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They will fight with the "grandfathers"

They will fight with the "grandfathers"

Yesterday, the State Duma considered in first reading a bill related to the activities of the military police. This document was presented to the deputies by the presidential plenipotentiary in the lower house of parliament, Harry Minh.

The army structure to which the legal act is addressed officially exists in our army for more than two years, but the regulatory framework governing its work so far exists only at the departmental level. Initially, a separate law was written about the military police in the Ministry of Defense. But then the lawyers suggested to the generals that he would be appropriate if it were a question of a federal executive body. The army police is not that, therefore a document was introduced that corrected 10 of current laws and two codes. It is called “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Activities of the Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”.

List all articles and paragraphs of the document does not make sense. Therefore, we will focus on the main ones. Of fundamental importance is the adjustment of the Law "On Defense". It is proposed to supplement article 25 "approx." It is called the “Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” and explains why the army needs its own law enforcement agencies. The bill states that the military police is designed to protect the life, health, rights and freedoms of soldiers and officers, the civilian personnel of the Armed Forces and those who undergo military training. And also to counteract crime, ensure law, law and order and discipline among the troops, road safety (along with the traffic police, army traffic police are already involved in the military police) and other tasks. The main functions and powers of the military police will be set forth in special legal acts, including the Statute of the Military Police Service.

It is worth paying attention to two more innovations, which offer to supplement the Law "Defense". The first - the leadership of the military police will fall on the Minister of Defense. He will determine its organizational structure and size. Moreover, the recruitment of military and civilian employees should not exceed the total number of people established for the Russian army. "The staff number is set by the order of the Minister of Defense and is currently 6,5 thousand people, an increase in the staff number is not expected," said Garry Minh to State Duma deputies.

And secondly, the law of the army police will give the right to use physical force, special means and firearms in strictly defined cases and in a clearly defined manner. weapon. That is, in this matter, military law enforcement officers will be equated to their colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But what the military police will definitely not do is to chase soldiers and officers who have broken the law. The plenipotentiary of the president in the State Duma made it clear that no one is going to correct the current law on operational-search activity. But the most important function of the military police is the fight against "dedovshchina" and theft of military property.

- Our employees must save the soldiers and commanders from many unusual functions. The new law allows this to be done, the RG correspondent was told at the Main Directorate of the Military Police of the Ministry of Defense on the eve of the hearings in the State Duma.

What is this about? For example, now guilty soldiers in the garrison guardhouses are guarded by ordinary soldiers. The same applies to the "guards" of those who are serving a sentence in disciplinary battalions. This, if I may say so, school of courage is hardly suitable for recruits. They do not return from the army with the skills of a warrior, but with the guards' habits. The new law will break such a practice. After all, according to him, conscripts in the guardhouses and in the security units of the disbats should be replaced by military policemen. If necessary, they will be involved in the protection of victims, witnesses, and other participants in criminal proceedings.

Another area of ​​official activity, where military police officers can in principle replace military officers, is conducting inquiries about some soldier’s or officer’s crime. As a rule, now, on the orders of the commander, platoon or company troops are engaged in this. After the adoption of the law, the role of the investigator is likely to be transferred to the military police officer. A serious investigation of crimes and the supervision of this process will continue to be handled by army professionals from the TFR and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

It is worth recalling that of itself today is the army police. It includes the core department of the Ministry of Defense, four territorial administrations in military districts, commandant's offices and departmental traffic police. Only professionals are hired for service in such bodies, and all candidates are subject to strict, including psychological, selection.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 16 January 2014 09: 54
    Everyone has been fighting for 30 years, but it’s not like that. The service life has already been reduced, in theory there should not be any "grandfathers" ... and will it get out? such a subculture ..
    1. Nagaibak
      Nagaibak 16 January 2014 10: 07
      makarov ". The service life has already been reduced, in theory there shouldn't be any" grandfathers "
      Will make the life of a month hazing still remain. Since among young boys there will still be a measurement of peeps for someone cooler. Who stayed two days longer is older. Or who is stronger.
      Only uncle felbel al bo sergeant with pood fists can reassure. Then all disputes will disappear. But beaten by the same felbel will still remain ...
      My colleague at work served in the Airborne Forces somewhere in the 68th year. Says the foreman of the company they had ... the front-line soldier has served since the war. Try it, eat it. There was no hazing, as well as questions, how long did you serve? Against the background of this front-line soldier, such questions sounded mockingly.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 16 January 2014 20: 53
        Quote: Nagaibak
        Only uncle felbel al bo sergeant with pood fists can reassure. Then all disputes will disappear. But beaten by the same felbel will still remain.

