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Russia dragged into the ranks of the defenders of the Western project

Russia dragged into the ranks of the defenders of the Western projectRussian soldiers are very necessary to the owners of the Western project, the Great War is already making itself felt, the first flashes.

A, the West loves to use Russia to their advantage. The world begins to form the camp of opponents of the Western project, so for London and Washington, you need to drag Russia into your "camp" at any cost.

The latest "signals" of the West:

- Speaking at a conference in Washington, organized by the Pentagon Agency for Missile Defense and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which was devoted to missile defense, US Undersecretary of State Ellen Toscher said that "they will soon be able to reach an agreement" with Russia on cooperation in the field of missile defense, ITAR reports Tass According to the Deputy Secretary of State, Washington and Moscow discuss missile defense issues "being conducted simultaneously through two channels - a bilateral presidential commission established by the leaders of the two states in July 2009, as well as within the Russia-NATO Council." “Defense Minister Robert Gates is now in Russia,” continued Toscher. “I also met with my Russian colleagues two weeks ago in Moscow and will again discuss missile defense issues with them over the coming weekend in Brussels.” According to her, "the United States wants Russia to be with them inside a tent called missile defense, and not outside it." “Our cooperation on missile defense has great potential,” said Toscher. - Russia has valuable elements of the antimissile system, for example, radar. We could start by sharing information about launches, joint exercises. ”

The fact that negotiations are under way, and intensively and simultaneously via several channels, is indeed not a secret.

- As part of his trip to Russia, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, during a meeting with his Russian counterpart Anatoly Serdyukov, intends to offer March 22 of March to establish an exchange of students for military universities between the two countries. "We would welcome the exchange of students between educational institutions of Russia and the USA. It would be useful for the military of both countries to learn from each other, to get to know each other," he said, answering questions from listeners at the Naval Academy on Monday. Kuznetsova in St. Petersburg. At the same time, according to Gates, such an exchange would be useful at all levels - among senior officers, junior and even sergeants.

- R. Gates said that in a conversation with Russian Defense Minister A. Serdyukov, he invited Russia to take part in a military rally against Libya.

Anti-Western camp expands its ranks

- Brazil: the Brazilian government demanded an early ceasefire in Libya. This is stated in the note distributed on Monday by the Foreign Ministry of the country. "The Brazilian government regrets the human casualties suffered during the conflict and expects the actual cease-fire to be reached at the earliest possible time," the statement said. The Brazilian Foreign Ministry also expressed the hope that the truce would be able to protect civilians and "create the conditions for resolving the crisis through dialogue."

- China, called for an immediate ceasefire in Libya, reports the Associated Press. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jiang Yu, said that Beijing is insisting on moving to peace talks to resolve the situation in Libya.

- Russia: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for stopping a military operation that violates a UN resolution. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called the intervention of the West “an unscrupulous crusade.” On March 22, Putin suggested that those involved in the events in Libya "pray for the salvation of the soul."
“Unfortunately, recent events show that real fighting began in Libya, as a result of which civilian targets suffered, civilians were killed. We couldn’t allow this. We brought our position to our American colleagues,” said Serdyukov after meeting with the Secretary of Defense USA by Robert Gates.

- The countries of the “Bolivarian block” - Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Cuba, opposed the intervention. In recent days, Hugo Chavez made several statements on events in Libya. He is convinced: The Western coalition attacked this Arab country in order to seize the richest hydrocarbon reserves and physically destroy Gaddafi. Daniel Ortega called on the countries of the Western coalition to "think again and understand the Gadhafi proposal to establish a dialogue." Reports of protests against aggression against Libya come from all Latin American countries. At the international seminar 42's center-left parties in Mexico adopted a declaration on the Libyan issue. Among the signatories are representatives of the ruling parties: the Movement to Socialism (Bolivia), the Wide Front (Uruguay), the Workers Party (Brazil), the National Liberation Front of Farabundo Marti (El Salvador) and others.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Monday that he was in favor of an immediate end to the military aggression of the coalition forces in Libya and the creation of an international commission to resolve the situation in this Arab country. "As a peaceful country, we ask for an immediate end to the invasion and armed aggression in Libya, and we also call for the establishment of a high-level international commission headed by the UN Secretary-General, (representatives) of the League of Arab States and the African Union for a peaceful solution to the contradictions and problems in Libya "Morales told reporters at a press conference in the administrative capital of the country, La Paz. Morales - "you can not protect human rights, while violating them and dropping bombs on hospitals, killing civilians."

