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Terrorism can only be defeated by Soviet methods.

Today, many countries in the world are looking for effective solutions to the problem of terrorism. However, terrorism is far from the first place in the list of major threats to humanity. Sergey Pereslegin, an expert of the Center for Strategic Research "North-West", spoke about the threats that are born in post-industrial society, and his vision of how to deal with them.

- Vladimir Putin recently spoke about the need to include preventive, preemptive strikes against terrorists in the actions of Russian security forces. What do you think, will the effect of such strikes?

- Putin’s statements were made regarding a very specific war in Chechnya, which is being conducted quite successfully for Russia, despite all the statements of our and Western media. And now we are talking about the fact that Russia has chosen the tactics of decisive active actions. What the President said should be read as follows: “We know the bases of terrorists in the Caucasus and Transcaucasian regions and we will smash them within the limits of the possible, and at the same time the impossible, and if anyone opposes this, he is an accomplice of the terrorists”. I completely agree with this position, but it is absolutely impossible to cope with terrorism in this way. The fact is that it is impossible to call the Chechen war "terrorism", for our happiness.

Why do I say that to our happiness? Even the leaders of Islam themselves do not consider Ichkeria seriously. Ichkeria is a country that was trampled into the archaic phase from the traditional phase in which it was staying before the start of the war. Therefore, nothing but archaic forms of terrorism, Chechen militants can not organize. And when they say that the attacks in Beslan or Nord-Ost were organized by the Chechens, this sounds funny to me. The maximum that they can do is suicide bombings on airplanes, and this will be the limit of their strategic planning. Moreover, it should be noted that over time, the level of human material in them naturally decreases, and the quality of terrorist attacks decreases in the same way. And from this point of view, preventive strikes can be delivered to the terrorist bases they have left before waiting for the terrorists to take action.

However, now the real terrorist threat has really arisen in the world. Terrorist groups are used by strong industrial and post-industrial military regimes. And against them we cannot deliver preventive strikes, because we do not know where they will act, nor how, in any group, nor, most importantly, to whom they are really subordinate and in whose interests they act.

Recall the same Beslan or "Nord-Ost." Of course, investigations were carried out, but they did not manage to reach the real organizers of this terror. It is clear that Chechens there were used as working material, which is not a pity, like the 11 Arabs of September in America. But who planned these attacks? The answer to this question was never found. Against this kind of terrorism, simple ideas of preventive strikes, mind you, have already been declared by Bush in connection with Afghanistan in due time, in my opinion, not to cope.

- You say that Chechen terrorists are poorly prepared. But after all, the same Basayev is prepared enough ...

- Of course, individual Chechens, or individual Arabs, or, for example, individual, relatively speaking, Moroccans can be developed arbitrarily high to organize real terrorist acts. But then they are representatives of international structures. There is such a notion of a “world city” - from some stages of a city’s development, they cease to be “country”, and pass into the world class. Such cities are Moscow, New York, Shanghai. St. Petersburg is also to a certain extent a world city.

Terrorism is a similar situation - there are “country” terrorists, and there are world terrorists. World terrorists are another level, this is not pre-industrial, this is post-industrial terror. And, of course, specifically Basayev, by himself, is much higher developed than ordinary Chechens. But, on the other hand, fortunately for us, there are relatively few such Basayevs, and most of them are not interested in Ichkeria itself - they have just a different scale.

- How do you think the media should cover the attacks?

- There is only one possibility to really deal with terrorist acts - the Soviet one. If you remember, there were terrorist attacks in the Soviet Union, although not many, but no one ever heard anything about them. No one, except for the units that were engaged in security, or dissidents, who were engaged in a special collection of information. The population as a whole knew nothing about these acts. Even really scandalous stories the type of family of ovechkin at that time remained virtually unknown. Therefore, the only real struggle in this sense is not to cover the terrorist act in any way, for example, regarding its cruelty and so on, but simply not to publicize it at all.

I will give you an interesting example. At one time, Russia suffered greatly from the Volga river piracy, suffered until such time as Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich declared: we do not have Volga river piracy, and all the complaints of merchants to pirates are a lie, for which the merchants the king ordered to beat with batogs. The most ridiculous thing is that from that moment the river piracy on the Volga almost disappeared, because the opportunity to “cut money” on the basis of contacts between pirates and merchants, i.e. The material base for the activity of pirates disappeared. Therefore, I believe that we should have a similar policy: a position like "we do not have terrorism, we do not know what it is."

- And how, in this sense, to “fight” with such a source of information as the Internet?

- If you wish, you can. Any sites are easy enough to close if there is a need. A simple example is that it is no longer possible to find a new Harry Potter on the web, 15 sites were closed in my eyes for a few days. And sites can not be closed forever, but only for a while. In a week they can be opened - no one will be interested in this topic. Another option: you mask these events with a significant outburst of completely different information, for example, about the disclosure of a terrorist attack that happened somewhere in Andalusia. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether this terrorist attack was there or not.

