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Hot frontier. Armed conflict between the border guards of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan - the CSTO member states

11 January 2014 of the year. Kyrgyz-Tajik border. Not far from the Kyrgyz village of Ak-Sai and the Tajik Vorukh, a battle broke out between border guards of neighboring states. As a result of the skirmish that lasted for about an hour, according to the latest data, 11 people were received, among whom there are also severely injured people. The wounded were sent to local medical facilities.

The reason for the outbreak of the conflict is that Kyrgyz road services attempted to start building the Koktash-Tamdyk road, which was supposed to pass through the above-mentioned Ak-Sai. In this regard, you can ask the question: Is the construction of a civilian facility by a neighboring state can provoke the real fighting with all the consequences? In the Kyrgyz-Tajik case may. The fact is that the same road under the project must pass through the territories, the administrative status of which has not yet been determined. These are the plots between the enclaves of Kyrgyzstan - lands surrounded by the territory of Tajikistan, and the enclaves of Tajikistan - lands surrounded by the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Territorial units are so intricately located on the map of Central Asia that today it is extremely difficult to understand which state exactly this or that area belongs to. Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, these border areas turned into an apple of discord between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It should also be noted that from almost 1000 kilometers of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, delimitation (the establishment of a border line) concerns only 570-ti.

The Tajik border guards, considering that the Kyrgyz services of the motorway entered the territory of Tajikistan (Vorukh enclave), decided to show those who is the owner. Official Dushanbe argues that the Kyrgyz were warned “diplomatically” - without shots and gunfire, and that it was the Kyrgyz border guards who responded to the demands to stop construction by fire from firearms. weapons. Official Bishkek has a diametrically opposite version of what happened. According to this version, the Tajik border guards, without any warning, opened fire on the Kyrgyz "colleagues", and using not only automatic weapons for this, but mortars as well. The Kirghiz counted six mortar craters and one unexploded mine.

Note that similar incidents for this section of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border (which by and large is very conditional over more than 400 kilometers) are not uncommon. The last bloody incident occurred here last spring. Then the road that the Kyrgyz workers can’t finish building was an apple of contention. At that time, the conflict was due to the fact that residents of the Tajik enclave vigorously opposed the Kyrgyz road running through it. They connected their fears with the fact that if today the road from one Kyrgyz village to another goes through the enclave territory, then tomorrow Bishkek may officially “stake out” the right to this site. It came to real hand-to-hand combat, several people even became hostages. The situation then managed to resolve the intervention of the central authorities of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

This time, too, there was no such intervention. After the exchange of diplomatic notes in which Bishkek lays the blame for what happened on Dushanbe and Dushanbe - on Bishkek, and after the ambassadors' comments, it was first decided to completely close the border by pulling additional border patrols there. Then the emotions subsided somewhat, and Bishkek, like Dushanbe, decided to withdraw additional border reinforcement from the scene of the conflict. However, it should be noted here that if the military situation of the confrontation is currently exhausted, then in the diplomatic sense a special negotiation advance is imperceptible. The Tajik states that Bishkek should take the blame for what happened, the Kyrgyz authorities say that the fault lies entirely on the Tajik side. Bishkek does not intend to abandon the construction of the road, and Dushanbe does not intend to enter into a dialogue to resolve such construction. At the moment, construction work for obvious reasons, suspended.

At the moment, it is known that agreements have been reached between the authorities of neighboring states in Batken, Kyrgyzstan. In particular, an agreement was born that, with 14 in January, patrols from law enforcement officers from both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will appear on the disputed parts of the border. The main feature of these patrols is that they are joint. In addition, agreements were reached on opening several checkpoints at the border to ensure the movement of civilians, and the parties were able to agree on joint measures to counter the occurrence of such conflicts in the future. The Tajik negotiation delegation in Batken was led by the commander of the border troops of Tajikistan, General Rahmonali, and the deputy minister of internal affairs of the republic, General Radjabov. The heads of the Kyrgyz delegation were Deputy Interior Minister General Asanov and Deputy Chairman of the Frontier Service of Kyrgyzstan, Colonel Mambetaliev.

