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Saudi Arabia digs its own grave

To better understand yet another failure of the anti-Iranian initiative of Saudi Arabia at the last GCC summit in Kuwait on December 11, where Riyadh’s proposal to transform the economic union into a military alliance was openly and unconditionally supported only by Bahrain, and other members of the Council actually avoided this (only some kind of general military command was created, and without common armed forces), it is enough to return exactly 2 a year ago, when King Abdullah announced the project of creating an 6 member of the military-political organization 2011 in December in a speech by a Saudi monarch at the GCC summit in Riyadh, allegedly as a response to the growing “Iranian threat”, as presented by the KSA rulers.

At that time, this initiative was aimed at binding the conservative monarchies to Wahhabi Saudi Arabia more firmly and, under the slogan of confrontation with Tehran, to keep the Sunni regimes of Arabia in power in the face of “revolutionary” changes in the Arab world. In this context, the fight against Iran looked like an attractive excuse, all the more so because in Washington at that time they were not yet ready to understand the essence of the “Arab spring” and the need to normalize relations with Tehran. The internal problems of the essentially reactionary monarchies could be boldly blamed on the intrigues of external enemies, who allegedly decided to shake the foundations of the conservative Arabian regimes, using significant Shiite populations in a number of Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. This interpretation provided Saudi Arabia with at least two advantages: first, it allowed, without limitation, to prepare and export its own Sunni-Wahhabi jihadists and terrorists to the “battlefields” with Shiites to different countries, primarily to Syria and Iraq. In fact, this meant identifying in the early stages of their jihadists and potential terrorist mercenaries and providing them with “work” far from their homeland, in foreign countries. And secondly, this method of ensuring the “employment” of one’s own Islamic radicals substantially reduced the pressure on the overall domestic political situation. The further development of the situation in Syria and Iraq only confirmed this.

The fact that the creation of a military-political union was conceived primarily as a way to prevent the change of dynastic monarchies in the Persian Gulf states to elective republican regimes was also indicated by the initiative put forward by Saudi Arabia to expand the GCC at the expense of two other Sunni Arab monarchies - in Jordan and morocco. And this despite the fact, unlike the Hashemite Kingdom, which has at least a common border with KSA, Morocco is located thousands of kilometers from the Persian Gulf. But this did not embarrass Riyadh, since such an unusual maneuver made it possible to create a coalition of Arab hereditary monarchies that would rely on the military-political alliance proposed by Saudi.

Riyadh’s intentions in practice were realized in February 2011 of the year during the operation “Shield of the Peninsula”, initiated and led by the Saudis, during which the GCC contingent, based on the Saudi division, reinforced by armored vehicles, was introduced into the Kingdom of Bahrain. Under the pretext of fighting with external interference from Iran, the crisis on the island under the influence of the Arab Spring was able to “freeze” the crisis between the Al-Khalifa’s ruling Sunni surname and the Shiite majority, who demanded political rights and redistribution of power in their favor.

Saudi Arabia digs its own grave

After the armed suppression of Shiite protests in February 2011, the forces of the Saudi military contingent on the island entered a very fragile visible calm, which is guaranteed by the island’s Saudi occupation. Everything that happened was qualified as a "conspiracy of a foreign state to overthrow the existing regime." It is clear that in this case it was a “transparent allusion” to Iran. This thesis has already been invoked by the leadership of Bahrain earlier. Moreover, in 2010, it was under this pretext that the opposition Shiite parties were effectively barred from participating in parliamentary elections. But we are talking about 70% of the population. The path of repression in this case, as experience in other countries shows, is ineffective and even counterproductive. Moreover, the “hard pressure option” could work only in the event of further gradual easing of Shiite capital and moderate political parties. Today, the power of the Sunni royal regime in Bahrain is provided exclusively by the support of the military force of Riyadh. At the same time, the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf, as well as the West, do not see this problem and they ignore its consideration, thus leaving an explosive hearth capable of breaking out at any moment.

Here are just some statistics to confirm this. Given that at present 70% of the population of Bahrain are ethnic Shiite Arabs, in the structures of power, they are represented completely unfairly. Representation of Shiites in such structures of power as the royal court, the royal guard and the army is close to zero. From 29 ministries in the government of Bahrain, the Shiites own only 6. Of the 29 deputy ministers, only 3 are Shiite. From 230 high posts in the judiciary, which includes the High Judicial Council, the Constitutional Court, courts, administrative councils, etc., Shiites occupy only 28 seats and there is not a single chairman among them, i.e. The share of Shiites in the judiciary is about 12%. In the legislative branch, among 40 members of the Consultative Council (Majlis al-Shura) there are 17 Shiites and among 40 members of the Chamber of Deputies - 18 Shiites. The unfair electoral system continues to maintain stiff discrimination against the Shiite majority of the kingdom’s population.

