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US trying to wreck Geneva-2

US trying to wreck Geneva-2

At present, two friendly delegations from Bulgaria and Russia are visiting Damascus. The Bulgarian delegation is headed by the chairman of the parliamentary society of the Bulgarian-Syrian friendship, Fearil Angelov, the Russian delegation is headed by State Duma deputy Sergei Gavrilov. Both delegations meet with representatives of the leadership of Syria.

ATS President Bashar Al-Assad received the Russian delegation. During the meeting, he proposed to form an international coalition to combat terrorism, as well as a coalition of Muslim countries to oppose radical ideologies such as Wahhabism. He stressed that extremist ideas pose a threat not only to Syria and the Middle East region, but to the whole world. The head of state urged to consolidate efforts to give "a resolute rebuff to Islamist movements that spread religious intolerance in the form of takfirism and Wahhabism."

The President noted that the people of the SAR are confronted with terrorism and external interference. According to him, pressure is being put on Syria, as well as on Russia and China. Such is the nature of imperialism: the West has always had problems with those countries that are upholding their independence, be they big or small.

Bashar Al-Assad thanked Russia for providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrians and for an honest position on the Syrian crisis. He said that only its people should decide who would be the president of Syria. If the “opposition” wants to fight for the presidency, then it needs to nominate its candidate in the elections.

After the meeting, a deputy from the Communist Party faction, Alexander Yushchenko, who is part of the delegation, was informed by the representatives of Russia who offered to become international observers at the upcoming election of the president of the SAR.

The delegates presented the president of friendly Syria with several souvenirs: a small glass building of the State Duma, an image of Marshal Zhukov and an order for the 70 anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, which is especially symbolic against the background of what is happening in the country, which is fighting not only with terrorism, but also with a new sinister power that emerged at the global level and is quite comparable in its cruelty and cynicism with Hitler's fascism.

In addition, representatives of Russia met with the chairman of the Syrian People's Council of Syria Syria Muhammad Jihad Al-Lyahham and Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mekdad, and also visited the wounded soldiers in the hospital named after Syrian hero Yusef Al-Azme.
In the meantime, the United States is still making efforts to actually disrupt the Geneva-2 conference.

So, on the night of January 20, it became known that the UN Secretary General sent an invitation to this international enterprise to representatives of 10 countries, including Iran. Before that, he held meetings and telephone conversations with the leadership of these countries.

“Following these talks, I decided to send some additional meeting invitations to Montreux. Among them are Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Greece, the Vatican, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea and Iran, ”the UN Secretary General said, adding that an expanded international presence would be important and useful in supporting the hard work ahead in Geneva.

However, immediately following this statement, Ban Ki-moon was followed by a negative reaction from Washington and his puppets from the so-called "National Coalition of Opposition and Revolutionary Forces", which in Syria is called nothing less than the "Qatar coalition."

State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said that Iran must first confirm its recognition of the Geneva communique of 30 June 2012 of the year, otherwise his invitation "must be canceled."

But, speaking of the invitation of Iran, Ban Ki-moon said that intensive consultations were held between him and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, during which Zarif confirmed the respect of the Geneva communiqué and assured that Tehran would play a positive and constructive role in the negotiations.

But this seems insufficient to the US Department of State: it requires some exceptional conditions for Iran, which are not put before any other country. Even before Saudi Arabia, which didn’t really trample this document with its feet in the literal sense. Nor would the United States themselves pass the test of respect for the Geneva communique.

Following the statement, Psaki somehow too quickly and synchronously was followed by a statement from the notorious “Qatari coalition”, which stated that it would not participate in the conference if the invitation to Iran was not canceled. But only on the eve of the members of this very "coalition" assured that they will defend the "interests of the people of Syria and the revolution"! What is the value of their “revolution” if they are openly afraid to defend its “ideals” in the presence of Iran! Or will the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry “out of their heads’ gaze ”throw all the“ revolutionary ”sentiments out of their heads?

Another information provocation was launched before the convening of the “Geneva-2”. The media reported that the structure representing the internal opposition, the “National Coordinating Committee” headed by Hassan Abdel-Azim, allegedly refused to participate in an international forum. However, Abdel-Azim himself stated that this message was untrue - he only proposed to postpone it for several days. “But we do not boycott this initiative, we fully support it, we just need a little more time,” he stressed.

In addition, in the days preceding the international conference, two formidable statements were made at once that do not contribute to its success, but rather are frank provocations.