It would seem that this is an ordinary short-term regional conflict, to which one should not pay much attention. In fact, any conflict, and even more so armed, and even with the active counteraction of each other by the border guards of the neighboring states of the CSTO on the territory of Central Asia, is a very negative phenomenon. If the military personnel of the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization can already afford to shoot at each other with automatic firearms and mortars, guided by rather artificial reasons, it’s time to ask the question: are they ready to support each other if necessary? countering external aggression (if such, God forbid, happen)?

In this regard, it should be noted that the leadership of both the republics that have unleashed the conflict and the leadership of the CSTO should immediately carry out, let's say, work on the mistakes, and draw the right conclusions from what happened.

A request was sent to the CSTO press service on how the organization’s leadership is going to respond to what happened on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. We will inform our readers about the response of the CSTO press service soon.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 15 January 2014 08: 44
    The main conclusion: the blatant immaturity of state institutions and states, as such.
    1. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 15 January 2014 09: 11
      I see in this conflict the weakness of both states and the stupidity of their government. They do not need to fight with each other, but with the Afghan Taliban, who may soon come with reinforcements after Syria. And the invasion will most likely begin with the penetration of radical Islam and provocations, the creation of the opposition as it was in Libya, Syria and more.
      1. Scoun
        Scoun 15 January 2014 12: 01
        Quote: Max_Bauder
        I see in this conflict the weakness of both states and the stupidity of their government

        I apologize for giving a not entirely correct example, but to do so indiscriminately .. "the stupidity of their rulers" is somehow pretentious on your part ... it would be stupid if the conflict flared up with more force ... so your words in this case are simple populist exhaust.
        This is the official version of the death of the border guards of Kazakhstan ... a very "wise" version, yes, it shows how the government treats its people .. like "grabbing" and not frowning.
        You just do not need empty populist slogans in an effort to get a "like"))). hi
        According to the official version, at first Chelakh killed the sentry. After that, he went into the barracks and shot 13 colleagues, most of whom were asleep at that time. All the victims at the time of their murder were unarmed, according to the country's Prosecutor General. The last victim was a retired major huntsman Ruslan Kim, who lived nearby. After that, Chelah laid the bodies of the dead on the beds, doused the room with gasoline and set fire to it.
        1. AK-47
          AK-47 15 January 2014 12: 33
          Quote: Scoun
          This is the official version of the death of the border guards of Kazakhstan ... a very "wise" version, yes, it shows how the government treats its people .. like "grabbing" and not frowning.

          But what about the brow? what
          Personally, I do not believe in the official version, by the way, how it is there.
          1. Scoun
            Scoun 15 January 2014 12: 50
            Quote: AK-47
            But what about the brow?

            Yes Chelah, then there’s nothing to do with it, but here’s what the death of border guards is "masked" under it .. there is a place and people are fed an outright burda about the conscript of the mega killer Chelakh ..
            1. Max_Bauder
              Max_Bauder 16 January 2014 12: 01
              If the grandfather of the janitor or the cleaner grandmother were recognized as a killer, then yes, it is unlikely smile
              and a soldier, 18-20 years old with a gun, may well not only kill so many people, but launch a rocket into the city if he is in the troops of the Strategic Missile Forces! hi
          2. Max_Bauder
            Max_Bauder 16 January 2014 11: 56
            And I believe, just imagine you were put on guard, you have a weapon, a full store, if you’re out of order, you can easily shoot everyone who comes before you yourself get a bullet in the forehead, then there’s a fact of surprise and surprise . Can your colleagues expect you to start firing seriously? even if they usually beat you? people often, but always even, do not understand the feeling of death until it arrives, in a car, plane, anywhere.

            By the way, I remembered a case, they told how in Soviet times, I don't remember what year, one soldier escaped AWOL with a tank, and then he began to fight with those who were catching up, put many of them until he was finished, and they say the commanding colonel saluted him in front of the corpse and said " everyone would have fought like that. " I don’t know the truth, no, but I believe, maybe.
        2. Max_Bauder
          Max_Bauder 16 January 2014 11: 50
          Why not? in order not to "shake" you have any other proof that he is innocent?