And, finally, you can even quite calmly publish information about terrorist acts, but before that people need to be educated so that they do not treat this information as disturbing, exciting information. Those. so that there should be an absolutely calm reaction, approximately corresponding to the real scale of the tragedies taking place.

Last year, Russia lost about 2,5 thousands of people from crimes, terror, all sorts of violent deaths. It's a lot. But at the same time on the roads, we lost 8 thousands of people, and this absolutely does not terrify anyone and does not hurt. That's when people learn to compare information in such a way, to perceive terrorist acts not so emotionally - it will be much more difficult for them to be affected by terrorist methods. Information about the terrorist attacks, they will simply put under the overall cloth: there is a threat to get under the car on the street, and there is still a threat of terror, much weaker. No one is afraid to go out because a car can knock him down.

- But after all, people, fearing terrorism, are primarily afraid of uncertainty?

- That's it. The problem of today, which is very much involved in Japan and the United States, and much less in our country, is actions under conditions of uncertainty. This is one of the fundamental tasks, and the problem of terror is just part of the task. These actions include technological disasters, which themselves are far more dangerous than terrorist attacks in the future, and political disasters. I mean that terror is terror, but in general a political catastrophe can always happen, which will translate into a small war, and not only where in Rwanda, where it happens regularly, but also, for example, in Europe. This kind of things should be dealt with and prepared for the population, and the danger of such situations should be written.

The world has become extremely complex, it is over-complicated. Today, those things that used to be almost innocuous, at the time when they are combined into a combination of different factors from 10-15, can lead to real serious problems and victims. And terror is the tip of the iceberg, far from the most dangerous. Neither a single person from the street, nor experts, nor political structures in the conditions of an over complicated world and uncertainty can act. And this is really a problem.

- And how to solve it?

- This problem has not been solved even theoretically. Americans have more than 10 years the problem of action in the face of uncertainty is occupied by their main research center "Thought Factory". There is a concept of unmistakable action. As a rule, a person always intuitively feels internally when he does something wrong, and it does not matter how this is explained. But we do not know how to listen to these sensations. Now, if we learn, we will take a very big step forward towards faultless actions, and this will solve a lot of problems, including in the field of terror. The second possible logic is to teach people how to act during chaos. People should be trained, despite the chaos, to withstand a certain line of conduct.

And finally, the third, very important. In fact, terror is terrible in the fact of death. Remember: Christians never feared death. Now those who believe in Allah or the Japanese who do not believe in are not afraid of death. That's about the fact that the fear of death is an extremely negative and dangerous social factor - you need to talk and write about it. A person who is not afraid of death is not subject to threats of terror. The attacks against him are useless.

Sergey Borisovich Pereslegin - physicist, sociologist, historian, critic, publicist. Born and lives in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). He graduated from the Faculty of Physics of the Leningrad State University with a degree in nuclear physics and elementary particles. Since 1989, he has been working on systems theory at the Moscow Institute for System Research (NIISI). Over the years, he has carried out information development for corporate systems: the technology of information flows and their structural support. In 1996-97, he lectured on sociology at the University of Kazan and at the Riga Sociological Center. Since 1985, a participant in the Leningrad seminar of Boris Strugatsky. Researcher and theorist fiction. Author of more than fifty critical and journalistic materials on the history and theory of science fiction. Winner of a number of literary awards. Pereslegin is the compiler and editor of the books of the Military History Library series. The author comments on the books B. Liddel Garth, M. Galaktionov, E. von Manstein, F. Sherman and other military-historical works. Author (with E. Pereslegina) of the Pacific Premiere monograph. He is the author of more than thirty papers on systems theory and strategy theory.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 14 January 2014 09: 18
    dissidents who were engaged in a special collection of information
    That's the root of evil, you never know the stinkers that murderers not so long ago, even from TV screens called fighters ... (... nym-author's comment)
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 14 January 2014 14: 15
      And when they say that the Chechens organized terrorist attacks in Beslan or the Nord-Ost, it sounds ridiculous to me.

      Actually the author is right, maybe the Chechens did it, or someone else there, but someone who was more professional and calculating than some kind of field commander organized, planned and trained it
  2. sds555
    sds555 14 January 2014 09: 19
    With bandits in spite of everything, Joseph Vissarionovich had the best methods with quick achievement of the result
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 14 January 2014 10: 08
      Quote: sds555
      With bandits in spite of everything, Joseph Vissarionovich had the best methods with quick achievement of the result

      Alexander Grigoryevich But father, acting according to the precepts of Comrade Stalin, also effectively screwed oxygen to the bandits operating on the highways.
      Today, he admitted that in the 90s, on his orders, three gangsters who were engaged in robbery on the Brest-Moscow highway were shot, taking away foreign cars from citizens.

