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Fire under the ice. The world did not know that in January 1981 was on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse

Fire under the ice. The world did not know that in January 1981 was on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse

Yes, that the world, the native country did not know ... And still does not know. And then, on January 18, the 1981 of the year, under the pack ice of the Central Arctic, a nuclear submarine with two nuclear reactors, with 150 ballistic missiles (atomic warheads which concealed fire power equal to four times the fire power of the entire World War II), was burning 16 meters deep. In ten compartments - 130 live souls, not counting the three goldfinches in the aviary of the recreation area ... Fire is always terrible. But when the thermonuclear giant burns under the ice, it is no longer a fire, it is the beginning of the apocalypse ...

The TASS report, if it were allowed to report this, would have sounded like this: “On January 18, 1981, under the Arctic ices, the nuclear-powered submarine cruiser K-3 sank at 424 thousands of meters in depth. There was a 130 man on board ... The causes of the crash are being clarified. ” It could have been that way, but it didn’t happen, because on board the K-424 there was a man who managed to replay fate, cancel the catastrophe, return the ship home to the base ... It was the commander of the submarine cruiser - 37-year-old captain of 1 rank Nikolai Ivanov .

Today this unknown hero lives in Balashikha near Moscow, works as a security guard at the customs ... The author of these lines came to visit him. While the hospitable hostess Svetlana Petrovna laid the table, Nikolai Alexandrovich took out photo albums, unfolded sea charts ...

The old sailor tried to start this horrible history with a joke:

- One friend of mine once asked me: "Why do submariners start their stories like this - I sleep and suddenly ..." Exactly noted. And I, too, could have started this story if I had managed to get to the bed then. In 12.00, I passed my commander's watch to the senior officer - Captain 2 of rank Boris Plyusnin, and went to the second compartment to lie down in the cabin ...

There was an ordinary military service in the Arctic region. We were just north of Franz Josef Land.

There were 23-day under heavy pack ice, without the slightest opportunity to break through them, to surface if necessary. I tried not to think about the ice shell, which hung over us like a coffin ...

The country was preparing for the XXV Congress of the CPSU, and our march, in the success of which very few people doubted, should have been a gift to the congress from seamen-North Seamen. So we were instructed before entering combat service in high latitudes ...

I did not even have time to undress, as the silence of the residential compartment was pierced by the shrill long trill of the emergency bell. And then the alarmed voice of the maid:

- Emergency alarm! Fire in the central post!

I immediately rushed to the third compartment. Barely removed the bulkhead hatch, as he caught the acrid smell of smoke.

- Where does it burn ?!

- The enclosure in the area of ​​the latrine!

The enclosure, filled with boxes of spare parts - spare parts, was on the middle deck. I ordered to unload it to get to the fire. Scattered boxes, but the flame was not visible. Smoke poured from a carbon filter that cleared the air in the latrine. The fire broke out in earnest. In the Central there was an oppressive silence. I caught on myself disturbing glances, and some of whom had eyes with fifty dollars. That's when I understood the meaning of the expression - fear has big eyes. In every glance - a mute plea: commander, save! You know, you should know what to do now!

If it were somewhere in the Atlantic, I would immediately surface. But we had a powerful pack ice over our head and a categorical prohibition not to show ourselves on the surface.

With every minute the toxicity of our air grew. The chemist reported that the concentration of carbon monoxide increased 380 times.

The political officer, Captain 1 of the rank of Arkhipov, climbed into the center and asked for permission to lead people who were not engaged in the struggle for survivability into the second compartment. I allowed. But first he ordered pressure to be raised in the second and fourth, that is, in the compartments adjacent to ours, the third, so that smoke would not pour in there.

No one has the right to leave the emergency compartment. This cruel law Ivanov decided to break, on the basis of his commanding right to make decisions on the situation. What is the use of people not engaged in the struggle for vitality? Let there be fewer casualties ... True, then the deputy was tried to impute cowardice: why did he leave the emergency compartment, and also led people away from the military posts. Ivanov covered his deputy: “I told him to go to the second compartment. If Plyusnin and I had died, Arkhipov would have headed the crew. ”

It is hard to imagine how Arkhipov would operate with a boat, if the control room of the ship, the central post, had burnt out.

Most likely, the submarine cruiser would have wandered under the ice by itself, becoming a kind of “flying Dutchman”, until it was filled with burnt out glands with water and did not sink to the bottom of the polar basin.

After all, the fire blazed with such force that the steel door of the latrine melted.

It is difficult to make error-free decisions in a matter of seconds, even in a poisoned atmosphere, without having complete information about what is burning and where it is burning. But Ivanov’s order to inflate adjacent compartments was salvagely correct: when the “extra” sailors went into the second compartment, carbon monoxide did not follow them, the residential compartment did not smoke. In the dim light of emergency lighting, smoke thickened to the point that no fingers were visible on the outstretched arm. Blue smoke strata lay on the remotes, dashboards ... Sweat rolled in hail - because on the middle deck blazing flames. The third compartment turned into a gas death chamber. The hardest thing was on the console from which the reactor was controlled. From this post you will not leave, die, but ensure the submarine move, otherwise all Khan. Most often the way it happened - pullover-managers died in their enclosures, holding fingers to the last button. Thus, the watch in the control station of the Main Power Plant, the main power plant, on the nuclear submarine K-8 perished. So three captains-lieutenants died in September 1975 during a fire on the atomicine K-47, commanders of remote control groups. So died on K-19 senior lieutenant engineer Sergey Yarchuk. He was dying, poisoned by carbon monoxide in the eyes of his commander, Lieutenant-Commander Milovanov, who could not tear himself away from managing the reactor for a second ... All this was heard a lot by the commander of the K-424 movement division, engineer Vladimir Morozov, who provided the progress of the underwater movement rocket carrier. Realizing that he was doomed, Morozov wrote a suicide note to the commander (the intercom was out of order): “Comrade commander, your order has been fulfilled - the ship’s course is secured. I lose consciousness, but remain in office. ”