          And in general, how does this relate to the topic of the shootout between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan? I do not see any similarities

          stupidity lies in the fact that, firstly, border guards usually do not bring the conflict to publicity, and secondly, since it came to pass, it was necessary to make a note of the government or create a general commission to clarify the circumstances of the conflict, it would not hurt to officially apologize to each other, when it is not yet clear who is to blame.

          in 1969, when there was a conflict on the Daman Peninsula, our (Soviet) soldiers did not shoot until the last, until the Chinese opened fire first, this requires great courage. Not like these, just shoot like a carduelis after watching Hollywood action movies. Soviet border guards knew what even the slightest connivance could turn into, it was also in the 1961m Caribbean crisis.

          I won’t regret my Kazakh border guard if a military conflict starts because of him, there’s no yard when you have to harness for a bro, the life of others depends on you.
    2. dmitrich
      dmitrich 15 January 2014 09: 46
      they beat their own so that strangers are afraid.
    3. Ihrek
      Ihrek 15 January 2014 15: 23
      Quote: Vladimirets
      The main conclusion: the blatant immaturity of state institutions and states, as such.

      Where they are without Russia, kill each other, independence is not for them.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. AVV
      AVV 15 January 2014 16: 24
      Echoes of collapse, a single state !!!
    6. Joker
      Joker 15 January 2014 21: 33
      What can we talk about, as they were savages, remained.
  2. makarov
    makarov 15 January 2014 08: 47
    If something and somewhere happened, look for someone who benefits? Nothing just happens.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 15 January 2014 08: 48
      Just here there can be purely "boys" showdowns with show-offs such as: what are you from?
      1. Ramadan
        Ramadan 15 January 2014 08: 56
        Just like in the film they said Ponikovsky and Balaganov: And who are you ?! )))))))))))
      2. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 16 January 2014 08: 05
        Just now, in Batken, even under the Soviets, there were such mahachis, you never dreamed of. And the states are quite mature, but the governments are tightly screwed up
      3. Max_Bauder
        Max_Bauder 16 January 2014 12: 02
        In in! The most!
  3. Humpty
    Humpty 15 January 2014 09: 09
    In twenty-two years, the issue of borders can probably be settled; there would be a desire.
    A speedy recovery to the border guards of Kyrgyzstan and the Tajiks can not be ill.
    1. Very old
      Very old 15 January 2014 11: 21
      And here it would not hurt to intervene - to sit down at the table, and talk, discuss, and so on over a glass of strong tea. After all, not enemies, for centuries they lived side by side
      22 years is a good time.
      1. avt
        avt 15 January 2014 16: 34
        Quote: Very old
        And here it would not hurt to intervene

        To whom ??? Russia? And move the arrow of the showdown of the two great, proud and independent peoples to yourself, combining them with a common hatred of Moscow’s aspirations? The external enemy did not attack both members of the CSTO - let them understand and demarcate their border between themselves.
      2. Ptah
        Ptah 15 January 2014 23: 50
        Quote: Very old
        And here it would not hurt to intervene

        My dear, dear, "old man".
        Who will "plant"? Russian boys on BeTers, thickly brewing "tea" on their blood and tears of their parents? Yes, for this compote US will also be declared "OCCUPANTS".
        What the fuck?
        Let them be engaged in national fun - sawing each other! They fought "for the sovereign right" - to engage in self-destruction! On. interfere?
        On the contrary, it is necessary to declare a "general" mobilization of janitors and shkutakurs and, having provided a trenching tool and spatulas, send "to defend the territorial integrity", not of a barracks village, but allegedly "Their National Education"

        What the fools are these Russians. Always help everyone. The Chuchmeks occupy them at home, because in their homeland the curve of the hakak no longer accommodates the dirty numerous offspring - help!
        The Chuchmeks do not have enough of their women, because newborn girls are tipped to the corner, because they will not be able to work in a mosquabad, at a construction site - we will give ours!
        The Chuchmeks began to actively enter from the Middle Ages - and not to send Russian boys to separate this heap-mala?