      According to him, in order to combat robbery, a special group was formed.
      “They took the coolest cars and set traps. The bandits were shot on the spot. Three such groups were shot. The fourth was gone ... And what was I to do? I had no other choice ... In the toilet they didn’t soak, but in the face gave "- said Lukashenko.
      1. starshina78
        starshina78 14 January 2014 10: 35
        In relation to terrorists, Israeli methods must also be added. They don’t look at the property they acquired with the help of terrorism or not (as provided for here), they just drive up a bulldozer to the terrorist’s house and demolish it. All the household members remain on the street, and let them not curse authority, but their brother, son, husband, mother, sister or daughter, who blew themselves up in a public place. It will be okay. Yes, and with terrorists it is necessary to be more strict. Once in the bandit underground, they caught, so get at least twenty, or even for life, and grunted when detained - a bullet in the forehead indiscriminately. And one more thing, so that there are fewer terrorists, there must be work in the Caucasus! Many terrorists go from hopelessness.
        1. Deniska
          Deniska 14 January 2014 10: 52
          One problem at home is MULTI-APARTMENT. (((
          1. Hudo
            Hudo 14 January 2014 12: 14
            Quote: Deniska
            One problem at home is MULTI-APARTMENT. (((

            PROBLEM???!!! What is the problem? By a court decision on the eviction of accomplices, uncles in uniforms come to the fierce look and show the eyes of the unfortunate household members of the terrorist this paper. Briefly but loudly, the essence is announced, attempts at discussions and appeals for mercy are stopped, then a brigade, manned by trained ravshans and jumshuts, quickly drags out the s'ranki-sanski's relatives of the terrorist and carefully loads them into a dump truck. Attempts to resist are harshly suppressed by the policemen. Upon the removal of junk and the expulsion of accomplices, electricity, water and gas are turned off, the door is sealed. And there is no problem.
        2. BOB48
          BOB48 14 January 2014 13: 44
          But do they want to work there in our understanding (from 9 to 18 or 12 hours)?
  3. makarov
    makarov 14 January 2014 09: 22
    “And, finally, you can even publish information about terrorist attacks quite calmly, but before that people need to be brought up in such a way that they do not treat this information as disturbing, exciting information. That is, so that there is an absolutely calm reaction to this, approximately corresponding to the real scale of the ongoing tragedies. "

    It is not possible to agree with such conclusions on the fight against terrorism. The most effective was the historical phenomenon of General Ermolov. Yes, his methods were cruel, but showed their effectiveness.
    1. Garik
      Garik 14 January 2014 10: 20
      But is it different with us? Something I did not hear that someone would be taken alive recently. If the special operation, then they all fall. Why do they need to be taken alive by their bodies and names? And then I personally don’t feel like feeding them later at my own expense in the jail.
  4. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 14 January 2014 09: 24
    Restore the iron curtain and do not care about international law !!! But something tells me that twice in the same river will not allow to enter, you need to look for another recipe. what
  5. My address
    My address 14 January 2014 09: 29
    Only the whole world!
    Only by all means at once!
  6. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 09: 35
    Soviet methods to deal with terrorism? Nonsense. No, let’s then, separately, by the Stalinists, transport the entire Caucasus to somewhere far away to the Siberian taiga!
    Soviet methods remained with the USSR. Now other times and other methods. And you do not need to scratch everyone under one comb, as before, but to achieve goals in this fight by much more subtle methods.
    1. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 14 January 2014 09: 49
      "Subtle" methods will not save you from a terrorist attack. Any convictions other than those of the terrorists will be considered weak and disregarded.
      Terrorism can only be fought with violence. Destruction of its carriers.
      You can also destroy the terrorist to take his young children and bring them up in excellent conditions from the conditions in which the parent grew up. And among them to grow a caste of opponents of any violence. Introduce them to the top of religious figures and in large numbers. Then it will be possible to talk about victory at least.
      1. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 12: 27
        Destruction of its carriers.

        This smacks of real genocide and a religious war, because some kind of Jimbula will go to avenge Uncle Ashot, who in turn takes revenge on Russia for burning auls in the 19th century.
        But if we remember how Khattab was removed, then this is the most that neither is an example of a "subtle struggle". I do not argue - it is very costly and simply difficult to deliver punches precisely and accurately. However, this is done quietly, perhaps right now, however, rarely when it is said about it., Except in cases to remind that the bandits still "piss in the toilets"
        1. JIaIIoTb
          JIaIIoTb 14 January 2014 14: 22
          Quote: Alex_Popovson
          It smacks of real genocide and religious war,

