LEADER AS TOV I.S. STALIN. To pull the country out of this quagmire.
      1. shurup
        shurup April 6 2013 11: 10 New
        "We say Lenin, we mean the Party."
        Without party leadership in the field, without party discipline, not one, even the greatest leader, will turn around further than his office.
        Liberalism implies the prevalence of the personal over the public and denies leadership. In its bowels only a temporary dictator can be born to achieve specific goals.
        Valuable personnel are now being evacuated from the temporarily occupied territories not to the Urals, but to Germany and some other countries.
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa April 6 2013 22: 18 New
          Quote: shurup
          Without party leadership on the ground, ... not one, not even the greatest leader, will unfold further than his office.

          Story lady strict but fair! In Russia, great things were done by great people with their own team. Ivan Vasilyevich (Grozny) - with the guardsmen, Peter Apekseevich (GREAT!) With the guardsmen of the Semenovsky and Preobrazhensky regiments. (Each governor, boyar was assigned a Guards sergeant, who ensured that Peter's decrees were executed on the ground). IN AND. Lenin (Ulyanov) came to power with professional revolutionaries - the Bolsheviks. True I.V. Stalin, together with GBisty, exhausted all Jewish revolutionaries with Judas Trotsky (Bronstein Leiba Davidovich) and saved the country from the victims of the world revolution ...
          And then there were no teams! Who in the forest, who for firewood! The rotting and rebirth overslept and fell into the abyss of stagnation. I sometimes think: wasn’t Mao right about sending snobby party bureaucrats and clerks to be re-educated in the village (cultural revolution). Maybe Yu. V. Andropov (who also relied on organs) would he live longer, would he bring order to the country?
          What now? Who does the GDP rely on? The attempt to create the Popular Front instead of the pryuhan EP and the enticed partocrats is an attempt of the leader to rally like-minded people for the reorganization of the country. But the GDP team does not. St. Petersburg is also not clean on hand ... So you will think: what is better? - Honest dictatorship or kindly democracy of the Russian spill. IMHO,
      2. Ser 47RUS
        Ser 47RUS April 6 2013 11: 53 New
        All of course, correctly and beautifully, you painted about the unification of the republics over 20 years, but let me: what methods did all this do?
        Raskulachka, the Gulag, executions, etc.
        I don’t want some dropout to take my property.
        And for a joke they planted them for so many ... years.
        1. shurup
          shurup April 6 2013 12: 30 New
          France, on the way to liberal democracy, survived the periods of several republics, foreign invasions, and itself walked right up to Moscow. During this time, the population of only, for example, the Vendée was carved up to infants.
          Aristocrats paved the potholes on the roads, and the survivors preferred to settle in the same Russia and not recall the lost property, selected by some innkeepers-murats and other grooms.
          And you say 20 years.
        2. Mikhado
          Mikhado April 6 2013 16: 23 New
          Quote: Ser 47RUS
          All of course, correctly and beautifully, you painted about the unification of the republics over 20 years, but let me: what methods did all this do?
          Raskulachka, the Gulag, executions, etc.
          I don’t want some dropout to take my property.
          And for a joke they planted them for so many ... years.

          Read about the methods that "civilized countries" used to build empires and change social formats, about the number of victims along the way - you will be unpleasantly surprised. More than one template will crack.
          Not all you need to subscribe to the magazine "Ogonyok" for 1987 read ...
        3. Eugene
          Eugene April 6 2013 19: 13 New
          You name at least one acquaintance, dispossessed, imprisoned for an anecdote. I personally don’t know such. Which I advise you. And there is no sense to quote Ogonyok here from the early 90s. Sincerely, former anti-communist.
        4. bask
          bask April 7 2013 08: 01 New
          Quote: Ser 47RUS
          Raskulachka, Gulag, executions, etc.

          And now, over the 20 years of the reign of liberals, how many young people died from illnesses were killed -Millions ofAnd the end, this bacchanalia of lawlessness is not visible !!!
 April 7 2013 09: 06 New
          Quote: Ser 47RUS
          I don’t feel like some kind of dropout took my property.