The Bahraini Sunni leadership, under the influence of its “elder brother” in the Persian Gulf, took steps that only put the situation in a dead end. Not only are Shiites represented in the power structures extremely unfair, in addition to this, a real “witch hunt” has unfolded in the country. More than 3600 people were fired from their positions or lost their jobs, mainly in state or parastatal companies. In the private sector, things were even worse. A “black list” of companies and stores that belong to Shiites has appeared on the Internet, demanding their boycott. Fiscal authorities forced the Shiites to curtail their business. That is, the redistribution of property. In addition, there was a serious infringement of Shiite religious rights. More than 40 mosques or religious objects are destroyed or seriously damaged. And this angered the Shiites even more, making reconciliation with them less likely. Understanding this, the leadership of Bahrain went to a completely unprecedented step, launching an unspoken campaign of naturalization of the Sunnis from other countries of the Persian Gulf, granting them the citizenship of the country. It is clear that the calculation is made on future elections, since it is unlikely to seriously change the demographic balance in favor of the Sunnis.

At the same time, the military component of the KSA presence in Bahrain as part of the GCC plan (adopted in September 2011) about the existence of a permanent military base in Bahrain is maintained. There should permanently be based around the 1000 Council military personnel, mainly the Saudis. This situation illustrates only the extremely short-sighted vision of the prospects that the elderly leaders of Saudi Arabia demonstrate. Many Shiite representatives in Bahrain are convinced of the need to continue their further struggle, which seems to be combining peaceful and, possibly, coercive methods of protest. Yes, they have no other choice, thanks to the "wisdom" of Saudi strategists. And in Riyadh, it must be remembered that right “at the side” of Bahrain, at a distance of 30 km through the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf of the Saudi Eastern Province, the majority of the population are also Shiites. But it is in this part of KSA that almost all the oil of the Saudi kingdom is produced. And local Shiites angrily reacted to the armed suppression of unrest in Bahrain, holding numerous protest demonstrations, during which several people were killed by the police and security forces. And there is no guarantee that someday the Shiites of Bahrain and the Eastern Province will not oppose discrimination by Sunnis and Wahhabis, together with all the ensuing consequences for Saudi and other Arabian regimes.

Therefore, this time the other members of the GCC did not too happily accept another idea of ​​Riyadh about the transformation of the Council from an economic association to a military bloc. They do not want to get into any internal clashes between Sunnis and Shiites in Saudi and Bahrain, much less in the dangerous anti-Iranian games of Riyadh against Tehran. Moreover, with regard to Iran, the KSA is now acting in unison with Israel. And this means that the Arab monarchies will have to abandon the principles of general Arab solidarity on the Palestinian problem, which are still glimmering on the surface - the only one that after the wave of "revolutions" still formally unites the Arabs. If this “unity” ceases to exist, then the Arab republican regimes will have the full moral right to oppose the rotten monarchies of Arabia and conclude a deal with any potential ally on this subject, including Iran. But revenge for the fact that with their intervention Saudi, Qatar and some other people from the GCC actually sowed death and destruction in such Arab countries as Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, can be very strong. Most Arab states and so did not like the overly wealthy monarchies of the Persian Gulf, fattening oil and gas revenues, and not particularly sharing with the Arab "brothers", many of whom lived in poverty.

So Saudi is trying to build a military alliance. Indeed, in Riyadh, he is being conceived not only as anti-Iranian, but also anti-Iraqi, because a powerful oil Iraq with its large population and large armed forces, whose Shiites make 2 / 3, also represents a threat to the security of the Saudi kingdom, they are convinced in Riyadh. So now Saudi special services are throwing in hundreds of millions of dollars to incite the speeches of Sunni radical organizations against the Shiite government in Baghdad. Apparently they understand that the Iraqis will always remember how the KSA for many years sought to weaken its northern neighbor, and, if possible, to dismember it along ethnic and religious lines. And Iraqis are unlikely to forgive. And if Iraq and Iran unite on the platform of countering the aggressive Wahhabi-Sunni attack on them, then Saudi Arabia will definitely not be good enough. In Syria, she has actually lost. So Saudi rulers of the allies are looking for among the monarchies of Arabia that are similar in their political structure and are even ready to make a deal with Israel.