So acted those who without pathos can be called heroes. But there were others ... Sergeant-Sekretchik ran over an emergency alarm in the central post (his duty to keep a draft log), saw what kind of smoke was standing there and turned back. Later he was found in the farthest compartment, in the tenth. God only knows how he walked through the interceptor doors that had been dragged in alarm. Perhaps, in fact, the thirst for life has turned him into an ethereal spirit. I could not answer the question of how he found himself in the stern, and not at the fighting post:

- I don’t know how I ended up here!

The sailor on the Kama console did everything himself, did everything right, saying: “DMB is in danger! DMB is in danger ... ”He was fixated on this phrase - it was slightly damaged in the mind. But the rest of the crew stayed until the last and acted as it should.

Nikolay Ivanov:

- I ordered to ascend to the periscope depth and prepare to launch the LOH system. To be honest, I was afraid of including it, I heard a lot about its deadly effect on those who did not have time to put on the masks ...

The LOCH System - Marine Volumetric Chemical is a fire-extinguishing gas freon that can be discharged from the LOH station cylinders into any compartment. Freon perfectly extinguishes the fire, but is dangerous to humans, like any gas that does not support life. Therefore, all those who were in the third, no longer included in the remote control (portable breathing devices), such lightweight type insulating gas masks, which divers always carry with them in plastic cases, but in respiratory devices IDA-59, whose cylinders filled with oxygen and nitrogen, allow you to hold out in the smoke and under water three times longer than in the light of the remote control. For some reason, neither the PDU nor the IDA junior navigator (“navigator”), Lieutenant N. Shemitov, and midshipman E. Balamatov, did not have time to join in and immediately paid the price ...

Nikolay Ivanov:

- They bring me a note to the central post. Red paste hastily inscribed: “We have two dead bodies.

Shemite and Balmakov died ... ”. And then there is a mechanical engineer captain 2 rank Anatoly Chumak with a report: “Comrade, half of the respiratory equipment has already been spent. Another half an hour and all will perish ... "

Himself barely standing on his feet - swallowed smoke, while giving orders. After all, every time you need to remove the mask ... Well, I think seven troubles - one answer. Once the corpses are on board, they will be removed from their positions anyway, to hell with her with secrecy, you need to emerge.

It is now easy to tell - under the vodka with homemade cucumbers, and then the captain of the 1 rank Nikolai Ivanov, as no one else understood that it was impossible to ascend - over-the-meter multi-pack ice. Unless a miracle happens ... And a miracle happened! It happened, perhaps, only because the commander was named after the sailor in heaven, the mariner, Nicholas the Wonderworker. There is no other explanation for the fact that among the icy mountains a polynya suddenly appeared, stretched only by a meter thick ice, - no. The submarine cruiser broke it like an egg-shell knife and floated under the low gray January sky of the polar circle. Somewhere far to the south were the northern spurs of Franz Josef Land ... Polar night gave them thick gray twilight.

Nikolay Ivanov:

- The first thing was to bring the victims to the bridge. But how to do it when the lifeless bodies do not hold at all in the vertical shaft of the hatches. And do not pick them up from the top - deep, and not push through the bottom - high. Try, get out of the well drowned. The way out was found by our boatswain.

- Comrade commander, and if we tie them to the beds, yes, and so we will raise them ?!

- Act!

They took out the suspended beds, tied the bodies of the lieutenant and midshipman to them, and without any problems raised them to the bridge, to the wheelhouse fence. Now the boat doctor, captain of the medical service Anatoly Dvoyakovsky, got down to business. He began to give them artificial respiration. And then another miracle happened! The dead are alive. Heavily poisoned guys began to breathe. If his subordinates had not looked at Ivanov in all eyes, he would have probably crossed himself: thank God, let us go back without corpses!

Anatoliy Chumak, a mechanical engineer, also caught his breath upstairs. The maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of freon and carbon monoxide in the compartment atmosphere exceeded the norm by 420 times!

The commander did not begin to climb the bridge, although the temptation to take a sip of fresh air was very great. But Ivanov was needed in the Central ...

The flames were choked with freon. The third compartment was ventilated. Began to understand what happened. And then it was the time to break out a three-story mat. But Ivanov - restrained. The chief of the chemical service, captain-lieutenant N. Simonov, established that the young sailor had secretly lit a latrine and put a cigarette butt into a coal filter. Almost pure carbon was not slow to ignite. There was an effect of the open-hearth furnace. Since the filter went into the fence with spare parts, it seemed as if the boxes were burning; they tried unsuccessfully to scatter them, and as a result they blocked the entrance to the latrine ... From a penny candle, they say, Moscow burned down. And from the filthy cigarette butt barely burned down the icebreaker. The young sailor did not even give up for trial: what to get from fatherlessness? He started smoking from the third grade. And although the K-424 had a special cabin for the tobacco heads, the young slob lit a cigarette where he thought of it.