          Yes, I am for the TERROR genocide.
          And you apparently for the fact that they would love, cherish? Can you also help them?
          1. Alex_Popovson
            Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 15: 21
            Understand! You cannot destroy ALL Muslims, it is impossible. And you can get rid of terror only in this way, according to your words. Gas chambers, raids on large cities and yes, the transfer of the population of the Caucasus to somewhere in Siberia. But, do not forget, Islam did not become a religion, but a nationality, declare war on one Basmach, and again, ten Ashots-Rashids will subscribe for His uncle Abdullah. And there will be a full-scale war. Who will raise a hand to flood the world in blood? Or is it worse, shandarahnut something Edren?
            1. JIaIIoTb
              JIaIIoTb 14 January 2014 15: 33
              Quote: Alex_Popovson
              Understand! You cannot destroy ALL Muslims,

              You are sick!?
              Or reading, you see only what is beneficial to you?
              I wrote about TERRORISTS (as you still highlight) and not about Muslims.
              And if you see the word terrorist - Muslim, then go to the optometrist or psychiatrist.
              1. Alex_Popovson
                Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 15: 44
                You are sick!?

                You don't read that well. You forget that there is blood feud. This time. The Muslim population is 60 percent illiterate and is easily bought by the promises of preachers. It's already two. Lack of prospects at home pushes young people to look for these in religion and war as well. And no matter how cynical it may sound, almost any Mohammedan, excluding ours, Soviet bottling, is a potential terrorist. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the causes of the emergence of terrorism. No, it is impossible to make everyone rich and smart. But the destruction of imams-sheikhs, the destruction of training camps, and most importantly the disruption of financial supplies to the field commanders of the cells - this really knocks out the teeth of the current "terrorism".
                Remember what honor the IRA enjoyed under the Soviets, they were friends with the Basques, who are essentially the same Nokhchi-bearded men. The Council collapsed and now where is that IRA? Not exactly like that, but I hope you get the point
                1. JIaIIoTb
                  JIaIIoTb 14 January 2014 16: 04
                  You are definitely sick if you think that terrorism can be fought with re-education.
                  So, I profess one principle - the Good Terrorist is a dead terrorist. And I'm not the only one who professes this, but most people in this world.
                  1. Alex_Popovson
                    Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 16: 46
                    if you think that you can fight terrorism with re-education

                    I did not say this, moreover I deny it, read carefully
                    I profess one principle - a good terrorist is a dead terrorist

                    Why are you surfing the internet then? Travel to Syria, help Assad! Or to Serbia, the Albanians are missing you. And you can really truly sophisticated - to join the Foreign Legion and go to the Central African Republic or Darfur, there are a dime of Islamic terrorists.
      2. CTEPX
        CTEPX 14 January 2014 14: 17
        Quote: JIaIIoTb
        Any beliefs other than those of terrorists will be consideredak weakness and not be taken into account.

        So our beliefs must be backed up by strength)). Military patriotism in Russia must be developed and squeezed out of the education of "civil" activists, deprived of their foreign funding.
    2. sds555
      sds555 14 January 2014 09: 52
      Nobody even says that the resettlement is a panacea, we can remember how after the Second World War they pressed all kinds of OUN, UPA Forest Brothers, by the way, in fact, partisan formations with all the ensuing consequences!
      1. Anper
        Anper 14 January 2014 12: 32
        But is the NKVDist, naked and left tied up in a swamp, naked and a bayonet-stabbed baby in a well with a family buried alive - is it terrorism? This is a diagnosis. Although I’m lying, the OUN-Bandera officially called themselves terrorists.
      2. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 12: 40
        I insist that everything is different here. All the same, the jihad warriors are very different both in the internal structure of the organization and in the idea. It is also probably worth noting that the same UPA or OUN is all the same on a global scale - a small town gopota gang.
        Mujahideen are all different - that’s world disaster. The abundance of sponsors, preachers, professionals from the West, and just a sea of ​​poor and stupid people who are better off dying than choking on inferior cakes somewhere in the Hindu Kush rocks or in Darfur, or in the Chechen village, remembering Kafirova as a quiet and kindly word. And everything is joined by the former Soviet Central Asia, whose population as a whole (I don’t pass on to personalities, no offense, a statement of fact) has never been particularly distinguished by either intelligence or discipline or wealth. There, oh, how all Salafism grows well, it is not for nothing that the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, being essentially a chaper of al-Qaeda for 15 years, has become almost the second force in the region.
    3. Deniska
      Deniska 14 January 2014 10: 54
      Do not need them to Siberia ... All to the ARCTIC !!!
    4. Andof odessa
      Andof odessa 14 January 2014 13: 36
      You are right to work less traumatically less. but no knowledgeable doctor will clean out the pus from the wound in small pieces (this is sadism), remove all the affected tissue and even a piece of apparently healthy but capable of bearing traces of tissue damage (this is the most difficult thing, not to overdo it and not remove the whole body). the issue of guerrilla movements is also resolved in the same way. External terrorism is another matter. Here it is necessary as the British with Fau. if we talk about terrorist attacks, then just that everything is not there and not there. and the list of victims is kept in American, a bus accident blew up the bus and financiers will not know how their money is used, 1 time without proof. 2 times in 10 will not be given.
      1. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 14 January 2014 16: 53
        not a single knowledgeable doctor will clean pus from the wound in small pieces (this is sadism), all affected tissue and even a piece of apparently healthy but capable of bearing traces of tissue damage will be removed

        As a rule, the pus is no longer scrubbed, now they put / inject an antibiotic and put drainage. This is less traumatic and much less cruel than excising surrounding tissue.