Only it is unlikely that anything will come of this, especially since the United States is significantly changing its attitude towards countries that rely on Islamic radicals and even terrorists from al-Qaeda and other extremist organizations. In recent days, a fierce war has been unfolding in Iraq between the Sunni terrorist underground, financed by the Saudis, and the troops of the central government. Not only armored vehicles were thrown to suppress the militants in the 4 Sunni provinces of western and central Iraq aviation. And although government troops are suffering heavy losses, even the other day, even the general close to the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, who was the commander of the 7th division, has already destroyed many centers of terrorist gangs.


Now the main battles in the Sunni-Shiite confrontation, inflamed by Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, have moved from Syria to Iraq. But there everything should end, and the defeat of extremists and terrorists, who are brought up by Riyadh. Unless KSA suddenly suicide, provoking a joint aggression with Israel against Iran. In this case, the entire geopolitical map of the region will be redrawn, and Saudi itself will fall into several quasi-states or enclaves, just as in Bahrain, the Shiites will take power into their own hands. But I want to believe that after all the Saudi rulers will find the strength to give up adventures.
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  1. delfinN
    delfinN 11 January 2014 09: 10
    After Volgograd, it became clear to everyone that these offspring of camels would end badly.
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 11 January 2014 16: 59
      Quote: delfinN
      After Volgograd, it became clear to everyone that these offspring of camels would end badly.

      After two bandar trips to Putin, it seems that the United States is throwing Saudis specifically and on all fronts.

      Honestly, I doubt that the very Saudis would decide on terrorist attacks in Russia after Bandar's rash statement in the Kremlin (the fact of which is not confirmed or refuted).

      But after the first meeting, the second followed, exactly after the pig that the United States had planted on the Saudis with Syria and separately with Iran, and already at it they discussed not "threats of terrorist attacks", but quite material things in the form of the geopolitical ROOF of the Saudis after their quarrel USA, represented by the Russian Federation naturally. This is what the United States could not forgive them, and here bang! Volgograd !!! And everyone is sure that the Saudis are to blame for everything and that they should not be covered, but rather bombed. Gambit, comrades Arabs!
      To hell with you, two allies with the Russian Federation or by whom else, now they have fallen upon Israel ... Only I had a thought that Israel is also an interested party in this matter?

      So what?
      United States (and Israel) Bandar is sent to Putin with terrorist threats, if we do not remove the veto from the Security Council resolution, he (Bandar) is sent to his ass, Syria’s bombing is canceled, the United States includes Plan B and begins to be friends with Iran, which Israel and the SA do not like, Bandar decides to go to the Russian Federation and apologize, and at the same time ask for forgiveness, Israel understands that the United States is friends with Iran, and the SA can make friends with the Russian Federation, and Israel can only masturbate and then the first explosion in Volgograd comes in handy, which removes all questions about that organized the next two. Checkmate.

      The SA has graters from the USA and graters from the Russian Federation and it goes to Israel, and God bless them with the States.

      I admit, I am unsuccessful conspiracy theorist))))
      1. S-200
        S-200 11 January 2014 17: 03
        Quote: sledgehammer102
        The SA has graters from the USA and graters from the Russian Federation and it goes to Israel, and God bless them with the States.

        I admit, I am unsuccessful conspiracy theorist))))

        hi However, a version of the closer-eastern political three-hodovka outlined a logical basis ... wink
        1. A.YARY
          A.YARY 11 January 2014 17: 05
          1. dark_65
            dark_65 11 January 2014 18: 21
            give the address. fly out ...
          2. mnn_13
            mnn_13 12 January 2014 02: 12
            In one thing, you are right - in order for the war of ogres to be transferred to hostilities on the territory of the enemy. It is necessary to strike at the economic power of these barbarians.
        2. sledgehammer102
          sledgehammer102 11 January 2014 17: 08
          Quote: S-200
          However, a version of the closer-eastern political three-hodovka outlined a logical ..