One of them was voiced by French President Francois Hollande. At a press conference, he said that his country could single-handedly bomb Syria. But for the time being, Mr. Hollande has been winning dubious “victories” only on the “amorous front”. And such a boastful and undiplomatic attack on Syria is reminiscent of the behavior of Bill Clinton, who brazenly and unceremoniously reached Yugoslavia to divert attention from the sex scandal. But, unlike the American “sex-player”, Hollande can only make pugnacious statements, because times are not the same, and Russia's position on Syria is better for the better than the position of the Russian Federation, which left Yugoslavia to the mercy of fate. And, especially, the times when Syria was a colony of France have passed. Now, rather, France itself will soon become a US semi-colony.

The second blatant anti-Syrian statement was made by US Secretary of State John Kerry. He said literally the following: "No political decision is possible if Assad is not going to discuss the transfer of power and if he thinks that he will play a role in the future of the country ... There will be at least an underground, and in the worst scenario it will be a civil war."

The statement sounds like an attempt to prejudge the decisions of the "Geneva-2", to set some preconditions, in the event of a rejection of which Washington will continue to assimilate the terrorist underground. Such speeches are absolutely unacceptable from any point of view; they even try to deprive the very meaning of the international conference. But neither Kerry, nor anyone else in Washington, Paris or Riyadh, has the slightest right to determine who will play a role in the future of Syria, and who will not. This can only be determined by the Syrian people themselves - by direct will.

It would be logical to raise the question of elections, of international control over voting, of the mechanisms of the electoral process, but in no way that the Syrian citizen allegedly does not have the right to stand for election. No one country in the world can dictate such conditions. And how would the United States react if someone from the outside said that Obama has no right to run for the presidency?

If we are talking about a fair fight, then the “oppositionists” should nominate their candidate for the upcoming elections. But Kerry’s provocative statement says only one thing: both Washington and his puppets from the anti-Syrian “opposition” shamefully fear fair struggle, and even the Geneva-2 conference, therefore they are trying to wreck it or at least “castrate” .
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  1. makarov
    makarov 20 January 2014 09: 36
    Well, the USA is not the whole UN, and therefore wanting is not harmful.
    1. Romn
      Romn 20 January 2014 09: 39
      The United States and their vassals, no longer know what Mr. .... would still do, and this rages even more. Their abilities and ulmatomas already reach the point of absurdity. fool
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 20 January 2014 10: 05
        Yes, not the USA-USA secretly negotiates with Iran, and would agree already, if not for the Jewish lobby in Congress.
        1. KG_patriot_last
          KG_patriot_last 20 January 2014 10: 23
          Kerry is openly blackmailing the terrorist underground ... These forgot who bit them on 11-September ...
          1. vedmeddd
            vedmeddd 20 January 2014 12: 49
            Well, certainly not international terrorism)))
          2. soul
            soul 21 January 2014 08: 48
            Nobody bit them on September 11th. After a few years, this becomes clear.
        2. Canep
          Canep 20 January 2014 10: 28
          Even if they agree, Jewish senators will overturn this agreement.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. AVV
        AVV 20 January 2014 14: 11
        Anglo-Saxons want it just didn’t work out by force, at least to impose their will !!! Blue mold is not the place to determine the fate of peoples !!!
    2. A.YARY
      A.YARY 20 January 2014 11: 37
      Paul good day
      The fact is that "representatives of the opposition" immediately discredit themselves when they meet, but it’s not scary for the mattress makers, but the fact that they are discrediting the SySYS financing the international terrorist invasion of Syria is yes.
      According to this, the only way out is to disrupt the meeting.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    GRIGORY 20 January 2014 09: 49
    The United States lost to Syria. They really want to overthrow Assad. Very very very. But the original plan to change the political system of a sovereign state failed. The Islamists turned out to be so stupid that even with the help of American instructors, they are losing the civil war. It is curious that the Islamists, who consider the US enemy number one, touchingly look into the mouths of the Americans, waiting for help. And America, meanwhile, is trying to disrupt the Geneva-2 conference by crook and by crook again !!
    U.S. lies will inevitably become apparent. For several years, the US leadership has essentially stomped the flag of its country, destroying the authority of the state in the international arena. A small lie gives rise to great distrust. But Americans do not use a little lie. Only global lies, only hardcore.
    1. alone
      alone 20 January 2014 12: 41
      Quote: GRIGORY
      The United States lost to Syria. They really want to overthrow Assad. Very very very. But the initial plan to change the political system of a sovereign state failed. The Islamists were so stupid that even with the help of American instructors, they lose the civil war.

