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The Washington Post: Russia publicly humiliated the head of the Pentagon

The Washington Post: Russia publicly humiliated the head of the PentagonPentagon chief Robert Gates and his entire US administration were humiliated by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, when he accused the international coalition led by the US of killing civilians of Libya during aerial attacks the day before and called for an immediate cease-fire, the Washington Post said.

According to the newspaper, Washington is too many issues to meet Moscow, honestly fulfilling the obligation to "reset", while Russia gives almost nothing in return and behaves as if it had a leading role in this process.

Last Tuesday, an illustration of this statement could be seen at a press conference in Moscow of the US and Russian defense ministers, according to the publication. In response to Gates' "good words" about progress in US-Russian cooperation, the Russian defense minister made an unpleasant statement on the situation in Libya. According to The Washington Post, Serdyukov actually “reprimanded Obama” in the presence of Gates.

According to the Global Post, according to journalists who attended a press conference in Moscow, the head of the Pentagon listened to Serdyukov’s accusations "calmly", "with a stony face", after which he rejected them, reports InoPressa.

The US Secretary of Defense emphasized that the overwhelming majority, if not almost all of the casualties among civilians, were the work of Gadhafi’s army. As Gates noted, some take Gadhafi’s blatant lie about the losses among the population after the rocket-bombing attacks on Libyan territory by allied forces at face value. Nevertheless, at the end of his speech, Gates promised that in the near future the intensity of coalition attacks on military targets in Libya would be reduced.

According to The Washington Post, the main problem of the current US policy towards Russia is that even such defiant behavior of Moscow remains without consequences, writes InoPressa. For this reason, the unpleasant situation repeats again and again. "Sooner or later, Obama, following the example of George W. Bush, will have to reconsider his attitude towards the gangster democracy with which he deals," the newspaper believes.

The Global Post recalls that Serdyukov’s call for a cease-fire was made against the background of disagreements between Russian leaders regarding Libya. On Monday, Prime Minister Putin called the actions of the coalition "armed intervention from the outside."

According to the publication, these were standard statements reflecting Russia's traditional objections against Western intervention in the affairs of other states, but Medvedev did not like Putin’s rhetoric. In his residence near Moscow, the president delivered a 7-minute monologue about the fairness of military intervention in Libya and recalled that the UN Security Council resolution on Libya also reflects the position of Russia, which did not use its veto power when adopting the document.

As the publication is sure, the skirmish between Putin and Medvedev most likely will not have any consequences, however it is noteworthy that for the first time the participants of the tandem clashed in the sphere of foreign policy.

Meanwhile, Vesti FM states that, despite Gates’s promise to reduce the intensity of strikes against Libya, this has not happened yet. On the contrary: the attacks on the military facilities of Muammar Gaddafi became more powerful. The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle went to the scene, and six fighters from Belgium, Norway and Qatar were redeployed to the airfields of Greek Crete.

On the eve aviation the coalition launched a series of attacks on the naval base of Gaddafi's forces and a village near Tripoli. As it turned out on Tuesday, the matter was not limited only to air operations. As the military department of Great Britain admitted, three weeks ago it sent a detachment of special forces to Libya, which are engaged in targeting aircraft.

The international coalition continued to fire on the territory of this country on Wednesday night. In just one day, coalition forces made more than 300 sorties, and the total number of Tomahawk cruise missiles launched at military sites exceeded 162.
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  1. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 24 March 2011 03: 16
    Serdyukov we have a peacemaker dove! Now he is discussing the possibility of sending our troops to Libya ... and now he "swears" that they are often bombed ... bully
  2. Lech
    Lech 24 March 2011 04: 00
    but in general it’s a shame for the power. I’m disappointed with Medvedev. soon, NATO and the United States will drive us into the swamp
    and Medvedev will give out orders to distinguished
  3. Escander
    Escander 24 March 2011 11: 28
    "Sooner or later, Obama, following the example of George W. Bush, will have to reconsider his attitude to the banditocracy with which he is dealing," the newspaper said.)))

    Sooner or later, citizens of the Russian Federation will have to reconsider their attitude to the banditocracy with which he is dealing.
  4. turnip
    turnip 24 March 2011 13: 36
    nu-nu-nu-said serduchka. yes-yes-yes-said gates and went on (but even this is a terrible insult for stupid neoks)
  5. anthropos
    anthropos 24 March 2011 16: 19
    Interestingly, and the Russian opposition will help tomahawks?
  6. matveevvm
    matveevvm 24 March 2011 22: 03
    Russia needs early elections. Medvedev, with his support and recognition without a court decision in the case of the shooting by the Germans or the NKVD of Polish officers, has become illegitimate. Russia needs a president and a prime minister, not PRIORS. ​​We need a lot of work to restore industry and agriculture, the combat capability of the army and navy. We need work to restore, first of all, RUSSIAN CULTURE and RUSSIAN NARODA. Russia is a CIVILIZATION, not a darned "Gordon". Now we need to "plant" a large number of irresponsible and stealing officials. Those who have been plundering Russia for 25 years. - Organized crime has affected almost all spheres - political, economic, social. "According to V. Chamov, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who called the actions of the anti-Libyan coalition a" crusade ", was not far from the truth Let us remind that D. Medvedev said earlier that such comparisons are inadmissible, since "they lead to a clash of civilizations."
    Despite the fact that the former Russian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Libya V. Chamov was not only dismissed, but also demoted in all ranks, titles and awards, he will continue to work at the Russian Foreign Ministry. "
    Here are the figures for Libya.
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    Large taxes and fees are prohibited.
    Education and medicine are free.
    Education and internship abroad - at the expense of the state.
    A network of shops for large families with symbolic prices for staple foods.
    For the sale of products with an expired shelf life - heavy fines and detention by special police units.
    Part of pharmacies has a free supply of medicines.
    For counterfeiting drugs - the death penalty.
    The rent is absent.
    There is no payment for electricity for the population.
    Selling and drinking is prohibited - “dry law”.
    Loans for the purchase of a car and an apartment are interest-free.
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