From that campaign, K-424 returned on its own - without casualties, without losing secrecy, having completed all the tasks. Even the birds in the recreation area, very sensitive to the gas composition of the air, and they remained alive.

Now, no one complained that the commander was tormenting them with frequent training alarms and that they switched on their breathing apparatus instantly. Thunder does not burst, the crew will not cross.

On the pier in Gadzhiyevo, the submarine cruiser was met with an orchestra.

Nikolay Ivanov:

- When I reported to the Chief of Staff of the division who met us, Captain 1 of the rank Khrenov, that we had a fire, he interrupted the march on a semi-tact. The orchestra subsided.

“Come on in more detail!” - His voice did not foretell anything good. Reported everything as it was. And in the answer immediately reproach:

- Why are so many respiratory equipment used up? And if there was a second fire?

- I had the first fire, and if I had not put it out, the second one would have definitely not already been ...

We dealt with the commander for a long time and strictly.

Of course, no one received any awards for decisive and competent actions to combat a fire under ice. "Emergency workers" were not awarded. From serious punishment (the commander is responsible for everything, even for the fact that the military enlistment offices send mentally defective guys to the submarine fleet) Ivanov voluntarily or involuntarily saved the commander flotilla Vice Admiral Lev Matushkin, who announced a severe reprimand to the K-424 commander. And although it came to the fleet commander and above, they confined themselves to a “strict worker”, because it was not allowed to punish twice for one sin according to the charter.

“But the worst was ahead,” Ivanov grins. - The next day, the regular party congress began and all the crews lit up the grand opening in the Leninist rooms on TV. And we, unfortunately, the TV refused. Does not work. Inspectors from the political department went to the floors. If it were reported that “the crew of K-424 is not looking at the discovery of a historical event in the life of the Soviet people,” oh, such a noise would arise, everyone would have remembered us at once. But the boat craftsmen for half an hour to establish a "box". Again carried by! A miracle

I rashly - the nerves were still inflated by the fire - announced the reprimand for the "unavailability of technical propaganda." He was offended - he was older than me and by rank and age - complained to the political department of the division.

They flew up there: how is it so - on the opening day of the party congress the commander announces the reprimand to the political leader ?! Tyranny, apolitical! In the history of the fleet was not like this! ..

But in the history of the fleet there was no such thing as to extinguish the fire under the ice. And the crew of Ivanov did it.

In the end, Moscow figured out what hell the commander got from without loss. And they presented Ivanov to the Order of the Red Star. But political workers recalled the history of the political commander - they did not sign the submission.

And after a couple of months, Ivanov left for military service again — out of turn, without rest. The commander of the submarine cruiser, which was supposed to go under the ice according to the plan, had a heart attack. Ivanov had to help out the division. And he went, though, in memory, in his soul, his nerves were still living under the stress of an ice fire.

Then his friends asked him:

- Was it scary?

- At first there was no time to be afraid. It was necessary to act, make decisions. It became scary when reports came out about the corpses. It is terrible when your people are dying ...

“How was the smoking sailor punished?”

- None. He himself realized what he had done. This lesson is for him, and for the whole crew - for life, worse than any punishment. The team appreciated this. We also needed to go out to the sea soon ...

* * *

If it were not for the error-free and timely actions of Nikolai Ivanov, the captain of 1, there would have been more victims at K-424 than at Kursk. And the ecology of the central Arctic was put under a serious radiation threat. No "Mamut" would have pulled the sunken rocket carrier from the kilometer deep and even out of the ice. However, this did not happen. And because the story of the ice fire was quickly forgotten, as well as those who acted in a super-extreme situation, boldly and competently. Ivanov was transferred to Moscow to serve as a teacher at the Gagarin Air Force Academy. He taught aviators the basics of navy tactics. And there and in retirement carried out. That's when calculating the pension, they forgot about 17 years of service in the Arctic on nuclear-powered ships, calculated as an ordinary teacher.

Well, okay, the order was surrounded - not for the sake of awards, Ivanov went under the ocean ice, but in order to cut the pension so vilely the retired commander of the atomic strategist, it was necessary to have a cast-iron conscience.

And where only Ivanov did not write - both to the Minister of Defense, and to the President of Russia, and to his deputy. The answers came ornately polite, but with reference to the same clerical incident: the former authorities did not include an indication of the offset of the polar service on nuclear ships in the “outright order”. The authorities forgot to impose the necessary resolution in this most notorious outset. And no one can do anything now. There is no such administrative force in the country to correct an unjust order. It remains to be comforted by the fact that the name of the captain 1 of the rank of Nikolai Ivanov, is not included in the "side order", but the history of the Russian submarine fleet.