        I myself will not go and drive my soldiers into pumpkins with an elementary truth - you have not seen the USSR (alas), you will not see (alas), and then noh then try to build it. Build your house - Russia. And when you build this marvelous "Teremok", those wishing to live in it "will skin the entire threshold" for just one night in it ...
  4. ramin_serg
    ramin_serg 15 January 2014 09: 13
    Good morning

    My opinion is that the leaders of the border regions where everything happened are to blame for this incident.
    Any conflict happens before a story which they could foresee and solve in advance.
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 15 January 2014 10: 14
      To decide in advance is to demilitate the borders. And what are the Tajik borders, the Russian border guards know very well. Moreover, this implies either a war with Tajikistan for the return of its lands or the recognition of new borders in their current form. For 20 years, while we have not decided to do anything - we are weak after the 1917 year. And with Tajikistan we have common interests in the region - there are worse problems.
      1. Ikbol Tajik
        Ikbol Tajik 12 February 2014 20: 49
        And with Tajikistan we have common interests in the region - there are worse problems.

        you're right friend. better return our historical lands from the Uzbeks and who else is there ...
  5. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 15 January 2014 09: 38
    So who drew such borders and who left us with such new borders? All these lands and much more in the north, east, west was ours, now you have to ask to build SIMPLY ROAD. We went over with the khanate that we touched our lands with China, and the rest was simply given to internal entities, we came up with new countries out of the blue - how many such borders remained in the post-Soviet states? Are they all happy with this state of affairs?
    1. virm
      virm 15 January 2014 09: 45
      And who drew such boundaries? Discover this secret.
      1. Nagaibak
        Nagaibak 15 January 2014 10: 09
        virm "And who drew such boundaries? Reveal this secret."
        Specifically, these? Comrade Stalin. That would not run away immediately. So they butt. It’s just that in Central Asia the people are calmer. Caucasians have long fought. And they are preparing for new ones, for example, for Karabakh. I am not saying that it is good or bad. But, administrative borders became at one point state. And why wonder?
        And then there is Bukhara and Samarkand, which Tajiks consider theirs, and they are in Uzbekistan. There is a city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan, populated mostly by Uzbeks, etc. AND EVERYONE CONSIDERS THE LANDING EARTH AROUND THEIR OWN. There, a comrade from Kyrgyzstan says there "All these lands and many other things in the north, east, west were ours." Oh, how ... And the Uzbeks and Tajiks say the same thing. So, there will be more conflicts. Well, the most important irritant is water ...
        1. smersh70
          smersh70 15 January 2014 12: 21
          Quote: Nagaibak
          It's just that in Central Asia, people are calmer

          let them learn from Russia and Azerbaijan .. calmly done demilitated the border ... and even solved the problem with one village .......
          let them ponder and solve their problems peacefully ..... otherwise it’s an uneven hour, the Armenians will come and show how this is done wassat
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic 15 January 2014 14: 03
          Quote: Nagaibak
          But, administrative borders became at one point state. And why wonder?

          it’s not a matter of borders, but that after the collapse of the Soviet system, when socialist society began to be built from feudalism, everything returned to normal with feudalism, with its inherent fragmentation and internecine wars and intrigues of various semi-feudal clans.
      2. Scoun
        Scoun 15 January 2014 12: 05
        Quote: virm
        And who drew such boundaries? Discover this secret.

        old .. "log".
        Yes, they have been doing well since 1924 ...
        M. Kalinin at the Communist Party congress in Bukhara in February 1925: “... Uzbekistan, having huge cultural potential, technical capabilities, the richest cities of the East and human resources, should play a huge role in Central Asia, one might say, the role of hegemon.”

        Then, after the Tajik protests, they were also allocated a separate state from the Uzbek SSR in 1929 — which, incidentally, caused huge discontent among the Uzbeks. It was also illegal and without thorough ("faithful Bolsheviks" Uzbeks begged from Moscow) in 1936 Karakalpakia (the Karakalpak Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was about 165 thousand square kilometers) was forcibly attached to Uzbekistan - they were taken from the KazSSR, their opinion was completely ignored, although the “Karakalpaks” are a kindred to “Kazakhs” people, and so on. the territory of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic was also greatly expanded - and thereby gave the Uzbeks access and use of the enormous rich resources of the Aral Sea and the huge oil and gas deposits and other resources of the Aral Sea region — another's good! Uzbekistan now illegally by force holds and occupied Karakalpakstan, suppresses the national liberation movement
        1924-25gg were illegally determined and the lands of Turkestan were illegally captured by the Uzbeks themselves - this is the truth about the formation of the Uzbek SSR !!! So to approx. in 1920 - according to the materials for the Post-IIIth Extraordinary Session of the Central Executive Committee of the Turkestan ASSR on national-state demarcation, etc.: from among the Uzbeks lived: in the Turkestan ASSR - 66,5%; in the former. Khanates: Bukhara - 22%, and in Khiva all - 11%.
        You just don’t know the last from Karimov))) in general, the same mammoth fighters.
        "The history of my people is rooted in the depths of centuries and has more than three thousand years." (Karimov IA Speech at the 48th session of the UN General Assembly on September 28, 1993 // Stability and Reforms, Moscow, "Paleya", 1996, p. 359).