          Thank. Tried to hi
          1. GHG
            GHG 11 January 2014 17: 58
            SA trying on his "farm" a rubber product of an exorbitantly large size inadvertently pulled it over the eggs. But now it will hurt to shoot ... right with the accompanying hair and subsequent cataclysms for the entire scrotum.
      2. Moon bird
        Moon bird 11 January 2014 22: 48
        not one I find myself getting along in this whole Saudi story. and there are a lot of suspicious moments. let me specifically point out some.
        1. The media somehow united all the jihadists into Wahhabis alone. and who we have wahi-pralna, KSA. while no one says about the vile policy of Qatar, which poured tens of billions of usd in its salafs, and it was Qatar that harbored Yandarbiev, failed the gas OPEC project and beat our ambassador and much more
        2. The media amicably discussing how the BBS arrived and threatened the GDP. some Frenchmen were the first to give this "leak". so far, neither the KSA nor the Russian Federation has officially commented on the meeting.
        3. It has become fashionable to praise the IRI, which is why the Iranians are better than the Saudis, I do not understand. Russia is a country with a Sunni ummah, Shiites (if you do not take the newcomers of Azerbaijan) among Muslims as bananas in Antarctica, and generally somehow do not go to Hajj to Tehran every year.
        4. VVP and BBS have a long and rather trusting relationship, considering a purely selfish issue, BBS is only a "manager", not a beneficiary, why would BBS spoil relations with VVP, which does not give up its own people, but does not forgive betrayal either.
        5. finally geography. A certain mythical pipeline to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea as a cause of the war in Syria is needed by the KSA as a hare, an iPhone, different from Iran and Qatar.

        in short, somehow it’s muddy somehow, I don’t see a motive for the blatant provocation of the conflict with the Russian Federation at KSA. but there are ears of the USA and the South Caucasus, (well, Israel, as without it) - this is a cut of the KSA on the map of the Big Middle East, which, incidentally, is said to be hanging on the wall in the office of the BBC as a reminder ....
        1. vo.dum
          vo.dum 12 January 2014 21: 15
          We are guessing ... politics loves evidence ... I’m sure that Russia still has the opportunity to collect this evidence ... and according to my authorities they’re doing the right thing before the Olympics and don’t throw a sharp bid ... I think they can collect evidence not for public use ... but I prove it, I think the reaction to these attacks should be expected in the middle, at the end of March, it seems to me that it will be loud ... Putin is the same politician and he also needs retiring, and that would be a powerful move- punishment of customers ... again, depending on where ukhkhhi grow from ...
    2. Prapor-527
      Prapor-527 11 January 2014 18: 01
      And it is Russia that is obliged to hammer the "aspen stake" into this nest ...
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 11 January 2014 21: 28
        Quote: Prapor-527
        And it is Russia that is obliged to hammer the "aspen stake" into this nest ...

        Well, why so straightforward? Our task is to round this stake, try on the sizes and present to the performers. And let the Shiites from Iraq and Iran score (and the reason for reconciliation is excellent, and they will solve the problems, and our helicopters will work). So we follow the supply of equipment to Shiites soldier
        1. Prapor-527
          Prapor-527 11 January 2014 21: 53
          Just from the heart ... hi
        2. alone
          alone 11 January 2014 22: 03
          You forget one thing: the Iran-Iraq war. The fighting took place just in the territories where 100% of the Iraqi Shiites lived. But Iran could not capture and hold these territories. The city of Basra (100% of the Shiites) stormed 5 times. But they didn’t take it.
          I repeat Persian never counts an Arab equal to herself. Just like an Arab)) You just don’t know the region and the population.
          1. pRofF
            pRofF 11 January 2014 23: 45
            Did you mean this their theory about the Aryan origin of the Persians? Yes, somewhere I heard about it ... This is very similar to the attitude of Chechens to other peoples of the Caucasus.
            As for the Iran-Iraq war ... After all, the main idea was to export the Islamic revolution - just like Trotsky’s. But the military training of the Iranian units left much to be desired. It got to the point that when the Persians went on the attack - in waves - the Iraqis put guns and howitzers at direct fire - and fired, there even the barrels were parked - such was the intensity of the fire.
            1. alone
              alone 11 January 2014 23: 50
              Quote: pRofF
              It got to the point that when the Persians went on the attack - in waves