        We need methods appropriate to the time. Well, it is impossible now to return the USSR in the form in which it was. It is impossible to return his methods, they left with those times. You cannot live in the past - just know it and not repeat mistakes. And those who are going to fight terrorism with Soviet methods or bloodthirsty fools or very nostalgic people. I repeat, times have changed, other methods are needed.
        1. Andof odessa
          Andof odessa 14 January 2014 18: 05
          you are right of course. but a change in methods does not follow a change in time, but a change in people or fundamental discoveries. but people who committed terrorist attacks or partisan actions and who financed them psychologically just did not change. neither motivation nor methods nor methods. only the currencies with which they finance and weapons have changed. and there are no fundamental discoveries in the fight against terrorism. there is no way to deactivate all explosive devices at a distance, or something else that will let the terrorist know in the crowd, or a prediction system like in K / F There is no particular opinion (so there are no antibiotics). and drainage, that is, the slow removal of infectious / terrorist agents from a wound (conflict zone) without antibiotics will not do anything. since they will multiply faster than displayed. only the old methods remain. You can rely on immunity, that is, the immunity of the people to such actions until the organizers get tired. but I don’t remember a single case of recovery by this method in history. By the way, this is not an invention of the USSR. back in the Roman Empire, these methods were used.
  7. demotivator
    demotivator 14 January 2014 09: 49
    Now those who believe in Allah or the Japanese who do not believe in anything are not afraid of death. That's about the fact that the fear of death is an extremely negative and dangerous social factor - we need to talk and write about it

    Well, Pereslegin, well, he piled! Believers in Allah are also afraid of death - are they not the same people? And they, too, are afraid, how else! No need to make cool supermen out of them, otherwise half the country can be made to tremble with fear and hide deeply in burrows.
    And with the Japanese, the author also broke through. How is it "the Japanese who don't believe in anything"? They also believe, there are even two official religions - Buddhism and Shinto. In addition to this, a whole bunch of other religions that the same Japanese profess, there are even Japanese Jews. It is easy to verify this by typing a query in any search engine, and you can admire Japanese Jews. But that's not the point. The words "terrorist" and "suicide bomber" have become synonymous through the efforts of the zombie boy. “Shahidism” is the most powerful scarecrow for the electorate. Meanwhile, any reasonable person should ask an elementary question: if you want to kill 15-20 people, and scare 100 million, then what is the need to kill yourself? After all, it is much more terrible if a certain elusive maniac-killer acts, who has committed, is committing and WILL commit mass murders. It's even worse if it's not a lonely psycho, but a whole underground organization. A very recent example is the murder of drivers in the Stavropol Territory, where in two districts of the region bordering Kabardino-Balkaria, 6 people were killed with a short interval, the last three being Seryogina's young guys from the same family. The murderers have never been found or punished, although the security forces announced that they knew who did it. They are not martyrs or terrorists. But they caught up with fear no less than the Volgograd explosions. Because they are some kind of elusive killer maniacs.
    1. IRBIS
      IRBIS 14 January 2014 11: 56
      Quote: demotivator
      Well, Pereslegin, well, he piled!

      Actually it's called differently. Now everyone who is slightly "knocked out" can assign to himself the title of "expert" and after that "broadcast" all kinds of nonsense under the guise of truth in the last instance.
      Fucking expert ... Has he ever seen an action movie alive? Demagogue...
  8. individual
    individual 14 January 2014 09: 51
    In order to effectively counter terrorism, it is necessary to create a closed state police state.
    But our Western "friends" will not allow us, and the population of Russia is not ready to abolish permissiveness.
  9. dmb
    dmb 14 January 2014 09: 53
    The interview is probably about 10 years old. The trouble is that there are more and more such "experts", but there is no case. Most likely this gentleman did not succeed much in the study of nuclear physics; He is clearly not Bor, Kurchatov and Landau, he is also not allowed to write really talented fiction (I personally have not read anything interesting in his performance, although I love fiction very much) and therefore took up a less complex and more profitable business, that is, idle talk. The only sensible grain in his reasoning is the Soviet methods of fighting terrorism. But Soviet methods are possible only in Soviet society, not under capitalism. To dissenting fellow citizens who hope that while building Scandinavian capitalism we will have peace of mind and God's grace, I can recall the case of the murder of Olaf Palme and the absolutely fresh case of Breivik. when this gentleman, sitting in a cozy office in the city on the Neva, discusses the stoic attitude to information about Beslan, blasphemously comparing his victims with those from car accidents, you understand that he is arguing according to the principle: "My house is on the edge." I was very amused by the "sawing off the money between the merchants and the Volga pirates", apparently from the science fiction novel he did not write.
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 14 January 2014 10: 22
      Dmitry, welcome.
      Quote: dmb
      The only sound grain in his reasoning, these are soviet fighting methods with terrorism.

