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Ex-premier declares war on neoliberals

Earlier this week, the chairman of this club, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Primakov spoke at the meeting of the Mercury Club, an institution for the formation of active interaction between business and government. Evgeny Maksimovich from September 1998 to May 1999 headed the government of the Russian Federation. He headed, having received it "in the inheritance" after the monstrous economic crisis, in which Russia hit 1998 in August. Primakov’s speech came out very sharp, and the main critical arrows of the former prime minister were addressed, as he himself called them, to the neoliberals - people who today pretend to know how to manage the Russian economy.

Ex-premier declares war on neoliberals

Yevgeny Primakov connected his speech with the December message of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly and, in particular, with the economic problems that the country faces. The main thesis of the chairman of the "Mercury Club" is, quote: the need to counter the policy of neoliberals in Russia ". At the same time, Primakov unambiguously makes it clear who he defines with such a term: these are representatives of the current Russian government with rare exceptions (among those whose views Primakov does not see neoliberal, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Andrei Klepach is named, for example) and some non-governmental economists with specific views.

What exactly is the former chairman of the Russian cabinet of ministers accusing those people who are trying to steer the domestic economy? These are several positions at once that look like this:

At firstPrimakov is depressed by the fact that most modern economists who are in power continue to drive the economy along ultra-liberal rails, insisting on continuing full-scale privatization and, as a result, continuing the transition of many strategically important companies exclusively into private hands.

Secondly, the former head of government, frankly wonders why economic authorities instead of the much-needed support of the real economy (modernization and expansion of production capacity, training of qualified specialists) today take the position of activating the work, in fact, of accounting organizations - numerous banks - banks, which, by crediting production enterprises, expose prohibitively high interest rates, leading to the complete ruin of production.

Thirdly, Yevgeny Primakov makes it clear that today's neoliberal economic policy leads to an artificially faster growth of tariffs, which ultimately hits both producers and consumers of certain goods and services.

Fourthly, criticism is aimed at unintelligible management activities and the inept control over the expenditure of funds and the quality of work performed.

If Primakov had been evaluating, then his assessment of the work of today's government economists would be unequivocal - a fat "bad". The former prime minister makes it clear that the state of the Russian economy today is such that it leads to the neoliberal rails described by the Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek (the state’s complete exit from the economy to ensure healthy competition and related growth). government, just stupid. Primakov gives a concrete example, which shows that even the countries of the developed free market after the economic crisis of 2008-2010 came to the idea of ​​revising the interaction between government and business. In a number of Western countries, the state has allowed itself direct investments in those projects that for a long time have been positioned as purely private. These direct investments have helped keep entire sectors of the economy afloat and level the situation. Our economists, for some unknown reason, continue to follow exactly the path that led the Western economy (and the Russian economy is strung on it today), to a serious crisis - to a crisis that many economies in the world cannot recover from to this day.

Primakov actually calls for more full participation of the state in the economy, the introduction of certain norms of strategic planning, without which the Russian financial system will operate in the Russian roulette mode - while the “shots” are not lethal, but the psychological state of them is close to shock. Is it possible to achieve significant results in such a state? Obviously, no, and Primakov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, speaks directly about this in his report, which is more like not a usual “club” performance, but a message addressed to people holding the reins of economic governance in their hands. The message is actually based on the main thesis: Stop and think again!

Primakov, and not only him, is well aware of the consequences of the unlimited liberalization of the economy, which (liberalization) was actively promoted by the “young reformers” in 90's, in effect shifting the fading economic model to Russian soil. All those liberal economic efforts led to a default, impoverishment of the country, the collapse of the industrial sector and social tensions. Obviously, if the scenario is neoliberals (this is what Primakov himself calls these people), if the market is again turned into an uncontrolled "Russian field of experimentation" (and is it a Russian? ..), then Russia will again be in spite of years.

In his report, Yevgeny Maksimovich mentions data from the Global Wealth Report analytical center for the 2013 year, which indicate that today, more than a third of all Russian assets are in the hands of a narrow circle of Russian oligarchs. 110 billionaires with a Russian passport (and often not only a Russian one) manage to make 35% of the domestic economy work solely in their own interests. And it is unlikely that one of the prime oligarchs is seriously worried about whether the all-Russian economy is growing, marking time, or rushing down, if the financial affairs of the “money bags” themselves go uphill. Which one of them will come to his head to invest in major infrastructure projects, which can begin to bring tangible income no earlier than through 10, or even more, in years. So people need everything at once, here and now.

I wonder what conclusions from the speech of Primakov did the people to whom he actually turned? It is very likely that those who actively preach the "religion" of economic neoliberalism (and in the economic bloc of our government today, apparently, the majority) will do everything so that the theses of Yevgeny Primakov not be noticed by themselves, and that’s all so that others would not pay attention to these theses. They say, what you take from Primakov, a conservative, is an elderly man, a man with a socialist understanding of economic development - is it worth paying attention to his today's speech ...

Yes, socialist notes in the economy - this is the main poisonous pill for all those who are part of a narrow circle of the Russian oligarchy. How can these people allow the economic model to be built not on the principle “grab, how much you will carry”, but on the principles of rational planning and healthy competition? They have done their utmost to avoid the possibility of implementing such a model, hanging noodles on the ears of the people that this is the only way to build a “bright capitalist future”. The main goal of the neoliberals is to remove all strategically important enterprises from under state control with the help of new steps of old privatization, squeeze out all the juices from these enterprises, and then either just crush and leave to fend for themselves, or expect new budget investments for self-rescue under the slogan salvation Russian production.