- The aggression was condemned by the second largest country in Latin America - Argentina.

- The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, Marcos Cyprianou, stated the need for an immediate cease-fire in Libya. Speaking at the Council of Ministers at the level of foreign ministers in Brussels, he stressed that the main goal of the international community should be an immediate cease-fire and ensuring the protection of civilians. We must strive to resolve the crisis in Libya in the framework of the peace process and dialogue, the minister said. According to him, the process of democratic change should be in the hands of the Libyan people, and not be imposed as a result of foreign intervention.

- Aggression was condemned by the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. He sharply criticized the United States, Britain and France, which, according to him, distorted the meaning of the UN Security Council resolution on the introduction of a no-fly zone.

“The West is acting in the same hypocritical manner as before,” Mugabe told a press conference in Harare. “He presented the resolution as a resolution to bombard any place of his choice, including even the homes of civilians. The West is bombarding Libya with a cowardly manner doesn't bother who perishes. " According to Mugabe, African and Arab countries were wrong in supporting the resolution on Libya in the UN Security Council. “Now, the resolution is not going anywhere, it’s adopted, and this is our mistake,” the President of Zimbabwe stressed, according to ITAR-TASS. “We did not agree with the form of government that existed in Libya, but, nevertheless, Libya is a member of the African Union, and we expected it to change its system on its own. Now the West is taking advantage of this support, and tomorrow it will be able to take over Libya’s resources, primarily oil. "

- This solution is not popular in the States themselves, the Pentagon performs it without enthusiasm. The opening of the "third front" in the Middle East is a mistake by the Obama administration and unpopular among Americans. 21 in March was told by Ariel Cohen, a former consultant for the United States Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the Senate and the United States Government, and a leading analyst at the Heritage Foundation research foundation.

Thus, there has been a split, the front of the future Great War - North - South. Europe was “set up”, now London, Paris, Madrid, Rome and others. “Trifles” started a war with the Islamic world. Their satellites are the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, but the allies of them are bad, "the earth is burning under their feet." The rotten "elite" of monarchies is hated by most of the inhabitants of their own countries.

Berlin, it can still “go away”, there are chances, the Germans have twice been substituted, they did not fight for their own interests.

of Russia you also do not have to get involved in not your own war, you need to strengthen the defense, restore the economy, introduce demographic programs to restore the Russian people and other small peoples of the Russian civilization, which are also dying out. No need to fight for the Western machinists, with the South, we may have a strong, strategic partnership.

The later we begin to fight, the better, because the war is still almost inevitable. It is very good for us that the main front is open in the strategic direction North-South, and not West-East. The main thing is not to get into the camp of the North.
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  1. Skills
    23 March 2011 08: 34
    Turkey joined the opponents of the operation - Erdogan said that Turkey "will never send weapons" against the Libyans. He also added that an exclusively humanitarian operation should be carried out under UN control in Libya.