A few words about the fate of the members of the heroic crew. The resurrected "navigator" Nikolai Shemitov, eventually became the flagship navigator of the Russian Navy. The chief commander of 2 rank Boris Plyusnin soon became the commander of the nuclear submarine cruiser. He was killed by the Estonian nationalist during the withdrawal of the Navy training center from Paldiski. Dr. Anatoly Dvoyakovsky lives and works in St. Petersburg. Well, Nikolai Ivanov quit his post as a watchman and lives on the banks of the Pehorka River for his reduced pension.

“My pension is good,” he jokes, “only a small one.”

Maybe the current Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, will be able to give an order: correct flagrant injustice, add the name of the former commander of the atomic cruiser and return him a well-deserved order "to the side" of the ill-fated order?
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  1. Sirocco
    Sirocco 18 January 2014 08: 47
    Good article, I am tormented by the question, why do we know so little about these Heroes, submarine, About the heroes of the Caucasus ????? But everyone is hearing about the "heroes" who defiled the church with their dances, the oligarch released from prison. Are they the kind of people worth talking about? Are we going to educate the younger generation on their image? It is time to end this vicious practice of FALSE HEROES.
    1. Sea snake
      Sea snake 18 January 2014 10: 19
      Quote: Author of the article
      Maybe the current Minister of Defense of Russia Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoigu will be able to give an order: to correct the flagrant injustice

      Article +++. Yes ... how many more forgotten heroes we have. sad
      The question is precisely to the one who posted this article. Tell me, have you not yet written to Sergei Kuzhugetovich? If not, then by golly, I will send him a link to your article ... here ---
    2. tundra
      tundra 18 January 2014 10: 24
      Apparently someone really needs it.
      1. makst83
        makst83 18 January 2014 11: 36
        "Today this unknown hero lives in Balashikha near Moscow, works as a security guard at customs ..." recourse
        Only we can have this - the hero who saved the boat with the crew and prevented the disaster, the man who gave himself to the sea and serving the Motherland did not find himself in civilian life and works as a security guard at customs! negative
        1. Warhead-xnumx
          Warhead-xnumx 18 January 2014 18: 19
          Security at the customs carries epaulets, unlike ordinary inspectors, and they receive it normally
    3. Jaros81
      Jaros81 18 January 2014 12: 40
      My dad served on atamovo trucks, and so his head is like a ball. No hair. He told me that every trip to the sea is a feat. Although we lived, of course, not bad. Bonds were accrued for the autonomous system, and it was possible to buy goods with them in "Birch".
    4. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 18 January 2014 15: 44
      Quote: Sirocco
      Good article, I am tormented by the question why we know so little about these heroes

      About the heroes are usually few, which is famous. There are bosses over the heroes and all sorts of ideological figures, who look so pale against the background of someone else's heroism.
    5. Ihrek
      Ihrek 18 January 2014 15: 52
      Quote: Sirocco
      Good article, I am tormented by the question, why do we know so little about these Heroes, submarine, About the heroes of the Caucasus ????? But everyone is hearing about the "heroes" who defiled the church with their dances, the oligarch released from prison. Are they the kind of people worth talking about? Are we going to educate the younger generation on their image? It is time to end this vicious practice of FALSE HEROES.

      I totally agree. We know much less about our heroes than about any moral monsters. And they really feel like heroes, and immature young people morally and spiritually see their joyful and happy faces will try to take an example from them. In general, the name of the gang of these girls (I do not even want to name it) is translated from English - revolt vagina. How can I spin it on TV endlessly? Or that the Russian did not kill the Russian, or, not the Russian killed the Russian. You better give good patriotic examples that strengthen the unity and cohesion of the peoples of Russia. And there are many more such examples than negative ones. But for some reason, the opposite is being done, which means it is beneficial for someone. It is necessary at the legislative level to prohibit this. And we need to be smarter and educate young people in the spirit of patriotism.
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. alexdol
      alexdol 18 January 2014 21: 45
      Sirocco (1) SU "But everyone is hearing about the" heroes "who defiled the church with their dances, the oligarch who was released from prison. Are they the people worth talking about? Are we going to educate the younger generation on their image?
      You asked the right questions! But the answer to them is OBVIOUS!
      That is why they hide from us, and above all from the younger generation, the TRUTH about our HEROES, so that instead of them, to make "heroes" and role models for all this scum about which you said .... Who should be for all these "art" ANSWER, I think you yourself will guess ...
    8. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 19 January 2014 15: 29
      This is so specially done - we stick out about the bad (that means heroes are not heroes, but criminals), we hush up the good. Please note that this attitude has been in effect since the late 80s, as a traitor came to power.
      1. coserg 2012
        coserg 2012 19 January 2014 21: 03
        In the late 70s, this also happened!
  2. invisibility
    invisibility 18 January 2014 09: 02
    Always said the military is the elite of society. And such people only confirm this!
  3. igorra
    igorra 18 January 2014 09: 12
    Because all the TV channels do not belong to us. Look at the news about Russia, for one good - ten bad. There is a deliberate destruction of the country, and the media is not in last place.
    1. Ihrek
      Ihrek 18 January 2014 23: 43
      For the media, first of all, its own rating is important, so they say what is more interesting to listen to, having previously "fried" and adding various "spices".
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. makarov
    makarov 18 January 2014 09: 14
    “My pension is good,” he jokes, “only a small one.”