        1) Until the beginning of the twentieth century, there is no clear isolation and separation of the Uzbek ethnos in any historical source or in the fixed reports of local residents. There is a term "Sart" - to designate the entire sedentary population of Central Asia, there are Kyrgyz, Turkmen and Kazakhs, there are no Uzbeks.

        2) During the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, a strange ethnic term was used - "Kazakhs-Uzbeks" or vice versa "Uzbek-Kazakhs", which quite often, especially in Persian sources, refer to the inhabitants of the Desht-i-Kipchak steppe, i.e. ... modern South and Central Kazakhstan.

        3) "Historical" Uzbeks - i.e. direct ancestors of modern Uzbeks, appeared on the historical arena relatively recently and came to the territory of modern Uzbekistan from outside. These "Uzbeks" were not some kind of clan or tribe around which a process of some ethnogenesis was taking place, but the collective name of the population of the nomadic state of the descendants of Sheibani Khan.

        4) The very name "Uzbek" has spread to the population of modern Uzbekistan due to a number of subjective, and in many respects, just random reasons. Yudin V. P. p. 153

        And so you can look in the internet for literature how they drew a map of present-day Central Asia and the Kazakhs suffered both Kyrgyz and Tajiks, and purely my IMHA, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan should have been one state and a people, and not divided along the ridge of the mountains.
    2. lukke
      lukke 15 January 2014 09: 48
      All these lands and much more in the north, east, west was ours

      and from what moment did the nomads have it (more in detail)?
      1. KG_patriot_last
        KG_patriot_last 15 January 2014 10: 32
        Nomads turns out to be. Did they have to roam the moon? What a stereotype that even does not have an elementary secret
        1. lukke
          lukke 15 January 2014 11: 01
          The ancestors of the Kyrgyz were one of the nomadic cattle-breeding Turkic-speaking peoples, from ancient times living in Central Asia and Southern Siberia in the upper Yenisei. After the collapse of the Mongol Empire, they migrated to the Tien Shan
          So what borders and what ancestral territory are we talking about? no, I'm serious ...
          1. Scoun
            Scoun 15 January 2014 13: 12
            Quote: lukke
            So what borders and what ancestral territory are we talking about? no, I'm serious ...

            Sorki .. Above, he cited references from the time when these territories joined the Republic of Ingushetia, and hereafter, the young Soviet authorities redrawed the map according to their incomprehensible vision (for the kickbacks).
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. Scoun
        Scoun 15 January 2014 13: 06
        Quote: lukke
        and from what moment did the nomads have it (more in detail)?

        when the Kazakhs joined R.I. then the borders extended
        It should be noted that during this period about 3 thousand Kazakhs, united in zhuzes, lived on the territory of Kazakhstan.

        Senior Zhuz, numbering about 700 thousand people, traditionally occupied the territory from the upper and middle reaches of the Syr Darya to the Seven Rivers inclusively. Middle Zhuz occupied regions of Central and North-East Kazakhstan and the middle course of the Syr Darya. Its number was approximately 1 - 200 thousand people. The younger zhuz occupied the lower Syr Darya, the coast of the Aral Sea, the northern part of the Caspian lowland and the lower Urals.

        Further ...
        During the Russian Empire, the ethnic composition of Central Asian possessions was as follows:

        Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz Cossacks or Kyrgyz Kaisaks (also used are the names - the Urals Kyrgyz, nomadic Kyrgyz, plain or steppe Kyrgyz) - these names meant the Kazakhs who roamed in the territory of present-day Kazakhstan and the territory of the Russian regions adjacent to it, as well as on the territory of the Hungry steppes and Karakalpakstan, partially incorporated into Uzbekistan. Sometimes, among the Kazakhs, tribes — Naiman, Nogai, Adaev — were singled out as separate nations. Far more mythical, no real correlation with the tribal structure of the Kazakhs did not have, it is necessary to consider the allocation of some Ikinchi, settled Kyrgyz.