Is it possible today the transition of the Russian economy to the model in which the state plays a weighty, but not overwhelming, role, stimulating the most important infrastructure and production projects, based on a strategic planning system? Is it possible today to achieve real competitiveness and the effective development of small and medium-sized private enterprises? All this is quite possible, but only when performing an important component: an unambiguous approach to the economic neoliberals in power and authority - free your chairs and cabinets and look for work in the local accounting department! Another question: is there a real power in Russia today that can so smartly wave a “broom”, especially considering the presence of billionaires mentioned by 110 with 35% of assets that (billionaires) hold the entire bureaucratic apparatus, sorry, for the soft spot ...
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  1. makarov
    makarov 17 January 2014 08: 02
    I don’t know who and how it relates to Primakov. I have been watching his activities for a long time, I consider him the cleverest statesman who cares for the interests of the state !!!
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 17 January 2014 08: 57
      I don’t know who and how it relates to Primakov. I have been watching his activities for a long time ...

      This is not about Primakov. The whole point is that the Putin-Medvedev tandem continues a liberal economic policy that destroys the remnants of Russian industry, continues the policy of selling, in essence thieves' privatization of state property under the false slogan "a more efficient private owner compared to the state."
      The people of Russia continue to pay for their thoughtless voting for the liberals Putin and United Russia during the presidential and State Duma elections.
      1. RussianRu
        RussianRu 17 January 2014 09: 24
        The whole point is that the Putin-Medvedev tandem continues a liberal economic policy,

        Medvedev may be a liberal. But, Putin, this is a big question. For the "vertical of power" Putin was awarded the title "dictator" from whom? There are other examples as well.
        But why is Putin not abruptly pushing liberals away from power? Probably not the time. Although in my own opinion I think; you need to do it non-delayed.
        1. yehat
          yehat 17 January 2014 09: 39
          rush from one extreme to another?
          Even under Stalin, there was never such a level of centralization - and this has its considerable disadvantages.
          1. DEfindER
            DEfindER 17 January 2014 10: 23
            Quote: yehat
            Even under Stalin, there was never such a level of centralization

            Yes, oddly enough, under Stalin, business did not feel very bad, there were private artels producing goods and products that were more expensive than state ones but were of better quality; I personally saw books from the 40s and 50s with the inscription - this is printed by the artel. This Khrushchev then turned off all the artels, banning private business. So, in terms of economy, Stalin was the most liberal of all the leaders of the USSR.
            Humpbacked tried to repeat the Stalin experience, but he did it uncontrollably, giving the cooperatives too much authority, as a result, they alienated the best workshops, the best equipment and specialists from the plants, bringing the state. enterprises are in decline, which means they had a monopoly on goods and lifted prices on it ..
            1. sledgehammer102
              sledgehammer102 17 January 2014 18: 22
              Quote: vladimirZ
              destructive remnants of Russian industry

              You are stuck again in the past decade. When industry is destroyed, hundreds of billions of machines and equipment are not purchased. In the plate below, please pay attention to what our oil is going to.

              And indeed, the Orange Revolution does not carry out against the liberal rulers and the Western litter. Here is a couple of pictures from two independent countries of different times.

              We don’t notice any similarities? Yes will come Savior and everyone will be fine !!!!
            2. invisibility
              invisibility 17 January 2014 19: 43
              Goods and products? This is far from all !!! Production cooperatives produced weapons, now I do not remember PPP or PPD, ammunition, radios and much more. Can you imagine what kind of equipment the artels had? You are a plus.
              Very few people know about this.
              1. blizart
                blizart 18 January 2014 21: 12
                The Sudaev PPP machine gun could be produced on presses in 20 tons. PCA -50, (MP-40) -80. Russian gunsmiths said their word
              2. Aristah
                Aristah 26 January 2014 18: 28
                "What was not with me - I remember" ;-) Can you still link to the source of information? Otherwise, your "information" will be considered a provocation! :-( Under Uncle Joe this was not and could not be !!!
              3. Aristah
                Aristah 26 January 2014 18: 28
                "What was not with me - I remember" ;-) Can you still link to the source of information? Otherwise, your "information" will be considered a provocation! :-( Under Uncle Joe this was not and could not be !!!
          2. Gregazov
            Gregazov 17 January 2014 17: 29
            What sources have you identified?
            1. invisibility
              invisibility 17 January 2014 20: 33
     для примера.
              And grandfather, 1922g. told
          3. Yarosvet
            Yarosvet 17 January 2014 20: 33
            Quote: yehat
            Even under Stalin, there was never such a level of centralization

            And what's so surprising about that? The USSR of the Stalin period is generally a republic with a parliamentary form of government.
          4. Foxmara
            Foxmara 13 February 2014 13: 59
            Under Stalin, power was almost absolute. No need to compare.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. klimpopov
          klimpopov 17 January 2014 10: 38
          The main thing is that it would not be too late ...
        4. Pilat2009
          Pilat2009 17 January 2014 12: 26
          Quote: Russian
          But Putin, this is a big question.

          Putin, in fact, is not involved in the economy; he has advisers for this. Who are the advisers?
          1. Garrin
            Garrin 17 January 2014 13: 54
            Quote: Pilat2009
            Putin, in fact, is not involved in the economy; he has advisers for this. Who are the advisers?

            Everything is correct. "Bad boyars", and not lucky with the little people.
          2. AVV
            AVV 17 January 2014 16: 00
            He can not cover both foreign policy and the economy, and DAM is clearly not coping, and he has advisers !!!
          3. Nick
            Nick 18 January 2014 00: 36
            Quote: Pilat2009
            And who are the advisers?

