Recent tests of new armored personnel carriers

Recent tests of new armored personnel carriers
Armored vehicles from the family of Russian armored personnel carriers are known throughout the world. Over the past sixty years, they have participated in hostilities in almost all wars - and thousands of these machines are used by armies around the world. It's time to get acquainted with the latest addition to the family.

Today, Russia is undergoing a comprehensive modernization of the armed forces, called upon to drag them into the twenty-first century — and this vehicle is one of the first products of this process. It seems that the demand for it will be high, as previous models are used in more than 30 countries around the world.

The latest offer from Russian gunsmiths is faster, more powerful and - most importantly - much more efficient.

Alexander Masyagin, General Designer of the BTR: There used to be manual drives. Now we have a stabilizer! Now it is possible to hit the target without stopping - before you had to stop in order to manually look at the target. And now we have an automatic guidance system.

Since armored personnel carriers were created to deliver troops to the battlefield, today designers are concentrating their attention on the safety of people transported.

Alexander Masyagin, General Designer of the BTR: Bullets are walking on all sides - and this carrier is protected on all sides, while the previous models had protection only from the front. We are proud of our anti-shatter protection. Earlier, when a shell hit a BTR, or it hit a mine, fragments fell freely inside and could easily hurt people. Now they are stuck in a thick casing.

Valery Buzuev has been testing armored vehicles for many years. He says that the last modification is not one, but THREE steps forward.

Valery Buzuev, BTR tester: It’s very easy to drive a conveyor - just like a car. You turn a wheel to the right, and you go to the right. Visibility is good - before we had to stick out our head to see where we were going. Another advantage is the incredible stability and very high throughput.

These cars literally have no restrictions ... they easily climb hills, drive through deep mud and even float.

Vasily Shupranov, Managing Director: If we compare our armored vehicles with foreign transporters of a similar type, they have all the same opportunities, but our cars are much cheaper. Thus, they are likely to be competitive.

The first to receive new cars Russian army. But the company has already concluded a number of contracts with foreign countries - like its predecessors, it seems to deserve world reputation.
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