        And I spent the whole service on business trips and visited a lot of places with a military visit. So where the officer was in his place, hazing was no more "bring a stool to grandfather", and where there were "jackals", as modern soldiers say, there was unlimited.
        It all depends on the officer and not one law, no commission will protect the soldier if the officer is a rag!
    2. 222222
      222222 16 January 2014 11: 11
      Where the foreman of the company in its place, everything is in order ...
      About the order in the barracks - is there a statutory order in the barracks is easy to find out and do not need commissions and inspections. I went into the toilet, a little glitters and displays face-here the statutory order .. and on the back-latrine is filthy-there is no statutory order -not the commander. no foreman .. they all do ...
      Or let's take a uniform .. You look at individual officers and generals .. they are the first to break the uniform, for example, a cap - in the form of an airfield and a crown like that of "Admiralv Kuznetsov" .. what kind of discipline can we talk about in their units ..
      There is no and should not be trifles on the issue of maintaining discipline and statutory order ..
      1. Cpa
        Cpa 16 January 2014 12: 32
        Without the control of officers and foremen, the toilet will only scrub young animals. So when you go to a clean toilet, you will not know about it. And everyone will walk in a clean and authorized uniform, washed and ironed by the young. The foreman must live in the unit for all this In general, traditions cannot be eradicated, they need to be replaced. Hazing has always existed, even in "Borodino" it is written about it, but my grandfather was then 25 years of service and without quirks. After recruiting soldiers and contract soldiers with a "hooligan" prison orders and entertainment came to the army.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 16 January 2014 12: 57
      Quote: makarov
      in theory, and "grandfathers" should not be, ... and otkel it climbs out?

      Yes, she needs hazing! Do you remember Suvorov? There were old people. He has a special relationship with them.
      If the platoon, the company does not give a "step" - drove - passed on to the foreman, but NO "step"! what to do ? Shoot from the regiment commander?
      Well, you know what and how next?

      This is how you get "excellent" marks for the unit!

      "grandfather" is good! And bad hazing from lack of culture! This is bullying, humiliation, encumbrance from pressure!
      We must fight this - fact!
      1. alone
        alone 16 January 2014 21: 54
        there is a simple method: we increase the service life by two years. All grandfathers will be beaten by great-grandfathers)) (joke)

        If there is hazing in the military unit, then the officers are out of place.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. Hon
      Hon 17 January 2014 09: 32
      Quote: makarov
      Everyone has been fighting for 30 years, but it’s not like that. The service life has already been reduced, in theory there should not be any "grandfathers" ... and will it get out? such a subculture ..

      Hammer in the net "demobilized" funny video
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 16 January 2014 10: 03
    And they say grandfathers, the Disbat treats well, he listened to the revelations of these poor fellows when they got there - this is heaven and earth.
  3. Alekseev
    Alekseev 16 January 2014 10: 04
    The headline is kind of dumb.
    They will fight with grandfathers. Found the mafia!
    All sorts of "grandfathers" are possible only when the normal army order of command and control, the army is transformed from a structure intended for war, into a "humanitarian" kindergarten.
    Now specifically.
    How are they going to "fight the grandfathers" when the entire military police is "in the territorial administrations in the military districts, commandant's offices and the departmental traffic police."
    Grandfathers (and theft, under investigation by the police, not the IC) in units and on ships, in the barracks!
    So the role of a military policeman comes down to the role of an on-call inquiry officer? It will not be enough.
    What a fight in FIG ...
    Always and everywhere it was believed that the "struggle" for order and discipline in units first of all, the function of command, and the military police, commandant’s office, educators should only be an effective tool in his hands.
    1. your1970
      your1970 16 January 2014 18: 09
      I’ll add-they’ll just have nothing planned + they’ll still be guarded by disbands, that is, there will be none of them in the military unit. And how will they deal with hazing (for which control is needed for fighters at least 20 hours a day) ???? !!!! nonsense stripped from the West and unsuitable for us .....
  4. Goodmen
    Goodmen 16 January 2014 10: 05
    "... The bill says that the military police are designed to protect the life, health, rights and freedoms of soldiers and officers, civilian personnel of the Armed Forces and those who are undergoing military training ..."

    Cool ... But the commanders of units and subunits, the political leaders (or educators?) ... Is this their direct duty?
    Do you even need a military police in this form? Will she not be a "stick in a wheel"? Although the option with disbats is possible ... but you can probably create a separate unit in the GUIN.