            In economics, Glazyev, whom you can’t attach to neoliberals ...
        5. absalute
          absalute 17 January 2014 12: 35
          It seems to you a simple question to push?
        6. Tatanka Yotanka
          Tatanka Yotanka 17 January 2014 13: 47
          Quote: Russian
          Probably not the time.

          this thesis can explain all the failures of domestic policy, if the vertical of Putin reaches the top of foreign policy, then at the bottom it rests against the horizontal of Medvedev and the government, and this vertical consists of one person, I don't see his cohesive team, as he said, "everywhere I have to operate in manual mode "
          and if Primakov says the true state of things, then from year to year Putin expresses satisfaction with the work of the government

        7. Fin
          Fin 17 January 2014 15: 58
          Quote: Russian
          But why is Putin not abruptly pushing liberals away from power? Probably not the time. Although in my own opinion I think; you need to do it non-delayed.

          I do not protect GDP. In my opinion, he himself believes in a liberal path of development. When around you the whole herd of liberals you will begin to believe that this is the only right direction. And he does not understand the economy. In addition, he owes something to many people, is bound by promises to Yeltsin thieves, and he cannot make sudden movements. Not everything is as simple as we would like.
          And E.M. PRIMAKOV is a great statesman, the smartest leader. Remember how in 98 he began to tighten the nuts, how the thieves screamed! It would be him 20-25 years less ....., dreamed.
        8. shtanko.49
          shtanko.49 17 January 2014 16: 03
          If Putin hadn’t already had a military-industrial complex, everything is going to crumbs, God forbid Medvedev gets to the presidency, then Russia will end or social revolution. He sees no one around him except himself, stubborn, overly ambitious, idiot.
        9. Besoffner
          Besoffner 17 January 2014 16: 35
          > But that's why Putin is not cool to push the liberals away from power?
          Yes, the simple answer. Even Stalin could not do what he wanted, always had to look at comrades from the environment.
          So Putin ... He relies on the elite. After Yeltsin, most of the elite are liberals. In part, he changes it to his own, but his, at times, G's turn out to be even larger. If in foreign policy there is no question about GDP, only approval (it’s necessary to take Ukraine away from the EU and beat off the desire to bomb someone), then it’s more difficult in domestic politics, here the liberal elite will cling to their pieces of the pie. It seems like Medved is a representative of the liberals. So look, Medved is the head of government, he mainly determines how the country will develop inside.
          But, nevertheless, positive trends are evident ...
        10. Andrey57
          Andrey57 17 January 2014 17: 52
          Putin himself came to power through scams with state property together with Sobchak, the "privatization" of "Lenexpo" alone is worth it - a foreign trade company was privatized at a time when foreign currency accounts in Vneshtorgbank of all organizations in the country were blocked, after which they were unblocked through EBN " privatized "160 million simple American green rubles.
          Now think, will he "fight" with thieves and corrupt officials? They would not have understood him! laughing
        11. denn
          denn 17 January 2014 18: 38
          We must not forget that Putin himself can be abruptly pushed aside. The truth is already more complicated than a couple of years ago. For some reason, everyone decided that the president = the king. Although in fact, according to the constitution, the president is the coordinator of the branches of power, this is the fourth branch of power. All branches are essentially independent of each other. The Central Bank and the judiciary are never Russian at all. Much the same thing happened under Stalin. Until there was an opportunity to get rid of the liberals, he also worked with them, including various "European integrators" (Litvin again). The USSR, led by Stalin, made the leap forward after ~ 20 years of struggle with the fifth column in power.

          Personally, I clearly see the struggle in power, otherwise they would have lived long ago in the united US "Russian" states, completely de-democratized and in complete poverty. The liberals do not raise the defense industry, they do not restore the ideology and do not go against the dollar.

          Putin has openly stated many things in the early 2000s and has been doing so ever since. That is why he calls for the support of citizens and the political activity of citizens. Just no one hears + propaganda in the media against him and Russia as a whole.

          So, we want sovereignty, declare this, nationalize the same Central Bank, etc. We don’t want to - we will continue to whine in the comments and blame everything on Putin (this is fashionable today)
          1. Pilat2009
            Pilat2009 17 January 2014 18: 57
            Quote: denn
            Putin himself can be steeply pushed aside.

            With the current harsh Minister of Defense, hardly. Yes, and people are no longer the same
            It’s just that the majority is happy with everything, everything is divided. The only thing is if Shoigu plans something, why does he need it. I’m afraid the successors are calculated for many years to come, until the full income comes. Prices for gas and oil will not collapse. Yes, and if new sources energy will appear, an ass will come to Rosatom, which has invested 30 billion in the construction of stations around the world
            1. denn
              denn 17 January 2014 20: 02
              How sad you have outlined everything. You have to be more optimistic. smile
              Break through. Just quick to do is unrealistic. To take the same Central Bank under the national wing, Putin needs to strengthen on all fronts, and this is the defense and anti-terrorism defense, info / defense / offensive, preparing his own economy when it is withdrawn from the dollar, supporting the people of the national course, etc. etc. Everything is interconnected. I don’t think that the Central Bank (a branch of the Fed) will be returned to us just like that, without a fight. Therefore, you need to strengthen. Everything would go faster if the people felt like a master in the country. But this is not, therefore, overseas owners still manage in Russia. For this part, I fully agree with the GCD.
        12. Yarosvet
          Yarosvet 17 January 2014 20: 26
          Quote: Russian
          Medvedev may be a liberal. But, Putin, this is a big question. For the "vertical of power" Putin was awarded the title of "dictator"

          There are no questions if you do not start to mix concepts.

          Liberal - people advocating personal freedom in all respects. Since the liberal does not exist by itself, but in society, he and people like him have to negotiate with their own kind by bending under the interests of the majority - this is how democracy is formed. Democracy always leads to socialism.

          But at the stage of the formation of democracy, a group is formed (successful guys in power and dough), which, in principle, professes the postulates of personal freedom (on these postulates, it comes to dough and power), and which realizing that the further evolution of liberalism will lead to socialism, and therefore to "dispossession" and forced sagging under the interests of the majority, begins to resist this evolution.