        I remind you that there was no Uzbekistan then, there were khanates and others.
        Kara-Kyrgyz or mountain Kyrgyz (Alai Kyrgyz or Alatavian Kyrgyz) are actually the Kyrgyz of today's Kyrgyzstan.

        And generally speaking..
        Sarts - the common naming of the Uzbeks and Tajiks who inhabited the territory of the former Kokand Khanate and the vassal of Bukhara emirate. Such a free association of two different peoples was caused by the main and more important difference in the eyes of the tsarist administration - the nomadic way of life of the Kyrgyz and the settled - Uzbeks and Tajiks. Sometimes Sarts were divided into Sarts (i.e., Uzbeks) and Tajik Sarts, since the fundamental difference between the Turki Uzbeks and Iranian-speaking Tajiks still could not go unnoticed.

        When an Uzbek speaks in "pure" Uzbek it will be very poorly understood by a Kazakh and just as poorly understood by a Tajik, because the Uzbek language is an explosive mixture of Turkic, Iranian Afghani and other things))) with Turkic Yakshas and all sorts of iltimoz viloyats .. all in a bunch) ))
        1. Gregazov
          Gregazov 15 January 2014 17: 47
          Among the lands you listed, there are completely no lands of the Ural Cossack army. When will you return?
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. FunkschNNX
      FunkschNNX 15 January 2014 09: 50
      Quote: KG_patriot_last
      So who drew such borders and who left us with such new borders?
      Exactly, for more than 20 years the Union has passed away, and you still get in the way of advice from living.
      Quote: KG_patriot_last
      All these lands and much more in the north, east, west was ours
      And on the other side of the Atlantic? Well, take an interest in domestic historians, maybe Texas is yours.
      You never know who was who, it is important who is who now. When you were part of the Union, your passport was respected anywhere in the world. Once the Mongols gave everyone the heat. But it was a long time ago, but now we have to live and solve problems. And now your authorities have spilled the blood of people because of their pathological greed and stupidity; like ours.
    5. Humpty
      Humpty 15 January 2014 09: 55
      Quote: KG_patriot_last
      So who drew such borders and who left us with such new borders? All these lands and much more in the north, east, west was ours, now you have to ask to build SIMPLY ROAD. We went over with the khanate that we touched our lands with China, and the rest was simply given to internal entities, we came up with new countries out of the blue - how many such borders remained in the post-Soviet states? Are they all happy with this state of affairs?

      I did not understand the course of your thought, if you have time, explain.
      1. Our lands, which are in the east, west, north?
      2. Who drew the borders and what caused your dissatisfaction with the borders, with the exception of the transfer of territories to China and the transfer to the neighbors of the left bank of Karkara?
    6. asadov
      asadov 15 January 2014 10: 06
      Yes, no one left you - you yourself left. Now you are full of independence until you burp and want to find the one to blame.
      1. KG_patriot_last
        KG_patriot_last 15 January 2014 10: 21
        Before you say something, rely on facts and stop dumb (I advise you to study history):

        we open the results of the All-Union referendum on the preservation of the USSR and see the numbers 96,4% who supported the preservation in the Kyrgyz USSR
    7. Ikbol Tajik
      Ikbol Tajik 12 February 2014 20: 52
      the FALSE Essential Empire and the shit are to blame! they took everything from us. they artificially divided the land. they threw us away years ago!
  6. ZU-23
    ZU-23 15 January 2014 09: 41
    It is necessary to punish those responsible on both sides, plus such conflicts must be resolved by the presidents, and as I understand it, they did not give orders for the war, although judging by the conversations of the Tajiks, their president is still a scumbag. Yes there, whatever you want, maybe you got stoned or chopped off and off you go, and now of course it's a shame to plead guilty.
  7. Forest
    Forest 15 January 2014 09: 45
    I do not believe in the accident of what happened, if it was an accident - in extreme cases, "knocked together." And an armed conflict is almost always planned. Obviously, someone wants to "set fire" to Central Asia.
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 15 January 2014 10: 23
      That's right, you don’t give your apartment to your neighbors just because you live in one country, one nationality and religion?
      Yes, no country in the world will not tolerate.