              Well, you can say this so. Waves of SHLT on the attack, waves cleansed mine polia, before handing out passes to Paradise to these unfortunate militias. The thing is that
              Iranian units were commanded by religious fanatics from among the revolutionaries. In this scenario, it is not surprising that military training and tactics were completely absent.
              1. pRofF
                pRofF 12 January 2014 00: 21
                About pass to heaven it is generally ... beyond. I just came across information that children were cleaning minefields. Which just handed out the keys ... Brr .. sad
                1. AGM-114
                  AGM-114 12 January 2014 01: 55
                  In any case, Persian mugs are better than camelids from oil Honduras.
                  1. alone
                    alone 12 January 2014 01: 58

                    don't doubt it
            2. vo.dum
              vo.dum 12 January 2014 21: 27
              The fact that the Persians have Aryan origin is proved by genetics ... by the way, they are related groups with Indians and ..... oddly enough, gypsies ... So these are Persian gypsies with Indian roots ...
          2. vo.dum
            vo.dum 12 January 2014 21: 24
            I completely agree ... if you transfer it to our land that it would be clear ... it is almost the same as the attitude of Uzbeks to Tajiks and vice versa ... like cats and dogs ... they can not tolerate each other for long ... but one spark ... by the way, Tajiks also consider themselves Persians, and Uzbeks are Turks.
      2. kartalovkolya
        kartalovkolya 12 January 2014 11: 01
        Russia is not obliged to anyone and nothing, the only thing it is obliged to do is to protect its people from all sorts of abominations that reach out to us (in camel droppings). And "aspen colas" will be useful for "their evil"!
      3. vo.dum
        vo.dum 12 January 2014 21: 18
        Or maybe it’s better to adopt the tactics of China? And be a wise monkey watching two tigers fight from a tree? Only before that you need to pit them harder ... good soil is fertile ... based on the article.
    3. da113
      da113 11 January 2014 22: 37
      They finish shitty, but before that they still have time to spoil. They must repay with the same coin ...
      1. vo.dum
        vo.dum 12 January 2014 21: 30
        Preferably a special GRU sabotage group. soldier
    FREGATENKAPITAN 11 January 2014 09: 24
    The Saudis now resemble Rome in a period of decline, the Arab world. The Bedouins already have little saturated luxury to reign on the Arabian Peninsula, they wanted to rule the world, they launch their green tentacles to Europe, the states, Russia ....... they do not realize that in any situation they remain pawns in a stranger game, and it will be enough the desire of the powers that be, that they again move from Bentley and Rolls to camels, lighting up the camel poop at night, so as not to freeze!
    1. knn54
      knn54 11 January 2014 18: 39
      “The Saudi regime is not subject to either God's laws or the laws of the country, and its policies, decisions, and actions are entirely based on the personal desires of its leaders ... The voice of the oppressed people is completely ignored.” Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al Saud, torn apart by the Al Saud royal family,
      Violence will soon return to Saudi Arabia - the victories of Bashar al-Assad will force the terrorists to leave Syria in search of other countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, which will be a "transit" for terrorists fleeing Syria. That will get the SA "in full" from their fosterlings.
      PS And Mecca and Medina, under the “patronage” of the SA, can become Sodom and Gomorrah ... and history can repeat itself.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        FREGATENKAPITAN 12 January 2014 15: 15
        Well, they don’t obey in the literal sense ........ only now the states will come up with
        violation of freedoms in the SA (theoretically), and ..... an embargo with all the consequences ,,,,, After how many days, months, on the belly sheikhs crawl?
    2. PValery53
      PValery53 11 January 2014 18: 45
      Saudi princes have long "deserved" to sniff camel poop ... if not more ...
  3. Letterksi
    Letterksi 11 January 2014 09: 32
    The Saudis reminded everyone of who they are, helping the rebels in Syria - simple medieval killers. Yes, they reminded us that they compromised the already soiled reputation of the United States. The methods by which the Wahhabis operate in Syria scared everyone from them except Israel. Wahhabis will be beaten, as always in history - no one wants to live by their rules
    1. Arhj
      Arhj 11 January 2014 18: 13
      Only if Saudi Arabia is left alone will it help the militants in Syria with redoubled energy. The civil war in Syria fetters not only Assad. It is important that the war is a definite problem for Iraq and Iran, as it creates an unstable situation on their borders. Indeed, all this infection can creep to them. It turns out that there is no war — war is needed.
  4. makarov
    makarov 11 January 2014 15: 37
    Saudi Arabia digs its grave ?!
    Yes, she not only digs, but also voluntarily crawls in there, and everything goes to the fact that she will self-bury !!!
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 11 January 2014 15: 44
      Quote: makarov
      Yes, she not only digs, but also voluntarily crawls there

