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Japanese media found out about the latest US experiments.

Japanese news Kyodo News Agency published a report on biological tests weapons. Tests conducted by the US military in the island of Okinawa. According to the agency "Kyodo", in the period from 1961 to 1962 years, soldiers of the American army conducted at least 10 tests in Japan, during which they sprayed a special fungus over rice plantations. At the same time, the document does not indicate where the tests were carried out - directly on the territory of American military bases or beyond their borders. Prior to this, the US authorities have already given wide publicity information about conducting secret tests of biological and chemical weapons, which were conducted in Puerto Rico and in Hawaii. In this case, all US programs for testing biological weapons were classified until the 1969 year.

Materials on the testing of biological weapons in Japan caused another wave of discussion about the need to find American military bases on the territory of this island nation. According to published documents, at the beginning of the 60s of the last century, the American military carried out test tests of rice and wheat stalk rust in Okinawa, in Taiwan and in the USA itself. The goal of military scientists was to test the ability of biological weapons to undermine the food supply and the agricultural potential of a potential enemy.

The US military was engaged in spraying spores of various pathogenic fungi over rice fields and watched how they would affect the grain crop. According to the France-Presse news agency, a fungus, which is known today in 85 countries of the world, was used for this. In the wild, this pest fungus annually destroys rice crops in an amount that would be enough to feed 60 million people.

Japanese media found out about the latest US experiments.

Although the document does not mention the likely targets for spraying harmful pathogenic fungi, the US military seriously considered the effectiveness of this type of biological effect against Thailand, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and South Korea. In all these countries, various fertilizers and their amount were used, which means that the infection could be quite effective.

It is also curious to note the fact that the published document emphasized the differences between the infection efficiency of rice crops depending on the method of their cultivation. In particular, it was separately emphasized that the tested methods of infection cannot be used in Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan), since in this region rice is bred using seedlings.

The most interesting in this stories that the document, the excerpts from which were published by the Kyodo agency, was not only not a secret, but from the beginning at least 2000-s was known to many researchers. In fact, representatives of the Japanese media accidentally stumbled upon this document in the vast world wide web. This report, which contained information on conducting experiments on spraying of pathogenic fungi to destroy rice crops, was declassified at the end of the 70 of the last century. Moreover, this document, together with other reports, was laid out in open access; anyone who wanted could download it on the official website of the Pentagon Technical Information Center (DTIC). From there, the document hit the Google search engine. In this case, anyone could order a paper copy of the document through the well-known online store «Amazon».

The author of the sensational report was Thomas Barksdale, who personally supervised all experiments aimed at infecting plants, as well as worked within the framework of the well-known “112 Project” today. Under this program, the Pentagon in 1962-1973 performed tests of biological weapons. The fact that American troops tested biological weapons in Okinawa was written by American journalist Sheldon Harris (deceased) back in 2002. Harris authored the book Death Facts, which described the development of biological and chemical weapons during World War II. Perhaps while working on the book he also used the reports of Barksdale. In any case, it is difficult to say what other secrets of the "Project 112" can be found in the vast world wide web. “The 112 project” was several times larger than the tests with spraying of spores of a pathogenic fungus in Japan.

The Japan Times published an investigation file in 2012, according to which, on the territory of Japan, tests of a much more dangerous and threatening biological weapon at that time were under way. We are talking about the tests "Agent Orange", defoliant and herbicide, which was then used in Vietnam to destroy the jungle. At the same time, the American authorities deny the fact that they conducted tests of Agent Orange in Okinawa.

Today it is widely known that the leadership of the Japanese 731 Detachment, which specialized in creating biological and chemical weapons with human beings in the role of experimental subjects, managed to avoid punishment after World War II. After the war, they transferred all the available "developments" to the US government. There is no secret in this either. As part of the implementation of the American "Project 112" in humans, chemical toxic substances were tested - nerve gas VX, sarin. And in the role of the experimental were the American soldiers themselves. Not surprisingly, so far information about the "Project 112" is incomplete. The Pentagon admitted the existence of this program only in 2000, after CBS Evening News conducted its own journalistic investigation.