    I would like to hope that the Russian authorities will not disregard this material !!! soldier
    1. ATATA
      ATATA 18 January 2014 11: 46
      I'd like to hope so
    2. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 18 January 2014 18: 08
      Quote: makarov
      I have a good pension, ”he jokes gloomily,“ only a small one. ”

      how small is it? a retired colonel should receive 30 thousand ....
      My father just went out as a captain (not of the first rank) 15 tyrov gets
  5. clidon
    clidon 18 January 2014 09: 21
    The article is interesting, but of course the journalistic hysterical inserts (to raise the degree of narration) about the "threshold of the apocalypse", despite the fact that the damaged boat does not pose any threat to the world and other "environmental disasters" are a little depressing.
    1. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan 18 January 2014 11: 46
      a little depressing
      You know, it bothered me too. On the one hand, a country must know its heroes. And in general it’s nice to read such articles about divers. On the other ... The author is not just a journalist and writer a marine painter, he is a submarine veteran. And such obvious bloopers. For example, a long alarm trill. It is not long, on the contrary, it is a series of short calls, and divers know it. A trifle? A trifle. But unpleasant. Next, the fire itself. Ignition FMT-200G - phenomena are not so rare. And not so scary. I will explain: the marine thermocatalytic filter is designed to burn carbon monoxide. Air is driven by the fan through the filler, which is heated by an electric spiral and CO is burned to CO2, which in turn is absorbed by the RDU. So, when overheated, the filler turns into fine hot dust carried by the fan through the exhaust hole. And it is always located in an area where there are no combustible materials, so there should be no problems. But there are. In our 9, the exhaust went beyond the refrigerator, and some wise guy dumped all the stern underwear there. Well, at the next release, it flashed. But there were no horrors, put out and went on. Actually, we did not stop, because we always went on combat under the port side, in other words, the worker was 8. Well and the last - combat duty under pack ice. The author of a date does not confuse? We made the first test ascent through the ice six months later, and only after that did the strategists begin to carry the database under the ice.
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 18 January 2014 14: 39
        Quote: Old_Kapitan
        . And such obvious bloopers.

        What do movie directors say about these bloopers? Artistic fiction, for the sharpness of the plot.
      2. Warhead-xnumx
        Warhead-xnumx 18 January 2014 18: 21
        This is a long series of 25-30 calls
      3. navy33
        navy33 23 January 2014 21: 53
        Greetings to all! And also the breathing time in PDA is 15 minutes, and in IDA-59 - 4 hours.
  6. kav669
    kav669 18 January 2014 11: 03
    Great article, we need more information about our heroes. I think the award will find a hero.
  7. ATATA
    ATATA 18 January 2014 11: 46
    * fuck!
    When will we finish making films about thieves, prostitutes and other degenerates?
    And when will they make films about such PEOPLE?!
    This is a rhetorical question; the chief supporter of the question must be asked.
    1. Warhead-xnumx
      Warhead-xnumx 18 January 2014 18: 25
      Haven't seen a fresh "masterpiece" from Hollywood? The phantom is called.
      1. Old_kapitan
        Old_kapitan 18 January 2014 19: 53
        Haven't seen a fresh "masterpiece" from Hollywood? The phantom is called.
        I read the review in time, it is a pity time.
  8. 0255
    0255 18 January 2014 12: 41
    According SUCH feat not to reward the captain just because some ***** from the headquarters did not "bring Ivanov to the side of the order"? !!! You read articles on Topwar about Heroes with a capital letter, you learn from them that they have not received any awards, and you are amazed more and more. But Gorbachev received the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called, as if he really did something good for the country belay
    Quote: ATATA
    * fuck!
    When will we finish making films about thieves, prostitutes and other degenerates?
    And when will they make films about such PEOPLE?!
    This is a rhetorical question; the chief supporter of the question must be asked.

    Are you sure that the driver will make an adequate film about the heroes? also a rhetorical question recourse
    1. ATATA
      ATATA 18 January 2014 13: 14
      Quote: 0255
      Are you sure that the driver will make an adequate film about the heroes? also a rhetorical question