      Tajiks and we believe that they are right.
  8. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 15 January 2014 09: 45
    They only know how to shoot at each other and throw show-offs .. And that if something serious happens, they will scatter through the villages ..
    1. Humpty
      Humpty 15 January 2014 09: 58
      Quote: MIKHAN
      They only know how to shoot at each other and throw show-offs .. And that if something serious happens, they will scatter through the villages ..

      No, not in the villages, they will try to run to you.
  9. The gentleman
    The gentleman 15 January 2014 09: 53
    This is already called “let loose.” Of course, there have always been complaints before, this has already happened historically. But when, within the framework of one organization, countries start bombing each other, then one should think about it. I think the Russian carrot policy was misunderstood by these countries. namely, now everyone has support in the person of the Russian Federation, which means you can bully. let's see how the Russian Federation will calm these countries
  10. Yeraz
    Yeraz 15 January 2014 10: 13
    The great and mighty CSTO)))))
    1. alone
      alone 15 January 2014 20: 42
      Quote: Yeraz
      The great and mighty CSTO)))))

      Yes, very powerful. I can imagine what will happen if it comes to an external enemy. Although, in fact, even an external enemy is not needed here))
  11. Ivan Petrovich
    Ivan Petrovich 15 January 2014 10: 18
    without a firm hand (in the form of Russia) there will be no order
    although another hand (heavier) in the form of the PRC may soon appear
    1. Vinnipukh
      Vinnipukh 15 January 2014 13: 33
      With all due respect to Russia and the Russians, you first of all have such a firm hand to find in order to restore order at home.
  12. Dangerous
    Dangerous 15 January 2014 10: 25
    yes let them fight among themselves. They will declare martial law and collect all their migrants from Russia into the army. And they will have additional bayonets, and we will finally get rid of this evil in the markets and stations
    1. The gentleman
      The gentleman 15 January 2014 11: 21
      Quote: Dangerous
      yes let them fight among themselves. They will declare martial law and collect all their migrants from Russia into the army. And they will have additional bayonets, and we will finally get rid of this evil in the markets and stations

      I wonder what the military bases located on the territory of these countries will do or how the Russian Federation will look at it, because the Russian Federation is the main supplier of weapons
    2. lukke
      lukke 15 January 2014 12: 31
      Everything is exactly the opposite: we need prosperous friendly neighbors, look at the example of the USA and Canada? the same USA and Mexico. Which option is better?
    3. The comment was deleted.
  13. Nayhas
    Nayhas 15 January 2014 10: 46
    Rakhmon gave the Chinese land without a fight, but here he shows his ambition for the pennies, was it weak to show off before China?
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 15 January 2014 11: 14
      China has become such a powerful force that it is not particularly opposed. Lands will be taken away even by force, even by economic pressure, even by investment.

      By the way, Russia also gave away some territories ... But this is all until the new redivision of the world. Let's see what happens. But Russia, in order to facilitate its task in the future, is to help our countries hold territories.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Black
    Black 15 January 2014 10: 46
    From gaining state independence to state wisdom, the guys will fill a lot of cones, they will put many lives. Sad
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Leshka
    Leshka 15 January 2014 12: 16
    soon it will all be hushed up
  17. predator.3
    predator.3 15 January 2014 12: 49
    T. migrant workers! in connection with the military conflict, somewhere near you, a military mobilization has been declared, we ask everyone to leave the territory of Russia and arrive at the local military registration and enlistment offices (if they remained), for further departure to the front. laughing
  18. Semurg
    Semurg 15 January 2014 13: 26
    delimitation and demarcation of borders in the "Fergana Valley" area is a difficult task (the devil himself will break his legs there), and financially a very costly process, and these two republics are by no means rich. In our south, on the border with the Uzbeks, the same thing happened before and there were people killed, now the border has been drawn and it seems that these problems have gone off the agenda. Our neighbors will have to go this way or similar conflicts will be repeated.
  19. Daler
    Daler 15 January 2014 15: 09
    In Isfara, in these minutes, the next meeting of the commanders of the border troops of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan - Rakhmonali Rajabali and Raimberdi Duishenbiev, who discussed the current situation and worked out joint measures to stabilize the situation on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border, ended.