      Well, not the only wink
      "... is not coverage of a terrorist attack in any way, for example, regarding its cruelty, and so on, but simply not lighting it at all. "
      And so on many topics - non-coverage AT ALL, OBLIVION
      I think very true.
      Magazines, however, will not like it.
      1. dmb
        dmb 14 January 2014 11: 34
        Good day. I agree with you only partially. About the magazine You are right when some illiterate scumbag climbs with a microphone to the bloodied victim of the terrorist attack, it must be kicked out of journalism, and a huge fine should be imposed on the publishing house. However, an official report on the terrorist attack should be published, because rumors for panic are even worse. Just as the retaliation message should be published. (It is possible to show those who received it, as well as their closest relatives).
      2. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 14 January 2014 14: 50
        Quote: Z.A.M.
        And so on many topics - the lack of coverage in general, oblivion, I think very true. Journalists, however, do not like it.

        Imagine this moment: in your city (God forbid), there was a terrorist attack, people died. In a small town, all residents will know about it very quickly, even with embellishment. Panic will start, but what do people see? Their trouble is not reported anywhere, the authorities are silent. What will people think? That they were abandoned and nobody needs them? Can you imagine what will happen to the local authorities? The people will simply sweep it away and nothing will save them. How do not hide the accomplished terrorist act, but still there will be a "well-wisher" and will inform friends, acquaintances, etc. about it. And it will go like an avalanche, they will add something that actually was not. What about mobile communications? Turn it off too? So in our time, it is very problematic to hide a terrorist attack. How not to make it even worse. We need to look for another way out.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Nikitin
      Nikitin 14 January 2014 10: 24
      The main Soviet method is a strong KGB and education of citizens in the spirit of intolerance towards offenders and their deeds. But there is no need to look for Soviet know-how. In the US, crime detection is about 80% only because most of the population knows where to knock and does it regularly. And this method, oddly enough, works under any state political system.
  10. Romch
    Romch 14 January 2014 10: 03
    It is impossible to allow people of Caucasian nationality to behave like at home in other places! To tighten control over them, otherwise the wedding corteges are going and firing at all, like we can do everything and do not care about your laws, but when all kinds of even hints of terrorist activity are severely suppressed, they will show themselves like a litmus and neither whose thoughts will not even twitch even. The tendency today is that there are more preferences for visitors than for their residents, that is why they want to shoot, they want to blow up, because it is possible, but we are all afraid to turn to them harshly, but what will they say to the world and suddenly condemn? Where is Saakashvili now? Also a terrorist if you look at it from a certain angle. Everything got away with neither trial nor investigation over him. Because it was done in relation to Russia. Do the same with the Americans, they would hang like Hussein, shoot like Gaddafi. We do not have a tough position today to the manifestation of any form of terrorism, that's when I, as a citizen of our Country, will know this, and there will be no need to "treat" me from some kind of uncertainty.
  11. pahom54
    pahom54 14 January 2014 10: 13
    The content of the article is somewhat inconsistent with the title ... According to the author, the SOVIET way to fight terrorism is to SILENCE the cases of terrorist acts.
    DO NOT AGREE !!! In my opinion, Stalin and his team used completely different methods of fighting enemies. These or similar methods were used (without coverage, of course, in the press) and subsequent leaders of the USSR.
    I would like to remind the historical truth that the totalitarian regime and crime are mutually exclusive things. This is confirmed by the regimes of Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and many other, more modern rulers of different countries. I want to say that these rulers did not have crime (the methods of government themselves could also be called criminal), but the crime rate sharply decreased during the years of their rule, and terrorism did not manifest itself as such.
    Conclusion: terrorism can be fought only with harsh methods; no diplomacy is applicable here.
    Also surprising is the statement in the article that Chechnya is not a source of terrorism, and that it is not so dangerous for Russia's internal stability. LYING!!! It is both a source and, most importantly, a TOOL in the hands of the enemies of Russia. And do not shout about the fact that, well, fight against the entire Chechen people? This is not democratic !!!
    So, without calling for a fight against the whole people, I would like to recall that the bloody Rubicon, whose name is blood feud, has long been crossed. So much blood has been shed from two sides, and this is from the filing, first of all, from EBN politicians, such as Yeltsin and Dudayev, first of all, that now, whatever one may say, there will not be and will not be peaceful coexistence between our peoples . And let me remind you of something else: Chechens, especially young people, keep and behave in the territory of the original Russian cities as host aggressors, and the legislation to suppress ethnic hatred is for some reason on their side ... If anyone thinks I'm wrong - try to convince not only me, but also thousands of other people ...
    And again I will say about the discrepancy between the title and content of the article.
    If you fight terrorism with Soviet methods, then remember the phrase: We will respond to white terror with red terror, and it will immediately become clear what a true Soviet-Russian adequate response to terrorism should be. ALTERNATIVES JUST NO !!!
  12. Corsair
    Corsair 14 January 2014 10: 20
    Quote: from article
    - There is only one opportunity to really fight terrorist acts - the Soviet one. If you remember, there were terrorist attacks in the Soviet Union, although not many, but no one has ever heard of them. None, except for units that were occupied with security, or dissidents who were engaged in a special collection of information. The population as a whole did not know anything about these acts. Even really scandalous stories like the Ovechkin family at that time remained almost unknown. Therefore, the only real struggle in this sense is not covering the terrorist attack in any way, for example, regarding its cruelty and so on, but simply not covering it at all.