      If he were making adequate films now, I would not call him a supporter, but Nikita Mikhalkov. hi
      1. Denis
        Denis 18 January 2014 13: 31
        Confused there a little, he needs only a Judas medal
        Quote: ATATA
        But Gorbachev received the Order of St. Andrew
        1. 0255
          0255 19 January 2014 13: 21
          Yeltsin still needs to be awarded the Order of Judah ... posthumously wassat
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 18 January 2014 13: 42
    Judging by the text, Nikolai the Wonderworker saved everyone, so they should reward him. By the way, Nikolai the Wonderworker where he served, who knows. He and his co-worker, George the Victorious, judging by the articles, have recently saved almost all Soviet submarines, some twice. Well, a comical and cowardly special officer and a cowardly political officer is already some kind of stamp. I suspect the author of the article could not meet with the submarine commander, and would write so normally.
    1. Alexey K.
      Alexey K. 19 January 2014 01: 00
      Chunga-changa you are definitely a chunga-changa from the tribo yumbo tribe and that’s it. And you don’t understand the Russian soul of sailors who always believed in God and the help of His servants. And if not for faith in God, coupled with personal courage and skill, we were not GREAT RUSSIA. This can be confirmed by all of our great commanders and Prince Alexander Nevsky and the great commander Alexander Suvorov and naval commander Fedor Ushakov.
      1. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 19 January 2014 02: 59
        "son")) I served in the navy, and you? Tell me where you served in the Navy, under the USSR, believed in God, all that. Your story is very interesting.
  10. moremansf
    moremansf 18 January 2014 14: 24
    I totally agree, THE COUNTRY SHOULD KNOW ITS HEROES !!! And in the media and on TV screens, there is one dope, such as "House-2" or the breed of "Goryunov" That's who you need to make films about ... Commander K-219 I.V. Britanov, also accomplished a feat, rescuing the crew urgently surfaced off the coast of the United States and again persecution, deprivation of dismissal, and for two months now we have been discussing the young parents of Pugachev with Galkin ... And how many of them are still unknown to the country of the heroes of the fleet, Afghanistan, the Caucasus .. . Honor and glory to them !!!
  11. klim44
    klim44 18 January 2014 15: 22
    Reading such materials, I never cease to admire our submariners. Kamikadei are not standing nearby. At least 6 boats were killed, and how many more classified incidents? Eternal memory to the lost submariners !!! And for the living, let the number of dives be always equal to the number of floats.
  12. polkownik1
    polkownik1 18 January 2014 15: 23
    Do you know how many of these "sideways", as if accidentally under-formed? Many thousands. The vindictiveness and indifference of the army personnel officers and financiers can only be compared with the same qualities of individual offended political workers.
  13. Power
    Power 18 January 2014 16: 53
    Or maybe it was worth "banging" then? - Now these Chubais, Gaidarov, Abramovichs would definitely not exist.
  14. wolf1945
    wolf1945 18 January 2014 18: 01
    Yes, in our country often real heroes remain in the shadow for many years !!! soldier
  15. silver_roman
    silver_roman 18 January 2014 18: 06
    Vladimir Morozov, providing the course of the underwater missile carrier. Understanding that he was doomed, Morozov wrote a dying note to the commander (the intercom was out of order): “Comrade Commander, your order has been fulfilled - the ship’s course has been ensured. I’m losing consciousness, but I remain at the post. ”

    what kind of people were all the same ... I wonder if our Motherland will be able to give birth to such people! ???
    1. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan 18 January 2014 19: 48
      what kind of people were all the same ... I wonder if our Motherland will be able to give birth to such people! ???
      And they still exist. Only they are silent about them, as then. Other "heroes" are now in favor: bankers, bandits ... And if something comes across about the fleet, such as "Goryunov", it is impossible to watch without tears. Only these tears are not from pride ...
    2. Current 72
      Current 72 18 January 2014 23: 22
      A novel! Our Motherland will be able to give birth to her loyal, brave and loving PEOPLE !!!
  16. bubla5
    bubla5 18 January 2014 18: 47
    The military themselves surrendered the country to drunks, and now, like the Alfovites, they complain
    1. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan 18 January 2014 19: 42
      The military themselves surrendered the country to drunks, and now, like the Alfovites, they complain
      But you don’t have to crush the military loaf. I would see what you would say, open fire on the crowd under the White House! Three random corpses were enough for many years of lamentations ...
      1. rubin6286
        rubin6286 19 January 2014 19: 41
        In Beijing, the army on the Tien-an-Men square crushed 70 thousand people with tanks. China is alive and well. Like Galtsev: "Hands under your coat, but there are no scoundrels!"
  17. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 18 January 2014 18: 53
    To the Russian Navy and its components and filling Glory! On the feast of the Baptism of the Lord I drink for HEALTH!
  18. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 18 January 2014 19: 50
    January 18, 1981 on K-424, in the sea, there was a fire in the 3rd compartment (due to the cigarette butt the filter in the latrine lit up). The ship surfaced, but thanks to the competent actions of Captain 1st Rank Ivanov Nikolai Alexandrovich and the crew, the fire was extinguished and the deaths of personnel were avoided. In May 1984, during the BS (commander Captain 1st Rank Plyusnin B.F.), an underwater cruiser hit the ice with an bow in an emergency. On September 27, 1984, the K-424 SSBN fired rockets from the pier at Porchnikha Bay. On October 23, 1984, in preparation for going to sea, on K-424, due to an error in the crew’s actions, the airborne bridge was broken, two sailors were killed and several were injured. On May 19, 1986, during rocket firing from an overwater position in Porchnikha Bay, a rocket fell on the rocket deck, causing a fire extinguished by a fire ship. In March 1988, it became part of the 31th Red Banner Northern Fleet. In 1986-1988, an average repair was carried out at the Zvezdochka plant in Severodvinsk. 08.08 −21 .10 1990, while performing military service in high-latitude regions of the Arctic (commander Captain 1st Rank V.V. Panikorovsky, senior captain 1st Rank V.M. Konchin) ensured the work of the gravimetric party in the pre-polar region. In April 1996, it was removed from the composition of existing ships, transferred to sludge. The reactor drive is lowered to the lower end, scalded. The first of the submarines of the project 667BDR was utilized at the Zvyozdochka SRZ SRZ During the service of the SSBN, K-424 performed 16 combat services and 20 combat duties.
  19. AVV
    AVV 18 January 2014 19: 55
    Quote: Wolf1945
    Yes, in our country often real heroes remain in the shadow for many years !!! soldier