          Are you having problems with the legality of your property? The people have long spoken about this: "they will put you in jail, but you don't steal!" laughing
          Quote: Ser 47RUS
          And for a joke they planted them for so many ... years.

          Are you surrounded by some informers? A strange circle of friends ... Maybe because you are afraid that you will be dispossessed? laughing
        6. Captain45
          Captain45 April 7 2013 10: 13 New
          And you don’t waste in vain, don’t throw mud at the country where you live and no one will touch you.
        7. Andrey from Tver
          Andrey from Tver April 8 2013 09: 22 New
          Bump ...
          Kulaks (also world-eaters) - in Russia before the October Revolution - well-to-do peasants who use wage labor (peasant employers), as well as those engaged in the resale of finished agricultural goods, usury, and mediation. Personally, I do not mind them.
          GULAG ... Go to Breivik, it's better there.
          Executions. Now this is the only remedy for corruption.
        8. SASCHAmIXEEW
          SASCHAmIXEEW April 18 2013 18: 50 New
          Aren't the "transgressions" of Stalin too exaggerated by Khrushchem, who saved his life? And the Ostarbeiters, according to the Germans, for whom they worked did not talk about the horrors of repression and the Gulag, and there were not so many victims sucked out of the finger by "truthful writers"! Each ruler has his own policy! But what kind of toadstool is Putin twisting, the question is?
  3. omsbon
    omsbon April 6 2013 10: 00 New
    In the battle we surprised the Germans even more !
    1. Black
      Black April 6 2013 17: 05 New
      Quote: omsbon
      In battle, we surprised the Germans even more!