    The author has distorted Soviet reality.
    The suppressed attempt to hijack the liner by the Ovechkin family (the "Seven Semionov" ensemble) was widely covered in the press and television. How the CPSU controlled everything and everyone in the country, but it did not hide this fact (or did it not dare?) ...

    The article, as a panacea for terrorism, proposes not to cover cases of terror.
    But what about modern means of communication? The news of "some incident, somewhere and with someone" will IMMEDIATELY spread across the country, acquiring a mass of rumors and absurdities ...

    Silence of tragedies will only make it worse. And if we talk about monitoring information about incidents, you should probably reconsider the style of presentation of such news and introduce its dosage.
  13. Humpty
    Humpty 14 January 2014 10: 40
    The methods used in recent years of the Russian Empire against the Islamic rebellion have shown their unconditional effectiveness. They differed from the Soviet ones in greater consistency and decisiveness, with minimal involvement of the army.
  14. Romch
    Romch 14 January 2014 10: 41
    Quote: Corsair
    The author has distorted Soviet reality.
    The suppressed attempt to hijack the liner by the Ovechkin family (the "Seven Semionov" ensemble) was widely covered in the press and television. How the CPSU controlled everything and everyone in the country, but it did not hide this fact (or did it not dare?) ...

    You know, I think then the seizure of the plane was regarded not as a terrorist act, but as a criminal offense, therefore it was covered in the press and television in order to show that such a number would not work again.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 14 January 2014 11: 17
      Quote: RomCH
      You know, I think then the seizure of the plane was regarded not as a terrorist act, but as a criminal offense, therefore it was covered in the press and television in order to show that such a number would not work again.

      All the more strange is the appearance of a reference to this crime in this article ...
  15. Valkyrie
    Valkyrie 14 January 2014 10: 41
    I do not agree with the author. To reassure yourself that more people die on the roads than at the hands of terrorists - this is called masochism.
  16. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 14 January 2014 10: 53
    Terrorists must be deprived of hope for a posthumous existence in paradise. Ways and methods - the issue under discussion. General Ermolov came up with.
  17. Yeraz
    Yeraz 14 January 2014 10: 53
    Article minus. The author is not very friendly with the head.
    The Soviet method turned out to be silent))))
    You can’t find Harry Potter, it’s easy to cover it. It’s easy for yourself, you will need to disconnect the entire Internet (this is nowadays when everything is computerized and connected to the Internet) so you still need to do this all over the country, then turn off the telephone and mobile communications, but they will harm more than terrorists.
    The method is one of the work of the special services to identify, but about a tough answer, so sorry how many terrorists are in Russian prisons ?? 90% are blown up or shot to pieces when they are detected.
  18. Old Cynic
    Old Cynic 14 January 2014 11: 12
    Quote: JIaIIoTb
    ... to take his young children and bring them up in excellent conditions from the conditions in which the parent grew up ...

    And you did not think that sooner or later there will be a "well-wisher" from the category "during the day - a peaceful dekhanin, and at night - an armed apricot" who will tell such a teenager about his Dad or Mom, in connection with which we will get a wolf cub ready for anything?
  19. Normal
    Normal 14 January 2014 11: 21
    Article minus. The author proposes to solve the problem by silence. Let him try to solve his personal problems by not recognizing them.
    So you can "solve" all problems. Corruption? There is no corruption. Degradation of education? Who said? There is no degradation! Rising prices, inflation? This problem has already been solved by this method.
    Further, the author proposes to bring up indifference to what is happening by creating a habit. Let the author try to get used to .... toothache, for example. TO YOUR toothache.
    Well and very cool this sentence is not afraid of death. Who is afraid of her then? They are not afraid of their death, but of the death of loved ones. Not their sudden death as a result of the terrorist attack, but they are afraid to remain crippled.
  20. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 14 January 2014 12: 08
    For terrorism - only SHOT! Aide to accomplices - life imprisonment!
    1. kostiknet
      kostiknet 14 January 2014 15: 56
      Quote: polkovnik manuch
      Aid for aiding - a life sentence!