      You’re still rejoicing early. Nothing is known yet. Assad’s strength is still not enough for a radical change. The day before yesterday I asked one question to the Dear author, but I didn’t get an answer. I have to ask this question again:
      Assad’s army was forced to leave the city of Jassem in the south and part of East Guta, east of Damascus - a zone in which bloody battles have been going on for many months in a row. The fighting in Kalamun, a strategically important mountainous area between Damascus and the Lebanese border, has also ceased. What is the reason for this?
      1. Beck
        Beck 20 January 2014 15: 17
        Elena Gromova in her propaganda reports has completely reported. Hiding the facts, gives out his wishful thinking. Misleading people not knowing the details.

        Title. "The US is trying to disrupt Geneva II."

        Here's how you can lie so shamelessly. The USA, along with Russia and the UN, are the main organizers of Geneva-2.

        The decision to hold Geneva-2 was reached during negotiations between diplomats of Russia, the United States and the UN, which ended on Monday at the Geneva Palais des Nations.

        This decision means that for the first time since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, which has been going on since the spring of 2011, representatives of official Damascus and the Syrian opposition will sit at the negotiating table. "The Secretary General expresses deep gratitude to the countries that initiated the preparations for the conference, to the governments of the Russian Federation and the USA, as well as other states ... "

        The US only opposes participation in the Iranian conference. Why? Gromova knowing (she should know if she writes such reports) why, it hides and sets the stage, if the conference ends in nothing, dump everything to the West, whitewashing Assad’s dictatorial regime.

        But by and large, the United States itself called on Iran to participate in the conference.

        ... in early January, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Iran could be useful in seeking a solution to the Syrian conflict at the Geneva II talks.

        On January 5, Kerry, who is on a visit to Israel, said that Iran is unlikely to participate in the conference after the authorities of this country did not support the international agreement on Syria last year.

        At the same time, the US Secretary of State did not rule out the possibility that Iran would play a constructive role even if the country did not formally participate in the negotiations.

        USA for Iran to participate in the conference, but on condition that ...

        US State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki recommended that the UN "withdraw" the invitation unless Iran publicly declares that it fully accepts the provisions communiqué of the first Geneva conference, which provides for the creation of a coalition government in Syria, said in a statement by the State Department.

        And under this communique of the first Geneva conference is the signature of Russia. Iran will accept the provisions of the first communique and no problems. And Gromova, in a fit of propaganda from the most tender female feelings for the dictator, casts a shadow on the wattle fence.
        1. igor67
          igor67 20 January 2014 15: 33
          Official Damascus accused Interfax of disseminating false information

          publication time: January 19, 2014 15:47
          last updated: January 19, 2014 15:47

          Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met in Damascus with a delegation of Christian clergy from Arab and Western countries. According to state television, he said that the tolerant Syrian people reject the ideology of Wahhabis and Sunni extremists.

          According to Assad, the Western, primarily the American leadership, do not have the necessary understanding of the region and do not always realize what the interests of its residents are. The leader accused the Western countries of trying to solve their problems at the expense of the Middle Eastern peoples.

          Meanwhile, the Syrian authorities have denied the report of the Interfax agency about Assad's meeting with a delegation of Russian parliamentarians. It was alleged that in a conversation with deputies, the president said that he was not going to resign, adding that if it was part of his plans, he would have done so long ago.

          According to this information, he said that the government is defending Syria, and the question of his resignation is not even discussed. The statement was distributed on the eve of the opening of a conference on Syria, which will discuss the issue of Assad’s removal from power.

          Syrian state media reported that the head of state did not make such statements. They also noted that the head of state did not give an interview to the Russian agency. Note that there was no talk of an interview in the report of Interfax.
        2. alone
          alone 20 January 2014 15: 40
          Beck, this phenomenon is already accepting constancy. The main goal of a journalist should be the impartial transfer of objective information. The author completely forgot about it.
          for some reason, we all didn’t hear why Assad never took advantage of the situation when the militants fought with each other. We didn’t hear about the fact that the city of Adra was finally liberated, although in early December she promised here that the city would be taken back but there’s still fighting going on.

          When someone on this site writes about this, the cons fly like flies. But no one wants to admit that the bitter truth is still better than a lie. hi
          1. Beck
            Beck 20 January 2014 17: 30
            Quote: lonely
            Beck, this phenomenon is already accepting constancy.

            This phenomenon does not accept constancy. Gromova has been engaged in false propaganda from the very beginning.

            And she writes with a distortion of facts, silence, fraud, and in many places with a lie. All this in the best traditions of propaganda of past totalitarian regimes - communist propaganda and propaganda of the 3 Reich.

            It has long been estimated that only about 8-10% of Orthodox trash are fighting in the opposition, the rest are Syrians. Gromova, on the other hand, writes down the entire opposition to radical Islamists. If this were so, then the real opposition with the Orthodox would not have fought. The real opposition is this trash and across the throat. If Assad had held the elections three years ago, as the people demanded, now there would be no orthodox seam in Syria.