      “Son, I’m completely surprised and I don’t like the people who have surrounded you lately ..” wrote Frau Paulus in 1943 to his son near Stalingrad.
  4. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 6 2013 10: 01 New
    1. In Europe, now the period of attack on religion has almost passed. There is no one to almost attack. The religious feelings of Europeans are greatly destroyed. Of particular concern to them now is that the former Catholic parishes are being replaced by ... Orthodox.
    2. The intelligence of Europeans is declining at an unprecedented rate. Almost all "new directions" are old yeast. No wonder - "if you're so smart, why not rich?" Generally, it’s because it’s not intelligence that is needed to gain wealth. The price is cunning, meanness and connections ...
    3. After talking with a European on any intellectual topic, you will be amazed to find that outside his profession he is ... stupid like a navel! And very, very little that he knows at all ...
    4. As for morality and family ... comments are superfluous.
    5. Go to Finland and your children will be taken away. Have a defense specialization, and they will torture you to death somewhere in the Netherlands, like that pathetic oppositionist, or you can even be sent to American prisons somewhere in Poland, without trial, investigation and sentence ....
    Europe is fully ripe for liberation. Even Hitler would be a salvation for her now.
    1. wax
      wax April 6 2013 15: 31 New
      Their ideal is outlined in the "Hour of the Bull" by I. Efremov - the transformation of the Earth into the planet Tormans.
      The inhabitants of the planet are divided into two classes - “ki” (short-lived) and “ji” (long-lived), the separation occurs in childhood on the basis of test results. The former do not receive education, they only work physically and are obliged to die in the Temple of Tender Death when they are 25 years old (there are some groups surviving 30 years old, those who work in the entertainment sector; on the contrary, those who become disabled are sent to "tender death" ahead of schedule). They are a source of rapidly replenished labor, which does not create a burden for society on medical care or pensions (most die healthy). The second - scientists, technicians, people of art, representing value with their knowledge. Antagonism between classes exists and is artificially supported in society, “ji” and “ki” despise and hate each other, they are divided and even speak differently.
      The power over the planet belongs to the oligarchic dictatorship and is based on the politics of terror.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 April 6 2013 21: 12 New
        At three classes. Read Efremov again, slowly, thoughtfully, better with a pencil in his hand. It's worth it, believe me ...
  5. Iraclius
    Iraclius April 6 2013 10: 26 New
    It is disgusting to read how these nonhumans described our fellow citizens. Like cattle appreciated - thick cheeks, good teeth ... angry
    1. dmb
      dmb April 6 2013 19: 01 New
      I agree with you. The publication of such articles does not color the site. I personally don't give a damn what the German people thought he was to my people, for I know what he did with him. Otherwise, it turns out that we should be glad that the "good Germans" have received their sight, having found out that their slaves are not such dumb and slaughtered cattle. They saw their sight when they heard our artillery. And not earlier.
      1. Raphael_83
        Raphael_83 April 7 2013 22: 33 New
        Since they began to recall good-quality Russian literature, I will also put in my five cents:
        "- I cannot agree with you! Class consciousness ...
        - You would not argue the divisional one now, but six months ago with Pavlov and Mehlis. Now a German worker is at war with us, who deeply does not care about abstract international solidarity. They will remember about our class affiliation when we force the Oder and start taking them prisoner in packs, not earlier. "(Berestin in the shoes of the commander Markov, V. Zvyagintsev" Odysseus leaves Ithaca "(part" When a comrade sends us into battle Stalin ")). hi
      2. washi
        washi April 9 2013 13: 17 New
        And I think the opposite. The site has young people (from different republics) who are brainwashed. Let them read what really happened.
  6. UrraletZ
    UrraletZ April 6 2013 10: 44 New
    the usual liberal slop with which they like to feed "subhumans" "handshakes"
    1. washi
      washi April 9 2013 13: 21 New
      You to whom?
  7. politruk419
    politruk419 April 6 2013 11: 11 New
    Surprised Germans simply did not learn Russian well.
    And then they were surprised in the 45th.
  8. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 6 2013 11: 55 New
    Foreigners - enemies describe Russian people in a positive, much more positive way than their own propaganda. What is happening now? My acquaintance, an Uzbek, a man who has been making money with us for more than a year, says that they have a woman with a cigarette, it’s a prostitute and you can easily come up and ask how much it costs. And how many girls do we have? After that, please tell me who has a higher level of culture. I have always believed that people with a higher culture are assimilating uncultured nations. And now honestly admit that in mixed pairs, most often the man is not Russian, but a Slav woman. Shame on you guys. We are being colonized and assimilated. What to do?
    1. Eugene
      Eugene April 6 2013 19: 19 New
      They all lie, the fish rots from the head ..!
      1. washi
        washi April 9 2013 13: 28 New
        Who's everyone? Germans? So there, mainly, the eastern borderlands and Belorussians were driven. If they lie, then the Ukrainians are a dumb mass.
    2. Conepatus
      Conepatus April 6 2013 21: 06 New
      A people with culture does not consider itself superior to others and does not teach them how to live.
      1. washi
        washi April 9 2013 13: 23 New
        Tell the pope. or from without cultural?
  9. bazillius
    bazillius April 6 2013 11: 59 New
    You need to know the true story of your people.
  10. RPD
    RPD April 6 2013 12: 25 New
    as far as I can remember, Easter was always celebrated, Shrovetide, name day)))) and this in a purely communist family))) good can not harm good
    1. Marek Rozny
      Marek Rozny April 8 2013 22: 12 New
      in-in. my father was a deeply partisan, true Communist, so I did the Muslim circumcision on the day of the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution)))))
  11. honest jew
    honest jew April 6 2013 12: 44 New
    Russians slurp cabbage soup!
  12. faser
    faser April 6 2013 15: 04 New
    Russian vodka does not even take, only democracy and liberalism can destroy the Russian people.
  13. Vovka levka
    Vovka levka April 6 2013 15: 10 New
    And what is there to be surprised?
    It is worth going to any country, to live there a little, and you will understand that before that all your knowledge about this country was ridiculous.
    1. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 April 7 2013 22: 43 New
      I bet you, but still it concerns more traditionally frankly stupid / ridiculous stereotypes like: frogs - cowardly, bosh - foolish, Jews - cunning, samurai - two-faced bitches ** s children (the latter, however, is fair) hi
      Nevertheless, in our days of global informatization, when it is possible in real time to see what is happening (and if there are good friends / relatives behind the hill, it’s completely first-hand), and therefore there is less hopeless stupidity like bears with balalaikas.
      1. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka April 7 2013 23: 42 New
        There are no questions, we all perfectly understand this.
  14. pinecone
    pinecone April 6 2013 16: 07 New
    Quote: omsbon
    In the battle we surprised the Germans even more !