          Declaring the principles of liberalism and democracy in words, this group is doing everything in its power to replace concepts and create in its interests a tough, strong power that controls everything that can be reached (at the same time, there are external attributes of democracy, but its mechanisms cease to work, and the essence is replaced some kind of crap)

          It is such a semi-feudal, semi-fascist system that exists on the principles of organized crime groups that has recently been called neoliberalism - it is this system that is increasingly taking root in Russia, it is Putin who is his personification.
      2. Stalnov I.P.
        Stalnov I.P. 18 January 2014 14: 23
        Until these two LAWYERS manage the economy in this way, there will be no order, from the kind of "green" some of our politicians from the government have become liquid brains. It has long been necessary to bring order. A complete failure in the economy, moreover, these same people, instead of looking for ways of development, feed us with the prospect of their 2% for the next years. The engulfed part of society in the form of oligarchs and corrupt officials does not paint the face of our president, weak-willed, weak he is then why?
    2. Hs487
      Hs487 17 January 2014 09: 50
      I consider him the cleverest statesman pleasing for the interests of the state

      In my opinion, he is the only one who could become a real alternative to Putin, it’s only a pity that he is a bit old (84 years old).
      1. Pilat2009
        Pilat2009 17 January 2014 12: 29
        Quote: Hs487
        In my opinion, he is the only one who could become a real alternative to Putin,

        And why do you think he was so little prime minister? They were afraid of him. He saw through Berezovsky the same
    3. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 17 January 2014 10: 48
      Primakov is one of the few who is telling the truth about the state of affairs in the country!
    4. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 17 January 2014 11: 02
      These were called, and should continue to be called, a strong business executive. Man of business, an endangered species, alas.
    5. poquello
      poquello 17 January 2014 22: 11
      Quote: makarov
      I don’t know who and how it relates to Primakov. I have been watching his activities for a long time, I consider him the cleverest statesman who cares for the interests of the state !!!
      think correctly
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. alone
      alone 17 January 2014 23: 55
      Quote: makarov
      I don’t know who and how it relates to Primakov. I have been watching his activities for a long time, I consider him the cleverest statesman who cares for the interests of the state !!!

      Primakov is now only an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Nothing decides.

      In February 1988, he was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1989-1991 - People's Deputy of the USSR. In 1989-1990 - Chairman of the Council of the Union of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1990-1991 - member of the Presidential Council of the USSR. He was in the inner circle of Mikhail Gorbachev. Since March 1991 - Member of the Security Council of the USSR. On August 21, 1991, he flew to Foros with Mikhail S. Gorbachev as part of a delegation led by the vice-president of the RSFSR Alexander Rutskoi.

      what I don’t know how now. But for the period 1988-1991 I can’t name him a statesman.
  2. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 17 January 2014 08: 05
    Nothing new, especially since no one hears Primakov’s advice. Indeed, besides him, there have long been economists offering constructive solutions for reaching a new level of development. However, all the proposals remain a voice in the desert. The authorities only hear what she likes, and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t work, it’s more likely to harm.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 17 January 2014 09: 24
      Quote: vladsolo56
      The authorities only hear what she likes, and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t work, it’s even more harmful.

      I have not once met with the fact that business people say this: as soon as I start to do what I don’t know or know little, I have big losses. So it’s better I’ll do what gives me at least some kind of income.

      I do not condone those in power. Most of their affairs do not like. But, alas, in the economy as well as in sex on the square, advisers and critics will not allow anything worthwhile to be done.
      It seems to me that we need to carefully look at our potential "friends"
      If these "friends" are trying to suck at your president, then your president is doing something completely different from what YOUR COUNTRY needs!

      And "friends" do not run to take the queue of our president now. And this is encouraging.

      But Primakov only during the time analyzed what is happening and set the FAST DIAGNOSIS. It is a genius to see what others do not notice, and give the right assessment.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 17 January 2014 14: 49
        Quote: nick 1 and 2
        And "friends" do not run to take the queue of our president now. And this is encouraging.

        Recall that the EBN was patted on the shoulder ... A good guy, friend Borya ... everything is OK. Now Putin is shy away like incense. And friends of the same schoolmates like Kudrin say in an interview in plain text that they say until 2004. we were in the same boat and then we parted ways. Not long ago, he laid out an interview with a Habib from Hizb ut-Tahrir so that he plainly explained how this organization works. And what a surprise they were until the 2000s. they didn’t actually climb into Russia, in Uzbekistan they fought with Karimov (he seriously pressed them) and only since the 2000s. began to create network cells with us and work with the LOCAL population, and not just with the visitors. For some reason, they didn’t dare to offer the idea of ​​the caliphate despite the war in the Caucasus, the central government’s discontent, although the organization exists already knows how much time. which is much easier to go and take ... So there was no TEAM FOR sure. And now she entered it in the 2000s. when Kudrin accused Putin of moving away from the general line of liberal comprador liberals. However, the coincidence? Moreover, their methods and organization are a copy of the Popular Democrats and Socialist-Revolutionaries in the pre-revolutionary years and slogans similar only to the Islamic raid.