    According to AP, a source in the power structures, the main border guards of the two countries agreed that the border agencies of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan would cooperate in order to relieve tension in uncoordinated sections of the state border.

    Following the meeting, an appropriate cooperation protocol will be signed in the near future. The source declined further comments due to the fact that the negotiations took place behind closed doors.



    I hope we will have no problems with the Kyrgyz, and the problem will be solved quickly. During the civil wars in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan did not close the border with Kyrgyzstan when their other neighbors did. We have always had a good relationship with the Kyrgyz. In Isfara (a place close to where there was a shootout), more than 10 thousand Kyrgyz families live, and no one has any problems. The Kyrgyz recalled their ambassador when, as the ambassador of Tajikistan, he worked normally in Kyrgyzstan. It is not clear why, the Kyrgyz complicate everything. I hope the issue is resolved quickly.
  20. Bars90
    Bars90 15 January 2014 19: 45
    Damn, would not be dishonored ... Two union states within the framework of the CSTO. I hope that pride disappears and common sense comes. Just like kids ...
    1. SSR
      SSR 15 January 2014 21: 49
      Emomali Rakhmonov with a fool, remember how he detained our pilots, arrested planes and then, after receiving preferences from the Russian Federation regarding migrant workers, became terry and one of the last episodes, the Europeans found out that the lion's share of elite stolen cars floats in Tajikistan surrounded by relatives and close to the Rakhmonov’s family, he’s a specific badyugan and that’s it.
  21. makarick
    makarick 15 January 2014 19: 48
    This is not the first and unfortunately not the last such conflict. This is a barrel of gunpowder. This is hatred for each other in the blood in Central Asia.
  22. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 15 January 2014 20: 09
    An hour-long battle, no one was killed, and about equally wounded. The weapons are the same, I won’t say the number and factor of surprise. It can be assumed that the level of training of fighters is approximately the same. Judging by the absence of corpses, it is either not equally tall or equally bad if there are no corpses due to competent actions and timely assistance to victims. There are people here who can write, either the Kyrgyz and the Tajiks are not able to shoot, or they can simply be cunning.
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 16 January 2014 02: 40
      I don’t know about the level of training, but Tajik border guards are more experienced from Soviet times.
      6 wounded from the Kyrgyz Republic and 2 from the RT. Tajik FIRST launched an attack and injured three of us at once!
      We retreated, firing and taking away the wounded, at this time mortar shells rained down on a temporary fortification, where they were fixed! Reinforcements did not arrive not from the Kyrgyz Republic or from the RT.
      Only a call on internal channels stopped this hour-long clash.

      And the lovers consider themselves to be the navel of the earth, and let us all understand the idiots (Tajiks and Kyrgyz) at first deal with their borders.
      1. Ptah
        Ptah 16 January 2014 02: 49
        I, "minus" (unreasoned) returned.
        So for general reference.
        Why do you say so confidently - I make money on Internet networks and similar IT technologies
      2. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 16 January 2014 22: 09
        Thanks for the explanation, it’s so much clearer. I wish you no repetitions of this.
  23. wheel
    wheel 15 January 2014 22: 02
    Good allies! I think that it is necessary to accept states that have resolved issues regarding state affairs into military-political blocs. border between ourselves. Otherwise, we can get a war between friends, which will not have a very good effect on the overall defense capability of the union.
  24. ko88
    ko88 16 January 2014 00: 53
    and indeed between the Kyrgyz and Tajiks, long-standing enemy relations, in our local market they constantly fight among themselves, sometimes it comes to stabbing, I was interested in what you miss, fight for death, the Kyrgyz guy answered me: they say the hostility is rooted in antiquity. Maybe they need a reason to look deeper.
  25. Aydin
    Aydin 16 January 2014 17: 52
    It is not clear why, the Kyrgyz complicate everything. I hope the issue is resolved quickly.

    We are constantly building roads bypassing the territories of neighboring states, which is incomprehensible here. Power is weak and corrupt. People suffer from this. At this time, the government was engaged in the election of measures.