            If Gromova’s fees come from Assad’s regime, then there’s nothing to look for objectivity in her reports.

            1. alone
              alone 20 January 2014 18: 45
              Quote: Beck
              If Gromova’s fees come from Assad’s regime, then there’s nothing to look for objectivity in her reports.

              objectivity nervously smoking aside))) it is difficult to look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if she is not there))
          2. smersh70
            smersh70 21 January 2014 02: 44
            Quote: lonely
            oh no one wants to admit that the bitter truth is still better than a lie.

            I was stunned by this video. how they knock down Mi-8 of Colonel Kamal Jadaan. Bearders can already use Osa .. It's terrible. If they already can, what will happen in the future. They will start to shoot down passengers.
  4. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 20 January 2014 09: 52
    Lavrov is smart. Despite spewing out "peace initiatives", the USA with satellites is holding its own line. God grant that everything would work out.
  5. Crang
    Crang 20 January 2014 09: 57
    Assad President. Abama sucker.
  6. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 20 January 2014 11: 21
    At a press conference, he said his country could bomb Syria alone - a hero, his mother ... There is power - no mind ?! Probably forgot something someone once 2 weeks after the attack parade in the center of Paris arranged ...
  7. The gentleman
    The gentleman 20 January 2014 11: 23
    there are bilateral agreements between states, according to which the latter act together to provide humanitarian assistance, joint actions to destroy terrorism, etc.
    How do you think, at the moment, the signing of such agreements? a purely personal opinion, a statement of intent to sign this kind of agreement, will help restrain Western aggression. At least temporarily distract from Syria, which in turn will allow Assad to finally expel the terrorists
  8. HollyGremlin
    HollyGremlin 20 January 2014 12: 57
    One of them was voiced by French President Francois Hollande. At a press conference, he said that his country could have bombed Syria alone. Straight to Syria, right alone, you sho, and I could fly to the moon, but there are a lot of things to do at home.
    1. Crang
      Crang 20 January 2014 13: 42
      France alone will fight against Syria.
  9. Danielzed
    Danielzed 20 January 2014 13: 00
    Thank you Vitally
  10. Arhj
    Arhj 20 January 2014 17: 46
    That's who has what to lose from the end of the war in Syria, so it is the West and the United States. Firstly, shame, and secondly, Russia is not only gaining ground in the region, but is also releasing forces for action on other fronts. And thirdly, where after the war will Syrian friends fight against the West? That's right - home to Britain, France, Turkey, the states finally. And to whom, to whom, and to the government, these comrades are certainly not needed.
    The list can certainly be continued.
  11. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 20 January 2014 18: 19
    <<< The Russian delegation was received by the President of the SAR Bashar al-Assad. During the meeting, he proposed to form an international coalition to fight terrorism, as well as a coalition of Muslim countries to oppose radical ideologies such as Wahhabism >>>
    It is very interesting what the Russian delegation answered, if Wahhabism is still NOT FORBIDDEN in Russia itself, although its exceptional danger for Russia has long been beyond doubt! Maybe Someone in Russia lacks the murders of "infidels", murders of spiritual Islamic leaders objectionable to Wahhabism, explosions with the death of innocent people?
    1. alone
      alone 20 January 2014 18: 47
      I didn’t know that one deputy is a delegation. A delegation is when a dozen people arrive in the country for a specific purpose. The visit of a deputy is a private visit, it’s not called anything else.
      1. wax
        wax 20 January 2014 23: 45
        Do you have one eye or two? Although one eye can read two names. The full composition of the delegation does not apply to Gromova’s article. And the fact that the United States is compelled by the firm and consistent position of Russia to negotiate with its wards jackals is visible to the naked eye. Moreover, Russia gives the States primacy, even the idea of ​​chemical disarmament of Syria threw them. That's how they are moved to the right side of history.
        1. alone
          alone 20 January 2014 23: 52
          this is a private visit of a deputy, everything is in order with my eye. I clearly saw two surnames, one Bulgarian. Russia has nothing to do with it.

          Quote: Wax
          even the idea of ​​chemical disarmament of Syria threw them.

          Do you know how many years Americans and Israelis have been seeking about chemical weapons? Israelis have won in this whole game. Syria’s chemical weapons do not threaten them anymore. I will applaud when the fighting stops. And the war then continues and people suffer.
  12. konvalval
    konvalval 20 January 2014 20: 58
    And what else to expect from the United States. They would only pluck and bomb. They have such a hobby.
  13. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 20 January 2014 21: 42
    Here is a typical Anglo-Saxon face. Well, they cannot humanly (admit defeat), they have to shit everywhere and for everyone. This is the true guise of "free Western democracies"!