      Here are just these creatures of camel poop, before their death, they will spoil a lot of blood, to which the infamous company gathered there.
  5. AGM-114
    AGM-114 11 January 2014 15: 37
    Unbearable breed, Koranovka will get drunk and let's go wild.
  6. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 11 January 2014 15: 39
    Saudi Arabia digs its own grave

    Damn, it would help somehow.
  7. Deniska999
    Deniska999 11 January 2014 15: 43
    Saudi Arabia exists while there is oil. Oil will end - CA will end too.
    1. homosum20
      homosum20 11 January 2014 16: 06
      Oil can exist without SA. The condition is not necessary. This CA will not be without oil. But CA can disappear for other reasons.
  8. major071
    major071 11 January 2014 15: 48
    Interesting article. Saudis now resemble a rat in a cage: rushing from corner to corner, everyone is looking for a way out of the cage into which they drove themselves. But there is no way out. There will always be a cunning jo (n) ... (well, then you yourself know). negative
  9. mountain
    mountain 11 January 2014 15: 51
    The United States, on time, or maybe late, with a break in relations with the Saudis. All those involved in the terrorist attacks in Russia will not escape punishment, and this work is already underway. Not for a long time, shepherds. Retribution is not long in coming.
  10. andrei332809
    andrei332809 11 January 2014 15: 54
    all the more so in Washington at that time they were not yet ripe for understanding the essence of the “Arab spring”

    What is it like? Initiators are not ripe until realizing their initiatives? what didn’t go according to plan is another conversation, but about understanding ... request
    1. major071
      major071 11 January 2014 16: 01
      hi Hi Andrew!
      Apparently in Washington, a piece of paper with written initiatives was lost, but without a piece of paper, alas, the brains are degrading. what
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 11 January 2014 16: 04
        Quote: major071
        Hi Andrew!

        healthy Volodya hi
        everything can be. degradation ...
  11. avt
    avt 11 January 2014 15: 54
    It is strange that the author did not mention such a factor of instability among the Saudis as illegal migration. The number of migrant workers they have is such that last year they took it very seriously. The law introduced mandatory registration, but all those who did not pass, again according to the law, in emigration drives - camps with subsequent forced expulsion. And such unregistered, according to their own data, they have already accumulated about 4 million different Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Egyptians and others.
  12. 120352
    120352 11 January 2014 15: 55
    There are funds (remember how Khattab died)! It is only necessary to apply. And everything will be quiet, sewn-covered. And most importantly, there will be no Saudis - enemies of humanity, worse than the Hitler regime. They sow death, they must reap it!
  13. P12P
    P12P 11 January 2014 15: 58
    they do not dig anything, they act like the Americans - according to the same principle, it is not advantageous for the Saudis to have strong states on their borders while they are not there - the kingdom remains a regional power, which, coupled with significant capital, allows you to export your version of Islam (Wahhabism)
  14. morpogr
    morpogr 11 January 2014 16: 02
    The boomerang returned that the Americans launched, together with the Saudis against the USSR and its allies, the creation of al-Qaeda and Islamic fanatics turned against themselves. It was only too late for the Americans to hide from the Saudis and pretend that they are not evil should be punished. And the Saudis should fully to feel all the charms of your politics.
  15. mad
    mad 11 January 2014 16: 30
    Shiites, Sunnis ... it's like choosing the lesser of two evils. Ramzan is like "our" Chechen, but what's the point? Unless only blood flows not like a river, but just a stream. In exchange for an indemnity.
    So do not share them, carpet bombing and napalm! And Allah will judge them there somewhere.
  16. S-200
    S-200 11 January 2014 16: 40
    Consistently, decisively and in different directions destroy this religiously fanatical scum in their own den - by all available means and ways!
  17. alone
    alone 11 January 2014 16: 51
    And if Iraq and Iran unite on a platform to counter the aggressive Wahhabi-Sunni attack on them, then Saudi Arabia will certainly not be greeted. In Syria, she has actually lost.