    The intervention was also criticized by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
  2. pinkhasik
    pinkhasik 23 March 2011 10: 06
    "The West is very fond of using Russia in its own interests" - Russia has been working for developed countries for over 20 years, delaying their crises and bringing the country's collapse closer.
  3. Michael
    Michael 23 March 2011 12: 52
    I propose to the Ministry of Defense to create a shock and assault battalion (brigade) from the sons and close relatives of the so-called. elite trained in various Harvards, Sorbons and other "forges" of liberal ideas - those tanks - for Deribaska, Weinstein, Veksilberg and other gussky and in Afghanistan for running in (not to be confused with the Cote d'Azur storage) and we will see how they breast-protect your trough. We will be able to defend the Motherland even without their call.
  4. turnip
    turnip 23 March 2011 13: 54
    I completely agree with the author, only we need to get rid of "strangers" in our body and everything will be hockey
  5. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 23 March 2011 16: 15
    I agree with Mikhail - all the genius with their offspring in the form of Yudashkin to fight Gaddafi.
    APASUS 23 March 2011 18: 27
    I propose to the Ministry of Defense to create a shock and assault battalion (brigade) from the sons and close relatives of the so-called. elite trained in various Harvards, Sorbons and other "forges" of liberal ideas
    You’re doing something silly here! Families, children and business of our elite are all in the West, they milk our country like a cow, but they don’t intend to live in Russia! Look at the suffering Adamov!
  7. Michael
    Michael 23 March 2011 18: 47
    You’re doing something silly here! Families, children and business of our elite are all in the West, they milk our country like a cow, but they don’t intend to live in Russia! Look at the suffering Adamov!
    here’s the answer to the question - what is it like to be a Patriot of your country (Stalin’s son and Khrushchev’s son) and creep in front of the West with the hope that the stolen money will not be taken.
  8. sergio
    sergio 23 March 2011 18: 52
    Well, what is this? Provocation or ...
    "NATO troops are beginning to prepare for the creation of their bases on the territory of the Russian Federation. This became known from the press secretary of the Minister of Defense Serdyukov. Officially, at a meeting in Moscow with the chairman of Rheinmetall Klaus Eberhardt, an agreement was signed on the beginning of the design of a combat training center for The Mulino training ground near Nizhny Novgorod, which meets the most modern requirements for the training of troops with a capacity of up to a brigade, reports Today, the Mulino training ground is the largest in Europe. More than 40 military units are located around it, including those from the rapid reaction units The 28th Disciplinary Battalion, the largest in Russia, is also located here. From a strategic point of view, control over the Mulino will allow NATO to control the remnants of the Russian army and, if deployed in Russia, have a base in one of the key points in Russia.

    In addition to the Mulino agreement, the liquidator of the army Serdyukov reached other agreements with NATO representatives. Particularly important were the agreements on the creation in Russia of a joint venture with OAO Oboronservice to destroy Russian weapons. The German company "Rheinmetall" will import into Russia mobile systems that allow for the disposal of ammunition in the immediate vicinity of the place of their storage using modern environmentally friendly and safe technologies. The last agreement is extremely important for the regime, because despite the practically round-the-clock destruction of ammunition and weapons, the liquidators do not have time to get rid of the legacy of the Soviet army within the time frame set by the West. "
  9. Escander
    Escander 25 March 2011 19: 15
    By the way, Robert Gates is not the first to offer us a “useful exchange at all levels,” so to speak, “learn from each other, get to know each other”. Before him was the Wehrmacht. As you know, all the German aces of the Luftwaffe and Goering himself studied in the USSR. And ours in Germany often looked at schnapps. Well, then - you know, “friendship grew stronger” ...
  10. Stavr
    Stavr April 7 2011 11: 09
    The Russian authorities do not take into account the coming catastrophic natural disasters. They are inevitable, and the Western elite, especially the United States, are aware of this. This knowledge makes them hurry, trying to "remake" the world order for future history. In this situation, the only thing left for the Russian elite to do is to flee from the people's anger in time. An attempt to pacify him, incl. NATO troops stationed at bases in central Russia will not succeed. Everyone understands this. For NATO soldiers, the Russian is dangerous even with a pitchfork. Another thing is that Russians need to know about the upcoming cataclysms, be ready for them, because from the south, crowds of hungry and fearful refugees of different nationalities will rush to the lands preserved from floods, volcanoes and tsunami strikes on coastal countries. It will be useless to fight them, and there is no one and nothing. No one will dare to hammer their own territory with nuclear bombs. The only goal of any person will be to survive in the conditions of the onset of hunger and cold. The world is expecting very, very significant changes and the peoples need to be ready for them in order to stay alive in the chaos of new wars and not perish in the abyss of natural elements.