      A lifetime of nails with nails am
  21. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 14 January 2014 12: 09
    And not just "Soviet methods", namely "Stalinist"...
  22. waisson
    waisson 14 January 2014 12: 11
    stop feeding Chechnya. Dagestan and force to work having seized all the weapons that they de facto are allowed to introduce cruel requirements and severe penalties
  23. Reindeer herder
    Reindeer herder 14 January 2014 12: 32
    Quote: Hudo
    Attempts to counteract harshly suppressed by the police

    Judging by the clause, you are a banal hollow and a provocateur.
  24. Alikovo
    Alikovo 14 January 2014 12: 45
    it is impossible to negotiate with terrorism, they must be destroyed and burn accomplices, too.
  25. Kerch
    Kerch 14 January 2014 12: 58
    There is such an anecdote (I apologize for the political incorrectness, I do not want to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, this is just an anecdote):
    A lesson in a Chechen school, the lesson understands the colors of the flag of the Russian Federation. The teacher asks Ahmed:
    - What does red color mean?
    - Red means the blood of the Russians whom we will kill !!
    Asks Muslim:
    - What does blue mean?
    - Blue means the color of our mountain rivers in which we will drown the Russians !!
    Asks Vovochka:
    - And what does white mean?
    - White means snow, which you torment you fucking spirits in Kolyma to disassemble.

    I repeat once again, please take this as a joke.
  26. sumcream56
    sumcream56 14 January 2014 13: 03
    Do not forget that the last forest brother was shot dead in Estonia in 1969! year, and in Lithuania the forest brother died in freedom in 1986. The fighting in the Baltic States and Western Ukraine continued until 1956. Even in the Bryansk region, the remnants of the Russian liberation army of RON Kaminsky fought until 1952. The Armenian Dashnaks blew up a bomb in meters in 1976. So the Soviet method is not very good.
    1. kostiknet
      kostiknet 14 January 2014 15: 52
      The main error lies in the wording:
      Quote: sumcream56
      Fighting in the Baltic States and Western Ukraine

      Robbery and murder are not combatants, this is not a war, but banal banditry! Whatever slogans they hang on this filth. So your "brothers" are just bandits and banal murderers.
  27. kaktus
    kaktus 14 January 2014 13: 56
    “And, finally, you can even publish information about terrorist attacks quite calmly, but before that people need to be brought up in such a way that they do not treat this information as disturbing, exciting information. That is, so that there is an absolutely calm reaction to this, approximately corresponding to the real scale of the ongoing tragedies. "

    "In fact, terror is terrifying by the fact of death. Remember: Christians have never been afraid of death. Nowadays, people who believe in Allah or do not believe in Japanese are not afraid of death. That fear of death is an extremely negative and dangerous social factor - about this it is necessary speak and write. A person who is not afraid of death is not subject to threats of terror. Terrorist attacks are useless against him. "

    Well, think about it, they blew up somewhere, several dozen people were killed and maimed - nothing special, and everyone can be killed, or you can get into a car - isn’t that scary ??? so what? angry am
  28. rusmat73
    rusmat73 14 January 2014 15: 06
    I personally liked the method described in the novel of the cycle "Empire" ("Vivat Emperor", "Armageddon") by Roman Valerievich Zlotnikov (written by him at the beginning of 2000): terrorists who were killed on a motor ship under 300 people plus their accomplices were caught and brought to a barge - They read out the verdict and let the huge dogs down, made a recording, then showed all those who love to fatten at someone else's expense what awaits them in the future, if anyone else is terrorism against the Russian Empire.
    I recommend everyone to read! I guarantee - you will not remain indifferent!
  29. Owl
    Owl 14 January 2014 15: 10
    First, it is necessary to cleanse the government and the State Duma of Russia's enemies, of thieves, of corrupt liberal politicians and of those who derive material and moral profit from terrorism in the country. The most terrible enemy is the enemy within the "power". We are consumables for him.
  30. alone
    alone 14 January 2014 19: 39
    To fight specifically terrorism, you first need to know what these terrorists are like, find out their true goals, program, ideology, and then mobilize all anti-terrorist resources and begin to destroy them. With one link, calls to destroy or arrest relatives, destroy their homes nothing can be solved. In the region, it is necessary to start a normal policy, and not the one pursued by the Bai proteges. In the region, there is a complete mess of officials. Emissaries take advantage of the situation and attract young people to their ranks.
    and most importantly, counterintelligence measures. Until the system of who the terrorist is, where and when he is going to do evil, it will be difficult to defeat them.
  31. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 15 January 2014 12: 06
    Hello everybody. What is the term "terrorism"? They commit explosions, murders, arson - this is banditry. Let's still call a spade a spade. Terrorists are bandits. And it is not necessary to talk to them, but to destroy by all means.