        with 4.40 it was from the 2000s that hezbians began working with the LOCAL population,before that, only with Uzbeks and Tajiks. betting on the caliphate in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan did not work out, among other things, thanks to support and benefits from Putin.
  3. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 17 January 2014 08: 08
    Evgeny Maksimovich is the smartest person. It was he who pulled our country out of the "ass" of 1998, together with the clever Gerashchenko. And he was pushed aside by the Yeltsin gang because he could seriously compete with him. I would pray to God if Evgeny Maksimovich would become, in due time, the president of our country.
    1. a52333
      a52333 17 January 2014 09: 52
      I subscribe to every word. I’ll add from myself that Primakov is usually diplomatic, and if he already started talking about the fact that it’s time to push neoliberals away from the helm (? To the frontal place?), Then it’s definitely TIME.
      1. MAG
        MAG 17 January 2014 14: 02
        Yesterday I read and looked at a number of articles and videos on the topic of reptilians) and so Primakov stands there as the main reptiloid of the USSR and then Russia)))
        1. MAG
          MAG 17 January 2014 17: 33
          I got cons for humor but you are hypocrites)))))) faceless write what is wrong and I don’t understand what you want to say with your minuses)) or are you reptilians?)
        2. fisherman
          fisherman 17 January 2014 17: 42
          Prokopenko are you?
          1. MAG
            MAG 17 January 2014 17: 53
            and who is this?))
  4. saag
    saag 17 January 2014 08: 20
    As a rule, there are few smart people and as a rule no one listens to them, because those who do not listen consider themselves smarter
  5. vezunchik
    vezunchik 17 January 2014 08: 23
    n VVP does not take him into the "team" but continues to cling to the "troupes". Why??????
    1. DEfindER
      DEfindER 17 January 2014 10: 49
      Quote: vezunchik
      VVP does not take him into the "team" but continues to cling to the "troupes". Why??????

      Perhaps it’s age, because work in the government really requires great moral and physical strength, and his position as chairman of the committee on business relations is also not small, I think he is in his place and says the very right things, in fact, many have said this for a long time .. But how true it’s noticed that the oligarchs have huge financial resources in their hands, which means power, and it’s impossible to quickly squeeze and change the economy, most of which are in the hands of such people .. but there are changes, global projects have stimulated production - the Defense industry, the North and South Stream, the Olympics, etc. but it’s certainly a drop in the ocean, because whole branches must be pulled out of a coma ..
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 17 January 2014 15: 02
      Quote: vezunchik
      n VVP does not take him into the "team" but continues to cling to the "troupes". Why??????

      Rather, Putin is in the team with Primakov in fact, and not Primakov with Putin ...
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 17 January 2014 08: 41
    Not everyone can "take" an intelligent person and "put" him next to him. Only the clever can do this. Fool ... to this he will not do the way he will look like a fool against his background. Dur ... k surrounds himself with the same fools or sycophants-crooks, erecting, as it were, a wall between himself and smart people. All the efforts of the clever are smashed against this wall like peas. Here is the answer to why P does not take Primakov and other smart ones into his, like, "team".
  7. major071
    major071 17 January 2014 09: 01
    All these "effective" economists of the new formation did not stand next to Yevgeny Maksimovich. They are like rams, they rested on the gates and put pressure on them, but otherwise they do not know how and do not want to, because if now we start to pursue another economic policy that will lead to economic growth and the revival of industry, then they will all be fucking ... , but they consider themselves the smartest, and they don't want to tear themselves away from the state trough. Tell me please, what nafig from Medvedev is an economist? With his childlike perception of the world and his vision of Russian life from the window of a car and a helicopter, which judges how things are going in industry and how ordinary Russians live, reading news on the Internet and constantly sitting on Twitter. An iPhone - he is an iPhone. He needs to play computer toys, not run the government. IMHO.
  8. Stiletto
    Stiletto 17 January 2014 09: 01
    Primakov is not only an intelligent, but also a principled politician who does not exchange ideals in old age. One turn of the plane over the Atlantic is worth it. Eh, if he were younger ...
    1. a52333
      a52333 17 January 2014 10: 41
      It's sad of course. Principle business is good (excellent). But when EBN made him prime minister, Yevgeny Maksimovich should have waited a little while, and he would immediately
      How the pit bull clung to Berezovsky. It is understandable, necessary, but a little later!
  9. lexat7
    lexat7 17 January 2014 09: 05
    I attended the lecture of Evgeny Maksimovich in 2001, the person left me with the most positive impressions. He is of course a great specialist in the Middle East, a friend of Yasser Arafat. And his student in the Foreign Ministry, Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov, continues the same line, as a result, we have at least a diplomatic victory in Syria, partly in Iran. I believe the words of Yevgeny Maksimovich. His predecessor on the post of Foreign Minister Kozyrka .... as a traitor .... yes to the first bitch .... p-a-d-l-a am
  10. Same lech
    Same lech 17 January 2014 09: 15
    In the photo, it looks like a dvoechik is trying to pass an exam to Professor Primakov, looking at his opponent like a boa constrictor at a rabbit.
    1. matross
      matross 17 January 2014 11: 29
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      Primakov looks at his opponent like a boa constrictor at a rabbit.