    Not all. Those officers and generals of the Wehrmacht who had fought in the First World War on the Eastern Front praised the fighting qualities of a Russian soldier, and many of them warned their immediate superiors about this before the attack on the USSR.
    GOLUBENKO April 6 2013 16: 50 New
    There was already such an article in the winter.
  16. воронов
    воронов April 6 2013 22: 39 New
    And they were surprised at the walls of the Brest Fortress, then in November 1941. near Moscow, they continued to be surprised at Stalingrad and on the Kursk Bulge, and at the end they became frenzied with surprise in May of 1945. in Berlin laughing
  17. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich April 6 2013 22: 58 New
    The Germans make films / fathers and mothers / about the "HUMAN GERMAN OCCUPATION". The TRUTH is that the German barbarians-occupiers came to our land, who, for the sake of fun, raped and killed the citizens of the USSR. As a cadet in 1973, after a planned speech by participants in the Second World War, I listened to the truth about the atrocities of the German sadists who came to our land to rule. Forgetting this and believing the fables of modern Germans, WE doom ourselves to repeating this HORROR.
  18. olegff68
    olegff68 April 7 2013 01: 38 New
    What is really there! The majority of the "modern civilized" people to this day consider the Russians to be pigs, not disdaining to wash themselves in a crowd from one sink (out of economy), walk around the house in shoes and sleep in clothes (and in the same shoes)! lol
    1. Rinat-m
      Rinat-m April 7 2013 12: 06 New
      You are absolutely right. For example, Churchill, having first arrived in Moscow in August 1942 for negotiations with Stalin, was simply amazed by everything he saw in Moscow, starting from the guard of honor at the airport, his luxurious apartments at State Dacha No. 9, where he was settled, the impeccable training of the attendants, the tables at dinner, bursting with delicacies. He was delighted even by the officer assigned to him for various assignments - grenadier growth, with an aristocratic appearance and manners and impeccable English. He describes all this in his memoirs. And how he describes his first meeting with Stalin - "and then I first met with a great revolutionary leader, a wise statesman and a great warrior, with whom I had different, sometimes harsh, but always exciting relationships for several years." Odes of praise to Stalin follow on several pages, on which Churchill described the course of the negotiations. Our military leaders also write about this meeting in their memoirs. Air Marshal Golovanov describes something like the dinner in the Kremlin on the occasion of Churchill's reception: that Churchill, slightly drunk, offered Stalin a kind of competition - who will drink whom. They drank with Stalin the same way throughout the evening, and Golovanov constantly looked at Stalin with concern - Churchill is a well-known drunkard, and his complexion cannot be compared with the Stalinist complexion. When the chopped-off Churchill was carried away from the table, Stalin came up to Golovanov and asked with a grin: “Why are you staring at me? "