    That’s for sure, the heroes are always out of evil fate or perplexity, leaders remain in the shadows, and the Serdyukovs and Vasilievs enjoy all the benefits of civilization and this is not fair !!!
  20. SERGEY 59
    SERGEY 59 18 January 2014 21: 08
    Quote: Sirocco
    Good article, I am tormented by the question, why do we know so little about these Heroes, submarine, About the heroes of the Caucasus ????? But everyone is hearing about the "heroes" who defiled the church with their dances, the oligarch released from prison. Are they the kind of people worth talking about? Are we going to educate the younger generation on their image? It is time to end this vicious practice of FALSE HEROES.

    and this is thanks to the zhurnalyugam. to write a serious article you need to be the smartest yourself. to write about the dancers in the church, their level of mind is enough. here and we begin to forget our real heroes. it's a pity. the era is leaving.
  21. psyholirik
    psyholirik 18 January 2014 21: 25
    Yes, there were people nowadays! not like the current tribe! Athletes ...
  22. vignat21
    vignat21 18 January 2014 22: 26
    Damn, politicians everywhere, bastards. Their motto: "do as I said"
  23. konvalval
    konvalval 18 January 2014 23: 49
    Quote: Sirocco
    Good article, I am tormented by the question, why do we know so little about these Heroes, submarine, About the heroes of the Caucasus ????? But everyone is hearing about the "heroes" who defiled the church with their dances, the oligarch released from prison. Are they the kind of people worth talking about? Are we going to educate the younger generation on their image? It is time to end this vicious practice of FALSE HEROES.

    And all because we have such free media to madness that they want something and vparivayut.
  24. berserk1967
    berserk1967 19 January 2014 00: 43
    In the 1981 year, the XXVI Congress of the CPSU was held, and not the XXV.
    The text should be printed a little more closely.
    1. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan 19 January 2014 02: 41
      In the 1981 year, the XXVI Congress of the CPSU was held, and not the XXV.
      The text should be printed a little more closely.
      I have already indicated a little higher: in January 1981 there could be no combat service under the pack ice - the first test surfacing with breaking ice was carried out by the SSBN K-447 in July 1981, i.e. in six months. And only after that the nuclear missile carriers began to carry out combat service in those areas. So, it seems, it is not confused with the congress, but with the date of the campaign. And if not with the date, then with the area. Anyway, something is wrong. Unfortunately, Cherkashin had previously encountered similar "incidents" aimed at excessive dramatization of the narrative. There was even a website created by Russian submariners, on which one of Cherkashin's books was examined in detail, just the same abounding in such episodes.
  25. Old_kapitan
    Old_kapitan 19 January 2014 08: 20
    Gentlemen "minusyatniki", I would still like argumentation. What didn't suit you in my comment? Don't you believe that the K-447 broke the pack ice exactly in July 1981? You are welcome to google, there is already a lot of information about this. There is also a mention that no one has done this before us. I will only add that the submarine KTOF repeated the same almost simultaneously with us (unfortunately, I do not remember the tactical number). Or do not you believe in the inaccuracies in the works of Mr. Cherkashin? So I have already cited at least three inconsistencies here above. Talk to the submariners, find the site I mentioned, if I am not mistaken, it was called "The Shameful Pillar of the Russian Submarine". In the end, ask a question and if not me, then one of the divers will try to dispel your doubts. But this is a minus, just because "I don't like your face" ... It's actually low, "gentlemen."
    Threat. And berserk1967 for what minus? The XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union really took place in Moscow from February 23 to March 3 1981 of the year. But not XXV.
  26. Const
    Const 19 January 2014 11: 15
    So, because of some kind of nits in the power to write something in the documents, they offended a person. It is alarming that this is not the first and not the last case. And even if they all figure it out and fix it, the guilty will still not suffer.
    1. rubin6286
      rubin6286 19 January 2014 19: 54
      When, as a lieutenant, I arrived at the unit, the senior comrades told me: "Remember, in peacetime they reward those who are not involved, and those who are involved in the case ...!" After a while, at a combat review, the division commander turned to me: “Where are your government awards?” To my embarrassed answer: “I somehow didn’t have time yet,” followed the words: “I believe you will have them!” whisper: "Aha, the Order of Saint Ebukentius of all degrees!" Then there was a solemn march and, so that I would not "spoil" the formation, some officers attached some of their awards to me.
      The divisional commander choked when he saw a young lieutenant with three rows of medals "For impeccable service" of all degrees in the last line from the flank.
  27. akmoa781
    akmoa781 19 January 2014 16: 39
    It is bitter and insulting for those who honestly served the Fatherland and were forgotten through the fault of those who were nearby but did not serve, but served! One can only hope for the divine conduct that they remember and correct the evil injustice.
  28. govoruha-otrok
    govoruha-otrok 20 January 2014 09: 45
    In my office there is a photo of K-424, included in the GB. Pollock. I served a little on this ship, but I remember these stories. They often told how long the IDPs “extinguished” the “hotbed” of fire in a smoky latrine, which later turned out to be a lighting lamp.
    I do not understand the groans about the "oblivion" of the veterans. The same Brittany captain of the 1st rank received, he was given an apartment. And the pension, as noted, is not so small, even without the one and a half coefficient.
    And the rest, yes! Our people bravely fought with the accidents that they themselves committed. Usually.
    All. You can minus)
  29. mine
    mine 20 January 2014 14: 21
    Another illiterate opus and nonsense from Cherkashin.
    Damn, give him someone RBZH-PL.
    Better yet, tap on the head with this book.
  30. gameover_65
    gameover_65 20 January 2014 14: 22
    over the past ten years I read a lot of articles and revelations about the accident on our submarines.
    in general, an opinion of an awesome accident rate in our fleet is being created.
    I tried to look for this about America and the West in general.
    nothing even closely resembles our confessions. there is little, but such as we do not have self-flagellation.
    so I’m thinking, but why should we write about this? undermine self-confidence?
    1. mine
      mine 20 January 2014 14: 44
      Quote: gameover_65
      The opinion of an awesome accident rate in our fleet is being created.