    But in general terms, there is an opinion that they no longer know how to get rid .. tsya.
    Quiet hour, nanny caregivers, year of service, police uncles on law enforcement in the sun ... does this seem to me just one nonsense?

    The army, it also consists of Martians, and of the citizens of our country. And if they want to restore order in the army, then first of all it is necessary to restore order in the country.

    Yes ... gentlemen, leave the officers alone and give them the opportunity to maintain order in the entrusted units on their own ... As in the other way it was before for centuries.
  5. Altona
    Altona 16 January 2014 10: 06
    Quote: makarov
    and otkel it climbs? sort of subculture ..

    Due to the absence of the officer-commander of the unit after 18-00, because of the desire to build an informal "hierarchy" in a close team with alpha and subordinate males ...
  6. Bekas
    Bekas 16 January 2014 10: 12
    I would also add to the heading "... and ethnocrime" then it would be absolutely good.
  7. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 16 January 2014 10: 23
    "The army structure to which the legal act is addressed, officially exists in our army more than two yearsBut normative basegoverning her work exists so far only at the departmental level." laughing Here everyone can give their own analogy - there is a tractor ... but there are no wheels. And for two years, he "works", spare parts, fuels and lubricants are written out, wages are paid to "workers", etc. Well, it’s okay, we got used to it. As writes Asgard, 5000 (!) Adopted in 2013, legislative acts, this is CSO-GO! Where is it up to the MECHANISMS of action and execution laughing
    6,5 thousand ... just request Well, the flag is in their hands.
    And further. How is it possible, without the ORD and ORM, to "engage" in "theft of army property"? They are afraid to endow them with Enti powers. And then with a hot, youthful "office", they will dig up something else ... not necessary. Although what can be more "dig in".
  8. domokl
    domokl 16 January 2014 10: 52
    Well ... Now we need to create a military FMS, military STC and other structures. The feeling is that those units are designed to solve internal issues ... and not only in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also in the Ministry of Defense ...
    If necessary, such units of the Air Defense Ministry will completely strengthen the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Air Force ... Why? They won’t solve the problem of hazing. You can’t put a policeman in each unit. The functions that they write now are quite normally performed by military units in the garrisons ... The military prosecutor’s office works, the tribunals work ... Particularly struck by the care of conscripts on the lip ... and who is guarding the prisoners? Not the same conscripts? In short, for me, the muddy law ...
    1. military
      military 16 January 2014 13: 05
      Quote: domokl
      If necessary, such units of the Military District of the Defense Ministry will strengthen the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Military ... Why?

      how why? ... so that the servicemen do not think about sedition and participation in riots ... a military "jacilop" immediately appears and - hop! ... a baton in the kidneys! ...
  9. sigizmund472
    sigizmund472 16 January 2014 11: 26
    Where the commander is in place, the foreman in place, there is nothing about hazing. And when the fathers-commanders give up to the elders half of their duties, then it is not the charter relationship that flourishes.
  10. kelevra
    kelevra 16 January 2014 11: 46
    An effective fight against grandfathers is the loading of all soldiers, including those who serve the last month, with physical activity! Constant training and exercises, then time and effort will not remain for all sorts of nonsense and assault!
  11. Altona
    Altona 16 January 2014 12: 14
    Quote: kelevra
    An effective fight against grandfathers is the loading of all soldiers, including those who serve the last month, with physical activity! Constant training and exercises, then time and effort will not remain for all sorts of nonsense and assault!

    And a joint solution to combat rather than everyday tasks ... So that the stupidity and value of each was visible ...
  12. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 16 January 2014 15: 24
    They return from the army not with the skills of a warrior, but with the habits of a warder.
    It's as if it's bad. The citizen either did not serve or was not on the lip. After what he has seen, a fighter will think ten times about whether or not to get there at all, and this helps him and civilian life. The stories of arrivals from the guards prevent many from getting on the lip, and even a conversation and a story about the order in the disbath makes an indelible impression on the most frostbitten wars. We had two especially dull people who were even taken on an excursion, other people arrived, there wasn’t any sound or movement before the demobilization, they just looked. In addition, the ranks of the air forces will be formed from those commandant units that mainly carried this protection. And then on guard, to protect warehouses and perimeters, where it’s also difficult to gain military skill, ordinary people get much, much more often and something is not heard about the widespread introduction of fire. As for bullying, in fact, in any male team there will always be a struggle for dominance, people are social animals, there is nothing to be done, but you need to deal with criminality and thugs, as well as with theft and the fact that the investigation functions will leave the command of units OK.
  13. Leshka
    Leshka 16 January 2014 19: 13
    it’s high time, and some quite barge