It is worth noting that before 1972, Okinawa was occupied by the US military, the island was ruled from the United States. On this basis, the Pentagon could easily use the Japanese island for any secret tests. Much more interesting is the information that the US military tested biological weapons in Taiwan (the documents indicate the defeat of rice fields located near the city of Chiayi). According to the journalist Sheldon Harris, tests under the 112 Project were also conducted in Liberia, Egypt and even South Korea.

Every time the next piece of information about US biological weapons appears in the press, it seems that all this information is another open secret, a well-known “secret” to everyone. Currently, US defense programs are so extensive and diversified that it is not possible to keep track of them all. Today it is impossible to say with certainty whether the next “discovery” in the Japanese press will harm the relations between Japan and the United States. After the publication of materials by Kyodo agency, the Pentagon did not make any statements, and is unlikely to make them. Since the document referenced by Japanese journalists, was published by the American defense ministry on its website. In this situation, to refute or confirm something does not make much sense.

It is good that with time all the secret becomes clear, and with the help of the Pentagon itself. But on the other hand, the fact that the Pentagon independently declassified the information and then published it, indicating where and how it used biological weapons, can be viewed ambiguously. Following large state programs aimed at the development of biological weapons, ultimately a phenomenon such as biological terrorism came into being. It is not known how many documents relating to the creation of biological weapons are in the public domain today. It is likely that the damage from their publication will be several times more serious than possible diplomatic exacerbations that Washington and Tokyo are waiting for.

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. The island was captured by US troops in 1945. From then until 1972, he was under the administration of the American administration. Currently, on the territory of Okinawa, there are 14 US military bases that occupy 18% of the entire main island by area. The main bases are the US Air Force Kadden and the US Navy Futemma. At the same time, the island’s population has long opposed the presence of American military bases on the territory. Previously, they protested against the placement of Osprey MV-22 convertible planes here. Anti-American sentiment intensified significantly after the 1997 incident of the year when American soldiers kidnapped and raped a 12-year-old Japanese girl. Publications in the Japanese press about the American army’s testing of biological weapons are unlikely to improve the attitude of the people of Okinawa towards the American presence on the island.

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    NOMADE 15 January 2014 09: 02
    Illustrative story ... smile
    This is how they deal with their "allies".
    1. edge
      edge 15 January 2014 13: 29
      Quote: NOMADE
      This is how they deal with their "allies"