      But the point is different - Churchill - this western aristocrat and sybarite, for the first time in his life saw an ordinary mixer in his apartment in the bathroom - when hot and cold water flows out of one pipe. Before that, all his life, he used separate taps for cold and hot water, or simply washed himself from the sink ... Subsequently, he applied this know-how in his dacha. According to him, the use of such a "system" is possible only if they do not save water, and the British live in a regime of strict water saving (that is, they are not at all friendly with water and they probably wash once a week or two). This he himself writes in his memoirs. He was also shocked by the thickness of the side glass in the car that was taking him from the airfield - more than 2 inches (5 centimeters), which far exceeded all the records he knew ... And these Western "civilized" gentlemen will still teach us about life?
  19. Ratibor12
    Ratibor12 April 7 2013 02: 26 New
    Hordes of Western savages-subhuman invaded the USSR and, well, they were surprised by high culture and education !!! Well, then they are savages, so as not to know simple things.
  20. dddym
    dddym April 7 2013 07: 46 New
    The information war is part of the ordinary war. She is still working. Western financial bigwigs cling to any straw, just to justify themselves in front of people. And we bought for their money and formless and unscrupulous democracy gladly dissolve the dirt without thinking that we ourselves are sitting in the trash. The problem is not that someone in the west hung a stamp on the Russians and sewed a label, but that we ourselves are happy to wear this label. We are required to admit that we are losers. And we believed in it - the result - the collapse of the USSR. If we allow something else like that, then you can just give our children and wives to anyone who wants to. The only way is to get up off your knees. Shake out the Solzhenitsyn, Rezunov and the like scum from the country. Finally, start creating your own country. To return what was given to reproach, namely, resources, land, cancel the results of privatization, always react very sharply to any provocation up to the use of force. Especially to those countries and politicians who do not want, do not want to understand that our sacrifices are our holiness. Stop indifferently watching the United States calmly divide this world between its financial interests.
    1. washi
      washi April 9 2013 13: 33 New
      Sorry, where did you download this text from?
      1. dddym
        dddym April 9 2013 19: 02 New
        Vasya is my own text written, and if you saw plagiarism - take the trouble to drop the link from :(
  21. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 7 2013 09: 17 New
    We would still have bosses and sensible leaders. And then they usually put forward the most stupid ones to raise, so that they would not interfere with work. In the late Union, it was generally believed that it was not worthwhile to stand out and should be equal to the weakest. In short, no selection of frames. And as a result, they came to 90 with the fact that people who were capable of more supported the overthrow of the system. Only now to demonstrate their uniqueness is now possible only in the field of trade.
    1. washi
      washi April 9 2013 13: 36 New
      There were people in the USSR, but they were either pushed in or removed. Werewolves already worked, and they became the leaders of the "republics"
      1. dddym
        dddym April 16 2013 08: 36 New
        Christmas trees - did not notice this post. Of course, I'm sorry, but where is the rationality in your remarks? Where did such glaring facts come from? Is it now customary to simply blurt out - and all agree at once? What is this form of democracy? Well, actually it’s clear where the water comes from ...
      SASCHAmIXEEW April 18 2013 19: 14 New
      But really, the way it was! And the power turned out to be worthless little people whom we ourselves put forward! We are to blame for everything! And now we do not go to the polls, they say everything is decided, nothing can be changed! Wake up people !!!! Everything is in our hands!!!
  22. Rinat-m
    Rinat-m April 7 2013 11: 23 New
    It is no longer a secret to anyone that the revolutions in Russia of 1905 and 1917 were organized by the British special services. Like the Russo-Japanese War, World War I and World War II. For Britain, Russia has been the main geopolitical enemy throughout the centuries. And the main rule of the foreign policy of Great Britain, and later the United States, was the all-round economic and military weakening of Russia. It is desirable with the help of revolutions and wars. The Bolsheviks had nothing to do with the February Revolution of 1917. No wonder she was called bourgeois. This revolution was made by the Russian bourgeoisie, and it was led by generals-Masons and politicians-Masons. Kerensky was a British intelligence agent and a Freemason, respectively. Surprisingly, practically all the generals - the future leaders of the White Guard movement, except for Baron Wrangel, "had a hand" in the arrest and overthrow of Nicholas II. They broke the oath, betrayed their Motherland and still had the audacity to call themselves "saviors of the Fatherland" in the Civil War! Kerensky, in a matter of months of rule, purposefully destroyed the army, economy and administrative structure of Russia to the ground, fulfilling the tasks assigned to him by the British. The Bolsheviks simply