      More like a psychiatrist for a mentally ill person. Type: prosecutor? And in what chamber do we have a prosecutor? wink
  11. creak
    creak 17 January 2014 09: 19
    Now we need not smart ones, but devotees, if E.M. Primakov were at the helm, he would not have allowed robbing and ruining the country with impunity. As soon as he really took up putting things in order in the economy as prime minister, he immediately crossed the path of this insatiable locust, called the elite, and in less than a year was dismissed from his post ... And then he was replaced by a whole line of rather faceless personalities and the crown of this "Personnel policy" LADIES ... Just if you compare - the two prime ministers Primakov and Medvedev, where are we heading ... Therefore, our leadership has no choice but to act according to the principle - the quieter the success, the louder the fanfare ...
    1. coserg 2012
      coserg 2012 17 January 2014 19: 32
      Well, you need to know the measure, devotees like dogs are not cut, but smart ones are heard only through a megaphone, and even then from the windward side.
  12. Nitarius
    Nitarius 17 January 2014 09: 22
    Primakov with his AGE is more adequate than our MINISTERS and their deputies!
    It is necessary to disperse ALL the Government and form a new one!
  13. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 17 January 2014 09: 36
    It is a pity that E.M. Primakov is correct about Medvedev, and the current prime minister is holding some kind of Kursk, but as a result, he is destroying the country's economy. After Yevgeny Primakov's report in an interview with NAKANUNE.RU, V.T. Tretyakov very aptly described the struggle between the two clans in the government and the essence of the neoliberals themselves (this struggle of the "Nanai boys" is to the great joy of EU leaders, when real strategists are pushed into the shadows )
    Firstly, it is not a matter of the security forces, but rather those who can be called conservatives, in the sense in which Vladimir Putin explained in his last speech - in a message to the Federal Assembly. Yes, there is a struggle, of course, with the liberal clan, the most cosmopolitan, because capital has no homeland. The homeland of the capitalist is where it is better. If it is better at the North Pole, we’ll go there. And Russia for them is a country from which money can be obtained. And they are fighting those who believe that they need to work for their country, and not just for themselves - it is not known how many people really follow this recipe, but this is a completely different policy. Yes, this war is ongoing, it is happening in the economy, and I'm not an economist to judge the balance - who is winning, who is losing. In both economic policy and politics, we have a balance of conservative and liberal actions, inconsistent steps. We have a number of mutually exclusive steps and trends that we undoubtedly are observing, but I believe that such neoliberal intentions continue to win, at least in the economy. And this is bad, because we see what this leads to: we see how prices, privatization, and the reform of RAO UES are rising. Although they promised us the exact opposite, and that it was just a direct lie or incompetence that when private investments flow into RAO UES, will electricity prices fall at times? But prices have not fallen, but are rising every year. That is, the neoliberal course in the economy does exactly the opposite of what it promises.
    1. nokki
      nokki 17 January 2014 10: 17
      Quote: vlad.svargin
      but the current prime minister is not clear which Kursk

      Yes, about the same as drowned in the year 2000. So, a typo is very out of place. As the saying goes, to the point!
  14. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 17 January 2014 09: 43
    I remember when Primakov was appointed prime minister, I breathed a sigh of relief (with such a prime minister, Russia will surely get out) but the bastards were not happy for long! Now I can't look at Medvedev without tears (the Russian economy groans and keeps afloat with the last bit of strength) The head of the government should be a strong business executive outside of all political parties and trends ... I don't believe that there are no such people in Russia. Lord, save Russia from "Medvedevs, Chubais, Serdyukovs, etc.)!
  15. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 17 January 2014 09: 53
    Well no. A "strong business executive" "without party affiliation", that is, so to speak, "without a family, without a tribe" will begin to fill, first of all, his powerful and his family, his clan, etc., with the help of the cheapest possible labor-migrant workers. We have already seen enough of "strong business executives", we do not need these ghouls. I will say "seditious": we and the whole country need a prime minister-communist. Yes, you heard right, it was from the Russian Communist Party. Otherwise, there will be no sense.
    1. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 17 January 2014 11: 17
      will begin to fill, first of all, his powerful and his family, his clan, etc. with the help of the cheapest possible labor-migrant workers. - and now something else is happening? the only plus is all the conditions for the final destruction of infrastructure. You must understand that now it is not populism that is needed, but clear and unambiguous rules of the economic "game", and the same for all, for the next 30-40 years. It's good for everyone to do it quickly. all spheres of life have sunk too deeply. Carefully, carefully construct laws, optimize and reduce the bureaucratic press, coordinate political and economic courses. WORK, WORK and WORK again. And do not wag like a paper bag in the wind.
  16. valodavoodoo
    valodavoodoo 17 January 2014 10: 07
    How to disperse and who will move the time backward or forward again, and prompted to introduce and remove, and’ll invent all kinds of pension reform and everything else in the same vein? People like Primakov born and raised in the USSR and not sold to the buck could raise our country not only from their knees but also to heaven. And now the rockets are falling, the planes have forgotten how to do, there are no new tanks, there are no new developments ships, there is no sensible formation where to go !!! Now in power some hangers-on grown up and stuffed pockets on the collapse of the USSR. Russia forward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! am
  17. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 17 January 2014 10: 15
    All the same, they need to give them all these neoliberalists under the knee, but they’ll ask all Russia to
  18. individual
    individual 17 January 2014 10: 24
    Everything is relative:
    We take two historical examples; both premieres are E. Primakov and his antipode M. Kasyanov.
    E. Primakov in the difficult year of 1998 - The declared default of liberal rule pulled Russia out of economic failure!
    Worked for Russia.
    M. Kasyanov - Misha is two percent!
    He worked for the "family".
    As they say, feel the difference.
  19. zzz
    zzz 17 January 2014 10: 34
    Quote: saag
    As a rule, there are few smart people and as a rule no one listens to them, because those who do not listen consider themselves smarter

    There are a lot of smart people there. Among them there are few patriots!
  20. Boris55
    Boris55 17 January 2014 10: 52
    Speech by Evgeny Primakov at the meeting of the "Mercury Club" 13 January 2014

  21. zzz
    zzz 17 January 2014 11: 00
    It seems that the whole country is now waiting - WHEN WILL Putin remove Medvedev ????? And WHO will appoint instead ?????
  22. Hort
    Hort 17 January 2014 11: 15
    Evgeny Maksimovich is a man and a specialist of the old, "imperial" training. Among the new officials, I practically did not see the same statesmen. It remains to be hoped that they are still there for the time being, let's say, "in the shade".
  23. Krokodilych
    Krokodilych 17 January 2014 11: 36
    As I said in one of my comments on an article on a similar topic - we need to take the 200 richest creatures for Faberge, and with the help of rectal thermocryptanalysis ensure the transfer of property to state ownership. the rest are smaller - they themselves will come running and give it back - especially if they start to receive souvenirs by mail in the new year - alpenstock.
    And the most amazing thing - it will only get better for the economy - because those who really steer production will continue to do this, but the superprofits from the work of enterprises will no longer go to buy yachts the size of a football field.