    As for Syria, it is too early to say anything. The war continues there.
    But the union of Iran and Iraq is generally an idea that was initially impossible. Purely ethnically. Arabs and Persians do not digest each other.
    1. Arhj
      Arhj 11 January 2014 18: 30
      History knows many strange alliances. In the modern world, if you really need it, everything is possible, give only motivation. Bonuses from the collapse of Saudi Arabia can be significant, and they will always have time to destroy each other.
      The only question is whether they need to ruin Saudi Arabia and whether they will be allowed to do so. Any war with Arabia will strengthen Russia's position as a supplier of energy to Europe, especially if Iraq or Iran participate in it. Therefore, neither the union, nor, most likely, the war will not happen. The owner will not allow it.
  18. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 11 January 2014 16: 52
    Fighting boars and camels (white ones painted with hydrogen peroxide ..) with trippers on parachutes can be thrown .. and you can partially cross the border (first pigs .. then colored camels and donkeys ..))) Do not laugh .. laughing Just a normal diversion ..!
    1. alone
      alone 11 January 2014 22: 00
      But seriously, can you offer something to Vitaly? Or, as always))) gathered in Mars wassat
  19. Vadim12
    Vadim12 11 January 2014 16: 58
    Apparently imagined himself a mighty power. The shepherds with the king ...
  20. escobar
    escobar 11 January 2014 17: 00
    I hope after the Olympics we will learn about how Russia will respond to these tyrants to the attacks in Volgograd. The response forms can be very different, the main thing is to see them.
  21. Stinger
    Stinger 11 January 2014 17: 02
    It would be necessary to organize a Saudi spring there in Russian.
    1. vasiliysxx
      vasiliysxx 11 January 2014 18: 10
      The Iranian channel said that after the terrorist attack in Volgograd, Putin vowed to redraw the map of the Persian Gulf, if at least one percent is true, then soon the Saudis will understand what it means in Russian @ opa.
    2. AGM-114
      AGM-114 11 January 2014 22: 53
      We must create our own Islam and also stagger the Middle East with the Gulf - only in the other direction.
  22. Altona
    Altona 11 January 2014 17: 29
    Quote: Stinger
    It would be necessary to organize a Saudi spring there in Russian.

    Why spring? It is desirable to turn everything into a desert again, as in Pushkin's "Golden Fish" ...
  23. Altona
    Altona 11 January 2014 17: 45
    The Saudis see themselves as megastrategists and inspirers of a "war of a new type" ... These are Khodorkovsky's Middle Eastern spills and with global and totalitarian plans for the world order ... Only if the world has been tears from camels for 1000 years, then you can't put it back on a camel .. .And the Saudis, with their virtual oil economy, should really be mentally transformed, and not just buy crusts from Princeton ...
  24. Arhj
    Arhj 11 January 2014 18: 05
    Good article, thanks to the author. It's nice when Saudi Arabia has problems too. Maybe we will be calmer.
    It was they who started to fuss when Russia suggested Iraq independently choose the types of weapons that Iraq would like to receive from us for several billion American rubles.
  25. Barakuda
    Barakuda 11 January 2014 18: 17
    Saudi Arabia can be buried only in oil, and preferably burning. Or so that all hard workers leave. The option is to remain without the support of the United States and Israel. In the meantime, this is not in the future, it will be necessary to reckon with these Oil-Reverbearers.
  26. Lindon
    Lindon 11 January 2014 18: 34
    SA has many problems and they live only because the world economy needs oil.
    As soon as they find an alternative to oil or a replacement for SA in the supply of cheap oil, the Saudis will be merged as the others merged.
    The Saudis want to put in place - letting Iran print its oil reserves.
    Time will tell - maybe the Saudis will realize that they are completely overgrown.
    The low cost of oil production from the Saudis gives them a big trump card in this game. And it’s easy to bust other oil producers.
  27. shinobi
    shinobi 11 January 2014 18: 47
    Many have claims to the Saudis. The United States decided to slowly knock it off from their holiday, and that’s hapless to them. But how will you have to pay the bills. If Syria persists, the Saudis will be completely sad, since Iran already has an ally in Syria. goes into the arms of Iran.
  28. kelevra
    kelevra 11 January 2014 18: 52
    They themselves prepared such an end! They tried everywhere to catch up and take advantage of it, but it didn’t work out!
  29. PValery53
    PValery53 11 January 2014 18: 57
    If Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not want (do not want) the indulgent attitude of Russia, let them blame themselves after the Sports Games ...
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 11 January 2014 20: 23
      Quote: PValery53


      Today, 18: 57

      ↓ New

      If Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not want (do not want) the indulgent attitude of Russia, let them blame themselves after the Sports Games ...