picked up the Power that was lying under their feet - no other party dared to take on such a responsibility to save Russia. Then the British organized the Civil War to further weaken Russia - helping both the reds and whites at the same time. The Reds won quite objectively. The people perceived Soviet power as their own power. By people, I mean not workers and peasants, but all strata of the population. According to recent historical data, about 30% of Russian officers and generals fought on the side of the Whites, more than 30% fought for the Reds, and about 30% did not participate in the war. If the whites won, then Russia would simply be occupied and "sawed" to pieces by their curators - the British and the Americans. Kolchak, for example, being the "Supreme Ruler of Russia", was also a career officer in the British Royal Navy. The Bolsheviks saved Russia by restoring the borders of the Russian Empire, almost to the previous borders - only Poland and Finland fell away. The communists simply postponed for more than 70 years those processes of all-out destruction of the country that had been planned by the British for centuries and had been planned by the Americans for decades, which are taking place in Russia now and which we "have the good fortune" to observe. Stalin, on the other hand, raising Russia from the ruins in the 20s and 30s, in every possible way raised the education of the people. So, there is nothing surprising in the opinions of the Germans, intoxicated by Goebbels' propaganda. Although, there are also opposite examples - many Germans wrote in their newspapers in the spring of 1941 - "why does not Stalin come to Berlin? Why does he not come out onto the balcony of the Reich Chancellery together with Hitler in front of the German people? Then we, together with Stalin and the Russian people, would instantly defeat Churchill and captured the United States! "
    1. washi
      washi April 9 2013 13: 38 New
      Put a minus. Alien texts are easy to hold.
      1. dddym
        dddym April 9 2013 19: 06 New
        Vasily, if such texts are taken from somewhere, then they are written by someone, why do you think that they cannot be written by the authors ????????????????????
  23. dddym
    dddym April 7 2013 11: 42 New
    The title of the article is alarming. "THE GERMANS WERE SURPRISED." How dare we surprise the Germans at all? What impudents! That would give everything just without surprising anyone, without traumatizing the delicate German psyche! Greenpeace is not on us! This is the genocide of all mankind turns out! Some Bush was surprised there and you have a heart attack. Just a weapon of mass destruction! It seems worthwhile to think about it - it can surprise once and for all, take and just send all their capital, stock exchanges (including labor). On ... And also surprise by the fact that to take and return to ourselves what was stolen from us, fraudulently taken away.
  24. Leisure
    Leisure April 7 2013 12: 04 New
    Any expression of surprise, a sign of ignorance, or not wanting to know what is happening around. The Germans overestimated themselves too much and didn’t bother themselves to know others. They paid for it.
    Ask a common man in the USA about other countries, I think the answers will not differ much from the German ones of that time. The enemy must be terrible, wild and stupid, then he is not at all sorry (like an animal) and the "new Nazis" have a reason to clean up the territories.
  25. Leisure
    Leisure April 7 2013 12: 04 New
    Any expression of surprise, a sign of ignorance, or not wanting to know what is happening around. The Germans overestimated themselves too much and didn’t bother themselves to know others. They paid for it.
    Ask a common man in the USA about other countries, I think the answers will not differ much from the German ones of that time. The enemy must be terrible, wild and stupid, then he is not at all sorry (like an animal) and the "new Nazis" have a reason to clean up the territories.
  26. stas
    stas April 7 2013 18: 00 New
    Otto von Bismarck about Russia

    * Do not hope that once using the weakness of Russia, you will receive dividends forever. Russians always come for their money. And when they come - do not rely on the Jesuit agreements that you have signed, supposedly justifying you. They are not worth the paper on which they are written. Therefore, it is worth playing with the Russians honestly, or not at all.

    * The power of Russia can only be undermined by the separation of Ukraine from it ... it is necessary not only to tear off, but also to oppose Ukraine to Russia. To do this, you only need to find and nurture traitors among the elite and, with their help, change the self-awareness of one part of the great people to such an extent that they will hate everything Russian, hate their kind, without realizing it. Everything else is a matter of time.

  27. sproket2008
    sproket2008 April 8 2013 09: 27 New
    It's nice to read this, even pride inside arises for Russia. good
  28. Volyna
    Volyna April 11 2013 14: 25 New
    Quote: Ser 47RUS
    All of course, correctly and beautifully, you painted about the unification of the republics over 20 years, but let me: what methods did all this do?
    Raskulachka, the Gulag, executions, etc.
    I don’t want some dropout to take my property.
    And for a joke they planted them for so many ... years.

    So it was for what !!! And let the Solzhenitsyn, who stand up for "shitty Russia" for the "bug", go to the house.