    That there are no 200 trained capture groups in the country? Not funny - rather sad.
    1. CHILD
      CHILD 22 January 2014 12: 11
      Alpenstocks it’s time to produce personalized))))) to hand over dying ....
  24. calocha
    calocha 17 January 2014 11: 52
    I think the Chinese model is more suitable for us .. long ago it was necessary to take in the "bridle" of the local oligarchy. I think at the "X" hour these people will rock the boat called "Russia" as much as possible. "Managers" are afraid of losing what they have stolen. Many of them believe that the West will forgive them for their "pranks." True, Cyprus - alerted. Primakov is a fine fellow. Step down the "persecuted".
    1. Bepdukt
      Bepdukt 21 January 2014 17: 34
      We already live according to the Chinese scheme - analyze.
  25. Shuriken
    Shuriken 17 January 2014 12: 22
    Quote: MIKHAN
    Now I can’t look at Medvedev without tears (the Russian economy groans and keeps afloat with all its might)
    ----- And here is what the above-mentioned creature uttered the day before yesterday: "... Our today's problems, in my opinion, in any case, are not the result of past mistakes. In any case, there were not so many of them. On the contrary, it is rather , a consequence of the successful implementation of the economic policy of the last 10-12 years, which allowed our country to make a leap forward, to rise to a different qualitative level, at which we are faced with challenges that are completely different in nature and scale compared to those that we faced 10-15 years ago ... "- what is it ???
  26. Krokodilych
    Krokodilych 17 January 2014 12: 23
    Quote: Shuriken
    ...-- what is it ???

    Well, obviously, the one who said such things is either a dumbass or a pest
  27. polkownik1
    polkownik1 17 January 2014 13: 11
    In the entire great history of Russia, not a single leader allowed himself the phrase that Medvedev said arrogantly and publicly: "My words must be CAST IN GRANITE!" I am sure that Medvedev, among his friends, has already ridiculed the speech of E. Primakov. There is not the slightest hope of a change in the economic course as long as Medvedev and company rule. Only a change of government! And E. Primakov's speech should be recognized as programmatic!
  28. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 17 January 2014 13: 26
    It is curious how many here on the forum separate, such as "bad" "stupid" M, from supposedly "good", "smart" P. So, like they will throw off the "iPhone" from the premiership and, then, we'll live. Oh well.
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. slev
    slev 17 January 2014 14: 05
    I perfectly remember my emotions about a year (two?) Ago, when a large-scale privatization program was published. "Why? How can this be? Is the harm really not clear (we do not live in the 90s)? And most importantly - where is Putin looking?" " However, privatization has been canceled. As I understand now, it was prepared by the neoliberals (then, by the way, there was no such word), headed by President Medvedev. Those who believe that Putin controls EVERYTHING (even as prime minister), that Putin could have easily removed Medvedev for a long time, are greatly mistaken. Not everything is so simple in politics. All liberals cannot be fired and all oligarchs cannot be imprisoned. By the way, Putin personally headed the government the other day without dismissing the prime minister - in my opinion, a good move, even though the bad liberal Medvedev is formally listed as prime minister. This makes it easier to control the neoliberal conspiracy.
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 17 January 2014 20: 49
      Quote: slev
      I perfectly remember my emotions about a year (two?) Ago, when a large-scale privatization program was published.
      And most importantly, where is Putin looking?

      Where Putin looks is long understood, it is unclear where you and your kind are looking ...
  31. The gentleman
    The gentleman 17 January 2014 14: 36
    Primakov is one of those figures who are considered irreplaceable. a purely personal opinion. but even from the same message it is clear that a person calls for control of the theft, which is hidden behind the words "democracy, human rights." In addition, Primakov in fact expresses his opinion, based at least on personal experience and sides.
  32. Zeus
    Zeus 17 January 2014 15: 32
    Primakov clearly listed Putin’s actions in countering the government’s neoliberal domestic policy. Already Cap directly hints that Primakov considers Putin’s actions to be correct. However, local and non-local especially gifted representatives continue to use such statements as: The Putin-Medvedev tandem, Putin and edrosnya and so on. Stalin spoke of such: Either, or an enemy of the people.
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 17 January 2014 20: 51
      Quote: Zeus
      However, local and non-local especially gifted representatives continue to use such statements as: The Putin-Medvedev tandem, Putin and edrosnya and so on. Stalin spoke of such: Either, or an enemy of the people.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  33. Stinger
    Stinger 17 January 2014 15: 39
    Liberasty will never forgive him for taking the country out of default in a short time. So they tried to dive, but he ruined everything. As one girl said: I hate the New Year. All friends get drunk until the pig squeals, and then I find my underwear on the tree.
  34. Power
    Power 17 January 2014 16: 07
    "Do not give holy things to dogs and do not throw your pearls in front of pigs." Brain liberalism is treated only "purely" surgically. It is unlikely that Primakov is so naive; rather, this is a hypnosis session for the robbed population.
  35. demotivator
    demotivator 17 January 2014 16: 16
    It's not about Primakov. The whole point is that the Putin-Medvedev tandem continues a liberal economic policy ....