      this is not true
      Quote: gameover_65
      I think, why should we write about this?

      on the one hand, you need to write - we really need an honest and objective "work on mistakes" of the Navy of the USSR and the Russian Federation
      on the other hand - what to write?
      for example, the video from the trimming of the BDR in Saranka was definitely not worth uploading to YouTube, if only because the mass of those present simply did not understand what it was about (trimming a long missile boat in a shallow bay is associated with at least a good portion of adrenaline from the respective persons) and from " flies inflated the elephant "

      opuses of Mr. Cherkashin - a separate story, on the one hand, illiterate, and on the other, people themselves without realizing it, cheerfully paints the "corpus delicti" on whose persons he "raises on the shield" as "heroes"
  31. van piir
    van piir 20 January 2014 21: 06
    In those years, many emergency situations on the submarines were not recorded anywhere if everything was done without human casualties and much damage. Many emergency situations occurred due to the fault of a poorly trained or seconded, at best, from another crew. Those who defended were charged off to the shore, commanders received various penalties . Why the officer who covered the soldier with his body, whom he himself taught how to throw a grenade, gets a Hero, and on a submarine people save people and the submarine gets penalties.
  32. kuznecovrom
    kuznecovrom 20 January 2014 22: 55
    Good evening! But I didn’t break off, I wrote to the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, let him read, and if I have a conscience, I’ll do something. If there is a desire, I ask those who are not indifferent to this situation to do the same. Here is the link to the email:[email protected]
    ganization & data (destPosition) = 10339456 @ SD_Position
    1. mine
      mine 20 January 2014 23: 35
      the text has obvious and wild errors l / s, incl. top officials
  33. mine
    mine 20 January 2014 23: 32
    Quote: kuznecovrom
    But I didn’t break off, I wrote to the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, let him read, and if there is a conscience -

    one "little BUT
    I do not know about the degree of reliability of the circumstances set forth by Cherkashin
    but if they meet the invoice - then the finished material for the criminal case Yes
    mistakes, and "wild" - in this BZJ more than
    incl. on the actions of "top officials of the GKP"
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 23 January 2014 16: 20
      The statute of limitations has long expired.
  34. mine
    mine 20 January 2014 23: 34
    and in general, any writings of Cherkashin, in terms of texture and reliability, should be treated very carefully
  35. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 22 January 2014 21: 35
    Maybe there are mistakes in the story, but the main thing is not in this, but in the procedure for calculating pensions for servicemen in pension departments. Those who retired know that everything is credited - only on paper, there is no order to appoint to the position - they have deleted a couple of months from the service life, there is no travel certificate to the "hot spot" - it means that he was not, the doctor of the medical department did not draw up an injury - there was no injury and so on and, most importantly, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PROVE, the courts do not believe the WITNESSES, but believe the orders of the Ministry of Defense, which are often contrary to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation.
    1. Tishkin
      Tishkin 3 February 2014 15: 12
      Dear, every officer and midshipman is taught from a very young age to observe the conduct of his personal affairs and to collect extracts from orders. When I was transferred to the reserve, I did not have several important extracts in my personal file, but they were all found in the store. And the fact that a captain of the 1st rank is not able to restore extracts from orders for the entire period of service, especially to restore 17 years of northern "underwater" experience, this is, sorry, complete nonsense !!! To do this, you only need an entry in the column "passage of service" about the beginning of calculating the length of service "a year in two" and about the end of this calculation. I assure you that every officer would have shaken his soul out of the personnel officer for this entry.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  36. boris_62
    boris_62 23 January 2014 12: 49
    Unfortunately, many accidents, many tragedies ...
  37. navy33
    navy33 23 January 2014 22: 08
    The accident in the Navy was and will be, it’s all the same a technique, but thanks to the training and courage of the crew, our submarines and Ships go and will go.
  38. Tishkin
    Tishkin 3 February 2014 15: 05
    Absolutely illiterate article. The author has not the slightest idea about the realities of the submariners' service. If we start only from what the author wrote, the commander and mechanic should have been brought to justice. I remember this accident according to the "List of Accidents and Breakdowns", which was obligatory for every submariner officer to study. The conclusions of the commission on this accident are disappointing for the personnel. gross violations that led to the outbreak of fire, gross mistakes in the fight for survivability. And from the height of my 28-year experience as a submarine officer, I completely agree with these conclusions.