      well, the Americans manage to give a shit about everything, purely British snobbery (the queen is above all the rest ............)
    2. AVV
      AVV 15 January 2014 16: 05
      They are subjected to atomic bombing, experimenting with biological weapons on them, and they consider America to be their ally, the Japanese have completely atrophied brains from radiation, and they still keep the base in Okinawa !!! How did the samurai grind today !!!
      1. 0255
        0255 15 January 2014 17: 05
        Americans test bacteriological weapons on their allies - and they also run into the USSR, saying that the Kremlin violated human rights before the good Gorbachev in the unfortunate countries of the former Warsaw Treaty.
        After such an article, you begin to think that it would be better if the Japanese were friends with the USSR. Maybe there would be a Japanese Soviet Socialist Republic. And the USSR would not lag behind the West in electronics. laughing And then they shout at Russia - return the Kuril Islands to us, but they are silent about American experiments fool
    3. karal
      karal 16 January 2014 09: 50
      Cases of bygone days. Today, the United States and Japan are closely cooperating in the military-defense field, and if something starts anti-American in Japan, they will immediately hush things up with the next tranche of green currency or the supply of old, but still combat-ready equipment. what
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 15 January 2014 09: 17
    Since the Japanese completely fell under the amers, why are they so surprised? Their "friends" set up nuclear experiments over the Japanese people, and nothing - peace, friendship, chewing gum, geisha. So they will survive this spit too - they will wipe out, as usual. For everyone is treated exactly as he allows himself to be treated.
  3. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 15 January 2014 09: 45
    They bent the Japanese even immediately after the war and the nuclear bombing ... and they are still bothering to this day ... They themselves chose this path.
    1. Woolfy
      Woolfy 15 January 2014 13: 59
      At that time, they had no chance ........
  4. pensioner
    pensioner 15 January 2014 10: 32
    If real samurai from some bearded 17th century would know about these deeds of Amers, they would break all the fuck! And strangers and their own to the heap, so that they do not lose pride.
  5. silver_roman
    silver_roman 15 January 2014 12: 03
    Syshya has no allies, there are only slaves, vassals and colonies!
  6. Sarmat1972
    Sarmat1972 15 January 2014 14: 06
    Why are they bustling under the client ?? !!!
  7. mountain
    mountain 15 January 2014 15: 11
    It would be possible to regret the long-suffering Japanese people, yes, that they are to my misery, if they are happy with everything. And it seems they will take revenge in another life.
    1. 310815
      310815 15 January 2014 23: 59
      the "long-suffering" Japanese people have not even begun to pay for their "heroism" in neighboring countries
      1. mihasik
        mihasik 16 January 2014 01: 40
        Especially when they cut out hundreds of thousands.
  8. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 15 January 2014 15: 45
    In those days, Okinawa did not belong to Japan, it was even depicted in American colors on maps
  9. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 15 January 2014 15: 47
    Oops, the wrong card
  10. DATO8791
    DATO8791 15 January 2014 16: 11
    Quote: NOMADE
    Illustrative story ... smile
    This is how they deal with their "allies".

    There are no allies. There are interests!
  11. Victor1
    Victor1 15 January 2014 18: 18
    Japan is a pathos prostitute in the United States, the Japanese fucked in all the cracks, nuclear bombs, experiments, complete submission, how many half-breeds were born after the war says a lot. The degradation of culture and language, and all the same, the Japanese consider it to be an avenue of dreams to go to America, insert English words into almost every sentence forgetting about their language, moral and cultural degradation is increasing. At the same time, they pretentiously pretend that this is a mighty nation with a great history and everyone should respect it, while Japan then united less than 300 years ago, and before that they knocked each other in civil strife, intrigue, betrayal, slander and other dirt was almost ordinary thing.
    Japan and South Korea are now a clear example of what the US is turning the culture of its subordinates / allies into, and there are still no migration problems, such as in Russia, Europe and China ..
    I’m familiar with Japan not by hearsay, there are a lot of interesting things there, some aspects of culture and everyday life, but the US-controlled government does a lot to degrade the people, and the people themselves do not particularly resist. Propaganda is a powerful weapon. We must not allow the Western world, led by the United States, to do the same with us.
    1. Ihrek
      Ihrek 15 January 2014 20: 25
      It is generally accepted that the Japs are smart, but I do not classify them as such. After all the mockery of their country of America, they are still friends with them in full. You represent 40% of Japanese people think that the USSR dropped atomic bombs on them. How smart are they after that? Apparently one half of the remaining I think that this is the United States and the other half that they are aliens laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. 310815
      310815 16 January 2014 00: 01
      do not you think that it is very reminiscent of another country, slightly larger and slightly west
  12. I think so
    I think so 15 January 2014 20: 26
    But the Japanese do not deserve a different attitude to themselves ... Quite an obedient people ... Their emperors have spread rot over this people for centuries and have developed humility - this is the result of doing what you want and who you want with them ... The Japanese will please everyone who is stronger .. But then if it breaks to a weaker one it will be pulled to the fullest ... Examples of their atrocities in China, Korea, and the Philippines are simply terrifying. Compared to them, the Nazis are just cute and harmless schoolchildren ... I had to seriously study this issue in detail ...
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 15 January 2014 21: 27
      Yes, complete degradation. So the residents of the Kuril Islands also dream of being honored