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Bandits fired on a humanitarian convoy

At the end of last year, the propagandists of the “Syrian opposition” spread rumors that people in Damascus had nothing to eat, and the townspeople eat cats. There was even a fatwa issued by one of the Saudi Wahhabi sheikhs that cat meat could be eaten. "Message" then, surprisingly, picked up by many media. The inhabitants of Damascus were perplexed: yes, of course, living conditions are very modest, but bread, rice, cereals, vegetables, fruits, beans - everything that is needed is more than enough. At the same time, the price of bread, if you buy it in state bakeries, has not changed and still amounts to 15 Syrian pounds (3 rubles per kilogram), sugar and rice to most families in general are given out practically free of charge for special coupons, although they have to stand in lines .

So where did the cats eat? The media then gave absolutely unverified information. The Wahhabi sheikh's fatwa dealt with only one place in Damascus - the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp. However, this is not even a refugee camp in its usual sense - with tents and field kitchens. This is a fully-fledged residential quarter, with stone houses. It was inhabited mainly by Palestinians, to whom Syria provided shelter. But at the end of 2012, the terrorists burst into it, expelled many, and left the remaining inhabitants in the blockade. On the other hand, the terrorist nest was forced to block the Syrian army. It is not surprising that hunger arose there - and not only among those who remained, but also among the bandits themselves. Then there was a rumor that the people of all Damascus "eat cats", allegedly with hunger. Even appeared in the social networks photo in which a bearded fighter poses with a cat's head in one hand, a little body in the other. In principle, the bandits like him have repeatedly posed with human heads, so they don’t care who to commit such a crime ...

The issue of the humanitarian situation in the Yarmuk camp was discussed at the international level. The patrons of the terrorists did not want to understand that the problem does not come from the leadership of Syria, but from the militants who captured the camp and terrorize its remaining residents.

Many Palestinian public organizations have repeatedly raised the issue of the situation in Yarmuk in Damascus itself. They called on the militants of the so-called “opposition” to leave the camp, leave its inhabitants alone and give an opportunity to all who had to leave their homes to return to them. It was emphasized that Palestinian refugees should not be dragged into a crisis. But, naturally, no rhetoric has acted and does not act on bandits.

During intensive negotiations between the Syrian government, representatives of Palestinian refugees, as well as militants who captured Yarmuk, an agreement was reached on the delivery of a humanitarian aid convoy there. This was considered a “goodwill gesture”.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) organized the collection and delivery of aid.

But when a convoy with medicines and food approached the camp, he was greeted by ... shots. Terrorist group snipers opened fire on humanitarian aid workers who had to flee.

According to Palestinian Authority Labor Minister Ahmad Majdalani, who is in Damascus, "the Syrian authorities took all necessary measures to send trucks with food and medicine. However, as the convoy approached, the militants who had captured the camp opened fire and prevented its passage."

Majdalani blamed the breakdown of the agreements reached on the militants, for whom “human lives are not dear”, adding that the threat of famine for the residents of Yarmuk remains a reality.

Will international organizations this time - those who shouted about “the guilt of the Syrian government in a difficult humanitarian situation” - face the latest offense of terrorists against people who wanted to deliver food and medicine?
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  1. svp67
    svp67 16 January 2014 08: 01
    Bandits fired on a humanitarian convoy
    Well, they have such a job - to rob, kill, rape ... for that they are paid money ...
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 16 January 2014 09: 28
      Quote: svp67
      Well, they have such a job - to rob, kill, rape ... for that they are paid money ...

      Moreover, part of this money comes to them from those whom they, like Be, do not quite bear - Israel.
    2. karal
      karal 16 January 2014 09: 32
      With bandits you need to speak their own language, the language of violence! To the wall of them to live did not interfere with normal people!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Trailer
      Trailer 16 January 2014 10: 39
      It is necessary to equal the areas of the militants, and then deliver help!
    5. Trailer
      Trailer 16 January 2014 10: 39
      It is necessary to equal the areas of the militants, and then deliver help!
  2. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 16 January 2014 08: 09
    Will international organizations turn this timeand then, of course, the UN will draw on the fact that the "arrows" carried out the cover, BUT they did not understand who to shoot ... yeah.
  3. makarov
    makarov 16 January 2014 08: 26
    This begs the question: - why do the Palestinians themselves tolerate adversaries and do not have armed confrontation ???
    1. karal
      karal 16 January 2014 09: 34
      Already there are enough wars throughout the Earth, let's live in the world at least a little bit.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. NKR
    NKR 16 January 2014 08: 41
    And you don’t need that there are too many armed people in Syria. Yes, Assad will have something to think about after the war. For example, how to disarm the Kurds peacefully.
    GUARDIAN ANGEL 16 January 2014 09: 00
    For uninvited robbers - Death as you want.
  6. AVV
    AVV 16 January 2014 09: 51
    For militants, this is just work, so they need to be deprived of their way of making money !!! And to deprive them of the opportunity to be in Syria !!! Put Pinocchio in Syria !!!
  7. kelevra
    kelevra 16 January 2014 11: 41
    They are still shouting that they are fighting for Allah! Always and in all wars, red crosses and humanitarian supplies were inviolable behind the scenes! It's like an unwritten rule of war! And these "fighters" for some rights and Faith, an ordinary gang of jackals!
  8. alone
    alone 16 January 2014 19: 55
    Cities in ruins, all in ruins. It will be hard to restore all this.

    Only one thing is interesting! the camp seems to be blocked, and there is no place for the militants to wait for help. Does the army expect that when everyone dies of hunger, and then they will storm? well, the demon is with the militants, and after all, peaceful people in the camp are also starving. It would be interesting to know the author’s opinion on this matter.
    APASUS 16 January 2014 21: 08
    As the saying goes, “the revolution has run out of steam!” Sponsors are losing interest in it more and more. There is still “cannon fodder” drugged by endless wars for justice, which will not live in peace under any government. There is only one way out - a bullet in the forehead.