    Exactly! The private privatized form of ownership in Russia “works only and exclusively for the pocket of the owner who privatized it,” but not for the country's development.
    This is due to the root and root cause of the psychology of the Russian "privatizer" who did NOT CREATE the privatized one, did not invest by generations of ancestors money and talents and intelligence in his enterprise, but having grabbed what was built in the USSR by the Soviet people, now squeezes out all the juices from the privatized and takes them out abroad (because "it came easily - just as easily it will leave"), or in another way: it was easy to privatize it - it can easily be taken away.
    Private business in Russia will NEVER invest in modernization and innovation of the economy. Because HIM, the private business, cannot believe that it will not be "taken away" (therefore, it is better to hide it in the banks of Cyprus, Switzerland and Britain than to risk and invest in the construction of new factories).
    Primakov, speaking on the first day of the Gaidar forum, blamed all the failures of modernization and innovation processes - our "prominent ministers of the economic bloc", accusing them of pro-Western liberalism. Primakov had Kudrin in mind, but called the current Minister of Finance Siluyanov - as "noted in the United States as the most progressive and effective finance minister in the world."
    Primakov said that "Western liberals, such as Siluyanov, Kudrin, Ulyukaev, Nabiullina, Gref, who have occupied the economic bloc of the Russian government, are conductors of dollar dependence and conductors of" Russia's economic underdevelopment, "which plays into the hands of the United States.
    It turns out that capitalism in Russia is a BRAKE OF DEVELOPMENT. And you need to get rid of the brakes.
    1. 31231
      31231 17 January 2014 17: 37
      And you need to get rid of the brakes.

      Oha, "cowards came up with the brakes." Bggg. Yes, there are more riders on the net than on the asphalt. Such a blizzard is being driven.
  36. 31231
    31231 17 January 2014 17: 35
    Health grandfather! Clever man.
  37. pamero
    pamero 17 January 2014 17: 57
    Medvedev's neck to drive all the people already says this. In your head. He also has a nickname among the people DIMON. What is unclear is he an errand guy without the slightest view of state thinking.
  38. 7ydmco
    7ydmco 17 January 2014 18: 16
    Quote: vladimirZ
    The people of Russia continue to pay for their thoughtless voting for the liberals Putin and United Russia during the presidential and State Duma elections.

    And who was it for?
  39. The comment was deleted.
  40. 7ydmco
    7ydmco 17 January 2014 18: 21
    Medvedev is only a protege of a part of the elite, they will remove him, another talking head will appear.
  41. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 17 January 2014 18: 57
    <<< Is there a real force in Russia today that can swing the broom so dashingly, especially considering the presence of the aforementioned 110 billionaires with 35% of assets, which (billionaires) hold practically the entire bureaucratic apparatus, sorry, for a soft spot ... >>>
    Such a force should be formed, since it is, in fact, about the SALVATION of Russia - either THEY are US (society), or WE are THEM! At the same time, it is necessary to sweep away ALL neoliberalists with a "broom", starting with the neoliberalists who have settled in the government and run the economy, and at the same time it is necessary to bring to justice the mentioned 110 billionaires for the legality of their possession of 35% of the assets of the domestic economy! Only such an integrated approach is able to pull Russia out!
  42. tomich
    tomich 17 January 2014 19: 18
    NEOLIBERALISM - (Latin liberalis - free) - a socio-political doctrine and social movement, developed in the middle - late XX century. and inheriting liberalism. Neoliberals proceed from the requirement of maximum freedom of the individual’s activities in the fields of politics, economics, private life, etc. Economic neoliberalism is based on the thesis of preventing government interference in the economy (laissez-faire) and postulating unlimited competition as the most effective economic mechanism that ensures through free market pricing regulation of economic processes, the growth of social welfare and the achievement of social justice.

    Judging by the number of state-owned corporations and the state’s share in all areas of the economy, it doesn’t even smell of neoliberalism.
  43. invisibility
    invisibility 17 January 2014 19: 47
    Rewrite all the liberals and hand over the statement to the hunting farms by region. Issue vouchers for shooting.
    And when there are few of them, am poaching !!!!
  44. konvalval
    konvalval 17 January 2014 21: 06
    Putin needs to fundamentally change personnel policy. Professionals and only professionals can lead the country out of crisis. Redheads in power collapse over everything.
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 17 January 2014 23: 35
      Quote: konvalval
      Putin needs to fundamentally change personnel policy. Professionals and only professionals can lead the country out of crisis

      What Putin himself is a professional already forgotten?
  45. Megre
    Megre 17 January 2014 21: 20
    And what do we want when we have an oligarch president? And the majority of the population for some reason thinks that he is against the oligarchs.
  46. PValery53
    PValery53 17 January 2014 22: 31
    E.M. Primakov is one of the few who is able to conduct an accurate analysis of the situation in the country and make a correct diagnosis of the current government. How she will react: will pass by ears; will make a good face with a bad game or still heed the opinion of a wise statesman? - Of course, the current neoliberals (young reformers) are a historical misunderstanding in the fate of today's Russia. And what to do with them? - Remove from the helm of the economy, this is a must. And for actions to the detriment of Russia-ask in a strict manner.
  47. mig29mks
    mig29mks 17 January 2014 23: 08
    Primakov has long been with Putin in advisers if that !!!
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 17 January 2014 23: 36
      Quote: mig29mks
      Primakov has long been with Putin in advisers if that !!!

      Primakov from the tagged team - if that.
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 17 January 2014 23: 42
      Quote: mig29mks
      Primakov has long been with Putin in advisers if that !!!

      It’s important not only to be an adviser, but also to be able to convince. He, there is not one ...
  48. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 17 January 2014 23: 32
    Ex-premier declares war on neoliberals

    So right and declares war. One private person said something there at a meeting of some muddy club to other private individuals, without naming names and surnames. Is this a war? So it turns out I, too, have been fighting the liberals for about ten years, hard and hard, give me a medal.
    1. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 17 January 2014 23: 42
      Quote: chunga-changa
      give a medal.

      Nate - choose laughing
      1. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 18 January 2014 00: 52
        I collected similar icons in childhood. Give me a medal, I fought on the liberal fronts! My brain is scarred!
  49. PValery53
    PValery53 18 January 2014 19: 19
    If the "young reformers" did not explain why they were harming Russia, then, if you please, go to the scaffold !!. - And how could it be otherwise?! .. (They will explain that they did harm for her own benefit ...)
  50. Shpagolom
    Shpagolom 20 January 2014 13: 50
    .... and Medvedev is not NEOLIBERAL?