      You do not need to touch Qatar yet, in 2022 there will be a World Cup. Qatari want to spend it in the winter, at this time of year they have +25 degrees. When will we watch the championship again in winter? So let them live for now. wassat
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 12 January 2014 11: 40
        Someone with humor is not in order, but anyway, thanks for the attention and cons! lol
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  30. Lelek
    Lelek 11 January 2014 19: 15
    Of course, the SA is involved in the explosions in our territory, with money and big, but the main role here, in my opinion, is played by the Turks. They have been gnawing by Transcaucasia and Crimea with the Odessa region for a long time. And to create kypizh in Russia and to tamper these territories under the guise - this is the upper class. angry
  31. delfinN
    delfinN 11 January 2014 19: 40
    Democracy has not taken root in them, so maybe after the Olympics the GDP will suit them with "demosrakiya".
  32. tnship2
    tnship2 11 January 2014 20: 02
    The camel drivers gave birth to the nightmare, they themselves are now gorging themselves. Whoever does this to his brother it would be better if he was not born. The smelly sectarians of the Shiites and Sunnis were killed. So you just want to yell, you brothers and you have to beat the non-people who sit on petrodollars and shake with fear like would not pass%; No. "their bags.
  33. Grbear
    Grbear 11 January 2014 20: 11
    Mr. Alkseev
    How do you like the idea that the SA was created by the hands of the BR (who doesn’t know the British Retrolium, which easily paid for the accident in the Gulf of Mexico (I can clarify _turned the Gulf Stream))?

    Next - Do you think the Yankees are idiots in order to invest money (I’ll add from myself - converting into "normal gold" - this is about 20% of world production)

    Sir, you are weakening in analytics. Or do you have other goals?
  34. Yugra
    Yugra 11 January 2014 20: 58
    Unambiguously deliver preventive strikes on this monkey nest
  35. propolsky
    propolsky 11 January 2014 21: 07
    Why are the "sworn" friends trying to sign up? What did we have in common with them in history? As Ivan Vasilyevich said: "I am tormented by vague doubts!"
  36. Tigran2
    Tigran2 11 January 2014 21: 51
    (only a certain general military command was created, and without a common armed force) - Sorry, but was the CSTO created differently?
  37. Bosk
    Bosk 11 January 2014 23: 50
    An interesting duet is not drawn, the Americans "kick out" the most stable (economically and militarily) Arab countries, but after a while the Saudis play the role of such "collectors" of the Arab peoples ... not too subtly and very dangerous for them.
  38. Magadan
    Magadan 12 January 2014 03: 13
    N-yes, everything in this world is now confused :(
    In Europe, they believe in the gods Tolerastus and Homosekus. Saudi Catharians worship Wahhabitus and Terroristus. And the supreme god is still living in the United States. FaReESus called. It is he who controls the Homosexuals with the Wahhabis.
  39. individual
    individual 12 January 2014 18: 02
    Crazed by stray oil and gas dollars, the Saudis seek to squeeze all the countries of the Arab region under themselves.
    They are opposed by the Persians of Iran, uniting all those who disagree.
    Now the Saudis began to receive a "boomerang" from al-Qaeda militants who get a bummer in Egypt, from Shiites and Kurds in Iraq, Syria and return to their maternity hospital to ask why they were born if they were not provided with the future.
    Hence the early military alliances that the Arabs do not need and the collapse of political support from Washington and Brussels.
    In throwing extreme political forces come together. Hence the rapprochement of the KSA with Israel, and the provocation with the acquisition of the atomic bomb from Pakistan.
  40. tnk1969
    tnk1969 12 January 2014 18: 44
    US authorities immediately after the attacks of September 11.09 declared war on terror and al-Qaeda itself. As well as their allies. This is a step of the Power, which is ready for the sake of its citizens to use force methods with enemies.
    Why does the Russian government, knowing its enemy and its main ally and financier, do nothing. Why not make a claim to the Saudis. Indeed, this would greatly enhance the authority of the Russian authorities around the world, and especially within the country
  41. tnk1969
    tnk1969 12 January 2014 18: 46
    US authorities immediately after the attacks of September 11.09 declared war on terror and al-Qaeda itself. As well as their allies. This is a step of the Power, which is ready for the sake of its citizens to use force methods with enemies.
    Why does the Russian government, knowing its enemy and its main ally and financier, do nothing. Why not make a claim to the Saudis. Indeed, this would greatly enhance the authority of the Russian authorities around the world, and especially within the country
  42. siberalt
    siberalt 13 January 2014 00: 27
    In Russia there is Ivanovka, Alekseevka, Romanovka, and here is the whole country of Saud! There is also "Israelite" ... Yes, by the way, they are Arabs. Let yourself somehow among themselves once
    to be taken.